Street Medicine

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Street MedicineAmerica is the only country in the industrialized world which does not provide universal health care. Initiatives providing free medical care and social services to the homeless and uninsured population in the United States are very few but are making a remarkable difference in their communities.

In Los Angeles' West Side, teams of health workers bring critical medical services to people who are often averse to seeking treatment: a day filled with unexpected events in the life of a successfully but small initiative that combines free medical care and social services to the homeless and insured and that is making a big difference in their community.

There's a lot of people out there in great need of medical attention that don't have the ability to, either transfer themselves to the Venice Family Clinic, or a lot of people, and you'll see this, have a lot of foot/leg problems from being on the streets and having to walk so much that they're not able to get themselves to the Venice Family Clinic, so we take what we call 'Street Medicine' to them, and it has been a great success. (Excerpt from

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  1. StallionHorse

    any alt links here? Looks like it could be good...not playable.

  2. Healer
  3. Healer

    There's a link at TVLinks, right over the video, worked for me.

    I think it's very good that you help the sick who do not have a medical insurance. I understand that you gotta take the money that people give you, but you took the money from the reincarnation of Satan himself, Lawrence King? Watch "Conspiracy of Silence" if you don't know what he has done. It saddens me that in order to help the pain of these people, you have to accept donations from someone like him.

    Anyways, what you do is very important job. We in my country regard it a natural thing that everybody, everybody gets treated. The private doctors aren't so much better in here, apart from the waiting times, because we pay taxes in order to keep this system up.

    Good luck to your work, I do hope that things improve in your country, and pray strength for good folk like yourselves.

  4. jen198111
  5. jen198111

    where are you from? Which country?

  6. Jada Landrum
  7. Jada Landrum

    Have you ever done a story or checked into liver treatment Adult stem cell. My brother is in need of this because he can not get any help and this is our last hope.

  8. I-D: N7
  9. I-D: N7

    Los Angeles' impoverished areas are a clear distinction of the portrayed wealth. The highest number of millionaires (per capita) & there's a 58, 423 homeless population. Which is a small insignificant number (1.5%)of 3.8million Angelinos. Homeless populations everywhere in America suffer the most from Disgrace from our attention. Not to make poverty fashionable, but it needs true involvement from society to truly initiate developmental change.

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