The Story of One

The Story of One

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The Story of OneOur world is built on numbers and the first of these was the number 1. Starting with scratches on a bone and heading through the Greek philosophers to the development of the Roman Numerals and the Arabic number system that fed through to the numbers we use today.

Using Terry Jones semi-comic presentation style, the film is built on two key aspects. The main part of the film is based on Jones' narration, the actual words he says. Without being aloof or inaccessible, the film tells the story in a fascinating and enlightening way – never going into too much detail but doing enough to actually make you feel like you have learn something and have a very broad knowledge base on which to go off and find out more.

The other aspect is the delivery style – colorful, irreverent and fun. Mostly this works and the graphics and comedy add entertainment value to the film without taking away from the interesting content; however at times the constant computerized numbers do get a little annoying and I did want it to be too cheerful and populist but I suppose it was damned if it does and damned if it doesn't.

Jones is a good presenter because he holds these two directions together – seeming genuinely enticed by the subject while also enjoying himself. He is perfect for the broad approaching while he also drops in some great little bits of trivia (the word bankrupt coming from the Italian courts punishing a cheating banker by breaking his table; or the Italian zero being so mistrusted as a symbol that its original name giving us the word "cipher" today).

Overall, it may annoy the more aloof viewer of intellectual, stuffy documentaries about maths and science but this film succeeds in presenting the potentially dull subject in such a lively and entertaining manner that it deserves the audience it won. Perhaps a little too populist at times, it is still very interesting and enjoyable and is the sort of programme that almost makes you think that the BBC is fulfilling its public service charter.

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Hala Bhatti
3 years ago

Why do archaeologist believe that the scratches on this bone were used for counting?

gary winthorupe
3 years ago

worst movie ever so boring

5 years ago

This movie or whatever is trash, it is so boring and teachers be making you do this with an assignment.

daniel martinez
5 years ago

bro 1 is cool

Carlos Ramírez
6 years ago

So good, I will share this!!!!!

Queen of the Throne
7 years ago

Good, ,, got confused on which i thought the questions we have to answer for class went in order with the video. But it was very neat stuff knowing that there were ways that 1. has so many meaning. I did dig the video it was really cool....

gnans sg
11 years ago

A wonderful documentary.Simple yet conveyed what had to. I wish I were in Rome (or that part of the world) to see the fight happening between Roman numerals & the Indian numerals.

Teddy Mcd
11 years ago

Aww shucks that was a pleasing way to spend an hour on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

gilad stark
11 years ago

didn't mesoamerican civilizations had a zero prior, or concurrect with India?

11 years ago

Cute presentation! However, as they wanted a philosopher really obsessed with 'The One', they should have also mentioned Parmenides (and other Eleans), while Pythagoras/Pythagoreans talked about the Universe based on numbers (and therefore, given somewhat in plural), for the Eleans, One was not just a building block of everything, it was everything there is, nothing else (like difference, change, movement, plurality) can exist nor even be thought. I get it, they are not (much) popular in mathematics, but they sure do belong in this doc.

Sieben Stern
11 years ago

that was positively hilarious XD

12 years ago

WoW this is amazing stuff.

12 years ago

WOW!!!! what a documentory... didnt know that Pythagoras didnt had zero in his times.... Proud to be an INDIAN...

12 years ago

This a cool documentary, amusing and Informative all the way

Henry A.
12 years ago

Informative documentary, though the presentation seems to appeal more to children tha to adults.

12 years ago

Informative and Entertaining.

12 years ago

I have never been a big fan of maths, it just freaks me out.
This was a fascinating doc that kept me interested throughout.
The info is easy to understand but detailed and the humor made the subject more approachable for me.
I really liked how they explained binary, I will imagine those egg cups in my head now whenever it comes up (binary is a popular theme for personalized car registration plates here)

12 years ago

every 1 should watch, dont fish and drive. on youtube!

Cool E Beans
12 years ago

@Waldo Watch 'What is Reality' recently posted here and investigate the Quanta Computer. 'Maybe' is a very important factor in calculation. If you know the answer, you don't need it but if you don't have the answer you most definately do need it. Trinary is the only way to think.

12 years ago


I was going to disagree with the part of your former comment "One has to wonder why things never progressed any further than they did in the East,", but then I read and appreciated the latter comment

anyways its nice to have a light hearted yet well researched doc like this one

12 years ago

It has been brought to my attention, indirectly, that I often speculate far outside the confines of the subject matter included in the documentary that I am commenting on. The above statement about the state of Eastern society, which in truth I know nothing of, is a prime example of this. In reality all I know of Eastern society is what the Western powers that be decide they will let me know, so I have no right to question or pass judgment on it anyway. In other words disregard all of the above statement except, "Brilliant!". Though I think to stay this rigidly within the subject matter of the documentary will effectively reduce the comments section to nothing more than a thumbs up or down of the doc in question, so be it.

12 years ago

@ Cool E Beans

What possible use would the word "maybe" have in a system of calculation? Or are you making a joke, if so it was funny I must admit.

12 years ago

Brilliant!! I had no idea the Arabic number system came from India. A very refreshing take on the beginnnings of civilization as well, to often western civilization gets all the credit. In reality we used Eastern tools and philosophy to come to the modern state of things. One has to wonder why things never progressed any further than they did in the East, after all they gave the world the foundations that we built everything else on. In my opinion it is because they became so consumed with the metaphysical world of religion, and how to properly practice the worship of Allah.

Achems Razor
12 years ago

Good doc. fun to watch, the humour made it interesting.

12 years ago

One of my most favorite documentaries.

It may seem bit silly at times, I mean with Terry Jones and all, but the message is non the less elegant and profound.

I wish he'd do The Story of Zero, its history is even more fascinating because its existence was so actively suppressed for so long by so many.

12 years ago

Great documentary! Very entertaining and I believe will drive the curiosity of people to look more deeply into human civilization and culture. A good start to self education!

12 years ago

Nice documentary, really enjoyed this one.

12 years ago

After the first 10 sec. I knew it was going to be a little goofy. But it was fun to watch.
Ever since I had my foot operated on I have'nt moved from this site. It's gonna s^ck when the doctor gives me the OK to go back to work.( my wife will be glad though!)

Thanks TDF

Cool E Beans
12 years ago

Cute doc. Just wait until they start making trinary computers...0=no, 1=yes and 2=maybe

12 years ago

Wow... quite the write up! lol


12 years ago

Love Terry Jones! Python Forever!!