Still Berning

Still Berning

2016, Politics  -   24 Comments
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The 2016 United States presidential election was marked by an unprecedented tone of bitterness, gossip and hate-mongering. In spite of these elements of divisiveness, the vast majority of American voters seemed to share a central desire: the end of establishment politics. For many, the figurehead of this movement was Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator and self-described "democratic socialist" who narrowly lost the Democratic Party's nomination for president.

The documentary Still Berning examines the resonance of Sanders' message, and how the political revolution he inspired may thrive among the masses long after this election season.

The Sanders platform was built upon the notion of giving power back to the people. During his campaign, he advocated for free college tuition, a doubling of the minimum wage, greater income equality, an end to the corporate stronghold over the political process, and a government that is more representative of the people it serves. Younger voters were particularly drawn to this message and drove his meteoric rise on the national stage. In order to tap into this audience and engage them into action, the Sanders camp utilized modern-day digital outreach as a cornerstone of their campaign.

The film features in-depth interviews with some of the most influential figures behind this strategy, including the chief directors of his online digital efforts. A revealing new conversation with Sanders' wife Jane is also featured in the film, during which she reflects on the highs and lows of the campaign, and enthusiastically opines on the crucial steps going forward.

While Sanders' bid for a White House run was ultimately unsuccessful, his mission to transform American politics endures. Our Revolution, a group that was co-founded by Jane Sanders, works to promote continued vigilance in the push for progressive change. As this platform continues to grow, the footprint of the Sanders movement will be assured for many years to come.

Produced by VPRO's highly acclaimed Backlight series, Still Berning is a thoughtful investigation into the appeal of Bernie Sanders and the ideologies that continue to activate his supporters. It's a message that continues to wield great power and influence over American political discourse.

Directed by: Kasper Verkaik

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24 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Boris_CRO

    He offered to help USA by copying what works out in the world. Its not a shame to use universal healthcare and free education all countries of Europe do even before 20th century. But as usual americans have ego problems and "my precious money" idea knocking their mind over and over. Socialism works. Its not communism, its the idea of the state that helps individuals and individuals help each other. The richest countries of Europe all have different socialism policies and this is show it should be. Sure there are less money in Europe to make zillion trillion airplanes and tanks but there are more important stuff.

  2. J Fahey

    The revolution he inspired? Give me a break! All he did was promise "free" stuff paid for with other people's money.

    1. Lou

      Haha. The people are the ‘others’ and have been sucked dry by corporate welfare, monopolies and the ultra rich who avoid tax, steal natural resources and above all are polluters and self centered scammers.

  3. Scrooge McDuck

    Bernie was as false a prophet as Mohammed...

  4. AntiDustup

    Pure uneducated nonsense.

  5. DustUp

    Clearly all the people who liked Bernie's message wanted something at other people's expense. In other words they want to feel ok about stealing from the middle class (who always pays the taxes regardless of the lies spewed forth by Socialists) if they can get the govt to do it for them. Its called buying votes which exchanges one monster for a far worse and odious one called Collectivism. When you get out of school, YOU will be forced to sacrifice for the benefit of "all". "ALL" to a Socialism promoter means: 1. the ruling class 2. the much larger poor class they buy the votes from, which now includes YOU.

    From the storyline: "Sanders platform was built upon the notion of giving power back to the people. During his campaign, he advocated for free college tuition, a doubling of the minimum wage, greater income equality, an end to the corporate stronghold over the political process, and a government that is more representative of the people it serves."

    That of course is the Big Lie of Socialism. You cannot tax people to pay for all that and claim you are giving them back their power. It is ALWAYS the middle class who pays. If you rob them via govt, that robs them of their power. Fortunately just enough voters were smart enough to see that more money in your pocket gives you more power.

    When you are dependent on govt to steal from others to give to you. You are DEPENDENT and have No real power. The so called "revolution" the unthinkers seek is old news. Read a bit of history please. See "Soviet Union" or currently "Venezuela". Or the European Union who force the people to suffer through dictum.

    If you think the solution is having govt rule everything because they would do it smarter than the way it is done now? What has govt ever done smarter and more efficient? Not one thing. If there was one, ok, so what, one out of hundreds is really something to sing about. When you get old enough to have govt decide that it can tell you what you must and must not do, THEN you will get a taste for what the difference between freedom and govt is. They are diametrically opposed.

    If you don't like the system here MOVE to where you think it is your Socialist utopia. No, that is the problem, too lazy, too chicken, you prefer the "misery loves company" scenario and want to make everyone else miserable. You complain of no money so can't move? Nonsense. Did the muslim hordes that were let into Europe have money? Dress up like one and walk in.

    When you give govt the power via Socialism and the ability take yours via taxes and take your rights to do what you choose on your own property, you are their slave. Which is worse? A slave to govt that runs everything? Or a slave to the corporations which tries to manipulate what it can?

    Easy, I can move to a better corporation or I can compete with them. Not so when govt runs everything. A bureaucrat that could careless about anything but themselves will decide that you don't need surgery yet. If you die, so what, there are more where you came from.

    Anyone who has had to deal with govt knows instantly that some rotten corporations are FAR better than a "well meaning govt".

    Another of the Marxist ilk was Saul Alinsky who clearly stated that "you have to lie, lie, lie, and lie some more (which all Marxists like Hillary and Obama followed to a T), because if you told the truth the masses would never go for it."

    Do a search for the story of "fencing in the pig" as told by immigrants to the usa. It is how the Socialists catch you (the pig).

    1. Doc

      That's why every single UN world happiness report the top 10 are always social democracies, right? Go to Finland, Sweden, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, etc and learn something. They are not Marxist or even socialist. They all have capitalism but not predatory exploitative American capitalism. I'm no college kid. Already got my 3 degrees and I choose to do for others, but you people, whether through ignorance or greed, fear change and presume for others to move up the socioeconomic ladder you have to move down. That is a false premise developed through manufactured consent and exactly how those elites you speak of want you to think.

    2. David Dieni

      Comments like these only serve to expose the bewildering level ignorance regarding socialism.

      All this bullshit about taxes and money that have zero to do with a resource based economy where money is replaced by non nontransferable vouchers that MAKE CORRUPTION IMPOSSIBLE.

      Its about the theft of our birth right to the land and resources .......and taking back control
      Not one sentence you wrote has anything relevance whatsoever to socialism, and is why socialism did not fail....we failed socialism

      “The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, and said "this is mine," and found people naïve enough to believe him, that man was the true founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars, and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows, “Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody.”

      Jean Jacques Rousseau, The origins of inequality 1754

  6. Doug

    Excellent narration. The young have been mobilized by the bernie movement. Liberal elites in bed with corporations has created a toxic plutocracy which brings down most cultures in time, elites are too arrogant to study history.. the revolution is never televised. Ha! May more of us become politicized and most importantl unite among humane values such as affordable education, health care and just wages.. Our Revolution never ends........

  7. mike m

    bret tutor
    you're not very inteligent, little one

  8. harini

    It is good documentary which will provide good field

  9. Ballsrog

    @ stefan, I think he's trying to to say he is a sheep. At least he admits it.

  10. stefan

    @Bret Tutor: A sheep around the neck qualifies for anything

  11. Bret Tutor

    The biggest losers in the last 100 years were the Bernie supporters and Bernie is the biggest jack*** I have ever seen. Do your own research on this you lazy b****** google is only a few keystrokes away. Not time to list out why what I am saying is 100% spot on.

    1. Lou

      Again. Haha. The uber rich and their minions are like kids at a party who gobble up so many cookies that many go without.

  12. mike m

    When trump chumps go cold,
    I'll still be Bernin'

    1. Scrooge McDuck

      So you'll still be a loser, then?

  13. joe nobull

    anyone that talks or smells like a politician wont get very far in leadership anymore...its not what the people want
    the green parties of the world dont have any career politicians

    google globalgreens they are in just about every country of the world now...unfortunatly mainstream media wont shine any light on them

  14. Newwordorder

    The Gutenberg press has joined the horse and carriage. Digital outreach technology has inserted itself into every aspect of life in the global village: the medium is the message.

  15. blackjack

    Nothing like seeing some ageism in action. Wait until you get old cdnski12.

  16. Susan Curtis

    No one expects him to run again. That's not the point. He started a movement( revolution).

  17. cdnski12

    Come on ... Bernie is 75 ... far too old to be president of the USA. Obama was only 47 when he took office and he says it is exhausting work. I expect Trump will have a heart attack or Stroke due to his physical excesses.

  18. Ashley

    Getting this subtitled for the deaf & hard-of-hearing Berners would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  19. User-1

    "Still Berning" would make an awesome shirt! I hope I can find it!