Snake Venom Superman

2013, Health  -   57 Comments

VICE met with a guy who's been injecting himself with snake venom for 20 years and he looks better than ever.

The hemotoxins which attack human blood cells in a tree viper's venom can result in an agonizing death in less than 30 minutes.

The neurotoxins in a cobra bite can kill a person in half that time. For the past 20 years Steve Ludwin has been sticking all this lovely deadly snake juice in a syringe and mainlining it all the way to immortality.

Privately milking an array of deadly snakes including rattlesnakes, monocled cobras, and a few casual vipers thrown in to the mix, Steve has been injecting what would for any normal human be fatal amounts venom into his body since the late 80s.

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57 Comments / User Reviews

  1. LAURA


  2. sus

    SO you did use venom right

  3. Tanbir Habib

    If someone drink snake poison, will he die or not?

  4. RobotGuru

    This is called mithridatism, the practice of putting toxins in your body from low to progressively great amounts to create chaos and achieve higher states of equilibrium in the immune system. A sort of "T-cell training" if you will. Its been a practice since a 100 bc. I dont think its a feeling of being high, I'm sure its very painful, but I'm sure after the pain has subsided, he probably feels like a million bucks

  5. Sergio E

    Wow there is alot of negative comments. i personally think that this guy can do watever he wants. who are we to judge wat he does. He is simply testing a theory . He may not know exactly wat the snakes venom injections are doing, but if he has not been sick or dead from these very deadly venoms since hes started doing this, there may be something in the snake venom that can be helpful. im not saying inject urself with snake venom but his testing of the snake venom on himself may help someone in the future find a use or benefit from his findings

  6. Anthony Owen

    There is some science behind what he is doing, Not enough space to write it all, but I see he definitely likes to dig, but over all he seems a happy person, it is apparent it is getting him high. What is interesting is how he says he feels charged. There are experiments where they put venomous snakes in hyperbaric chamber and the increased pressure and oxygen aligns the the venom proteins into super proteins that are beneficial. I think the right people should recruit him and make some real research

    1. Brian

      I bet he isn't officially working with a lab/doctor because it would be illegal to do a clinical trial on humans for something like this without the 15-20 years research using animals and the like.

  7. Hollis

    telomeres are so important and intriguing to current scientific research into aging and i believe even cancer, that this method of treatment ought to be fully and completely studied/analyzed. this is fascinating work but it's not being done correctly, in a lab environment; it's more like a rogue experiment, interesting in itself but not productive in the medical realm until rigorous experimentation, observation, and analysis have been done. anyone? anyone?

  8. Canzara

    Being one who has had pet snakes since I was a teenager, Bill Haast is a legend. What he did was in the name of science and love of these incredible creatures. He was active, healthy and just simply looked "ALIVE" everytime I saw a him on tv or in video doing his demonstrations right up until the day he died at the ripe age of 100.
    This joker doesn't look active, healthy or ALIVE, he looks like a junky who can't wait for his next hit of snake venom.

    After watching this, he needs help, severely! He is not any sort of tribute to the great man that was Bill Haast, he's a disgrace and is endangering the health of these animals as well as his own and everyone who lives near him.
    I don't care about his health as its his personal choice, the animals have none.
    This guy should be locked up before one of these dangerous animals gets loose, since he's not properly storing them, and hurts or kills someone.

  9. dan summers

    Nice to know teh NHS picked up his bill when he put himself in intensive care. F*cking d*ckhead. Also that guy cant throw a f*ckin punch if hsi life depended on it

  10. Yesac Nesnej

    Anyone who completely objects to this is a closed-minded fool.

  11. Bilgato

    That guy in the gym was right, he's addicted to self-abuse.

  12. nada nada

    45-year-old with that black hair? I mean, if he doesn't dye his hair, just wow.

    1. Victor Tkd

      It's not really that ''wow'' my grandma was 60 and didnt have any white hair yet... and she didnt use snake poison lol,

      nor dyed her hair...

  13. Marshall McCloud

    This had nothing to do with science. Absolutely no testing, of any type; the was no data only silly opinion... OMG after having watched eighteen minutes of this I am unable to formulate a complete sentence.

  14. Tanzanos Eleytheros

    An idiot if ever there was one! The least he should do if he wants to contribute to science by being a guinea pig is to do his self immunisation under lab conditions.

  15. Richard T

    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess this guy is single..

  16. Sam Haslam ?

    He seemed a nice enough bloke, but he's a bit away with the fairies, bless him.

    There appears to be no real science in what he's doing either – just mixing together 'one drop here' and 'two drops there' (creating potential whole other (highly dangerous?) compounds as previously posted).

    I must also concur with a previous poster who said he seems to get off on the act of digging as much (or more than) the actual envenomation. That makes me a bit skeptical about his motives and what it's really all about for him.

    That all said, it's his body, so fair play to him for 'pushing the envelope' – if you could call it that. The world's a more colourful place with him in it... however much longer that may be for...

  17. birdatespider

    naah the people watching him an the sniey sniggers are the nerves you see hes baiscially a flight reflex around bull S the nerves are working thats the shake dude he's the best MS sufferer on skate board if so many nerve are so astray on come traiffic.

  18. Leigh Bath

    He clearly has some sort of nerve damage, got the mean shakes

  19. birdatespider

    ps is your tarantula friend with you or you reptilan friend thats there dude elet me know if you can meet me I'm going to have little food early and nothing till I leave you and hydrate if i need and maybe soem stuff..your buisness is increditing I've sign up now to message you.. you please holla me dude because s*it this IS fate okay!/

  20. birdatespider

    yo dude do you chill in london I'm going near your boarding and you make me very happy if you meet me and talk some things in person i dont hold cameras and dont have a phone or anything I'm just super intrested in cosmic natures and your intune Hollow me?

  21. Maria Christine

    This guy is awesome I wanna hang out with him. Very interesting doc and beautiful snake.

  22. birdatespider

    This s*it is incredible, but yo why is the tarantula chasing off the snake, what you up to your lovely spider ain't friendly is it??? btw what do you know about stinging nettles i just ate a bush of them and like them though my blood felt spicy and and stagnated legs show wierdness??

    i ate the raw btw masticated again, the octo leg on cephla with snake it is frigging eye catchy that does look like they are cool and the rear posture was it at you pso. that was the nice snake.

    where do you hang out i want to talk about this s*it if it helps horses because cow vaccines and polia and stuff is all nature curable with insight I', wanting to listen and then maybe not agree but I'll be happy walk far andregard anything you put out there, just because of ac/dc not my favourite.
    ps i thought of sleep this woke me up I know about prolonged living and it's work however this is something I've considered and now I've seen it.

    I'm a londoner and i do not log ing and or sign up especially to a site like this, please message me I know f soem of these locations, and dude don't put it off.
    What you say ima analyze write me any which way you can say it. nettle girl i heard nettles regrow hair and tell me where you got that I'm going to get that and take all of them, nettles from organic farmers sorry for dropping this s*it on you you should understand I need to know real bad 101 I've seen this s*it before but man this is not co-in-(s)cide-ence. You are healthy you are intuitive and i would love to skate with you or where ever you feel comfortable your trust worthy.

    Message okay?! ,)

    1. dmxi

      crikey...from london?as a northener we like to take the piss of you southeners but with this one....we share the basic language but this was incomprehensive.

    2. Yesac Nesnej

      You like to "take the piss of" southerners? ...Interesting.

  23. James Tod

    I' am not a doctor But i did took up some medical class . I would never try this at home . He needs to get a job working at a snake lab .

  24. James Tod

    the cure for Aids Maybe in the snake venom .

  25. James Tod

    Well as long as he is not playing a round with medication and antibiotic . If some thing go's wrong the doctor may still have many ways to save him . He better be-careful .Because he maybe rising his arm are leg . If he don't die first .This poor man is turning him self in to a walking maggot zombie .

  26. James Tod

    His right upper shoulder was getting swelling . He better be careful that cancer don't sneak up on his body parts . His blood may can save people from snake bites . If he don't die fist . He should be in a snake lab.getting some blood test done . I love to see his blood in a micro scope . I wonder if he bite some one will they die ?

  27. Bobcatbob Ingram

    Son. thanks for doing this experimenting, I hope I soon hear of some immaculate cure you helped discover and get into mainstream medical use.

  28. Earthwinger

    What a lovely, colourful, and totally bonkers, character. :)

    I know that it's hardly in the same league, but years of skating has taken it's toll on my feet, especially my left foot, which I favour as my pushing foot. The most effective treatment that I've found for reducing the joint pain in it, is stinging nettles. There's definitely some sort of beneficial effect from the body's reaction to being stung, maybe a histamine response or something similar. So I suspect that he's on to something, though I'm not so sure about his rather extreme, and scattergun approach to it all. :D

    It also warms my heart to see other 40 somethings that still have their skate mojo. Anyway, great documentary! :)

    1. James Tod

      I need to get me a skate board to . I never tried snow boarding .

  29. JDIZM

    wow, this guy is seriously deluded. The whole in his leg was sick..

  30. gunk wretch

    Makes me wonder about ancient religions that saw the snake a sacred, or the Greek god of medicine Asclepius who's symbol is the snake on a pole which is still used by ambulances etc. He said it was the oldest medicine, I wonder why it is so unknown today.

  31. docoman

    Hmm, never heard of a venom junkie before. What a tripper this guy is. Did anyone else notice in every close up of his hands he had the shakes pretty bad? An animal will probably get him sooner or later, just like Steve Irwin.

  32. AntiTheist666

    A beautiful and fascinating documentary, worth watching for the snakes and lizards alone. The skateboarding is great too. Good job by vice. Steve, you seem insane but I love you.

  33. Samuel Morrissey

    Well, I wish him the best of luck. Maybe he'll find what he's looking for. Maybe he'll die. Most probably he'll end up with relatively advanced semi immunity to the specific venoms he uses, and his blood work can be researched for specific differences, after he quits. The dose makes the poison, so if he is careful there is little risk he'll overdose himself. He still risks a full bite of course, one would hope he has access to anti-venom for this possibility.

    Rather him than me.

    I was more worried for him skateboarding down a busy street, that could kill him faster than any snake bite.

  34. kaitse8

    he has become a mutant, lol

    1. James Tod


  35. Pythus

    what a trip

  36. wald0

    These people, people that like to push the limits of their own mortality, always seem to think they are somehow original or special as a result. While i have no doubt they are to some extent "original and special", as we all are, I doubt it is because of their dangerous behavior. What this guy is doing is entirely his business but, if he thinks it will somehow advance medical or scientific knowledge he is wrong, likely dead wrong. The way he is mixing all this venom together no one would have any idea what compound had what effect or if two or more compounds may have reacted in the system to create something totally new- which is called the synergistic effect. The effects he gets will also be very different from someone who has never had venom inside them. Besides, this guy is so obsessed with snakes and danger a lot of his so called benefits are probably psychosomatic.
    People shouldn't insult him though, if this is what he chooses to do with his life that is his right I suppose. I just think he is deluded if he thinks this is science, or even close. No research corporation is going to employee someone to do such a reckless and pointless thing- can you imagine the liability they would be opening themselves up to? Even if this guy does it all own his own they could/would and should be blamed for benefiting from the reckless self endangerment of a human being. Human trials are a very serious, in fact the most serious step in research, they don't take place until a reasonable assurance of safety can be reached. Paying someone to take this kind of risk with their own life shouldn't be legal in my opinion.

  37. dewflirt

    He is a bit of an odd bod, looks like he enjoys sticking himself almost as much as he enjoys the sting of the venom. There are venom treatments for arthritis that help relieve pain. I know cobra venom was also used that way for racehorses, injected into their legs as a painkiller. Can't remember why venom rather than other painkillers but I think it might have been that there were no tests to detect it which meant the horses were allowed to race with injured legs. Not good. Bee sting face creams are quite common now, and plumping lipsticks. I wonder how you milk a bee without killing it?

  38. deanharrington

    There is a tremendous amount of research on the medical values of snake venom that needs to be done. I'd say some company interested in the medical benefits should hirer this guy and have a go!

  39. R-V Rupp

    My natural instinct tells me it's wrong. But ... I just don't know. Cures for diseases have been found in the most unusual substances.

  40. M1crophon3

    inject that into ur penis, see what happens

  41. Erik Östlind

    I really love there is such a person that risk his life, to get results. At the same time i could never adore it even tho i want. Laws should be there to protect people not protecting them from stupid mistakes. I cant even mention the amount of times other peoples mistakes (or pure and clean foolishness) have saved my life. I salute every single one that have pushed limit of what the Darwin award can cover. I simply think you are all idiots but in the long run you are all invaluable research.

    Not for research never done but for showin of the research that the future will give us. Venom is a hot topic in parkninson/painkiller etc medication right now. (Or any other field you ca imagine.)

    Thank you for giving your life to this. IT WILL help people. The only question is; How helpful will it be? Well you are lucky if you live long enough to understand. That is why people like Steve is important to all our survival. Or maybe not. The future will tell. Let him not have any "*******" idea of what he is doing. He has been doing it for a long time. And doesnt seem to be stopping any time soon. He is a pioneer that with a good chance might die soon. My only wish is to respect him while he is doing "his thing". We need more people like steve in the world.

    The biggest respect to Steve. I love the fringes that i would never dare to touch. Thank you Vice and Steve!

  42. sknb

    His telomeres are shortened probably in part because of all the exercise he is doing. Physical activity definitely shortens telomeres. Maybe the venom does something. I hope we find out.

  43. Imightberiding

    He does look young for his age. Then again, he probably looked 12 when he was a senior in high school.

  44. Trevis Robotie

    ...if you eat and live right,you'll look even younger at 46

  45. dmxi

    in india they like to do the same with scorpion bites...a dangerous buzz.

  46. jon jenkins

    wow where does one get the idea to do such a thing.......for 20 years?

    1. Kateye70

      It's called "Mithridatism" and people have had the idea for...millenia.

  47. pjle

    Get bit bye the Gaboon Viper and kiss your ass good bye in about fifteen minutes.You ar nuts and one day we will be seeing part 2 called self injecting venom guy gets bit and dies.

    1. Trevis Robotie

      The Taipan will give him the highest HIGH-lol

  48. megatron_mcdaniels

    well getting reg dope reg sucks. this looks more convenient.

  49. oQ

    That guy belongs in Slab city.