Stealing Africa

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Zambia's copper resources have not made the country rich. Virtually all Zambia's copper mines are owned by corporations. In the last ten years, they've extracted copper worth $29 billion but Zambia is still ranked one of the twenty poorest countries in the world.

So why hasn't copper wealth reduced poverty in Zambia? Once again it comes down to the issue of tax, or in Zambia's case, tax avoidance and the use of tax havens.

Tax avoidance by corporations costs poor countries and estimated $160 billion a year, almost double what they receive in international aid. That's enough to save the lives of 350,000 children aged five or under every year.

For every $1 given in aid to a poor country, $10 drains out. Vital money that could help a poor country pay for healthcare, schools, pensions and infrastructure. Money that would make them less reliant on aid.

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  1. dmxi

    ya see,bono can't fix the heart of the problem...just drops on a hot stone to
    ease the conscious of the 'first world countries' do-gooders.a pity that hardly anyone makes the connection.

  2. Trevis Robotie
  3. Trevis Robotie

    Bono is a Giant for what he is doing and all he has done so far,and I believe that when you give this much,it must come from the heart......Bono tries to fix the heart of the problem as to the best of his ability(and learning along the way),if everybody,starting from the africans,could try to fix their end of this prob,Africa and all other poor countries would improve .........and the 1st world dogooders and non do make the connection but,bigger interests are involved......

  4. Christinne Radu
  5. Christinne Radu

    Bono is a marxist stooge and u are successfully brainwashed

  6. Bogdan Gherghel
  7. Bogdan Gherghel

    so you think that a world where every human has human rights and basic needs assured, such as health and education, must be an evil one?


    bono once flew a hat halfway round the world in its own seat, bono is a giant alright, a giant narcissist who somehow thinks "awareness" somehow fixes problems. tell that one to the tibetan monks who are up to 99 self immolations doing the same thing.
    If people listened and responded to bono in any way- then fine, but they dont and his campaigning is simply inflating his coke addled ego and obfuscating the discussion of issues with discussion of bono.
    if the guy really gave a sh£t he would spend his own money on the problems he cares so much about instead of trying to tell the rest of us what to care about whilst creeping up to and shaking hands with the politicking scum who cause the problems in the first place.
    f@@k bono and his fake concern, just f@@k im.
    A billionaire lecturing folk on poverty and how to stop couldnt make this sh:t up!

  10. I AM POP SLAG.
  11. I AM POP SLAG.

    17:44 Mutati of the mining company acknowledges in his own mind how he is killing his own people with the sulphur dioxide emissions- then proceeds to lie through his teeth and squirm out like a snake from under the questioners boot.
    i almost didnt watch this doc because of bono- he doesnt appear anywhere in it yet thank god and im glad i watched it- thats the problem with bono...

  12. dmxi
  13. dmxi

    thanx,short & sharp comment ....which i missed to do due to believing that those stats were common knowledge.

  14. manfruss
  15. manfruss

    Refine the justice system a wee bit as well. Other issues abound, and it would be nice to see the punishments be a bit more severe. Oh you stole 200 mil? We'll fine you 500,000. That sounds like a deal worth making several time over... please fine me... I've been bad, again.

  16. a_no_n
  17. a_no_n

    i wanted to stand up and applaud after reading this!

    Although i feel you're wrong about the cancer thing, and i'll explain why i think that.
    The snopes article you posted says that as much of that particular 'big pharma' theory comes directly from a basic misunderstanding of the science. The tests that article discusses were only ever performed in lab rats, which can in no way be assumed to correlate with human biology, Rat testing is literally the first step in any medicine and is in no way conclusive proof of anything!

    After all, the guy who found a cure to Cancer would be up there on all the same lists as Einstein, Edison, Hawkings, Hubble, Nightingale, etc...there's more to be had from curing cancer than covering up the cure...after all, people are ALWAYS going to develop cancer, technically speaking you would make a stable constant fortune for the forseeable future if you had the cure.

    Literally everything else you said though, spot on, awesome, I agree with you entirely!

  18. Meera Rangarajan
  19. Meera Rangarajan

    The single most tyrannic nation in the world is not any of the countries, you guess. It is Switzerland. With no natural resources of any kind, they invaded all over the world with their sub-terranean policies of banking and speed money. If Marcus Rich could find asylum in Switzerland, is because he believed that she will not deport him, as he will provide billions of dollars for their banking system. Glencore to succeed, Mark Rich, from Switzerland is most appropriate. Who cares, if Zambian land has become polluted or if thousands die in the process. The final part of the Glencore President making billions alone will stand out. Now, move over, Chinese are coming. Even this amount of revelation seen in the video, will not be available to public. Sufferers! Zambians and alike. My only prayer that the Africans should unite and throw out all these commodity traders from the African landscape.
    My heart weeps for you Zambia. Your country's geographical integrity and preservation of natural resources are the paramount needs for the future generations. God be with you

  20. oQ
  21. oQ

    A little story from 15 yrs ago: My friend was sending monthly payment to a child in need in South East Asia for years, she was receiving letters and photographs ect... One day she decided to go meet the child in person...well the organization just happened to change the receiver just in time before she got there, apparently something had happened to the child.

    The only way to give fully, is to give eyes in eyes hands in hands.

    give local it's better for the environment


  22. seamus watson
  23. seamus watson

    They make far more money treating the symptoms of cancer in each person, than curing each person. They are making a far greater and just as steady fortune that way. These companies are not interested in anything but the profit line.

  24. buzz2320
  25. buzz2320


  26. Faye Chang
  27. Faye Chang

    ...and the very same has happened in other countries like the Caribbean and South America. In Jamaica corporations including Glencore have been extracting bauxite for many years, and Jamaica has nothing to show for it except a few rich politicians, exploitative working conditions, environmental pollution, disease, loss of biodiversity, loss of rich farmland, loss of community, soil erosion, deforestation and disease and death - nothing in common with super clean Switzerland. Africa, the Caribbean and other poor countries were stolen a long time ago. Good and informative doc though. Thanks.

  28. MegaEasternman
  29. MegaEasternman

    It´s a well known fact that Switzerland is a country that solicits ill-gotten gains from the entire planet,so this does not come as a surprise to me.After watching this,N.Korea and Iran don´t look that bad anymore...

  30. a_no_n
  31. a_no_n

    that's because you can't actually cure's a mutation of the cells, mutations are highly unpredictable, that's why cancer is so brutal, and so hard to treat, and so easily contracted.
    Ifyou've got a problem with Private companies making money from healthcare, then I suggest you support Socialised medicine because that's the only way you're going to properly remove the balance of profit and care.

  32. Aaron Goodman
  33. Aaron Goodman

    If you want a more accurate and scholarly account of the problems which have caused a century of poverty throughout Africa, I suggest you read the book "Dead Aid" by Dambisa Moya. Additionally, she gives an interesting argument on how, economically, the colonialization of Africa is providing major breakthroughs for many of the regions.

    This doc. is bull****.

  34. JtothaP
  35. JtothaP

    How much did Glencore pay you to post this? ;)

  36. Kaz
  37. Kaz

    The west loves and always makes deal with African "leaders" who like to dress well, drive expensive cars and have villas in Europe. However, they will send in assassins to those who dare to dream in uplifting the population, Lumumba being a case in point. Accuse him of being a communist and justify killing him.

  38. hernandayoleary
  39. hernandayoleary

    Simply, untrue, I've lived in Africa and colonization is about paying no taxes, investing in extraction resources that benefit only the colonialist and ruin the nation by demanding things like free electricity. You are a banker jew and you are bull****




    That's why the best cure for cancer is to stop poisoning our nest! Between the insane production and irresponsible handling of radioactive materials and the criminal disregard for laws designed to protect the environment which provides for us all, the risk of cancer and every other deadly consequence are increasing at an accelerated rate and will continue to do so, until we destroy everything we claim to cherish. Life, love, and liberty will vanish if we don't wake up soon.

  44. sar
  45. sar

    best documentary.

  46. Indian
  47. Indian

    In India, during 1970's Indira Gandhi forced all foreign companies to sell a part of their ownership to the Indian Public by capping FDI to 49%. This ensured that transfer pricing could not take place

  48. sternhead
  49. sternhead

    14:00 Emmanuel Mutati. Look closely and you can see huge cash bonuses coming out of his eyeballs.

  50. Jacek Walker
  51. Jacek Walker

    The very sight of those greedy, money obsessed, mentally insane people made me feel sick. I stopped watching it after several minutes.

    African leaders? Stock Exchanage operatives? These two pathetic bunches of contemporary zombies fit pefectly into a lunatic asylum. They shoud be thrown in there together to enjoy their own company for ever and be never let out.

  52. Ryan Holden
  53. Ryan Holden

    Your need to defend your positions by calling people anti semitic names speaks volumes about you as a person.

  54. MilagrosGV
  55. MilagrosGV

    Sure it is your white and you benefit on the maltreatment of the orig people? Prove your point, and as an Afrikan I will prove your wrong Bring it!

  56. beastmode355
  57. beastmode355

    Damn Crooks

  58. Saz
  59. Saz

    Not going to call you names but you still talking bull****.
    If colonisation is economically good for Africa, how come the richest continent on the planet is the poorest? You trying to make yourself feel better for the poverty, death and disease that your forefathers and now you bought to Africa and benefit from. Corporations don't even pay taxes in their home countries much less African countries. They get away with it too because most of the leaders in Africa, educated at Oxford and other western universities are blood sucking leeches feeding off their own people, ably assisted by people like you.

  60. student
  61. student

    Can't enjoy this documentary. Lousy closed captions. "Of you andrea boston Mayor puts it the usually calm". I doubt this was what the narrator said. Thank you excluding Deaf students from enjoying your documentary.

  62. Willbur
  63. Willbur

    This is what the Empire does to keep itself going, take from the vulnerable and poor and load up the 1 %. Been that way since beginning of time!

  64. DustUp
  65. DustUp

    From Description: "Virtually all Zambia's copper mines are owned by corporations." Even an individual or Nation state would be silly not to incorporate any business when attorneys are licking their chompers at every opportunity. Even if it was a benevolent corp or nation. Nations are typically corporations as well.

    Any nation that depends on selling just one or two products to feed its people is corrupt. It desires to keep the people weak and those in power, strong, so they can remain in power.

    After this many years on the planet, people should realize they are far better off Not depending on govt for anything, let alone waiting on govt for something.

    Anyone who believes taxes are the answer to prosperity is lost. Taxes are taking from one group to give to the taxman who dribbles a little to the peons to buy their votes.

    Any form of Collectivism is inherently corrupt. If you think Capitalism is evil and Corrupt, fine, but that isn't actually Capitalism, it is Corrupt Corporatism, not that different than corrupt Collectivism; just who pockets the dough. However, believing that any form of Collectivism is less corrupt is a insidious collectivist school (which by definition, all govt schools are collectivist) indoctrinated fallacy, supported by the marxist media.

    If you want better govt YOU have to see to it better people are running it. Collectivists are absolutely not better people. Many have no problem killing those that disagree with their historically proven bad ideas. And many more of them would kill if they could get away with it. They believe the ends justifies the means; the philosophy that wiped out over 100 million people in the 20th century. By the way, the same philosophy that causes CEOs and their minions in corporations to wipe out people in their path.

    As far as the copper corps in this docu, their taxes should be in copper bricks set aside for the country, for its future development. Unfortunately it would be stolen or sold to pay debt they never should have borrowed.

    They could pass a law of no raw copper exports, only finished products, like wire or electric bus bars, switches, etc. thereby causing MUCH more worthwhile employment. The big boys still get their copper in whatever form they want. Win Win.

    Alaska does that with their timber. No raw log exports, has to be sawed into lumber at least, thereby employing some locals. Something that many other locations should follow.

    If people are getting sick and Bono truly cares, why not hire a lawyer for them? He might recoup his outlay if they won. Like most liberals, symbolism over substance; if long term results mattered, they would see to a good result ...which by the way would necessarily cause them to be conservative. Conservative merely means to conserve the good. That is far different than the establishment republicans who are in league with the progressives (hell bent Collectivists) of either party.

    Prosperity for the many? That comes from adding value TO the raw materials. In the past America grew a prosperous middle class by adding value to raw materials. China has followed / is following that same path to prosperity. Germany did as well. The big mistake all of them made was allowing polliticians to sink their nations into horrendous debt to buy votes (socialist programs ad infinitum). Will Africans learn not to do that? Unlikely.

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