SHADE the Motion Picture

SHADE the Motion Picture

2013, Conspiracy  -   254 Comments
Ratings: 7.05/10 from 467 users.

The intention of this film is to provide the viewer with a wealth of factual information that he or she may not have been aware of, or have disregarded in the past as not having merit.

The filmmakers have chosen to use what some may consider polarizing figures to present this information, however their intention is the complete opposite. Although everyone in this film speaks for themselves they hope to present a complete picture that can generally be agreed upon by all.

Nothing in this world works the way you think it does. Governments do not operate the way you think they do, banks do not do what you think they do, the Police Department is not here for what you think it is... nothing in your world works the way you think it does. There's a far higher, bigger picture.

In 1954 a group of industrialists, political elites and even royalty set out to form an organization that will essentially pull the strings of society from behind the scenes. The Bilderberg Group is a group of world leaders, CEOs, heads of banking institutions that meet every year and decide what's going to happen throughout that next year.

The media has largely ignored this organization over the past 50+ years and even today when it's mentioned it's mentioned in a manner in which you shouldn't be asking about it. The mainstream media is now acknowledging that these world leaders are meeting except for there is nothing to worry about. They're not doing anything sinister even thought they meet behind closed doors.

We've been programmed to believe certain things, we've been programmed, when we hear certain buzz words, to immediately close ourselves off to that information. The powerful elite hide behind the curtain of government. They hide behind the wall, the facade of government and really there's just a tiny dot that control the masses. These are the shadow masters.

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9 months ago

Doesn't matter who is in office, who you want to demonize or's all drama for the masses. Too many are swayed to believe they do or don't have a choice/voice. It's all theatre. I doubt even the "shadow masters" really understand what's going on. Something goes on long enough it just becomes habit. What the question that should be asked, "When did this really start...and who started it?" It started farther back than just the last couple hundred years.

winter andresen
3 years ago

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that spraying the sky with aluminum is going to result in disaster. Don't fool with mother nature.

On the other hand, population control can fix the world. Who should we euthanize first? How about all the rich people and their stupid children who are guzzling the world's resources? These people are useless eaters. Not the working man.

3 years ago

Evil men conspire in the dark and the righteous walk in the light. Fact old as man.
Alex Jones is a loud mouth schill
That is perfect for the a**holes that are running....or ruining, the world. The way he delivers anything factual removes any credibility and makes anyone else that are trying to be taken seriously subject to be labeled a conspiracy lunatic.

Gus Brum
6 years ago

anything with Alex Jones in it, becomes empty and highly subjective.
Alternative facts are still not real.

We Hate Alex Jones
6 years ago

Take out the Alex Jones stuff and you'll have my attention. I used to really like his stuff, till he crawled into bed and opened his butt to Trump.

Link the skeptic
6 years ago

Ok, I'm quite a bit skeptical about this video. In the first 10 minutes, the only facts presented are that this group has met, that they consist of the top brass, and that they aren't letting the media in. Everything else is just speculation by people who are sure of what they're saying, but who seem to have no credibility. It's like they were taken directly off the streets to say what they think, instead of people like psychologists, investigators, or the like. I accept the facts presented, but they could be meeting for anything. Whether it be deciding what prices are to be desired, or how they can work together seems accurate. But the hiding behind government and placing puppet leaders is not factual and has no evidence. They can say what they want, but until these people can develop a reasonable, factual argument, I and many others will have no choice but to regard this as complete nonsense.

Michael Greene
7 years ago

Fantastic video maybe my mother's pastor will want to view this video and perhaps inform his congregation, no I doubt that he may not receive thousands of dollars for his church every Sunday. Just like what Maxwell Jordan mention most people just do not care.

7 years ago

I was on the fence about buying stuff from the ad at the beginning, but then they said the URL one more time and that clinched it. BRB building a bomb shelter.

7 years ago

Been watching chemtrails for years. Can now easily identify from normal traffic pattern aircraft and route. Chem dispersal determines type of cloud buildup and weather buildup following these dispersals. Health determinates aside, the viewing of these almost daily spraying or seeding can now unfortunately also affect morning moods.

8 years ago

Opportunity Lost .... I have mixed feelings about this documentary. It brought out some serious issues that effect all humanity but it completely overlooked the means that has given scoundrels such power over our governments and thus, our lives.
The show completely overlooked the credit based money system. It is credit based money (created through fractional reserve banking) that is the foundation upon which all power of the establishment rests.
Unbelievable that the producers could have overlooked that. Perhaps it was just an oversight on their part as so few people understand how that system functions and the implications for their prosperity and actual freedom.
In fairness to them perhaps they, like many readers of this comment; have no clue how that system functions. There is a reason for that. We are not taught it in school except at post graduate level, there are no media specials exploring that system in depth, nor is any mainstream critical dialogue tolerated about it.
Once you understand that system it is easy to see how the issues in the documentary shown here are related. It becomes readily apparent how the scoundrels shown have attained such power. A good example is David Rockefeller. His family made a fortune in oil but that didn't translate into serious political power until they got into banking (It's a long story but well covered in Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley). You also would understand why those whom some here would view as "sheople" are incapable of dealing with any issue beyond their own debt slavery.
That should have been the story behind this documentary. I pray it was mere oversight because the alternative is quite sinister.

8 years ago

Ummmm I guess I can understand the first step. 1.) Things aren't as they seem. However, it's kind of frustrating when you then decide to do exactly what you are accusing others of doing, manipulating anecdotal observations and reaching some pretty out there conclusions without anything to suggest it. Just because things aren't what they seem doesn't mean it's as radically ridiculous from the other end of the "possibilities spectrum"

Buk Lau
8 years ago

this explains why Arizona is getting Hot AF !

8 years ago

I love having trickle-down economics all over me.
Makes me all sticky.

Dean Thompson
8 years ago

Alex Jones actually believes the Bilderbergers are demon worshippers who molest children in the name of Satan. He's a nutcase

9 years ago

People like to bag on religion as mind control and a tool of the establishment to control people. But the Bible was talking about world government, corrupt powers, etc before Christians were blamed for setting fire to Rome.

Richard Neva
9 years ago

Alex Jones is a phony and his wife is a Jew so he leaves any reference to Jew out of his discourse he is a phony!

9 years ago

i turned off when they stated saying "WATER VAPOR IS A GREENHOUSE GAS" dont waste your time on this crap

9 years ago

Wow i literally just watched Alex Jones lie his ass off. At 12:50 when he's talking about some reporter and his article. I just read the article and everything Alex says is a bold faced lie. Quelle surprise.

9 years ago

Should have put Alex Jones later in the movie. Some people see hm and that's it. This tape has info on geo engineering and how to turn the US into a 3rd world ountry.

Tommy Hansen
9 years ago

Soon ten years on. The same sentences just new politicians they mention to use in examples about how fkd we are and even more so in the future.

Well this is kinnda the future in retrospect of what Alex Jones preached about in 2006. The difference is that in that time between, most of us went on studying the vast information that was simplified by Infowars and alike. And what most conclude is that the world is chaotic.

There might be waves of social environment that certain groups has grown to understand can be benefit their own interest.

But most of what we se is a black swan effect. Where nobody even saw it coming. That popularity creates myths is more the need to exploit these situation to the max.

Alex Jones is not an activist of truth. But more acting like a prophet of an agenda that feeds his interest just like those he scrutinize. Offcourse not monetary vice, but trough getting the attention as the leader of this group they now are.

There are books, videos, mugs and t-shirts. Surviour seeds and filters for the water. It screams. "I care about YOU´e money more than the truth.

9 years ago

CT has been mainstreamed. Its socially acceptable to believe in nonsense, mainly due to the outrageous bs put forth each day on far right wing blogs. The things said and believed about our president by the far right is dangerous.
If there is a buck to be made, then the hucksters will say anything. and the willingly duped follow along.
Alex Jones in this doc, apart from what the makers of this film may believe, does not add authenticity to the doc. It makes the doc laughable and unwatchable.
Lest we forget, Alex Jones believes that the Sandy Hook mass murders were staged by the WH. Let that sink in...
Please, please walk away from this crazy talk. Its acceptable to be suspicious, even wary, of news, government and such. But to carry the craziness to such lengths as depicted here, its bizarre.

Jeremy Lake
9 years ago

Why must people pollute their minds with conspiracy theories? Is it a cheap way to feel better about your lives, thinking there is a mysterious power holding you back? It seems destructive to me, filling peoples heads with such nonsense.

9 years ago

I have really enjoyed this documentary. Once again I do not have hope for the human species because their the walking dead, these people aren't what you think they are. This planet is being terra-formed for a new KIND of species. Man merged with AI, we are observing this process as the cattle continue to drive thru fast foods to eat their toxic foods. The humanoids will NOT EVER wake up to their MASTERS. The illusion is bliss, if "THEY" didn't change the weather food water. Humans would be able to SEE their masters this must not happen! If only 50% of your species will unplug yourselves it may alter your reality. Take five sheeple two are awaken but the three are asleep. And it's the three that refuse to acknowledge anything our illusion is bliss. There's more than one planet earth & we want you to wake up.

9 years ago

Awful, crazy documentary that ties everything back to specious conspiracy theories based on the idea of rich people talking to each other and forming very salient, publicly visible groups. Yawn.

9 years ago

One thing i do agree on with the elite, we do have waaaaayyyy too many people on this planet. We are killing our soil due to over farming, we are using up far too much water to produce food. The animals we eat don't have a life, their living conditions are quite disgusting, and still a 5th of the population goes hungry every day. We have to stop these 3 children families or its going to get out of control if it hasn't already.

Eric Lawson
9 years ago

Too Long and drawn out. Overall a good and informative Doc !!

9 years ago

....actually, (note on aluminum): in regards to alzheimers patients, the aluminum build up in their brains - when all was said and done it was due to the medication they were prescribed to fight the disease but by then the damage had been done and nobody cared.
.....and about autistic babies, thus far, the greatest and strongest link they've been able to find is the mother getting horrendously ill with influenza during pregnancy.
other than that, tho it was cheezy in style, film wasn't that bad...

9 years ago

I don't quite understand why people even comment if it is going to negative , they are just trying to spread the word that the many different governments are working together secretly and constantly trying to poison us and frankly any information on those topics that we can receive is beneficial. regardless of who is presenting it , it was OK
but i still fell asleep

9 years ago

starts off with Alex Jones so that says it all. Not that he has a few good points but he is just the turd that spoils it

9 years ago

In all seriousness, I can't take this seriously. First there is that seed commercial essential to your survival. WTF was that? Second, there's preview clips of what looks to be about twelve people screaming at cars. Using camera tricks to hide their numbers. And last, the first two speakers look like two kids they found running the streets, both reading from que cards trying to sound legit. We call that over acting. Neither of them have credentials attached to their name.

I turned it off pretty quickly, but I'm still embarrassed that I watched that much.

Ingolf Stern
9 years ago

it's fear porn from survivalist gear hawkers. ignore at no peril.

Cynthia Mason
9 years ago

I can't believe all these "world leaders" will all be in the same place at the same time. I wonder if the sky above this meeting is a no fly zone? I'll bet the F-16s are exactly where they are supposed to be during this meeting, unlike on 9/11

over the edge
9 years ago

an open request.

please debate based on the subject of the documentary. no threats or personal insults please. stay on topic and try to be respectful to opposing views

9 years ago

Just another boring conspiracy piece. Badly written, with a cast of loonies and a litany of cliches. Interesting how conformist these "free thinkers" turn out to be.

Joseph Rain
9 years ago

all the good & caring people of the world - I suggest we keep solution oriented...! Complaining about chemtrails will not substantially change reality... WE NEED TO CHANGE the way we are GOVERNED and we need to change the way BUSINESS is done... any suggestions how to realistically achieve this? Large corporations can bring much prosperity, but they need to be kept out of governments, governments need to be made accountable and business needs to combine profit with responsibility...

9 years ago

I do believe there could be some truth to limited experiments with chemtrails in the atmosphere. However, when one of the moderators implied the only way to derive a result of zero from a product of four factors was by making only the first one zero (people), the movie lost all credibility. Ditto for the segment attempting to attach some legitimacy to a statement I don't doubt that big mouth knuckle head Ted Turner made about reducing the world's population by ninety percent. Nothing Ted Turner states deserves any illusion of credibility.

Joseph Rain
9 years ago

one thing seriously bothers me here... If China is the next superpower
followed closely by India and then there is Russia etc... howcome there
aren't any Chinese, Indians or Russians in this co-called not-so secret
society of Elite? Shouldn't the subject of global control be addressed globally?
Something is not right here... Anybody with a thought on this subject?!

9 years ago

Is it just me, or is there too much about chemtrails that just seems ridiculous?! I mean, are they covering the entirety of the earths atmosphere by spraying these lines and having the chemicals disperse?
Also, there are so many contradictions within minutes here! One minute they are showing increased precipitation worldwide the next they are saying there is worldwide drought?! Then the 'sun dimming' followed by people getting burnt quicker? The chemical blanket is widening holes in the ozone layer...
Man, my head is others here I just couldn't make it past about half way through this...and I am pretty easy going with these docos, so that says something about this one.

Christopher Pringle
9 years ago

has any of these wooly-headed wongos heard of contrails? - chasing this silly ideas dilutes real concerns like the Feds - Fuku Flu and endless wars - wake up you shills and trolls!! BTW the amount of barium and Al needed exceeds the world supply and the need for aeroplanes is greater still - this is NOT rocket science - waste you own 90 minutes

9 years ago

Seems like nearly everyone is eager to shoot the messenger. Don't forget the message is that many people are being manipulated, deceived, and used as slaves by the people this doc is meant to expose. This message is completely accurate. Go watch Maury Povich if you want to sit and poke fun at someone meaninglessly.

9 years ago

Couldnt take the Alex Jones, or the into Commercial. This is the tripe that creates more extremism rather than encouraging awareness.

susan g
9 years ago

Does anyone else have the same reaction I have when listening to the buffoon Alex Jones? That reaction is, cough that big disgusting luggy out of your throat! Cough it up and OUT. So annoying and distracting I might add.

9 years ago

"Nothing in this world works the way you think it does."

Perhaps that's true, my car might not be working the way i think it does.
or my computer,
or my body,
or my employees,

Anyway, featuring Alex Jones is quite a loss of credibility, in my opinion.

9 years ago

This film was a tiresome, complete waste of energy & time.

9 years ago

That's it! 45 min of this doc is all I could take. Wonder how many rich people, people with big bucks besides Alex Jones that are propagating this film are in it, probably not too many.

9 years ago

This reel of disinformation made me incredibly angry, but then the overwhelming skepticism in the comments gave me back my faith in humanity...I Love TDF.

9 years ago

Alex Jones
Chelsea Manning
Edward Snowden

All three claim to have made government secrets public, one is in solitary confinement in a military prison, one is in exile in Russia, and the other has a $5million a year career in the media and does tv talk shows and regular documentaries. (that all talk endlessly about how these opinions are being suppressed...oh Irony.)

one of these things is not like the others.

9 years ago

So many of these documentaries employ all the fallacies of logic some of us have been told to avoid in out critical thinking classes. There very well may be something to the issues presented here but none withstand the test of open debate,

Tomislav R
9 years ago

Starts with a commercial, credibility gone.

Thank you, good morning.

9 years ago

Does anyone else think it's kinda of weird that the people that made the film are also "interviewed"? Alex Jones does have some good information but it is watered down with his talk about shapeshifters, reptilian people, everything that happens is a government conspiracy, his screaming and childish behavior most of the time.