Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

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Sri Lanka's Killing FieldsOne of the most graphic television documentaries ever shown in the United Kingdom, this documentary outlines some of the atrocities that were committed during the final months of the Sri Lankan civil war and features amateur video footage from the conflict zone filmed by civilians and Sri Lankan soldiers.

Jon Snow presents a forensic investigation into the final weeks of the quarter-century-long civil war between the government of Sri Lanka and the secessionist rebels, the Tamil Tigers.

The video filmed by civilians included harrowing scenes during and after intense shelling of civilian targets, including hospitals, by the Sri Lankan military. The trophy video filmed by Sri Lankan soldiers showed disturbing scenes of blindfolded victims being executed and dead bodies of naked women being dragged onto trucks by soldiers as they made lewd remarks about the victims.

The documentary also included interviews with civilians who managed to survive the conflict, United Nations staff based in Sri Lanka during the conflict, human rights organizations and and international law expert. The documentary was made by ITN Productions and presented by Jon Snow, the main anchor on Channel 4 News. The Sri Lankan government has denounced the documentary as a fake.

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  1. minority_report

    you could ask the same questions about the SL govt - where is the justice for civilians? ppl still support the ltte bc the govt keeps denying that they ALSO did wrong. in the mean time, the sheep in the rest of the country blindly follow a murderous govt filled with money-chasing rapists, bigots and liars. we're all slaves till we wake the f up - we've all been used.

  2. Abha Agarwal

    Muslims must speak out against the use of Mohammed on the ISIS flag with the same intensity as opposition to Danish Cartoons. The name of the Holy Prophet is more insulted by ISIS than the cartoonist. Why are Muslims quiet ? Their silence is baffling and leads even the moderate Buddhist or Hindu to believe that they are hypocrites and one day, when their patience runs out, another Myanmar - Rohingya crises will happen in Sri Lanka and India. At that time, there will be no respite even for peace loving Muslims.

  3. laksiri

    this is nothing more than the entire frailer of political leadership over 70 years.this is the country was not in position to have still proper constitution to rule the small island and still unable to established independence judiciary system. every dollar borrowed over the years more than 60% cheated by politicians and over 20% people were send to middle east for modern day selves job. killing of people from 1971 until today keep doing. even after this war was over 9 years had gone but no any solution to main problems,by way of political or economically.

  4. huththige putha

    What a load of fabricated crap. B bloody BC should be ashamed of putting up donkey dung like this in the public domain. Please PLEASE go to Sri Lanka and ascertain for yourself without believing what these dung beetles in BBC have crapped on to your screens.

  5. Zulu

    Its a genoside country my parents n grandparents family well established business was burned to ashes by Sinhalese budhist thugs with full government support. Lost of 1 million in stock merchandise alone plus the government took the large land area.its a land of hell.

    1. bathiya muhandiram

      Are you serious ?

  6. Gim

    To all who defend the tigers.
    How many innocent lives did they take? How many children were sent to battle? why did they shoot any one who retreated? How many people did they torcher? How many innocent Tamils, Sinhalese, ..etc were killed by the ltte? . how many human rights were violated by them. And how many human rights were violated by the countries who force us? Think about it

    1. bathiya muhandiram

      U r damn correct

  7. American people

    This is not a true report. I have been to Sri Lanka several time and no one talk about this much mass killing during war time. With in a week 40000?
    Wrong information. Please don't shear this type of wrong info.

    1. Sugandh Thomas

      You’re pathetic.
      Foolish for you believe that anyone is going to believe that you went to the affected areas and spoke to everyone and asked if any of this happened to them. Tens of thousands of those who experienced it didn’t make it out alive.
      Let me tell you, tens of things of eye witnesses still live to tell the horrors.
      You’re just a cheap propagandist

  8. ponmylanathan selliah

    I am a tamil and I can say without a shadow of doubt that the LTTE was the horrendous organisation that brought Sri Lanka to shame. I have no problems with my Sinhalese friends and I urge you to go to SL and see for yourself instead of coming to false conclusions after watching this biased documentary by BBC. The British colonised SL and ruled by dividing the races which they are still trying to do in a more subtle way here. Shame on them.

  9. vinoth

    after seeing this me and my friends are disturbed.UN failed

  10. catherine cudmore

    This is the 2nd time I've seen this doco and it is as profoundly disturbing as the first. How can the Sri Lankan government ever expect lasting peace with the Tamils if they do not acknowledge war crimes? Both sides have have to answer for their crimes but refusing to acknowledge that atrocities occurred only invites their return.

  11. Zo

    Watched it/ browsed through comments. I don't know about you, but I barely remember the narrative about the sides fighting.

    People dying, bodies bleeding, children in pain..... it will be hard to sleep in the coming days.. to think this goes on in other parts of the world and most likely in all types of wars... my heart sinks.

  12. Dr P.S.E

    People, especially those from western countries, who watch documentaries like this and think they know all that is going on here in Sri Lanka.. This is my country, I lived here since the day I was born, I have seen everything there is to see about the civil war, and i know exactly what happened from the very beginning. It is true that there was a time that tamils were not given a chance to enjoy their full rights. It is not very much different from the situation in america regarding blacks. But then tamils made demands that simply cannot be done in a country where there is a sinhala majority is living. When their demands were neglected they turned into violence. Interestingly the first ever person the LTTE leader himself killed, was also a tamil, the mayor of Jaffna. the war started by spilling tamil blood by the tamils themselves. Then they committed a number of atrocities against Sinhalese and muslims. The sinhala civilians did not tolerate this violent behavior from a minor race..this is where things went wrong. They started mob violence against tamil civilians as revenge..the government at the time didnt try to stop this. As a result many able tamils went abroad, many others joined the extremist groups. Then India interviened and tried to negotiate peace deals between sinhala government and tamil extremists. Many tamil groups laid down arms as a gesture of agreement. The problem could have been solved there. But one group, LTTE, lead by the ruthless leader Prabakaran refused to lay arms and continued fighting. The government responded as any other government would have. LTTE proved itself to be a greedy organization that cannot be trusted from the very beginning. The killing of Rajeev Gandhi, killing of rivalry potential leaders withing the group to secure the leadership, the use of female suicide bombers and child soldiers are some of the examples. Mahinda Rajapaksa is the only leader to emerge with a spine to stop all this. When he came to power the country was in ruins. there was fear everywhere. you couldnt travel in a train or a bus without the fear of not knowing when or where a suicide attack might strike. In time, the popularity that tamils had for LTTE dropped because of its endless violence. The tamils living abroad were unaware of this, because the LTTE propaganda very tactfully maintained the idea that the situation is still the same in Sri Lanka. So we cannot blame tamils living in western countries and south India fro their opinions. Mahinda Rajapaksa government defeated the LTTE terrorism. In the later stages of the war the desperate LTTE extremists even used their own kind, the innocent civilians as a shield against the advancing Sri Lankan army. That was the reason why what could have been done in hours took months to complete. As you may have seen in the video the Sri Lankan army is equipped with advanced weaponry that a any modern army would could have finished the job very easily by carpet bombing the area where the LTTE is trapped with their prisoners. But as a disciplined army, Sri Lankan army did their best to save thousands of innocent civilians in the grip of LTTE. Now, for those who say that Sri Lanka is a very unsafe place now, and we are practicing barbarism here, there is only one way to make sure what is true and what is false. LTTE sympathizers and those comapnies who make a profit by making documentaries like this can corrupt any person's mind. One might even argue that I myself is babling a whole bunch of lies. So.. if you are really interested to know what is going on, please, please, I tell without fear, come and visit our country.. go to jaffna and see for yourselves what is happening there. We have nothing to hide..we are not like north koreans.. we dont stop you from coming here... come and see, and then comment.

    1. catherine cudmore

      Your defence of your country does not answer the very real question of whether war crimes have taken place that need to be investigated. The evidence is compelling and horrifying. Your rambling diatribe would indicate you didn't even watch the same documentary I just did. I love Sri Lanka and will continue to visit but this horror won't go away by ignoring it.

    2. Infernova

      The documentary shows dead people but I don't see much proof that it's been caused by the military rather than by the LTTE extremists.

    3. BrettHD

      Yeah because I'm sure nearly all of the worlds intelligence agencies had a secret meeting in which the LTTE convinced them all to independently give reports in which they all came to the same conclusion about the Sri Lankan governments involvement in ghastly crimes against humanity.

      Don't get me wrong there are no "good" guys in war, just varying degrees of bad in which both sides share blame. The problem here is, you are trying way to hard to defend one side of this conflict while demonizing the other, despite hard physical evidence which have led dozens if not hundreds of independent reports that all reach the same conclusion and place the majority of blame at the feet of the government.

      I also find it somewhat suspicious that while defending prejudice and inequality, you never mention what the demands actually were that the government and yourself feel were to reasonable to meet. I know what the demands were, but I'd rather you enlighten everyone with this information. Something I suspect you won't do because you're well aware they weren't all that unreasonable based on the circumstances.

    4. Sugandh Thomas

      You shamelessly and pathetically defend and justify war criminals and human rights with your own opinions rather than facts.

  13. bujjibu

    the inaction of the indian government in the entire episode is shameful. was sonia gandhi extracting revenge from the entire sri-lankan tamils for the assassination of her husband? the indian government is dominated by north indians who do not give a damn about the southerners. in the recent years, people from the northern india are exploiting the resources and local people of the southern states. their ias and ips officers are ruling the roost and looting the local populace. the political situation is also defined on similar lines. there is no adequate representation of the south in the indian parliament, in the ministries or the cabinet. it is high time that we stand up against the indian government and demand our political, economic and social rights.

    1. Achems_Razor

      Only putting this one post on for you, the others basically say the things, please tone it down.

  14. bujjibu

    the actions of sri lankan soldiers confirms the descent of the sri lankan sinhalese from the rakshasas (the demons) as described in the ramayana. they have surpassed the ltte cadres in their cruelty and sadism. the president rajapaksa and his military hordes are representative of ravana and the demons. their actions will lead to the resurgence of ltte like organizations in the near future and this time the war will be more bloody. i warn the sinhalese that they have to bear the brunt of the actions of their killer soldiers and their sadistic president in the near future. the reprisal will be bloody and on the same terms as shown in the video.

  15. Girish Ananthavaram

    the kid was cute eating his last snack,
    if he was a war leader in kid look at his face there is no sleep in his eyes before killing i think they first captured him showing footage to his dad to surrender and then caught him alive killed him and then killed the kid too.

  16. RobGR

    Isn't that what the UN always does, gets the heck out of dodge as soon as people start dying; Rwanda, Srebrenica, etc.... And who are the puppet masters for the UN that makes these decisions.

  17. Ravindu Shirantha

    AMERICA ready to distroy the peace of world.SRILANKAN army is the world best army in world.we are the winners but who are you .what do you wont
    your dream is dream only man.we are peaceful country .some who ready to distroy it.BE CAREFUL

    1. Jacob Vincent Schönig

      Cant tell if troll or really, really stupid

    2. Mayur

      shame on you

  18. Ravindu Shirantha

    America ready to distroy the peoples and there peace and religion in one minutes.they help to tigers for distroy the world best army in world.are you ready to fight with us .be careful man becouse we know about your disipleans and army............................

  19. Ruwan Gunaratne

    It is not war. It is a systematic murder of innocent Tamil Civilians. Uncivilized Sinhalese continue to lie. State terrorism must be eradicated.

    Civilized world now knows Sinhalese are the proven number one liars in the world.

    Uncivilized people still support barbaric terrorist activities of Sinhala state terrorists, now led by Rajapakse terrorists.

  20. Abjective

    A bloody nightmare, just some of the graffic scenes you see pretty much all over the globe these days. A tradegy. Are we living in a civilized world these days? I think not.

  21. blahblahbob

    who cares who is right and wrong in the aftermath of a brutal civil war? if one side kills 28k and their enemy kills 32k does it really matter who shot the first bullet? im sure there were atrocities on both sides, but the point should be honoring the memories of the 60k dead men, women and children by making sure the rest of the world can learn from their mistakes, whether those were government mistakes or rebel mistakes.

  22. blahblahbob

    some times i start to feel down about the rising cost of living in L.A., the lack of jobs and failing economy, problems with my wife or at work, little stuff, you know? then i watch something like this and realize that my problems arent really problems at all, just mild challenges, and in the global lottery of who ends up where i came out pretty good. then i feel stupid for complaining at all, for it was never my right to cry because i know very little of true loss and pain. i think more people should try to remember this, because those challenges seem a whole lot smaller afterwards.

  23. Edis Omerovic

    The UN is a house full of ****, to tell you from personal experience from Bosnia

  24. b0x0fr0x

    TLDR your bitchy little comments back and forth arguing with each other. You wanna have an online bitch fest, go to some forum. THIS is to post a review about the documentary. Is it worth watching? Are the sources reliable? Do you feel it was bias? This page is not for your @#% )@*%)*@% )@*(%@)*%# BITCH FEST.

  25. Paul Sankar

    All we need to know is if war crimes took place. Yes! it did..end of story. Sri Lankan Government should be punished.

  26. Dean

    Once again the BBC portrays a biased opinion and one-sided view of the war in Srilanka. Where are all the videos of the LTTE using their own men, women and children as human shields and suicide bombers??? Don't trust the media people - almost every story is a damn lie trying to cover up the truth to the benefit of their own country...

    1. Guest


      What I don't trust is a corrupted Gov. buying and passing his orders in an "Organized" vicious propanganda to justify murders.

      What if I'd whip you, abuse on an everyday basis?
      How long would you tolerate the suffering before you'd decide that since you have to die in suffering, better carry a retaliation?

      Anyhow, just by judging on your comment, you don't have what it takes to have such a juggement. And obviously don't have what it takes make it as a human being.


    2. Dean

      Believe me I have what it takes to be human. Do you sacrifice your life everyday in service for others? I'm a nurse - I save lives everyday and I do it with a smile while coping a whole heap of abuse by rude patients, doctors and even the cleaning staff.

      I don't trust a corrupt Government either, and I also don't trust a corrupted media organisation such as the BBC - just do a Google search on "the bbc is biased" and you'll see what I mean.

      You think I don't know what the suffering is in Srilanka?! I've been there! I served there! AND I AM SRILANKAN! I know first hand what goes on in my own country and don't you dare take that sanctimonious tone with me! I have *SEEN* what goes on in my country first-hand - have you?!

      Phew.. I apologise for the outburst but it boils my blood when people don't realise the truth only because they read what they read in the papers or the TV and take it to be true.

      My main point is while what the government may have done was atrocious, you need to see the other side of the argument as well... The side the media does NOT report on - such as the LTTE using kids as human shields, funding terrorist organisations overseas etc...

      Please don't take this in anger, I am not the kind of person who hates others because they have a different opinion. But I sincerely urge you to consider every single aspect of life - question *everything* because the truth is no longer the truth unless you see it to be true...

    3. Guest


      Nope! Not one reason, none can justify the deaths that happened over there.
      I just happened to watch what was going on over through quite a few souces, not solely on BBC. If I say "Not even 2 death over there", I mean that I'm aware that BBC exagerated the case but still, one death is one too many.

      About your comment: (Quote) :-"Such as the LTTE using kids as human shields, funding terrorist organisations overseas"
      You didn't understood much of my comment : -"What if I'd whip you, abuse on an everyday basis"? You seem to unable to figure out that even though the goal of the BBC was to blow up the case, there are facts that occured in reality!

      I meant for generations just as for the palestinians...
      When a human being or any living beast for that matter resort to such things, there ought to be a reason. And in the cases of the peoples for whom this doesn't come to mind, I don't use white gloves!

      There are so many numerous cases through mankind history... The Viets & that Cambodians are a few among so many.
      If anone wants to split away, let them go.
      If they're wrong, they'll figure it out.
      But that kind of thing, no one needs that.

      This is it.


    4. Dean

      Are you even reading what I wrote?? When did I *EVER* justify what the Sri-lankan government did? I am NOT condoning what the Srilankan government did in the war. What I am saying is that there is another side to this story that the BBC failed to report on. If you choose to turn a blind eye to the whole truth, then you are as blind as the BBC.

      *That* is it.

    5. Guest


      I confirm that you gotten me right 'coze if your position is: -"I am NOT condoning what the Srilankan government did", I do.
      I condone and it is revulsing.

      And I sure turn a blind eye on the Sri Lankan Gov. because it's an internationnally official known fact the Sri Lankan Gov. kicked out (Really mean "Kicked out") the non governmental organisations out of there. This is well known as much as the "Hidden WMD in Iraq was a intentional and delibate lie.

      In short, the Sri Lankan Gov. wanted to do its things without the presence of foreign eyes. Now, if the USA is simply unable to hide its own war crimes in now days, how could you expect the Sri Lankan Gov. to succeed?

      It is so easy to see the filths in the Sri Lankan pseudo documentary found on YouTube, the conspicuous arrangement within that propagandism waste. It's sunning to realise the such guys are convinced that an average human being would fall for that grabage.
      Beside, Sri Lankan Gov. doesn't even have any natural ressource to get the support of any G8 country.
      They asked for it.


    6. Pas Pallawela

      Please do not judge situation in Srilanka just by this false documentary made by Channel 4, which was made using propaganda material made by the ruthless LTTE terrorist group. I understand your concern, but You are totally mistaken in this case.. Pierre. I was working for an NGO at that time in Srilanka and it was LTTE who were shelling people and capturing it on small video camera's .... it was the most disgusting thing I have ever experienced. They used people as a human shield. LTTE mainly captured these video to collect funds from tamil ex-pats living in Europe. Later the government asked us (NGO's) to leave because of two reasons.
      1. They couldn't ensure our safety
      2. And one NGO was smuggling arms for the LTTE and they got caught. Lot's of NGO's working in third world battle fields do this but rarely get caught!!
      Therefore Srilankan government's request to NGO's was reasonable. I was ashamed by the way some NGO and UN officials worked in Srilanka. Some of these guys transported arms for LTTE for cash and for sex!! So the real situation was totally different. LTTE was cutting and chopping innocent people of Srilanka for 30 years and I could understand why GOSL put their full force to crush this ruthless terrorist group! Recently I visited SL and people in the north and south live happily without any problem. I this if we try to put our hand in it'll be another Serbia so it's better to leave Srilanka alone and ban this kind of biased false documentaries.

    7. Guest

      @Pas Pallawela,

      1st) "Made by Channel 4, which was made using propaganda material made by the ruthless LTTE terrorist group" ?
      -That makes a whole lot of "Made By"!!!
      -Pas, you don't even come close to Bush's aberrations! Do you read yourself once you written something? It is just as a child who got caught red handed and point to his bro or sis!

      2nd) "It was LTTE who were shelling people and capturing it on small video camera's".
      Terrorists who gotten that well equipped in "Advanced technology" cameras, on top of this?
      No comment... The case remains at rest.

      3Thd) "It was LTTE who were shelling people".
      -You just proven that you didn't view that docu.
      Most if not all shelling in this docu were carried out by army fighter jets in groups of (5-10).
      And I really mean modern fighter jets.
      Not the ones that can be bought in a Cracker Jack box.
      It appears that you lost your sanity.

      4) "Some of these guys transported arms for LTTE for cash and for sex!"
      -I know, it was like that as the German invaded Russia, as Russians than invaded back Germany, the Americans did the same in Vietnam, and so on.
      You should watch some heavy docus on the crusades...
      Trusted a skull at the tip of a lance aside from boiling peoples in veggy oil...

      5) "Srilankan government's request to NGO's was reasonable"?
      -That is for the least "Crooked".
      -They imposed, requested that they'd leave.
      -Finally expulsed them.

      If there was so much to blame on the LTTE, why then not reversing the facts against them and ask some "Third Parties" including some BBC4 staff to step aboard some Sri Lankan armored vehicles and see for themselves the facts as they are?
      Nah! That was not the case and the one who took the risk to stay over there went against the Sri Lankan Gov. will.

      As you say, the LTTE is in the end a terrorism group but most of the murders we seen during the Sri Lankan Gov. for that reported event, were children and women & seniors.
      The real LTTE hard line individuals were almost absents.

      Beside, after some ~ 30 years, why not just dump them and cut relation with "Their" regions?
      Let them go on their own.
      As for many others seen in humankind history, they'd come back in a way or another.
      But the whole without blood baths.

      It is far from the situation in Palestine because moves (Political approach) of the jewish gov. has the effect and lead toward the total depossession of palestinian land and incidentally, constitute a genocide.
      The ultimate genocide since a few decades ago, they were subjected to very same ordeal.
      This, on the absolute ludicrous pretext that Palestinians want to push back the jews in the sea! -Let's call back all jews from Russia and all over the over the world, subsidize them for a piece of land stolen from Palestinian through USA congress subsides!

      What beasty sub-human pride is there in that?
      The big difference is that you guys in Sri Lanka are one nation. I don't preach racism but when it's an advantage, why not? Ceylon is an Island and the peoples within that island should find it easier to recognize themselves as one sole nation?

      Then... Then... Why not simply create provinces? Autonomous provinces if needed.
      I don't know exactly where are the huge "Castor Oil" farming but it just ought to be all over the place.
      Coze we stopped buying since we knew about the ordeal. No one favor such a thing.


    8. Pas Pallawela

      Now it's quite clear what kind of a person you are :). Blaming other's for not reading what they write but not reading what you have written. ?? Bush's abbreviation are definitely better than yours!! What do you mean by 'Let's call back all jews from Russia and all over the over the world'? Please read what you write twice hereafter before being two emotional and before charging other people who are not very good at English for the same.

      1) No point answering this ... you are driven by emotions and not facts. I have seen my sister crying after watching some Hollywood movies because she believed it was real ... so I don't blame you ...that's human nature..

      2) No comments about this as well. I have seen what they have been doing and hard to explain this to person who have never been to battle ground :)

      3) Your third point proves how naive you are and lack of information. Do you at least know how many operational fighter jets SL used? Though they had few Kfir's and MIG's they only used about 08 operational in the last stages of the war. They never flew in formations of 10 jets :) There are many more to be said ... but no point in arguing with a person who have never seen a live battle field.

      Before being emotional about various problems you see in other parts of the world ... please study them. ..understand to people who live there ... and yes the documentry looks harsh and quite inhumane ... but there are historical reasons to all these problems. For and example in srilanka the main historical reason was the divide and rule principal used by British rulers in Sri lanaka. There are many more and this is not the time to discuss all of them. Anyway .... in Srilanka ...the wound has to be allowed to heal ....

    9. Guest

      Pas Pallawela,

      "What do you mean by 'Let's call back all jews from Russia and all over the over the world"?

      Simply meant that there are a whole lot of injustices that date back to generations.
      And that the very fact it was left lingering by the "Elite", they came to zenith for which there was no and there is no smooth solutions.
      Even though the situation in Palestine is many thousands fold worst. Always the same with an Elite who reign with a careless behaviour.
      Most cases are peudo-democracies.

      Next... About me never meeting a battlefield...
      Lucky enough, I'm in a country where leaders cannot ignore these sort of things.
      Even if a good friend from SR happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
      Then, one cares for sure.

      Finally, I'm not emotional as you say.
      I just look over all facts since facts remain facts.
      I also went to view the other videos posted on YouTube and had to go view one another website cause it was broken on YouTube.

      I seen that these videos had much less credibility since they were produced solely by the SR Gov. & everyones in it were breached beforehand. It that much obvious that at the age I'm up to, they'd better tell these little stories to children.

      I would not get into any dealing with these guy.
      My idea is set about that.


    10. Pasidu Pallawela

      @ pierre
      It's good to know how you learnt about this complicated conflict :) in your words ... by following 'you tube videos' :) :) well... I don't really blame you about this...Because there are some people in the world who believe they can learn to swim just by watching youtube videos. I have heard about old people who believe that everything posted on Facebook is the ultimate truth. New internet based media is much more complicated thank you think and it's quite good at twisting the truth. In reality you have to touch water to learn swimming and in the same way you have to visit these places to find out the truth.... mate! LTTE is a ruthless terrorist group who kept 2 million people at gun point for 3 decades ... People in Sri Lanka will never ....ever forget this group who terrorized their lives.

      One word about why your leaders care about these situations :) :) well the whole world knows why various western leaders care about other countries around the world. Watch few John pilger documentaries to learn more ...which are made in a professional manner with facts ...not with non-authentic amateur videos ...(and again ...don't believe everything you see :) These documentaries will give you an idea why your leaders can or cannot ignore things happening around the world. In addition there's another reason why leaders from your countries cannot ignore problems in SL. As you know a very small percentage of citizens of your countries vote during elections. But most of the immigrant communities use their votes and use this as a tool to get support from powerful politicians. Some immigrant groups who support terrorists lobby for these politicians (or your leaders) and take advantage of their voting rights. This is the reason why your leaders cannot ignore Countries like Sri Lanka :) These leader need to stay in power which is fair enough :) .. but the dark side of it is the methodology they use. Recently there was a report on western media that a wife of a reputed western head of state (in your words a 'leader') spends US $250000 on average every week for shopping. If they spend a fraction of this money on a children's orphanage of war affected ethnic Tamil children in Srilanka ....they could enlighten lives of hundreds of children. we cannot see this happening ...but could see them supporting video clips made by terrorist groups.

      The truth is slowly coming out....a latest report shows how terrorist have made these videos and this report will made public soon. In addition a catholic priest has given evidence to the LLRC committee on how LTTE terrorist burnt 600 youth alive, when they refused to fight for them in the front line and how they recorded this incident on a small video camera .... Truth is slowly revealing and the best we could do is to make sure that these kind of terrorist groups will not arise in any where in the world in the future.

    11. Guest

      @Pasidu Pallawela,

      1) (Quote): -"but could see them supporting video clips made by terrorist groups".
      -That comment is misleading by itself because of the cleverness of not specifying which video it's about.
      -So, which video were you talking about?
      The one on this website or the ones on YouTube?
      Obvious the "S" on the word YouTube VideoS is "S" because all the ones I seen on YouTube videos, had in fact a sour taste of badly hidden political propaganda.
      I'll get back on that point later on...
      But it was easy to see that the main speaker (If I remember well, a woman) and close to everyone interviewed were SL Gov. employees on the YouTubes videos.
      Anybody who has a tiny little judgement can detect this.

      My reply to this is the very same as for many USA controversy these past some ~ (40-45) years: - Losing the benefice of doubt is a lot worst than losing one's mind.

      Therefore, since you mentioned: -"A latest report shows how terrorist have made these videos".
      Again, this is confusing. Which video? The one on the present TDF website or the oneS on YouTube?

      Your words : - :How terrorist have made these videos"...
      -Terrorists 100% foreign to Sri Lanka?
      -Sri Lanka foreigners, caucasians peoples who ought to take in consideration their future careers and ESPECIALY their benefice of doubt within the international media, and accept to destroy their Good Will for a few thousands dollars from clown diaspora?
      How many oil wells or gold mines is there in Sri Lanka?
      As far as I know, Sri Lanka was the world attic for castor oil but I found other sources. It does exist!

      Next, put the 2 docus (Any of the oneS on YouTube and the one here on TDF, can't you see how the ones on YouTube are simply silly? The nurse interviewed in this TDF docu may well have been appalled and went overboard.
      Anyone knows that since that in a way, she was personally concerned with the conflict.
      Still, she's not the director, producer or conceptor.

      You say : -"A latest report shows how terrorist have made these videos"...
      I'll repeat that history, including those videos on YoutTube cannot be erased from history and that losing the benefice of doubt is indeed a landmark.

      As I mentioned earlier down here, it would have been so easy for the SL Gov. & Army to simply tell any UN or NGO: -"You want to see what's going on? Sign a document here that it'll be at your own risk and climb aboard our armored tanks?
      We're gonna move these peoples right under your eyes.
      BUT! But, it's a little late by now.

      Losing the benefice of doubt is indeed the worst misery.
      To close that up, I may state that you do not know which country I live in. At most in an Ex-Brit's colony.
      And I'll tell you, we sure know what are the expenses of our leaders and it's pretty far from what you mentioned.
      There could be at the far most the USA who spend that much and sometimes some of their puppet governments like the Marcos in the Philippines a little while ago.
      Plus the dictator "Perrons" in Chili as well as the other psychopath in Panama who stood up Bush Sr. about his drug deals.
      We ain’t gonna list them all here?
      Hey, Sri Lanka is not even a drug producer...

      For now & until then, facts are obvious.


    12. imedi

      what the **** are u talking about fake biased my *** i know what a dead body looks like those people were butcherd like rabid dogs alot of the footage is from government themselves, they cant even come on the programme and offer a responce ,,why because its coldblooded murder and they know it.tamils may not have been angels but what i saw here was no excuse, row after row of people shot in the head women raped and shot and treated like rats just like the nazis in ww2

    13. Brenda Rowan

      You sounds like an LTTE terrorist living among rest of us. If you go to Srilanka even for a holiday, talk to the tamil ethinc community in the north of the island and figure out what really happened. Do not rely on a single report, documentary or propaganda material designed by srilankan tamil expats living here in the west :) ....

    14. imedi

      i sound like a terrorist do i... why because i know those people were murdered ..the old propaganda excuse,, this was a channel 4 programme and i have watched the people involved in that programme for years they dont fall for propaganda stunts. 2 of those people among the dead had contacted the un to say they were coming in to surrender yet they are now dead what are u saying that un is involved in the peopaganda.i have nothing to do with sri lanka but that was as bad as anything the nazis did in ww2 and you know it of coarse many nazis at the time tried to say the death camps were propaganda too... history has shown otherwise. if i were u i would have a good look in the mirror before accuseing anyone of sounding like a terrorist

    15. Ruwan Gunaratne

      It is Sinhala Government Terrorists tried to bribe the NGOs and others with sex, massage clinics, gifts, liquor, etc. and a few like the most of the neighbouring country diplomats supported mass murders of Tamils.

    16. Sugeevan Shan

      What benefit does the BBC have lying about war crimes committed during this genocide? Yes they may be biased but you would expect more from a "democratically elected gov" than of a "terrorist" org.

      I see no difference from the Sri Lankan gov and Tigers.

      If you think these are lies, please obtain the cell phone raw footage and have it analyzed by your own experts.

    17. Dean

      *Sigh* sadly you too did not read what I wrote - perhaps you should. I never said they were lies. I was merely pointing out that the BBC has a knack for reporting only partial truths. Please... for goodness sake, take some time to read and think before you write.

    18. Sugandh Thomas

      This documentary covers a very specific event which occurred in a very specific timeframe. The focus here is that whether war crimes occurred. This was not a documentary on the entire history of LTTE or the plight of Tamils’ plight against violence oppression by the Sinhalese majority governance through the country’s history. You may be a Sri Lankan, but you sure are not a witness to the experiences of every segment of population of SriLanka.
      It’s entirely sickening that you would divert the attention from the serious crimes committed during this specific event. There’s no justification for it. It’s shameless that you would claim to know the experiences of every Sri Lankan.

  27. kchief58

    The UN "United Nations" is a big JOKE to allow this to happen,,Simply HORRIBLE

  28. observernumber321

    this is really bad. this documentary shows how useless the UN is in doing their job. if nothing happen to this sri lanka government mass murderers, i think the UN should be disolved forever. this is the main reason why we have international law. f--k'n animals. some people truely are evil!!

  29. Baseline BASELINE

    Rajaf--ksa is a mass murderer and war criminal.

  30. Baseline BASELINE

    channel 4 did a wonderful job to bring out the truth from a ruthless country. 40000 people mass murder in a week.
    Sri Lanka is a Genocide country.

    1. Guest

      @Baseline BASELINE,

      Hum... Almost confusing your 2 comments?
      I first though that you were denying the whole as it is the case on a Sri Lankan Gov.
      Then the email about this second comment of your's came in.


  31. Baseline BASELINE

    Sri Lankan Hookers made lies agreed upon, full of lies in Lies agreed upon.

    1. Guest

      @Baseline BASELINE,

      I'll tell you, why wouldn't you find a way to earn your living on your own instead of exploiting the poor living peoples?

      Speaking of lies, I seen the Sri Lankan Gov. video on YouTube and if someone lied in this ordeal by planned and pre-agreed lies, it is the Sri Lanka Government who abused these poor peoples for generations.

      In the Sri Lankan Gov. video on Youtube, the scamming of Pre-arranged" hoaxes and lies is obvious up to a point where one is justified to wonder if the Sri Lankan Gov. really care!

      A Kim Jung Hill mania.


  32. Edmé M-D

    why doesn't happened... and it shouldn't off

    1. oddsrhuge

      Totally agree....BUT it is happening RIGHT NOW! In 12 months when the BBC, or CNN tell us of it. we will all go. Man! if only I had known, I might have done something.

      These are the same people, who want to ignore anything that makes us in the west look like complete hypocrites.

  33. Gayan Wijethunga

    There are thousand of Tamils in Canada, UK and Australia who entered to those countries as a war refuges. They having there very wealthy life. And they are the people who donate billions of dollars to LTTE. When war was over those countries ask them to leave their countries, because there are no more threats to their life in Sri Lanka. But these Tamil diaspora do not like to leave these countries. Because they lost their wealthy life. So they spend million of dollars to prove Sri Lankan government still killing Tamils and Sri Lanka is not safe to the Tamils. The "Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields" is a one of that production.

    1. Anusan Moorthy

      I don't think I have seen anyone so misinformed. Where are you getting your facts from? Ever heard of kamikaze tactics? Is bombing a hospital SL army's way of "rescuing"? Seriously? I'm not sure why your still obsessed about the LTTE when their not even in the equation anymore due to your so called "victory". The only thing of concern is the WAR CRIMES committed by your GOVERNMENT.

      "There are thousand of Tamils in Canada, UK and Australia who entered to those countries as a war refuges. They having there very wealthy life. And they are the people who donate billions of dollars to LTTE. "

      You clueless, clueless, man. I am a first-generation Tamil Canadian. No, we don't have "billions of dollars" to donate. Do you have any proof for notion?

      "When war was over those countries ask them to leave their countries, because there are no more threats to their life in Sri Lanka. But these Tamil diaspora do not like to leave these countries. Because they lost their wealthy life. "

      OR, the more obvious answer, it's because they feel there still is a threat for their life in Sri Lanka. That threat being the same threat it has always been - The GOVERNMENT. Are you not aware of the kidnappings that are still taking place post-war? My parents have always wanted to stay in Sri Lanka and regret everyday they live here away from their homeland.

      Do you know what it feels like to go to a foreign counrty, you don't know the language of, and survive, just because you believe it is a safe heaven from the hellbound war stricken nation, where your own government wants you dead? Where the women run as far away as they can, so they wont be sexually assaulted, if there was a foreshadow that the SRI LANKAN ARMY was approaching?

  34. Jose Mari

    well oddsr I'm sure your color doesn't guarantee your reputation as a superior, peace-loving, and rational being. Check your history and I'm pretty sure horrors of crime and abuse associated with your color abound in equal or far greater measure. I do think that the world doesn't need people as close minded as you are in solving its problems...YOU are, in fact, a problem yourself...

    1. oddsrhuge

      once again...please read what I wrote....don't read what the guy who accused me of racism said.

      I am appalled that we turn a blind eye to these abuses in the West....thats what post say's...

      One more thing...if my icon was a black or brown person....would I have had to endure the label of racist? NO!!!!! read posts, not replies.

      Also don't read the guy who is supporting my racism status, because, obviously, he didn't read my post either.

  35. g isaac

    What...why...I...I just don't understand how we could...

  36. Fransiej Noyfb

    oooh you got my approval posting that message was disprovig my own point by paying attention

  37. Fransiej Noyfb

    disgusting? not that much..foolish that it is, if you dislike something it isnt worth your attention if you go so far as hate something/someone you should know what you hate and how more you learn the more you see that they are different but so are I and the next one reading this..the thing that makes us humans the same is that we are ALL different

  38. oddsrhuge

    Another reason I'm proud to belong to this species...Sheesh. But, lets listen to people who say that we are all just paranoid about issues, if we want to question an official story.

    Although, I am sure these things only happen in far away places, filled with "brown" people.

    1. Philemon F-Philly Dube

      you are a racist...disgusting

    2. oddsrhuge

      You, are an ignoramus, laughable.

      And because I am awaiting approval....look up the word "sarcasm"

  39. Anusan Moorthy

    @Anthony Fernando

    The link you provided has distorted the translation of Tamil spoken on their subtitles beyond fathom. You call that a credible source? Beginning of part 4 of that video, he seems to be reading if you watch his eyes, not the mention the video is cut in several places. I could easily use the same excuses you did and say they were under duress by the Sri Lankan government, and recited a scripted play in-fear of their well-being.

    I don't know the full fledged workings of the LTTE. Regardless to say, if you were pushed into the corner by your own government, I'm sure it's fair to say, you would have no choice but to become a Tamil Tiger.

    The onus is on the government to retribute for the innocent civilian lives lost, regardless of how many lives were lost. Shelling no-fire zones and hospitals is a clear infringement of rules of warfare, and is constituted as a war crime.

    Time for the government to provide some concrete answer, and allow a independent investigation; instead of hiding behind their wall of denial.

  40. MrTame

    Do a search on Tamil Tigers and look at what their terrorist organization accomplished thruout their reign. After doing 5 minutes of research I can see why the SL Gov't wanted this terrorist organization overthrown BUT they could have done it in a MUCH MORE humane way.

    1. George Lopez

      Fighting LTTE is wrong in the first place, if you could allocate more than "5 minutes" to your research you will know the answer why..

  41. joe31

    sir lanka government and its arny are scum,and the others who hid behind civilians are coward scum...this doc made me sick

  42. MrTame

    If Sri Lanka was a major oil exporter then there would have been a UN endorsed "No Fly Zone." The Gov't would have been over thrown. The president would have been caught and killed by his own people. Shell would move in and begin exporting oil. The crises would have been deemed a major victory... ( all completely wrong in its own sense )


    Sri Lanka has no oil, so this will all be swept under a rug. Perhaps a plackard will go up somewhere honoring the tens of thousands that died. No true justice will be served for all those innocent lives.

  43. Sieben Stern

    it's not the violence that is shocking, but the fact that it happened as recently as 2009.

  44. zaphodity

    The human race sure is capable of some messed up stuff.

  45. Anusan Moorthy

    @Abraham Anand

    What are you talking about? My comment was towards Anthony FERNANDO and his excuses. His and other campaigns' excuses to ridicule anyone, especially the Tamils speaking up against the war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan government.

  46. Terrence Vivian Carr

    UN is useless. Uganda, Srebrenic and Sri Lanka to mention just a few.

  47. Anusan Moorthy

    @Anthony Fernando

    Quite sad that anyone who speaks up against the war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan government is either brainwashed, works for the LTTE, bribed, or was under duress.

    If the government has nothing to hide, they would have no reason to deny an independent investigation against war crimes and human rights violation. Fact of the matter is innocent lives were taken, those lives being citizens of Sri Lanka, to which the government of that very country is doing nothing about it - besides being ignorant, hiding their mess under the carpet, and looking the other way.

    Please do submit the source for your allegations.

    1. Abraham Anand

      To Anusan Moorthy

      First of all you are brainwashed by the lankan govt to defy the clamour of the Tamils.

      Shame on the Sri Lankan Govt to consider this war as a victory. The struggle to form an independent state had been started 3 decades ago, due to the reason that the SL govt not treating the native Tamils in par with their own state. This led to the formation of LTTE who solely represented the Tamils in SL. The motive was to form a separate tamil state. Until couple of decades ago the negotiations were peaceful, the Lankan govt failed to act according to the agreements formed and betrayed the Tamils over and over. This was actually the reason for the start of war.

  48. Anthony Fernando

    This documentary was exposed recently I will try to get the link on here somehow. Please google it if i cannot. Channel 4 news was shamed when their financial audit revealed 2.4 million "donated" through various "charity" sources affiliated with the LTTE. To sum up why this documentary has so many inconsistencies present for dramatization: The main female actor is not a humanitarian worker, she is an ltte cadre. ALL the doctors in this video came out during a press conference last JULY and explained how they and their families were under threat by the ltte to give false testimonies. I really hope the UK government does a thorough investigation of transaction between a well know terror organization and Channel 4.... shame on them...a true example of the dark and corrupt side of media today.

    1. Abraham Anand

      To Anthony: BS, you have no brains for judgement. How can the UN envoys lie about it? What about the gruesome videos of sexual assault on women and killing of innocent civilians be justified here.

  49. Guest

    Didn't find this any easier to watch the second time round but I did manage to keep my eyes open for it. I want to know but I don't want to see, makes me feel sick and Its in my mind now whether I want it or not. The things people do to each other...

  50. Laurence Vanhelsuwe

    When you see all the modern military hardware the SL forces have, why is it that so few people in the West are not supporting a complete outlawing of the design, manufacture and export of these weapons? The argument that "If we don't do it, another country will, so it's in our best interest." has always disgusted me to the core.. All directors, shareholders and employees of military equipment manufacturers have the blood of innocent civilians on their despicable hands. If people have to fight each other, then let them do it like chimpanzees: with sticks and dirt. That should be a more honest reflection of what level of consciousness they are exhibiting..

    1. BeardHero420

      I agree with your statement, and I even gave you a "like", but do you think it would really put an end to all of this? If you took the last gun away from mankind, the only thing that will change will be murder weapons. 187's committed with Bow & Arrow and hunting knives.

      We are smart enough to invent firearms (among many other complex things) yet we are dumb enough to slaughter each other with them. Such is our condition.

      As a firearms enthusiast, it's unfortunate to see what can be done with them in the names of madmen.

    2. prem24

      i think thia is a international conspirancy and politics, when these killing in shrilanks taken place not a single media is been leaked out , this is not possible without superpowers tie-up, i think , china,is preparing for world war3 to save their bubbled economy. afterall many killers are supplied by china in army,even max guns and ammunitation is been supplied by china, why usa kept mum, india didnt interfear on whos pressure?
      all the ministers of shrilanka government frequently visited london during that period, their account ballance was flooded with money.
      united nation want shrilanka should punish war crime this is nothing but theif should punish himself by making investigation , this is all drama of international politics, will lead to world war3

  51. Abraham Anand

    Very bitter! Must watch to acknowledge the sufferings entailed by the tamils.

    1. henok g

      No matter who committed the atrocities I always find things like this very disturbing. To some level I blame everybody , including me. I mean ..let us face it. This s*** happened in very recently. What was each and everyone of us doing to prevent that? Why is it becoming harder and harder to make our world a safer place?

    2. prem24

      i think thia is a international conspirancy and politics, when these killing in shrilanks taken place not a single media is been leaked out , this is not possible without superpowers tie-up, i think , china,is preparing for world war3 to save their bubbled economy. afterall many killers are supplied by china in army,even max guns and ammunitation is been supplied by china, why usa kept mum, india didnt interfear on whos pressure?
      all the ministers of shrilanka government frequently visited london during that period, their account ballance was flooded with money.
      united nation want shrilanka should punish war crime this is nothing but theif should punish himself by making investigation , this is all drama of international politics, will lead to world war3