Shake the World

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Shake The WorldThis is a true story that occured in 1999 in Shijazhuang City of Hebei Province, China. It is a tragic story, in which Falun Gong practitioners, people who believe in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerenace, are brutally persecuted by the Chinese Communist Regime. It is a story of compassionate deeds and noble conviction.

Shake the World reveals the initial stages of the Chinese Communist Party's brutal persecution of Falun Gong started in July 20, 1999. It tells the story of Ding Yan, a typical Falun Dafa practitioner as she takes us through the first days of the persecution of Falun Gong, the Beijing News Conference held by Falun Gong practitioners in China on October that shocked the world, and the magnificent Guangzhou Fa Conference in November 1999. Ding Yan is eventually persecuted to death at the hands of the police after suffering brutal physical and mental torture.

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  1. Marilyn

    Uh, maybe no votes cuz you can't see the film?

  2. Vlatko
  3. Vlatko

    Now it's OK, though the subtitles are kind a small.

  4. kodak
  5. kodak

    yeah, u need binoculars to see the subtitles. I have seen Falun Gong protesting but never knew why. This doc could have offer that but the subs are hard to read.

  6. Epicurean_Logic
  7. Epicurean_Logic

    Yes these guys have been protesting outside of the Chinese embassy for years.

    Falung Gong is some kind of meditation/movement technique and its practitioners claim to be regularly beaten and abused by their government. A sorry state of affairs.

    They are considered a threat by the chinese government for reasons that i cannot fathom, possibly for encouraging anti-establishment feelings. I would be extremely interested to find out more details on the subject but the Chinese internet ban prohibits any real discussion . I live in hope.

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  10. Rick
  11. Rick

    As I understand it, the Falun Gong movement was growing rapidly in China. Although it has no political ambitions, one of the ambitions of Falun Gong is to improve one's moral and ethical character. Any unifying movement in China is seen by the government as a threat to the established powers. The Chinese government wants to be the only authority directing the public. Any religious, spiritual, or political movement that becomes large enough has the potential to turn on the government and stage a protest demanding reform. The government is not going to tolerate that. The outcome would be like Tiananmen Square all over again. The Chinese government chose to squash Falun Gong out of fear. I wonder if some officials even thought they might be doing the people a favor by sparing them an even greater an inevitable bloodshed later on down the road.

    The Chinese government, however, is just stalling the inevitable. Movements cannot be fully eradicated and the Internet cannot be completely censored. I don't see how they can rule with an iron fist and still allow their people to travel and do business internationally. The people are only being quiet now because they are distracted by the sudden and unabated inrush of wealth that resulted from China's economic reform and subsequent industrial revolution. No matter how bad things are compared to the rest of the world, they are still so much better than they were a couple generations ago. This growth will have to slow one day. A contributing factor to the decline will be when economic conditions improve to the point that workers start to demand better pay and working conditions, driving the cost of production up. These same people will demand a response from their government and the stage will be set for a new revolution in China. I believe it will be a subtle, non-violent revolution, though.

  12. Jimmy
  13. Jimmy

    Have any of you actually bothered to learn about their teachings? A book was authored by Li Hongzhi, their leader and the creator of this religious cult. He's a racist biggot and a complete loon. Falun Gong is Scienthology times ten.

  14. Stephen
  15. Stephen

    I know a few friends from China that said Falun Gong is a cult that ask members to give up there wealth for the organization and promotes suicide. Of course, I'm not certain if this is government propaganda. And then there is the Western media portraying Falun Gong as a spiritual organization.

    Will likely need to research Li Hongzhi and the book Jimmy mentioned.

  16. Syntax
  17. Syntax

    This is not a documentary! This is a propaganda film! What are we supposed to believe that blinding light sometimes shines from this woman? How did this get accepted as a valid documentary?
    Doco's are supposed to be facts. The first third is made up dialogue. Because this film makes up some elements, all elements can't be trusted and hence this whole documentary gets dismissed. I don't know how much is true & how much is lies

  18. someone
  19. someone

    I am a Practitioner and Falun Gong is not Scientology nor is it a Religion and we would never ever commit suicide.
    Is it wrong to make this World a better Place?
    It starts in me to make a change to be better...
    Why not read the Book and then speak from ur heart and not just move ur Lips.....

  20. avidseeker
  21. avidseeker

    Whether Falun Gong is "Scientology times ten" or it's leader is a "crackpot" should not matter. Everybody has a right to practice their beliefs without fear of persecution. Christians believe in a guy who walked on water and in a round-about way set up his own murder. So what? What the Chinese govt is doing is wrong, regardless.

  22. princeton
  23. princeton

    all governments are murderous in their own way, this is just another example of innocent civilians getting brutalized for simply living their lives how they chose. Fact is that chinese government is not special and alone in these kinds of actions... I mean.. we lock millions of people up here (anywhere in western world) for smoking leaves and snorting powder. "pay me for protection.. before something bad happens"
    Governments are a cancer that we must shed before they totally destroy us all

  24. Lenyon Pitterson
  25. Lenyon Pitterson

    this is some kinda Disneyfied childish propaganda. If they just want to meditate and read confusian literature do it in the privacy of home otherwise IT IS THE START OF A POLITICAL

  26. Mengya
  27. Mengya

    To those that say FLG practitioners should have the right to practice their beliefs regardless of whether it's some "crackpot" belief or their leader is a "loon";

    That's ridiculous.

    No government in the world allows all people to practice their belief regardless of what and how they worship. Even in countries like the US where most people seem to believe religious expression is freely permitted, organizations that harm others in society or even pose as a threat to the health of members themselves be it in the name of religion or any other argument, are not permitted. That's where the word "cult" comes from.

    It would be chaos if all religions were permitted regardless of what the members believe or how they choose to worship, we've had previous cases where cults have caused bloodshed, trauma, or even just scammed both others in society as well as members themselves.

    If, in fact, the FLG does cause harm then the Chinese government has every right, and I would even argue the responsibility, to shut it down and ban it from their sovereign soil. Their duty is to protect their citizens and any organization be it foreign or domestic who threatens them need to be dealt with accordingly. Freedom of expression or religion doesn't exist in any country without defining boundaries, to expect China to be different is irrational.

  28. Maha Deva
  29. Maha Deva

    i would hardly think reading confucious and practicing meditation would make u a dumb sheep. eastern religion is all about the exact opposite of that lol.

  30. Ella Silver
  31. Ella Silver

    Agreed. most people who call one another sheep like that guy.. they see a word and start bleating. They are trained culturally to respond instantly to the utterance of certain words and to do this without thinking about it. They are told that people who do NOT do this are sheep. Sort of like that retarded goth movement that says in order for you to be a non-conformist you have to dress exactly like them and listen to the same music they do.

    His response was sheepy. That's what makes it funny :) I bet you thousands, he has not read anything about what he's talking about. He has not made any critical judgments nor has he questioned any of his own, or anyone else's beliefs in formulating his response. He is responding to buzz words like he was trained to do. He is a good sheep.

  32. Ella Silver
  33. Ella Silver

    Documentaries are not necessarily supposed to be facts. They are "document commentaries" and can be about anything. The journalistic approach is appreciated but not necessary for something to be classified as "documentary"

    But i think, semantics aside, it's probably a good idea to question EVERYTHING you see regardless of the source. Your own eyes can only be trusted about 60% of the time (not an actual statistic.. just guessing based on my own limited wisdom. :) so documentaries can probably be trusted far less than that. There are even more degrees of separation.

  34. Jesse Yu
  35. Jesse Yu

    Could this be considered as a documentary????No fact, No statistics, No reference, it's just a story and drama, how can this be put on this website???? Shame on this top documentary films site though I like most of its films.

  36. Jack1952
  37. Jack1952

    Every one should have the right to practice their religion unless that religion begins to infringe on the rights of others. This has not been shown to be the case with the FLG. They should not be persecuted on the basis of what could happen. Laws must be broken and then the law should step in. That is what happens in the United States. That is where the word cult comes in. Some religions may seem to have crackpot leaders but unless they break the law they should be free to do as they will.

  38. Jack1952
  39. Jack1952

    Governments are easy to hate but impossible to shed. What we would have left is a governing body whose responsibility would be make sure people don't organize governing bodies.

  40. Jack1952
  41. Jack1952

    This could be propaganda, but it could be the truth.
    You can't decide which one until after you do an investigation of your own. Then come back and give an informed opinion of this film. Yesterday I never heard of this group. Today I do. I can now find out, on my own, the veracity of this documentary. Also, to quote the great George Costanza, "A lie is not a lie if you believe it to be true." These people may be deluded but that does not make them liars.

  42. Ella Silver
  43. Ella Silver

    So would you feel the same way if one's belief system includes torturing or molesting children?

    You need to be careful when you use words like "regardless" or "everybody"

  44. Ella Silver
  45. Ella Silver

    dude, is it weird that i don't speak a word of chinese and yet i can totally tell they're acting? Poorly.

  46. Ella Silver
  47. Ella Silver

    they put the Supervolcano movie on here too. And it was pretty much the same thing. I think they often adjust the ceiling on what is and is not a documentary around here.

  48. Ella Silver
  49. Ella Silver

    I personally have no issue with the falun gong folk from what i know of them. There are a small group of them in my city who do qigong in the park every day. I am thinking of joining them because i enjoy qigong and it's very good for you. They've never done anything to upset anybody around here.

    I'm more concerned that this documentary is not a serious documentary. I don't know anything about your beliefs or practices. Like i say, i just know that the falun gong in my city do qigong and do it well and properly. And that's enough for me :) Anything else, i consider when the time comes to do so.

  50. Phoebe Ryles
  51. Phoebe Ryles

    This is a great film. It was made by a group of Falun Gong practitioners to counter a massive propaganda campaign by the communist party designed to make the rest of the world believe that Falun Gong is a crazy cult religion. It's not at all, it's a great practice that promote peace and encourages people to look inside and become the best person they can be.

    It's a sad movie, and an appeal to emotions, not a talking heads documentary. But it's more or less correct. What I like about it is that is shows how the persecution of Falun Gong began the same way that all persecutions begin, with propaganda to dehumanize the targets, ostracize them, remove them from society, etc. It builds slowly to full out torture and killing. If you study history as I do, you know that the holocaust, as well as many ethnic genocides in Africa such as the Hutu and Tootsi conflicts, began just the same way.

    The one thing I think the film does not do well is explain why the Government would want to persecute such a group. Prior to the persecution Falun Gong was just one of many Qigong practices taught in China, it was very popular and actually won many government awards and recognition for being good. The problems started when it became too popular. The government counted 70 million people practicing, and then declared it illegal shortly after those numbers came out. That kind of thing doesn't happen here. I think those of us from the west have a hard time imagining what it's like to live under complete government suppression.

  52. steamknife
  53. steamknife

    Every religion is a cult. Every religion spreads propaganda. Every religion had become powerful enough to control the states and EVERY RELIGION needs MONEY. Falun Gong is not an exception. It's just that the communists are smart enough to relise the danger of cults.

    This has caused a western-outrage because 1. It's China, 2. Communists methods are inhumane. Nevertheless, that doesn't make Falun Gong look any better.

  54. Winston Smith
  55. Winston Smith

    You should research a little before commenting.
    Falun Gong it is not a religion. Not even close. Or a cult. There is no charismatic leader or anything that could be described as theology. It is a powerful form of training based on tai chi or Qigong-like postures.

    China is Communist in name only. They have much fewer social nets than we do. The people are highly taxed.. It's a corporate owner's dream and the direction in which America is being moved. What they fear is people organizing in any large numbers that may be turned to political ends, which naturally they do, especially when a group is being oppressed.

  56. phillip wong
  57. phillip wong

    I get it. Chinese are evil, commie, and want to dominate the world, what to nuke the world. blah blah ....

  58. Erik WP
  59. Erik WP

    Do we really need political propaganda here? The organisation is a lot like Scientology. Falung Gong leaders got beyond themselves and wanted political power. The Chinese government isn't amused when that happens. They tolerate the Dalai Lama because he is peaceful and cuddly but they're more wary of the people behind Falung Gong. So they cracked down on the movement and arrested a few leaders after which the FG membership went passive-aggressive and started a bit of self mutilation and a media campaign. They are very well financed and keep cropping up.

  60. John Rushnik
  61. John Rushnik

    Read up more on the history of FLG, you have no idea what you are talking about. They are persecuted because they got too big, that's all there is to it. Jiang Zemin in fact practiced FLG himself, it was only when he realised how popular it had become that it became a "terrorist group" (that's right, ask any mainland Chinese and they will tell you FLG is a terrorist group).

  62. John Rushnik
  63. John Rushnik

    I don't understand why Chinese get so upset about anti-communist party films. There are far more anti-US films and you don't see Americans having a cry about it.

  64. Yonas Kidane
  65. Yonas Kidane

    The EU recently hosted a human rights forum in Brussels, discussing the Chinese governments inhumane treatment against its own citizens, such as forced organ harvesting, coerced abortions, and torture. Following that, I took the time to read several unprejudiced and detailed reports from the EU parliament, Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, US reports, United Nations, and research presented by two Canadian lawyers who have documented the harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners organs by the Chinese regime. The persecution of this group, and many others in China, has truly opened by eyes to one of the most monstrous and cruel ill-treatment to our fellow human beings, probably the worst since the Holocaust. Friends, this nefarious persecution against Falun Gong is happening before our eyes and the evidence is irrefutable. I believe we are all entitled to our own opinion and the right to express whatever vacuous comments. But friends, be it China, Africa, the Middle East, or where ever it be, we need to help one another. Hate has poisoned humanity's soul.

    "We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness - not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another...You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are Humans! You have the love of humanity in your hearts! You don’t hate! Only the unloved hate - the unloved and the unnatural!"

  66. Nakor4Twunny
  67. Nakor4Twunny

    Because communist ideology relies heavily on image. The IMAGE of the all powerful, all knowing, infallible state is key to the communist MO.

  68. WERE
  69. WERE

    Well this is not about who you are but divinity. Men die but not all Men live and the principle behind such algorithm is that we never live for ever so even though you killed someone 2day, its amatter of time for you to take wat has come to be know as the Earth's path or the Earth's Rule (From dust to dust shall all flesh return). Do as you will but as I said its about time and opportunity.

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