Sex, Lies and Julian Assange

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Sex, Lies and Julian AssangeHe had just humiliated the most powerful nation in the world, heading one of the most controversial cyber operations in history. So when Julian Assange arrived in Sweden in August 2010 he was greeted like a conquering hero.

But within weeks there was a warrant out for his arrest and he was being investigated for rape and sexual molestation. However, as the details of the allegations against Assange emerged, suspicions arose over the legal barrage being aimed at him. Exploring the mysterious circumstances surrounding the case, this documentary gets to the heart of a bizzare tale of international cat and mouse.

It's clear that when Assange arrived in Sweden Anna Ardin & Sofia Wilen were both enthralled by the Wikileaks phenomena and he slept with both women over a period of weeks. The charges originated with a misunderstanding in a Stockholm police station that "some sort of sex crime had been committed".

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  1. lordiaco

    Poor Julian, he should have known that Swedish girls are obsessed with "celebrities" and have always been the world's first&best in branch of "groupies"!
    Don't forget Jimmy Hendrix, Rod Stewart, etc etc .... The list is very, very long!

  2. Miguel Leiva-Gomez
  3. Miguel Leiva-Gomez

    Allegations of rape are rampant across the world. This should surprise no one. There's a false rape culture around. It's tragic, and makes us divert our attention from the real rapes that occur where women are truly violated and tormented for their entire lives.

  4. justplucky
  5. justplucky

    You always have to look at all of the pieces in the puzzle not just focus on one piece. A "sex scandal" involving a man that had disclosed embarrassing information about powerful U.S. forces suddenly finds himself in a sex scandal involving two women he had sex with, supposedly. One woman returns unexpectedly to the apartment Julian is staying in and has sex with him that night and the other woman shows up to one of his speaking engagements. Then the two women "somehow hook up" and discuss their personal intimacies supposedly concerned about the potential for an STD and this somehow ends up at the police station.

    Think what you want, but normally women do not seek to locate other sex partners of a man they slept with only once in order to discuss whether a condom was used or not, and to speculate whether there might be a chance of having caught an STD. Come on! If one of the women had sex with him and then had caught AIDS or something serious from that encounter, that would be the only reason for making contact with former sex partners.

    Now, Julian is holed up at the Equadorian Embassy in Great Britain threatened with being arrested for rape charges in Sweden. It's a glaringly blatant setup meant to punish and lock up this man for having exposed and embarrassed a superpower, and to ensure that he does not do it again. That's what it is. Julian is a hero to the people and if the powers of Great Britain on order of the U.S. (via Sweden) lock this man up, we the people, will lose a man of true courage who is a true hero for the freedom of people to know what their governments do that they would rather we not know. I hope people are not fooled by the this scandal. I'm sure the women were paid well for their part in it.

  6. justplucky
  7. justplucky

    It's the other way around. Rock stars are the ones obsessed with the Swedish women who are known for their beauty... rock stars have scouts that scan their audiences to pick out any "groupies" they find most desirable at their concert tours. In Europe Swedish women are the ones that are high on their lists, not the other way around.

  8. justplucky
  9. justplucky

    no further comment

  10. Gintaras Pobedinskas
  11. Gintaras Pobedinskas

    in soviet times Sweden returned lots of refugees from soviet union that seeked assylum and crossed border (mainly sailors by boats/yachts) they died in jails as their never returned to their homes

  12. Achems_Razor
  13. Achems_Razor

    I looked for your latest post, could not find it, it went south, don't know why, has to be disqus, sometimes happens, sorry about that. We did not delete it.

  14. TheDanishViking
  15. TheDanishViking

    I hope the US government never gets their hands on Assange and I think it is a disgrace the way Assange is often being portrayed as a "corrupt type" by the mainstream media (if he had been a reporter at a newspaper he would never be treated in this way). However, I just dont buy the story that the rape accussation is somehow "planted" by the US/Swedish governments.

    Also, I feel a little sorry for the younger girl whos picture is shown in this docu. She did not intend to accuse Assange of any criminal behavior but now seems to be tangled up in this story and will have her sexlife exposed to the worldmedia. But then again; she willingly slept with a famous person...

  16. lordiaco
  17. lordiaco

    There's no many ways around and that's just one more myth about swedish women! I used to live In that country by myself and for over 30 years of my life there I've been familiar with that kind of girls mentality as well. In the Assange's issue, he wasn't cheated there, he entered himself in the trap that was used against him later. Unfortunately, his women-appetite can cost him a long life in exile in the future. On the other side, reliability of swedish justice department (system) is an other part of puzzle, very questionable one!

  18. Teddy Mcd
  19. Teddy Mcd

    New enough doc - put out since JA took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy.

  20. Sertsis
  21. Sertsis

    I don't suppose that I will ever know the truth of these allegations of sexual misconduct in Sweden, and until the Swedish government declares Mr Assange to be un-extraditable to the U.S., or the American government publicly promises not to seek extradition, Mr. Assamge will never get his day in court. Without these assurances, Mr. Assange can reasonably believe that this is merely a ruse to draw him out, and expose himself to the true allegations of divulging the truth to the American people.
    Don't get me wrong, I applaud Wiki-leaks, and I wish that there were a thousand more organizations like them out there to keep the governments of the world on the straight and narrow, but this doc. has an obvious bias, and I cannot give it's assertions any weight given that it only portrays one side of this story, even though they are preaching to the converted in my case.

  22. Sieben Stern
  23. Sieben Stern

    ... false rape culture? what the heck does that even mean?

    you must be one of those 'legitimate' rape vs 'forcible' rape guys out there...

  24. mir61
  25. mir61

    American government says that his( Julian A ) leaks has endangered the american lives and the security of the country. now my question is that why does the American government commit those acts that could endanger the security and lives of the people of its country? DO I MAKE SENSE?

  26. RikG01
  27. RikG01

    No, I think you've misunderstood this person. I think they're referring to the tactic used by a very small number of women to get revenge against guys. Creating false rape allegations to drag them through the mud.

    Unfortunately, the idea that this is happening, is far more widespread than the actual occurrences. I know for a fact that across the UK, many serious allegations were overlooked because officers in charge felt that they were revenge claims, not legitemate ones. This was one of the reasons that prosecutions of rape were so dispicably low in the UK over the last 20 years.
    The number of rape allegations which are investigated has thankfully increased but prosecutions are still pitifully low.

    The assange case is very strange. I've met people who are convinced he's guilty, without actually knowing the details of the case. The media is certainly helping to further this idea. Trial by media I think it's called.

  28. Bob Banner
  29. Bob Banner

    How do you get permission to do this film when it costs via journeyman pictures $150+ to screen the film. Im curious since its odd for me who wants to show these films to the public and then you can upload these films and show them for free. Does Journeyman know about this?

  30. over the edge
  31. over the edge

    Bob Banner
    from what i can tell Journeyman has a youtube channel that this video is linked to. seeing as this video is made free to all by the makers i do not see a problem

  32. Vlatko
  33. Vlatko

    @Bob Banner,

    Journeyman VOD has made this video public via YouTube. TDF is not uploading any of the videos.

  34. Javed060
  35. Javed060

    Everybody knows charges against him are motivated. And it is not surprising at all. Anybody who defies or blows whistle on the Establishment is treated like this and even worse. Being an extremely courageous person, he is very precious to us. He should be supported to the hilt.

  36. Sertsis
  37. Sertsis

    Brilliant job, Bob. TDF is providing us an excellent service, and you go and accuse them of piracy.

  38. I_most_likely_dislike_you
  39. I_most_likely_dislike_you

    Nice docu, would be great to see it on mainstream tv, the amount of misinformation going about via the media is staggering.

  40. dmxi
  41. dmxi

    "the geek got sex in exchange for playing the tough-guy behind a keyboard,now he's paying the whore the hard-price!",was a quote i read somewhere & rings true,if you're sarcastic.....but ironic,nonetheless.

  42. resurection
  43. resurection

    The fact is Assange and wikileaks uncovered secret documents to show exactly how the US hides and lies about info.
    You only have to witness the lies and coverups concerning 9/11 and 7/7 .
    All pre arranged and false flag events.
    THAT is why they want to get their hands on him.Somehow corrupt sources have infiltrated his network and are trying to weed him out.

  44. emp12345
  45. emp12345

    horrible this US mafia gang. Afraid that the many people in the know will start to leak evidence on what for instance really went on during 911. Although Assange has said that he thinks 911 truthers are idiots, when the evidence will come pooring in to Wikileaks or other media that is not related to big business some people with a lot of power will start to feel a little uncomfortable. Like Naomi Wolf has said in an RT interview: Wikileaks is like a news paper. They receive information and publish it. This mafia gang in the US however have their own interests in mind.

  46. Sieben Stern
  47. Sieben Stern

    I agree with you overall - but i disagree with him calling it a 'culture' which passes off false claims of rape as more prevalent than they actually are.

    It just keeps the myth alive, and here in the US some of the stuff politicians are spouting, like Ryan saying that rape is just another method of conception, is terrifying.

  48. robertallen1
  49. robertallen1


  50. Sieben Stern
  51. Sieben Stern

    and how do you know the 'women' in question wasn't pressured by the law, her family, the man's friends and family, etc to drop the charges?
    Also, what goes on in Romania isn't the bellweather for the whole world... and that you have started a political movement about false rape is kind of sickening. Oo;

    Rape and all domestic violence isn't reported enough, and just making a blanket statement that there is a 'false rape culture' insinuates that false rape charges are a greater issue than actually getting women (or even men!) to report sex crimes. Not to mention the difficulty getting them justice for the assault when they do report it.

  52. Miguel Leiva-Gomez
  53. Miguel Leiva-Gomez

    Reporting is something very encouraged. The information I'm presenting is from USA, a country of which I am a citizen and have been falsely accused in a total of five times. Fortunately, I was able to prove my innocence, but that should be something superfluous. People that don't have my luck end up spending 15 years in jail until someone comes up with the proof that he was actually innocent. This happens only 4 percent of the time, according to most estimates, so I do not deny that it's utterly important to reach out to people who are still not reporting rape because of humiliation. I understand from other studies that many women don't even report it because of the amount of humiliation they feel. You are attempting to use logical fallacies to contradict a person who agrees with you. While I find that quite hilarious, I do believe I have to straighten out the fact that I am in total agreement with you. However, I also present argumentation and evidence that supports that a number of those claims are false, and have even been proven false.

    In Romania, we still have presumption of innocence, so I did not start a political movement for false rape. I actually do not want to get involved in it at all. It seems like something other people are better equipped to deal with. It's not my concern whether men are being incarcerated on false charges, although I sympathize with both men who are innocent and women who are stripped of their dignity in such a tragedy.

    My political movement doesn't have anything to do with human rights. It has more to do with fiscal responsibility in Romania, something I am much more well-informed with.

    You are looking from the point of view of prioritizing human rights issues. They have a tendency to do that on their own. I look at it from the point of view of stepping back and realizing that a simple allegation lost me my child, and almost put me in prison had I not had the recordings of the person in question plotting to bring me and what I have built down. Assange is going through something similar.

    Interviews with women who withdraw their charges have shown tear-filled monologues of how they didn't realize what they would put the alleged perpetrator through with a 'simple lie,' as one described. They don't need to be shunned. They need help, and therapy, whether or not the allegation was true.

    Regardless, procedures are not often fair, and only the most resourceful people with experience of being battered with accusations can actually face up to the charge of defending themselves.

  54. Glen Hale
  55. Glen Hale

    Fancy USA talking about leaking info.
    If you want to know the best way to leak Info and stab some one in the back do a course in USA.

  56. cdnski12
  57. cdnski12

    USA nailed Bin Ladin's ass to the floor and will do the same to Assange. He knows that. His waterboarding will likely enter his body at an unusual location.

  58. I AM POP SLAG.
  59. I AM POP SLAG.

    The usa government are nailing their own feet to the floor in the process. you cant even spell bin laden -that my friend betrays rather a lot about your insight into this matter.

  60. Oscar008
  61. Oscar008

    7:50 Consensual sex - defence layer can´t spellit out. :D I wonder how many times he have been telling this line and still almost burst out laughing.

  62. RikG01
  63. RikG01

    Agreed entirely. As to your earlier reply re: Ryan, the sheer ignorance and deception involved is terrifying. To put the claim out, to begin with was horrific, to go on and say that he got that "information" from doctors can only have been a lie by Ryan. I can't believe that there's a legitimate doctor anywhere who believes that women can prevent pregnancy in case of rape. Why go on national TV and lie about something like this? What was he trying to prove?

    The republican attacks on women in general over this last year or so have been pretty disturbing in general. I can't understand why they would deliberately alientate half of the populace through nonsense, lies and pure bigotry.
    The attacks on contraception are ludicrous and were thought to have been resolved back in the 60s. That they have returned is baffling. The painting of women, who such control over their lives, as whores or sluts is offensive, hypocritical, just plain wrong.
    The Wisconsin bill which overturned women's right to equal pay is insanity incarnate.

    In the UK we've actually been doing huge amounts of work to change views on rape and sexual assault, to shift the focus of blame on to the attacker. We're trying to make "she asked for it" into an admission of guilt, rather than an excuse or defence.

    The USA, at least Republican USA, seems to be going backwards. While other western nations aim to progress in learning, equality, justice and freedom for all, America, the coutry which was created on those principals, can't seem to ditch them fast enough. Republicans are actually trying to rewrite history and claim that the founding fathers wanted religion to have a place in government. It's ludicrous! And it's women who are going to suffer for it. Indeed they've already started.

    But I digress and we should probably get back on topic. This video is very interesting but it doesn't answer some of the questions I have. Like, why have the women suddenly changed their stories? Did they even do so or is it the prosecution, which has made a claim? The whole affair is baffling.

  64. Samson Sami
  65. Samson Sami

    poor guy couldnt fight a fly...but he's acused of rape :)) **** off American Government

  66. addmein
  67. addmein

    Be alert don't be dupped by this guy. Assange and his whole supposed leaking organization is not what it seems to be. He is a double agent of sorts as an arm of the CIA. His leaks served their purpose if you examine them carefully and their real consequences. The major covert operations of the cabal he rejects and ignores, ie the greats false flag operation of the century, 911. Sex scandals are the usual way they bring down their own when for unknown reasons they feel that you are no longer useful to them. Smoke and Mirrors. The great illustionist win another round.

  68. ruthslater
  69. ruthslater

    I dont beleive for a minute that Assange committed rape . and we all know if you try and prove any wrong doing by the U.S. govt they will assasinate you either financially , character , or physically . now thats just a fact .

  70. Sertsis
  71. Sertsis

    Well, I guess I didn't know that was a fact.

  72. SurvivorVeteran
  73. SurvivorVeteran

    You find the truth comical?

  74. Winston Smith
  75. Winston Smith

    It is interesting that the Iraqi War Logs had the whole of the attack on Fallujah redacted from them. It was there that US forces used illegal weapons and committed mass murder on a mostly civilian population. (See Fallujah The Hidden Massacre ) Though the whole war has had that feature with its 90% noncombatants death rate.

  76. Bobby2013
  77. Bobby2013

    I would like to see the two lying whores get sent to prison for the rest of their lives for this. Its no less than they deserve.

  78. Robert Wykes
  79. Robert Wykes

    There has been to much "national security" used to hide atrocities like, corporate warmongering, war crimes, illegal insider trading, political assassination, foreign monetary interests, foreign influence on our laws, missing funds, misuse of the military, abuse of civil rights, unfair trade agreements, illegal bribery, and free reign is given to the CIA and all other alphabet agencies, who are above the law, and yet have documented connections to almost every terrorist event we hear of.
    That just names a few activities these unaccountable corporate warmongers take the liberty to do behind the veil of "security" But it's for their security, not our citizens.
    How are "we the people" supposed to be able to have a voice or have an educated vote on issues that concern us all, when there is no Transparency? We are not allowed to know anything about anything! We catch them lying, overspending, being incompetent, and breaking practically every law in the books..and they ignore us. They flaunt their power with the zeal of a schoolyard bully, above the laws and unaccountable.
    Any one who is willing to expose our tyrannical, hypocritical, unconstitutional dictatorship, excuse of a government, is alright in my book. Our government is not,"of the people" "by the people" or even remotely "for the people"
    They have been trying to provoke a civil war, here, on our own soil. The same trick they have used on other countries. Create fear, turn people against each other, create terror events to encourage hate, and once the people fall for the bait and all hell breaks loose, they storm in and blow the hell out of anything that moves, and install Marshal Law, Corporate style, elite defense contractors making trillions off of war. Why else would we fight them? Use your brain people, if there was no profit in terror, we wouldn't have any terrorists.
    Do you really believe that terrorist profit off of killing or dying? Would you pick a fight with the largest, best equipped military in the world, from a cave? Would you expect NORAD to incompetently fail, just as you attack?
    No you wouldn't, that's my point. Only the ones who would profit from these events, would instigate such crimes. They would not only provide the means to do it, but would have the motive to do it. Profit for the world's inbred elite!
    We are rapidly approaching the point of no return now. Anyone who still believes that our government is "for the people", overlook to many facts, or most likely do not even look any further than their "Tell lie Vision".
    Unless you wake up and stop trusting and supporting our puppet politicians, their two party dictatorship and their media propaganda, we will end up in civil war. We need to set aside differences, unite to solve this issue, and within the bounds of law, take control back for the people. Then, we can address all other issues, fairly, competently, and with full transparency
    I thank Julian Assange for exposing facts, and I wish him the best of luck, he is going to need it. He is a prime candidate for another unexpected suicide, heart attack, plane crash, car crash or possibly even, an unforeseen and tragic Q-tip accident. The legal Mafia, wants him dead.

  80. Alan Taylor
  81. Alan Taylor

    Why would anybody want to nail an animal to the floor?

  82. Quinton Beaudry
  83. Quinton Beaudry

    I bet those ladies were ether bribed or threatened to take up the charges on Julian. The timing is bad if you ask me. At least he has a big name and supporters no one could ever kill him well not without looking terrible to your own ppl.. Wait the states pres dont care about that. I say put those 2 ladies in jail.

  84. MrTemp0
  85. MrTemp0

    People like Julian Assange help keep the corrupt and over powered restrained by revealing to the people of the world what their Government is really up to and just how much they are prepared to lie to its people to achieve what the Government wants.
    This prosecution of Assange is a text book frame up, something you would see in a movie about Government secret agencies setting up people to cover their own ass or to shut people up,sadly this is no movie and there are no actors as this is real and happens all the time.
    The point i am trying to make is Dead Men Tell No Lies or Truths if you cant kill them or make it look like an accident then frame them with an allegation of a crime that will make them look guilty.
    Its called character assassination.
    At the end of the day they will shut him up with some sort of secret deal and he will disappear from the lime light never to be heard of again in public.
    The bulk of the worlds population thinks that this stuff is for movies only and anyone who dares to reveal or come too close to the truth is portrayed as insane or shut up for national security reasons.
    Yes all Governments are corrupt and yes they will hunt you down if you come to close to the truth or know too much about them,they will eliminate you if they feel you are a threat to them this includes your extended family and friends.Sounds like a movie ?

  86. Michael
  87. Michael

    Bob, you need to contact Australian ABC TV. This video is "Four Corners", our investigative journalism show airing here in Australia each week. I'm sure they will point you in the right direction for showing documentaries such as this publicly and probably for less or nothing as compared to "Journeyman's" $150.

  88. Vytautas Krasnickas
  89. Vytautas Krasnickas

    It's such a corrupt video, so unbelievibablylying and making the portrait of one of the most thruthfull person in the world and did the most to racover illegal and autocratic methods of corrupt and despothic government of USA. THIS VIDEO JUST REMIND AND RECOVERS BY ITSELF THE GOVERNMENTAL POINT OF VIEW - IF YOU GET IN TO GLOBAL LEADERS-ELITE WAY AND YOU WANT TO MAKE WORLD BETTER - YOU WILL BE CRASHED, PUT IN THE JAIL AND YOU WON'T LIVE FREELY - THAT'S WHAT THEY TRYING TO DO WITH Assange!!!!!!!

  90. gand3r
  91. gand3r

    unfortunately "false rape" is a sort of rape too. it is the reason why women feel so weak in comparison to men. men do what women would never dare to do. so it still is psychological damage, even though weaker than the kind of rape connected to physical damage.
    as for assange, maybe he deserves being put into jail for how he treats women. even if the claims are false and he never had sex, his behaviour is damaging the culture we live in. he definitely is no charming nor sociable person. but all that is beside the point, the question rather should be: why not fund a whole court-process in england (or equador) with all participants being given money to take some free time and move to the country it's happening in? if he's guilty, put him into a jail of the country he is in. I'd say he probably would prefer swedish jail over one in equador, if it weren't for the political dimension...

  92. robertallen1
  93. robertallen1

    "False rape" like "social rape" is a lot of feminist hogwash.

    "Maybe he deserves to be put in jail for how he treats women. even if the claims are false and he never had sex, his behaviour is damaging the culture we living in . . . "

    So if you or someone else takes exception to someone's behavior although he has committed no crime, he should be jailed. No, you're the one who should be jailed, FOREVER!

  94. miguel_gomez
  95. miguel_gomez

    grand3r: Women also do some things that men would never dare to do, like hide who they are behind a veil of powder.

    Of course men do what women wouldn't dare. Most of it involves laying brick, rail, and iron. Most of it involves creating products that makes the lives of both women and other men easier. Some of it, tragically, involves destructive wars and unbelievably gruesome acts of terror against women, but this happens so rarely compared to the "statistics" pulled out of the asses of institutions like MSNBC.

    But back to women doing things men wouldn't dare.... We have already seen that militant women are more dangerous than militant men. Although men carry out eco-terrorism, women do the more destructive bits of it. Although men fight in wars, women who were in power at any point have declared war more frequently than any man before them who weighed the decision.

  96. Jon Narkleson
  97. Jon Narkleson

    Agreed, but settle down now. That post was intense. I wouldn't go so far as to call this video corrupt, it is made by supporters trying to bring more of the truth into the lime light. I think it does that job marvellously while also expressing the "other sides" views, motives and actions. I say well done to the film makers and can only hope for the best for Assange.

    Regardless of what happened in Sweeden the good works of wikileaks should and must continue.

  98. robertallen1
  99. robertallen1

    I look at it this way. If a government fears exposure of its shameful acts, don't commit them in the first place. Love live Wikilinks.

  100. Tehreem Lughmani
  101. Tehreem Lughmani

    i think us should be humiliated itself for being the nation of bringing only terror and war to other smaller countiers, julian assange didnt send the forses to afghan, america did, 50% civilians are killed and the army doesnt even that the s*** to investigate. And btw, all those terrerist, most of them are just family men, probably first time holding guns just to protect their wife and children, i think if the same thing had happened to america what happened to afghan and irag, everyone would be caring guns in their houses. if you have a gun, and you are a man, you are a terrerist, thats what american soilders think. how immiture! No wonder the countries raputation and its people are growing weaker eveyday...i just wonder what are the good guys in america doing?
    from a 19 year old

  102. DigiWongaDude
  103. DigiWongaDude

    It's at times like these that I like to ask myself...What would Luke Skywalker do?

  104. Odd Sigve Tendenes Tengesdal
  105. Odd Sigve Tendenes Tengesdal

    It would not be water boarding if it went up his ass. The whole point of water boarding is to simulate drowning and last time i saw a picture of the human anatomy you didn`t breathe threw your anal cavity. If you use water in the anal cavity it`s called colon hydrotherapy.

  106. Glen Hale
  107. Glen Hale

    USA is the country who exposed one of their CIA agent Plame/Wilson a criminal offence.

  108. Jane Doe
  109. Jane Doe

    miguel, obviously you have been burned by a woman. so sorry that it happened and that now you are unable to think logically about the situation.

    Perhaps you need to re-read history books. Clearly men are more dangerous than women. Clearly men are responsible for the multiple billions of deaths over centuries.

    "destructive wars and unbelievably gruesome acts of terror against women, but this happens so rarely"

    ---WHAT? Obviously your hatred of women is clouding your judgement. I can't believe anyone would say something like that when the evidence is right there for all to read/see. Talk about selective hearing...

    scary that there are people like you.

  110. miguel_gomez
  111. miguel_gomez

    The gender wars have to end. That's all I'd love to see, honestly. No one is winning. Women have the upper hand in only a few countries, men in others. We're just focusing too much energy in hating each other. Blaming men for society's problems is not going to make things any better. That's all I'm saying.

    But... I agree. Men ARE more dangerous than women. Heck, I'm sure I could overtake my wife. I choose not to for two reasons, like most men:

    1) I love her and respect her like an equal (she's one of the many women in my life who have been a positive model for me). Therefore, I must not apply any force.

    2) It's mutually beneficial not to apply force. If she's happy, I'm happy. Etc.

    The gender wars have hurt my wife and many other women. It just has to stop. It's hurting other women because it's leading people to assume that they're ONLY victims who are incapable of better judgment. So, if my wife chooses to stay at home rather than work, she just doesn't know what she's losing. If my mom decides to have kids and raise them in a respectable manner, she doesn't know how to think for herself. I'm sick and tired of this drivel. I'm sorry I had to come out like that with such poorly thought-out words, but this is my point. And then there's this whole rape thing. They make it sound like every man's got nothing better to do than think about who their next victim will be. We have women coming out and giving other women a bad name by saying that every act of sex is an act of rape (Andrea Dworkin). Would you like me to say that it's common for women to say this? OF COURSE NOT! Because it ISN'T COMMON! It's rare as hell. Women are normally very level-minded people, JUST LIKE MEN. PERIOD. Instigating total gender Jihad is just idiotic.

  112. miguel_gomez
  113. miguel_gomez

    And please stop misquoting me. You cherry-picked one piece of my own sentence to make it seem like only like one or two men in history have ever done something against a woman. The entire statement is saying that it's less common than the statistics that mass media come up with. It's not entirely rare as an absolute, though.

    In a war, truth becomes the first casualty. Gender wars are no different. I wish they would end, but it's people who misquote, instigate, and snare that are perpetuating this. So much for blaming men, and so much for thinking I blame women, eh? Both sides are guilty as charged, and both sides have something to learn from each other. I wish other people could see it this way. But they're too busy being proud of their genitals to get anything done.

  114. robertallen1
  115. robertallen1

    The people I hate are those who like Billary, Andrea Dworkin and Gloria Steinham think they are speaking for all women (remember Billary's baking cookies speech). There is nothing wrong with a woman who wants to stay at home minding the kids and baking cookies just as there is nothing wrong with a woman seeking a career for herself--and also vice versa with respect to men.

  116. Fredrik Persson
  117. Fredrik Persson

    God damn, I love and suipport wikileaks. But he did have sex with her in her sleep. Thats a crime, and if he didnt do it why is he such an arse and doesnt dare to stand up for himself, he is'nt even reported in sweden fopr anything else. Tinfoilhats everywhere.

  118. Archie Caldwell
  119. Archie Caldwell

    My problem is the women I want don't want me and the women that want me I don't want them. I've been propositioned by some awful women.

  120. Chris
  121. Chris

    Interesting film - looks like he got done with a honey trap... one of the oldest ones in the book... often the undoing of many a warrior, spy, etc. Lesson to be taken perhaps, if you are in the sort of thing that Mr Assange is in you have to watch your back, have discipline, not engage in casual sex... which no doubt is a temptation and part of the glamour and one of the "perks" of being a hip & cool freedom fighter/hacker or whatever he is considered to be.... but just goes to show how sex is always the stone of scandal around public figures... He got the USA with leaks and they got him back with leaks... and it all detracts from the real issues which is part of the whole scandal for whilst the soap opera about the personality of Julian Assange gets trumped up by the media the real issues he was exposing get put to one side...

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