Someday I'll Fly

2014, Performing Arts  -   18 Comments

Someday I'll Fly tells the story of singer/songwriter John Mayer as told in Mayer's own words. Through fan footage, archived interviews, and personal photographs, the Connecticut native recounts his journey to stardom, including his successes and setbacks, in this autobiographical rock documentary.

Significantly influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mayer developed a love of blues and rock music at an early age. He began taking guitar lessons and formed his first band as a teenager. Using the Internet as a distribution tool, Mayer self-released his debut EP "Inside Wants Out" in 1999. While many musicians at the time were decrying websites like Napster, Mayer saw file-sharing technology as an opportunity and chose to embrace it as a means of building his fan base.

In 2000 he moved to New York City and recorded the album "Room for Squares" which was initially released online before getting a traditional release. "Room for Squares" included his hit single "Your Body Is a Wonderland" and went on to sell over one billion copies, propelling Mayer to stardom and earning him his first Grammy win in the "Male Pop Vocalist" category.

Eager to defy being confined to a specific genre, Mayer wanted to steer away from pop and lean more heavily on his blues and rock influences. He formed the John Mayer Trio in 2005 with Pino Palladino and Steve Jordan, two sessions musicians he'd worked with previously. Jordan produced Mayer's album "Continuum" which was an effort to combine his pop style with a more traditional blues sound.

While the film doesn't dwell too much on the gossip column aspect of Mayer's career, he does address the fact that his celebrity status placed him at the center of a controversy over racially charged comments made in interviews with Playboy and Rolling Stone magazines. The fallout from the negative publicity made him a tabloid favorite and caused him to retreat from the limelight to focus on new recordings. Mayer continued to face obstacles in the form of health problems that threatened his ability to sing, forcing a two-year hiatus in which he focused on his writing and guitar-playing before returning to the stage as a vocalist.

Centered mostly on his career and professional accomplishments, Someday I'll Fly strips away the typical gossip surrounding Mayer to provide an intimate look at the life and career of a lauded musician.

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18 Comments / User Reviews

  1. nel

    by far the best of this time in space, truly an artist of music.

  2. Carol

    Eastwood Allen's talent is amazing. Oh, yeah, and John Mayer is pretty cool, too. I never really listened to his music, but this documentary changed that.

  3. asma

    can I have the transcript of the movie ?

  4. Cassius

    Not a Fan; not going to be. A self-absorbed suburban Poser, and a Total Tool. No thanks.

  5. Haleemah khan

    John is so misunderstood by the public views. Im in love with his music and this documentary just proven how great John Mayer is.

  6. MzMadz

    I thoroughly enjoyed this doc immensely! Watching someone's creative process is fascinating to me, and John Mayer's process was ever evolving, always with such a drive to write the words that expressed him at a time and place. I'm gonna look up his latest 'Paradise Valley' as I like where he seems to be going lately. IMHO, he really is a great talent of our times. Cheers!

  7. Pavito

    I love John Mayer's music. Having said that this doc gave me a picture that the guy is a sweetheart but it's all about "me, me, me, me, me..." to infinity".

  8. Nicola

    Phenomenal doc. Allen has put together the fine stitches of an amazing story that was left untold until this release. The detail is incredible, what a testament to documentary making.

  9. Daniele

    he's so talented it's really incredible.

  10. Ana

    Even if you are not a fan of JM, you gotta watch this doc just to check out the talent that is Eastwood Allen! Amazing work!

  11. Thedudebro

    Watching this and I'm like damn, can't sing, why not do an instrumental project and not name it after yourself?

  12. chip griffin

    yea, i kinda feel the same as the guys below. not my kind of guy. i liked a couple of his songs early on, but the rest i can do with out, to each his own huh///

  13. Terry

    I have listened to John Mayer for a while and liked his music, but after watching some of this documentary, I went out and bought a couple of his albums. Really great music.

  14. Eric Lawson

    Great doc !!

  15. pwndecaf

    John Mayer is a heckuva talent and I enjoy the music from his earlier albums, Continuum being a favorite. I like the blues, but he does pop in an interesting way. I'm not familiar with his work after that, and based on what I heard on this video, I probably won't be.

    John is an interesting fellow, but he seems to be a bit too much into himself. I know he will be heartbroken to hear this, but I don't think I'd want to hang with him. (Look, let's keep it between us.)

    1. Imightberiding

      Well said. I am in full agreement about his talent & most definitely your second paragraph. Mind you, I'm a wee bit older than John Mayer so I doubt he would be as heart broken about me not hanging with him as you. (No worries, I'll keep this confidence between us.)

    2. Lesito

      When i first heard Mayer I was told he was a tool but I've spent enough time searching youtube to see the side of Mayer that isn't presented in the media to know he's actually a really nice misunderstood guy. Would love to chill with him.

  16. whoopi_goldberg

    i just learned so much about soft rock!