Street Fight

Street FightA hotly contested political race generates a wealth of drama in this documentary from filmmaker Marshall Curry. Sharpe James is a veteran politician who has been mayor of Newark, NJ, since 1986; by the admission of his own spokespeople, James is a "machine" politician who uses muscle and influence to get things done, and while he's enjoyed the fruits of his success, his administration has been accused of having a long history of corruption.

In 2002, Cory Booker, a lawyer who was a member of the Newark City Council, announced he was running for mayor, and it didn't take long for the contest to get ugly. Booker was a graduate of Yale Law School, a Rhodes Scholar, and an advocate of more open and honest government, and James and his staff wasted no time in attacking his qualifications and personality in public.

While both candidates were African-American, James chose to play the race card, questioning if Booker was "black" enough and suggesting the church-going Baptist was actually a Jew. James' campaign staff didn't stop at verbal attacks, and as Marshall Curry began covering the James and Booker campaigns, he found himself frequently attacked by James' supporters (with his camera running and in full view of other reporters). (Barnes & Noble)

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  1. Gadea

    Cory Booker sold Obama down the river.
    He stabbed Obama in the back.

  2. Sandra Hohn

    So where is the complete film?

  3. Vanda Chisholm

    It started with hate and it will end in hate. Many worked hard to be treated with respect and you call it being white, how degrading you treat your own race.There are always going to be haters but the worse thing we can teach our children is how to hate and blame. In that we take away their self worth instead of giving them their place in this world. Every race in the world hates white people for there own woes ,we have had to fight for our place to and still do.I have someone I met who is a 24 year old black man who draws unemployment, get social assistance[in one day of applying] and works under the table when he feels like it. My son got laid of his job and it took eight weeks for him to get a 400 dollar check and he also lived on his own.This young man used his color to get what he wanted and the worse part is he told my son how easy it was by telling them he was discriminated against in the work force so he couldn't get a job. It was a joke to him but by being a young man does not know how much this will effect the rest of his life. Stop hating , stop teaching hate, your children need to live in peace. ALL OUR CHILDREN NEED TO LIVE IN PEACE.