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Showdown With Iran

2007 ,    » 45 Comments
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Showdown With IranAs the United States and Iran are locked in a battle for power and influence across the Middle East - with the fear of an Iranian nuclear weapon looming in the background - Frontline gains unprecedented access to Iranian hard-liners shaping government policy, including parliament leader Hamid Reza Hajibabaei, National Security Council member Mohammad Jafari and state newspaper editor Hossein Shariatmadari.

This report focuses on the tumultuous U.S.-Iran relations since 9/11,and examines how U.S. efforts to install democracy in Iraq have served to strengthen Iran's position as an emerging power in the Middle East.

You will not find a single instance in which a country has inflicted harm on us and we have left it without a response. So if the United States makes such a mistake, they should know that we will definitely respond. And we don't make idle threats, Mohammad Jafari tells in his first-ever television interview.

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45 Comments / User Reviews

    His Forever
  1. His Forever

    This is a bit old, but the danger is even greater now. Very dark days are coming.

  2. Matt Kukowski
  3. Matt Kukowski

    The danger is there ... question is, who is to blame? America for trying to control the worlds politics and resources of those that can not defend themselves ( or try to )... or those that take up arms to defend their lands? Or is it religious fervor and both sides are acting insane? I would say both are insane.

    ... BUT WAIT... That is what the banking military industrial complex WANTS us to think. That there is a WAR to wage. War Profiteers can then become RICH, reduce world population AND just sit back and live lavish lives in splendor.

    America and Iran are just PUPPETS for the bankers profits. When will people wake up to this? What is the common goal that ties EVERYTHING TOGETHER? MONEY MONEY MONEY. And so bankers ( who knows WHO these bankers are, that I will let you guys decide )... but that is the enemy. The enemy is NOT ourselves, but the shadow banking industry. Conspiracy? Then YOU go ahead and fight and DIE in these wars... have fun.

  4. who_me_yeah_you
  5. who_me_yeah_you

    05:20 - "That day the same sermon was read in every town across the country", Makes it sound exceptionally insidious, but it is no more so than Fox News drum beats for an Iran war. We need a new world order that is a world order rather than a world ruling elites' order. Give us this and Islamofascists will be fought with an equal fervour to theirs by righteous global citizens of all creeds and colours (as will all other fascists and neofascists). The only thing that keeps me positive is the faith that in an apocalypse scenario the Elites would be butchered by the surviving plebians and they must realise this. They try prepare for this but who can really have all bases covered for such a time of unimaginable horrors.

  6. brenda karnes
  7. brenda karnes

    Let me guess....22? 23? 19?....a world traveler, no doubt. A life of "experiences," no doubt. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, no matter how uninformed!


    Matt you were doing so well in those first two paragraphs and then you lost it and went into a tail spin; of course there is profit to be made in war and yes that's PART of it. Matt this statement isn't going anywhere just an observation.


    I just don't believe the Iranians are that bad a people. There ORGANIZED religious BS is no different then our ORGANIZED religious BS. I can't argue about their system of governing the Iranian people or the way they treat the women. They are victims of their evolutionary cultural just like us with our eurocentric westernized beliefs. It all boils down to this, As long as people invent god's to subdue their fears of the unknown their will always be Hell To Pay, no pun intended. IGNORANCE IS THE COMMON PERSONS SHACKLE. THE MONEY PUNK IS THE JAILER THAT UTILIZES THAT IGNORANCE TO LINE THEIR POCKETS WITH FOOLS GOLD, HENCE, THE HALT LEADING THE HALT For if ORGANIZED religious people truly believed in the DEITY they wouldn't have to go to church, temple or mask; they wouldn't need A THIRD PARTY RELIGIOUS BROKER TO TELL THEM WHAT "GOD" HAS TO SAY TO THEM. THERE IS BUT ONE LIFE THAT MANIFEST ALL FORM. And finally i say to all ORGANIZED religious leaders and POLITICAL leaders world wide, DO THE REST OF US ALL A FAVOR, GO PLAY IN THE TRAFFIC!

  12. rodneypeter
  13. rodneypeter

    It's Israel that's the problem...That's basically it...treat Israel as it should be ( like any other country) and quit vetoing all the UN resolutions against them (65+, or more than China, Iran and North Korea combined) and the oil will floww again!!!

  14. AGahool
  15. AGahool

    I am an Iranian -Canadian who has lived more than 20 years in the North America. Not any longer though, because I could not bear the hatred and racial profilings of the not so well informed but the majority of the people who are Canadian or American citizens. Plus, financially, I think that this migration was the biggest mistake of my life.

    I would like to share my opinion and would welcome polite comments and replies. I do not reply to the people who are rude and troubled. And as the Iranian Govenment always has maintaind, expect mutual respect.

    I grew up during the 79 revelution, and I never completely underestood the so uninteligent actions of this government from day one. But after many years, now I have been witnessing that as the Iranian Gov. is seeking more reason and rational in their actions in and out of the country, the western Govs. have been doing the opposite.

    Lets face it, nobody wants to be invaded by another country, and dictated on how to live our lives. Let alone handing over the wast oil reseves. Especially Iranian people who have over 3000 yers of civilization, survived so many want to be invadors and dictators, but at the end, all of our enemies will fall in love with our culture and they become one of us.

    Iranian people are very proud and nationalist. But the Uk, USA and France have repeatedly interfiered with our internal affairs and even have toppled all of the democratic govenments. They did try again to topple Ahmadinejad, but they did not succeed. Ahmadinejad is legit and Iranians voted for hin, against other corrupted cadidates. Even the Rockefeller fundation conducted a poll in Iran and they predicted that Ahmadinejad would win.

    So, the West has never respected Iran. I could underestand it in 79 or 80s, but now the Ahmadinejad gov. is the best that they could have and is supported by the majority of Iranians.

    I do not see any mutualy respectful relations between Iran and the three(UK USA FRA) they have ruined the world for every body and not only Iran. There are wars and conflicts and animosity in most reigons of the world.

    But, Iran is the strongest opponent to the Three. It is supported by the East, North, Africa, South America and most of the countries in the M.E. I believe that Iran has Nuks, but would never admit, as dose Israel. When you have the bumb you are treated differntly, and Americans brought it on themselves by attacking and setting Milit. Baises all around Iran.

    I agree with one of my freinds here who mentioned that the blame is on the Militery Indastrial Complex and the corruptions that exist in the Western Govs.

  16. Nakor420
  17. Nakor420

    You wanna know who they are? Rothschilds and Rockafellers

  18. dekay49
  19. dekay49

    @ brenda karnes...... I noticed your response to Matt's post, and two quotes came to mind...... "It is sometimes better to keep ones mouth shut and be thought of as a fool, rather than open it and remove all doubt." and " Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."
    You obviously have not done any independant research or you would not have ASSumed that Matt's post was just an opinion.

    Two suggestions for you....#1 Remove foot from mouth.
    #2 Remove head from posterior orifice.

  20. Sean Finn
  21. Sean Finn

    including you

  22. Bobby Mitzel
  23. Bobby Mitzel

    let me guess, 51? 63? or is it 38? and by the name i can tell you're probably a woman, no doubt. oh yeah, and you're names brenda, no doubt. wow im good, just shows how right i am about everything. no doubt.

  24. Robert Millette
  25. Robert Millette

    Tottaly agree with you!

  26. from_the_bleachers
  27. from_the_bleachers

    13:15 - 13:32

    "You see, there is one thing wrong with the americans, especially this administration".
    "They think they are responsible for every event in every part of the world. Nobody has given these responsibilities to the americans".

    That about sums it all up..

  28. rtiom
  29. rtiom

    old news.

  30. Dan Batson
  31. Dan Batson

    That's a good start but there are more....


    Agahool i can truly understand your position/your thoughts but believe me there is ignorance on both sides read my comment if you haven't already, a few comments down.


    Oh enlighten one brenda please share you wisdom and research with the rest of us! I for one don't have a clue of what you are talking about. If you going to make rude statements shouldn't you at least add some substance to your remarks? Let me guess, you have a high sales aptitude and a command of the english language? brenda a quick mind doesn't mean there is anything in there or the right thing.

  36. AGahool
  37. AGahool

    Thanks Sonny for your output,

    I agree, both sides have faults. But at least, Iranians are not going around the world, commiting the crimes to humanity. Americans are using Depleated Uraniom amo since the first gulf war, and even have no regards for their own troops. This is not only a criminal act, this is genecide.

    As for your opinions about religion, I do agree and even more. But, all the religons are created to control and manipulate people and by people like todays globalists, who only have one agenda, and that is to intimidate, kill and exploit as many people as they could.

    Iranians are not religous people. They created Shia Islam, to kick Arabs out of the country many hundres years ago. That was the only option available to them to un-root the dictator Arab Khalifs who have been abusing their own people even today.

    The Islamic Republic was forced to the Iranian people by the very same corrupted Western Govenments, and as I said it before, they have been absorbed by our culture and now, and more and more they have been showing their acceptance that they are responsible to the Iranians, and not the forign governments.


    Good morning AGahool, To go right to the subject at hand you make ref to
    America, keep in mind that this is a complex world we live in and i am quite
    sure that you and i are not given all of the pieces of the puzzle to be able
    to judge a whole country according to what i have heard someone say or what
    the govt of one country tells me or you to make or passing judgement on an
    entire nation! Not all Americans are in favor of the war. Not all Iranians
    are in favor of your present administration that is in power. I know this
    about America, (the US, we can't speak for Latin America), I can say what i
    want to in this country and protest and make no mistake I WILL FIGHT TO THE
    DEATH FOR YOUR RIGHT TO SPEAK YOUR MIND. Again there are people in Iran and
    the United States that are no good, rotten apples uneducated and ignorant.
    And please, when you speak to me, i am a United States Citizen but i am not
    the United States i am Sonny Corbi and i speak only for me. Now i told you
    in the beginning i am with out politics and am interested in the positive
    cultural aspects of the Iranian people, the food you eat the way you prepare
    it, the Art produced by the Iranian people your day in and day out lives of
    the Iranian people and my interest is to receive this type of input direct
    from an Iranian person not a history book or a third party Acadamian
    Amasoid, (college professor), If you are an ignorant fool that wants to
    speak of hate and throw stone at me and how awful "America", is an the poor
    abused Iranian people then you need to sort through the collective dung heap
    but not with me not here and not now..

    Sonny Corbi

  40. KsDevil
  41. KsDevil

    That's the problems with hard-line governments. They restrict the flow of information. Iranian and American people have not participated in the world of shared opinion on a level that could have bypassed the political system of propaganda. As with all things, open communication is the key to freedom. Sadly the leaders of American and Iran seemed to have locked themselves away from the real work..only hearing the voices in their small rooms. So many died because of this.

  42. AGahool
  43. AGahool

    Hi Sonny,

    For some reason, I could not reply to your last post.

    On conterary, I and the majority of Iranian people like American People. In fact on a personal level, I am sure that we could get along and underestand the Americam people better than many other nationals. I feel sad that the American Government is stolen from the American people and serving others in expense of the American people.

    This film is more about politics than any other subject. And, in political discusions, when people say Iranians or Americans, they mean the Govenment of that country. If they want to refer to the people, then they say American people or Iranian people.

    I moved out of Canada almost a year ago.

    Art is not my feild. I would like to believe that I am well aware/informed in international politics and civil laws (Canadian).


    Thank you

  46. everlaid
  47. everlaid

    We stand by Israel till the end!!!! Remember they are the chosen people from GOD!!!!
    God chose the nation of Israel to be the people through whom Jesus Christ would be born—the Savior from sin and death (John 3:16)

  48. everlaid
  49. everlaid

    Screw you'r oil!!!!!!!!

  50. everlaid
  51. everlaid

    Yes just make sure u are on the right side....The side of God and Jesus Christ our savior.!!!!!!!

  52. everlaid
  53. everlaid

    So U don't mind your women being stoned to death.hmmm I love women. From what I see the Iranian people just want to be free of the madman Ahmadinejad. But everytime they try to protest he kills and tortures them. Nice guy eh. Yes very legit..for a crazy lunatic

  54. everlaid
  55. everlaid

    Well i'll tell u. It seems there is only one thing wrong with the middle east..They are obsessed with blowing each other up and chopping heads off...enough said!

  56. from_the_bleachers
  57. from_the_bleachers

    You seem to know very little about the middle east, maybe too much sensationalized cnn or fox propaganda... Haven't we been bombing and overthrowing middle eastern governments and replacing them with our puppets for over 50 years? But we only kill and murder for peace and democracy, they are the psychos, we are just christian fanatics invading and killing in the name of "god" for millenia, nothing as crazy and ruthless as them in the middle east of course.. Read some more champ..

  58. rodneypeter
  59. rodneypeter

    You stand by false jews that are from eastern your homework, you are a Goy (lower than a dog) to them who say they are jews...if they were they'd look EXACTLY like palestinians and others from that area...but NO you have ''jews'' with blond hair and blue eyes..They are not semetic they are Khazars and were phalus worshipers before their king decided to turn to Judaism because it didn't have a leader like catholics or muslims...they are NOT the chosen people,READ THIS PASSAGE
    “‘I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich) and the slander of those who say that they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. REVELATIONS 2:9
    What do you think Jesus the deffender of the oppressed would say if he saw what the pharasses are STILL doing in the Holy Land?? The false jews are oppressing the palestinians...who do you think Jesus would defend, the Israel (the oppressors) or the palestinians (the oppressed)?? I'm a christian but also human and Israel are doing thing that are against what Jesus taught his people...or are you also with the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN??

  60. from_the_bleachers
  61. from_the_bleachers

    go away troll..

  62. from_the_bleachers
  63. from_the_bleachers

    Go away troll.. go to israel if you're so attached to it. What has israel done beside murder palestinians, steal their land and claim to be defending themselves? The might have been the chosen ones 2000 years ago, now-a-days their are an apartheid state.

    Shut up and go away troll..

  64. everlaid
  65. everlaid that all u know how to say is go away troll...hahah cat got u'r tongue or was it cut out by someone in the middle east that u are trying to defend

  66. Abamovich
  67. Abamovich

    More war propaganda, yawn.

  68. jubbs_sher
  69. jubbs_sher

    sounds like you are a fundamentalist. nice open mind man!

  70. everlaid
  71. everlaid

    lol.... U guys are so serious. It's very funny. Lighten up a little U will live a happier life!!!!!
    from_the_bleachers...maybe its time to stop watching the game (from the bleachers) and start playing. U will be happier with u'r self..U seem like an angry person.

  72. everlaid
  73. everlaid

    As always blame the west for everything... death to
    ( so cliche ).
    I am enjoying a nice day here in Canada. Just went for a run. Beautiful weather.Ive got a good job. A great family and no threat of being shot or bombed...yet
    Freedom to watch what I want. Say what I want with no worry of being kidnapped in the middle of the night by some crazy government who wants to silence anyone who speaks out against them. Yes the west sucks!!! Hate them all!!!! I would rather live in fear than like this..
    The west rules!!!

  74. lex lexich
  75. lex lexich

    you are blowing something else... no worries, matey -America will be there to prevent it by bombing all sides simultaneously

  76. Simon Wolfendale
  77. Simon Wolfendale

    Richard Armitage, a cunt of the highest order. And at that time there was a lot of them around.

  78. Tyson Wardleigh
  79. Tyson Wardleigh

    and exactly how is that Simon? Because he wasnt a neo con dbag?

  80. SeanQ38
  81. SeanQ38

    Do you think they would sit by if they possessed our military might. Islam would be spread to all corners of the world. So stop crying, thats life. Oh how they wish they could dominate us and whip your wife and mother in the street for showing to much ankle. Foolish chump. Its people like you that will help make that reality. So ignorant. We could dominate everything buut we leave most countries alone. We even pay for the oil but it must be made available to us if not we'll make it so. See thats life as a grown up. Reality isn't pretty. We should take Iran out and Saudi Arabia out and Russia out. China will side with us because their economy runs on American Dollars. Plus they need oil to. If that happend then you can say fanatics and all your foolish jiberish.

  82. SeanQ38
  83. SeanQ38

    Tell me oh wise one did god also choose them to murder jesus after he was born as well. You Sanctamonious ahole.

  84. everlaid
  85. everlaid

    Wow. That comment was 3 years ago and you pathetic looser are still on it. Muslims. gotta love em...oh wait no you don't. Muslims are Pigs

  86. SeanQ38
  87. SeanQ38

    It was 3 years ago but the the context hasnt changed. I stand by Israel but I dont agree with what they do.

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