The Smartest Guy in the Room: Cameron Ortis and the RCMP Secrets Scandal

The Smartest Guy in the Room: Cameron Ortis and the RCMP Secrets Scandal

2020, Crime  -   2 Comments
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This feature explores a notorious Canadian spy story that unfolds in Ottawa and how the RCMP and FBI worked together to uncover some dealings of the criminal underworld - all linked through cyberspace.

It focuses on Cameron Ortis, who was once the top intelligence officer of the RCMP but also involves an unsuspecting private investigator, a generous gambler, the leader of a Mexican cartel, an Australian biker gang and the founder of a mobile tech company. Outside of a Hollywood movie it is hard to imagine how exactly this would play out but the reality revealed is actually even stranger than fiction.

An innovative, secure tech company started by a creative developer leads to the enabling of criminal elements. The intention is apparently innocent since even the average citizen wants their data protected, but it seems criminals want it even more.

What starts out as ascension to position of power by “the smartest guy in the room” turns into unauthorized sharing of classified information. It sheds questionable light on how the top Canadian investigative organizations choose their candidates and continually assess their loyalty and commitment to the organization, especially if they are civilians.

Later on a generous offer for sponsorship to a gambler’s kind cause leads to the bust of a money laundering ring. Interesting enough, since these rings can usually operate in very innocuous, seemingly simple ways.

The story becomes even more fascinating when a strange request to a private investigator provides a key link to what becomes a multi-national criminal investigation.

The in-depth feature gives an interesting view of details that go beyond just the headlines of the story. We are introduced to individuals that are clearly brilliant in their pursuits but whose pursuits are of a criminal nature. It is another exposition on the continuous cycle of how financial motivations can fuel criminal activity by serving as motivation to commit illicit acts.

Directed by: Scott Anderson

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3 years ago

Pretty amazing for the time. More amazing that I never got caught having done the same thing.