Submarines: In Enemy Depths

Submarines: In Enemy Depths

2005, Military and War  -   9 Comments
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Cold War tensions were perhaps never more tremulous than beneath the chilling depths of the ocean waters. This little-discussed aspect of the conflict between the East and West - a period of time marked by threats of mass casualties and nuclear devastation - sets the groundwork for the fascinating documentary Submarines: In Enemy Depths.

For the uninitiated, the insights into submarine warfare are particularly illuminating, and they paint a portrait of the horrors of war to which many have remained unaware. The film utilizes the moving testimonies of surviving crew members from both sides of the conflict to great effect in order to shape its narrative. They speak of the many top-secret missions, close calls and unimaginable tragedies that characterized their perilous time at sea.

The history of the failed K-19 mission is one such story they share. The Soviet sub was one of the country's first to be armed with nuclear capabilities, and its hasty construction led to a series of deadly calamities. Soviet Navy personnel recall the heroics of their brave comrades who worked to correct a malfunction in the submarine reactor's cooling system. These men paid the ultimate sacrifice for their service. Radiation exposure left them with ravaged skin, damaged vocal chords, swollen necks, and mere days to live.

To this day, the details of some missions remain an enigma even to the principal players. Such is the case with the K-129. The film details its mysterious destruction in 1968 - the prelude to which may have been its attempt to launch missiles into Hawaii - as well as its failed recovery attempt by the United States six years later.

Viewers are also given an insider's perspective of the mysterious NR-1, a small research sub that was specially constructed for espionage missions by the United States.

Submarines: In Enemy Depths provides a treasure trove of observations regarding militarized conflict and warfare technologies during this troubled period in history. Others will find great pathos in the haunted faces of those who served, and who risked their lives in claustrophobic vessels which could have easily become their icy caskets.

Directed by: Dirk Pohlmann

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  1. Cpt

    And now we have Democrats saying the Russians must be stopped! Lol!

    Also, Reagan pursued the denuclearization of both superpowers, unlike earlier presidents who pursued what Eisenhower called the 'military industrial complex' - unbridled power amassed by the large corporations and the pentagon.

    Reagan was determined to see common ground with the Soviets, hence his successful talks with Gorbachev and Andropov. Contrary to popular and widespread leftwing indoctrination in schools, Reagan sought peace through power and example, not domination or covert operations to overthrow governments around the world as other presidents had and still do. Reagan was a maverick. Deserves far more credit than programs like this (not to mention institutions of so-called higher education) give him.

    John Craven is pissed because he was fired. That's natural. But it's also natural to 'purge', as he put it, previous critics of programs on the slate, who, in defense and intelligence communities, can sell a country out in an act of spite. This is not uncommon. In fact, the loss of huge cadre of secrets to the Soviets occurred because such individuals from previous administrations and conflicting philosophies in defense were NOT purged in time.

    And today, what are we talking about? A missile defense shield, that's what. Which is exactly what Reagan was pursuing 40 years ago all against the critics from the Left and media which dubbed it 'Star Wars'. (Trivia: Reagan liked the mocking name and started using it himself).

    Escalating nuclear deterrent also known as MAD Mutual Assured Destruction will not work with a nuclear power like the DPRK under Kim. Nor with powers such as Pakistan or a terror state like Iran.

    1. Doug Miller

      "Contrary to popular and widespread leftwing indoctrination in schools, Reagan sought peace through power and example, not domination or covert operations to overthrow governments around the world as other presidents had and still do."

      Remind me what the U.S. was doing in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Poland, Afghanistan, and Lebanon during the 1980s? Reagan provided $$$ and military support to every right-wings junta in Central/South America, as long as they stated they were "anti-communist". Millions of people were killed around the world as a result of our supporting these dictators. Do I need to mention Iran-Contra and the explosion of cocaine/crack in the U.S. It all happened on Reagan's watch...

  2. Marcus Anton

    Typical governments claiming they knew nothing and only a few Officers taking the blame. Like the Iran Contra Affair sure the President knew nothing of course it was just Col Oliver North doing it, Sure. The guy at the end is just passing the buck because in truth he got caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

  3. Glen

    Think this is about submarine races I watched for 40 mins and had to go,,any one know who won??

  4. Dubbledub

    Video does not exist. Awesome.

  5. Vance Magallon

    This is the third installment from the series The Collective Evolution in which the authors claim that there's a rebellious fluctuation stirring every aspect of our planet.

  6. user

    last 15 seconds...produced,etc,etc, for ZDF...Says it all!!!

  7. "Speed" Dillon

    It's Blind Man's Bluff all over again. If you are into Military Read, this one will be just as good, if not better than BMB.

    1. Cpt

      I think BMB is better, actually. More detailed and lots more actual footage, not stock footage.