Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War
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Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War

1993, Crime  -   144 Comments
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Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race WarThis documentary takes you inside to an actual neo-Nazi Skinhead organization for a extended look at the methods and mentality that fuel the White Power youth movement in America. Focusing on the Alabama-based Aryan National Front and its leader, Bill Riccio, this special features behind-the-scenes footage of group members in their rural commune, at a series of White Power rallies, at a cross-burning Skinhead/KKK "Unification Rally," and on the brink of extinction following the arrest of Riccio.

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8 years ago

Oh wowzers where should I begin??????

1at off Mr Riccio, besides the fact you like to moleste, fondle, penetrate and obsess over young, impressionable children (we are talking baby boys 10-18yrs old)... You want the white race (ie me) to instill our trust in you to secure genetics for future generations....????

I'm sitting here watching this extremely uncomfortable, back woods, hills have eyes/leatherface documentary about you recruting young men to some ridiculous organization...however you may have a wopping extremely unthreatening75 followers total in is more concerning you actually truly believe thinking the white race can be preserved by your uneducated, ignorant, pathetically socially awkward, backwoods mannered, impotent Andy genetically mutated crowd of disheveled pre pubescent teenage alcholic victims.... Buddy you're ducking delusional ....the devil himself doesn't even want your ideology pathetic ass.... I can't even finish watching this disgusting documentary because I can't digest the awkwardness...

The worst part about you all actually believe this shit...and the comments and ideas and views are so distorted, uneducated, to be honest full embarrassing that I had to find a blog to actually blog for the 191st time in my life.

I am white and I think you and your 75 followers combined IQ isn't even hitting triple digetts ...
Plz stop...the white race wouldn't even survive 2 generations of your genes due to the ever growing mental retardation...
Carry on

8 years ago

The white racist skinhead movement was born dead; this documentary was just part of a very well-organized plan to dismantle and de-legitimize white pride/power movements (which, coincidentally, mostly destroyed themselves from the inside anyway) and treated the matter with urgency and diligence.And America is well-rid of this idiocy imho.

Now, twenty years later, in ironic fashion, law enforcement, the fed gov't. and media- who effectively destroyed the WHITE racist movement- are seemingly SUPPORTING black and Latino and even, it seems at times, extremist Islamic movements.

Why the dichotomy? Isn't there only one "race" in the USA- the American race? Ironic that the news seems to prove out so much of what the subjects of this "documentary"[read: propaganda] film so seemingly unnecessarily feared would befall this country?

Skin tone isn't a factor in judging character- only actions are. We all know this now. so why are some people encouraging this same ignorance in other people right now?

Mahi Tuna
9 years ago

young, uneducated, unemployed, drugs and drinking abound, amounted to little in life. their failures in life are not their responsibility but that of others...describes most hate groups

Jasen Klos
9 years ago

I understand the whole concept of protecting the white race but there is a hidden agenda that all race haters of all creeds need to be aware of.... the USA and its constitution is under attack and they use these types of groups to keep the people divided and as history shows us United we stand and divided we fall it is time to come together as a Human race black and white standing shoulder to shoulder We all have our differences but the one main thing we have in common and worth fighting as one people is the constitution of the USA that has been under attack by the US Corporation Inc who has ran this country since just after the civil war It has come to a time in our history to put aside our differences as a people and fight together as one instead of the propaganda they spread via your Local News PROGRAMMING that keeps race hate alive and has us as humans fighting among our each other I am friends via face book with the leaders of the black panthers who also see this as a tool the government of this once great country is using to keep WE THE PEOPLE divided if there was any time in History WE THE PEOPLE need to combined our forces it is now and we will come out on top we will prevail for f--ks sake our children's future is in our hands are we going to have to tell them sorry you are all slaves to the global elite the 1% of the worlds population because of our ignorance and the fact we do not see how the lame stream media is playing us against each other to accomplish there agenda ( for is you do not know the media is owned buy 6 different groups and they are of the Zionist movement even the Jewish people hate these people hiding behind the Jewish faith and have even talked out about them as they are not Jewish they are globalist NWO supporters Bilderberg groups that make up 1% of the worlds population but have the wealth to impose their will and thoughts on us via your local news PROGRAMMING I myself do not belong to any group I belong to God and to the well being of my children future and the future of your children this is my mission that I ask for your help I hope this set of long winded (lol) comments finds you well and blessed and will make you think about the actions I am asking the tyrant government at large here in the USA has a fear and its biggest fear is that we the people but aside our petty hate towards another for their skin tone and become one group a group that finds our constitution the very back bone of this great country they fear that if we ever joined forces as one they would lose their control over the masses they would not even have half a chance to continue forward with their NWO agends and the destruction of or constitution and bill of rights that ws written to keep America free and safe from a dictator/tyrant such as Obama and bush before him and Clinton before him it is time sor us to stand together as one thanks for your time and reading what I feel is the only way to take back what so many have died to protect the constitution of the USA PS Obama and Bush has set in place an army to stand and kill domestic uprisings domestic demonstrations Free People protested by the constitution with the right to assemble in peaceful protest any and all US citizen's protesting the fact our government betrayed its own people and is not following the constitution or the bill of rights these are serious acts of treason that those elected to abide by them know that they can be tried and sentenced for what they have done Obama and G W Bush along with their administration are all guilty of these crimes hence the reason for D H S Black Water and many other hired guns to protect them from those who they have betrayed also in the Obama care health bill is a section that has put in place an army who does not take an oath to uphold the constitution but to take direct orders form the president just like Hitler's Brown shirts why is it this man Obama would hide this in a health bill that was passed without anyone reading it ? believe me when I tell you the black panthers are anti Obama and the black community that is paying attention to real news not the BS they feed the population on local news they too are also against Obama and his administration of Anti American traders

Forbidden Fruit
9 years ago

Men are so lame. Whether it's white motor cycle gangs, Nazi wannabes, Bloods, Crips or Latin Kings, it's always MALES engaging in this retarded tribal bullshit. Does testosterone really make one this moronic? Or is it a combo of ignorance, poverty and inbreeding? Honest question.

Gangs are for the insecure brainwashed idiots of this world. Think for yourself and be your own person.

10 years ago

nice gloves durring the tattoo portion. hahaha

Acezero 44
10 years ago

The history books show Germans have high standards by nature, integrity was a part of Nazi Germany, They would never accept low life idiot's like this.

The Nazi Army would have lined them up an shot them,.

11 years ago

To the boy who said being a Skinhead is being a a "24 hour soldier." It is rather difficult, thankfully for Bill Riccio's flock to do that as they were consistently plied with beer and able to just run amok like "Lord of the Flies," except with less self discipline.

Do not get me wrong, I consider Riccio, Metzger, et al, as pathetic as they seem in documentaries like this and "Louis Theroux and the Nazis" to be dangerous chicken hawks. It only takes one of his minions who is not drunk all the time with delusions of grandeur and a misguided belief with a cause to perpetrate the massacres like that on the Jewish Youth Center in 1999. Or, like the Nazi who was killed by his ten year old son, who was associated with the National Socialist Movement and Jeff Schoep. Do not be fooled by these "leaders," young people. They will offer you up to do the violent, dirty work and then, later claim to have no involvement with how or why you end up in the legal system.

Bill Riccio may seem ridiculous here, but according to former Skinhead, or in his terms, "recovering skinhead," Frank Meeink, and various other sources, he DID have some connections as he had quite the cache of illegal semi automatic and automatic rifles in 1992 when his compound was raided by law enforcement. If you want to learn more about the Neo Nazi, Skinhead movement, I highly suggest Frank Meeink's book "Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead."

The Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League also has great resources on where these groups are today and how and where they pose the largest threat (recruiting via the internet). I suggest everyone, before writing these groups off as quacks who could never mobilize to get power here, check out both the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center websites for more updated information.

Also, before joining a group or movement, it is typically a good idea to take a look where and why they originated. in terms of modern Skinheads, yes it was in Britain as a reaction to what working class youths of those times considered the over privileged "mods" at the time. That is, where, from all credible sources I have seen the distinction between Skinhead and S.HA.RP Skins comes from. I would hypothesize that at the time of filming this, none of these youths or "broken toys" knew anything about the history of the Skinhead movement.

11 years ago

American mongrels.

11 years ago

we are all racists to some degree.stop throwing stones.

11 years ago

Embarrassing and pathetic.

11 years ago

why in the name of jaysus are they singing Willie McBride?

11 years ago

It is quite sad to see such documentaries which deny the fact that the skinhead culture isn't racist at all. It is a historical fact that the 'real' skinhead sub-culture is linked to Jamaican & English (UK) roots. This sub-culture was offically acknowledged recently by the united Kingdom as a part of their history.
These racists that call themselves 'skinheads' don't even know the history of this subculture.
For the ones that want to know more about the original skinhead sub-culture can watch the movie "This Is England" or the documentary "Skinhead Attitude".
I am a man of colour & have been a traditional skinhead since my youth so I definitely know what I'm talking about. ;-)

11 years ago

Sooo you claim to be Americans you want to take your land back and you say our founding fathers would be upset with the mixed culture yet you burn the American Flag wow they worked there ass off just so you can disrespect your history and idolize someone who hated Americans the same way you hat blacks and Jewish people. Some people need to Educate themselves before they blame all their misfortunes on other people... I see why other countries don't understand Americans. This is so sad my parents, sisters, fiance, and my ancestors have fought and served in the military for this country and this how people behave really they cant possible be Americans disrespecting the flag and worshiping a flag that were for German Nazis ??? How fail is this

11 years ago

Its more then obvious and far from being trivial , membership prey's on the weak , vulnerable , and forgotten adolescentes. They likely lack a meaningful relationship with in their family , and are looking for something we all hope to find , acceptance and belonging. The need is so important they would do just about anything to fill that void. They become slaves to this emotion , once they receive it they will go to extremes to preserve it. Factor in their age anywhere between 12 and 25 and out comes a naive , easily influenced , mess. The world is big enough for all of us to live together , why the segregation amongst races , cultural diversity is what builds a country.

11 years ago

For all you people bashing these young members of the white supremacy movement, laughing at them like this is all a big joke, and calling them "pathetic," I highly recommend you read Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead: The Frank Meeink Story. He's the one near the beginning with the "StikeForce" tattoo on the back of his neck. The book is brilliant. I am not saying this movement is right in any way, shape, or form, and he ends up agreeing. That's why he wrote the book.

But his book illustrates what pushes someone to be a part of it, how someone can become sucked into it. What these teens really do. What they feel. What happens to them. It's so descriptive and straightforward that, even though I knew it was an autobiography, I felt it was fiction until he mentioned this documentary and I searched it and sure enough, there he was. I am serious. Read his autobiography. It gives a much deeper understanding of "neo-nazi skinehead" life than this documentary ever will.

11 years ago

I feel for the young fellas in this. Ironic that they mostly seem to come seeking refuge from abusive white families, no?

As for the older lot (the world over), filling young impresionable minds with this stagnant idiocy - bugger off back to Atlantis you dirty apes.

11 years ago

This is just jew propagana,they filmed the most ignorant bunch to portray a pro white group,now that we have the black panthers calling for the killing of whites and their white babies,and obama pardoning them AFTER a conviction for hate crimes,I ask you..who are the racists.
And how can you say "racists" have to go,yet use the racist term "cracker"?
Just goes to show "racist" is a code word for anti-white.
obama is just another puppet of the ZOG,and all you goyim posting are truly ignorant to the fact.
WPWW ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

ralph makro
11 years ago

what the ****! these people have absolutely NO life. how does one live when one has NO life???

11 years ago

Hitler wouldn't approve these mutts.
He said it himself.
"Americans are a mongrel race, run by Jews."

I'm European, and here in Europe, we don't even consider Americans of White.
They are just another mongrel bunch.

11 years ago

This is...disturbing. Its hard to believe these people really believe what they so violently preach. Words cant really accurately describe.

11 years ago

im litterally 10 seconds in before i paused in to write this. why does this have to be in georgia i live in gainesville ga smh fml and wtf for the record i live down the road from 3 racist skin heads and last week i brought my black gf infront of there house and made out with her just to piss them off they came out and just ran there mouth till the steped foot on the road then i made him kiss it the other two ran away slamed the door and locked it just goes to show u all racists r just scared pussies

11 years ago

what a bunch of rednecks.... wow....

11 years ago

They all need to get laid. They have way to much time on there hands..

11 years ago

O.M.G "when i see a swastika I get chill bumps on me" LMAOF
"A Gallilan man came down to meet his 12 disciples to find even he had one of them, was from the FBI" Does this guy have any idea what a r*tard he sounds like....hahahaha

11 years ago

Watching documentaries like this, I always wish there would be a follow-up. I wanna know what these kids grew up to become...

11 years ago

this is a really funny video to watch 20 years later* I'm 5 minutes in and every time someone says something about "race war" or rebelling if America gets too non-white, I think of Obama and start hysterically laughing

*not that I think we're living in a post racism era or anything. most of these guys prob watch fox news and joined a state militia

john kay
11 years ago

i am not a racist and i have not watched this doc yet but i will.
nor am i white
and as everyone else in north america, i am also an immgrant meaning i am not native american but i was born and raised here.

i am really really sick of the new immigrants in my city (mostly pakistani, sri lankan, jamican, some chinese) and the governments, institutions, police and communities trying to support them WHILE NOT supporting the citizens that live here already....

The persons i have encountered that are not in the downtown core (meaning office workers...) for the most part are VERY ignornant, greedy, selfish, stupid, non working, rude,cheap, disrespectful, thieves,uneducated ...these people do not give a chit about this country nor the people in it.
I can go on and on with numerous examples and reasons why I not only will hold strong to my belief but will act upon it.
For all you people that will respond negatively after reading this, i present a challenge to you - ask these persons for help in any form ie. hold a door, use a phone, spare a dime whatever...Do something for them and see how many say Thank you. Try this with "whites"
That said for the most part these negative comments do not reflect a whole race but mainly male teenagers and young adults.
Perhaps its a race thing where if your not the same race you will get treated differently - i dont know; i dont care because its not right
Whatever im not going to explain myself, i see what i see and i dont see it from people born and raised here as often. I have lived in the city for 40years and over the past yr when I go out I am actually afraid of getting shot - 3-4 murders within 2 blocks over past 6 months.
The funny things is that somne of the descriptions of these skinheads in these comments are the same that i have listed.
As mentioned, we are all immigrants and what is disgusting and irritating me is that i see the same treament to honest hardworking canadians as I guess native indians received and still receive to his day and im sick of it and im saddened that I have to change my morals and values because trying to be nice and honest...just makes you a sucker

That said time to arm and join forces because i am ready for race wars!
Sounds very racist eh! Well from what i and you all are aware of, its the same thing preached at mosques and im sure elsewhere.

enough is enough
BTW, how come its all right to have a gay parade, any nationality parade/festival but if you have a WHITE PRIDE day your a racist/kkk/neo nazi! I BELIEVE YOUR THE RACISTS and before I forget I hope all your children become mix raced, crack dealing, queers

Alfie Steer
11 years ago

these people are disgusting, i have no problem with people of any race, faith or sexuality, i mean for god sake its the 21st century and yet what these "Skinheads" are saying is like something from the 1930s!

11 years ago

these guys is no skinheads. just white-trash r******* redneck wannabes who dont know **** about the real skinhead culture.. p***** me off / Oi! skinhead from sweden

Maxim molochnikov
11 years ago

why don't these ***holes join the military and go to Afghanistan to fight Taliban! Oh, I know. Because they are ******* wusses who can only gang up on weaker ones! Id**ts! ******* wannabes!

11 years ago

what a bunch of dumbass inbred hillbillies. isn't it hypocritical to preach against drugs while providing underage kids with booze and cigarettes? and what's with those cock-fest parties they throw? they hate gays but can't wait to take their shirts off and jump around in a sweaty group of men. natural selection will take care of these morons.

12 years ago

The power of Ignorance! ohh boy....

Instead of complaining about "niggers" taking their jobs, they should educate themselves on how their own ppl are f&^%$ them over...the white man who is the CEO of these major corporations...

What a waste of energy and time on a cause that only produces hate, violence and pain. Pobrecitos, forreaal.

This should motivate all of us working day and night for human rights...working to change and transform the world.

Peace Yall.

12 years ago

They really do exist..what a waste of life!!

12 years ago

What a bunch of brainwashed retards.

12 years ago

I see no intelligence behind what they do. If they sought out maybe a Social Darwnist view I can maybe begin to see purpose, but they are not fueled by purpose but rather plain old hate. They also raise the hype of Zionism and it's affect on the US. Their beliefs are totally capricious especially when one of the men begins to worship an ancient Scandinavian god.

Christine Moeller
12 years ago

Wow, I don't get people like this at all. I agree with previous comments - what an uneducated, unintelligent group of inbred rednecks. They seem almost subhuman in their stupidity. Those boys should be getting an education, not hanging out with a creepy old man. Furthermore, their rituals make me laugh at their idiocy. At one point, Riccio prays to Oden, a Nordic God, but even Hitler stated that "It seems to me that nothing would be more foolish than to re-establish the worship of Wotan. Our old mythology ceased to be viable when Christianity implanted itself. Nothing dies unless it is moribund." He also rants about his contempt for early Germanic religion in Mein Kampf. The skinheads don't seem to be educated on this fact, or a variety of other hypocritical statements they have made and riturals they have performed.
Anyway, they don't scare me, just make me sad that there are people so delusional out there. Multiculturalism is on the rise and groups like this in decline so I really don't think anyone should be worried. They speak about taking back the country but there were only a few of them at every rally. If you are a skinhead and reading this, and I doubt very much that there are any, seeing as this is a documentary site where people can EDUCATE themselves, I ask you this - do your research, learn about the world and it's facts. This inbreeding cannot continue. It is detrimental to the human race. As with all species, the more genetic diversity we have, the stronger our species becomes. So get an education, and then get a life.

12 years ago

What always makes me laugh about these creatures, is that they reckon the 'Day" is coming when they will go to war and win back america. Each rally they hold, there seems to be about ten supporters there, but aside from that, they are the most unhealthy, retarded, inbred looking people I have ever seen. What the f--k are they going to be able to do???? Not a chance they will be able to run after anyone anyway. And does anyone else find it a bit weird that this grown man, Bill Riccio, is letting all these young boys stay in his house? Seems a bit strange all that hugging of each other. I have nothing against gay people, it just seems like some man love might be going on in that shack. There doesnt seem to be a huge amount of women around for these people so .......Please excuse that fat clown at the start with the Irish t-shirt on. I am Irish (100%) and am embarrassed that a fat lump of s*** like that made it into this film. It sounds like none of these idiots knows anything about their own history. Their 'Fore-Fathers' did not build america, and I strongly doubt any of these peoples fore-father is Christopher Columbus. I also doubt that any of their former presidents would be turning in their graves since the declaration of independence states, 'All men are created equal". Maybe if they started doing their homework on history they might gain more meat-headed inbreds who are not wanted in society. These skinheads say they don't do drugs, only black folk do drugs but yet they fail to realise their idol, hitler, was probably the most famous crystal-meth addict to unfortunately walk on this planet. Thats my rant over. I hope all these people do live short and painful lives and if any of their supporters is going to have a go at me over this, please study before hand, because if you are anything like these muppets in this film, you won't have a clue what you are talking about. But on the slim chance that you do, please please, bring it on

12 years ago

Wow, killed a homeless black guy. That has to mean they have balls. They're such idiots, attacking a helpless homeless (probably weak) guy. F*** that. I mean, f***. Try to even act like men, jump someone who is your own size who actually would have a chance to fight back. Stupid ignorant people. They should actually move all the skinheads on an island somewhere far away on the ocean so that no one should have to look at them.

12 years ago

Seriously, they look retarded - literally retarded.

12 years ago

No son,your biological father is not Bill but the hog in the yard is,or possibly even your brother in any case the result would have been the same

12 years ago

Thanks keano for pointing out the roots of wearing of the green which explains the hanging of Republicans by Protestant rulers did you also know that Riccio comes from the Arabic al Rikki meaning curly hair ie;Black African. Incidentally my grandmother is a relative of Willie McBride.Get in touch you seem interesting

12 years ago

Riccio from the Arabic Al Rikko meaning one who has curly hair ie;Black Africans ,ironic that is it not?

12 years ago

im in ga.these people are very family was in the clan,ive seen them.i now pray for them..but i promise these guys take all this very would be surprised what they get away with.

12 years ago

So sad. so so sad. A situation which could be rectified by education. The simple solution to nearly all idiot ideas.

12 years ago


How embarrassing!...

dog poop
12 years ago

racist "CRACKERS" have got to go.

my guess is that means racist niggas have got to stay?

oh, the horror!

12 years ago

cooo! you know its not so bad for waste people to spend their time like that !

imagine them to be spread out ! they could be far more dangerous!

but i can imagine how sorry they feel when they are getting 30 or 40 years old they realize the way they wasted their life !

Told U So
12 years ago

Oh My God! Spent all this time creating a documentary about a few dumb rednecks, They are to stupid to be dangerous.

What is really frightening is the fact that The Beast (government) shall rise with it's mighty army (all law enforcement)and enslave the masses. The Beast's name is "Legion" for we are many. Now be freightened, be very freightened because the Beast is here and it's mighty army and you are their slaves. Take a very long look...

12 years ago

It's always fun to see potbellied pigs and people with dark hair and brown eyes preach about how great their pure white race is.

I especially love that, near the end of the film, they compare their movement with a Jew who preached equality. Hilarious.

I feel sorry for those kids and kittens though.