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In the summer of 2000, Les Stroud started something that would change the way people looked at documentary filmmaking, wilderness, and life. But before all that it changed him. Les knew there was only one true way to film survival experience if he wanted to share it with a large audience.

He had to do it alone. This meant no camera crew, no safety line, taking himself far into remote area and left alone to his own devices, without water, no food, no survival gear, just a backpack full of camera equipment with which to record the survival ordeal.

He's been flying over the remote bush for years but he was always going in very prepared, ready for anything. To go in with nothing - voluntarily - didn't leave him with an easy feeling and the pilots thought he had a death wish. Farther and farther they flew into a remote spot on the map, a spot unknown to him... a place to survive chosen by a simple throw of the dart.

Only the pilots saw where it landed and he was blindfolded so he couldn't pick off any advantages from the aerial view either. Wherever the dart landed so would he, regardless of the terrain. They left him in the Northern Ontario wilderness, in a magical paradise called Wabakimi. He'll be nearly a 100 kilometers from the closest person in the environment known as the boreal forest - possibly one of the toughest places on Earth to survive.

There's very little art and culture that lived there for thousands of years. People were too busy trying to eat to bother with art. He was given no advantages. When the plane left it left him alone and he wouldn't see it again for seven days. It's an ominous feeling. The overwhelming noise of the engines subsided as he was left in the silence of the deep woods.

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  1. Albert Potato

    He had the ability to mentally prepare himself for this challenge, where as many people who end up by accident in a life and death situation don't have weeks or months to get that edge. I find inspiration the story of a small touring ship from Hawaii that was caught in a violent storm and ran aground on a desert island during the 1960s. Despite a crew of 2 men and 5 passengers of all different backgrounds, they managed to not only survive but also thrive.

  2. fk_censors

    Amazing pair of documentaries (one set in summer, one in winter). The only reason I gave it 9 stars instead of 10 is because there is very little advice on how to protect yourself from predators (or how to prepare in case you run into one). I know my first (maybe irrational) fear out in the wild would not be starvation, hypothermia, etc., but rater animals... Otherwise, this pair of videos was inspirational, awesome, and educational beyond belief.

  3. Lowball

    As one who has lived in various parts of northern Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia wilderness, the least part of your worries would be what you call predators. A predator is an animal that would deliberately hunt you down for the simple reason to kill you and eat you. And I can assure you there are no animals like that in those regions. Of course the exception is the polar bear in the Arctic regions, but this documentary is not about the Arctic.
    Shelter, warmth and food would be your greatest priority, so forget about the predator factor, as it doesn't exist.

  4. bringmeredwine

    I live near this area and have camped here often!
    Was so delighted to see my old stomping grounds, here in a documentary!
    I go armed with coffee, and coolers filled with beer and steak.
    I'm more afraid of meeting some kind of weirdo, than I am of the bears.:D
    If you keep your food out of reach, and a ways from your site, you should be fine.

  5. Brycce Krick

    if there are no bears in ontario, how is there a bear hunting season, and over 70,000 black bears? also, how have i been hunting bears in my backyard if there aren't any predators in northern ontario?

  6. mataleo

    7 days is nothing

  7. Kip Keino

    Very interesting. I admire what Les is doing - for its uniqueness and other reasons. I gave it 10 stars. Suggest: bring a mosquito net next time, even if it's just for your head. There may be a way to make a mosquito guard, even it it's just poking 5,000 little holes in a shirt. In SE Asia, where I reside, there are palms (coconut and others) which have a natural mesh which might work. I don't know, I haven't tried it.

  8. Tomislav R

    Pretty silly.

  9. LoggerheadShrike

    Black bears do not stalk and hunt humans with the intent of eating their flesh. They are not predators of humans. They do sometimes kill humans, but not as predators - more often as mothers.

  10. LoggerheadShrike

    Fatal attacks are not the same as predatory behaviour. Predation refers strictly to the act of stalking, hunting, and killing another animal for the purpose of eating it. Most bear attacks are provoked situations (in the mind of the bear, at least).

  11. BeeRock

    Loggerhead.. Black Bears HAVE stalked, hunted, killed and eaten people That is a FACT. A fact is a thing that is indisputably the case.

    Also has anyone in this thread mentioned the predation factor?? It was the predator factor being discussed, as in a bear, wolf, cougar those are called predators, one can refer to them as such, even if they don't pray on humans.

    Also You do not know that most bear attacks are provoked in the mind of a bear or that most attacks resulting in deaths are caused by mother bears. Those are reasons for bad encounters with bears that we all learned in grade 1 science class. No one needs you to regurgitate those reasons ok? Infact don't ever mention those reasons for bear attacks again, not at a party, not while having coffee, not in line at the grocery store. Never. WE ALREADY KNOW.

    Utah black bear rips open tent, carries off boy in sleeping bag, kills.

    By Ralph Maughan On June 18, 2007

    About 11 PM last night, a rouge black bear tore open a tent an 11-year old boy was sleeping in. A half hour later searchers found his remains 400 yards away. Dogs are tracked down the large black bear and it was shot.

    The killing took place in American Fork Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains NE of Provo, Utah.

    Story by By Nate Carlisle in the Salt Lake Tribune.

    Not a Mother. Don't see how the boy could have 'provoked' him from inside the tent. The Bear was hungry, and a human became the target and was killed. Could happen again. Case Closed.

  12. LoggerheadShrike

    Off topic?? Pointing out the article you tried to use as evidence, but never read, goes out of its way to contradict you?
    No. You just haven't got a clue, or a point, and you're grasping at anything you can to try and save yourself, and your ignorant commentary. Fat chance!
    As far as television, you're projecting. It's the boob tube that feeds people the incorrect ideas you're promoting by portraying predators as the height of animal threat to humans. By the numbers, they simply aren't. But it makes for good television. It's always easy to spot viewers because they all spout the same nonsense, and are incapable of understanding the simplest facts about dangers - such as not being able to comprehend that sleeping in the wrong place can provoke an animal. You still can't. It's not just that you don't know - you're not capable of comprehending it.

  13. jackmax

    You said " Black Bears HAVE stalked, hunted, killed and eaten people That is a FACT. A fact is a thing that is indisputably the case."

    If you are correct you should be able to provide the evidence required to claim such things as FACT as you have done.
    The reason I say this is because at this stage all you have provided us with is one case where the bear attacked a sleeping child in a tent. That does not show any evidence in bears stalking, hunting, killing and eating people as you have stated.
    All you have shown is that a black bear attacked an eleven year old boy and dragging him from his tent.
    Can you show me where the bear hunted and/or stalked a human as prey as you have suggested.

  14. jackmax

    G'day mate,

    I understand the point your trying to present. however even after reading your links as well as others I still have found no evidence of black bears either stalking or hunting humans.
    To say that they have attacked humans without provocation seems to be more accurate.

    I would like to point out that your idea that the black bear is not a predator is not correct, as a predator is any organism that exists by preying upon other organisms. (which the black bear does) That being the case it would surely be logical to think that they would attack if the opportunity arose and it should be up to us humans to ensure that we protect ourselves against all likely dangers when we venture into there domain.

  15. i_drink_Scope

    Gilligan's Island?

  16. nigel

    Odd, the common argument here is whether bears hunt and kill is a fact, they are referred to as rogues, and they have been documented as acting as a predator. Now back to the videos....they are informative and at the same time, they are entertaining. The concept focuses on finding yourself in this situation, and as previously mentioned, the chances of anyone finding themselves in this environment, trying to survive the elements, the anxiety, the fears the loneliness,is most unlikely anyone would have the benefits of having a sound body to do it with. Typically, if you are out there,you had a plan, so you would have tools, or a major concussion a broken leg a broken arm, or worse yet, mortally wounded, as you are unlikely to walk away from your plane crashing. I have tried the survival thing several times, it is a cool feeling to find you dont need the city, you dont need steak, but you must stay dry, warm and hydrated....the hardest is staying warm and dry. If you dont, chances are you'll never make it home, to cosy up in front of the tv, to watch a big city writer dazzle you with his BS. He has admitted in the past to having a support team close by to assist him. So as far as Im concerned, he is a bit of a fake as he was never in the grip of the crippling fear for survival.

  17. johnnyringo

    Predatory animals targeting humans may or may not pose a threat here or there or anywhere for all I care because if I find myself suddenly being chased up a tree or off a cliff by any animal intent and capable of causing me harm (specially those bigger and notoriously vicious by nature) I don't really want to know if it wants to kill me for dinner or being a threat,hopefully the specifics I can get later.

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