Sudan: The Break-Up

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Sudan: The Break-UpSudan was the giant of Africa which once represented the greatest hope for peaceful coexistence between Arab and African, Muslim and Christian. That hope is all but gone.

As Sudan is split into two, the government of Omar al-Bashir in the North faces growing public resentment over the loss of national pride. To boost his popularity, al-Bashir is likely to appeal to the religiously conservative majority. He has already promised to implement full Sharia law if the South secedes.

Khartoum University stands at the very core of this religious revival and this film will talk to the students (the next generation of political leaders) and their mentors in the academic staff.

The film will also show other perspectives within society – including urbane young professionals, women's rights groups and democracy advocates.

Foremost in the long list of challenges faced by the government of South Sudan (GOSS) is the task of creating an inclusive and representative administration among different tribes with a history of bitter enmity.

In addition, many see the prospect of South Sudan being rife with corruption soon after gaining independence.

Looking back at recent history we will illustrate how the North has exploited and exacerbated existing ethnic tensions in order to divide and weaken southern opposition.

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17 Comments / User Reviews

    panthera f
  1. panthera f

    If it aint religion, its tribes........ :-(((

  2. drinker69
  3. drinker69

    Sudan: The Break Up. Something tells me its not a love story.

  4. Sieben Stern
  5. Sieben Stern

    don't let al jazeera fool you - this is northern arab muslims vs southern christian africans....

  6. SFXkilla
  7. SFXkilla

    this is just one of the many hundreds of cases of religion creating a problem where none need exist "Oh but christen organizations are doing great work in africa" READ YOUR BIBLE OR NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!!

  8. Dean Edgington
  9. Dean Edgington

    or oil or money or power or politics. Did I get them all?

  10. Naia McCoy
  11. Naia McCoy

    China's presence is about OIL! Oh, wow...more corrupt governments? They are the plague! The muslim presence on the planet is unbelievable! These poor people will never have peace!

  12. Naia McCoy
  13. Naia McCoy

    Salafi...o.k. that will be my NEW religion!

  14. Naia McCoy
  15. Naia McCoy

    Economic stagnation and far right religion...hmmm, sounds like America!

  16. Mohamed Hassan Dakkam
  17. Mohamed Hassan Dakkam

    Hey guys. I'm from Sudan. I tell you that the separation has taken place due to a lot of factors. With or without the current government of Khartoum, the separation would happen. The most important factor is the British colonization attitudes and policies in Sudan. The colonizer prepared to separation from the beginning by closing the Southern Sudan and making it like a big jail. Also they spread wrong thoughts and ideas about northern citizens which generated a hatred toward Arabs. Also, the role of the foreign organizations which intended to incite the people of Southern Sudan against their brothers in the North.

  18. Alsoudania
  19. Alsoudania

    Hi, I am Linda and I am from Sudan too. Lets stop blaming the British or any other powers or situation in the long distance past.

    Do we not have minds to decide and choose how we behave in this day and age without always blaming others on our actions.

    The current Government of the North has definately had a big role in causing the seperation to occur.
    British colonization or not, since 1983 the Northern government planted seeds of discrimination that led to genocide, hate and inequality.
    Then later, did they not have a chance when the peace treaty was signed, to build the South of Sudan, invest in education, hospitals and general services during the 6 years before the Southern people were to vote.

    The Government of North Sudan definately had a big role in causing the division. A person who takes action to leave an abusive, does so because she/he is compelled to do so. A time comes, when enough is enough.
    Disregards to one sector of a nation or one Ethnic group, inequality, unfair distribution of wealth, continuous atrocities are abuses that people will
    not tolerate in the long run.
    May the People of South Sudan stand firm, learn from the mistakes of the past, practice equality, concentrate on the task of building their nation, through honesty, integrity, equality, accountability and most of all a fear of God.

  20. lakhotason
  21. lakhotason

    And no soup to you whether or not you've read the Bible is more acceptable. How many hungry children have you fed?

  22. mir61
  23. mir61

    Oil ,Oil Oil & Oil is the only cause of the Division of Sudan....these big powers created all the fuss of religion to create the cause of division thing they did with Libya , now the two third of the oil producing area of Libya has been cut off from the rest of super powers has left the same finger prints as they did in Sudan.....wake up people.....

  24. vvindred
  25. vvindred

    divide and conquer

  26. Sara tayeb
  27. Sara tayeb

    The worse thing a governer can come and do to a country, is to drive it apart. They corrupted the people, the land , everything. and today, fighting for land and petrol with people whom used to be their brothers and sisters. it devastating, all our president ever does is dance and play music and justify his actions using the name of god , islam , and shariah. and that is something he is far from. i pray to god to save the citizens and the people, whom are always the ones to pay the price, very high.

  28. robbvaro
  29. robbvaro

    As an outsider looking in I see that independence was just a matter of time.
    Who can live under the burden of sharia? No one! It's only through the fear of death does one put up with, and live under, the rule of such an oppressive legal system. Praise God! South Sudan has rid herself of the shackles of sharia law and the repressive islamic regime of the predominately arab north. Southern Sudanese; now that you have gained independence, take hold and run with it! Take pride in your nation and rebuild it! Always remembering that it was by the hand of God that you were delivered and it will by the hand of God that South Sudan will stand firm against her adversary.
    PRAISE GOD! For God has raised up a nation for Himself to be a catalyst for change in East Africa and the entire African continent. A HOLY NATION!
    That is, a nation set apart, from which the Gospel will be proclaimed throughout her land and to the lands beyond her borders. All will know about the saving grace that comes from God almighty. All will know that Jesus died for our sins and that all who call on His name are cleansed by His blood and made righteous so that we may stand in the presence of our King.
    Praise God!

  30. Deborah Moderate
  31. Deborah Moderate

    It is because of religion that this constant separation exists. Until people can learn to tolerate others cultures there can never be peace and the rich will get richer and countries such as yours will be their providers.

  32. ropativ
  33. ropativ

    accountability seems to elude sudanese leaders in this doumentary....the wily fellow in the north who was influential in promoting shariah legal system triggering civil war that killed millions was....wait for it....smiling, and egotistically showing himself like a complete i*iot! He doesn't seem to feel the burden of lives lost in the millions because of something he instigated, mainly to satisfy his personal ego....

    as long as we have people with overblown egos like that in the world, there will be mass killings happening that would be otherwise avoided....

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