State of Mind: The Psychology of Control

State of Mind: The Psychology of Control

2013, Conspiracy  -   95 Comments
Ratings: 6.94/10 from 233 users.

If you don't submit to control, if you're a radical, you're less likely to be loved. You're not fitting in with society; you're viewed as an outsider. There are a lot of social prohibitions about the outsider and the person who's going to upset things. From the time we're very young, we're taught to worship authority, basically, because that's our key to survival as young children. But as adults, we never go through the rights of passage that tell us how to methodically think for ourself, and thus we're always in a state of extended adolescence.

We take all this stuff, whether it's the television or it's the inculturation, the school yards, the teachers... we take this whole system, we put it into our unconscious mind, and it is the GIGO that comes out... Garbage In, Garbage Out. We simply have harnessed our own power by accepting all these beliefs as though they are factual, whether it's the flat earth of Columbus or it's the idea that I'm not good enough to be or to do something I've dreamed to do.

To the degree that the individual loses the sense of what freedom really means for him, mind control is working. Everybody's born into this control structure, everybody's born into authority. Everyone's born into the situation, but just because you have an authority making decisions for you at some point when you're very young, too young to take care of yourself, doesn't mean you should always cater to authority your whole life. We have established a framework which for the most part works pretty good. People enter into this contract with society. That contract allows them to follow certain rules and expect certain returns on their investment of working within the framework of the contract.

Human beings form habits. At some point in our lives, many of us realize that the lives we are living are not those which we have imagined, but rather lives reflecting others' imaginations, as if we have been unwitting actors in someone else's script. Can be the minds of individuals harnessed by systems of psychological control?

Are the habits reflected by human beings in direct conflict with their needs to survive and thrive in this world? The enormous implications deter many of us from asking these simple questions and finding answers relevant to our daily lives. If we don't resist all of the different information that comes our way and weigh it and use our own mind instead of what somebody else wants us to think, eventually society would become nothing more than automatons, robots. The establishment has protected itself. Unless you submit to the saturation indoctrination and adopt all its values, you can't get in. You can get the DVD at

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5 days ago

Seemed legit until it adopted the propaganda about the Third Reich. Unfortunate to have tainted what seems to be an otherwise authentic presentation of history with this bullshit.

Desert Solitaire
3 years ago

Human beings have always been and always will be conditionned by their environments. If you want to change the way they think and so the way they behave, change the environment. But it has to be done slowly, but surely, generation after generation. Why? The very principle, the very definition, the very idea of conditionning is that the conditionned person doesnt know he has been condionned. How? Conditionning, and so mind control, happens at a very early stage of life, an age when we are not even aware that we are aware, a very early stage of life when we take in all the information without questioning, thats how we later think that things are normal. And thats how mind control has been operating since long long time ago. In a few generations it will be normal to have a microchip in the brain and if you dont have one, the sheeple around you may kill you because for them you will be threath (not normal).
"Whoever happened to create this particular space-time continuum, if not from the beginning, sooner or later, had something very much like mind-control in mind" - Jon Rappoport.

alex Stokes
6 years ago

Think the cameras on LSD by the looks of the background

Zac Tolan
7 years ago

I will say this: We are to draw the line at the mark of the beast being implemented. It will be clear what it is exactly, when it is implemented. Until then, it is possible for "real people" to live among the evil world. Although, the "real people" would be wise to fully devote themselves to working righteousness and band together in order to support others who so choose to be real people, becoming a "city set on a hill," which is the true revolution.

7 years ago

A decent documentary. I can see how someone who's raised to go to school, get a job, buy the house, raise the family, buy the latest techno gadgets, have a great car and so forth would have a hard time digesting material like this. Granted, there are much better docs out there, but it's still difficult to inform people who simply do not want to be informed. As Mark Twain once said "It's easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled". Conspiracy theories range from the very plausible to the absolutely wild and where each theory lands on the spectrum is subject to the interpretation of the uninformed.

Shariz Ullah Khan
7 years ago

Where can I download the english subtitle for this movie?

Mite nn
8 years ago

"You are not just committing suicide to yourself, but against all good humanity"... How in hell does that works? I mean, if he were to say "murder to all good humanity" it would have some sense -as a sentence-... But well, considering all the BS they talk on this thing it's no surprise...

Phoenix Goodman
8 years ago

This documentary is very pernicious. It has a lot of very good insight into breaking free from cultural norms and thinking out side of the box- but it's great discussions on that are a Trojan horse, to lure the unsuspecting truth-seeker astray.

Why? Because it frames the "control" vs "freedom" dichotomy as the same dichotomy as "state" vs "individual"

This indoctrinates the unsuspecting viewer towards libertarian ideology, to espouse the narrow narrative of small government being equated with freedom.

In truth, while governments can and do practice tyranny, and this should be acknowledged, it is true in the context of the western world today that the greatest tyranny is of private financial interests- globalized big banking and big corporations- the very things that proper pro-democracy legislation can curtail through safegaurds and regulations.

This libertarian "truth seeker" narrative is extraordinarily pernicious by flipping the problem into the solution- by advocating less safegaurds against the ravages of unfettered markets, in which only the elite benefit.

I may go so far as to say that this is actually a meta-conspiracy in which the elites have realized the inconvenience of the internet awakening people, and so planted Alex Jones as a psy op operative to neutralize and indoctrinate a false consciousness among anti elite sympathizers to have them believe ideologies that are actually pro-elite.

Not to mention, any of the Abrahamic religions, including Christianity, are a bastion of unreason and major source of psychopathic behavior and irrationality in the world. This documentary, rather than espousing enlightenment values, espouses stone age ideologies like Christianity.



8 years ago

"Show it to your friends and family, or show it your church." lol Love it!

8 years ago

I like Alex Jones. He's tenacious, passionate and is a bulldog for what he believes in. I don't agree with a lot of he has to stay, find him paranoid and hysterical, and he's obviously very poor at coming to conclusions rationally, But he has the atmosphere of the U.S. State today pegged and may be in fact a true prophet- you know, someone that does actually see the worst coming and it does come to pass. I also feel he has a genuine love for people and wants to protect them so that they may lead happy, healthy lives by exposing the militarization of the U.S. before it's too late.
In my pantheon of contemporary heroes, Alex Jones definitely has a place. He might get it wrong far more often than he gets it right, he might turn off more people than he turns on, but his liveliness and stubborn demeanor gives him an energizing role amongst the cooler and more analytical whistle blowers of these very dangerous times.

Leigh Atkins
8 years ago

I don't know, maybe I'm being too hard on Alex. I feel that he's talking down to his audience. But if you consider that this could actually be brand new information to the average audience member, maybe he's just explaining it for them?!?
I actually spoke to someone today who couldn't believe that there are such cold, disgusting, brain-damaged individuals in power who can set up 911, convince others that their version is the truth & not to question the official story, while they coldly watch the suffering of so many (still continuing) & collect on the FAT insurance policy - they actually questioned that these individuals really exist!
If there are still audience members out there like that, maybe Alex has his place.
He's just not for me, that's all.

Leigh Atkins
8 years ago

Ok, the fact that Alex Jones is in a substantial portion of this vid makes me suspicious full stop. When the masses FINALLY discover something & begin talking, in order to prevent too much awakening, the institution drags out Alex Jones, shoves a hand up his rear end & gets him to steer the talk away from trouble for the powers that be. That way, the asleeples feel that they're getting the right info & the things creeping around in the dark get to remain safely in power & anonymous.
Alex has now been trained so well that he no longer needs a hand up his butt & can look suitably outraged all by his little self (I bet he dresses himself too now).
Alex Jones may taste like real food-for-thinking to the general public (think cheeseburger), but I guarantee that if Alex REALLY revealed some good old-fashioned FACTS that his handlers DON'T want released, he'd be found dead in a ditch somewhere, or would just disappear from the planet altogether. Much like the USA would like to do to Julian Assange, no doubt...
Oh, & is that a 'modified pentagram' @ 1:28:05?

9 years ago

i love the commentary here, if this dvd was about russians discussing genocide as opposed to republicans doing it these liberals would be doing the big booty dance...... did this dvd make you so angry?

9 years ago

Dudes in suits kept coming on, interrupting the film, asking for me to send them my money.

9 years ago

i tend to stop every clip or 'documentary' that has a religious connotation. Saves me exposure to a lot of bulls*it. So hearing the word Church at 01:47 saved me to watch 3hrs.
Works 9 out of 10 no matter what the subject is.

9 years ago

I found this 'documentary' on YouTube, and when I saw that Alex Jones was involved in it I had to laugh.

It's fascinating & amusing that so many right-wing conservatives - by nature the most conventional and conformist social group of all - try to identify with nonconformist outsiders & radicals.

I've done a number of TV interviews with far-right types, and have always been struck by their desire to see themselves as rebels, even as they slavishly adhere to rigid religious ideology and the laughably absurd nonsense on Fox, Limbaugh, Jones, Beck, etc.

The idea that these guys are somehow independent-minded mavericks who think for themselves is pathetic, since they always do so comfortably surrounded by a support group of like-minded folks, friends family, church members, etc.

Yet when separated from their group they are almost invariably threatened, defensive and unsure of themselves and their opinions.

9 years ago

Is this a joke or what? The text is very intriguing, but when I tried to watch the documentary, ithe screen says, "This video does not exist."

Hmm... Must be a sinister plot by Big Brother to undermine my sense of autonomy and force me to submit to authority..

9 years ago

I'm glad to see that most of the people in this comment's section are able to recognize the deceptions and total BS. I saw this documentary had decent reviews so I watched a trailer. Then, when I saw some of the people being interviewed in it--I realized almost instantly that this film has no merit whatsoever. But, I was still curious so I arrived here to see what people are saying...I'll keep it short: I won't be watching this film. Thanks!

Aimee Gray
9 years ago

My father has been wrongfully incarcerated for 4 months, in Yavapai county jail. Now, because he refuses to go along with their system, the courts hit him with rule 11 and have began to give him resperdol as of 10/26/13. The drug changes the chemicals in the brain. My father is very smart, and at one point he worked 3 jobs to support us. I feel so lost!

10 years ago

this is ****. Many videoshots that must come from a atok video supplier. And then yadayada. Ok when you make documentaries so similar on many areas they grw together. They appear in eachothers documentary as an expert on the issue or to conclude information.

And that is Propaganda.

How can you make documentaries that has so very little hard fact to base its opinions which are great it size.

But you can by every documentary or pay in support.

But htis stimulates alot of people that find somehting inncluding in these documentaries. Bad against good.

And that is why conspiracy can be drawn lines to the consept of a religion.

Josh Christian
10 years ago

Yes there is mind control by the corporate state.. but this film and most like it are absolutely tools of that movement. By scaring you away from a government of the people by the people you are made vulnerable to the cult of personality and to the lure of individualism..false individualism...

10 years ago

Be Carefull when people say New World Order. Many use this term as a scare tactic to fearmonger you into resisting change, therefore continuing the status quo. This benefits the elites. The REAL NWO, advocates chage, but respect for rights

10 years ago

Its all about balance between the individual and the community. Alex Jones does this doc a disfavor because he does not believe in any community. I would say the free market, mainly through marketing, by consumerism greatly distracts our humanity toward one another. Our psych is vulnerable to such marketing, so in reality, we hardly have free choice. (Watch the move The Wave. Its a German movie. Very good and shows what this doc is trying to convey)

10 years ago

Implement some of the Venus Project for Basic Necessities. Then you are free to do as you wish, whether that be an engineer, philosopher, bum, Student etc.

10 years ago

I thought the hippie generation was supposed to save us from all that. Actually i m torn. We've been trying to organize society since the tower of Babble. Being able to work toward a common goal in unison is great. But keep your eye on the big picture!!

luis rodrigues coelho
10 years ago

I would like to highlight the facts that everything you seen in this documentary, is a result of the set of laws and precepts written in the Babylonian Talmud. If you read this infamous book, you will find that jewry considers the gentiles (us) as non-human "goyn", meaning, cattle. So no wonder Alex Jones says and quite rightly, that the ruling elites (international jewry) wants to get rid of most of the world population through eugenics, wanting to leave just some slaves in order to do some manual work the elites could not do themselves. Since the days they rejected Jesus Christ that they set a plan for world domination. They thought Jesus was coming t dominate and subjugate the world, but Jesus came with another philosophy and even stted that His Kingdom was not rom this world. So the Pharisees and rabbis had to create a book of laws where they could make all jews follow: The Babylonian Talmud. This new world order people talk about, is nothing but the coming reign of the anti-Christ. It is written in the Bible that the root of all evil is the love for money; Karl Marx state that money is the god of the jews.These enslaved the entire world with a system of borrowing and charging high interests, creating debt, accumulating with this tactic, endlss wealth; and with financial power, comes all other sorts of power. Ther game is not money anymore, since they have control of everything, all natural resources, ll banks, etc; they game at this stage is to dethrone God from the world; since they follow jewish mysticism, the gnostic of the Kabbalah, they then are luceferians and therefore they believe Lucifer is the true good god, so they need to get rid of ur true God. Thisis their ultimate goal, to force everyone to worship Lucifer as god, something satan vowed to do his best to achieve !!! Read Albert Pike(morals and dogma), Voltaire, Madame Blavatsky(he secret doctrine) or Alice Bailey(the externalization of the hierarchy) and see what they said they wanted as a priority: the destruction of the catholic church, sata's main enemy !!!

Alv V
10 years ago

If you like paranoia, this is great stuff.

Eric Schwartzentruber
10 years ago

just a thought, i really liked this and find a lot of topics i would like to look into more and educate myself....but right at the end it seems like the same hypnotism, and forced thought that they talked about, WHAT IF, this was just another experiment into the human psyche, they put a lot of pressure on the viewer that they MUST stand up, when the average person just seeks to find happiness in possession, or instant gratification....they want to watch heroes not be heroes....i firmly believe that we need to educate ourselves, don't get me wrong but similar brain wash tactics can be used in multiple applications to get results....i guess what i'm saying is question everything you see and hear and read....(I believe they also said this in the documentary)...just a thought..please comment!

10 years ago

It seems to me that some people have very little comprehension of the process of culturalisation, and thus the systematic process of indoctrination into the culture in which they exist. Hence you often hear "some" folks (no names mentioned you know who you are) ranting such nonsense as "its CONSPIRACRY" or "its MY UNDERSTANDING"..... and following some such nonsense about what they read in the news..... The thing is most people are sheep, they already thing they are individuals, they think what they have been taught in their culturalisation process has enabled them to become free thinking individuals free to occupy their space in their liberal democractic world where if they don't like something they can vote for another person to begin telling them what to do......The sad thing is these people, some of which are very well educated are unfortunately blind to the shroud over their eyes. They wont believe in anything different that threatens or contradicts their current consensual views.......of course these individuals will not change their mind as they do not want to be outside the current belief all these individuals as they like to see themselves hold on to common social beliefs and systems in which they feel they belong....they will hold on to ideas and ideals that will reinforce their ego, and thus reinforce their sense of identity within the system that they exist in. There is no arguing or debating with such individuals as they have closed ears and closed eyes and more over a closed mind and ego. They will respond aggressively towards such words as mine, they will be derogatory and demeaning, they will attempt to shout down or put down anything that is not complimentary to their beliefs. And of course like those who once claimed the earth was round people like myself will be considered heretics or modern day blasphemers. However experience and time will teach such idiots exactly what the truth is....... For now you cant wake them up because they already think they are awake, you cant show them because they think they already know, you cant teach them because they have already been taught...........and because they feel they are endowed with the knowledge to make their own decisions they feel that they are already free and individual.........However in one simple sentence I will tell you what you are " A PRODUCT OF THE STATE" or "GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT". You are registered at birth, named and numbered, educated and taught to work for money, and to aspire to have more money to alleviate your financial are enslaved to an economic system that does not recognise you the individual, but utilises the idea that you are an individual so that you compete for the limited resources that are essentially finite on this planet in order to profit from you, so that a social El Lite can maintain the status quo.
For those of you that are already on the same page as myself there is no point in seeking to change the minds of those that are in all aspects closed to knowing the truth. It is a waste of time and energy. What is more important is that those of us who are conscious of what is occurring is that we seek to change those aspects of our own lives so that we do everything to withdraw our consent from this global system. With the possibility of being designated a social or domestic terrorist as TERROR is the new mantra they spout, or being labelled a conspiracy theorist or some other derogatory term, it is obvious to anyone with an ounce of perception that the US and EU economies are mathematically designated to collapse.....It is impossible for them to maintain the current level of consumption and economic growth with such finite resources that exist. Social and economic collapse is inevitable and not a question of if but when. Those who are now reading this and preparing their own rant at me are those individuals who are going to be swallowed whole by the collapse of this current paradigm. Their "individual" sheep like behaviour has enabled them to read this and make their own unique judgement that what they are reading is rubbish, because they are informed "individuals" who read the news and have an education........ But soon they will see, truly see what they have been blind to.

10 years ago

Seemed interesting until I heard Alex Jones' voice. No thanks...

10 years ago

I know because I have not given up the right to observe and think for myself that I am NOT FREE living in America in 2013. Every day new rules are being imposed telling me what I CANNOT do on my own and what I MUST do to remain acceptable to society. It can be disheartening, yet I truly see a shift in consciousness that is reminding us of who we are as human beings, that we have value and unlimited creative power.
One Valuable Tip: BLOCK OUT ADVERTISING. And don't watch "The News." And take a look at Nature -- it's our heritage.

10 years ago

I like how it covers social engineering, but in the first few minutes "God" is mentioned; evidence of hypocrisy.

10 years ago

Bob, oh dear Bob.... I read your comments and i think you are a funny guy after all, you just wanted some attention did you? Listen Pal. its all in the docu ,I instead of looking at the medium ,I look at the message, try it sometime.

Everything you have seen in this docu, i have verified, its all searchable . So from your comments the evidence of your blindness;"[.I'm from the UK and we are free here" ] are so deep in the web there, that you found complaisance ,All nice and cuddly in your trap. Your medias are way owned , and even when they get caught you guys still keep you mouth and eyes shut.; On 911 your BBC is the network that exposed the involvement of the media in the coup.Search building 7 and the bbc reporter live

. And on all others falls flags of the last 20 years or so figure it out , from Boston to 911 , and yes even 7-7 note the awesome coincidence that all of these coup were in conjunction with so call drill.... yes you can search it and see for your self. and as far as the bankers ....again, your country was the initial and still is the point of origin of the Rothschild banking coup. "see London city".

you are on the edge of the rabbit hole and trust me it is much much deeper then you could ever imagine. history didn't start 100 years ago.after 15 years of study, not 2 weeks of youtube , i still am just scratching the surface. and the answer could not even be resumed in a 120m video. The only point i would agree on is that no one dares to offer a true solution.....maybe cause it would involve getting off our ass and do like the french ; get the guillotine out of the attic .

so while you have a tea and a cucumber sandwich , make your finger work on the keyboard and instead of trying to convince people of half truth or tell of lie or even attack Mr Jones ,who in my book is a loud mouth filled with great information ,and bless him to get paid , he uses his money to educate the sleeping mass, where the bankers ans Zionist try to put us to sleep in every sense of the word.

Anyway the net is still for now a great place for education and research....for now , so read a bit , answer your own question, stay away from the mass media and the tabloids, then come back to the table with real facts , less criticism of those who work for real human freedom. and careful of the 22 cameras you will have to be spied by on your way to the pub , free my ass lmfaos

10 years ago

An excellent documentary that gets to the heart of the most important issue of our time, critical thinking. (or to be more precise, the lack there of) I recommend this as a good starting point for those who have yet to address their own apathy.

Dick Prennoke
10 years ago

Very good documentary and more pertinent then documentaries like "The Century of the Self" and "The Power of Nightmares".

10 years ago

Another awesome documentary. Thank you!

~Oliver B Koslik Esq
10 years ago

Podium Finnish Doc!!!

0:15:30 Paraphrased:

"You can only be free of & undo your binds until you intricately understand how what binds you, does".

10 years ago

Rubbish documentary.

Yes some bad things have taken place in the past i.e eugenics, cigarettes etc

Alex Jones can not really be taken seriously....If you have NOTHING better to do for almost 2 hrs then give it a watch. The main idea is "we are not free as individuals". (whatever that means). The people in the doc don't really define anything, but just rant about "freedom" .

There is also rants about drones, cctv, state-funded education, and eugenics. The ending doesn't really conclude anything either. Waste of time really.

10 years ago

I was very intrigued with this doc within the first few minutes. Then it went all conspiracy-theory very quickly.

10 years ago

The irony is that those who obtain 'their way' will also condemn those who don't think and act as they. Those who was the old 'norm' will become outsiders. No matter what culture rises, those that think out of the new prescribed box will be ostracized. It is just a recurring circle.

There are many 'frog' pots that slowly boil away. Whomever attains the loudest pulpit will use the same methods as those who came before to achieve, to retain their sociological control.

10 years ago

the best working system consists of individuals not knowing that they're implemented into a caste....fenced in without a physical fence & a seductive carrot dangling in front of their narrowed sight spurring the belief of freedom of choice.i bow to it's devilish ingenuity as it is a simple construct with complex accuracy.