The Silk Roads

The Silk Roads

2017, Society  -   18 Comments
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As we remain isolated in the bubble of our daily lives, and increasingly unengaged with the global society, a new world order is taking shape right under our noses. Why are we oblivious to it, and what lessons can we glean from it? Peter Frankopan, a renowned historian at the University of Oxford, believes the arrogance of the West has left them impotent when it comes to exerting truly meaningful strength and influence around the world. The vpro documentary The Silk Roads, based on his book of the same name, features Frankopan's revisionist insights into world history and exposes the many ways our past and future are interconnected.

The film argues that the United States and neighboring European countries are crippled by a strong sense of nationalism; the belief that their nations should dictate the standards for every continent across the globe. This tunnel vision blinds them to the unique qualities of other nations and limits the fulfillment of their own potential. In attempting to spread their values, the West operates as though it is the center of the world. But that center has long been a self-perpetuated delusion.

Starting around 800 A.D., the Middle East set a supremely prosperous and progressive example for the West. Once western interests seized upon the oil interests in the region, they kept the bulk of the profits and shared very little capital in return. When the U.S. and British oil monopolies were threatened, they bribed the Iranians with weaponry and nuclear capabilities. This shaky alliance was destined to turn sour, and its disastrous implications continue to be felt around the world.

Intellectually ambitious and articulate, Frankopan often scans centuries of rich historical highlights in a single sentence. His work is all about making connections between the realities from which we started, the corrupt actions that have brought us to this point in time, and the destinations that may still await us. The Silk Roads touches upon a vast array of topics including the Crusades, Christopher Columbus, global religious conflict, greed, and modern day warfare. It's a captivating stew that challenges our conventional understanding of history.

Directed by: Floris-Jan van Luyn

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Sean Moore
9 months ago

The Book was big but Brilliant.

1 year ago

Very well done, Thank you.

2 years ago

It is a nice documental, and I obtained some insight into it. However, it is more interesting to see the comment section of this documentary.

Clearly, there are some people refuses to see the trends in the global world. What I get from this video is that the west still has a chance to defend some of its statuses, but it is required a deeper understanding of other region's dynamics to be effective and not make silly mistakes

5 years ago

No doubt the Bankster Globalist(communists) cabal love this guy. And may fund him whether he knows it or not via university or foundation grants? They actively work to destroy the West and elevate the East. Why? For power and profit and population reduction; which seem to be their major goals.

The banksters debt based inflation and enslavement system has run its course and will collapse under its own debt weight at some point. Then they get to scoop up all your assets for pennies on the dollar. No doubt they would like to cause the same greedy cycles in Asia while the West defaults.

Claiming the West is self centered and failing to mention that is the case with most people, is failing to see the big picture that he claims to see.

The Globalist agenda which is communism, as well as socialism or any form of Collectivism is a direct threat to FREEDOM; as is sharia.

The downfall of any society is the complacent people allow the nefarious corrupt greedy power hungry types to take over.

When most people would prefer to just be left alone by governments and the psychos that are hell bent on telling us and forcing us how they believe we should live... maybe it would be wiser to understand the actual forces at work: the semi-secret groups of families that own and control most major corporations including banks, industry, and media companies, and other groups who seek to strip our FREEDOM ...and seek to eliminate their ability to do so.

How necessary is his trade route information when we already know, trade only occurs between those who have something the other wants... And we can already trade with most people that have something we want, where ever they are, already?

5 years ago

I've been saying and seeing this same thought for years now.
I'm 70 and had a great time as america stood on its last great gasp.
The real ugly(the slow bewildering slide into collapse), will not get a hard start untill just after i'm gone in, I figure, about 20 years.
I had a lucky life at the end of this sh*^thole and won't suffer any of what your kids will see.
This republican infested rats nest gets buggered now.
Health care,HA. The next bunch won't even have an economy.
The Mexicans will put armed guards on their side of (your) fence to make sure you stay on ur own side. I love it!

M.K. Styllinski
5 years ago

A fascinating and expansive overview of Western trade, corporatism and weapons. Psychopaths insinuating themselves into power have characterised much of our global "progress" and notions of Western Civilisation.

5 years ago

Utter nonsense

5 years ago

How do you think Europe conquered other nations? Just like you said, with a sword and religious fanaticism. What happened to the Mayan, Aztecs and Incas when the Spanish arrived?? What happened to the Native Americans during the American revolution? What do you think happened to the Brazilian tribes when the Portuguese arrived? And I can go on and on and on...
As for dictatorships, did you know there are currently 49 countries around the world under dictatorship??? 21 in Africa, 18 in Asia, 7 in the Middle East, 1 in Europe and 2 in Americas.
During the 20th Century:
Adolf Hitler - GERMANY;
Joseph Stalin - SOVIET UNION;
Benito Mussolini - ITALY;
Antonio Salazar - PORTUGAL;
Fransisco Franco - SPAIN;
Slobodan Milosevic - YOGOSLAVIA;
Fidel Castro - CUBA;
General Augusto Pinochet - CHILE;
Idi Amin - UGANDA;
Ho Chi Minh - VIETNAM;
Saddam Hussein - IRAQ;
Muammar Qaddafi - LYBIA
Ayatollah Khomeini - IRAN
Ferdinand Marcos - PHILIPPINES;
General Suharto - INDONESIA;
Robert Mugabe - ZIMBABWE.
I honestly hope you see the world with other perspective...

5 years ago

Judging from some of the comments it was a clear waste of time to listen to the author.
The West has clearly failed in major ways to understand the deeper implications of the Middle East and Asias's historic dominance. Post WWII hubris on behalf of the self satisfied "victors" has blinded us to reality: our way of life isn't envied for its "freedom" and the lack of success in defeating so-called evil doers since September 2001 is a hard fact.

5 years ago

How amusing... at one point in this doc he states "how could it go so wrong for the west"... i dunno what world hes living in, but all us westerners are living in the best civilizations that have ever been created. esp for women and minorities... find me a civilization that has universally treated women how westerners do. perhaps he would like his daughter to be beaten in the streets for not wearing proper head gear. pull your head out of your ass and stop apologizing for trying to progress barbarians.

open mind
5 years ago

Multi angle of view and admitting dirty deeds of the top 1% from US and Europe is welcome but number of critical details were either not mentioned or taken out of proportion or miscategorized, like mentioning of crusades without perspective of overwhelming Muslim aggression and pillage.

Bob C
5 years ago

This apologist doesn't know squat about Islam or taqiyya.

All Muslims have done throughout history, is conquer by the sword, parasite off the local culture until it withers and dies, then conquer again.

If not, then explain why every Islamic country is a third world dictatorship.

And please don't give me this garbage about how Europe exploited them 150 years ago. Countries exploited by the Muslims recovered. Middle East countries nowadays have billions and billions in oil, so much so, most of their leaders pacify those they reign over, by massive welfare type systems.

But since fracking drove the price of oil down, these one trick phonies can't keep their masses in check. Their people, who've been basically sucking off the government teat for generations, have accomplished nothing for themselves or their societies, and are now mass migrating to OUR countries and abusing OUR social programs.

5 years ago

Unfortunately, this will be viewed by many as just so much USA bashing and ignored by folks who just didn't see it coming.

5 years ago

Shared with this my Millennial kids and their dad. Too bad this sort of thing isn't taught in history classes anymore.

Dave J
5 years ago

A shrewd analysis of the West's position - our descent into oblivion is taking place already.

5 years ago

Political Rhetoric

5 years ago

An articulate warning for those able to hear it. Our isolationism will ultimately work against us.

5 years ago

jewish bankers jwo_nwo