Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe

Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe

2008, Science  -   181 Comments
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Stephen Hawking: Master of the UniverseA voyage through space and time with Professor Stephen Hawking. The series charts Professor Hawking's quest for a 'Theory of Everything'.

This 'holy grail' hypothesis could explain everything from the mysteries of unimaginably vast phenomena such as supernovae, black holes and dark matter, to the secrets of an infinitesimally small sub-atomic world.

A portrait of the most famous scientist in the world, Prof Stephen Hawking, and an attempt to explain his work to non-scientific types.

This excellent documentary from Channel 4 does very well to convey the basics of quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity in an easy-to-understand manner, as well as to acquaint viewers with Prof Stephen Hawking's extraordinary life, mission and character. A thoroughly enjoyable, inspiring and enlightening watch!

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  1. Hang on...!

  2. when I get 'there' I will let you know what's up !!!

  3. What if we examined the question from the vantage point of the true history of man according to Sumerian text (the first writing); that man was created by genetic alteration of anthropoid. I have 'imagined' that since the visitors lived a million years; their admixture into man's DNA causes something within man to survive death of the body; and that essence is mans' soul. The visitors gave consciousness, dexterity, reason, civilization, agriculture etc to the hu-man and man named these visitors 'gods'. Those 'gods' had their own form of religion and called their god: Creator God. The Sumerian text are the long form with explanation version of stories found in the Old Testament. Come, let us reason together.

  4. Bomba threw us up! Brilliant.

  5. Seeing such a perfectly balanced creation and denying a supreme power behind is an amazing thing, denial of god was never because of ignorance or lack of evidence, it has been always because of bride. When Satan went against God, it wasn't because he believed in science, it was just out of bride. His bride prevented him from accepting human creation. Those who refused God before, they didn't have science to believe in, they just had a lot of bride.. Refusal of a supreme power controlling man and driving him to his destiny, refusal of a designed code and a way of life. Prophet after prophet and a book after a book, and still human is repeating the same old mistake, forgetness followed by stubborness... Once he calls it philosophy, once magic, once science, while it is always the same, bride.. by the way, you go search for yourself, apply science to th last heavenly book, and then come talk about science when sience, math, and logic stun you with the clear evidence of god's existence from that book.

    1. I believe you mean to say pride... and also no. Just no

    2. I'm waiting for the day when what you're saying will be legally declared a mental illness. It's high time.

  6. Now there is this paradox you see. If there is a creator, who created the creator. Don't worry, when you lose your life you will have lost everything, but you will not suffer the loss. You will revert to that which you were before you were born. It is those left behind that will suffer your loss. Now this is the sad part.

    1. Your knowledge of what happens at death is as unsubstantiated as the beliefs of the religious.

  7. The typical mentality of man and their thought processes, no wonder man finds it hard to live amongst one another. What a world we would live in if the human brain could think 100% alike would we even have wars over religion or would the world be rife with peace and accept the fact each person has the right to choose what ever their beliefs are. The insight of one man is supposed to open our ideology to new ways of thinking, and the ideology is there for us to further expand from. I wrote this statement to hopefully make man understand his place in this cosmic fish bowl. For those many misunderstood. Explains the irony of whoever could. Perhaps the minds of madmen in solemn thought. Albeit the legacies of ideologies taught. Kudos to one of our great god fathers of science Stephen.

  8. Gods were created to explain the Unknown, and are still worshiped today for the same reason.

    I won't go into to much detail as to how I can say this with certainty, you'll have to do the study yourself.

    As a personal touch, I'd like to add that religion was a good idea at the time, however, it is much like anything else that age, ancient and should be history. The future is most certainly science.

  9. @Oliver Guendens and all the ones who agree with him: before you even say weather God or gods exist or not let us face the reality that it has not been proved yet as there is much to be discovered..... now while broadening up your mind and becoming a neutral person for, everything existing in the universe has been a result of evolution or came into existence for a reason (that is like galaxies came in existence because of dark matter and the collision of rock matter)... well we can say that universe is here because of the big bang and the big bang happened due to the existence of hyper dense sub-atomic particle... one question that arises that if everything in existence came from something, source or a result of "evolve" then how did this sub atomic particle came into existence? do you say it came out of nothing well than this sounds the most ametuer and forcely self satisfying idea of all... this is one of the merely a daily life prove i gave you becauze you seem to have no significant knowledge or else you wouldnt have been here...

    1. Read Hawkings latest book "the grand design" if you would like to know how the universe came into being. Instead of all your sky gods.

    2. i know im a bit late to the conversation but this is the problem with humans as a whole. whether god(s) is real or not does not matter its the idea of open mindedness. until we can stop closing out any possibility that doesn't fit our liking we will never know the truth. it has been said that this universe is infinite so shouldn't it also be correct in saying that the possibilities are also infinite?

    3. so how did god come into existence?

    4. He didn't. Humans simply created the idea/myth of him.

  10. what Einsten actually want to say is that ''The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” (quote also by him).. ''God'' is not material category, it's not physic - it's metaphysic - and those are two different ''sites'' with totaly different methodology

  11. @Oliver Geudens maybe something like this will satisfy your answer ''“We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library, whose walls are covered to the ceiling with books in many different languages. The child knows that someone must have written those books. It does not know who or how. It does not understand the the languages in which they are written. The child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books, a mysterious order, which it does not comprehend but only dimly suspects.” A. Einsten

  12. I am reading alot of 'tarded comments below, mostly about god. Before you talk about god come give some tangible proof he exists. Saying "oh but everything looks so intricate it must be designed!" or "there is a pattern so there must be an intelligent agent creating it!" does not count as evidence. We want to see something tangible or logically demonstrable, or else leave your god at the door before you step into the realm of science and decide to leave remarks. Thank you.

    Besides all that, I enjoy the series and admire this man for his strength and mind despite his desease!

    1. learn to spell, and if you are wrong GOD help you

  13. The 1st person to use the term, "Master of the Universe". Naram-Sin, grandson of Sargon the Great, in the year 2500BC. Seems strange that someone whom we would consider "uneducated" would use the term universe. Maybe he knew something we don't.

  14. Happy 70th birthday Dr. Hawking! I'd love to hear your lecture today on your birthday. Perhaps Vlatko can find it for us at a later date. God bless you!

    1. Charles, your gods already blessed him, he got him in his chair didn't he, she or it? almost immovable, relying on science to keep him alive and functioning so he can electronically relay us his thoughts so that we may learn. I think Hawking's would say that your god bites the big one!

    2. I don't think he'd say that, Mr. Razor. I'm still holding out hope that he'll convert/repent before he steps into eternity. I think he will, actually---but only God knows the heart. I was saddened to hear he was too ill to attend his bithday celebration in his honor today (yesterday for me). Perhaps next year.

  15. we know about perpetual machines type 1 but why it not possible to create it on a space?

  16. why their is vast diffrence in number of satelite of diffrent planets?

  17. @Dov:

    Gravitons are not particles, just a name given to be carriers of gravity, they have no resting mass at all, if they did they could "never" go the speed of light without becoming a infinite singularity.

    Do not know what to make of your post, hard to decipher. Does not come anywhere near to describe "TOE"

    Your gravity thing to me is a bit skewered. To have gravity, there must be acceleration through spacetime. According to Einstein an object moving in a straight line with uniform motion through time, at a constant velocity, means object not accelerating. If the trajectory an object follows has anything but a straight line through spacetime, means it is accelerating, that means curved spacetime.

    Einstein formulated and called this the "principle of equivalence".
    for anyone of us to feel the force of gravity which most all of us do most all the time, except if you are in the vomit comet, or in a vacuum.
    We are all accelerating, even though we may be standing, sitting, lying down, sitting in a plane, and so on.

    Since gravity and acceleration are equivalent, if you feel gravity's influence you must be accelerating.

    You and the Earth and all other things we consider as stationary are accelerating upwards.

  18. dov why are you not the no1 Professor in the world?

  19. Fixed that.

  20. Blimey Brent....pretentious.....toi?!?!

  21. @Brent:

    I still do not know what the h@ll you are talking about, but have a feeling its about ID, well you know what, talk to someone who cares, and yes, getting laid is very scientific, its not just slam bam, thank you mame.

  22. @Achems Razor

    To pray or to get laid would be un scientific. The meer fact of not knowing where or to whom my thoughts would go to would be futile. Getting laid is a archaeic, animalistic physical action is not required from scientists that are solely based on intellectual truth and enlightenment!
    I am not pi$$ed off but I am wanting you to get real! The universe speaks to us and it wants to heard but quit looking at it as what you see it as and embrasse it as an event that was given the ability to exist because it was allowed to exist! Did you hear me allowed to exist. You as a man telling something to do something. That something has to accept your commandment out of fear or love. As with anything around us. Nothing even the initial creating of itself does anything unless it is out of being told what to do or lovingly/selfishly does itself to exist. If that something is forced to exist there will be rebellion at some point unless it was told to exist with love.
    IT IS THIS LOVE, this initiating with explosions, fire and or whatever, we are ultimately talking about.
    The atoms in you and the elements in the dimensions of/in the universe have an order, pattern or law. Knowing that(Choas even has a pattern of expectancy) there must have been an initial design for beginning and the expansion of all things in the universe until that thing is depleated. And then there is even the design to recycle all that it is. NOTHING IN THE UNIVERSE EVEN BLACK HOLES ARE WASTED BUT RECYCLED...THAT IS THE INTELLIGENT BEAUTY OF THE DESIGN.

  23. @Brent:

    You sound like a P1$$ed off religee.
    Have no idea what the h@ll you are raving about.

    You better go and pray some more, or get laid.

  24. I read these responses to my rant,sorry, did not mean to rant like I did and Christian is the wrong word. I meant to relate people that believe in a creator/god. My statement was like a father watching his children, repeatedly putting a fork into an electrical outlet. If i said don't put a fork in the electrical would rebell (AS A SCIENTIST) because the outlet, itself, makes no sense the way it is designed and created! would say "daddy it is created to stick something into looks looks non threatening". Yet, it is very dangerous/deadly!

    Achems Razor??? a "play on words" for Occam's razor! Wow, to mock William of Ockham is very insulting.
    WHY? because every scientist has but a little tiny role in the broad spectrum of scientific understanding and we need to praise every person that devoted their pissy-ass, short lived lives in these scientific endevours devoting their lives for THE pursuit of truth through science.


    How interesting yet expected that all the other comments before mine did not get such a response from this glowing and intellectual AUDIENCE.

    eireannach666 A dream? you speak of this hippie logic slander? What if the dream is a Fantasy? Fantasies are induced and considered a lie. Science is NOT a lie nor a FANTASY. Therefore any dream might possibly be considered a fantasy which is a LIE!!!!!! So, how much of this science is a true dream and how much is a FANTASY (self induced)?

    STEP 1:
    Know that non of us have definitive, infinite knowledge of the universe! We were not born, singularly or as a collective group with the knowledge of definitive, infinite knowledge of the universe.
    STEP 2:
    WHY? We do not know why but we can intellectually assume there must be a rule(s), laws or walls that keep us from it!
    No matter how many humans it takes, "on the shoulders of giants" or individually, over a period of time to aquire this definitive, infinite knowledge of the universe it wouldn't matter because the universe is in MOTION. The universe is building and destroying, constantly in every dimension.

  25. @Petra:

    If you want to read some hilarious comments, see..."through the wormhole-is there a creator"... here on TDF...1,217 comments!

    Actually, the wormhole series are great docs.

  26. @Achems:

    The good ones don't all get deleted?

  27. @eire666:

    According to many worlds theory we do inhabit unlimited worlds/ realities at the same time.
    Just not tuned into the different vibrations. when we dream is a bonafide reality also.

  28. @Petra:

    Well yes, most, should say all, science docs here on TDF are spattered with the religee's, always mostly christians doing their thing, ad naseum:

    The docs on evolution are basically the same.

  29. Achems:

    Oh, I see. I didn't read far enough to see that they were getting at intelligent design. I used that site because I couldn't find the first one I saw and I didn't wanna look like a sourceless bonehead. At least I didn't look sourceless. :P


    Technically, if it walks and quacks, it could be a parrot.

    I wish I would have taken a screen shot of Brent's comment. I was going to use it in a presentation as an example of theists making negative assumptions about scientists. Everything I've found on the subject is satire. XD Do you guys know of an online source where theists, particularly christians, are just being jerks about science?

  30. @eire666:

    Ha,Ha, can't understand why the religee's hate me, they think that I am a heathen. Probably because I am (LOL)

    Dreams, have delved into that stuff in earlier years, mostly new age, in my hippie years when have read all of Jane Roberts books, "Seth Speaks" etc:, but was not alone, a lot of bonafide physics majors read the same things, and still do, as in "is this universe one big sea of energy-are we all connected?

    Or "youtube-a conscious universe-the observer effect"

    Does not mean I believe all that stuff, but look at all viewpoints.

    Yeah, where is Randy when we need him EH?

  31. @Achems

    Whats happnin' captian'? I see youve angered some people here, great hostility is my favorite habitat. Be nice if oposition actually made himself familiar with that in which he speaks upon.

    So whats your take on the idea that entanglement could allow us to consciously inhabit to realities at once. For instance while we sleep and dream we switch our dimensional perception to another part of our brain, while resting the other, pointing out that i.e. When i smell bacon in this reality as my sub or other consciousnes will also be reactive to the smell and even manafest the bacon and interact with it. Loose example sorry but do you see where im going?

    @brent (his comment is deleted)

    Why resort to name calling? Besides you dont have any idea about Q/M-T. First of all you misquoted or misunderstood mr Hawkings. And secondly , string isnt even really on the table now that weve been able to complete it and answer those questions by adding supergravity(d11) into the equation. It fits like a 18 year old gymnist , shes snug like a bug in a rug.

    So you know, mtheory is where we sit today. Which is backed up with all the supporting tested and tried visual evidence that backs string with its newest friend d11. Your behind by a few years so please update yourself instead of ranting mad into a spew of dribble and self pride driven arrogence. Besides thats not very christian like and im sure is at least two sins in one.

    Just to add a little, we fan SEE and recreate the things that support the theory of m from string. We can show you how and why. Just because we dont know where , doest hurt the theory it only says we are closer than your rediculous claim of god will ever be or ever has been. Id like you to provide some visable , tested proof for amy idea or claim , if you can and please source it if possible so i can go see for myself.

    And yes Achems , is correct , ID-creationism, creation science, and any god , religion etc is one in the same. Iys just like calling a beer a brew or a bible a last minute toiletry. Same difference. If it walks , talks, and quacks, its a duck no matter what you say it is.

    If theyre differant, prove it, Brent.

    Quoting scriptures and faith are not evidence. Only hearsay amd delusion and would never hold up if put on trial and since the claim you make is so extraordinary, id expect you got some extraordinary evidence to back yourself up , after all you made the claim so the onus is on you to provide the proof.

    But dont worry ill show you mine and let you play with it , after you whip out what you got and we all get a laugh when it cant be found.

    Go ahead, its on you now.

    Sup Randy,my friend and elder Celtic diety desolver! Missed your voice so to speak , how are you feeling ?

    Did Stephen ever pay up his arbys debt, or do we need to go pawn that suped-up hova round of his?

  32. @Petra:

    ID in case you did not know it, "IS religion", just a sneaky way to get into the creation thing, no science at all, just some invisible deity, one of the 28,000,000 gods in recorded history, bad odds to pick the right one, don't you think? I'll stick with LOTTO. I don't even bet on "Pascals Wager". Thank you!

  33. @Achems:

    I didn't see anything about religion on that site. I don't consider God a good enough reason to think we're alone. Making up scientific facts to prove that God made only us would be pretty rude. But I guess some one could have done it. -_-; People manipulate and lie too much.

  34. I don't believe in blind faith (period)

    Religion is the root of all the evil that men do.

    Not one single person on the planet can say that their god had came to and spoken to them directly. They have merely heard of their god through stories and through word of mouth and chose to believe. I used to believe in Santa Clause!!!!

    Humans are a carbon life form. We are no different than a cat with the exception of self awareness and thought. Does a dead cat live its after life amongst the gods?

    Spare me your irrational thoughts, science can and will answer all mans questions so long as man does not kill himself first!

  35. @Petra:

    Looked at your site, pure Intelligent design propaganda, this doc is about science, not religion! Religee's everywhere! (LOL)

  36. Conservative estimate of numbers of "planets" in universe.
    10,000,000,000,000.000...ten million, billion.

    Of which may be billions of "exo-planets" that support life, any one think that our planet is the only one?

  37. You don't say "this Hawking character" about Stephen Hawking. -_-; Jeeze. If anyone is going to take evidence for anything into account, it's him. Besides, the chances that there's life on even one or two other planets in the whole universe are tiny, whether or not that's what anyone wants to believe. Look it up. Probably what you think is evidence from 'far off civilizations' is just stuff the government was testing and people got pictures of. And y

  38. How can we take this Hawking character seriously when he completely ignores the vast amount of evidence that indicates we are being visited on a regular basis by people from off planet civilisations.
    He's either a complete fool who refuses to step out of his comfort zone and deal with the evidence or he knows and is part of the push for arming space, a lackey of the Military Industrial Complex.

  39. archaeobee: "though you seem to divorce thinking from science".

    No, I'm trying to connect science and religion as people not trained in religion think, that there is no method in it. And let's put this straight: I do not speak for a particular religious denomination but in the name of psychological and social pursuits known by names like organisational sciences, and kabalah.

    archaeobee: "2nd paragraph…….what the *@$& are you talking about."

    We get what we deserve :)

  40. @cairos

    Woohoo.....1st paragraph makes sense, though you seem to divorce thinking from science. I can assure you that they are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps you mean he is more theoretical than a hands-on astrophysicist.

    2nd paragraph.......what the *@$& are you talking about. Make sense old chap!

  41. Hawkins is more of a thinker than a scientist, so I don't get what is the point arguing about science versus religion. Religions are implemented 'theories of everything', they're not based on math, but what do you expect a complete scientific theory will give you? Satisfaction in life, attitude towards one another? Or maybe a pill you can swallow and become a god that doesn't exist yourself?

    This is all there is. If you can not respect this, you will not respect tomorrow, bacause the problem is not in the environment but in your lack of appreciacion of things.

  42. I'm not entirely sure why it bothers me so much other than in nearly every doc they propagate evolution. Even in the crop circle doc, they could't resist the plug on the end with the little apeman becoming human. That has absolutely nothing to do with crop circles. It's their personal bias, but nowadays, you can believe any such thing you want without reprisal, except to be a fundamental Christian believer.

    The people "worshiping" in the crop circle made me feel even more inclinded that perhaps it is a true demonic ruse. Seriously.

    Just saying, JC: The Way the Truth and the Life!

  43. @Charles B:

    Becoming more vitrolic? only to religee's, everywhere I turn there is a religee.
    What are they even doing on this science doc? Don't get me wrong, all are welcome of course, as long as, in ("my books") they do not spew there religious nonsense.

    Have a good notion to infiltrate their religious docs, and see how long I would last there. (LOL)
    Why should it even bother you Charles, you I have respect for.

    Just sayin, Carl Sagan,


  44. Razor: I think you're becoming even more vitrolic lately. I'm quite sure you will be very disappointed, but not entirely surprised when we all eventaully find out that the "religees" as you call us are right in the end.

    Smugg: Not my favorite human emotion. Humility is more pleasing to God.

    Pease to you.

  45. @Marble:

    In case you did not know, this doc is a science doc! Not a religious one!

    You could not pay me enough to watch the religee link that you gave!

    As @Smugg: said, STFU!

  46. @lastword

    No offence old chap, but it sounds like you've just been to your first philosophy class and think you know it all now!! Oh - and you contradict yourself - you say
    "the idea that god exists (without proof) is untrue, and the idea that god does not exist (without proof) is untrue. both ideas are neither true nor lies"
    How can something be untrue....and then "neither true nor lies" (sic!!!!)?

    Of course we need to debate about the existence of god or not - human beings are naturally inquisitive and want to understand things from the great matters of science and philosophy to the mundane.

    Just because you don't like debating - or simply just thinking about things - doesn't mean that other people shouldn't. atheist defending religion!!!!!!

    Well not really - just defending against the moronic holier-than-thou attitude that some of the agnostics spout. If that means standing with some slightly nutty religious typesthen so be it.

  47. @Laura:
    When you believe in things that you don't understand,
    Then you suffer,
    Superstition ain't the way.

    ~ Stevie Wonder

  48. very interesting

    an excellent doc

  49. YOU canNOT prove to me that God exists...and i canNot prove to you that God does not exist. so going around posting comments about god existing or not existing is ignorant. you want to believe that god exists, then think it to yourself don't spread an idea Without proof.

    the idea that god exists (without proof) is untrue, and the idea that god does not exist (without proof) is untrue. both ideas are neither true nor lies. pretending to have the answer and spewing sh** on comment areas is moronic.

    you look at all the proof for an idea and decide for yourself. don't let others make the decision for you and don't make the decision for others.

  50. Laura4
    There is only one person who deserves the title of ‘Master of the Universe’, That person is the actual Creator of the Universe, Jehovah.

    Q&A with brain fart Laura4.

    Is God a person?

    if heaven is above, where is it twelve hours from now?


  51. This is one of those that I didn't want to delete from my DVR. I loved the story about Bubba. :3 But really this is supposed to be a discussion about the video, not about why x person is an ignorant fool. -_-;

    1. If you don't agree with the video, don't watch it. If you watch it anyway for some reason, go away. Don't bug anyone by making religious folk look like mindless brats.

    2. If you're religious, it's okay to believe in science. When did God ever say "Thou shalt not explore what I've given you"? Don't throw a fit and decide there's no evidence every time something rubs you the wrong way.

    3. If you aren't religious, don't insult the ones who make fools of themselves in the name of religion, or they'll think science is only for 'atheist jerks trying to make themselves God'.

  52. why argue with a religious? there s no reason in religion, so no chance of rational thoughts...
    christians,ebrews,muslims,hindus and whateverists comin here to write their B.S. is very pathetic. go and make your videos with your points clearly explained ( if you can ). and then i ll be glad to hear what u have to say. but untill then please SHUT THE FUC>K UP!!!

  53. how come that no constructive argument ever comes from religious people? all they do is writing down what they re told. I bet there is a plan to invade and spam comment boards on scientific videos.

  54. Wow - @ carios. I really have no idea what you meant - and no offence old chap, but I wonder if you do too.

    The first bit makes no sense. In the second you question whether there is a conflict between religion and science while also questioning the intellect of the laypersons commenting on this page.

    Of course there's conflict. Not armed - that happens between religions/ideologies with the extra spice of obtaining new resources (oil.....!!!!!). But the religion/science debate is more vitriolic in certain places. In Britain we have the fluffy Church of England and here you're right, there is a large degree of cooperation between all religions - a desire simply to get on.

    But as Zizem rightly pointed out, where the absolute literality of the bible is upheld there must be conflict between science and christianity. The same goes for any religion with fixed dogma. The most publicised place where the conflict is occurring is America, but there are other places too.

    Questioning our intellect is a bit of a cheap shot. You have to admit that your faith is nothing more than that - a belief, with no more evidence for that belief than a large book which (in part) tries to explain things that couldn't be explained at that time. Actually it's nothing more than a codification of a whole load of documents and beliefs, many of which are contradictory - like gathering up the last 50 years of the Daily Mail.....imagine trying to understand the history of Britain from that!!!!!

    Respecting your beliefs is good manners, and you're not stupid because you believe. Similarly we are not stupid because we question............


  56. Other than this Science vs religion discussion. I was wondering for a while about the explanation of string theory explanation in regards to gravitational forces. Since gravitational forces seems to be much lesser in our dimension, it is thought that the gravitational force we see in our dimension is only a component of actual full force and the other portion are affecting other dimensions which we cannot reached.

    that seems abit weird then how come only gravity alone is the major force that would be affect in other dimensions. Is that mean in the other dimensions there would be very heavy gravitational force and wont have much of the other forces.

  57. Many say that Prof. Hawking is overrated,but i dont think so. He was only noticed because he tried to unravel the big questions.

  58. @carios
    Have you ever heard of creationists?
    Or what about the people who tortured Galileo?
    When religion sticks its foot in science things usually turn bad.

    The bible as a book has some disgusting ideas about morality including killing homosexuals(Leviticus 20:13, Stoning misbehaving children to death(Deuteronomy 21:18-21.)
    Frankly the idea of infinite punishment for finite crimes is despicable.

    I will respect your right to hold beliefs but i will not respect the beliefs themselves

  59. It is easy to respect the belief system of somebody you do not respect personally, as his intellectual knots are in your advantage.

    Now tell me more about the clash between science and religion. I mostly see cooperation and I'm stunned by display of ignorance by the laypersons as demonstrated on this page. Do you think there is more substance into this than just undereducation? Letting them be in their antisocial ignorance or as you say it - respecting their belief that we, the believers, do not deserve to be respected?

  60. Hehe.

    'Codification' is not really a very long word - I'm sure you use the occasional one too. And one thing you cannot accuse Stephen Hawking of is being a scientific fanatic. He is a good - no, brilliant - scientist who has engaged millions with his ideas. Shame you don't want to get involved in exploring these issues - things like this are what make humanity interesting. It's certainly not boring - OK it can get pedantic - but it really is not crass (unless you find thinking crass).

    I totally respect your beliefs and that you don't want to enforce them on others. It's refreshing. However you are wrong in one thing; religion has/is/and will crash with science. Certainly looking at America from across the pond there is clear evidence of conflict - and not just there.

    For me an important word used by most of the christians posting on this site is 'believe' - belief is not knowledge, it is hope or faith. It cannot be demonstrated except by analogy with things that either cannot yet be explained or things that have alternative explanations (scientific or religious). Let's face it, I believe Brentford are a brilliant footy team and that I've got a good chance of getting the girl I fancy in Neath - that doesn't mean I'm right!!!!

    I'm quite lucky in that my profession (archaeology) gives me quite a perspective on time and christianity is a very recent religion (less than 2000 years - a bit older than Islam) and is made up of lots of fragments from other religions. A sort of pick-and-mix. This is true of most religions of course - current ones and most probably ones we know next-to-nothing about. Picking and mixing's fine I suppose but it does tend to invalidate the belief structure. If it comes down to just 'being good' then christianity has no monopoly on that and never had. Might as well become Wicca - it's probably more fun!!

  61. Thanks @Vlatko for posting. I have enjoyed this documentary. But they always cut down on the physics so much XD.

    In the midst of all these arguments about science and religion, which is not getting us anywhere. I would like to say that science is science. And there is a limit to which science can give us. Science is very good at telling us How things works, How the laws of physics governs the universe. And things are proven if they can be repeated. And it is very possible that science can even tell us how the universe is formed and how it all started. However, we must realise that Science cannot tell us why we are here, and the purpose of life. This is not something that science is able to find out. This is what religion can answer.

    And I believe that the bible is the word of God. He is the creator of this universe, the creator of the laws of physics that governs this world. The cause of everything. God doesn’t always have to work using miracles. In fact He can and does works through the natural things. Thus, science is not in a crash with religion, the Theory of evolution is not against Christianity. I believe the two things are compatible with each other. They can go together. Since one tells us how things works (science), and the bible tells us why it happened.

    Anyhow, I do not want to enforce my belief on others as some suggests. But I do encourage people to think about the purpose of life, the purpose of our presence. And to not let science alone rule over us.

    Once again Thanks @Vlatko for posting. And I am not trying to create arguments btw. At least that’s not my aim.

  62. For me religion and spirituality are sciences in the popular meaning of this word and in this perspective posts of Ramus and Moe can only be understood as personal attacks. They illustrate their intellectual sophistication, their personal sovereignty and above all the sad general state of religious education. Which is of course great for the business of religious education. Thank you.

  63. Fools.

  64. You would think after all these years how science has crushed one religiously held belief after another people would wake up. Take a simple thing as when a person sneezing and somebody says bless you. Long story short, people (religious of course) once believed demons made people sick and saying bless you was thought to help you recover because it was getting rid of the demons. Goes to show how foolish people with a belief without proof or evidence to support it will do. Funny how they never bring up things like that. They just go to the next unknown and claim god as the answer until science does it's crushing thing again. The real sad thing is naive people will go along with it and still try to defend it even after we have the answer.

  65. I wish the religious wouldnt keep invading science forums (why did you click on the link if you dont believe in science?). As an athiest you dont see me going onto religious sites preaching god isnt real. If you want to believe in something, fine, just dont shove it down peoples throats who arent interested. Religion gave something to the masses because they had no understanding of the cosmos, now it just gives false hope of redemption to the gullible.

  66. What is mind?

    Never matter!

    What is matter?

    Never mind!

    Codification blah blah .... big fancy words, can people both of science and religion stop talking as matter of fact?

    Its boring, pedantic and crass. The arrogance of Scientific fanatics equals religious fanatics perfectly.

  67. Blimey - most of you are pretty serious!!!

    About religion I mean. I'm not sure it's a very safe thing you know.

    Religion is simply a codification of a set of beliefs. Nothing more, nothing less - hence the different flavors within a set belief system (how can there be a truth when there are so many competing ones!?!?!?!). These beliefs are a (very human) way to try and understand things that are at that time unexplainable.

    We accept as rational things that 200 years ago would be fantastic and mystical. And naturally in 200 years time we will understand far more and some things that are regarded as mystical and fantastic now will become mundane science fact.

    The beauty of true science is the acceptance that we are still learning - that there are no absolute truths, just an increase in understanding.......and that is why Stephen Hawking is the dog's b@##$%&* (sorry....'really good' to all the non-Brits out there); he has that childlike awe of the act of discovery and the desire to find out more.

  68. ..ahem

    @anshuman- '"come down" to save you' ..and you'd suppose i have a fireman's pole i come sliding down every time there's an emergency and people start praying, come down from where my friend? ..kailash parbat perhaps.

    @laura- god bless you, a little knowledge but they say can be a dangerous thing. i'm not a person. i am a people, i am everybody

    i am you
    i am bramhan
    Tat Tvam Asi

  69. @everyone.
    Why do u argue guys? The holy books revealed by God already gives the evidences of travellin thru time with a speed greater thn light. U can verify it in Quran and Veda. So wots new if somebody is strugglin for it? And to hawkings, all the best dude. :)

  70. Mike: people are as misaducated today as they ever were; I suggest you to see it as an opportunity. Another step on your road to happiness is fixing your vocabulary; modern people like expression "mother nature" better than "holly father". Theology is now called "quantum mechanics" and the doctrine of the faith is "democratic freethink". Pope is still a pope and everything else are minor details.

  71. I hear people all the time say "there is no GOD" or that God did not make the heavens or earth. But yet atheists scientists,are realizing through their research; that information of the past is incorrect. And that they are changing their minds about how the earth and universe was created. God cannot be explained because the creation does not have the capacity to know the mind of his Creator. It saddens me when I see the smartest men and women in the world, who have spent so much time and money trying to prove that there is no GOD.... But as for me; every inch of my being knows that there is a Living GOD, a Creator of all things. Not because man can prove that He exists or how HE created our world, but I believe because they can't prove that he does not exist.

    1. Can you prove that God does?

  72. an explosion disperses matter over an area.the more powerfull the explosion the wider the dispersion.the heat of a powerul explosion can transform elements and create new ones.

  73. its a game of chance.... like life... or sad to say gamble
    if you don't put a bet... you don't have a chance of winning or achieving anything...

    if you bet to believe in a God(the true God) not referring to Jehovah... you have a chance to receive something...

    if you do not believe in God.... may be you don't have a chance to gain anything....

    we're all living in morally, rule and, laws of society. a

    its like living with a God... and its more greater...

    society is corruptible. but not God...

    God Bless.. Jesus(love)
    peace and love

  74. Awesome & mind blowing stuff. However, it Creation is something that, in my humble opinion, will never be solved. - Some things are best left untold!

  75. when we are children we look to our parents as our masters and our comforters.this is a need that becomes implanted in the brain. back in human history when we had less scientific understanding this need gave rise to god so the adult{child withen us all}still had a comfort zone.

  76. I must say everyone here is quite fired up about this whole thing. I think that fanatical persons going into "zealot mode" on either side of an argument don't paint a good picture of humanity in general. By nature a fanatic's comments don't represent his/her community correctly, right? There are level headed, reasoning Christians. There is such a thing as a non-militant atheist and not all scientists enjoy religion bashing. I just wanted to remind people that it is important to keep from generalizing if its possible to be specific to the argument. I think we agree on that? I don't think anyone likes when someone is telling them the way they think is wrong. Whether you are answering the door to a religious group or being attacked by the many forum flaming "trolls" it holds true. I wish I had gotten to comment on this earlier. I feel like I missed some opportunities at some good input.

  77. @ Cairos

    Sorry, not to offend, but I really have no idea what you're talking about. Please explain...

  78. @cairos

    Dont need it. I despise the law of society and all who use it as a justification of intelligence. Just like all money isnt good money , so is all help , or advice.

    I was looking for scientific law , not law of the manipulation of words.


  79. eireannach666: I can give you legal advice for 150 € per hour. Please contact me privately.

  80. cairos

    Law? Who's or which law?

  81. læst: excrement in a crowded room is an insult. Those that do not agree should pick it up, move it in their own places and admire it there. And if you don't know about ethics - you're breaking the law too.

  82. Oooh, the room was pitch black with some HellFIre there for a few minutes...hmmm.
    I couldn't make a trip down to the store, so I've replaced the blown fuse with a penny.
    But let's not rely on the penny as a permanent fuse.

    Somebody, on yer next trip into town, grab a package of fuses, and a box o' feminine napkins "fer the lady". I'll reimburse ya. Thanx.

    Joe aka DancingSpiderman

  83. Stop spewing your non-logical religous humbug people!
    It should be EVIDENT that this is a place of scientific

    The "god syndrome", is nothing but a rush of chemicals in your zealot ridden brains that tells your nervous center to give pleasure/hallucinations/relaxation/hapiness. IN FACT relatively new studies show that the chemical reactions going on in a religous fanatics brains are almost identical to a junkies brain on heroine. What does this mean? Your addicted to the concept of god, so much in fact, that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to snap you out of the divine psychosis you suffer from (Remember the saying: Insane people don't know their insane).
    @ Laura
    Thank you for smearing your religous views on a comment section for scientific discussion! You godfreaks keep demanding respect and your nonsense to be taken seriously- I say,what about us who do not want to hear about your Jesus advertisements? Shouldn't you be respectful enough to hold your tongue? How would you feel if I advertised Darwinism or any other form of science that teaches reason at your local churches forum?

    Religion isn't the opiate of the masses, it's the placebo of the masses.

    Let's keep this board CLEAN from now on, no more HUMBUG! I repeat:
    NO MORE HUMBUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. @Achems who wrote:

    "Women are like QM, if you think you know women, you do not know women at all!"

    Indeed! They are a wonderful mystery that must always be puzzled out! Men are easy.

    If you had my full name, you could google me, and you would find me to be a gay porn star, (um... no...), or you might find an interview I gave to my local newspaper about my business.

    I try very hard to keep a very low internet profile, because I know the risks.

    But, seriously, if anyone wants to come to my house and engage me, they would find me more than adequate to their advances, even with my MS!

  85. Don't know if I hit the notification button.

  86. Watched this doc. quite a while ago, might as well get notified.

    What? is everyone looking for broads?, sorry meant women, (LOL)

    Women are like QM, if you think you know women, you do not know women at all!

    Oh, and @ Randy, just to let you know your name was brought up in conjunction with mine, on Apollo Zero here on TDF. With utter lack of respect from Peter Carson.

  87. Adios. I will re-format my computer tomorrow.

  88. 5 comments in moderation. lol.

  89. @Everyone

    Evolution will teach you everything you need to know about women. Women are a subject of study, like anything else in life. Study history, biology... know their minds, know that they are wired differently than you.

    And, Epi_Logic, I know people. I remember everything you ever typed, I just KNOW you...

    But, I think you need to procreate. I think you are a good man.

    (And use my words anytime you want, I am honored!)

  90. I am not kidding @eirecannach666. somethings up here...

  91. @EpiLog

    Dont feel bad brotha , I got the woman-issue going on too.

    We should go to Amsterdam and get us a hooker.

    Just kidding.Or am I?

  92. @Randy. This is strange. Please elaborate on ' i see all'.

  93. I see all, my brother...

    Good luck to you!

  94. @Randy. This is gonna sound crazy. Unless...well... hmmm. I'll just spit it out.

    I have been wanting to ask you for some advice for updating my internet dating profile but i have been embarrassed to ask. You know that i respect your way with words.

    Now is the weird part... Just before you re-posted the Hawkins story i copied and pasted it (sorry) to my favourite books section and within a minute you re-post it??? WTF???

  95. "How dare ye question the word of the almighty Hawkins!"...

    @Randy: Your not helping here ^^

  96. Epi_Logic,

    Yeah. I just thought people needed to lighten up a bit. I mean, when you are up against the Master, (Hawking), you have nothing to say.

    None of us, know as much as he. Just give it up.

    But to YOU, I can say, you will always have woman problems, but that is great! That is LIFE!

    Good onya, Mate!

  97. Wow. You are good! I am amazed. Why did you post that again?

  98. My only problem with Hawking is simply this: that little crumpled-up-genius owes me 25 dollars!

    It was last year sometime. There I was, walking the campus at Berkley, where Steve had been doing a lecture tour, and from behind me I hear this whiring sound.

    I turn around and there he is, buzzing up behind me in his souped-up “hover-round” and he says to me in that electronic voice, he says, “Dude. Let. Me. Get. 15. Bucks. To. Score. Some. Arby’s…”

    I was like, “Man, you still owe me 10 from when I was at Oxford LAST year, and you needed Arby’s! What is it with you?”

    Well, you know Steve, right? He gets those puppy dog eyes and you just can’t refuse. The man loves his Arby’s!

    A world-class, solid-gold genius, but… a bit of a moocher…

    (that was a little joke to cheer up Epi_Logic, who is having girl problems… no disrespect intended to one of my heroes, the great Stephen Hawking!)

  99. I have said earlier that this discussion is ultimately pointless, but I'll go a bit further about why: it's not actually taking place. The whole faith vs science thing(or faith vs fact) is a battle that cannot even logically be had in the first place because accepting anything without undeniable proof automatically makes you an outsider to any related scientific discussion. Basically, I can accept your right to believe, but I reject your right to join a conversation from which you've excluded yourself before it even began.

    *Note that this is not directed at anyone in particular as ppls still posting here seem to keep an open mind.

  100. aiaiyo,

    Yeah, I enjoying watching Dangerous Knowledge every now and then. Multiple classifications of Infinity, yep, that blew my mind also.

    What'll blow the minds of Scientits is when there will be proof positive that Time is in fact a multi-dimensional phenomenon... at that point many but not all of the missing blanks will be filled in Physics.

  101. haha, that's quite a compliment. Thanks, Joe!

    having finished watching the whole doc, I wanted to say this is some great stuff. It really is amazing when we look at the bigger picture of the world we live in. All the mysteries and unquantifiables in our universe made that much more exciting and mindblowing through the eyes of a genius like Hawking.

    Something I saw in another documentary on this very site comes to mind. I think it was the mathematician Cantor, who literally went insane, trying to come up with a formula that would explain god, I think. (He was religious by the way.) At one point in his pursuit, he discovered that there are various levels of infinity! Isn't that crazy? It was for ME! There I was thinking that finite and infinite is a binary concept... and to find out that there are various degrees of infinity?! INSANE!

  102. aiaiaaiaiyo, (Extending yer name, there, THAT was sarcasm BTW),

    No sarcasm; I am learning from you.
    I really do commend your stream of thought in your comments.
    So much better than most.
    I usually don't read comments that are longer than 10 lines worth, but I'd read yours.

    I'm glad there are people who actually do take the time and make the effort (for free, even) to share their POV about what they understand a certain aspect of the World to be.

    Have a great day, aiaiaiaiaiaiyo

  103. Dancingspiderman: Thanks. I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic. But I didn't mean to make it sound like a sermon. I guess I should have put a big "I think..." in front of my comment.

    All the comments here could be classified into 3 categories. Believers, non-believers, and those that are commenting about the doc :P...kidding. But I can see what Insomniac and Cairos are saying. But I also see that both their opinions overlap in some ways. I agree with Insomniac in saying that religion no longer adds any value to the advancement of the world's welfare in general. But I also agree with Cairos in saying that there is a fine line between religion and science... in the sense that they both create a passion in a person to strive for something. At one point in our history, religion did drive new discoveries. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Leonardao da Vinci a religious person?

    But is that good enough to warrant for religion to exist in our society? I personally don't think so. Best way for me to explain religion is like this: When a few people got together and talked about our origin and the world and their spiritual experience, they were like "Oh wow, this is great. WOuldn't it be neat if everyone was involved in talking about this and sharing this experience? Let's create a club!" Wrong...bad idea. Although their intentions were noble, it wouldn't work. Because as soon as they did, their need for UNITY created a need for structure....then came the rules and regulations. Sure, it had some positive resluts. But the negatives overshadow the positives...big time. In the end, all it creates is an "US vs. THEM" atmosphere. Religion has become "The way" instead of "a way". Too much passion creates extremists.

    And this isn't restricted to religion alone. I also see exremists in science. Science extremists try to measure every thing. They base their entire beliefs on the religion of rationale. If they can't see it, hear it or measure it, they don't pursue it. True, in order to confrim the existence of something, we should be able to measure it. But some things in this universe need an irrational first step to understand it. And just like in quantum mechanics, the closer we get to the truth, the more irrational it seems. It's a weak arguement, I know. But commenting on the complex wonder of the universe, someone here said that it takes someone like Hawkings to "even bigin to formulate the question in math terms, let alone give an answer". I disagree. I think that's the kind of extreme in science that I am talking about. A kind of extreme that is in any group... a viewpoint that holds that some of us are incapable of some things just because we don't belong to that group. Hawkings is an amazing human being. But I don't need to have his mathematical mind in order to ponder and appreciate the infinite nature of this universe. THe infinite is more than just numbers. I see it in nature, I see it in art, I see it everywhere.

    I don't mean to sound preachy... but I just want to point out that I see 2 general viewpoints that are arguing against each other in this forum... but there is a common ground to your arguements. Let's just agree to disagree.

  104. Insomniac, social sciences are sciences, and religion is a social science. Vatican is a state. Separation of religion and state would be an absurd idea, if it wouldn't have ... an unspecified agenda. Religious terminology and inventory is baroque, because it comes from another age, it's educational system is separated from the democratic state, but it's operations mostly work. You do not see it because it is omnipresent just like fish do not know they're living in the water.

    Faith is a very important factor. How do you know that your results are repeatable? You know they are not! You just _believe_ there is a space-timeframe where they are. How do you know your wife is not cheating on you? You. Do. Not. Believeing, estimating and predicting is exactly that - having faith in the material and social context; call it nature or akasha or god or whatever you like.

    Aiaiyo pointed out some interesting facts, but to stay on topic somehow I'll just say that most if not all of the revolutionary science comes out of religion. Because religions are ancient organizations and they gathered more information than what's in the prayer book. And because their theories are very abstract and encompass more than movement of the matter. I do not claim that you will become a great thinker by visiting the sunday mass, heh.

  105. @ aiaiyo,

    Thank you. I learned from your explanations in your comment.
    It was a heartfelt "good one" sermon for me.

  106. I think it's important to realize the difference between religion, and spirituality. It's my personal opinion that religion is the result of spirituality misused. Religion seeks to enlighten the world with a set of exclusive rules, theories and rituals. However, at the core of some religions, there is a science of of the cosmos. This is spirituality. It's not the same as physical, chemical or any other type of science that is academically pursued. There are no rules or theories governing the methodology behind it. There are no repeat experiments to confirm results. In this way, it is very different from actual science. Yet it is similar to it in the sense that there is never a point where everything is known... it is a continual pursuit of truth. Spirituality has more in common with science than religion. Religion assumes that everything is known. It is arrogant.

    My point is... don't mistaken the messenger for the message. Because, underneath the thick layers of religion, there is truth. This truth is this science of spirituality. Hinduism is a great example. Underneath the pervertisized (not sure that's a word), ritualized, humanized, and socialized layers of Hinduism, there is a world of mythos and symbolism and metaphors that is in parallel with quantum science. It paints a picture of atoms, molecules and space with deities and demigods. They are revealed as art forms...stories and poems. Their aim is not to save the world... their aim is to decipher the world.

    I'm not saying spirituality should replace science. I think spirituality is an alternative to science. Science seeks to understand universally... while spirituality seeks to understand personally, through the self. Of course, science is more practical and more external. Spirituality is also practical, but it is internal because there is no set of theories to govern it. It is impossible... because everyone's theory of the universe will vary according to personal experience.

  107. WHat one says isnt all opinion. Example: The sky is blue (or perceived as blue).

    Your entire last post seem to revolve around one word: theory. I am honestly quite tired of this word being overused whenever science and faith collide. Anyone who says science is a theory has no understanding of how science works. It ADVANCES by theory, scientists try to guess how things work and THEN do experiments to prove they are right. If they find conclusive evidence that they are wrong, they simply move on to another theory. If they dont, THEY ARE NOT SCIENTISTS.

    If what you mean by "immaterial research" is the search for spirituality or a higher power or anything of the sort, the comparison makes no sense because you CANNOT look for something when you dont know how to look, where to look, or even what to look for. Hence faith.

    Now the opinion part: Faith is what you seem to be defending here (correct me if im wrong) and I honestly cannot be more strongly agaisnt that concept. Religions did serve their purpose earlier in history. They not only unified us and played a big part in beginning civilisation, they brought us out of the dark by giving us answers to questions that couldnt yet be answered, allowing us to concentrate on more vital issues. But we have come to a point in our history where we are starting to find the real answers to questions we used to answer with blind faith, and too many are in denial. This wouldnt be a problem if religion didnt play such a large role in politics not only on a national but on a world scale. I can deal with it if religion and science clash, because I know we will eventually evolve out of this. But science clashing with politics is dangerously counter-evolutive.

  108. Hey, thanks for replying and I'm glad you are well. Everything I write is my personal opinion, and so is yours. There is no god of scientists who consults them all and merges their theories into a cohesive whole. There are editors of scientific journals, and they are christians, masons and buddhists. Everything is in the eye of the beholder, theos + ora = theory. I wouldn't close an eye on the arts of our mothers and fathers, life of a flower without roots is so short.

    I'm not really defending religion, it's only the most communicable word in this particular case. But I firmly stand behind the idea that undertakings in material and immaterial research are propelled by the same sincere human interest. How much they are holy true or aligned to a certain popular theory may not be as interesting as how much they are applicable and profitable. As a matter of fact, if a thing is very unpopular but hugely profitable, you scored it double at least.

    And did you know that ego is a social construct and only recently boosted out of proportions? Think about it, we are your friends.

  109. @cairos: 1- Your first statement may look like it has deep spiritual meaning but it is merely an opinion based on how you personnaly view the world. Knowing how the flower blooms brings me much more satisfaction then just knowing its there.

    2- Your second statement, comparing the evolution of religions to technological and/or scientific advancements(in this case the wheel) is absurd. Religion is an explanation for everything we cant explain yet. It cannot be compared to science because it is the exact opposite, hence this whole "discussion".

    3- "they’re standing at the end of time grabbing this same god by the balls"...colorfull...but the fact is, saying God doesnt exist is just as absurd as saying he does. No one in the scientific community is trying to grab God by the balls as you say, because affirming or infirming anything without factual evidence makes you lose all credibility. This idea that scientists are out to get God is simple ignorance.

    4- I am very happy about the fact that ultimately our existence seems futile. If everything was really riding on us id be a bit more panicky about the whole thing.

  110. Insomniac: everything you said is sound and I think you're on the edge of discovering that the answer you're looking for lies within you and stretches over your close environment. Putting intellectual effort in biologically proving that a flower really blooms will never get you certainty and satisfaction of merely seeing this flower from appropriate distance.

    I agree with you, modern religions are blasphemies. But transportation on wheels would not suddenly become worthless if your car broke. And not only are religious people selfish in thinking god has put them in a privileged position, more so are those who think they're standing at the end of time grabbing this same god by the balls. Science, rational thinking or whatever you choose to call it is of limited applicability and a religion by itself. Please mix with people in cognitive sciences, quantum mechanics etc. and you will see clearly that they are just newagers trying to mold their beliefs into mathematical formulas. Just like before, it's only that zen and kabala are today more in vogue than christianity and occultism.

    The world to me seem beautifully intertwined and I am happy about it. Are you happy about things seeming futile? Maybe some middle pillar exercise would help, heh?

  111. To the Insomniac,

    Here, here !! I totally gree with your comment. The futility of the wastage and misappropriation of time/effort/money/emotion when there are SO many earthly problems requiring a solution.

    "Therefore, arent all religion anything but blasphemy?" And yet, we kill in riot rage reaction to our beliefs, and then, we die.

  112. I've read through this whole conversation and it just seems futile. It is not futile because either side is right or wrong or because neither can ever prove anything, but simply because the answer is of no consequence. Given the enormous forces at hand over such unimaginable time-frames, and considering the sheer amount of galaxys/stars/planets in the universe making it is almost statistically impossible that we are alone, it seems obvious that our existence will never have any noticable effect. IF there is a God, it is most likely that we are of no importance to him. Basing aspects of your life on such beliefs (or non-beliefs) is simply quite trivial, but if you choose to do so, consider this: IF God exists, it is beyond anything we could ever possibly imagine even in our wildest dreams, and defining it without actual evidence, saying it is such and such way to serve a purpose no matter how noble, is an insult to its existence. Therefore, arent all religion anything but blasphemy?

  113. In a multidimensional world, If gravity is weakened by leaking into other dimensions, What happens to the other 3 force? would they also leak into extra dimensions and become somewhat weaker?

    said"why is it that it is so much easier to convince people of something…when there is evidence of it?"
    Well dude , I have to say that this question just proves every religious doubt in my eyes to confirm itself.

    This is called faith for the religious but delusion for the science community.

    If there is evedince proving something , it kind of adds a little credibility to its existence.

  115. That Horsey-Sauce tastes great on those Arby's Regular Roast Beeph sammiches.
    Unfortunately, Hawking's scandalous photos of him drooling Horsey-Sauce would show up on the TMZ TV show and the National Enquirer mag.

    I LVOE this docu on Steven Hawking. I do believe it was too early in his life to be putting out a biography doc, especially given his own docu contribution about ET alians which made the news recently. This bio film was extremely insightful, especially the parts about his ex, the groupies, the moocher live-in helpers (knowing about them got me very angry), and the details shared about his personal life in general. Thank you for putting this docu up.

    See how I did that?!? I converted this post from my typical YouTube rant into a meaningful yet simple critique of this film.

    I've noticed at the major big-box bookstores that there are WAYYY too many biographies written about people who are far too young, and have so much more to contribute to society. Bio writers: Please wait until the subject is at least 80 years old or deceased before you begin compiling info for your book. The result will be a more meaningful product, a book that you can be proud of. DON'T DO what you currently do now. Miley Cyrus, or Obama for that matter, DON'T NEED a damn biography just yet.

  116. Thanks Randy, you know how to make me laugh. In London we also like to cultivate a healthy irreverence to the great and the good.

  117. @Randy

    HA!HA! Dude , that put tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard.

  118. My only problem with Hawkings is simply this: that little crumpled-up-genius owes me 25 dollars!

    It was last year sometime. There I was, walking the campus at Berkley, where Steve had been doing a lecture tour, and from behind me I hear this whiring sound.

    I turn around and there he is, buzzing up behind me in his souped-up "hover-round" and he says to me in that electronic voice, he says, "Dude. Let. Me. Get. 15. Bucks. To. Score. Some. Arby's..."

    I was like, "Man, you still owe me 10 from when I was at Oxford LAST year, and you needed Arby's! What is it with you?"

    Well, you know Steve, right? He gets those puppy dog eyes and you just can't refuse. The man loves his Arby's!

    A world-class, solid-gold genius, but... a bit of a moocher...

    (that was a little joke to cheer up Epi_Logic, who is having girl problems... no disrespect intended to one of my heroes, the great Stephen Hawking!)

  119. wow, beutiful statements littleplanet,

    'it still brings me back to memories as a kid, trying to wrap my mind around the idea that either somethings goes on forever' and

    'the answer to that simple childish wondering'

    These are the question we all ask as kids and it takes someone of Hawkins magnitude to even begin to try and answer them. Even then he is not able to give a complete answer. It reminds me of my studies of number theory where a simple question like, is there a pattern to the primes? has an answer that is so difficult to answer that you need a P.h.d to even begin to formulate the question in maths terms! let alone give an answer.

    be well sir

  120. Pretty heady stuff: no matter how complex the presentation, it still brings me back to memories as a kid, trying to wrap my mind around the idea that either somethings goes on forever...or it stops, but if so, what's beyond that?
    The idea that any human brain will ever figure out exactly (and provable) the answer to that simple childish wondering - I suppose would appear to be like discovering religion, or something.
    Hawking is an incredible human being - easily as interesting as his work.

  121. @Epicurean_Logic,



    I completely missed the point your trying to make?
    Does what you said translate in to : You need to believe in God or else?
    comeee onn....really? again with the "your life will suck with out belief in god" thing?

    And why do i need to appreciate life to be constructive? And who said I don't appreciate life in the first place? What does it mean to appreciate life? To believe in god?
    no, nononononon....No.

    I appreciate the plight of human kind. It is all a struggle with the evolution of our own minds when you think about it.
    I think that's why we need rationalization, to overcome the primordial retardation occuring in parts of our brain.
    Law works fine with out religion. People work fine with out religion.
    try it. you might like it.

    "all I know is that I know nothing"

    a quote we should all repeat daily to ourselves when we consider fighting with out proof for something we don't even know exists.

    I dont know, I wish we were all people in a real room discussing this, would be a fantastic conversation!

  122. @ cairos your second post comment 1 was a bit off the mark, you said,

    '1. Rationalization is just a modern form of indoctrination, because it was proven (Gödel will probably be your favourite) that no significant theory is self-consistent.',no. Rationalization was and still is the superior way of thinking propogated by classical greeks. It was used to smash superstition and ignorance. It spawned great progress in maths, art, culture, politics and the list just goes on and on.

    you are also off the mark on Godel. The mad machinations of the masterful mathematition prove that in any axiomatic system (please look axiomatic up) there will always be things that are true that will be impossible to prove.

  123. I always wanted to know how Hawkins has sex. Does he have to repeatedly push the joystic back and forth increasing velocity at the climactic point of coital pleasure. Sorry my mind wanders sometimes.

    @cairos i didnt really get the overall point you were making so it's hard to critique that.

    your first post was good until the middle of the 2nd paragraph and i really liked your comment that,

    'religion I’ll have to agree: it is an ancient and highly tuned human product.'

    but i strongly disagree with

    'It is very important, because without god law does not work;'

    the basic 10 are all pretty common sensical, but if you look at 'the 2nd law' i.e the book of Deteronomy it full of nasty and horribly oppresive stuff.

  124. @LACTATION MACHINE X'Treme: however!

    1. Rationalization is just a modern form of indoctrination, because it was proven (Gödel will probably be your favourite) that no significant theory is self-consistent.

    2. Through the concept of god and some good will you will find the gates to anybody.

    3. Being constructive means appreciating life. Your destruction is guaranteed.

  125. Anshuman....ROFL....your so funny...really, thats not sarcasm!! I died laughing! well stated.

    Stephan Hawking is unbelievable! I hope they freeze some of that super Master of the Universe Sperm and impregnate all of you who want to play victim because you cannot come to terms with any other idea besides the one that God is the creator, or Jehovah, Brahman, WHATEVER.

    JUST please, try to look at it on the other side...try to not fall to your knees every time someone presents a different idea than the one you were probably raised in from birth...
    Or go on a killing spree of non believers
    or go door to door trying to convert people...
    or welcome people into your place of you can try to convince them YOUR RIGHT.
    and then convert them..
    why is it that it is so much easier to convince people of something...when there is evidence of it?
    Can you imagine what being on trial for a crime would be like if you didnt need any evidence whatsoever?..
    and it was all based on the popular "belief"....
    hummmm, i see lots and lots of people dying.
    id rather put my hand on a bag of crisps then on the bible.
    a book where morals and murder and rape and killing and injustice go hand in hand.
    How about we REWRITE the bible? ya know, like they did before? put our NEW values in what would that be like? I wonder,,...probably not very good either. Lets just throw the stupid book out and do good towards all man and woman?? treat everyone with dignity? nahhh
    well whatever, I love god to pieces!And Jesus! Christians are the easiest people to manipulate in to doing what you want, because the moment you claim god speaks to you, they roll over and "BELIEVE"!! and you dont even need evidence! come on you know its true..
    so there's my lot of ignorance or what have you. felt i should contribute to the hilarious comments going on here..
    heinous! LOL

  126. Hawkins is a good scientist, and as such has a poor insight into the inner workings of human culture. Popularization of his work is a way to wax people for higher spending in basic research and will probably bring us new weaponry. So much about the final truth.

    For everybody bashing religion I'll have to agree: it is an ancient and highly tuned human product. The one you do not understand. It is very important, because without god law does not work; or it works like we see at the moment: profit becomes god and state becomes a religion.

  127. Stephen Hawkings thinks aliens are coming to Earth to harvest for energy...see MSNBC (April 27, 2010)

  128. I shall be thankful and fortunate to see a TV drama 1975 'Journey from Darkness' with Mark Singer in main role of David Hartman. Thank you.

  129. I'am thankful for such a novel collection for videos. In fact I've taught a small lesson on Stefan Hawking to my boys which has a place in textbook. For educational purpose, such resource is really commendable. I'll be thankful if you provide me a short video clip on life and struggle of David Hartman, the first blind psychiatrist (doctor)from Temple School of Medicine. It is also inspiring story for little ones. Thank you very much.

  130. Now it is such a bizarrely improbably coincidence that anything so mindbogglingly useful [the Babel fish] could have evolved by chance that some thinkers have chosen to see it as a final and clinching proof of the non-existence of God.
    The argument goes something like this: "I refuse to prove that I exist," says God, "for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing."
    "But," says Man, "the Babel fish is a dead giveaway isn't it? It could not have evolved by chance. It proves you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don't. QED"
    "Oh dear," says God, "I hadn't thought of that," and promptly vanishes in a puff of logic.
    -- Douglas Adams, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (book one of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy series), p 50

  131. In the beginning, the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry, and is generally considered to have been a bad move.
    -- Douglas Adams, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  132. Ohh yea. This one is good eatin for the average joe. I know jack about physics, so this was a brilliant introductory film. PropZ to our homeslice Hawkings 4 hiz madman determinashionz. :)

  133. always funny how religious people think they have to point out a fairytale god as a fact and automatically demand respect.

    Only sheep need a herder. lol

  134. or should I say does Time move at a faster rate as our consiousness becomes closer the centerpoint of a singularity?

  135. Soo Does Time move faster as our planet moves closer to a singularity? just wondering.

  136. Great documentary and loads of funny comments... Thank you! LMAO :)))


  137. This just in:Stephen Hawking inspires religious fanatics!Maybe next he'll just start a religion of his own and call it Hawkingism.

  138. @ g money:
    In that case, I'm really glad I'm able to take advantage of present-day technology to have the choice of putting some FishSticks in my mouth just like the Kanye West cartoon character of South Park does, instead of gnawing on a raw fish.

    My comment is no more off-topic than any of the other ones on this page for Steven Hawking's He-Man Of The Universe documentary, so therefore my comment maintains equal relevance & validity to the issue. I bet if Steven had better chewing muscle control, he'd be enjoying FishSticks quite often, instead of all that pureed food he's relegated to.

    I admire Hawking's control of his mind and control over the course direction of his life despite losing his physical abilities. If the rest of us would also practice the same control in our own life, people would be so much better off, within and without, individually and as a species. And yet, we allow our egos to do stupid things like create reasons and accept decisions made by others to make war and all the other spin-off consequences of war. And WE consider ourselves to be an intelligent species. Hmmm... I have a problem with that concept...

  139. so long and thanks for the fish?

  140. @ him self
    You mean you talk to yourself. :)

  141. @allan

    as i said... when i got no one, i talk to God
    for the ability to forgive myselfe....yes

  142. @him self

    Just one question - When you ask for forgiveness are you asking god to forgive you or for the ability to forgive yourself?

    What's my idea of heaven? Well I would have to say that it would be the deletion of my own existence.

  143. Ima tell you something and it's just gonna be between you and me. I think folks carry on about heaven too much, like it's some kind of all you can eat buffet up in the clouds and folks just do as they told so they can eat what they want behind some pearly gates. There's sinning in my heart, there's evil in the world but when I got no one, I talk to God. I ask for strength, I ask for forgiveness, not peace at the end of my days when I got no more life to live or no more good to do but today, right now... What's your heaven?

  144. Interesting fiction, theory and facts all mixed together. 1/32 cup of fact can make 31/32 cup of fiction more digestable. . What happens when there is an explosion? It goes against all experience that an explosion brings together material to create something as complex as our world. Hawkins and others like him, is so proud he will never find Truth.

  145. @crowley

    stfu. nobody wants to hear you spout that pedantic religious diarrhea.
    besides, you are rejecting speculation on the grounds of your own speculation. in other words, you reveal yourself to be an untrustworthy hypocrite.

  146. @all humans who mocked and insulted laura's comment:

    so with your finite mortal mind, and your mortal life which is nothing more than a vapor, and all of your mortal treasures which moths and rust corrode, you have the audacity, the ignorance to imply that you have all the answers, and that merely because one human's opinion is not identical to your own, you must offer a sharp rebuke, when that rebuke, is in fact, based on speculation of your own, in and of itself.

    fools can learn nothing from a wise man. But a wise man can learn much from a fool. I taught you nothing, but I have learned much from all of you.

  147. We all die soon enough. None of us here can escape death. Time shall profess where true wisdom lies.

  148. How intolerant can you be? Laura asked (read forced) no one to believe what she wrote nor did she insult anyone because they choose not believe. Many religious faiths are represented here in these comments yet it is only the Judaeo-Christian belief that draws insults, rants, criticism and just plain stupid comments. This forum exists so that we can comment on the video rather than dissing follow humans. On that note, I celebrate Stephen Hawking and his contributions to the age old question of Creation vs. random chance. The fact that Prof. Hawking can apply mathematical formulas to accurately explain so much, indicates order not chaos, design and intent not randomness. In other words "intelligence" at the origin of our universe.

  149. @Anshuman,

    Sorry to break it to you but Jehovah is Brahman (more appropriate than just Brahma). As a mythos that helps us explain an inconceivable universe, God is just our way of connecting with the universe as well as any extra elements of reality that exist. It doesn't have gender, although it does contain all elements in Itself including Father, Mother, Sibling, Lover, etc. Why It does not interfere with our world goes into an endless philosophical debate, but free will is most likely a major player. It is the All, so great and profound that anthropomorphizing It is wrong, but being the simple creatures we are that is one of the only ways we can connect to It.

    To add to your other comment, God does give subtle hints to His existence, maybe you should go look over some of your peoples texts to find out that He is to be found in the mind and spirit, and most preferentially found through meditation. Open yourself up to this and to His Love and in time He will grace you with His presence (sorry use male terms but I generally connect with It's aspect as my Heavenly Father, and calling something so great as God an It...seems kinda wrong).

  150. I can only say thanks for the opportunity of have seen this interesting video.

  151. Jehovha created the Universe now...??? You know I am a Hindu and according to my texts it was this dude called Brahma so I think Laura and Charles have got it all wrong... Why do I say that...??? Because there is no proof of Brahma's existence BUT it should not stop me from ranting on about it... And hey Hinduism is way more ancient than Christianity and Islam so the Hindus MUST have it right.... Who is stopping me....???

    There was this time I went on a date with this girl who could not stop rambling on about her love for Christ (she was Mormon go figure) and how he is our savior.... Though the idea of an all powerful being is very enticing, even to me... After all who would not want some great bearded (or non bearded if you wanna believe the Hindus) all knowing all powerful dude to come and sweep our troubles away..?? My only question for her was 'In a world where 50% of the people live in less than $2 a day and where over 30,000 children DIE EVERYDAY due to preventable causes and poverty WHY does not your God (or mine)come down and do something?' Her answer '..........'

    Did I get laid that night? = NO

    BUT, hey I found other non-believer girls to go out with..... 5000 years of recorded human history and not ONCE has God come down to save us or even made it evident that he/she/it exists.... Yet people watch Stephen Hawking's documentary and then mindlessly say 'Oh well it was not a bang but a dude who created the universe'..... Yeah right...

    I think the comedian Bill Maher put it very well when he said 'If with God there is a better place then why dont you just kill yourself and go there?'.... Maybe one of our friends will bring Jehovah, Brahma, Khuda (Islam), Zizzybaluba (just a funny name) or whatever 'it' is to answer this question..... I doubt anyone is coming though.....

  152. @tim
    hahahahhhahahhhahaha :) i almost died of laughter :)

  153. Tim: Wow! Very good Tim. You're totaly correct about the Tetragrammaton. It took scholars a long time to work on it's pronunciation, especially outside of Jewish circles. I bet they have the pronunciation close, if not totally correct however as it was conveyed orally for preservation purposes by certain high priests, etc. Or at least I think so.

    1. I like this man. But we need to understand that the science we know is just a minute part of the Science and Wonders of God!

    2. Gods... do not exist

  154. Charles is right about Jehovah not being European in origin. Funny thing is, no one really knows how to pronounce the Tetragrammaton correctly since it was basically forbidden to do so. Jehovah isn't a very good translation of it, not sure why people stick with it.

  155. Dizzle and Tim: I know you guys are being sarcastic. Do you Steven Hawkings or "Jehovah"?

    Jehovah is not a European name. It's a mistake in English, actually, from the Hebrew which for many years was written without vowels but consonants only. The Jews would write the letters for "God" wich was known as the Tetragramaton YHVH(if memory serves correctly), which was "Yahweh" when rarely spoken, but would say the name for "Lord" adonai when reading the letters out loud as respect for God's name. Europeans mistakenly mixed the two and got "Jehovah" which has stuck with us.

    However, it doesn't matter that much; a rose is a rose is a rose, no matther what you call it. The one true God knows when you're speaking to Him and when you're not. Words are not as important as the intent of your heart. Please be a little more respectful about such important things such as then name of God, if you could manage. Thanks.

  156. Laura: I actually had the exact same thought as you; "master of the universe" is a rather grand title and only one Person qualifies, and that is God (or Jehovah, if you please).

    Rip and Van Winkle: I can think of no more foolish "brainless" activitiy in the whole universe than to mock God.

    If you want to dispute a point or two, great, but mocking outrightly God, and mocking those that love God is really heineous of you. :-(

  157. Rip, don't blame Laura for not using her brains. People like her just open up their mind for 'God'. The problem is that when they open up their minds too much, their brains fall out ;)

  158. Jehovah is a person now? A 'person' created the Universe? Whatever you think! It would be nice if ppl could use logic with their brains, when making religulous comments, right laura? How do you know anything about jehovah if he supposedly made the universe roughly 13.7 billion years ago, do you have his notes?

  159. He was European. It's obvious from the paintings.

  160. wonders how the creator of all things could have a european name

  161. And by the way that was not intended as a personal attack... I was simply pointing out the difference between facts and beliefs

  162. Thank you for the documentary i very much enjoyed it. However on a second note i do not agree with the fact that 'Laura' claims that jehovah is the actual creator of the universe. Sure she may believe so, and i respect her beliefs, but do not respect the fact that she forces her beliefs on others as she does not KNOW for sure that what she is saying is TRUE.

  163. Laura, don't forget about "HeMan and the Masters of the Universe."

  164. There is only one person who deserves the title of 'Master of the Universe', That person is the actual Creator of the Universe, Jehovah. The awesome complex human brain is one of his many works.Stephen Hawking's has outstanding capabilities. It's wonderful when a human uses his brain to the best potential he can. And do so in order for mankind to learn even more about the Universe.

  165. Very interesting stuff. Thanks Vlatko.

  166. I really like Steven Hawkings. I hope he gets it all figured out before his time comes to step into eternity.

  167. 'twas a good doc. it was a brief biography with bits of his theories, but they were still well explained. it is worth watching if you don't know much about black holes.