The Strange World of Nanoscience

The Strange World of Nanoscience

2010, Science  -   64 Comments
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Where and what is nano? How will it shape our future? Nanoscience is the study of phenomena and manipulation of materials at the nanoscale, where properties differ significantly from those at a larger scale. The strange world of Nanoscience - it can take you into atoms and beyond the stars.

The nanoscale ranges from 100 nanometres down to the atomic level, where a nanometre is a millionth part of a millimetre.

Manipulating shape and size at nanometre scale, nanotechnologists are producing a wide variety of applications that take profit of the properties that this scale offers. Nowadays, thousands of researchers around the world are investigating the new contributions that NT can bring us by designing, characterizing and producing new structures, devices and systems.

This film was produced and directed by Tom Mustill for the NANOYOU Project ( as a resource for young people, teachers and anyone interested to get a quick introduction to Nanoscience.

It is mainly shot at and with the assistance of the Nanoscience Centre at the University of Cambridge and features researchers involved in exploring the world of Nano.

Directed by: Tom Mustill

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  1. KJerry KMcDonald

    "Clemens van Stekelenburg

    Good. Gun lovers should be turned off."

    Are you implying people who have a different values than yours should be "turned off" (Wink wink... murdered)??

    Well... in the spirit of Tolerance, I believe those same people you wish to be "turned off" should have the opinion that they should "turn you off" with those same guns you seem ready to end them for loving. Fair is fair.... right?

    Tolerance Tim... serving tolerance one blind selfish fool at a time.

  2. Tolerance Tim

    "Clemens van Stekelenburg

    Good. Gun lovers should be turned off."

    Are you implying people who have a different values than yours should be "turned off" (Wink wink... murdered)??

    Well... in the spirit of Tolerance, I believe those same people you wish to be "turned off" should have the opinion that they should "turn you off" with those same guns you seem ready to end them for loving. Fair is fair.... right?

    Tolerance Tim... serving tolerance one blind selfish fool at a time.

  3. gwhosubex

    the tone is such a turnoff.

    1. Clemens van Stekelenburg

      Good. Gun lovers should be turned off.

  4. Pat

    Cheers TDF. Great website & nice to see the new Highest Rated, & Most Voted catagories:) Keep up the good work!

  5. murali


  6. Joshua Marks

    I guess this is an interesting intro into the world of nano science and the nano scale. But it has the distinct feel of propaganda as the narrator speaks as if addressing a class of 2nd graders and he will be sending us home with a coloring book.

    The implications of nano self-replication, self-assembly, self-organization and persistence (difficult to terminate) in the nano world has far reaching implications, infinite applications, and enables insidious agendas... none of which is dealt with or even implied in this short doc. And the state of current use in the industrial world is underplayed very substantially as nano-tech is commonly used now (and in 2010 at time of release) in industrial applications, bioengineering, geoengineering, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, fracking and energy production, chemical spill clean-up (e.g., corexit and gulf oil spill) and of course extensively within the military industrial complex... Would have appreciated a more serious introduction to the topic.

    1. Pat

      I agree it would have been useful to have covered more about the potentially sinister applications of this technology (you seem to know your stuff), but I think Stephen Fry is a brilliant narrator, & makes things more accessible & interesting. I can understand how his style could easily be misconstrued as patronising, but I think he talks that way because he has his own genuine childlike wonder in the subject. And who can blame him? Fascinating subject, but sure, if a more comprehensive & serious one comes along I'll gladly be watching that too!

    2. Joshua Marks

      Hi Pat - you might be interested in Sophia Smallstorm's presentation on YT:
      From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life. The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology
      I posted an earlier response with link - not sure if the moderator has a problem as there's no comment or indication of why it was never posted.

      This is an interesting introduction into some of the "sinister" issues related to nano tech - with other issues addressed in documentaries by topic for instance transhumanism and geoengineering...

    3. Pat

      Thanks Joshua

  7. Is Don

    Wow a few deep comments. I actually agree with a lot of it and from a deep thinker to other like minded thinkers I offer an out of the box view on things (bear with me I'll keep it as brief as). " Nothing in existence matters." To elaborate.. the lifespan of the entire human race, past, present and future, is gonna b less than a flash in the pan compared to the life span of the universe's entire existence. Its quite unfathomable that the universe has a number attached to its existence and one can only partly conceive the inconceivable number (ball park figure being high trillions i.e. ??? 000 000 000 000's of years) vaguely grasping how very insignificant earthling's spec of space is, was and always will be right to the death of our Sun (a mere 4 billion years from now roughly). My point I think is this.. we should each try 2 live our 80 or so years with the appreciation that each individual has within them something that doesn't actually matter, doesn't actually mean anything and has no actual purpose... yet paradoxically is the most beautifully majestic, awe inspiring mind blower the universe has to offer- the unrivalled absolute Pinnacle of what the universe can do- that wonderful spark we call life...

    Be kind to each other and always enjoy the little things, don't take things more seriously than u have to,

    this pointless universe will run its course either way ; )

  8. morsie2

    Nano technology will be put to some good use, but mainly for war.

  9. drag gon

    In response to Jack1952 about "lack of will in the rest"

    Foreign governments, created the way they are, which was just like how ours was and shaped, which is; to do, see and think.

    The U.S. and other countries have tried helping out "3rd world" countries. For example, humanitarian aid was given to small 3rd world countries in africa. Whole villiges, people, cities, were given access to 1rst world technology and which helped in finding and accessing waterwells, indoor water, indoor plumbing, farming and other agricultural technology and equipment. What ended up happening to these developing countries were; over population, over farming of land, over fishing of the oceans; rivers; natural bounties and resources, The over-use other local resources ending up in over population which led to what we see now. Whole villages starving, children being stillborn civil war, and other large disasters that were preventable. The corruption of governments, whole races of villages being murdered and/or raped (bred out) because a male will never marry a woman who is not a virgin. The negative effects have killed and murdered more people and populations than the problems we tried to help and/or "fix" for them.

    I personally agree with some of the people who say to keep everything within our borders. We have problems like anyother 1st or 3rd world country we need to solve and fix ourselves. how can we help others if we can't even fix our own problems, or even come to some stable middleground. We have gov. corruption, lack of funds for education, the dumbing down of our generations. We have our governments saying their cutting funding for healthcare, medicare, housing assistance, nutrition assistance. We have Obama saying our country is broke as hell, then not 2 weeks passes, and the FBI roll out the biggest "big brother" surveilance technology In Utah which they spent OVER 1 BILLION DOLLARS ON. All the while we have children, teens, mothers, daughters, brothers, sons, getting raped and murdered and sold. We have illegals flooding into our country, even though unemployment rate is skyrocketing. We have "OBAMA CARE" which now is letting million of people get health care. While we were short of "DOCTORS BY OVER 60%" FOR THE PEOPLE THAT HAD HEALTH CARE BEFORE OBAMA CARE.!! To simplify it, I'll round down the number of individuals that are getting healthcare to 3 million people. There aren't going to be more doctors, appearing within this 3million grp of people. I'd say doctors are allready coverd with healthcare. How in the F**** are these doctors going to find time to help every1? That is a question the so called "news," or "investigative journalism" never asked, and was never answered. Also in "Obama "doesn't" Care, is the article passed by congress, I don't recall which one at the moment, but a little "goggle" on your part, and you'll find it, is where obamacare says that the price of seizure medication, aids medication will stay the same, and "birth control, classes and other learning material in the matter" will be "free". It allready is free if not very cheap. The most I've seen anyone pay for 1months supply of birth control was 25 U.S. Dollars. So if the medicines that are used the most are going to cost "roughly the same" what the hell is Obama-care really doing besides taking much needed appointments away from people, and "OVER USE" of our nations medical staff, and Doctors, from of the mass flooding of patients? If you thought the wait in the E.R. was long before, just wait until Obama-care really kicks itself in gear.

    We have our own problems within our own borders, not to mention playing "world police" and trying to help every1. It will end up like Gaza Strip. There were never "battles, wars, fighting, suicide bombers on Gaza Strip until land was taken from Palestine and taken over by the Jewish People, after WWII; all because the U.N. passed 181, which made it "legal" for the jewish people to make their borders of Israel. ("F.Y.I. .. Russia lost more people durring the war than the U.S. and the Jews."" Japan was less than 2 weeks from surrendering. The Russians successfully stoped the Nazi war machine dead in its tracks on it's western flank while defending and fighting off the "Reds" on their Eastern Flank. dropping down the threat from the east to almost zero, by themselves, from patriatism, fear of their leader, and just plain survival, whittling the "reds" numbers down so low the Japanese Emperor was quoted, " We have less then 2 weeks to surrender or we'll be annihlated by the Russians. The U.S. President KNEW THIS, and dropped the A-bombs anyway, saying "I want to show the world what this power can do." successfully murdering million of Japanese, then playing the American People, the media into believing the Atom Bomb was the solution to the end of WWII. When Eistein, first promoting atom technology and developing it for the U.S. Wrote a final leter to the president requesting that the wepons not be used, and the greatest mistake he ever made was being part of the development of this technology.

    I digress. don't get me wrong, I don't agree with Hitler and the 3rd Reich, I am an army veteran myself, but I don't agree with the U.N. decision to "take land, from 1 person (ignore protests and revolts from the action,) to give to another because they had a "ROUGH TIME." I'm down playiNg the seriousness of what the Jewish people lost, but thats ESSENTIALLY what happened.

    It's also how we and our children are being lied to by our government.

    I'ts happened all through history. "Democracy doesn't appear 1 time in the U.S. Constitution, Alexander Bell didn't patent the first telephone, Elli Whitney didn't invent the cottin gin. Jimi Hendrix was murdered by the FBI, he didn't drown in his own vomit. The FBI released documents admiting these facts.
    Our government knows this, they have released documents proving this.
    "The Police used to watch-over the people....
    Now they're WATCHING the people..."
    quote from Unknown author

  10. Carl Toersbijns

    this is alot like the theory of dark energy... interesting for sure..

  11. Prion Indigo

    Instead of just using nanotechnology to connect with one another...imagine, what if we could use our natural the few people who can naturally be empathic or telepathic.

    1. Vicki_in_Greece

      That would be MARVELOUS!!
      What if we did not need to use cars, airplanes to visit our friends around the world.! I was thinking that I bet we have the potential but so much is focused on war and death in the world we don't have the space and the atmosphere to do fabulous creative activities.

    2. Prion Indigo

      Is that sarcasm? I've studied about it, I've heard there is evidence for genuine "preternatural" abilties. Though I know a few psychics, I think most of the claims are bogus, though are there are some genuine ones.

    3. Vicki_in_Greece

      No, I was thinking that if a human brain can imagine something, maybe it is possible!

  12. Monika Robnik

    As a sanitary engineer I am a bit worry about nanoscience. Hope it will develop in way it was performed, otherwise that could be a huge treath to mankind.

    1. Vicki_in_Greece

      I have been researching and think it sounds ok from a waste management perspective.
      What is your concern, maybe I am missing something!!

  13. Vicki_in_Greece

    Nanoscience is amazing. I predict that very soon we'll all be healthier and our homes will be more energy efficient due to nanoscience applications.

  14. Louis Charles

    It's interesting how atheists reference 'Mother Nature'.

    1. Vicki_in_Greece

      I reference Mother Nature (in other spots) too but am not an atheist. I'm going to be more careful !!

  15. Mookleong

    Jack 1952 , hope that you still flip back to this site once you are done or bored of others not so challenging exchange . Darwin and his strong suitors propagate natural selection in our evolution. In short it does mean that those powerful and rich got to have more children . In the not so distant past, this was a fact with kings , emperors , rich landlords and the powerful all having numerous wife and countless children . Our modern society with so call civility have very much stop such process . Much to do with women right and raising cost of bringing up children that make parents think twice to have more than a pair of kids . Does this mean that our evolution has stop ? The weak is producing much bigger number of offspring . Look at the third world , their population is still growing fast whereas the developed world are experiencing decline or negative growth rate . Maybe it explain why lots of ancient technology is lost forever , our natural selection process was stopped with our advancement in science and civility resulting man of developed world experiencing lowered sperm count .

    1. Vicki_in_Greece

      you are taking Charles Darwin phrase about natural selection out of context and applying it to something he never meant

  16. Jared Boyes

    Well said, Jack1952. I completely agree with you. Some humans are so stuck in the "humans are separate and special from the rest of the natural world". They just lack the knowledge and ability to see things at different levels and to view those same levels from different angles and under different lights. It's almost as if they don't want to know! We are just now coming into the era where a single human is to the Earth as a single neuron is to the brain. The internet will connect us all like a central nervous system and from there... Ability to experience another dimension? Global and ultimately Universal consciousness? Who knows? It's going to be awesome though!

  17. LAR60

    always fascinated by this kind of stuff. Have nothing against sciene, but isn't there a danger that for the want to do good we do harm?
    I mean, there has to be a kick-on effect to using this nanoscience to cure cancer, as welcomed as that may be. As has already been mentioned in some recent posts, Mother Nature has been doing alright without our intereference up to now.
    We discover cures for this that and the other, next thing we know our countries can't cope with people living longer.
    What's really wrong with trusting to nature instead of forcing the issue?

    1. Jack1952

      We are not separate from nature. We are nature. The things that we do are just as natural as bees building a hive or beavers a dam. Our ability to adapt and prepare for the future is an evolutionary survival tactic and has been a successful one. It is Mother Nature at work.

      I hope we never sit around hoping cancer will go away because Mother Nature knows what she is doing. Mother Nature has allowed humanity the ability solve the problems that all other species on the planet cannot. It would be morally reprehensible to not use this ability.

    2. J. A.

      Well said. Finally someone who understands the inherit 'power' we have as a species and is able to put it in a respectable perspective. However, there is one thing that was not mentioned which is often overlooked. Yes, one could say that "the things we do are just as natural as bees building a hive" etc... but we must not discount the things that separates us from the bees and beavers: Creative Will and Love. I doubt anyone would want to cure cancer solely out of an instinct for survival, or monetary benefit. It is love for one another that inspires such marvelous acts. Speaking of moral reprehension, the science and discovery of nuclear energy was a great achievement for all of mankind and it was a next step in the natural progression in mans necessary ability to discover greater platforms of energy flux-density. Unfortunately, the people in "power" around that era, where quite lacking in the much needed moral judgment of what to do with such a powerful technology. That generation of people, the so called 'children of the atomic age' must be used as an example to all future generations as a lesson in morality. We the people, here and now, are faced with such a dilema. Do we allow those in "power" to continue to use this wonderful technology as a weapon or threat to mankind? Of course not. So why do we continue to allow ourselves to be led by insane money driven murderers who we call Presidents, congressmen, "elected officials"?! What could be more natural than the progression of consciousness resulting in the culmination of universal principles, conceived in the minds of enslaved men, resulting in the greatest expression of mankind... THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.

    3. Vicki_in_Greece

      Maybe you mean the Declaration of Independence?

    4. opinus

      Your interpretation of "natural" is perhaps missing a key factor.
      That which we create is produced outside the interconnectedness of all biological processes. Many of science's ingenious inventions prove to have destructive consequences as they are created conceptually outside the continuum framework that binds all natural phenomena in one balanced, interrelated ballet. Modern medical and agricultural practices are good examples of this.

    5. Vicki_in_Greece

      The nanotechnology has been developed becase humans have been able to identify the natural processes at that level and even (sometimes) mimic the processes. The choices made determine whether the natural gifts of the knowledge will be used for the good of the human race or not. Maybe judging the nanotech by assuming the nuclear and pharm industries are the same is not applicable. Nanotech could be the way to leave behind money which seems to be the root of all evil. Then humans could live with equailty. Zeitgeist has a great discussion of this at the end of one their films here.

    6. Jack1952

      It is not the science that has thrown this balance out of whack. It is our successful use of science that has allowed human populations to explode to unprecedented heights. We are like rats abandoned on a tiny island, with no natural predetors, whose numbers have grown rapidly until every living thing has been consumed. It will take generations for any kind of balance to be found and life on that little island will be cycles of growth and death until that balance is found. The damage caused to the ecosystem is one of the masses but we operate as individuals. It is when the good of the individual coincides with what is good for the earth will a balance of nature be restored. We are a part of nature and all the things we do are a part of nature. Like those rats who consume and breed are doing what is natural to them, we do what is natural to us.

      The number one problem we have is over population. Solve that and many of the other problems go away with it.

    7. opinus

      Yes, we are undeniably part of nature Jack, just as a plant, insect or animal species from one environment introduced to another environment is. These species, although natural in their respective environments, are exotic in their new environments - and as such, are outside the perfect balance created by all parts of that functioning ecosystem often becoming destructive invasive pests. Ecosystems function according to their inherent interconnectedness and that is precisely what I was referring to in my post. Science is often crude in it's innovative intervention as it exemplifies the limitations we have in understanding the breadth of this natural interconnectedness and functions within our capitalist system of prioritizing profit above all else. As a consequence, our technology often impacts the natural world destructively as it is created outside the natural framework, ignoring it's complexity and hence, impacting it negatively. Again, I would mention medicine and agricultural practices (primarily genetic engineering) as examples of this. It would also be wise to research information on the potential problems that some scientists fear might arise from nano tech, primarily that which is self-replicating.
      It's my opinion that overpopulation, while seriously exacerbating the problem, is not causal.

    8. Jack1952

      Although, the invasive species is a problem we face today, I'm sure it's happened repeatedly in earth's history. Climactic change, continental drift, severe weather, disease and others that I haven't even thought of yet could set all kinds of scenarios off. Imagine the ecological disruption when the Indian subcontinent crashed into Asia. Some plants and animals would have flourished and others would have gone extinct under the pressure. Ecological imbalance is a huge part of life of Earth.

      The one thing we can't know is how normal technological developement is for life on any existing planet. We know only of our own and can only judge on the experience we've had so far. How it will play out, we can only guess at. We can't look at the rest of the universe and use it as an example or even know if such examples exist. We are going in blind. Caution would seem prudent. I hate to repeat myself but cutting back on our population would cut back on a lot of the risks of our scientific endeavours for the simple fact that it wouldn't be as world encompassing.

  18. KsDevil

    Nice quick summary of Nano stuff.

  19. Maxime Bergeron Falardeau


  20. Givemescienceoverreligion

    What we learn in science from the movie is what mother nature has been experimenting for billions of years. Nature makes mistakes as well and their are cost with that. We make mistakes as well, its part of the learning process. Jack1952, I disagree with your premise about not trusting the government. If you have a problem with the system then you would go to the courts and settle your claim. Jumping to the statement about stopping science as whole because you feel science getting out of hand is idiotic.

    As you may have read on this web site that there is a war on science by the religious groups. Your statement about stopping science, is not natural with life as we know it, again mother nature does these experiments all the time.

    If you think my statements implies force of religion, your wrong again. With the current state of affairs we in the world are faced with the coming to a head with a likely possible act of nuclear war. Currently, no single participating country has a solution to prevent it from happening. Religion is at the center of it again, when will we learn that religion is an evil in itself. They are the one's controlling the holding of the gun/missile.

    So I do not have to force anything on anyone, because more than likely it will happen and then we may learn that religion is evil. Mother nature does not have religion only people do, so it is an unnatural to all living things to prepare for death. If we choose to ignore this, then it will repeat again and again until it is learned.

    1. Jack1952

      I have to restate that my comment about stopping all scientific endeavours was made in jest. I do not advocate this at all. Reading and watching science material brings me great pleasure and I find the new discoveries, like nanotechnology, quite exciting. My remark was a facetious response to a comment made by another poster who feels that we shouldn't investigate new sciences until we fully understand the implications of expanded knowledge. I called him a Luddite...not exactly a compliment.

      I do not believe we should halt any scientific investigation. Please understand this.

      Religion is not the reason we have wars. It can be a facilitator and a powerful one. The reason we have war is due to our primal personality. We are programmed genetically to fight. It is part of the process of our evolution. We have to overcome the urges of hate, greed, jealousy and power and understand that they are no longer necessary for our survival and may even be detrimental.

      We are the only creatures on earth who can contemplate our own demise and who are aware of its inevitability. It is a fate most of us don't like and many will go to great lengths to find a way around this fate. That we see survival in a different light than other creatures is due to this awareness and it is perfectly natural to prepare for it.

    2. J. A.

      On the subject of wars: There is a grand error imposed on us through popular scientific beliefs, probably heavily laced with darwinian beliefs, and that is, that we as a species, have a primal urge to hate, to murder, to compete with one another. It is the lie known as 'the survival of the fittest', which is imposed upon children during indoctrination (public schooling) and is one of the most destructive lies or ideas to ever have been conceived in the minds of (evil) men. We are NOT programmed genetically to fight. We are endowed with minds capable of moral discernment, capable of a future oriented conception of identity. Capable of choice in what we do. Therein lys our greatest power on earth... the power to choose positivity or negativity. Life or death for our species. Most wars in history can be deduced to having one primary thing in common... Control. By control I mean also, control of power, control of resources, control of populations. This is not to say that "we" have it in our nature to control. This is only to introduce the notion that we live in a manipulated reality on this planet. A contrived reality which populations are led to believe that we live in a world of scarcity, of death, of survival of the fittest and that produces sick minded individuals who seek to control power and resources for fear of pain or death. We live in a world where our own senses are used against us. We have become slaves to the fear of pain and slaves to the fulfillment of pleasure. When you convince a population that life is not much more than a struggle to avoid pain and seek pleasure through the easiest means- sense perception- than you successfully enslave them.

    3. Jack1952

      A great many species fight among each other. The most common reasons for any specie to fight is for territorial rights and the right to mate. Mating rights go hand in hand with the need for a hierarchical social structure in those species that live in groups. This includes man. Since our technology has expanded our intellectual and physical property or territorial rights we have an expanded area in which to fight over. However, it is still the same primal evolutionary force and is no different than that urge that compels the members of any animal specie to fight over the right to copulate with a female. That is not propaganda. That is scientific fact. We are acting out our basic animal urges.

      Your rant about war and control by the elite is just your vision of the hierarchy of the herd. It is a clear example of human expanded territorial and social structures. It verifies what I wrote in the previous paragraph.

    4. J. A.

      So you mean to tell me that you had to physically fight someone in order to "mate" with a woman? (assuming you actually have had sex and not with a man) wow! what part of the cave do you live in man? I get laid plenty by beautiful women and I never had to fight anyone, never had to buy them gifts or dinner, never had to change the way that I am or acted. They always choose to like me because of my charisma and charm, if they liked it then fine. IF they didn't, thats fine too. Plenty of women in this world. So you mean to tell me that when WW2 started, it was all because some big wigs where trying to get laid?! C'mon man, you've been lied to and you swallowed darwins d*ck during your indoctrination at college.

      The only way you might be remotely right is when one distinguishes the one single element that is animal like in its nature. That being the thought or belief in a mans mind, that the worlds resources and territories are scarce... and you would even have to throw in pure ignorance as well to substantiate your bull****. That ignorance being the lack of understanding - that we continue to discover better and renewable resources, some of which are created by man. Name one single animal that has willfully created fire or split an atom or synthesized a natural element.... Go ahead... This might take a long time. Because there is no animal that can. Only humans.

      So, clearly, man is acting like beast at the present moment in 'time'. But it is not due to "programmed DNA or instincts or primal urges", it all comes from a simple misunderstanding (which you seem to cling so dearly to) that forces populations to believe that we don't have enough food or land or power etc.. In an imposed paradigm such as the one of scarcity, of animalistic urges, we will continue to act like animals. When in reality, we are distinguished above animals, we have the willful discernment animals lack. That is true power. The power to choose our next action. The power to create based on a lie or the power to create based on universal physical principles, which by the way, we are the only species (that we know of) that is able to discover such principles.

      My suggestion to you jacky boy, is to get off the nutts of dead old darwin, free yourself from the 'herd' and start making your own discoveries instead of perpetuating this myth, this grand error, that we are not much more than animals fighting for land and p*ssy. Oh, and tell your animal daughter to stop spraying my bushes at night, its not her territory. That b*tch.

    5. Jack1952

      What a complete misinterpretation and misunderstanding of what I said. You never understood one word of it. I will try once more.

      Man is an animal species. We have the same basic evolutionary structures of society that other species have. Most animals fight to protect territory. Those animals that live in groups develop a social order usually starting with the lead male or alpha male. This status is earned through conflict and gives the alpha male the right to mate with the females of the troop. He defends this right through violence and intimidation. Our ancestors were no different. This primal urge to establish a hierarchy in society is still a part of our personality as a species. We protect what we believe is ours. It manifests itself in a more sophisticated manner, such as religion or economics, but it is still an advanced state of humanity that saw our ancestors protect property and mating rights.

      The facts of evolution are proven as fact. I realize that this stands in opposition of the notion of an elite that controls every aspect of our lives. This notion of a hierarchy of an elite that stands at the top and others who are subservient validates what I have posted. It is the struggle to be the alpha male. Your rant about getting laid is just a vehicle you use to insult and belittle and has absolutely no intellectual merit.

      My point was to encourage people to understand that we are driven more by basic animal instincts than we like to believe. Understanding it can give us the tools to question the underlying reasons why we behave the way we do. It is time for a basic change in our psychology.

      Your insults and temper tantrums do nothing to enhance your position. Only a bully tries to make a point through intimidation. You are no different than the elite that you believe is rallied against you. If you have anything of a substantial nature to say your statement about your beliefs should stand up on its own merit. If it can't stand up on its own merit all the name calling in the world isn't going to help it. Please learn to discuss issues in an adult and appropriate manner.

    6. Vlatko

      @J. A.

      I had to remove the last part of your comment (not that the rest of your comment is any better). Find a different site to propagate your insults.

    7. Brett Stanton

      I really enjoyed your comment and couldn't have said it better myself. It is a constant frustration of mine (and many others no doubt) that we have the potential and the ability through education and technology, to live in such an advanced, harmonic and intellectual state of being but we dont because some people need power and control. I would love to be cryogenically frozen and brought back in a time when this harmonic way of life is present! Its so disappointing to live in a world of pain and hatred when we know there is a much more positive option that we are unwilling to take.

    8. Jacek Walker

      " We have to overcome the urges of hate, greed, jealousy and power ..."
      And fear. Fear is the major contributor to war and alienation between people. Fear is on the very opposite to love.

    9. Feudi Pandola

      There should be no friction between science and religion or a belief in a creator. There is no inherent competition between the knowledge of nature and the entity that is nature - i.e, God. Those who choose to invent some sort of war between religion and science do a great disservice to both.

  21. Givemescienceoverreligion

    Maybe it would be better to stop all religion, which starts all though's wars, and drive people into madness. Religion prepares people for death and science prepares people for life, maybe you, Jack1952 should think about that.

    1. Jack1952

      I am an atheist. I don't understand why you feel your statement should be directed specifically at me.

      My comment about halting all scientific progress was made in jest. It was meant to illustrate how silly the comment of a previous poster appeared to be.

      Your proposal to stop all religions implies force which would quite likely end in war...its own brand of madness. Maybe you should rethink this proposal.

  22. David Ewer

    Interesting, but as with all technology there are critical questions to be asked as well - this film didn't go there. So who will own these ideas and inventions? Will they be used to help the majority or to control us as at present? What are the military doing? Nano-thermite anyone? Do you really want to be connected to a global grid where your government knows where you are, what you ate, what you are saying, thinking and doing at all times?
    The problems that face us are political not technological - the world's population could be fed now but the political systems work to create shortages to enrich the elites.
    Every new technology is sold as the 'greatest development ever' - steam, electronics, genetics, Internet etc etc.
    I would have hoped for some more critical thinking from the comments posted, but perhaps everyone's minds are blown by a few superlatives and Stephen Fry's silly voiceover.
    It's a small world after all...

    1. Jack1952

      Welcome to the world of the Luddite. If we come up with an answer we don't like about the ownership of new technology where do we go to regulate it? The government? don't trust the government. If not them, they who? Maybe it would be best if we stopped all education, scientific inquiry, or technological development. After all, what if something goes wrong? (Everyone commence the wringing of hands)

      Starving the people in the world is not a political agenda to allow some people to get rich. It is the lack of will in the west, and that includes you and I, that are at fault. The most common response I hear from the average Joe about world hunger goes like this "Why should we send our money to help them foreigners, anyway? All they want to do is fight. We should help our own poor first. The hell with em, I say." Those starving masses, huddled in refugee camps will likely call you and me members of the elite. Look at us, with our computers, electric lights, hot and cold running water, cupboards and a fridge full of food, nice cars and a nice warm bed. We're the one conspiring to have the good life. Your blaming the super elite is your way of shifting the blame onto the shoulders of someone else.

      Every new invention is the greatest development of all the moment it is developed. It later is displaced by the next greatest development.

      To finish off, the development of nanotechnology is amazing. It deserves the superlatives that the commenters have used.

      Some just have small minds....the world is infinite in its wonder and potential. It takes a mind with vision to try to understand its complexities and appreciate its incredible beauty.

  23. Aaron K

    Awesome doc! Highly recommended.

  24. olinka31

    "More surface means more area for reaction" . Elements encountered at the nanoscale behave differently than their larger counterparts creating a potentially dangerous interaction with the environment and the human body.

  25. Mookleong

    Slightly over one hundred years of our short advances in technology already brought us such fantastic gadget that most of us can use but never understand the theory nor the working mechanism behind it . I look around my house and can not understand how a fridge works even i had been using it for ages let alone the computer i am using to post this comment . What will we have in another 100 years ? 1000 years or a million year later if the world allow us peace and resources to develop our future , what will we have then ?

  26. Algonquin Gear Reviews

    pretty cool stuff..

  27. suluna143

    That is so the guy who talks in little big planet. <3

  28. oQ

    very interesting...yes it is too short.
    Stephen Fry once again is the host with the most.

  29. megatron_mcdaniels

    Just enough dubstep.

  30. pwndecaf

    Why are shows about the nano scale always so short?

    1. lakhotason

      Now that was funny! I hope you meant it the way I took it.

    2. PaulGloor

      Because if they were longer, our heads would explode into nano sized bits !

  31. lakhotason

    I have at present 1137 questions from watching this. I would believe this documentary served its purpose.

    No wait....... make that 1138 questions........

  32. Epicurus

    This was excellent.

  33. PaulGloor

    so much awesome !