The Smell of Paradise

The Smell of ParadiseAn Islamic world tour is documented here by visits to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Qatar, to highlight events post 9/11, including footage taken a few years before.

The film above all endeavors to shed light on the process leading young men to the radical choice of self-sacrifice, becoming human bombs.

The directors of the film traveled for ten years throughout these countries under heavy Muslim influence, and met with clan leaders, mullahs, and other strict followers of the Koran.

The Smell of Paradise was shot in Chechnya, Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Qatar and Afghanistan, in places that have become white spaces on the map of Western journalism.

It takes the viewer not only into a different world, but also to another time. The result is a unique glance into the land of the jihad, the mental and physical battle that drives the Islamic fundamentalist movement.

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  1. Ed

    All religion (and other blind faith) leads to conflict and evil. Even the most well-intentioned adherent to a religion enables this by propagating the turning off of sceptical, critical thinking by favor of blind, mass obedience to what the interpreters of right tell them is right/good/true. Such thinking/behavior makes it far too easy to choose "us" over "them" (or even everyone) and to paint others as wrong/evil/unworthy. And this is the last small step on the path to conflict, conquest and various injustices.

    I find it quite interesting that this documentary reported that 2 different men declared themselves "the supreme leader of all the faithful." That fits nicely with my hypothesis that those who have/want power always find religion, like nationalism, racism, and all other blind faiths to be excellent tools to gain and maintain their wealth/power/status.

  2. fonbindelhofas

    Brings back memories from a childhood, we had a "pleasure" to live under the russian solder boot 2, now we live under capitalism madness. I remember my father (deep cristian) willing victory for chechens. I figure that a strugle for freedom and decentsy overcomes races and religions. At least it seemed like that in the past.

  3. Justin_Funski

    Anyone who says they are ready to fight and kill for God is part of the problem and not the solution. Islam has a lot of people like this causing problems all over the world.

  4. dav

    We are all people. There is truth in a lot of their words. Really gave insight.....must watch for anyone with intellect.

  5. dmitri

    everyone forgot a few facts about chechens. they are for sale. remember nazis? well, chechens were happy to join them during WW2.

    1. ranii02

      so were a lot of Germans that joined the nazis durign WW2, doesn't mean Germans continue to be nazis.

  6. Randy


    I am sorry! And I know Vlatko is too. And I did see the reports of the Russian bombing.

    Even as an American, I try to be well informed!

    I love the Great Russian Peoples, (Don't hurt me, I am just a little Irishman...!)

    This is axiomatic: Never mess with the Russians!

  7. Shazab

    Nice Documentary!!!

  8. Andy

    39:20 - "people who believe in nothing are people who have no aim in life."

    I find this extremely ignorant. He's clearly making the suggestion that atheists and agnostics don't have aim in their lives. I don't associate with any religion, and am in no way spiritual. That is not to say that I don't leave open the possibility that one or multiple higer beings exist. I'm just the type of person who doesn't want to believe something unless i know it to be true.

    Having that been said, i guess i don't have aim in my life. i don't love my family and friends, i don't have any career aspirations, and i dont actively participate in my community. Man this guy is so enlightened. And whats worse is that he wants to get violent about it.

  9. esma

    blurred images r the only thing i didnt is ok..i like hearing people's opinions from the conflict zone .. they r more precious to me than the brain washing statements of the statesmen or the main stream media views etc etc..

  10. dread

    Jihad is Fine....

    Do Live, Peoples who do not agree with secularism, they have to defend themselves from the western monsters. they too have the right to live the way they wish. not only the knights with atom bombs....

  11. lessen

    @pavel i wish you have discussed why these people have done that or at least put yourslef into their shoes. i supposed the chechnian resistance movement is behind it. these people have lost their mothers brothers and sisters,entire villages were burnt and destroyed, children were killed, women raped during the last 12 years by the russian army.perhaps their message was to say this is how we feel/felt or make them drink from the same glass.all they wanted was independence. in no way i support what happened but im wondering what you would do if you are put in such a situation? contest ? go to UN ? they have done it too. one solution left before them RESISTANCE

  12. chris

    I have no idea what you just said, but suffice it to say that writing afghan fighters off as simply sociopaths or those taken in by sociopaths is a mistake. In order to win against the taliban, it is necessary to live and work within the social mores of that society. Their form of islam is simply a set of parameters we need to work within to achieve our goals - stray outside of those parameters, and we risk defeat.

    This is the line of thinking that requires us to work within already-existing power structures to achieve stability, and develop a cooperative state that shuns radicalism. That means anything similar the 'de-nazification' program used in germany has no place here. We should integrate existing leaders into a modified democratic form of government that they can agree to.


    a great flick to get the flavor or smell of .... paradise ( what is this paradise concept as told to us by ...._______ ? ) well amke it tot he end and hear the words of just another HUMAN ...

    the muslims i know and have known ( a very good fishing buddy from iran in the 80;s ) are like everyone else helpful friendly opening doors for totall strangers letting people into the flow of traffic without concern for their religon .

    the core of mono thiesism from back to Amen ( amun ) of eygpt is of the UNTHINKABLE or describeable similiar to the Tao of Lao ..... i know not what it is so i cal it tao ... human atempt to give thinkableness to the unthinkable alluded to by Buddha.

    but being the nice people or animal we humans are ..easy to be led astray from that niceness whihc must be our DNA legacy for us to have been so successful befoe the last 5,000 years of use of real legion by self proclaimed anoted by god , pychopaths

    to bad the Sociaopath needs confusion to maintain its postion as leader , other wise we could ceate a pretty nice place here on earth , taking the tiny but powerful influence of the birth defected Pyschopath out of the mix ,birth defects like that make up 1% of the 3% genenral birth defect rate of nature .

    yet we allow them to guide us , but well that is the nature of the Pyshco path ....isn't ? They are thier FEAR and need for enternal life .

    the taliban for example are not the problem they are the example of the symptom the ..known effects of manipulation on a person or a culture . Current real legions are not representative of the base idea of the UNGRANVEN IMAGE but sociopathic tools attracting the pychopaths like moths to a flame .

  14. chris

    Many of them speak Russian because of the Soviet occupation.

  15. Pavel

    Vlatko i don't blame you, please donit get me wrong. what i meant is that i never comment on videos and just because this documentary was added i dicided to present my personal views on it.

    And adding to my previous message - The people that are so Anti Russian in this doc are speaking Russian which is very confusing for me when they are in Afghanistan.

  16. Pavel

    The translation from Russian to English subtitles is horrible and very incarcerate. The documentary is in some way supportive of Islam and tries very hard to present Islam as harmless. The views of extremist Islamists are ridiculous and make no sense (speaking of this documentary). < this was my comment in regards to this documentary. (and i watched it to the end)

    I watch documentaries on this website for at least 7 months and i love it! BUT, after todays bombing in Moscow (most people from the US are right now going WTF?! and yes there was a bombing today but the western media did not REALY report on it) i noticed this documentary as being one of the newly added. so coming to my point.... it is disgusting to watch this people talk as they do in this documentary! extremist a provocative.

    1. Vlatko

      I feel really bad about what happened in Russia @Pavel. I really do.

      As far as the documentary... it was a terrible coincidence. The docs are scheduled upfront and this doc was scheduled maybe a week ago and then I didn't have a clue that this will happen today. It was a coincidence.

  17. de

    good documentary, worth watching :)