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Steal This FilmIn fighting file sharing, the entertainment industry is fighting the fundamental structure of the Internet. Steal This Film is a film series documenting the movement against intellectual property and was a talking point in the British Documentary Festival. Part One, produced in Sweden and released in 2006, takes account of the prominent players in the Swedish piracy culture: The Pirate Bay, Piratbyran, and the Pirate Party.

This film includes a critical analysis of an alleged regulatory capture performed by the Hollywood film industry to leverage economic sanctions by the United States government on Sweden through the WTO. Alleged aims included the application of pressure to Swedish police into conducting a search and seizure against Swedish law for the purpose of disrupting The Pirate Bay's BitTorrent tracker.

Part Two

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  1. Raphael Roberts

    There are three different types of pirates
    1.Protesters against holly wood
    2.Criminals trying to bootleg movies
    3.(commonly not agreed with) People who want the internet free, to get non profit as equal as the people getting billions of dollars making products.
    Besides, why feed the fire of capitalism?

  2. kyle_eamon_ahern

    "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." - Picasso
    T.S. Elliot has a similar quote.

    Its funny that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have both said this on film, yet they are the two biggest antagonists of open source. If you ask me, Bill Gates just copied, he never stole.

  3. briann gallien

    Yes I noticed the flashing messages. Why are those in there?

  4. roxy ninette

    did anyone else notice the flashing messages? like in minute 5:12, there were flashing messages that said "enjoy" and "share". hmm

  5. roxy ninette

    did anyone else notice the flashing messages? like in minute 5:12, there were flashing messages that said "enjoy" and "share". hmm

  6. Bets Mcgee

    Dear Hollywood, i promise to start paying for your movies, if you start making movies worth paying for.

  7. Annie Renner

    BANG ON SayNoToMajorLabels!! You said it all!

  8. darryl

    Americans need to learn how to F-OFF! They're always trying to police the world. Their is no international laws on the internet. PERIOD

    1. Matthew Pierson

      maybe you should rephrase that so you don't sound so ignorant. It's not americans, it's the rich people that control and run our government.

  9. duck

    What I find ironic about the Hollywood types that are complaining about their stolen movies is that the great majority are left wing to the point of being socialist and are always promoting some 'take from one person and give to the other' scheme and wonder why many people don't like their ideas. Other people's money has never stopped their way of life.

    It seams that when they are on the 'losing' side of the equation, it is a different story.

  10. Elder

    I must stop watching movies owned by greedy Hollywood industry

  11. Bianca

    Message got submitted too quickly...

    I just wanted to whine some more about how they flash every sentence word for word which is really exhausting for me some how.

  12. Bianca

    What's up with the weird subliminal messages that keep flashing mid screen?


  13. InedibleHulk

    The true counterculturist would pay $21.95 to watch this in a cineplex and eat junk food. I'm not that committed. But revolutions have to come back around someday.

  14. crhsitina

    woot woot, go go Sweden, the part about the US trade sanctions threat is amazing.

  15. SayNoToMajorLabels

    I wont loose any sleep over the financial loss Hollywood take because of piracy. Hollywood and fat pockets go hand in hand. I live in California, and when you meet or see someone that has anything to do with the industry, the first thing thats obvious is they got money.

    So what if they take a 20%-30% loss, or whatever it is. Get use to dining in more appropriate restaurants rather than dropping $500 on one plate of food. It's f****** ridiculous how much these Hollywood snobs spend. I seen an add in an upscale local magazine the other day that was offering a car wax while you relax on their beach front deck for a hour and have a cocktail. All that for a mere $450-$650. WTF???

    So f*** them and their ridiculous spending habits. On the other hand, there are some very talented music artists, who refuse to sign with a major label and do all their own work. Those artists I will support, and if i'm going to steal their music, i'll steal it from the record store myself so at least the artist still gets paid for it. Not really, but in my younger years most definitely. But major labels, f--k em'.. keep em' coming on the Bit Torrent my Swedish friends!!

    1. Dave Ace

      Brilliant!! Yes, there are more "fat cats" living OFF talent than there are talented people earning a living. Haha... NEVER take the icecream off the fat kid!!

    2. Rocky Racoon

      They get more buzz and promotion from p2p than anything else they could hope for. Those screeners for the Academy Awards don't end up on the pirate site because I put it there. It's an inside job!