The Sky is Pink

2012, Environment  -   37 Comments
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The Sky is PinkAn emergency short film from Josh Fox, the Oscar-nominated director of Gasland addressing the urgent crisis of drilling and fracking in New York state.

Induced hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracking, commonly known as fracking, is a technique used to release petroleum, natural gas (including shale gas, tight gas and coal seam gas), or other substances for extraction.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is weighing a proposal to allow fracking in several communities in New York State.

Residents are deeply divided over the controversial drilling method. Supporters of fracking say it would give a much-needed financial boost to the affected communities. Those against it argue that the health and environmental risks far outweigh the rewards.

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  1. Nanette

    At 8:15, who is 'slumbershay', please?
    Anyone know?
    Thank you.

  2. DustUp

    Wow, lots of misinformation in the comments.
    1. Capitalism has nothing to do with it. Socialism, progressive, etc would have the same and worse. The schools and media sure have done a great job at brainwashing the younger set into believing socialists and the other collectivists are benevolent. What a joke. It all depends on who YOU allow to run things. Meaning YOU are the problem for not gathering together to see to it the greedy don't screw you. The lazy love to sit and point fingers at the greedy corporations. After you have had a stint at fighting them like myself, you may come to realize, they are who they are, there always will be the evil greedy. So then the real problem is you and/or your lazy do nothing neighbors who refuse to even write a letter of protest or call their representatives who enable the greedy. This may involve voting out or recalling county, state, and/or federal officials who are in the pockets of the corrupt (be it in a socialist, capitalist, or whatever govt.) for failure to perform their duty. Fresh clean water is a basic necessity of ultimate importance.
    2. To claim the water, contaminated or not, is too deep to rise to the surface may seem logical until you realize that it can be pushed/bubbled upwards by gasses that are lighter than dirt, rock, and water; natural gas released from fracked rock for instance.
    3. FrackDaddy above doesn't want to feel guilty about accepting royalty dough and doesn't want you to stop him, even if the fracking he gets money from caused problems a mile or more away, which it easily could. To claim there is no proof of anything wrong or bad is to live in denial whilst counting dollars in your sleep. There never would be enough proof for you, even if your neighbors kids got deathly sick. You'd tell yourself it MUST be anything but fracking because they made me believe it is totally safe to put deadly chemicals in to the ground and hope they stay down there (see Item 2 above).
    4. Just because someone enjoys to live in an area where natural gas bubbles to the surface and doesn't mind fracking adding to that along with the distinct possibility of the deadly fracking chemicals bubbling up into someone's compromised well casings doesn't mean we all live in such an area and want that. If you allow the fracking and accept the loot then by all rights you should be liable rather than just point to the fracking company, because:
    5. Fracking is not a controlled process where all factors are known such as with a Betty Crocker Recipe. They do what they do and HOPE nothing bad happens and HOPE the gas doesn't all go out a fissure before they can get a fair bit of it.
    6. I really feel for Lora Blondo above who has a great grasp on the insanity of the dipsticks who think it brilliant to sequester CO2 by forcing it into the rock below. They proposed same or similar at a location on the left coast usa. They looked stunned and puzzled that we weren't grateful for their ingenious plan to do us all a favor in not releasing the CO2 in the process of making syngas from coal. Fortunately the big pipeline they were counting on feeding their syngas into didn't happen due to our multi group efforts: Farmers, land owners, enviro groups, Indian nations, concerned citizens. It takes a lot of people and legal help(via the enviro groups to make it affordable) unless you have the ear of influentials in govt.
    7. Now the Chinese have come to the area using very American sounding company names with sell out american front men to deplete our (as well as Canadian) natural gas reserves and ship it to China in the form of Methanol. Where is the wonderful Dept. of Energy to say no, we may need those in the future? Remember peak oil a few years ago? Now all ancient history ...until they can get rid of the current glut which will take some time.
    7. Support your local Tesla related or similar inventors. End this madness. Obsolete the gas and oil marauders.

  3. Carrie Channing

    Who cares? is the general consensus. Money has no intrinsic value- water has; land with it's own clean water is king.

  4. Harley

    In western penna the made and lined ponds to hold fracking water will not be removed ..they will simply fill them with earth and plant grass seed on them. Its in many of the lease contracts.. All the contaminated sludge at the bottom of the impoundment will be left there and only the liner will work as a barrier to protect ground water. Its insane to leave all those impoundments in place and risk future generations drinking water for people and livestock. Mabye the govt will designate them super fund sites in the future and clean them up for corrupt gas industry. This world has gone consideration for the future generations..

  5. 08Jackle

    Mike no, it's too deep, water just doesn't migrate upward.

    1. Rook10993

      Unless its under pressure. which is, the whole premise of fracking.

  6. Mike Jarvis

    so why not frack with just high pressure water and inert mud? prolly not as productive as using solvents and other "proprietary" methods but in a hundred years at least our grandchildren dont have polluted ground water. yea yea i know....greed rules EVERYTHING.

    1. Mike Jarvis

      completely forgot about the tens of thousands of "deep injection" hazardous waste sites across the country (many of which are forgotten or are illegal). might fracking in these areas bring up even more dangerous substances into our aquifers?

    2. Randy Cirbo

      Just outside of Grand Junction Colorado there is a old site that was used to test nuclear bombs underground detonations to see if they could turn the shale into oil conducted by the Us Department of the Navy At Anvil Point. Encana is planing on fracking on this site. They could release radiation and nuclear materials. What gas they would get from this is radiated, and useless.

  7. StevenLJones

    Exempt from the clean water act says it all. The 99% need there own political party.

    1. Bungaroosh

      or a revolution

  8. SaintNarcissus

    Ugh. i live in PA and see these horendously manipulative ads by that Gas industry coalition. Captain Gasshat - Governor Corbett - had to be dragged against his will into allowing "impact fees" which basically assess a tax on the drilling companies to offset their impact on a community. While that was woefully inadequate, it was at least something. But I just heard that Corbett's idea of how to spend that impact fee money is...wait for it...subsidies for natural gas powered industrial vehicles. What on earth has happened to the general populace that we continue to elect these sort of people? We apparently have a nation of zombies who believe their television, and therefore whoever has the campaign money wins, no matter what kind of insanity the real story is. Disheartening to say the least. Now I need to go watch the Occudoc again to regain a sense of hope.

  9. Lora Blondo

    I live in Northern Alberta where fracking is a way of life, the most insidious issue is the vast amounts of fresh water used for one job. I've seen literal swimming pools filled, one after another after another... that are set beside the job site obtained from draining streams or rivers close to the site (which are everywhere). If there could even be something more irresponsible and dangerous it is the ABSURD plan by our government to use 'Carbon Capture' and storage. They will pump carbon into hollow dry caverns.. test sites in Saskatchewan have already reported issues of farmers/ranchers within miles of one of these experience bubbling ponds and slews, dead birds, cattle etc - dead from no apparent cause. Later it was determined to be CO2 poisoning from co2 coming up out of the earth. Thousands of ppl in several accidents have died in an Eastern country, an entire town within seconds of a natural carbon release from inside the ground, so what happens when the earth shifts and a crack releases a deadly cloud of as that rises and sweeps over a town of a hundred thousand and silently kills them ALL. Now we want to BUILD these for billions of dollars? We will NEVER, I repeat NEVER be able to give up our dependence on oil simply b.c at this present moment there is NO ONE method we can set up to replace oil. Secondly, WHEN there is, it is going to take ALL PEOPLE, BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT.... working together with ONE HUNDRED PERCENT COMMITMENT TO CHANGE. The change will then still come SLOWLY, it must be like a teeter taughter effect as every home, business, industry, manufacturer of plastics etc.. who ALL DEPEND on oil to refit EVERYTHING in order to operate. THEN we will need to educate/train ppl on how to work in the jobs that will be needed, and find and replace products made with oil that we use. REALITY IS, we cannot do that TODAY, and when we can it WILL BE A SLOW PROCESS. In the meantime TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS NO COUNTRY HAS will be needed to carry this out, where will it come from when we dont have enough to fund education or health care? That said, we MUST use our oil and gas at the moment until we are ALL COMMITTED to work together, simply banning oil and oil production is stupid at best, we NEED IT until we DON"T NEED IT... and we NEED to sell it and start forcing government to USE some of the profits to START FINDING the answers THEN IMPLEMENTING THEM!!!! SO STOP trying to HALT OIL production, START FORCING YOUR GOVERNMENTS TO USE the PROFITS towards CHANGE!!! HOW ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO AFFORD IT, unless your willing to live like cavemen!!!

  10. hisxmark

    Even if fracking were without risk, it is still a fossil fuel that will contribute to climate change.

  11. KsDevil

    Think of it this way. Eventually all that gas will run out and the problem will solve itself. So you can be rest assured that your great-great-great-great-great grandchildren will not have to deal with gas leaking into their water.

  12. Dr_Letzkus

    The sophisticated and well-financed mis-information campaign by the oil and gas industries needs to be counteracted by grass roots support of doc films like those of Josh Fox. Please spread the word to save our children and children's children from the ravages of fracking's pollution. I show Gasland to my business ethics students each semester, and they are shocked that is occuring. Dr. Wm. Letzkus Adj. in Philosophy, Widener University, Chester, PA.

    1. FrackDaddy

      Glad I don't send my kids to be Brain washed by your crazy views. Unlike you all I live in "GasLand" Susquehanna Co PA. I have well fracked with in 1200 ft of my home. We all drink the water people and pets we water the garden with it and so do all our neighbors. It is very well know that every fact in Gasland has been proven to be untrue. Dimiock and Franklin Forks both of your marders for water pollution. Both have been cleared by the PA DEC of the gas industry having any wrong doing. Water here has had methane in it for 200 years! Some streams bubble with methane you can lite, as long as I can remember. When I was a kid we used to take a candle and hold it to the bubbles when they popped a small flame would ignite this was over 20 years ago. Also look up Gilford NY, Where there has been no Fracking and is none for miles and miles people there can lite their water on fire today. But it is easy to sit in your offices in Philly and NYC and tell us Country folk what's best. The real FACT of the matter is there is NO proof Fracking has contaminated any water supplies or cause illness to anyone.

  13. jrobertclark

    These pigs should be forced to drink that man's water, I mean fire. The capitalist/industrial cabal that truly pulls the strings in this world is out to kill us all. I live in Ohio, where our esteemed, visionary leader Gov. Kasuck (a former Wall Streeter and Fox News host) has pretty much declared Ohio a free-range zone for the frackers.

  14. TheDanishViking

    Great stuff!

  15. Benjamin Hamer


    I have been a lurker on this website for close to 2 years. It has allowed me access to a lot of information, and has broadened my understanding of how our world works. Well, perhaps around 1% of it maybe. But I'll get there one day.

    Some of the things that are happening in the world right now are senseless and corrupt. And in the scheme of things, the topics that are debated within the comments section on this website may seem innocuous and meaningless to some.

    But they have helped keep me believing that some folk out there do speak sense. And do have a coherent view of us moving forward as a human race with empathy for each other. Instead of a kill or be killed.

    Waldo, thank you for your comments. The average Joe can be well informed with the right resources and a free platform to discuss. Now to see if the average Joe can use this information to cause a change.

    A slight aside; Azilda. I'm sure you're a lovely woman. But for the life of me I can never follow your train of thought! :)

    1. wald0

      Wow, thank you so much, what a kind compliment. Good luck and remember to stay optimistic and inspired, not an easy thing to do sometimes but, I have found TDF helps.

  16. Paul MacLeod

    Un-fracking-believable! If the big fracking companies are saying that flamable water, or rather having methane gas accompany drinking water out through your tap, is a natural occuring problem! Then, they are totally screwed if the fire brigade use the same water supply to put out a fire! Yes, that's unlikely and a bit of a stretch but it could happen especially in a major built up area like New York! Where fire hydrants are linked directly to the main water supply for that area and gas leaking from a broken well just down the road could end up anywhere and the last place you'd want flamable gas to appear is out the end of a fire hose!!
    The volumes of gas being released from the multiple fracking wells that they would drill would be horrifically tremendous and could easily go out of control, take for example the Total rig in the north sea that sprung a leak with a gas cloud that covered the entire rig! It didn't explode thankfully, but that didn't stop Shell from evacuating their personel from other nearby rigs just in case! Now as a thought experiment lets apply that scenario to a heavily built up and densely populated metropolitan area where fracking is allowed to take place, I believe a major catastrophe awaits that will make the 1666 Great fire of London look like a mere camp fire and amature by comparison!
    Now I understand why in the re-make of Battlestar Galactica they used "FRACK" as a swear word. Will the lords of cobolt save us!? I doubt it. :S

  17. bbga

    My mother is giving me a piece of property here in WV... I'm praying that my relatives do not sell out to the gas drillers...

    Any suggestions for how I could stop that from happening?

    P.S. I'm planning on building a home on my land

    1. KsDevil

      Buy even more land surrounding it then creat a historical myth about the area to bring in tourists and world publicity. If the energy industry can make up stories, so can you.

    2. bbga

      That's a pretty good idea! Yeah, I've approached my cousins, aunts, uncles..etc about buying their sections... it's been in the family a long time. Some aren't willing to sell.

      Also, there are some in the family who say things like, "Well, if you become a millionaire from them leasing the property, who cares?"

    3. Carrie Channing

      Sadly, who cares is the general consensus. Money has no intrinsic value- water has; land with it's own clean water is king.

  18. wald0

    Excellent documentary. Once again we see profit taking precidence over human flouishing, environmental concerns, or future prosperity. The science is sound, these practices are destructive and dysfunctional and should be stopped immediately. The powers that be want to use natural gas because for one it is much easier to change to than say solar. They have been storing, distributing, and monitizing natural gas for years, the infrastructure already exists and the market is well understood and somewhat predictable, which lends itself to specualtion- just like the oil market. On the other hand solar and wind is not developed fully, we have no standardized infrastructure to store it or distribute it, the markets for such things are questionable at best, for many complicated reasons- it just doesn't fit into the capitalistic model that well and so it is intentionally discouraged and made to seem impossible by those who have a personal interest in maintaining the status qou.

    This is what it seems no one wants to disscuss, that capitalism is holding back the progress of mankind because it only allows to exist what it can exploit and control for profit. What makes more sense, that we as a culture develop the technology neccessary to make each individual capable of supplying his or her own power in a responsible, environmentally conciouse, and affordable manner (which is entirely possible with only minimal effort and expense, believe it or not) or that we develop a power source that is conducive to capitalism? Because both can not be done, it will never be comparatively profitable to enable each person to supply their own energy.

    In fact in a perfect world the solar and wind equiptment needed could be downloaded to a 3-d printer and then the firmware and software installed could be open source as well- viola- instant never ending energy for each person for free, forever. It sounds crazy to even say, but this is within our reach. We have the 3-d printing technology, we need an efficient solar/wind device that also efficiently converts to usable power within our homes- I wold say POIP or power over IP is what we should be shooting for. This way each home would not only have its own source it would have a smart grid, comparable to a voice over IP network, to efficiently distribute and use that energy source. Many pc externals already get their power form the same usb connection they use to exchange data with the computer- so imagine a solar device sending energy to a storage device connected to a computer that would then distribute that energy to smart devices and appliances through out the home. The computer could also exchange and co-ordinate information with and between these devices plus allow you remote access to all of them- the possibilities are endless.
    Don't let them convince you it can't be solved, it can be as long as we stop worrying about who will make what from whom, how we will organize a efficient market to exploit as much from the end users as possible- and start worrying about people and their well being, as well as the best interest of the environment and our future.

    1. slpsa

      Good post waldo.The people with the guns, money and influence call the shots. It is not so much free market capitalists being the problem as it is the personal greed of these low life worms they call people at the top of the corporate and political food chain. They are the ones keeping us down. I know you do not subscribe to the 12 old men sitting around making policy over Cuban cigars, but it is not very far removed from that sort of monopolistic scenario. Just add in about 300 to 400 hundred more, then we have a proper scenario. 12 is not enough to make a splash. Add them all together, say like the Bilderbergers, you have to ask yourself these things my friend. If this group meets behind closed doors and their discussions are not for mere mortals, what pray tell, would we expect them to talk about and keep the information to themselves. It stands to reason, they have something to hide, enough of a big deal they must think the other 6.999999 billion of us would be pissed if we knew what it was. I do not trust those people, any of them. I do not care which one, the royalty, the world leaders, politicians of every type and stripe, the bankers, the top corporate heads. Why would we?

    2. Pysmythe

      That is why I hate (I mean, really HATE) the pigs, Wald0. They will hold everything back and watch it all destroyed, before they will give up being Masters of the Universe.

    3. wald0

      I know what you mean, they frustrate me as well. Their ability to manipulate mass opinion is a real problem for us going forward. They put out so much misinformation and lead public perceptions in such subtle and effective ways it makes it very difficult to reach people and make them see what is possible. People no longer even question the fact that everything we create has to fit into capitalism- it is a given. In fact if you argue against this mind set you are labeled a communist or socialist and unpatriotic, or at the least a unrealistic hippy type. This is a product of the powers that be, they worked hard to form this impression in peoples minds- for obviouse reasons. All I can say is we have no choice, because they will kill every last one of us along with our planet if we don't do something. Hang in there man, the alternative is grim.

  19. fhade

    Population Population Population... when are we going to accept the root of the problem?

  20. leanmv

    Money Money Money... when are we going to accept the root of the problem?

  21. Brian Betty Jean Snyder

    Not only does gas migrate up through any fracture in the earth, but it uses so much water that it can use all the water in a river or lake. There is a fracking operation in western Canada that was given the go ahead to use the water from a nearby river and it only runs past the dam in the spring, during runoff. Also this water whether it is fresh or salt or contaminated is taken out of our life cycle,for all intents and purposes for ever, because at the depth it is put down it will take a millennium to get back to the surface and back in the water cycle. We in Nova Scotia have problems with radon and other gasses leaking into our basements as it is, and we don't need fracking of the bedrock to boot.

  22. Pangaea

    fracking hell!!

  23. David Ewer

    Powerful short film reinforces the case against Fracking. Cheers Josh