SHADE the Motion Picture

SHADE the Motion Picture

2013, Conspiracy  -   254 Comments
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The intention of this film is to provide the viewer with a wealth of factual information that he or she may not have been aware of, or have disregarded in the past as not having merit.

The filmmakers have chosen to use what some may consider polarizing figures to present this information, however their intention is the complete opposite. Although everyone in this film speaks for themselves they hope to present a complete picture that can generally be agreed upon by all.

Nothing in this world works the way you think it does. Governments do not operate the way you think they do, banks do not do what you think they do, the Police Department is not here for what you think it is... nothing in your world works the way you think it does. There's a far higher, bigger picture.

In 1954 a group of industrialists, political elites and even royalty set out to form an organization that will essentially pull the strings of society from behind the scenes. The Bilderberg Group is a group of world leaders, CEOs, heads of banking institutions that meet every year and decide what's going to happen throughout that next year.

The media has largely ignored this organization over the past 50+ years and even today when it's mentioned it's mentioned in a manner in which you shouldn't be asking about it. The mainstream media is now acknowledging that these world leaders are meeting except for there is nothing to worry about. They're not doing anything sinister even thought they meet behind closed doors.

We've been programmed to believe certain things, we've been programmed, when we hear certain buzz words, to immediately close ourselves off to that information. The powerful elite hide behind the curtain of government. They hide behind the wall, the facade of government and really there's just a tiny dot that control the masses. These are the shadow masters.

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  1. Doesn't matter who is in office, who you want to demonize or's all drama for the masses. Too many are swayed to believe they do or don't have a choice/voice. It's all theatre. I doubt even the "shadow masters" really understand what's going on. Something goes on long enough it just becomes habit. What the question that should be asked, "When did this really start...and who started it?" It started farther back than just the last couple hundred years.

  2. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that spraying the sky with aluminum is going to result in disaster. Don't fool with mother nature.

    On the other hand, population control can fix the world. Who should we euthanize first? How about all the rich people and their stupid children who are guzzling the world's resources? These people are useless eaters. Not the working man.

  3. Evil men conspire in the dark and the righteous walk in the light. Fact old as man.
    Alex Jones is a loud mouth schill
    That is perfect for the a**holes that are running....or ruining, the world. The way he delivers anything factual removes any credibility and makes anyone else that are trying to be taken seriously subject to be labeled a conspiracy lunatic.

  4. anything with Alex Jones in it, becomes empty and highly subjective.
    Alternative facts are still not real.

  5. Take out the Alex Jones stuff and you'll have my attention. I used to really like his stuff, till he crawled into bed and opened his butt to Trump.

    1. I don’t? Not sure who “we” represents?

  6. Ok, I'm quite a bit skeptical about this video. In the first 10 minutes, the only facts presented are that this group has met, that they consist of the top brass, and that they aren't letting the media in. Everything else is just speculation by people who are sure of what they're saying, but who seem to have no credibility. It's like they were taken directly off the streets to say what they think, instead of people like psychologists, investigators, or the like. I accept the facts presented, but they could be meeting for anything. Whether it be deciding what prices are to be desired, or how they can work together seems accurate. But the hiding behind government and placing puppet leaders is not factual and has no evidence. They can say what they want, but until these people can develop a reasonable, factual argument, I and many others will have no choice but to regard this as complete nonsense.

    1. OK. No one must be allowed to visit the meetings. Does that not seem suspicious to you? All they would have to do is conduct open meetings and videos like this one would no longer exist. Do you actually think that if they were working for the common good that they would beat and arrest anyone who filmed people entering the meeting?

    2. hmm, might want to aim that "skepticism" at the MSM who at the time this was filmed were still saying "globalism" didn't exist. Kind of like the UFO subject...

    3. Wow, you don't understand what they re doing in these meetings. It's not hard to understand. If you don't see you have to be blind, afraid to accept the truth, on the side of a new world order. They even say it publicly, there are documents, the agendas being spread through mainstream media which can be proved is owned by a small group of people ( everything is owned by the same small group of people with ties to organizations and secret societies) . If you do research it's easy to see, very easy.

  7. Fantastic video maybe my mother's pastor will want to view this video and perhaps inform his congregation, no I doubt that he may not receive thousands of dollars for his church every Sunday. Just like what Maxwell Jordan mention most people just do not care.

  8. I was on the fence about buying stuff from the ad at the beginning, but then they said the URL one more time and that clinched it. BRB building a bomb shelter.

  9. Been watching chemtrails for years. Can now easily identify from normal traffic pattern aircraft and route. Chem dispersal determines type of cloud buildup and weather buildup following these dispersals. Health determinates aside, the viewing of these almost daily spraying or seeding can now unfortunately also affect morning moods.

  10. Opportunity Lost .... I have mixed feelings about this documentary. It brought out some serious issues that effect all humanity but it completely overlooked the means that has given scoundrels such power over our governments and thus, our lives.
    The show completely overlooked the credit based money system. It is credit based money (created through fractional reserve banking) that is the foundation upon which all power of the establishment rests.
    Unbelievable that the producers could have overlooked that. Perhaps it was just an oversight on their part as so few people understand how that system functions and the implications for their prosperity and actual freedom.
    In fairness to them perhaps they, like many readers of this comment; have no clue how that system functions. There is a reason for that. We are not taught it in school except at post graduate level, there are no media specials exploring that system in depth, nor is any mainstream critical dialogue tolerated about it.
    Once you understand that system it is easy to see how the issues in the documentary shown here are related. It becomes readily apparent how the scoundrels shown have attained such power. A good example is David Rockefeller. His family made a fortune in oil but that didn't translate into serious political power until they got into banking (It's a long story but well covered in Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley). You also would understand why those whom some here would view as "sheople" are incapable of dealing with any issue beyond their own debt slavery.
    That should have been the story behind this documentary. I pray it was mere oversight because the alternative is quite sinister.

  11. Ummmm I guess I can understand the first step. 1.) Things aren't as they seem. However, it's kind of frustrating when you then decide to do exactly what you are accusing others of doing, manipulating anecdotal observations and reaching some pretty out there conclusions without anything to suggest it. Just because things aren't what they seem doesn't mean it's as radically ridiculous from the other end of the "possibilities spectrum"

  12. this explains why Arizona is getting Hot AF !

  13. I love having trickle-down economics all over me.
    Makes me all sticky.

  14. Alex Jones actually believes the Bilderbergers are demon worshippers who molest children in the name of Satan. He's a nutcase

    1. You thinking that is all part of the programming.. Search out a video called 'Retired head of FBI tells all - Satanism-Pedophiles- ' something like that.. Now, do you think this ex head of the fbi is up there spewing bullshit to the masses for something to do? He talks about certain people in the government who were part of these pedophile rings that lured children from shopping malls and other places, even took them from orphanages and used them for their own desires.. Actually, this is well known, look up the finders program.. Alex is not as much of an idiot as people may think. He is one of the few people out there who will take the time to read through a 1000 page document and find the little hidden things that the people who drew up these bills and laws were hoping the masses wouldn't motice, which happens all the time. Anyways, yes, they are involved in strange occult type behavior, big time into symbolism, why does the denver airport have illuminati symbolism all throughout the airport, pictures of explosions and anarachy in the dam airport....Of course a person could go on and on and on with lists and strange things that happen within the government, all the information is easily accessed

    2. Yup, no historical precedents for any so called elite part of society having a peodophile conspiracy..
      Anyway, its just lovely letting the economics trickle down all over me

    3. There's a big difference between protesting Catholic priests/massive income equality (both huge problems) and seeing vast conspiracies involving DEMONS behind everything

    4. ahhh the standard rantings of blind ignorance. may i suggest you do a little research before you blurt out the first thing that pops into your head. Its comments like this that really stifle what these people are trying to do, and yes from what I've seen i don't believe that they just make it all up, they have looked into everything they speak of. They don't just do what you have done.
      Have you heard the term "fact is stranger than fiction" ??
      perhaps you could start by looking into the pagan temple beneath the UN headquarters. its very well documented.
      educate yourself and speak from an educated standpoint, not an uneducated opinion.

    5. Are you saying Alex didn't say that, or that it is true? If you think it is true, have yourself committed immediately.

    6. whether it is true or not? this is:
      Alex Jones warned of 9-11 in july of 2001.
      he has also warned of several other things that have indeed happened. and when something happens, and u check his stance on it? when the dust settles? he is almost always right.
      the devil worship stuff? is def hilarious. i think it's a biproduct of his southern christian beliefs.
      but the fact is? what he says about the government? turns out to be real, at least 90% of the time.

    7. you state "what he says about the government? turns out to be real, at least 90% of the time." please show me the stats to back up such a claim?

    8. Here are some Alex Jones quotes :

      "I grew up in Dallas, Texas, drinking sodium fluoridated water. All the scientific studies show my IQ has been reduced by at least 20 points. The shadow of who I would have been calls out from the grave."

      "America's number one cause of unnatural death now is suicide... I want to get people off pills that the insert says will make you commit suicide and kill people! I want to blame the real culprit—suicide pills! Mass murder pills!"

      "Hollywood is owned by the Arabs"

      "Devil worshiping pedophiles basically run the New World Order. [....] They love death and they love killing babies."

      He is a nutcase without any evidence to back his nonsense, except for the part where he claims to have a reduced IQ.

    9. Alex Jones did not warn anyone about 9/11 at anytime... Bill Cooper, is the man who predicted and warned his listeners about a 9/11 style attack several months before it happened. He was murdered outside his home for speaking the truth just a few short weeks after 9/11...... Alex Jones is controlled opposition who predicted the end of the world because of Y2K. Alex has also said he predicted the market crash in 2008. But nope that was Gerald Celente, and we all know Ron Paul had been shouting about a crash for years, in 1996 William T. Still warned that the crash was coming. Alex Jones has not now or ever predicted anything He just Mocks others in a way as to shock average person, and discredit the real truth seekers. If he was a real threat to their power, do you believe for one second that they would allow him to be on the air? No they would murder him like Bill, and many many others.......

    10. @noworries592 AMEN to that!! THANK YOU for giving credit where it is due. Bill Cooper was "Replaced" by the shill we know as Alex Jones. Bill Cooper was a great man who would have sparked real change, that's why he had to go.

  15. People like to bag on religion as mind control and a tool of the establishment to control people. But the Bible was talking about world government, corrupt powers, etc before Christians were blamed for setting fire to Rome.

    1. The Great Fire of Rome happened in 64 BC. The New Testament was not yet written. The Gospels weren't written. The Book of Revelations was not yet written. The Council of Nicaea had not yet assembled the Bible.

    2. So, I wonder why none of the New Testament books mention things as important as the burning of Rome or the destruction of the temple in 70AD by the Romans.

      You understand that the Council of Nicaea did not author any new documents, right? That was the point of cannonization. They simply assembled texts that already existed and were accepted by the churches as authoritative. Which is why the books in the Apocrypha are not considered Scripture, because they weren't accepted by the churches as authoritative.

  16. Alex Jones is a phony and his wife is a Jew so he leaves any reference to Jew out of his discourse he is a phony!

  17. i turned off when they stated saying "WATER VAPOR IS A GREENHOUSE GAS" dont waste your time on this crap

    1. What's wrong with saying water vapor is a greenhouse gas? It is about the most potent greenhouse gas of all, in terms of the amount of heat that it can hold, 4.2 kJ per liter per degree kelvin. Water vapor is much more effective at trapping or storing heat in the atmosphere than CO2, but unlike CO2, water vapor doesn't stay in gaseous form for very long, because it readily condenses to form clouds and fall as rain, releasing the stored heat in the process. The greenhouse gas effect of water vapor is short lived, diurnal and seasonal, whereas the greenhouse gas effect of CO2 is long-lasting

    2. Water vapour IS a greenhouse gas you tool

  18. Wow i literally just watched Alex Jones lie his ass off. At 12:50 when he's talking about some reporter and his article. I just read the article and everything Alex says is a bold faced lie. Quelle surprise.

  19. Should have put Alex Jones later in the movie. Some people see hm and that's it. This tape has info on geo engineering and how to turn the US into a 3rd world ountry.

  20. Soon ten years on. The same sentences just new politicians they mention to use in examples about how fkd we are and even more so in the future.

    Well this is kinnda the future in retrospect of what Alex Jones preached about in 2006. The difference is that in that time between, most of us went on studying the vast information that was simplified by Infowars and alike. And what most conclude is that the world is chaotic.

    There might be waves of social environment that certain groups has grown to understand can be benefit their own interest.

    But most of what we se is a black swan effect. Where nobody even saw it coming. That popularity creates myths is more the need to exploit these situation to the max.

    Alex Jones is not an activist of truth. But more acting like a prophet of an agenda that feeds his interest just like those he scrutinize. Offcourse not monetary vice, but trough getting the attention as the leader of this group they now are.

    There are books, videos, mugs and t-shirts. Surviour seeds and filters for the water. It screams. "I care about YOU´e money more than the truth.

  21. CT has been mainstreamed. Its socially acceptable to believe in nonsense, mainly due to the outrageous bs put forth each day on far right wing blogs. The things said and believed about our president by the far right is dangerous.
    If there is a buck to be made, then the hucksters will say anything. and the willingly duped follow along.
    Alex Jones in this doc, apart from what the makers of this film may believe, does not add authenticity to the doc. It makes the doc laughable and unwatchable.
    Lest we forget, Alex Jones believes that the Sandy Hook mass murders were staged by the WH. Let that sink in...
    Please, please walk away from this crazy talk. Its acceptable to be suspicious, even wary, of news, government and such. But to carry the craziness to such lengths as depicted here, its bizarre.

  22. Why must people pollute their minds with conspiracy theories? Is it a cheap way to feel better about your lives, thinking there is a mysterious power holding you back? It seems destructive to me, filling peoples heads with such nonsense.

    1. That means they did a really good job programming you! :)
      A lot of the conspiracy theories are facts just waiting to be figured out! Or they already are figured out but you wont hear it on mainstream news! There are invisible forces all around you! You don't believe in the spirit world? I believe you are in for a BIG surprise one day :) Ps when you think something is nonsense-do some research,odds are great that your missing something somewhere.

    2. Seek medical attention immediately.

  23. I have really enjoyed this documentary. Once again I do not have hope for the human species because their the walking dead, these people aren't what you think they are. This planet is being terra-formed for a new KIND of species. Man merged with AI, we are observing this process as the cattle continue to drive thru fast foods to eat their toxic foods. The humanoids will NOT EVER wake up to their MASTERS. The illusion is bliss, if "THEY" didn't change the weather food water. Humans would be able to SEE their masters this must not happen! If only 50% of your species will unplug yourselves it may alter your reality. Take five sheeple two are awaken but the three are asleep. And it's the three that refuse to acknowledge anything our illusion is bliss. There's more than one planet earth & we want you to wake up.

    1. "documentary" you keep using that word... i do not think it means what you think it means...

    2. Is that a "fact"?

    3. I am awake.I feel pain.I feel hungry.I feel tired.I hunger for the truth.Its just to bad I don't believe I have no master hovering above me almost invisible deciding my destiny!

    4. May I ask when did you actually, began to think for yourself? Do you believe that maybe there's other "things" that are unknown & may or may not be guiding our existence as humans? My experience with the unknown is real, but I don't call it GOD. I refer to it as extra-dimensional.

    5. No I don't.Active imaginations can lead you anywhere you wish.Good luck.

  24. Awful, crazy documentary that ties everything back to specious conspiracy theories based on the idea of rich people talking to each other and forming very salient, publicly visible groups. Yawn.

  25. One thing i do agree on with the elite, we do have waaaaayyyy too many people on this planet. We are killing our soil due to over farming, we are using up far too much water to produce food. The animals we eat don't have a life, their living conditions are quite disgusting, and still a 5th of the population goes hungry every day. We have to stop these 3 children families or its going to get out of control if it hasn't already.

    1. it's not that we can't feed everyone.. it's that we can't feed everyone and still have multinationals making huge profits. I would choose to feed everyone and let the corporations go broke. How about you?

  26. Too Long and drawn out. Overall a good and informative Doc !!

  27. ....actually, (note on aluminum): in regards to alzheimers patients, the aluminum build up in their brains - when all was said and done it was due to the medication they were prescribed to fight the disease but by then the damage had been done and nobody cared.
    .....and about autistic babies, thus far, the greatest and strongest link they've been able to find is the mother getting horrendously ill with influenza during pregnancy.
    other than that, tho it was cheezy in style, film wasn't that bad...

  28. I don't quite understand why people even comment if it is going to negative , they are just trying to spread the word that the many different governments are working together secretly and constantly trying to poison us and frankly any information on those topics that we can receive is beneficial. regardless of who is presenting it , it was OK
    but i still fell asleep

    1. the problem is that its not right! you guys are so caught up in the conspiracy hype that you don't see how you sound!

    2. Funny you see others-those who disbelieve the bs CT stuff-as some kind of impediment. Just becuase you clowns have a medium to communicate (the tubes) it does not mean CT is legit. Its crazy, dangerous and illegitimate.

    3. You do realize that the CIA was responsible for making the term "conspiracy theory" a negative, right? they launched a massive attack on the term itself, and to paint people who question official government narratives as being unstable & unintelligent. and you realize you have fallen for that, right?

  29. starts off with Alex Jones so that says it all. Not that he has a few good points but he is just the turd that spoils it

  30. In all seriousness, I can't take this seriously. First there is that seed commercial essential to your survival. WTF was that? Second, there's preview clips of what looks to be about twelve people screaming at cars. Using camera tricks to hide their numbers. And last, the first two speakers look like two kids they found running the streets, both reading from que cards trying to sound legit. We call that over acting. Neither of them have credentials attached to their name.

    I turned it off pretty quickly, but I'm still embarrassed that I watched that much.

  31. it's fear porn from survivalist gear hawkers. ignore at no peril.

    1. Preaching ignorance are we?

    2. Definitely preaching knowledge. Dear God, Oprah talks with Bill Gates: obviously about genocide.

    3. i found one boss! another logical person who doesn't think every single world government is out to get them!

    4. At the 22 minute mark, they discuss how the weather is being manipulated. Chemtrails? You people are half-baked lunatics.

    5. Weather Modification programs are absolutely 100% real, they are admitted to by various governments, although it is not highly publicised. Anyone with a pair of eyes living near a major urban centre can see cloud seeding being performed. The debate is not about whether or not they do it, the debate is whether or not it is harmful to human health. The people responsible for modifying the weather say it is benign, so that should be good enough for drones like you.

  32. I can't believe all these "world leaders" will all be in the same place at the same time. I wonder if the sky above this meeting is a no fly zone? I'll bet the F-16s are exactly where they are supposed to be during this meeting, unlike on 9/11

  33. an open request.

    please debate based on the subject of the documentary. no threats or personal insults please. stay on topic and try to be respectful to opposing views

    1. CT does not deserve or receive respect. Its dangerous nonsense.

  34. Just another boring conspiracy piece. Badly written, with a cast of loonies and a litany of cliches. Interesting how conformist these "free thinkers" turn out to be.

  35. all the good & caring people of the world - I suggest we keep solution oriented...! Complaining about chemtrails will not substantially change reality... WE NEED TO CHANGE the way we are GOVERNED and we need to change the way BUSINESS is done... any suggestions how to realistically achieve this? Large corporations can bring much prosperity, but they need to be kept out of governments, governments need to be made accountable and business needs to combine profit with responsibility...

  36. I do believe there could be some truth to limited experiments with chemtrails in the atmosphere. However, when one of the moderators implied the only way to derive a result of zero from a product of four factors was by making only the first one zero (people), the movie lost all credibility. Ditto for the segment attempting to attach some legitimacy to a statement I don't doubt that big mouth knuckle head Ted Turner made about reducing the world's population by ninety percent. Nothing Ted Turner states deserves any illusion of credibility.

  37. Hmmmm...
    one thing seriously bothers me here... If China is the next superpower
    followed closely by India and then there is Russia etc... howcome there
    aren't any Chinese, Indians or Russians in this co-called not-so secret
    society of Elite? Shouldn't the subject of global control be addressed globally?
    Something is not right here... Anybody with a thought on this subject?!

    1. Oh, they are on the way, don't worry. The Russian Oiligarchs were held in check by Putin, some put their gains in off-shore banks and high-tailed it to Israel, but they'll be in the loop. The nations you mention are upstarts, but never fear the Megarich psychopaths will look after their own. The Chinese woman billionaire paper magnate 9th (?) richest in the world will doubtless soon become a member of the club.
      Here in China, which is no longer a 'communist' country the government does try to keep some kind of brake on things. A friend who owns a hot-dog bar laughs at the new law prohibiting anyone to own more that three houses ! AND the goverment executes those fouind guilty of blatant corruption among its own officials..............usually after giving them enough rope with which to hang themselves - if you'll pardon the mixed metaphors. Don't forget the rich kids of Russians, Indians and Chinese are being educated in the top American schools to learn how it's done. They'll be members of the Skull and Bones Society soon enough.

  38. Is it just me, or is there too much about chemtrails that just seems ridiculous?! I mean, are they covering the entirety of the earths atmosphere by spraying these lines and having the chemicals disperse?
    Also, there are so many contradictions within minutes here! One minute they are showing increased precipitation worldwide the next they are saying there is worldwide drought?! Then the 'sun dimming' followed by people getting burnt quicker? The chemical blanket is widening holes in the ozone layer...
    Man, my head is others here I just couldn't make it past about half way through this...and I am pretty easy going with these docos, so that says something about this one.

    1. bloody chemtrails mate don't get in to that bull. its worrying but their are a lot of other reasons freezing winds blowing at high altitude could freeze the air coming out the engines. anyway the best argument iv heard is the science of it aluminium or any other reflective surface would become blackened or its shape so distorted that it would be unreflective even at a microscopic level. WHY would people do that anyway. its all distorted facts. and WHY we cant live on the moon yet. they don't even talk about fraking just stuff based on (partly)truth but the cause is different

  39. has any of these wooly-headed wongos heard of contrails? - chasing this silly ideas dilutes real concerns like the Feds - Fuku Flu and endless wars - wake up you shills and trolls!! BTW the amount of barium and Al needed exceeds the world supply and the need for aeroplanes is greater still - this is NOT rocket science - waste you own 90 minutes

    1. I went to NASA.GOV and searched their site for "chemtrail".
      I found this bit of sentence interesting: "NASA scientists have found that cirrus clouds, formed by contrails from aircraft engine exhaust..."
      So, NASA thinks that contrails are made of engine exhaust.

  40. Seems like nearly everyone is eager to shoot the messenger. Don't forget the message is that many people are being manipulated, deceived, and used as slaves by the people this doc is meant to expose. This message is completely accurate. Go watch Maury Povich if you want to sit and poke fun at someone meaninglessly.

    1. yeah there IS a conspiracy...people are being manipulated to buy into an imaginative fairytale that just happens to net one particular person millions of dollars a year.

    2. Yeah it called Carbon Credits!

    3. actually I was referring to Alex Jones.

      As proof for my claims i submit to the room exhibit A: one mrmikemrmike, a common or garden gullible fool that believes absolutely anything he's told if it reinforces his paranoia and makes him feel special.

    4. I think you were the one I was recommending Maury Povich to. His conversations are a bit more suited to contributors like you a_no_n.

    5. hahahahaha...i see that lacking in any sort of argument you've decided to just start throwing insults around.

  41. Couldnt take the Alex Jones, or the into Commercial. This is the tripe that creates more extremism rather than encouraging awareness.

    1. More AJ bashing from another who doesn't listen to his show.

    2. enough with the insults. attack a persons argument not the person. thanks

  42. Does anyone else have the same reaction I have when listening to the buffoon Alex Jones? That reaction is, cough that big disgusting luggy out of your throat! Cough it up and OUT. So annoying and distracting I might add.

    1. Of course nobody is perfect, but i think he might be better off addressing / resolving some of his own issues. Or he is a really good actor.

    2. Could it be that you're one of those who hates the messenger because you recognize his truth? Hmm?

  43. "Nothing in this world works the way you think it does."

    Perhaps that's true, my car might not be working the way i think it does.
    or my computer,
    or my body,
    or my employees,

    Anyway, featuring Alex Jones is quite a loss of credibility, in my opinion.

    1. Trying to decide if I want to waste 93 min of my life on this. Then I read your comment. Alex Jones? Oh and the introduction typos included smack of b.s conspiracies.
      I'm outta here. :-)

    2. yes, their choice of polarizing figures isn't a good one. Maybe in the end they present a 'complete' picture that can generally be agreed upon, but i have to admit, i didn't (want to) take the effort to watch it till the end.

  44. This film was a tiresome, complete waste of energy & time.

  45. That's it! 45 min of this doc is all I could take. Wonder how many rich people, people with big bucks besides Alex Jones that are propagating this film are in it, probably not too many.

  46. This reel of disinformation made me incredibly angry, but then the overwhelming skepticism in the comments gave me back my faith in humanity...I Love TDF.

    1. And we love you a_no_n! :-)

  47. Alex Jones
    Chelsea Manning
    Edward Snowden

    All three claim to have made government secrets public, one is in solitary confinement in a military prison, one is in exile in Russia, and the other has a $5million a year career in the media and does tv talk shows and regular documentaries. (that all talk endlessly about how these opinions are being suppressed...oh Irony.)

    one of these things is not like the others.

    1. The difference though is that two of those three came forth with credible, tangible evidence. The last one who made all the money, not so much.

  48. So many of these documentaries employ all the fallacies of logic some of us have been told to avoid in out critical thinking classes. There very well may be something to the issues presented here but none withstand the test of open debate,

  49. Starts with a commercial, credibility gone.

    Thank you, good morning.

    1. But it's seeds! For $35! Patriotic seeds!

  50. Does anyone else think it's kinda of weird that the people that made the film are also "interviewed"? Alex Jones does have some good information but it is watered down with his talk about shapeshifters, reptilian people, everything that happens is a government conspiracy, his screaming and childish behavior most of the time.

    1. It should come with a warning... 'd1ckhead ahead, approach with care'.....

    2. LOL! D_ckhead ahead with big ole nasty chunk of flem caught in his throat approach with care.....

    3. when has Alex Jones talked about shapeshifters and reptilians? I think you're thinking of David Icke

    4. that is literally the only difference between Icke and thinks it's reptiles the other doesn't. everything else about their kooky theories are exactly the same.

    5. You've never seen his show have you?

    6. not all the way through no...I'll tell you what i did do though, I checked those the few claims I could be bothered listening to...Every time I try checking Alex Jones' claims the result is always the same...False.

      Granted i never bothered checking David Ickes claims...but if i wasted my time on the claims of every nut job who actually thinks he's Jesus Christ reincarnated, then i'd get nothing else done.

  51. It is too bad that the same group of morons that elected these officials and gave them the power and control to do what they do are the same mo*ons that are on the show complaining about the "secret meetings" that occur. There is no secret. The "reports" are available on the internet. That is what a white paper is. The m&*rons simply can't read it. They are suspicious about what they don't know and can't understand.

  52. You can get at this information in a number of ways. Fortunately. There are many such organizations and meetings to which you or your neighbors will not be invited. Alex Jones mixes good information in with disinformation so you can't trust anything he says. Verify!

    1. Olivia, what disinformation are you eluding too? Jones has always said and stated too double check his findings and verify. So please, verify some disinformation.

      Also the film is not about Jones, its about individuals who present obscure little known information, that maybe, just maybe the public should be investigating on their own.

      The film is well done despite presenting some info ad nauseam. You may not like the conclusions based on the facts presented, but it does not mean these conclusions are right anymore than the conclusions are wrong. It is up to the viewer to research these observations of the facts presented. The producers of the film encourage people to do so in hopes that the people who investigate these little known pieces of information come to the same conclusions. There are no guarantees people will.

    2. what facts?

    3. "Jones has always said and stated (BTW aren't said & stated the same?) too (sp to) double check his findings and verify."

      This is a ploy. Jones knows that the majority of his "fans" and sycophants will not be checking what he says for accuracy. He knows they will swallow whole everything he says.

      This leaves the unbelievers and the disbelievers i.e. people with a brain. Jones doesn't really care about them. He knows they will never be a part of his fan base. So as far as Jones is concerned, they can check all they want. Of course they probably won't bother. They know in advance that most of what Jones says is ridiculous.

    4. Jones' websites post news articles from all over the world and these articles are basically the footnotes to his show.

      And Susan, you may call Mr. Jones' show anytime. Anyone who disagrees goes to the head of the line. That's been his call-in policy for way over a decade.

      Also, I guess the NSA spying in the news, via use of 1996 Communication Act, which previous whistle blowers before Snowden were speaking out about, and Jones was talking about for over a decade, is not a fact,,, too?

      I saw the "too" in my comment "too" and did not bother to correct it. Why should I? And who are you to comment about this slight of hand in the first place? Don't pretend to know who is intelligent and who is not, that amount of wisdom is reserved for those who actually have common sense.

      As with this film, people may disagree on the summations, but the facts are there. There is a Bilderberg Group. There are increased additives in jet fuel for most commercial aircraft. And etc., etc.

      Live how you wish Susan, but please don't act as though you are so perfect you see beyond every personality. That conduct is reserve for high school antics. It is not a very flattering character trait as well.

      Peace be with you.

    5. Yes, there is a Bilderberg group, but their meetings are secret. Secret means that no one knows what goes on. Not you, not me, not the people that made this video. So, any summary of what they're discussing is pure speculation and nothing else. Not knowing what they say isn't proof that you know what they're saying(?)

      Even if they are putting more additives in the jet fuel. Unless you know what those additives are, you can't tell me that you know that they are the reason for chem-trails or even if they do any harm. Those "chem-trails" are water vapour.

      You have every reason to be upset about the NSA. However, be upset for the right reasons and don't accuse them of every atrocity you can imagine. Attack the mandate of the NSA and the way they are allowed to fulfil that mandate using data that can be verified readily. There is plenty of material available. You have no need to make stuff up.

    6. How do you know what I know Jack?
      The definition of chemtrail is a "chemtrail".
      And I think you are the one upset. I have not made up anything. But your honesty is very much in question. Okay there twinkle toes.
      Every atrocity, Jack grow up.

    7. I guess it's rather difficult to really "know" what you "know". You have a way of supporting these ideas but leave yourself a back door through which you can abandon those views when called upon. You'll post a statement supporting Jones but then when I say that you don't have to make stuff up, as Jones as a tendency to do, you protest by acting as if you don't support what Jones has said. It's a game of advance and retreat. Is the Bilderberg conspiring against the rest of the world or not? Your response to "susan g" leads me to think that you believe they are, yet, you don't explicitly say so. It is the same with the statement about chem-trails. All we need now is your urging to do our own research. Oh wait, you did sort of say that when defending this video in an earlier statement. It's hard to say what you think when everything you say is so vague...maybe, safe, is a better word.

    8. "You have a way of supporting these ideas but leave yourself a back door through which you can abandon those views when called upon."

      Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me Jack...

    9. Sounds exactly correct after reading your BS posts. Is everything you don't believe in a 'conspiracy theory' is it? lol

    10. Not to me. It's sounds like an extremely disingenuous person.

    11. No mrfkwit, Jack1952 has a very good record of sensible posts and honesty here on TDF, something you don't have.
      Up yours mate, for even suggesting he's a liar. Try your own advice, and grow up. Address his points, not attack his personality and honesty which you obviously have no idea of.
      If you want to see 'chemtrails', go have a look at some footage of WWII bombers leaving them behind. 'Chemtrail' is your made up word, which proves nothing except your inability to see past a 'label'.

    12. You know what they say. The best lie is wrapped around a kernel of truth.

      Sorry, where Alex Jones is concerned I've yet to hear any GOOD information coming from him.

  53. Monsanto made a pledge in 1999 not to sell so called "Terminator" or sterile seeds for food crops. The pledge can easily be found on the Monsanto website. Add another wrong fact to the long list in that documentary.

    Here is the pledge from their website :

    "We remain committed not to commercialize sterile seed technology in food crops. After consulting with international experts and sharing many of the concerns of small landholder farmers, Monsanto made a commitment in 1999 not to commercialize sterile seed technology in food crops. We stand firmly by this commitment. We have no plans or research that would violate this commitment in any way."

    1. you are disinfo

    2. What Fabien L'Amour has commented is true. Monsanto did make this pledge. If they are still developing terminator seed, contrary to their pledge, then give us an example, with the proof and references to back up your claim. Your statement is meaningless.

    3. LOL!... A pledge is not a law. They face no retribution for breaking their pledge, or for claiming that they are following their pledge when in fact they have every intention of violating their own pledge. It is called public relations. This is what the powerful do. Okay, Jack1952, might I recommend your reading material for tomorrow be "The Prince" by Nicolo Machiavelli. This will shed some light on how those in power behave.

    4. What base in reality do you have that Monsanto directors have the intention to break or broke their pledge of commercialising Terminator seeds other then a phylosophical treatise written by Machiavelli in the 1500s ? Because he wrote something hundreds of years ago, every person in power has behaved in that fashion since? Give me a break with the paranoia.

    5. It's real simple. It's called business. And it is far more powerful than your attempt at distraction.

      Fabien, the base of reality you speak of is called human behavior. Humans will steal, cheat, rape, torture, kill, eviscerate, and even LIE. Yes, the powerful will do something as unimaginable as telling LIES. Shocking, I know so very shocking. And it is happening somewhere in the world as I write this. What Machiavelli wrote in 1521 is a quick template for Authoritarian leadership and many leaders prior to Machiavelli used such techniques well before Machiavelli wrote it in 1521, it is standard operating procedure for the powerful.

    6. Ok, if it's that simple, it's pointless to argue. All business leaders are unethical and have an agenda to take control of the masses and the planet, case closed with your 6 words...

    7. Fabien, try to understand that not all business leaders are unethical. There are many who are reliable and good citizens. But do you not have a job? with some responsibility? Have you not witnessed far too many individuals use covert means to obtain power, favor, position and wealth? Perhaps you are too low on the totem pole, so to speak. But, if you attain some power, you will see it. However, if you never get some power, you will forever be in the dark. If the glasses you are looking thru are rose colored, you will never see it. But chances are you will even see it among your own comrades.. Then what? Remember Enron? There was a time when Enron could do no wrong. It was the time when Arthur Andersen accounting was the gold standard in auditing, but what happened? What could possibly have gone wrong?

    8. Still no proof that directors of Monsanto lied in their 1999 pledge of not selling sterile Terminator seeds.

    9. Proof? WTF?! Such a pledge means nothing it is pure PUBLIC RELATIONS meant to sway the naive into believing in a corporate fantasy. And most importantly, It only works if you accept it without examination.

    10. Bring me arguments that refute it other then it's public relations. It's public for everybody to see and open for anyone to provide information that contradict it.

    11. You've still not provided evidence that they have developed and commercialized terminator seeds. Please understand the term "rules of evidence". That is how, in a civilized society, we determined guilt in a court of law and how a rational person determines guilt. Your method of proving guilt is no different than the one employed in the communist revolution of Russia, the French Revolution, or the cultural revolution of China. Mob accusation and mob justice. Your's is a knee jerk reaction due to an intense dislike of big business. "It's called business" is not the way to prove your point.

    12. Of course it's not a law, and you can bet large companies will and have behaved unethically. They're directed by people. People notoriously act in their own best interest, whether rich or poor. Poverty is not a form of morality and wealth is not evidence of immorality.

      What I said was that you cannot accuse and convict without evidence. Monsanto has been shown to be highly unethical, but if you want to show that they are, indeed, developing terminator seeds, then you have to have data to back up that specific accusation. Simply said, prove the guilt. Allegations are not enough. Everyone should be treated the same when it comes to accusations of unethical conduct. Follow the procedures to definitely prove guilt. Don't just accuse and then walk away thinking your point is unassailable and should never be questioned. Prove it. Some vague and generalized material on how the powerful behave does not prove Monsanto develops terminator seeds. Only direct evidence can do that.

    13. Well if Monsanto states that it isn't making sterile seeds then they must be telling the truth. Wow, thanks for your input, but it tells me more about you than Monsanto.

    14. Easy to fact check, buy a bunch of food crops Monsanto seeds, grow them and seed next generation. Would organic farmers have so many complaints about Monsanto Roundup ready seeds contaminating their field if they indeed had terminator genes in there.

      Better yet, prove them wrong, sue them and make a ton of money if you can so easily prove they sell sterile "Terminator" seeds. I doubt sarcasm will be accepted as proof in court though.

    15. Okay, and pursuing legal action against Monsanto will cost a great deal of money. Money that most farmers do not have given the near slave status under which they are forced to do business. BTW, when organic farmers have tried to pursue suing Monsanto their suits have been thrown out. Strange., but I do know that Monsanto will sue farmers whose organic crop produces seed/fruit that has Monsanto DNA. Preventing cross pollination is nigh impossible, but organic farmers get sued for not stopping the Monsanto pollen from pollinating their organic crop. Just by doing this the Monsanto farms make the playing field uneven. It has happened at least several times in both Canada and the US.

    16. Which proves without a doubt there is no Terminator gene in their seeds. How can they sue people for illegally using their seeds if it doesn't germinate? I am not a fan of Monsanto and their DNA patents but the Terminator seeds myth is indeed just a myth.

    17. The problem is that pollen is not seed. When an organic plant is pollinated by pollen/DNA from a Monsanto "product" then the farmer of the organic plant faces litigation. The seed comes from the organic plant pollinated by a Monsanto product. I have the understanding that the Monsanto plant does not propagate as the seed cannot be fertilized by Monsanto pollen. That way the farmer cannot save and wash seed for next season. Great business tactic! And Monsanto gets control over much of the organic competition. Good for Monsanto and their business plan but it could totally eviscerate the ecological balance.

    18. Farmers either grow crops for production or they grow them as a seed farmer. They do not (for many years) do both. Farmers have multiple choices from whom & whence they purchase their seeds.

      I am not aware of farmers "saving & washing" the seeds of their crops for the following season. They purchase seed from seed farmers. They sell their crops (seeds) to the local co-op & grain elevators (Cargill & the like) for the production of feed & food or any other multitude of products.

      A seed farmer grows seed quality crops & will either sort, clean & process his seeds & sell them to other farmers directly or he will partially process them & sell them to the co-ops, grain elevators (owned by Cargill & other large conglomerates) who finish the processing & in turn sell the seeds to other farmers.

      This whole seed saving idea is antiquated & a non-issue.

    19. and here we start seeing the double standard.

      If Monsanto's seeds are sterile then they are evil for trying to control the food supply,
      If Monsanto's seeds aren't sterile they're evil because they're trying to control the food supply by cross pollinating it.

      Basicly your Paranoia has every angle covered.

    20. LOL! No, I believe that Monsanto seeds should not be sterile. Period. But because they are not able to reproduce the Monsanto farmer always has to buy new seed every year. It is a great business for Monsanto because 50-60-70 and 100 years ago farmers used to save seed to plant for next season. That practice is all but gone on big farms. Hence Monsanto tests crop from organic farms near their farms and them sues those organic farms because the plants of the organic farmer were pollinated by Monsanto plants. In the Monsanto view of the world, this act of nature is theft.

    21. There must be an economical advantage for big farms to do so. There is no point in using Monsanto seeds if it's cheaper to keep part of your non Monsanto seeds. Monsanto doesn't have a monopole on seeds. Dupont, Dow, Syngenta and Bayer are other large companies also in the seeds market. I suspect yield per acre plus herbicide and pest resistance have to do with the preference of non organic farmers for new Monsanto seeds every year. Farmers didn't all of a sudden become dumb and changed their practices just for fun.

    22. Yes. No disagreement, these allegations against Monsanto have been around a long, long time. At least ten years! They've invented plants that are resistant to being killed by their own herbicide, Round-Up. i.e genetically altered Round-Up ready seed. I first heard of the terminator seed thing about ten years ago. That doesn't mean it truly exists but I wouldn't bet against it, after all DNA can now be licensed as property thanks to the ignorance of the SCOTUS re simple genetics and biology. By that measure, on a good day the SCOTUS is no better than a group of villiage idiots. And now economics is far more powerful than science. Science can never compete with human greed in the realm of public perception. After all, a majority people believe in an invisible man in the sky.

      BTW, Farmers are no more than serfs. They do what they are told to because it is in their long term economic interests, if they wish to remain farming their land. (I remember when my father's property was surrounded on three sides by four different farms and now I can only name one farm.) These genetically altered seed/Round-Up Ready Seed may not be good for the long term viability of the soil and fertility of the land, but dad-gum it the farmer's really need to be able to sell their crop or they are out of business..

    23. We can discuss further but we are straying from the original conversation about the Monsanto commerce of Terminator seeds affirmation in the video quite a bit. I didn't write my original comment to support Monsanto but simply to illustrate that in my view the video provided inaccurate information.

    24. Without licencing the DNA, how are the people who did the work creating it supposed to be reimbursed for their work?

      It's intellectual property, it doesn't mean they own every scrap of that DNA in the world.

      That's like saying books shouldn't be copyrighted incase the authors decide they want them all back.

      It's an argument based on a complete misunderstanding of the law.

    25. Please show evidence of any case where Monsanto sued any farmer because their seeds were found to have germinated on another farmers soil accidentally.

      This is one of many ongoing exaggerations & urban legends circulating about Monsanto. Their is no doubt that Monsanto has done many unethical things over the years but this is not one of them. It has in fact been other farmers who have brought law suits against Monsanto for this very reason. They do not want their crops contaminated with the Round up ready seeds.

      There are still many seed farmers that you can buy your seed from who are not Monsanto. I worked for one in the past, seasonally harvesting his product.

    26. Oh my god make your damn mind up, are the seeds sterile or are they cross contaminating 'organic' crops?

      They can't do both, it's either one or the other!

    27. nice!

  54. One guy describes the whole video in a few words at 4:14 :
    "It's not great" :)
    A few dying trees in a park are the proof of chemtrails a woman displays, I have a diploma in horticulture and can tell you there are many causes that can cause tree decline other them chemtrails. First culprits would be growing conditions change and pathogen, not levels of barium or aluminium in the soil. Aluminium sulphate is actually used to change soil pH in horticulture and the aluminium causes no phytotoxicity.

  55. Foil the wicked plot of the 1% (all 70 MILLION of them) by buying Heritage Seeds!

    1. All my veggie garden were Heritage seeds. I enjoy collecting my own seeds for next season, and selectively pick the better plants for seed production, improving my seed base every year. :)

  56. Why the low stars? This is important stuff ! If you do not know about chemtrails by now... please read up and look this up.

    This is how CRAZY these old people are...

    They have David Rockefeller selling OIL and GAS that is causing much of the atmospheric problems... YET YET... these old people that support David by spraying TOXINS in the sky to cover up the damage of the Oil CO2... all that metal is going into the soil, water and in your hair.

    These old men and women have literally gone crazy.... they really have lost it.

    Anyone commenting that this is confusing and not to the point film is not doing a good enough job to debunk it. You guys need to hire smarter writers and disinfo agents. So obvious and everyone knows it.

    Idiots think they can 'fix' the earth by covering up the mess they created. How mature is that? Childish behavior... and these people OWN YOU... they are RICH beyond belief... too bad this silly documentary does not talk about Zero Point Energy... the idiots killing the planet are just as in denial of Zero point and as dangerous as the people they oppose.

    1. Chemtrails and Zero Point energy? Any serious scientist will tell you they are as real as the Leprechaun's Pot o' Gold at the bottom of a Rainbow.

      Chemtrails : Just regular condensation trails due to the huge difference of a plane exhaust temperature with the ambient air at 30 000 feet. It's not Chem, it's plain old physic.

      Zero Point Energy : Zero-point is a level which a thermodynamic system can never dip below.
      This means that if energy could be pulled from a system at its
      zero-point, that point would lower instead of yielding infinite energy.

    2. Did you watch the film? Or are you just wrangling posts?

      Chemtrail issue was covered and it was stated that the additives in newer jet fuel formulations combining with the same reaction you state is extending the time frame of visible moisture, yet at the same time distributing these poisonous additives, This is why contrails are more frequent than they were 20, even thirty years ago. And yes, its only physics.

    3. Or it could be that years ago you had a lot less commercial flights... I can't post pictures here but it's fairly easy to find pictures of an impressive amount of contrails from B-17 and B-29 bombers going over Germany during WW2. These didn't even have jet engines. I watched the whole film then used a great tool called google to fact check it.

    4. I've seen just about every kind of plane in existence blamed for spreading chemtrails.

      ALL planes appear to be filling the sky with contrails. Are they ALL potential spreaders of this poison? How do they know which is which?

      Honestly I swear chemtrails are about the dumbest of conspiracies. Nothing about it makes any sense. Who ever dreamt this one up was effing with you loons! He/she is somewhere scratching their head and laughing that this took off and became a full blown, whacked out conspiracy idea.

    5. I totally agree it makes no sense. The elites poisoning themselves in a worldwide plot to obscure the sky is ridiculous.

    6. Well I don't think you are putting the pieces together. It's not about poisoning, it's about controlling and monopolizing resources.Current example to consider is say, Big Oil. That is not a monopoly? What about money? Can't just go out and buy shoes with silver or gold can ya? Ask yourself why is that? Why can't you go and buy some sneakers for a couple ounces of silver? Think....

    7. in other words you're happy to shift the goalposts any time your belief is challenged.

    8. And this is in regards to what?

    9. um...maybe the fact that as soon as someone comes up with a logical retort to disprove your nonsense, rather than learn from it you just swivel the goalposts around to face a new direction and fire off a new claim instead.

      Like for example how it was about poisons until i pointed out that poisons are useless at high quick shift of the goalposts later and you're saying "It's not about poison it's about control".
      you must have them on wheels or something.

    10. Inducing poisons are useless at higher altitudes? Hmmm... I think you are wrong.

      And MTBE is a fuel additive carcinogen; who says there cannot be a repeat of such an oversight in newer fuel additives is a fool.

      And if there is a MTBE type poison, would it be about control? Who knows? That's the point of the documentary!

      Please stop, you are boring me.

    11. Jet fuel contains tons of benzene which is a carcinogen and plain old combustion creates carcinogens. What kind of stupid plan would it be to add a minute amount of additive to make it a little bit more carcinogenic? Now you are saying they want to obscure the sky, poison the air and the ground in a plan to poison their food and air and also give themselves cancer. It is absurd.

    12. You're free to think whatever you want...

      The main word in your comment, is the word "If".

      come at me with something a bit harder than an If and you might have an argument worth engaging in.

      If you're bored i suggest you rewatch your X-files dvd's.

    13. What does that have to do with Chemtrails???

    14. Think harder and you'll see the pattern. Chemtrails are just another tool of manipulation.
      One could say the doc is about patterns of manipulation certain people are noticing and MSM is not reporting on these things because the MSM is also one of the tools.

    15. Or MSM hires journalists that need to fact check to some extent their stories before it is accepted for publication by their editors.

      Why wasn't the wood and soil analysed to prove it actually contained the chemicals that woman was complaining about. That doesn't cost a million dollars.

      Why wasn't a phytopathologist interviewed to provide reasons why these trees died?

      I can't take an opinion and transform it into a fact without some scientific evidence.

    16. Why wasn't the wood and soil analysed to prove it actually contained the chemicals ? Great question! Weren't they in a Natl. Park? Regardless of Federal statute, they should request permission and try to analyze samples.

      Yet the chemtrails or these new additives in the jet fuel, are they being used to manipulate the ecosystem?

      Or is this ignorance of possible dangers, and unforeseen ramifications of the additives use?

      MTBE and the fight by many for many years to get MTBE recognized as a carcinogen is a good example.

      But yes there have been soil samples, there are few films on TDF that speak of the findings. These film makers were not trying to prove that though, the film is about these little unknown stories. Urban myth or not, who knows?

    17. You persist in saying that this film is all "factual" information but then constantly turn about face & state these absurdities as follow: "... the film is about these little known stories. Urban myth or not, who knows?"

      Once again Mr.Mike, which is it; facts, stories or urban myths?

    18. Frankly, I don't give a crap what anyone says. Whether they're an expert or some kind of authority figure. Anything that totally obscures a clear blue sky in minutes, and stays there all friggin day- and no one! That's no one with the proper platform even tries to explain them convincingly, is proof enough for me that they are dangerous and something I don't care to be breathing. You'd think just one of these glorified weatherpersons on TV would at least make mention of them once in a while, rather than act as though they aren't even there and ignore them completely.

    19. from that high up, any distributed poison would be so diluted by the time it dropped down it would be entirely uneffective...also wouldn't the people that supposedly ordered it and their families all be effected by it too?

      It's a nonsense, and for every bit of 'logic' you can twist out of it, there are a hundred explainations as to why it's a dumb idea.

    20. dad gammit! get off my lawn ya durn kids!

    21. Love it. "Hey, Kids...get out of that Jello tree!!

    22. Ha!Ha! My little tongue in cheek barb did not go unnoticed after all. I wonder what sort of proof Mr. Chase would need to conclude that Jello does not grow on trees?

    23. I don't know how many ways a person can explain to you that the vapour trails of planes are caused by the difference in the temperature of the plane's very hot exhaust heating the moisture in the air and the extreme cold of the upper atmosphere. This temperature difference causes any heated water vapour to condense when it comes into contact with the cold air and turning into what is basically a cloud. On a humid day those trails will last a long time because the air is saturated with moisture. When the air is drier the trails don't last as long. Of course, you don't give a crap what I say, because you like your conspiracy too much.

    24. The physics of a contrail is not disputed Jack. It's what's in the trail due to newer jet fuel formulations.

    25. The claim is that these additives are there to form contrails and to make them last longer than they would naturally. There is even a segment claiming they retro-fitted sprayers on planes. All this to control the weather and to make it impossible for anything to grow except genetically engineered plants. For many, the fact that there are contrails is all the proof needed that there is a plot afoot. If there is no full analysis of what is in those contrails, then it follows that the physics of contrails can't be known either.

      It's all pure speculation. There is not one real piece of evidence that there is anything illicit or immoral going on. The only phenomenon that has any merit is global dimming and that is known to be a very complex issue and is not fully understood yet.

    26. Again, the physics of a contrail is not disputed. It's what's in the trail due to newer jet fuel formulations. Is there some new MTBE type additive possible damaging the ecosystem? Who knows?

      As far weather manipulation, this is a fact and goes back farther than barnstormers salting clouds for extra cash.

    27. And again, this is not what this video is alleging. It plainly states that these contrails are, indeed, chem-trails, intentionally created by some group bent on world domination through weather control and the poisoning of the earth. These additives were placed in the fuel for a nefarious purpose and not with the intent of making jet fuel consumption more efficient. Those interviewed were quite strong with their allegations of this plot.

      Weather control has been attempted but it is not been shown to be the global effort that this video suggests. This video says that the additives were placed in the fuel with the intent of creating long lasting contrails to control the weather. When someone says that the video has not proven its claim, you defend the video, thereby, you are defending its content. When I call you to task, you dance around this defence. You can't have it both ways.

    28. Jack, in my view you are not connecting the dots very well. I disagree with your position and with your analysis of the information presented. And yes you can have it both ways because the film presents a variety of views, as do I.

      "The intention of this film is to provide the viewer with a wealth of factual information that he or she may not have been aware of, or have disregarded in the past as not having merit."

      So the film indicated there are those who believe that there is possible weather manipulation by who, and how many, who knows? Military, Corporate, etc. who really knows? According to the summations at the end of the film, the attempt is to bring more clarity to this phenomena and other issues. All they attempted to do is provided a platform for those who believe something is not right and elements of the 1% can be up to no good. That is far from far fetched. The film is not there to prove or disprove facts you disagree with, it was produced to provide information behind a variety of alternate views of the facts presented.

      No doubt the burden of further proof is on the individuals in the film, I would agree with that completely. Yet I would say the individuals do deserve the chance and OPPORTUNITY to research the claims further.

      The film is 93 min long. The film presents these individuals and factoids, It's your turn to investigate them now, The film is over.

      The US Govt. has a hidden budget that exceeds the total GDP of several third-world countries and first world modern nation states. In the US, we have no idea what those expenditures are going too.

      If I said back in 1950, the US Govt. is participating in the research and testing of the effects of Syphilis on 600 Black men without their knowledge, it would seem crazy then too. But the US Government along with the Tuskegee Institute did; and did so for more than 40 years.

      Monsanto, successfully lobbied and was able to get Federal statutes past that except the company from certain forms of litigation.

      These are facts. I do need to defend public knowledge and the public record. If you have not been exposed to these facts, that is your misfortune. My concern is for those who blindly go through life thinking every politician and bureaucrat is riding a white horse. It just isn't so. And to take that position is ignorant, maniacal and/or infantile. And that mentality is a danger to me, my friends and family, and you and yours, and the rest of the world.

      I am not side-stepping, nor trying, I going straight to the point. Those who have power want to keep it. The film states this and tries to affirm it with puzzling characters and troubling factoids.

      So yes Jack, you can have it both ways; and many ways, if you are not narrow-minded. It was not the films job to prove the claims. It is yours.

      Peace be with you.

    29. I do not have to prove every claim from every film I see. They are the ones with the allegations and suspicions. If they want me, or anyone, to take them seriously, they should have the evidence to back up those claims. That's the way it works in science, in academia and in a court of law. The allegations in this film are quite serious if true. I would think that something with the ramifications of these accusations would be a little more substantial and wouldn't leave us with a shrug of their shoulders and a "do your own research" attitude. I've said it earlier in this discussion. Conspiracy types very seldom give any information and love to tell the rest of us not to be so lazy and get "an education".

    30. Perhaps they are not mentioned because they are insignificant.

    31. Stating and proving are two very different things.

    32. Stating or proving what?

    33. it's got a low rating because it's all b*llocks.

    34. That's it Matt, I have now lost all faith in you. Sorry buddy, I've tried for quite some time to ignore your paranoid, conspiracy slanted comments. And to think that you are from Canada's west coast where most people are fairly well educated & know better. Oh well, ce la vie.

    35. There you go with the Rockefellers again. Is there anything you DON'T blame them for?

      As for chemtrails. It would seem to me if there were any truth at all to it, it would be a simple thing to prove. So where is your evidence that conclusively proves that they are spraying poison basically all around the world?

      Lets see it. Show your best proof. While you're at it explain why spraying poison everywhere with absolutely no discretion as to who and what you might be poisoning is a good or even effective idea? It makes no sense. These evil doers might be poisoning themselves, their own families and friends. Please explain just how they would get the number of people that must be involved to KEEP QUIET. How do they do that? How do they keep thousands from talking?

      People have a notorious need to talk. Even on their death bed they've been known to talk, spill the beans. Yet not ONE SINGLE pilot who flies these planes (of which there must be many), person who loads the planes with poison, fuel etc. has ever come forward and said "look I've had a crisis of conscience! I was involved with this whole thing and here's what's happening."

      No one, nada, zero, zip Matt K. Why do you think that is?

    36. Zero Point Energy? It is the perfect conspiracy theory. Nobody has the machine because the powers will kill them if they do invent it. Basically, the fact that it hasn't been invented yet is the proof that it is possible. The wackiest logic imaginable, but it works for some.

      Another illogical theory is the one concerning chem-trails. Some one mentioned that you're Canadian. Then you must have seen the mist that comes when you exhale on a cold Canadian morning. That's not chem-breath. That is a natural phenomenon and works on the same principle as the vapour trails of airplanes.

      Please...we have enough problems in the world without making up fantasy problems.

  57. Great Doc by Ambellas and Bermas (9 Stars). Great team effort by these two. Bermas continues to push the facts (Fabled Enemies) and Ambellas (Intellihub) continues to further alternative media. Nicely done. I don't know if it should be categorized as Conspiracy. Maybe Politics or Society (like Zeitgeist). All the information is factual, interwoven opinions of spin like Zeitgeist; but one cannot deny the info. I will not be surprised to see down votes. No doubt more corporate moles and trolls seeking to prevent information from hitting the masses. Which is pretty much what this doc concludes.....

    The 1% doesn't want you to know.

    1. This film was certainly heavy on opinions and anecdotes, and a bit light on facts.

    2. Well we have to agree that we disagree on that point. Peace be with you.

    3. Did you just comment that all the information in this doc was "factual, interwoven opinions of spin"? Which one is it then? Is the information factual or is it interwoven opinions of spin? You also compared this film to Zeitgeist & stated that you didn't feel this should be under the conspiracy heading. Many of the main if not critical points in Zeitgeist have been refuted & continue to be de-bunked.

      This, like Zeitgeist may be entertaining, but they are both far from complete factual works. I suspect the heading that TDF has chosen, suits this film just fine.

    4. I am not a big Zeitgeist fan, but I have yet to see or read anyone successfully debunk the bullet points made in the original Zeitgeist; which are mostly supported by first hand accounts (as shown in the film) or in the historical record. Summations on how the "Dots" can be aligned can be argued of course, but who really knows?

      Does Bigfoot exist? Hell, I don't care. But I do care if the dollar I saved 20 years is only really worth 40 cents now.

    5. You entirely missed the point of my response to your comment. You contradict yourself so severely that it is humorous.

      Alas I am not nearly prolific enough on a computer to know how to provide you with the appropriate links to the information you should really seek. ( I've had the same picture for my avatar for too long only because my step daughter assisted me with the original uploading & I haven't bothered to learn how to update it or countless other wonderful things one can do with a computer) Perhaps someone else with those talents will read this & provide them for you. You could also just do a little more in-depth research of your own & find the answers for yourself. Even I know how to do that.

      I was not speaking of Zeitgeist as a concept as a whole, but rather some fairly critical points of matter that the author was sorely mistaken, deceitful about or chose to ignore.

      As far as contemporary monetary circumstances go, you would be hard pressed to find another, more cynical & disgruntled than myself. "I used to be somebody dammit!"

    6. Are you always this fake? I contradicted myself? Point out where. Maybe you are prolific enough to do that and could honestly be somebody again. And I am sure my research skills are fairly demonstrated throughout this thread. At least I took time to post some sources here and there. That's more than others have shown on this page.

    7. I miss the point you are making by asking if I am always this fake.

      Your blatant contradiction was explained in my first response to your initial comment. Apparently you failed to notice this. You stated that: "all the information (in this doc) is factual, interwoven opinions of spin." I then asked you which one it was. Is the information factual or is it merely interwoven opinions of spin? You neglected to answer this question in my previous comment.

      I also acknowledged your comment about the economy & at the very least, share your concerns. The exclamation in quotation marks at the end of my comment was a bit of comical relief in the form of a recognizable phrase that is familiar to most people & no doubt shared by those who have had a modicum of life experience.

      Again, I don't at all understand why you would insinuate that I am fake from the comment I made in response to your comment on this puffed up piece that has thus far been referred to as a documentary. The logical fallacies in the arguments & ideas presented in this film are almost too numerous to mention. Because of this, it must be that? Come on Mr. Mike, are you serious? Surely you can do better than that. I know, I know, you're not serious & don't call you Shirley.

      All the best in your research. Keep looking & asking until you discover the facts & truth.

    8. Please stop with the useless banter. There is no contradiction in the statement I made. And your efforts provoke in order to avoids THE FACTS presented in the film is less than admirable. Grow up.

    9. Do you even know what the term "spin" means? Are you familiar with the term "Spin Doctors"? No, I'm not referring to the relatively successful alternative rock band that was popular in the late 80's & early 90's.

      You still continue to evade my question. Perhaps the goal posts have slipped entirely from your grasp.

      As to "Grow up", I would rather slow down that process if I could. Seems though times rushes past far quicker than is comfortable the more one does indeed grow up. Maybe one day if you have been as fortunate as I, & nothing fatal befalls your path, you too will reach an age of understanding & know first hand what I am what I'm talking about.
      Happy trails Jr.

    10. "Zeitgeist" hands down, one of the biggest conspiracy movies ever made. Even the director hides behind a pseudonym. LOL!

    11. Well tell that to TDF. It's now listed under Society. I am just pointing out an inconsistency.

  58. I saw Alex Jones and stopped, complete failure.

  59. This reminds me of a puzzle, scattered pieces all over the place that scream for editing before anyone will give more than 4 minutes to this...but still it appears to be a copycat to many in the same style.
    I think this one will remain in the shade.

  60. I watched a few minutes of this doc. Its useless, in my opinion.

  61. what is the point in this film? it is not clear concise to the point clearly identifying objectives causality then laying out solutions and identifying what each human can do to change the problems. it is because of these facts the film is very amateur and childish.

    1. The point of the film is to stop and think about what is really happening around you and to our environment due to ego, corporate greed, and uncontrolled political power. The film describes how to get involved at the very end.
      Did you even watch it?

    2. you just gave more information in one sec then the film did the whole length see my point.

    3. Well I can see and understand you did not understand the film, hence the reason for your question. By the way,, you are the solution.

    4. I must respectfully disagree. The last thing that this film allows you to do, is to stop and think for a minute. The film is relentless barrage of opinions and anecdotes, which will leave a casual viewer with a memory of great factual revelations, while in fact nothing of the sort happened.

    5. I had no problem digesting the info. As far as relentless barrage, these are the personalities in the film. And I agree it may be difficult for some to navigate between the lines of commentary, yet the fact is Bilderberg does exist, there are more additives in commercial jet fuel, etc., etc.

    6. the point of the film i think is to document what the crazies think. It's always important that we know what bullsh1t merchants are claiming so that right minded people can add to the global cleanup crew of rational thinkers and debunk this nonsense wherever they can.

      Because there IS a conspiracy where a bunch of con men are conspiring to make fearmongering documentaries to fleece gullible and paranoid people out of money.

    7. I LOVE that!
      "It's always important that we know what bullsh_t merchants are claiming so that right minded people can add to the global cleanup crew of rational thinkers and debunk this nonsense wherever they can."

      "global cleanup crew of rational thinkers"

  62. How do you sink a ship in peaceful sea's? ..... Build-a-Berg!