The Silver Pharaoh
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The Silver Pharaoh

2010, History  -   10 Comments
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An incredible find in the desert of Egypt, but overshadowed by World War II. Seventy years later archaeologists are taking a closer look at the legacy of this mysterious pharaoh.

For more than 5,000 years, tomb raiders plundered the graves of Egypt's ancient pharaohs. By the 20th century, every royal tomb archaeologists entered had already been robbed, except one.

Inside was a prize beyond imagining. One of the most spectacular discoveries inside the crypt was the exquisite silver sarcophagus of Pharaoh Psusennes I, an, up till now, obscure ruler who governed Egypt more than 3000 years ago during one of its most difficult periods.

Egyptologists have re-examined the tomb and the fabulous city which surrounded it, and the first full examination of the pharaoh's remains has revealed surprising results. Using source material from the team who first discovered the tomb, investigators are decoding the message of these fabulous treasures to lift the veil on one of the most mysterious periods of Egypt's history - the era of the Silver Pharaoh.

At an excavation site near the Nile, a French archeology team has been toiling for more than a decade. Professor Pierre Montet, the archaeologist leading the team, has announced an extraordinary discovery. He's uncovered a pharaoh from an era few people know anything about. What Montet had found there will rewrite the story of ancient Egypt.

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10 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Pachacouti

    Hmm.. not seen this, but here is my prediction. In the Mayan/Aztec world, we have the temple of the Sun, the temple of the Moon, and the temple of the Feathered Serpent. Um, Let me think, Gold (Sun) Silver (Moon), now where is that terydactyl?

  2. L.Cullen

    My recollection, & documentation is available, is that the big Z spent some time in prison after being convicted of antiquities theft. He chased an Irish (?) archaeologist out of the country over a mummy ID dispute. He is back on the scene now, reformed I hope.

  3. cindy manoog

    The Main stream thinks the pyramids were built with ropes, slaves and ramps.
    Such BS. I will not watch anything by the mainstream.

  4. Lauriesheri

    If you're hoping to see some of the magnificent artifacts from the discovery, don't waste your time. They give you several glimpses of the head of the coffin only.

  5. Linda Lemmons-Stalmer

    i just watch to see the landscapes and art they created...amazing what they did so long ago..

  6. lex lexich

    why there isn't somewhere the real title of the doc -secrets of the dead- bs series, this site is declining rapidly, Vlatko, after couple of months since last i've been here -hundreds of new dox, yet nothing to watch, just cheap american production -mainly... goodbye, i guess

    1. Bad Conduct

      Boo hoo. Free docs are free docs. Don't blame Vlatko because America makes crappy docs.

  7. Kerry Hughes

    Zahi Hawass was removed from his post by the President of the Muslim Brotherhood when they came to power, I think he was accused of being too friendly with the Americans or some nonsense like that. It remains to be seen if the new interim government will re-instate him.

    1. Omniscience

      Years back Zahi Hawass oversaw a History Channel episode in Egypt where they used a remote controlled car with a camera attached to travel down the shaft of one the pyramids. Halfway down the shaft the car was blocked by a slab that they couldn't bypass. Months later I read they were able to open that slab like a door by using a specific sound frequency. The shaft lead to a chamber that not only had gold treasures, but it also had papyrus that documented spells, rituals, and a history of the previous generations dating back over 20,000 years, and secret technological gadgets. The CIA reportedly took possession of all the items in the chamber and that was the last I heard about the excavation. I remember being upset with Zahi for letting a foreign national intelligence come and take possession of items that should have been placed in one of the museums in Egypt. Maybe that incident was the accusation of being too friendly with the Americans. Just FYI.


    "What Montet had found there will rewrite the story of ancient Egypt." well go tell Zahi Hawass this one ! He just might get you expelled form Egypt all together!