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Sexual Chemistry

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Sexual ChemistryThe drug Viagra revolutionized the treatment of sexual dysfunction in men on its launch five years ago.

An accidental discovery, the tablet that gave impotent men the chance once more to have natural erections became the fastest selling pill in history and has earned its manufacturer, Pfizer, over $6bn.

The search is now on for a similar drug that could help women. Research is revealing that female sexuality is more complex than expected.

For women suffering from a loss of desire many scientists believe that drugs acting on the brain may be the way forward.

A pioneering Scottish study may have identified just such a drug and begun testing it scientifically.

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  1. Sadie the Celt

    Women take Viagra too (at least they do in UK) its 'pink' as opposed to 'blue' but has the same ingredient - and works in the same way.....'NOT THAT I NEED IT OF COURSE!' - isnt that what all the boys say? lololol

    1. AttnPlease

      What we take here is blue, same drug as you point out, I guess it makes a nice "coverup" to make her's pink and his blue so that no one realizes here in the states we are being shortchanged.
      But, good for you, the UK is more advanced sexually than the U.S. is not just in this area but others as well. I have friends in the UK, some of each sex and that is what I've learned from talking with them openly about a lot of different things.

  2. Karen

    They didn't mention street drugs that have been known for years to create sexual desire.

  3. barnabas

    Viagra helps with the mechanics of getting an erection but still needs the tigger of desire from the man, without stimulation mental and some physical Viagra will not work. They are actually still trying to find a similar drug for men as well as woman that will stimulate desire. Without desire (libido) no matter what tools, drugs or techniques you use for a man or a woman it is a lost battle, the sex response thing is a continuing mystery across the sexes. I hope that they find something soon for those who canot enjoy the joy's of sex within their relationships.

    1. AttnPlease

      I DISAGREE about the effects, what it does and doesn't do. As a female who has taken viagra probably 25 times or so, and having done so at times at the same time as a significant other (who shouldn't have been significant but that's another story), both of us felt desire that wasn't there before. We took the viagra but did not attempt to do anything physical. It was only after we felt the effects of the drug that we actually did anything else as a result. Granted, it was not overwhelming, but it definitely created the interest and so that must be considered desire as well.
      I feel females are being given the shaft (lol sort of) in this regard because I keep hearing about how they are TRYING to find something to help women. There is not need to TRY as it is already there. I know of a female gynecologist/urologist in california that prescribes this to females so there is at least one (and no doubt more) support for the use and basis for the use or we wouldn't keep taking it. The fact I used it multiple times ought to mean something. If it did nothing I wouldn't bother repeating it. It did leave he and i both with a vague type headache, nothing splitting, that we could have done without but neither one of us considered it so bad that it kept us from using it again.
      There is no reason women should not be receiving these prescriptions. I know men can go to their physician and get a free sample to start out with, 7 pills or so, while we can't beg borrow or steal it from most other doctors and that seems blatantly unfair and paternalistic imo.
      I can't think of any logical reason for withholding it from females so I tend to believe it might be based on decisions from higher up who don't like females, actually, for whatever reason, whether its because of past relationships, sexual orientation or whatever. It works and the line that its not safe for us is patently false. The doctor in california is a reputable physician and she would not be dispensing and/or advocating something harmful so I really wish someone would confess there's more to this story than we are being told.