The Shape of the Future

The Shape of the FutureThe Shape of the Future is a documentary series produced by Common Ground Productions that explores what an eventual Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement might look like.

It even-handedly examines the aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians and demonstrates the possibility of a lasting, mutually satisfactory peace.

Originally broadcast in Hebrew and Arabic on Israeli and Palestinian television, The Shape of the Future is now enjoying widespread international distribution.

A frequently heard aphorism is that both Palestinians and Israelis see the light at the end of the tunnel - they simply cannot find the tunnel.

As violence has escalated over the past few years, an increasing number of people on both sides have become convinced that negotiated solutions cannot be achieved.

The Shape of the Future demonstrates that while not inevitable, peace is possible. By probing the concerns and opinions of both Palestinians and Israelis regarding key issues such as Jerusalem, settlements, Palestinian refugees and security, the series identifies exactly what is at stake.

It then shows that a negotiated peace settlement need not necessarily trample on the interests of either side.

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  1. fact

    nations based on racial purity.


  2. cainer
  3. cainer

    more joo stuff :/

  4. Dean McInerney
  5. Dean McInerney

    Very heartening, if it has been widely seen in the Middle East, wonder how it was recieved?!

  6. phill
  7. phill

    Why can't you all just get along, you are all Brothers and Sisters in the eyes of the lord.
    The Earth is not ours to fight over, it is nice enough to let us live on it until we die.
    Stop fighting like a bunch of spoilt kids.

  8. betty
  9. betty

    the problem is not most of the population, but the extremist activists on both sides. they dont want to get along.

    its not a simple matter as you would like to portray it.
    besides, god is responsible for this more than anything else.

  10. rob
  11. rob


    I neither agree nor disagree with your statement, however I am very curious at to god is responsible. would you care to elaborate on you view points. sincerely rob.

  12. Jeff
  13. Jeff


    You saying in the eyes of the lord implies belief. What you fail to understand is that belief and faith is that of the unknown. If we do not know, must we believe in anything? Belief is separation of ideas, a division between people. Perception is everything, image if people had interpreted it as "God" is creation, rather than "God" created. How do you interpret the 10 commandments with a slight change in perception?

  14. pd
  15. pd

    there are forces at work that stir up both sides. there is concerted effort to have conflict in the area. it is not the jewish community and not the palestinian neither. both want nothing more than peace. but there are others that benefit from chaos, people you never hear of in mainstream media!

  16. Omar
  17. Omar

    stupid , if you look up into sky one clear night, you will see that those little points of light call STARS are so much big than you,your arms, your nations, your politicians and your money. Governments are minuscule particles of excrement.

    The real humans, regular people, we are full of love, compassion and forgiveness.


  18. Lenyon Pitterson
  19. Lenyon Pitterson

    GOD IS THE DAMN PROBLEM on bothsides. Modernity was suposed to kill god iy n the last century. It is because we can not stop believing in the lies fables and myths that were told to us by primative generations, who knew not how and why the world functioned. They indoctrinated us with lies told to them by people they respected.It may have been done without meaning to create hatred but that is the result. Now that we know bible stories are LIES we should let this GOD our backward ancestors yoked us with DIE BEFORE WE DESTROY EACH OTHER FOR FAIRYTALES.Like land given by somebody's GOD. DAMMIT.

  20. Ric_Hard
  21. Ric_Hard

    Israel will go down in a rain of Iranian missiles. Its ok tho the dirty Jews will still have america.

  22. Vilewoman
  23. Vilewoman

    Well I am really disappointed in this documentary. I thought it was going to offer a reasonable solution, but it just showed the major differences. Extreme opinions and theologies.

    I understand this is a "fight" based in history. However, living in the past can keep people from seeing a future. In my humble opinion, if they can't live together (in the same settlement) without borders, fences or guns neither deserves the land.
    Take a lesson from Germany, walls don't work.

  24. Aaron D.
  25. Aaron D.

    Continuing to underscore the entire situation with cingle city views is insulting to everyone not involved in arms deals. Follow the money, and the number of Palestinian refugees in surrounding countries for x number of years. War on Moving Forward past Oil, Dwight D. Eisenhower told us in his farewell adress.

  26. Aaron D.
  27. Aaron D.

    Please someone comment on my mispellings and grammar mistakes. Prove me right you are bling consumeristic animals that has their brain on filling in all the missing parts of their life....spend!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. GodmanEnki
  29. GodmanEnki

    Finally, a man with a functioning brain. One who's awaken to the foolish-lies we were raised on. And STILL are being raised to believe in, such as "talking snakes" and men who "walk on water." Not understanding it is all MYTHOLOGICAL SUN WORSHIP, made into an ANTHROPOLOGICAL falsehood. "Walks on water" from "reflection ON water.Changed from DNA to "rib." Elisha's "The Destroyer" from the planet Nibiru. And "turned to salt" from VAPORIZED. The Bible has been altered so as to keep the truth from the uninitiated. Don't "buy-into" whatever comes 'down' from the pulpit. Learn for yourself. Don't "allow" anyone, including me, to tell you what reality is. Find out for yourself! Test how you "feel" and do not allow your imagination to run away with you. "We use, Emotional Content, NOT anger. It's like a finger pointing away to the moon. DON''T concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory." (Bruce Lee 1973)

  30. GodmanEnki
  31. GodmanEnki

    Because of the female, we've become "as Gods." And because of the female, we will pay for that for the rest of our lives! One doesn't need "the 10 commandments" to know what is right, and what is wrong. We FEEEEEEL it. Unless you were born without a conscious? In which case, I FEEL for you.

  32. GodmanEnki
  33. GodmanEnki

    "curious at to?" What does that mean Grasshopper?

  34. Matt Kukowski
  35. Matt Kukowski

    At present there is no greater problem then resource scarcity. Namely OIL and Territory. This is now. In the past, no different. Sad we can not work it out in peace.

  36. ranii02
  37. ranii02

    technically they offered a solution of having the city as both nations capitals, two municipalities etc. but the documentary is more informative, giving those who dont know the conflict as well more information and knowledge, such as myself.

  38. ksm_mmd
  39. ksm_mmd

    I feel bad for both the Israelis and Palestinians - especially for the Palestinians. I really do. They are faced with a terrible, no-win situation every day of their lives.

    But this is not a new thing. This is a conflict that has played itself out time and time again, for as long as human societies have existed. Yes, the details may be a little different this time, but of course they always are. It doesn't change the fact that there are two peoples, two tribes, that want the same piece of land. Whenever this happens the outcome has nothing to do with which of the sides is right or wrong, moral or immoral, genial or aloof. It is always the case that the conflict is eventually resolved when the stronger of the two sides crushes the weaker. No amount of negotiating or soul-searching or righteous anger will ever change that.

    Right now, Israel is unquestionably stronger. So unless the Palestinians are somehow able to stretch this conflict out for at least a few more decades, Israel is going to win. What's more, they are going to do so by eliminating virtually all of the Palestinian people in one way or another. This is what will happen because this is what always happens in these scenarios. Perhaps 100 years from now, the Israeli president will issue a public apology for the misdeeds his people committed in the distant past. But if he does, you can bet that he won't go so far as to give the country to whatever Palestinians happen to still exist at that time. And you can bet that he will be very happy that it was his ancestors, and not the Palestinians, that possessed the necessary strength to prevail and win the land that he and his people inhabit.

  40. cyberfrank
  41. cyberfrank

    Sharon and his settlers have brought shame and hate on the good jewish people, I m happy to see that there is a balance in their opinion, and hope peace prevails, they will have deserved it after all those troubles.

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