Stoned Moms

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What is the first thing you think of when you think of marijuana? If you thought the highly unlikely answer "suburban moms smoking it," you are right in line with the legal cannabis industry's marketing objectives. Stoned Moms: The Marijuana Industry's Greatest Untapped Market covers just that - the rapidly developing ($1.4 billion in 2013) cannabis industry's efforts to convince middle-aged women with children that smoking a little pot isn't such a bad thing.

Nearly 70% of current legal marijuana sales come from heavy users, making "casual" partakers a largely untapped market for the companies behind the big legalized substance business. The film takes us through the various aspects of the cannabis industry by way of following Jessica Roake, a young Washington mother of two that at the outset of the story explains she used to smoke weed in college, but had decided to abstain since becoming a mom.

We accompany her as entrepreneur Peter Johnson takes her on tours of a Colorado marijuana growth facility, an edible marijuana bakery, retail weed shops, and an outdoor grow operation - then joins her in the vast array of ways to actually consume the drug itself in modern day weed society, such as the wildly popular "vaping."

These all are regular stops on tours that Johnson conducts as part of his "weed tour" business. Roake explains that "At first there's that feeling that you are doing something, like, deeply illegal," as she tours the immense growth facility and peruses the various strains of marijuana being cloned in their laboratories.

The filmmakers wrap up the story by talking with Jessica about her experience, on site at a marijuana-friendly ranch-style recreation facility, where she explains the drug's effects on her and the ways in which marijuana could fit into her life. Her and the Vice correspondent that has been accompanying her throughout, Krishna Andavolu, test out product on the farm-like grounds and carry on a number of giggly conversations about heady marijuana-related philosophical topics that you may very well have had as a defiant teenager in a friend's basement a time or two.

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  1. Dan forth

    why only four stars?

  2. Bret Tutor

    At the time you are reading this, it is "Ratings: 4.20/10 from 5 users." 420 is used when discussing marijuana. Looks like someone was having a little fun with the rating system.

  3. dmxi

    because stoned mums usually loose their kids to a '4star' ('foster'-gettit?!?) family!

  4. oQ

    Out of the many pot doc i have watched, this one lost me right from the start. The woman got on my nerve.
    I'll admit i don't get this rating system, 420? how does one vote 420?

  5. Imightberiding

    4;20 pm is the original basis for this number. It is the time that was pre-arranged to meet to smoke a little herb together. After your last class or just getting off work. Now the number 420 has become synonymous with smoking weed.

    April 20th, is for obvious reasons, a big day with proponents for weed. As @Bret Tutor said below in response to your comment, I suspect a few people were having fun & a little joke with the numbered ratings system by making sure the rating remained at 420.

    You see it all the time & know who is on your team by addressing certain issues with such comments as: "Must be 420 friendly" as in adds for roommates.

  6. oQ

    Imightberiding, i am well aware of the meaning of 420, i remember my daughter celebrating April 20th (many years ago) with a bong her and her friends had made with a 5 gallon water bottle.
    I just don't get the rating system. I gave it 1 star and ended up bringing the total to a higher number.

  7. jerrymack

    Two things bother me about this:1. the "business guys are pushers and repugnant; 2. all the talk about potency is bull shit. Until the strain is tested and certified as to strength by a laboratory there is no way to know what the hell you are smoking/eating, and the idea that you can tell in one puff is also bullshit. One puff and you are stoned.

  8. RedMagnolia

    As a person living in a legal state the shops here report that 90% of their business is out of state tourist. Proving that those who already have a connection are not going to pay the much higher prices in legal shops.

  9. Dan forth

    Haha. Idk, I think it showed an honest interpretation of someone not experienced with legal marijuana and I enjoyed that...

  10. Dan forth

    How hilarious.

    420 oMg smoKe it ^^ ~~~~

  11. Sean

    Once a tolerance is built you can certainly tell differences in cannabis potency, albeit in a rather vague sense.

  12. anthony

    In a small country weed is still legal,coffee shops 500+but its down nowpeople grow upmost with out it.Tourist its a no no..

  13. Russ Apechin

    Nice. A real culture of substance.

  14. Russ Apechin

    That woman needs to be dipped in donut oil and run over with a fork lift.

  15. Emelia Pond

    that alpaca montage tho

  16. Adam Young

    apathetic moms and house wives.... mmm just what this deteriorating society needs.

  17. michael

    I hear only amount of money, they think of how much they're gonna gain with this market, billions of dollars, a crazy society in which we live, they don't think of the side effects and the aftermath on the population,the children and the next generation, for money, they sacrifice the human being itself. just think about what's gonna happen, we know for sure that marijuana has a huge influence on the brain and directly linked to the educational process,responsible for the lack of motivation of children and consequently a decrease for studies.
    politicians and corporations are creating a catch 22 situation and as it's always the case, the poorer will suffer while the wealthier will take advantage of the situation.

  18. Sick of everything

    Good, good let's keep it up people.

  19. Sick of everything

    It only has an affect on kids under about 18 or so otherwise you sound uninformed. You nay sayers seem to forget that this plant has been used for many decades and now it all seems to matter? Your over reacting and lacking the facts. This is all geared towards adults, over 21. Old enough to decide for yourself. Should be 18, if your old enough to go to prison or get shot at serving our country then your old enough to smoke or drink. Way more positive's here then negatives, by far. Do some research, tons of info out there. You may want to check out the country of Israel, they have been studying weed since the 70's and now it's wide spread use is backed by the GOV!!

  20. Sick of everything


  21. Sick of everything

    Might help, lot's of nut's anymore. Society has gone down hill on it's own, pretty sure weed had nothing to do with it.

  22. Adam Young

    i didn't say weed was the reason society was deteriorating. my point was that weed makes you apathetic ( i know, i smoked it for more than 10 years ) and Mums / housewives are the most responsible members of society. apathy and responsibility are polar opposites. i realize the model of what an adult in 21st century western society is like is not the same as it was even 30 years ago but haven't we already got an overpopulation of 21 year old children already ?

  23. Anony Ninja

    Hah. Two things.
    One: "I want you to talk to me like I was the president of Uruguay"
    Two: Wtf dude, nobody ever wants to go with ME to get high in the hills and ponder deeply about alpaca life sucks.

  24. LoggerheadShrike

    Side effects? If you think about things that are going to f--k your life up, which is worse: a joint or years in jail? Easy question right? So how come it is so difficult for some people to understand that it's the same for everyone else, that the "solution" of prohibition causes a huge amount of problems for society, ruins tens or even hundreds of thousands of lives, sucks the life out of the economy, shatters social morale, wastes human capital - and for what? It doesn't even work!!!
    It's hard to imagine a more stupid policy.

  25. LoggerheadShrike

    And alcohol makes you violent and stupid, yet plenty of moms drink - most of them do so responsibly. It's the same with marijuana; you're going to get some people who use it responsibly and some who don't. Substance abuse is like that. Some moms are going to turn into apathetic potheads ... but those ones, the ones who struggle with responsible behaviour, would probably otherwise be drunks (or worse). You can ask anyone who's had a drunk for a mother and I'm sure they'll tell you they'd much rather she had just been a stoner. Drunks are no less apathetic and lazy, but those are the least in a long, long list of problems that includes violent and abusive behaviour, unemployability, brain damage, and eventual organ failure. If we can get some of those people to simply be stoners instead of drunks, we know the dishes may not get done but at least the kids will eat well and not have any bruises; and they'll have a much easier time caring for their aging mother in later life. It's a good trade. It's not perfect but it's a better deal by far.

  26. Pavel Thriffon Venanov

    At a time when over a billion fanatically deranged religious mor*ns ( oops four words meaning the same thing) have their small minds set on obliterating all non Muslim cultures, I'd say "ya sure lets get stoned. Peace brothers. Chill out dudes. ". Hey ! Is that an AK47 ?

  27. Martin Hedington

    The only way they could have made this doccy more obvious would have been to have called the main protagonist Jessica Roach.

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