Strange Matters

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Social psychologist Erich Fromm once said, "A technological civilization is programmed by the principal that something ought to be done if it is technologically possible. If it is possible to make nuclear weapons, they must be built even if they destroy us all." So it is in the world of science as it is practiced today. The ambitious and beautifully produced new documentary Strange Matters shows us a scientific landscape populated by the most brilliant minds of our time - all collectively accelerating discoveries which could hold the power to destroy us all.

Such a discovery was made in August of 2014, when researchers at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York uncovered the means by which to manufacture strange matter, a quark liquid which existed billions of years ago and is thought to have played a key role in the Big Bang. When properly manipulated, this liquid quark serves as the most explosive element in the known universe, and can consume and destroy all planetary mass.

The accomplishments and capabilities of the nuclear science industry are advancing at a rapid pace, but at what cost to the future of humanity? Spokespersons for the industry itself downplay these risks by appealing to the public's insatiable appetite for innovation. Many of the eye-opening revelations presented in Strange Matters lie in stark contrast to our general view of science as a positive force for the betterment of mankind. As explained by Otto Rossler, one of the founders of Chaos Theory and a valuable contributor to the film, "Science sometimes is dangerous to sustainability."

This dynamic is apparent throughout the history of scientific innovation, particularly in the doomsday functions of an invention such as the atom bomb. The film argues that current research involving particle manipulation and manmade black holes carry the threat of even greater devastation.

Strange Matters contains ample servings of dense scientific data, but presents this challenging information in a clear and easily digestible manner. Beyond the science, however, lies a troubling ethical conundrum: just because our species has the curiosity and power of invention needed to unravel these scientific mysteries, does that mean that we should?

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    Luyang Han
  1. Luyang Han

    I would rather call it conspiracy than science. So many errors there already in the first 10 minutes.

  2. Jim Green
  3. Jim Green

    The doc is "fear mongering" carried to new heights!

  4. cyberdog
  5. cyberdog

    If they somehow could miraculously manage to backup any of their propaganda with some factual information I would upgrade my rating of this documentary to intellectual masturbation. But it is not that it is only emotional warmongering, it also has all the facts so wrong it becomes ridiculous. And it is very clear that the misinformation is deliberate. I am not that clear on the reason, I am guessing that it is possibly due to them not having enough factual evidence to backup their stand. So they masterfully craft some. First they start off painting a picture of stringlets and the massive explosive power. Then they attempt to make it sound like what they are saying is factual by taking the scientists quotes completely out of context on a entire matter altogether. The scientists are speaking about creating of micro-black holes. Stringlets and black holes are two very different things that behave and work entirely differently. They also fail to mention that the black holes are not sustainable at that level, and are perfectly normal, they occur all the time on that scale around us and in the sun. This LHA experiment is just doing it under observable conditions. They also fail to to explain exactly how it will be possible to create enough stringlets to be of any use or of any danger. There is a much larger chance of the structure underground collapsing and the ground caving in. That same risk, albeit larger, will always be there for any tunnel or bridge. Should that now stop us from building bridges or tunnels?
    It is just a whole truckload of misinformation paraded off as if it is some kind of religion. If you are going to have a go at discrediting science, at least try be less lazy and mentality challenged, and take the time to get the facts right.

  6. Head in a basket
  7. Head in a basket

    No doubt. However, for the rest of us, would you mind stating maybe 5 out of 10 of those many errors? Should be easy for you.

  8. leftOrRightLobe
  9. leftOrRightLobe

    Ok... I am all about criticism of all aspects of everything. The activities of CERN should be criticized as should everything.

    But this documentary, has some items that are difficult to research and plays upon the public's limited understanding of particle physics.

    The same can be said about what CERN researchers are even studying and their methods.

    The most damaging element of this doc's argument is that under it's own logic: mankind will find fire, attempt to understand it, then burn itself. This is inevitable.

    So if we abolish particle experiments of this nature and prevent our destruction by some other means, someone, somewhere, will eventually stumble upon, theorist, and experiment with particles.

    Sounds like doom and gloom brimstone reminiscent of popular beliefs many of the religious sect endear.

    The saving grace of this situation, if the documentary is correct is that the destruction of our habitat will be nearly instantaneous.

  10. dewflirt
  11. dewflirt

    Maybe they answered this and I missed it but, did they say that a strangeling would fall to the centre of the earth and if so, why wouldn't it just fall out the other side? Secondly, was it said that black holes don't exist and then go on to state the dangers of accidentally making mini black holes at the LHC. Lastly, if they have already created big bang soup, why hasn't it eaten us yet. Sorry, I know I should have listened properly but I got a bit put off, felt like I was having Armageddon explained to me Sesame Street style. Actually, now I think of it, that's probably exactly what I need ;)

  12. dmxi
  13. dmxi

    reminds me of that whackey youtube video (an alex jones product,i believe) when aliens have possessed the 'demented scientist ' whilst opening a mini black hole in the LHC!

  14. Read books and talk less
  15. Read books and talk less

    Right? The film presents some good points, verbatim quote-unquote by the actual scientists and some people above are fu**king "geniuses." Like this cyberdog expert who hasn't even finished watching the damn thing because there is a reference about micro black hole instability, which is by Hawking, and furthermore that it is purely theoretical. I actually doubt he has read anything by Hawking. That same guy spells "stringelet" instead of Strangelet. That other error catching wizard I won't even attempt to discuss.

  16. Laz Nikolaj Andersen
  17. Laz Nikolaj Andersen

    Warning this is not science its propaganda

  18. basesrloaded
  19. basesrloaded

    Google "Ad hominem"

  20. Oskaras Spalvys
  21. Oskaras Spalvys

    Do not waste your time watching this. Flat earth theorists make more sense.

  22. Russ Tul
  23. Russ Tul

    There are no "small" black holes in the universe. There are only black holes, and the moment we should succeed in creating a "small" black hole in the laboratoy, it will instantly become a black hole like all the others, which will quickly proceed to first swallow our Earth and then the rest of the planets, etc. of our solar system and eventually our sun. But not to worry, in that case, our extinction on Earth would be instantaneous. All those black holes out there are simply proof that there have been "intelligent" beings in the universe, but that they all had the same built-in genetic flaw, namely boundless curiosity and fascination with technology. We and the other "intelligent" beings that still inhabit the universe are proof that we are not intelligent enough to make that fatal leap into extinction yet. The gods must have built this "curiosity barrier" to prevent beings like us from questioning their rule.

  24. TheUprising
  25. TheUprising

    LOL you alien lovers always crack me up. Not because you believe in as-of-yet unproven "intelligent beings" out there (but heavens forbid, not God, that would be PRIMITIVE...), but because of what, to you, is considered good evidence.

    And there are no "black holes," only black spaces nobody can figure out, but which by so doing they have lots of fun, and make lots of believers for their fables.

  26. Alyx Vance
  27. Alyx Vance

    Both of you are ******. Black holes do vary in size and mass and they aren't black areas that "We can't figure out." We have been studying them for years and accounted for their gravity both through observation and math proof of what they are.

    As for "There are no small black holes" this is utter boll*cks and a small black hole doesn't just instantly become a big one, it in fact dies out shortly after being created..

    Seriously if you're gonna talk about this stuff open a f***ing book.

  28. Billy Tough
  29. Billy Tough

    "And it is very clear that the misinformation is deliberate. I am not that clear on the reason, I am guessing that it is possibly due to them not having enough factual evidence to backup their stand. "
    You are projecting your own ignorance, and I am inclined to believe you are a troll, a very confused individual or more than likely both.

  30. TheUprising
  31. TheUprising

    Yeah, open a f-in book written by people whose livelihoods depend on you buying the hypothetical theoretical yin-yang sold to you as fact. Seriously, if you're gonna do real research, at some time open a different book.

  32. cyberdog
  33. cyberdog

    Calling someone a troll purely on the basis that you disagree does not give you a valid argument. It is the a good thing that you have made some fantastic contributions, and were not lazy in any way and took the time to elaborate your view in detail. Otherwise you would just be coming across as a complete m***n without a valid point.

  34. Mikhail
  35. Mikhail

    You know how we understand black holes exist? By their interactions on the objects around them. You know what other things we can't see yet know they exist based on their interactions with other objects? Atoms! You could not be typing on your keyboard spewing complete garbage if it wasn't for the knowledge of the existence of something traditionally unobservable. You are an idiot. A very brainwashed idiot.

  36. TheUprising
  37. TheUprising

    Namecalling won't help you NASA fanboy, you'd parrot and believe in the tooth fairy if it was presented to you by Routledge-Paul and Carl Sagan. There is NO PROOF for the existence of black holes and no real evidence as to what those apparently empty spaces are. Through mathematics you can prove anything, given accepted numerical premises which might just be made up bulls*it. What you see (or don't see...) in the sky relies on not only direct observation but also an understanding of the depths of space and the magnitude of the things in it, so, according to your viewpoint, what is located behind what, and how big are both. Did you know, silly fellow, that until Mr. Telescope "Double Bubble" Hubble put his 2 cents in, that Andromeda was considered a nebula? That everything viewable in our night sky was thought to be contained within our own Milky Way, the only true galaxy?

    The first step to educating yourself is learning what people, including the forefront scientists believe. You are at that stage. The second is thinking for yourself, perhaps as to why what they believe might not be true at all, and just another fable. This one is big business, and good for a world which is trying its best to eliminate any basis for morality.

  38. Billy Tough
  39. Billy Tough

    " I am not that clear on the reason, I am guessing that it is possibly due to them not having enough factual evidence to backup their stand. " I based my opinion from the text inside the "" I made no absolute claims, only that you were deciding from guessing they did little or no research.

  40. cyberdog
  41. cyberdog

    Apology accepted.

  42. Billy Tough
  43. Billy Tough

    delusion recognised

  44. Billy Tough
  45. Billy Tough

    what are the errors I am open to hearing them

  46. Pie
  47. Pie

    Ah so those intelligent beings all seem to have lived mostly at centers of galaxies. Too bad our place is pretty much on the edge of ours. We must be far off from being intelligent then? :)

  48. Russ Tul
  49. Russ Tul

    Pie, I was talking abut our solar system, not our galaxy. I hope u know the difference between the two.

  50. Russ Tul
  51. Russ Tul

    Why are u so angry, Mikhail? Just because most scientists agree on a certain issue today doesn't mean that scientists of tomorrow will continue agreeing on that issue. Progress in any field proceeds through total or partial negation of negation. It's always been and will continue to be that way.

  52. m.s.
  53. m.s.

    Why it`s important to know how universe started? Why reproduce the B.B. ? Investing billions, why? What about the kids dying because there are no food for them? "Oh, they are not so many kids that are dying right now. Just ignore them. Knowledge is better than them." Maybe it`s propaganda movie, and i think it is, but the whole idea is "humanity on top of all other things in that stupid life on Earth like greed, selfish, pride, etc."

  54. Saurabh Rao
  55. Saurabh Rao

    The narration style gave a hint about the conspiracy style nonsense that was to follow. When the ham-handed graphics and the shots of screaming, panicking people came up, I knew it was time to give up.

  56. Billy Tough
  57. Billy Tough

    leftOrRightLobe, there is no way for us to know how long this could take, they state that in the documentary, so why do you say it would be instant?

  58. Billy Tough
  59. Billy Tough

    Also I still await cyberdog's reply but he declared he had won the argument, as he declared he INTUITIVELY knew the creators of this film made no research.

  60. Billy Tough
  61. Billy Tough

    These comments have been silently edited

  62. Cal
  63. Cal

    Well, after about 12 minutes of this, it became apparent that this "documentary" is about as intellectually dishonest as it gets. But I get the feeling that the presumable science-hating right wing conservative Luddites who created this ridiculous piece of anti-intellectualism don't REALLY understand what they are criticizing or the role of physics and science, and their mis-estimation of which is just flat out painful in it's fear and paranoia. Just sheer nonsense. Shameful how far some of these nuts are willing to go to mislead and misinform.

  64. Steve
  65. Steve

    This is not a science documentary. This is utter BS.

  66. George
  67. George

    Well, i must say that the method i use to recognize a research from a propaganda is that the first focus in presenting the results of an study and then theorize about what that could mean. An the word "could" is the really important factor because science always leaves an open door for possible error. Propaganda in the other hand will most of the time focus in convince you about something, there will no "could" in the results, the study will be analyzed in only one manipulated direction, discarding all other possibilities through the use of fear to maximize the impact on your opinion. So, for me, this video is clearly a propaganda, not science or research.
    Finally, in this video you will see a lot of "it has not been proven" and then you will see proof to the oposite, but this proof will be equally arguable as the ones discarded. For me, that's a contradiction and this video is full of them.

    P.S.: Acording to this video there is no possibility for the existence of supersymmetry. Without any proof they discard it just like that.

  68. Bobby
  69. Bobby

    Oh neat! Fear mongering propaganda is considered to be the same as a science documentary now? All hail the machine overlord!!!

  70. John
  71. John

    Went in expecting a science documentary on quantum mechanics, stopped watching after 10 minutes because the author is a goddamn idiot. This is not a science documentary this is anti-intellectual propaganda that should be banned on this website. We are here to learn or here to enjoy new theories, not to listen to some paranoid fool babble on about nonsense that damages, aside from space exploration perhaps the most important field known to human kind. Shame on every poor unintelligent person who created this load of crap.

  72. Sasha
  73. Sasha

    I made a sandwich and decided to find a nice science documentary to watch, I wish I didn't click on this. This isn't a documentary, it's pure propaganda and nonsense. Saying scientists and engineers are basically worshiping the machines they create.

    15:07 - "A tradition continued today by its modern practitioners who still develop their fetishistic machines with mystical creationist theories proposing an energy only universe" By modern practitioners the film is referring to modern scientists at places like CERN and such.

    Honestly I think this video should be removed.

  74. Dan
  75. Dan

    sh*tty, biased, unsupported propaganda

  76. Ugly Kid Joe
  77. Ugly Kid Joe

    This is really, _really_ bad. I managed to watch 16 minutes, but then I realized I just can't. I wouldn't even call this a documentary, but if I did, I did, I would say it's the worst "documentary" I've ever seen. And I have seen my fair share of UFO and conspiracy stuff. This is more like psychotic hate speech than anything else.

  78. Jess
  79. Jess

    Not science, guys. Wrong section.

  80. Therese Langevin
  81. Therese Langevin

    I guess I'm interested in following up the citations shown at the beginning from CERNTruth and Brookhaven Newsroom etc about what's been discovered and the concerns expressed by Wilczek, Rossler, and Wagner in the paper about disaster scenarios. The information about Alfred Nobel was kind of cool too. (war profits funding the nobel prizes and the continued existence of his multinational corporation). I used to think Eisenhower was inconsequential until I read his speech about the military-industrial complex and I used to think LBJ was an bad warmongering president until I started reading about his successful push for civil rights legislation and the great society and how he got Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court. Real life is complicated, not just heros and villians. I thought this was an interesting film. Made me want to learn more.

  82. RonMcG
  83. RonMcG

    This should not even be categorized as a documentary. I'm a bit offended that it is.

    Couldn't get past 12 minutes.

    Quite unfortunate, as the description of the film made it sound very interesting.

    I, too, vote this should be removed. It's not a documentary. It's propaganda in a rather blatant state.

  84. Nolin Charles
  85. Nolin Charles

    Propagandist bunk.

  86. Anteater
  87. Anteater

    "Fetishist machines" oh man you lost me. The way this film gleans clips from other documentaries. The way its twists opinions. Wilczek really should sue for this garbage. The woman explaining about taking two things and smashing them together to look at the debris in the first 15 minutes or so is from a fantastic documentary which is on Netflix so go watch that instead

  88. Geoffrey Raleigh
  89. Geoffrey Raleigh

    Mockumentary. Wild conclusions based on overreached, overstretched correlations.

  90. messenger
  91. messenger

    it is remarkable how angry are the commenters, obviously they are a bit afraid it is all truth. Nothing ore obvious that the anger of people to prove something is right when it does not make happy. Man up children, death is 1/2 of reality and 'shooting the messenger' does not help to survive

  92. Dallas
  93. Dallas

    Sub par garbage

  94. john
  95. john

    What a sissy video. I think we should take more and bigger risks and soon.

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