The Story of Lord Buddha

The Story of Lord Buddha

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The Story of Lord BuddhaThe Buddha, the founder of the great religious philosophy of Buddhism, lived in North India over two thousand and five hundred years ago and was known as Siddhattha (Siddhartha = one whose purpose has been achieved). Gotama (Sanskrit= Gautama) was his family name. His father, King Suddhodana, ruled over the land of the Sakyans at Kapilavatthu on the Nepalese frontier. His queen was Mahamaya, a princess of the Koliyas.

On a full-moon day of May, when the trees were laden with leaf, flower and fruit, and man, bird and beast were in joyous mood, Queen Mahamaya was travelling in state from Kapilavatthu to Devadaha, her parental home, according to the custom of the times, to give birth to her child. But that was not to be, for halfway between the two cities, in the Lumbini grove, under the shade of a flowering Sal tree, she brought forth a son.

Lumbini or Rummindei, the name by which it is now known, is 100 miles north of Variinasi and within sight of the snowcapped Himalayas. At this memorable spot where Prince Siddhattha, the future Buddha, was born, Emperor Asoka, 316 years after the event, erected a mighty stone pillar to mark the holy spot. The inscription engraved on the pillar in five lines consists of ninety-three Asokan (brahmi) characters, amongst which occurs the following:

'Hida Budhe jate Sakyamuni', 'Here was born the Buddha, the sage of the Sakyans'. The mighty column is still to be seen. The pillar, 'as crisp as the day it was cut', had been struck by lightning even when Hiuen Tsiang, the Chinese pilgrim, saw it towards the middle of the seventh century after Christ. The discovery and identification of the Lumbini park in I896 is attributed to the renowned archaeologist, General Cunningham.

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  1. Rahul Bouddh

    Lord Buddha is the first scientist in the world,and his dhamma are based on the Scientific ,and this is right to think without limitation of the people.

  2. Ilika

    Write five things Gautama Buddha did

  3. sang

    does everyone here know the threefold knowledge buddhism?

  4. Anupa Rai

    Laurie_Howells what did you say???? You go and check out first before commenting silly post...

  5. Adeyemi Stephen

    All of you need to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of your souls. Buddah cannot save you.

    1. Romeo

      Buddha came in the world before Christ. And are saying that father cannot save but son can do that how funny. According to me Christian religion is just a selfish religion which always neglecting other religion.

  6. Nandkishor Barve

    The most dedicated true fact in life. Extra-ordinary is not the word. There are no words to describe Lord(Gautama) Buddha. He is beyond the extraordinary, a Prince that could do wonders,a peacekeeper and would do good to people that are even filled with hatred. Even more powerful than the sun, that dedication,determination and concentration he expressed that day until Prince Gautama Siddhartha reached enlightenment. His thoughts could defy anything as much as science, technology and astrology.

  7. Kanwal Jeet

    These Europeans have zero knowledge about Lord Buddha. To understand Buddha they need spiritual knowledge. Living wife , child they are still thinking about bodies and relations. Even these people can't stay with one partner and keep on changing again and again. idiots

    1. Romeo

      U r absolutely right

    2. John

      You cling to your 'wisdom' too much

  8. dlk

    @Randy look Buddha's teaching in a broader sense.He left the family to find the truth of this life and he came back to them after his enlightenment.Queen yashodara was his wife for many previous births and she was helping to find ultimate freedom.And every single lives she died before him as per her wish so as a final birth as Queen Yashodhara.She and her son Rahula became Buddhist monks and were attained nervana.So pls don't spent time on ascertain what Lord Buddha did as u and me developed our brains to that level.This is a parth there is no rules if like you can follow if not just quit.

  9. prakah

    lord buddha was born in nepal nd lives in nepal .. bt he gained knowledge in india..

  10. binod koirala

    It's a fake documentary... Lord Buddha was born in Nepal not in India.

  11. deejahvoo

    to call buddha lord really go's against his teachings

    1. hri

      In Lankavatara sutra (76) Buddha says that Vishnu, Ishvara, Kapila, Rama or Vyasa are among the countless names of Tathagata (Buddha). In Dasharatha Jataka (#461 in Jataka cannon) he identifies himself with Rama. Amitabha's (jap. Amida) bija mantra is hrim (Hari) and his two-armed form Sho Kannon playing flute, with a peacock feather in hair, is identical with Krishna. It is shown e.g. on the Great Lantern in Yakushi (Bhaishajya-guru) temple Todaiji in Nara, Japan.

  12. Guest

    The Buddha's last body was born in India/Nepal. If that makes you proud you are too attached to this dreamscape. And by the by old chaps, perhaps the Buddha in his compassionate wisdom was born among 'difficult' people. :)))

  13. shish

    Can one more person please say "Buddha was born in Nepal" please. I don't think it's been said enough...

  14. Saamdu Chetri

    I suggest that we all read a wonderful book, "Old Path White Clouds" that was researched thoroughly written by Thay Thich Nhat Hanh, The greatest Zen Buddhist Master today and for all times to come.

  15. bibek

    i am so lucky that i live where buddha was born, in rupendehi, nepal

  16. Sandesh Baidya

    okay if Lord Buddha was born in India,than Mahatma Ghandi used to sell panipuri at Basantapur,ktm.

  17. sury man Bajracharya

    why is india talking about Lord Buddha. if you do not know, where Lord Buddha was born, you come to Nepal, we will show you, Lord Buddha was born and dead at Kapivastu in Nepal. truth is always be truth.

    1. Laurie Howells

      Why don't you not do some research, at the time of Buddha's birth, that area of Nepal was part of India, learn your history, before making silly comments.

    2. Romeo

      Lord Buddha was born in Nepal but died in India i.e Kushinagar

  18. Tina

    Buddha is truly from NEPAL .

  19. Crystal

    Buddha was born in Nepal not India .

  20. ritesh

    buddha was born in nepal and that is the ultimate truth.

  21. Chhetri Yanu

    India is like a one of the fulish country in the world. it has a a lot of problame with every single neghboring country .. the actual loard BUDDHA was born in kapilbastu NEPAL .. TRUE IS ALWAYS TRUE.. never become fake .. sale dhoti .. INDIAN DHOTI always make world fool..// INDIA IS THE GREAT LIER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD..

  22. Nahal Sing John

    Lord Buddha was born In Nepal, not India, but they r building the same Kapivastu, but true is true,,

  23. Winston Smith

    Keanu Reeves as Siddhartha is among the worst ever!!, casting decisions in the history of Hollywood

  24. bulla51

    That area was part of greater Indfa at the time,ruled by Dyanasty of Chandragupta to which king Ashok belonged.

  25. Vijay Shinde

    the Master of world

  26. Pradip Parajuli

    yes Buddha was born In Nepal. Not in India.He was born in kapilbastu district of republic of Nepal.

  27. Umesh Khatri

    Buddha was not born in India. It's Nepal.

  28. Atharva Ramesh

    Lord Buddha Was the one who preached 'Ashtana Marga' or Eight fold path

  29. Neesh Prathap

    this is ofcourse required to be studied in the grass root level and also should have been to have the uncut story starting with the conception of Lord Siddahart as shared by Mr.Francois.want to learn more and more about ...the philosophy is enormous.

  30. Francois Jacquin

    It would have been interesting to have the uncut story starting with the conception of Siddharta... by a white elephant ! Following seven days of abtsinence by the mother-to-be. And she did not give birth like any other mammal: she did it by the side of her chest... and died seven days later.
    The whole Siddharta-Buddha STORY is a spiritual path. Just like the Jesus story. And quite a few others...
    Most modern Sidharta biographies do not mention the way he was conceived and born or the fate of his mother: search and check !
    The ancient meaning has long been lost, the myth changed into a "real story". Especially in the West today where that sort of symbolic stuff is unacceptable. This documentary is a good example, it relies on an acceptable/pretty oriental imagery that is so lovely :-)

    1. Michael

      The birth story was a later invention. The Buddha REPEATEDLY stated he was simply a man...he was just AWAKE.

  31. Siddhyai Gupta

    i really dont know the correctness of the story shown here.a deeper study was needed to make out the clip.
    to any extent..buddha's vision was away from the duality.

  32. Sandesh Gawai

    whether buddha was born in nepal or india .. the followers should try their best to practice his core teachings which are universal .

    1. Basanta Lama

      of course in Nepal,if you want to learn the theory of buddha,you should go to nepal and can visit in lumbini once......well in recent,there are many people who belive in buddha are visit in nepal once in there life time,

  33. DunstinNgo

    Right Speech, Right Thinking, Right Action (the Lord Buddha taught),
    If you can practice these 3 things from the Lord Buddha taught everyday, you'll be ENLIGHTENING......

    1. Vandana Malik

      there are 8 called noble 8 fold path
      Wisdom- Right view, right intention
      Ethical conduct- right speech, right action, right livelihood
      mental discipline- right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration

    2. disqus_08Lb7Os68f

      kinda of bro but d u knw hw 2 obtain dhayana then it'll help u in right concentration

    3. ravee

      normal people cant be enlightened.only the person who fulfilled the 'paramitha's in his past lives in sansara can be enlightened. it is very hard to be enlightened.that is why lord buddha is special. lord buddhas came to this world to teach us the right path, to teach us how to live happily in this world and the next.that is why they are called buddhas. what i say to the ones who are interested in buddhism is to go to a country that has theravadha buddhism and learn the teachings of lord buddha becouse only theravadha buddhism teaches the teachings of lord buddha , what lord buddha said to his disiples , what lord buddha did in his life and the way he lived.' namo buddhaya'

  34. Sandeep

    Buddha was born in Nepal and achieved super knowledge in India.

  35. stv_docker

    Does anybody know why the Boddhidharma came from the west?

  36. steamknife

    I don't like the word Lord Buddha... In Buddhism, just just call him Buddha. Also, I don't believe he's a supernatural entity. He's just one human being who has the wisdom of becoming a better human being so we learn from him.

    1. DunstinNgo

      He is a human being who is beyond ABOVE all human beings on this Earth.....
      that is why we call him the LORD BUDDHA.

    2. ravee

      lord buddha 'or should i say lord buddhas are the greatest human beings in this world.and there are reasons why i said so.lord buddhas come to this world after so many years are passed. to live in a time when a buddha is living is the wish of all buddhists

  37. Kaysey Manuel

    One of the things I love about Buddhism is that one of the main ideas is to read, but that you cant learn by reading alone. You have to experience it for yourself to understand any of the teachings.. (though, this is my personal interpretation..)

  38. Max the pessimist

    I think most of you are missing the point.
    its not about the story or the life of one person.

    its like all religions...
    its a set of rules to live by.

    if you simply follow the rules you end up a better person/entity,or whatever you see yourself as.

    as rule sets go,buddism is one of the best.
    but as with most religions peole tend to twist and ignore whatever rules get in the way of what they want.

    most religions rules are all basically the same anyway,
    be nice to each other
    do unto others
    dont be a bastid.
    become more than you are.

    etc etc

    its a pity babies cant talk,as thats as close to nirvanna most ever get.

    1. j electrolux

      Babies come into this world screaming because they are not happy. They cry a lot if things don't go their way which is usually. They become attached to themselves and love only those who can help them. The others they learn to label as enemies and/or strangers. Just like we adults do. That is the root of suffering. That is why our world is an asylum. The Buddha can help all with all that...

  39. Kom

    As the birthplace of the Lord Buddha - the apostle of peace and the light of Asia was born in 623 BC - the sacred area of Lumbini is one of the holiest places of one of the world's great religions, and its remains contain important evidence about the nature of Buddhist pilgrimage centres from a very early period. Lumbini, in the South-Western Terai of Nepal, evokes a kind of holy sentiment to the millions of Buddhists all over the world, like Jerusalem to Christians and Mecca to Muslims.

    Lumbini is the place where the Buddha, known as the Tathagata, was born. It is the place which should be visited and seen by a person of devotion and which should cause awareness and apprehension of the nature of impermanence. The site and its surrounding area is endowed with a rich natural setting of domesticable fauna and favourable agricultural environ. Historically, the region is an exquisite treasure-trove of ancient ruins and antiquities, dating back to the pre-Christian era. The site, described as a beautiful garden in the Buddha's time, still retains its legendary charm and beauty.

  40. Nishan jo

    Lame Video - can't even get the facts right. And FYI Budhha was in Nepal not India.

  41. helizond

    My thoughts, exactly.
    I forgot to mention that before, but I'm glad I did because you put it in a much better way than I would've.

  42. Alex

    Considering that Siddharta was the prince and his wife Yasodhara was a princess, I think it unlikely that either her or their son Rahula starved. The fact that Rahula later became a monk further underlines my point. Study, then speak.

  43. ReligionIsntAllBad

    Sadie I think you are mistaken or misrepresenting some dramatization as scholarly fact. I could be mistaken, but can you provide a source showing that Siddhartha in fact starved himself in order to be freed from his palace. I dont remember that being the case in any of the buddhist texts or textbooks I was forced to buy - and chose to read from the library - over the years. Overwhelmingly, the reason for his asceticism was a spiritual quest. In fact, the point at which his spine could be seen it was also said that he was existing on half a berry per day. This is traditionally placed in the chronology just before his acceptance of food (rice and milk) and abandonment of asceticism and not before leaving his family life behind.

    I think the story of the buddha, while it certainly has a historical context, it is also the story of all of us. At least if we are lucky, we grow up in the paradise of childhood ... the walled palace of our family home and our undeveloped mind. Then we discover that we are mortal, prone to sickness and doomed to age and eventually die. Then we must set out on a journey of spiritual discovery to find our own buddha nature. The fine details such as exactly how thin he got and when are of course completely inconsequential :)

    I recommend the book: Cooking The Indian Way ... damn do they know how to do it :D

  44. helizond

    I agree that 'Little Buddha' was a nice attempt to adapt Eastern knowledge to Westerners; there are a lot of good references and descriptions had to be left out because of time and budget constraints, I'm sure. I liked the movie (the whole one, not the bits and pieces which are hard to put together), but it left me wanting for more (just like when you've read a book and then see the movie). But then again, I think it's a good introduction to Buddhism, although I felt Kenau Reeves' performance a bit robotic at times.

    @Sadie the Celt:
    Is that Lori R. the one who went to TAMU and (should've) graduated around 1983 or 84??? I might know her; haven't talked to her since then, and would love to. I know she would enjoy something like this.

  45. Sadie the Celt

    Sorry I misquoted and must correct
    The book I recommended as my personal favourite is "the call of the upanishads" by Mehta, (the indian way is by Koller) both are excellent

  46. Sadie the Celt

    @ lori

    Ive just realised that I thought you were Lori Robilliard ( from TDK) as I had a nice blog with her over relgion some time ago. Thats why I asked if you were well, I was merely exchanging social niceties! but I got the wrong Lori!
    lol im so sorry

  47. Sadie the Celt

    @ Lori
    Couldnt agree more! - yes thats true. (hopoe you are well?) x

  48. Lori George Alexander

    Everyone experiences Buddhism differently. Certainly, Sadie the Celt sees it in a more cerebral way than I do. I think any path that works is great. This documentary was just fine. I don't worry about the fine points. Some people do. As I said, whatever works ....and my path works for me and may yours work for you. The most important thing I do is meditation and that checks me into what I need to know. We are all on different places on our spiritual pathway and all are valid places.

  49. Sadie the Celt

    and yet, I love Buddhism, its diversity is what makes it a hot topic for discussion - its a bit like Yin/Yan.
    everything in life is Yin/Yan
    that is why I love life!

  50. Sadie the Celt

    Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism is (in my opinion) a bit of a joke!
    I believe that Tina Turner & Richard Gere are or were Nichiren Shoshu Buddhists.
    The core of Nichirn is the 'Lotus Sutra' - and basically, to be a Nicheren Shoshu Buddhist, all you have to do is chant "Nam Myoho Renge Kwo" ....this translates to " homage to the Lotus Sutra" (sic)
    after chanbting this you can go on to say (eg)
    ......" I want a new Porsche" !!
    its as empty as thet.

    1. Guest

      Maybe if they chanted it instead of chanbting it, then it might work.

  51. Sadie the Celt

    Mahayana* = forgive my spelling gaffs and my lack of 'big' words, Im not so bright at translation but am learning Fast!

  52. Sadie the Celt

    Ive studied Buddhism extensivly, and this Documentary was 'so-so' in terms of portrayal of Siddartha Gutamas's life - but I dont think it was entirely accurate.
    Siddartha as I learned was born into nobilty, and it was his fathers wish that he should be spared fron seeing the 'ugliness' of life - the 3 major (and only things) that we can be sure of - OldAge Sickness & Death.
    Siddartha wanted to experience life ouside of the palace walls so badly that he starved himself. he starved until his 'spine could be sen through his belly' - and so his Father had no choice but to let him go.
    The story contines in many formats - but if anyone wants to know more, a good book to buy to give an excellent comprehension of Asian Religions would be - "The Indian Way" by John Koller. This book was a core part of my BA (in Wales) another book that I found absolutely fascinating is "The Indian Way" by Mehta - the 2nd book is undoubetedly my (personal) favourite book in the whole world! (I cannot rate it highly emough)
    lets not forget that there are 2 major sides of Buddhism , Mahayana and Theravadan - the Msyahayana sect is the ONLY sect which includes Women. and Mahayana Buddhism has a further 79 different 'types' - one of which is 'Nicheren Shoshu' which is one type of Buddhism thats pure covertiousness. Buddhism is as Diverse as all other Religions pout together. Its impossible to form an opinion on this Doc alone.
    Nevertheless its not a bad Doc - its just not that good either

    1. ravee

      actually it was when prince sidhartha became a sage that he started to meditate under a tree without eating and drinking.but yes he ate,he only ate the leaves that fell from the tree. he had to meditate like that for 6 years becouse he had done a sin in one of his past lives.he could have even died but becouse he is the one who fulfilled the paramithas to become the buddha in his past lives he was saved .

  53. Kurrrt

    I propose a simple comment as I seek truth not a fairy tale Lori George(Talk about bitter). On the video not to it's commenter's, which would be a waste of ones time. Anyways- Have a good 2010

  54. Lori George Alexander

    Kurrrt, you would think as a member of mankind who is trying to advance into a higher culture, you would not waste your time watching films about the Buddha. On a supposed planet of love and kindness where all men are created equil(? equal? )you propose censorship? How enlightening...

  55. Kurrrt

    Great example how mankind is restricted into advancing into a higher culture, with silly beliefs in supernatural stories and slavery. On a supposed planet of love and kindness where all men are created equil, weird stories like this shouldn't exist.

  56. Lori George Alexander

    Randy, you need to watch the films before commenting. That is what this thread is for. If you want to be a bitter old man and that is your right if you are in the USA then go somewhere where bitter old men gather and then you can complain and grouch all you want. In this case, you could not be more wrong, but then I don't think that matters to you. Maybe you could get a journal and use disappearing ink.

  57. Randy

    @Horus711 (very cool screen name...)

    Yes, "Little Bhuddha" was an excellent film.

    However, The Bhuddah was a dirty hippie! He left his wife and child to starve while he wandered off to find "enlightenment"...

    No. No man who abandons his wife and children can be respected for any reason.

    That's not to say that he didn't have some good things to say... but all religious ideas are evil.

    Responsibility is enlightenment and freedom. Bhuddah was just shirking and made up a cool excuse to get away with it...

    Dirty hippie...

  58. hardcore

    buddha was hot

  59. Horus711

    I recommend watching the movie"Little Buddha". This is a chopped up version of the film and leaves out many of the key parts of the Buddha story.

  60. Lori George Alexander

    I bought the film, "Little Buddha", for this section of Buddha's life. It may not be accurate to the tiniest detail but what the heck it is enjoyable. I had to move to Korea to work and could not take any of my films so I am very pleased that I get to watch this part of the movie even if it is a bit choppy. In spirit, it is fine. I am very grateful for this site that it is included. Thank you very much. I think Reeves does a great job playing Buddha.

  61. funny

    ‘Here was born the Buddha, ... i most admit that's like watching a funny porn and accept your cock as ur lord and saver... Moral of the Story Buddha is a joke

  62. sarah 35

    well said dread, this piece is unbelievably culturally appropriative, not a documentary and unbelievably mystical in nature for a philosophy that in the end denies even itself.

  63. dread

    in the end.. he become NON Existence - "NIRVANA"

    - Termination of the Cycles of Birth (Everything is Reborn taking different shapes as long as Ego exits)
    -Destroy EGO, One Destroys Existence.

  64. dan 26

    in the end where did he go?

  65. Vlatko

    Hmmm... Just click the play button @Susan.

    1. bhim

      Buddha born in Nepal not in India, wa da hell r in vdo.

  66. susan negley

    how does this work....when I click on "watch it now" only starts to download and when that's completed, I try to click to watch but no go. sorry, I
    I'm old and not too computer savvy

  67. abin

    He was born in NEPAL Lumbini Rupandhai... during those days there was no present India ....... India was in Many Indipendent States. Please if you have no knowledge dont spread wrong information to the viewers.. if you want to give right information go the UN World Heritage Site and learn few things about Buddha and make a document...

  68. Linda McGuigan

    @seb roflmao thank's for starting my day with a laugh. There must be some thing on here that tell's the corect story without the bollywood effects ha ha.

    Linda ;-*

  69. tomoa

    Kudos @seb

  70. Jenn

    @Seb: Lmao! XD

  71. Seb

    So buddah looked like Keanu Reeves.....u learn something new every day :)