Stephen Fry in America: True West

2008 ,    » 6 Comments
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Stephen Fry in America: True WestThe high mesas of New Mexico are the starting point for Stephen's journey through the dramatic landscapes and peoples of the South West.

The physicists at the Los Alamos Lab, who are unraveling the mysteries of dark matter, contrast starkly to the ecohouse dwellers living off the grid near Sante Fe.

Staying with the Navajo Indians in Monument Valley in Arizona, Stephen learns to weave a basket, before heading to the sublime beauty of Lake Powell, and life aboard a luxurious houseboat.

He takes a World War II Flying Fortress bomber to the Boneyard in Tucson, where 3000 military planes are eerily mothballed, before living out a fantasy by becoming a cowboy at the Old Tucson Studios.

In Nevada he meets semi-naked Mormon missionaries during their calendar shoot, and is initiated into the intricacies of brothel life by madame extraordinary Susan Austin before heading over the Sierra Nevada mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

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    Anthony Pirtle
  1. Anthony Pirtle

    I've been waiting for this! Yay!

  2. knowledgeizpower
  3. knowledgeizpower

    Watched this episode awhile back another good one loves Stephen Fry :D

  4. KsDevil
  5. KsDevil

    I just can't imagine Stephen Fry in a brothel. It's just so not him. But he seemed to belong in the desert Southwest.

  6. Jes Cervoni
  7. Jes Cervoni

    Its amazing how much he knows about...well...everything lol.

  8. sknb
  9. sknb

    Is there a Stephen Fry does the Northeast?

    Would love to see him:

    Midnight at Broadway and Myrtle (NYC)
    Saturday afternoon at the Bedford stop on the L (Brooklyn)
    Harvard Ave T stop on the B line in Allston, MA.
    Worcester, MA (And see how he pronounces it)
    Pine Forests of Southern New Jersey
    Union City, New Jersey
    One of the many lovely grow-ops in Vermont or Maine.
    The White Mountains, NH
    The South Bronx Projects

  10. Al Corrupt
  11. Al Corrupt

    Ha ha - all of a sudden Stephen Fry is all interested in the details of Christianity when there are half naked Mormon lads about. Approx 44 min in. Go Stephen!

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