Super High Me

Super High Me

2008, Drugs  -   36 Comments
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Super High MeDetermined to find out the true effects of marijuana on the human body, stand-up comedian and former Stoner of the Year Doug Benson documents his experience avoiding pot for 30 days and then consuming massive amounts of the drug for 30 days. More than just an amusing story of one man's quest to get super high, this documentary also examines the hotly contested debate over medical marijuana use. Although the film is inspired by a joke which was inspired by Super Size Me, don’t expect to see the same dramatic reactions. Morgan Spurlock’s documentary about the dangers of excessive unhealthy eating was shockingly unhealthy for the filmmaker.

During the thirty days of only eating McDonalds Spurlock vomits, is drained of energy, and ultimately puts his own life in danger. This seems obvious, but the effects of such blatant abuse to his body there was extreme medical proof of the damage he had done to his body, and yet people continue to make fast-food a success in our increasingly obese nation.

In Spurlock’s television show, 30 Days, one episode features a mother binge drinking for thirty-days, which also shows obviously negative heath risks. From the image that marijuana has been given ever since a slightly suspicious ban in the 1930s, you might expect similar dramatic results when comedian Doug Benson decides to be stoned all day, every day, for thirty days.

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  1. Ghaieth Fezeuchnouzou

    His lungs aren't damaged Because he doesn't inhale.

  2. Kev Flemming

    Would have been much better if he actually inhaled properly lol. Kinda hard to call yourself a "smoker" if you don't inhale. Not exactly hard to tell either. The smoke has a blue tint, whereas inhaled smoke is grey.

    Anyway, I'm not here for that really. Smoke how you want to. He obviously has a love for weed, and can see what a mess we're in because of it.

    So, back to the documentary and general weed-talk. I'm not doing this in any particular order, so here we go.


    The psychic test was a waste of time really, it was probably just luck that he managed to guess seven correctly. It had no real place in the documentary.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a skeptic. It just didn't fit in with the programme and just felt like a space-filler.


    I was utterly appauled at how the DEA were ransacking state-authorized medical marijuana facilities. They should be punished for it, and all of the property returned with an apology.

    I really felt for the sufferers of severe medical conditions that rely on weed to help them live a normal life, without being crammed full of pharmaceuticals that can make them even worse.

    Wouldn't surprise me if it was orchestrated by a higher-up official to be sold on the streets. Or maybe mafia/cartel/gang related. After all, most government officials have probably been bought by crimelords and such anyway.


    Overall, I felt it to be more of a publicity stunt than an actual informative or "scientific discovery" documentary. But it was still quite good and fun to watch.


    Personally, I find that smoking weed is a very fine line between the so-called right and wrong. In terms of current law, it is illegal. At least in the UK. But in terms of use and the benefits, I feel it is extremely misunderstood and frowned upon for the wrong reasons.

    Weed can help. Not with a 100% success rate, as no drug has that ability. We are all individual and react in different ways to various drugs. When I say "drugs" I mean things like alcohol, medication, narcotics, etc.

    But it can help.


    A little story of my own.

    I've smoked weed (and tobacco) on and off for many years now, roughly half of my life. I'm thirty next month. But I am planning on quitting both forms of smoking very soon, as I generally feel unfit and need to sort myself out physically.

    I used to smoke quite extreme amounts when I was younger. Bongs, buckets, baggies, spliffs, blow-backs. All pretty much continuously throughout the day. Sometimes passing out and/or throwing up. Only roughly four, maybe five times though. Which isn't too bad considering most of the time I had been mixing weed with alcohol, and occasionally amphetamine. But then we all did. And I soon learned with age, that this wasn't the correct path to take.

    Now, I'm not entirely sure whether weed has contributed to this or not. But I have suffered from quite random depression and anxiety attacks for many years, regardless of how my life is going at the time. And also have, what I guess is a severe lack of ability to deal with bad and/or stressful situations. It's not every single day, but more often than I can generally deal with.

    Previously around the age of 21-22, I was prescribed medication from my GP. Venlafaxine. And all that did was empty my mind completely, devoiding myself of any thoughts and feeling, due to the huge amounts I ended up being given. Essentially turning me into a husk with no desire to even get up or do anything at all. It also affected my food intake, causing me to eat less.

    And on-top of that, I stopped going out and socializing with friends.

    After consistently raising my dosage over time, I found that this was not working at all. My body getting used to the medication, the side-effects were too extreme and wasn't getting any better.

    So I quit taking Venlafaxine. Just stopped, no weaning. I'd had enough. And decided to take up smoking weed again.

    Immediately, I regained an appetite. I started socializing and going outside for the first time in months. Now this wasn't solely due to weed, but it did play a huge part in getting back on my feet.

    Now if it had been legal to use for medical purposes, I might not have had to go through the ordeal of prescribed medication that just didn't work and could have been sorted out much sooner.

    I still use weed from time-to-time, and the odd "session" with friends. And have found that occasional use can be extremely beneficial for depression, stress and anxiety. For me, anyway.


    The thing that bugs me the most, is that people assume because you smoke weed you are a so-called "trouble maker" and have contributed to the downfall of society. I say nuts to that. Go and whinge at the many, many drunks out causing damage to property, punching innocent people in the face, smacking their girlfriends about because they've had one too many. Not only that, potentially killing someone in the process of all this drunken madness.

    But hey, alcohol makes billions of pounds every year. And it seems the fat-cats couldn't give a monkey's about it either.


    I seriously think we need to start re-evaluating a few things.

  3. Jussi Mykkänen

    Nice documentary ^^ Just a bit annoyed about all the inhales he didin't take :/ almost all the hits he did he just kept em in hes mouth...

  4. Adam DCLXVI

    Can't believe this only have 29 comments (30 now). Doug's amazing and this is a fun look at pot, hell funny too.

  5. urban deadite

    yeah Simon Gomez you keep smoking that much for another 10 years then stop and tell me 5 years after that that your mind is fine i smoked a ton of it for many years and am now suffering years later, World peace? from smoking Weed are you that ignorant, its part of an International Drug Trade the same trade that deals in Slavery and forced prostitution why do potheads ignore this.

    1. Dog Gone

      lol i'm canadian and all the weed that is sold here is grown pretty much always in BC, Quebec and Ontario, and probably a lot of weed goes south to the US from here. slavery and forced prostitution don't happen here because of people growing pot, that's for damned sure. furthermore if you're interested in the human condition so much can i also assume that you don't drive a car (therefore supporting the petrochemical industry, which is well known as damaging to the environment and a source of motivation for war and militarization) and don't own things made through sweatshop labour? do you only shop at stores where the employees are unionized, or do you support wage slavery and shop at places like walmart?

      i don't think your problem is having smoked too much pot, i think your problem is that you don't know what your real problems are.

    2. Nwttp

      Because governments have made it part of this so called "International Drug Trade" It is no potheads fault. The thing is you can not like weed all you want, never smoke it, completely shield it from your kids and loves ones, and that's fine, but neither you nor anyone else has the right to tell me or anyone else what and what not to smoke.

  6. Simon Gmoz Aspden

    weed should be made legal everywhere if someone wants some they can go and buy it for example in England the government could make millions or even billions of pounds putting a tax on the drug thou its not a drug it a plant that god him self put on this earth - god made weed, man made beer, in god we trust. the benifits are weed chills you out makes you think around problems and plus it gets you talking to other people who smoke it. yeh weed makes you laugh n makes you clear ya house of all the food but its never stopped me from doing anything ive wanted to do. this guy doesn't know wat being stoned is wow not smoking it for 30 days n the 30 intensive days on weed haha try it for 7 years non stop everyday without fail. people who dont smoke it i suggest you try it!!!!! If everybody smoked a joint at the same time there would be world peace for around 2 hours!!!!

  7. Edward YA Badalian

    the idea of legalizing marijuana is sound on a social and economical level. for all the naysayers, youre simply outnumbered and beaten on the logical level, its a matter of personal choice, to use or not use, same as cigs or booze, not to mention less harmful and addicting than either. consider the social aspect of legalizing it: much less or no drug dealers on the streets, consequently less drug related violence and really, it becomes harder for underage kids to get it. right now, its much easier to get some weed in middle/ high school, than it is to get cigarettes, let alone booze. theres always a somebody around who's selling weed, in almost every neighborhood. its like the prohibition of alcohol in the early 1900's, socially and economically, it doesnt work. whether it has negative effects or not, it doesnt matter at this point, its the fact that millions of americans are calling for an end to its illegality, it could be meth or heroin even, it doesnt matter, this is a democracy, the people get what the people want, nobody can challenge that fact.

    1. urban deadite

      less harmful, thats BS, it has been proved now without doubt that if you smoke Weed heavy for years and years then stop you will YEARS later not a month or a year suffer bad mental side effects not cold turkey but permanent, i know from personal experience and have met thousands of others too in my work.
      Why is this not known as well? because its a business like any other and it needs to keep going Just like alcohol.
      Abuse ANY Substance and its bad, having the odd toke is FINE but too much WILL F.U.P in the long term and Human nature is to have too much why do you think there is such a chronic alcohol problem globally.
      I do not think a lot of people know about the drug trade as a whole they just think of someone growing weed in their loft and being passive, so so ignorant.
      Drug driving is also a big problem and is as bad as Drink driving but its ok as cannabis chills you it heightens some senses yes but it dulls others (the important senses get dulled) THC does that too you its called Chemistry, disagree all you like you cant argue against Chemistry and Human Biology and if you do then that says it all really.
      I am not suprised a lot of people have not experienced this yet as most posts on here have not been smoking heavy for 15+ years then give it up and then 5 years later het the lasting side effects, when you have then you can comment on if it has side effects or not its called Logic but being an ex-stoner i know thats irrelevant and you will come up with all manner of excuses to keep your habit going if its OCCASIONAL fine!!! but too much too often is bad.

      'this is a democracy' 'the people get what the people want, nobody can challenge that fact'- hmm i think you are confusing an Anarchic state when you can do what you want with Democracy as what you said is not Democracy at all and shows a lack of knowledge of REAL Democracy. Winston Churchill said it best Quote
      'It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.'

    2. Tom97

      ...whoooa, dude, I get what you're saying, and any i*iot that wants 2 destroy themselves on pot EVERY day deserves to suffer those side effects, but the thing is, it'd probably be better if cannabis was legalized- I mean, half of the people that smoke it only because they get a rush from the fact that they're breaking the law,plus, if they DID legalize it, they would have laws on how much you can have, and what you can and can't do while high-a lot like alcohol, you would have a limit on how much you can smoke when you drive, and there'd be an age limit like the other guy said, so 15 year olds will have a tough time getting it and would probably give up in the end- I agree with you, weed shouldn't be abused, but I don't think it should be completely banned either... besides, why are you all arguing about all this? If you really want to smoke pot legally, just go live in Amsterdam!

  8. Curt Fleming

    Really.....It could actually save the planet.....But will it be allowed.

  9. Rolands

    Sweet doc. Put your lighters up

  10. Josh Leoen

    good movie~~!!!!!!! blaze on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Crystal Diamond

    rofl pod112 the funny thing is ur the loser for listening to the government rofl the funny thing is if the government said pot was good for you u wouldnt be commenting st*pid **** marijuana has been the usa history since the first president grew hemp so i guess hes a loser. well hes not hes ******* smart unlike some lazy a** people dont ******* research recreational drugs so they look at the news if u ******* notice the news is only based on bad things like busting growers cartels killing people for marijuana but if marijuana was legal non of these murder's would of happened less incent people wouldnt be in ******* prison right now for simple poscion but no all you have to say is just no to tell you that doesnt even work by my parents telling me as a little kid to say no to drugs makes me want to find out and what harm it does well i found out notting marijuana so much benefits from smoking one joint relaxing ur muscles and letting the blood flow threw your whole body but i guess that doesnt matter to hard headed people like you pod112 ur just another stupid *** idiot who doesnt do research on what really the cannabis plant could do would u ever say that to a cancer patient if u did u are the lowest human in the world its so obvious that the increase of apitiate would be a good thing for people who have wasting syndrome my point is proven.

  12. Logan Moore

    I'm a stoner and guess what your ******* Stupid..... and so what he's not a ladies man.... i guaranteed you probably j***** off to your sisters training bra or something..... pot doesn't make you want to go to hard drugs at all that's like saying i like drinking alcohol and i got there by drinking milk so if your going to comment on this movie that isn't awesome than get your facts straight ******!!

  13. roel ter borg

    They say that weed is dangerous,... but on the other hand America sells the most weapons and cigarettes.

    There hasn't been a single death directly related to cannabis use, on the other hand thousands of people die by lungcancer directly related to cigarettes, not even to mention the deaths by firearms, and those aren't illegal.... now thats hyppocritical.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm still learning...(but come with hard evidence)

    1. pod112

      So does that include the majority who were influenced to move on to harder drugs? I guess emphasis is on the term “directly” there eh? Regardless of how pro and biased this doc is (particularly the practitioner displaying reefer madness wallpaper on his PC) – It can't be denied that comedian looks like f--king sh*t all the way through. Like a green sweaty panda with glass eyes. Also notice there never seem to be any women around this guy. Even the overweight ones shuffle away from his pot stank breath & crap jokes. And the whole medicinal argument is as weak as hell when the majority depicted using it have no mental health issues and are able bodied. Ahh it does make me laugh. Stoners...

    2. Eric

      Another stupid argument. Nothing in cannabis makes you wanna try other drugs. The only thing that may lead to that is the fact that you have to get in contact with a dealer who probably sell other drugs to, and the criminal aspect of the drug. If that were taken away (legalized) you would not have the problem you are talking about. Does everyone who try cigarettes try cannabis? Or alcohol? Don't be stupid. One drug does not lead to another.

      And are you serious with the comment about women? You don't think that has more to do with him as a person? He's not the most charming guy. I have smoked pretty much every day my intire life. Not during the day at work, but at night to relax and go to sleep. Havent hade any problems with the women or any other aspect of my life... People like to talk without really knowing anything about it.

      Luckily, since the movie (which sucked btw), scientists have gotten approval to do better tests from the government and you are wrong, cannabinoids are proven to be even better than we thought.

      You make me laugh, ignorant people.

  14. Zach Fraser

    been smokeing pot for years just trying to get off it this so called medicine has increased my anxiety and depresion ten fold now im picking up the peices trying to dry out say wat u want about it it sure as s*** hasnt done me any favours now i have to face my problems instead of hiding from them IM IN A VERY DARK PLACE.

    1. q_bit

      I suggest you need to switch to a vaporizer, or cooking it. It's the smoke from the combusted plant material that is doing you almost all the physical harm. But a quality vaporizer will save you money, your health, and quite possibly your emotional turmoil. Body and mind *are* connected. Physical stress is emotional stress, because, hey, what hurts, hurts.

      It will also make it easier to quit entirely if that's what you want to do, since your lungs will begin healing and your body will recover, and you won't be under such stress.

      But you *do*need a quality one, as there is a lot of cheap rubbish out there for the gullible. However, the market has also exploded with a wide variety of top-quiality units available these days - many more than what was available in 2007 when 'Super High Me' was made.

      Look up 'vaporizer forum' on Google and click the top hit - you'll find the world's biggest discussion on the subject. All the information you could need from thousands of very helpful people around the world. An understandably, there is an unusually high proportion of medical users. I don't run the place or anything - I'm just a fan.

      But if you look up in the appropiate subforum of of pretty much any cannabis-centred forum, you should find some useful discussion.

      Now, I am not actually advocating the use of cannabis (I believe it should be a person's coersion-free choice to use it or not to use it), but I *am* an advocate of harm-minimisation for the people who *do* choose to do it.

    2. roel ter borg

      You're dumb,....don't smoke weed if you have anxieties or if you are depressed.
      If you don't have 'em, there's no risk of getting them.

      I'm 18 years old,I live in Holland, and I've been smoking weed for 2.5 years... and weed changed my life on social level, It makes me more creative, It makes my life more fun...but I can also live without weed, the only thing that is addictive in a joint is the tobacco.

  15. Betsy Fanny Ram

    i think you should be more optimistic and more open to different type of people and also watch this while your high will make more sense to you

  16. Nakor420

    He's not even inhaling. He's just filling his cheeks then blowing it out. What a dumbass. lol

  17. Morry Morrison

    fu*#ing pretenders! amature. Sarah Silverman.....HOT HOT HOT!
    .....hardest thing was watching such a waste off weed !

    .....& the DEA.....
    ....its all the NWO.... RESIST the 'New World Order' ..... choose love

  18. kirastianity


  19. Superbuggg

    This guys lame comedy stopped me from even getting to the bit where he gets stoned!

  20. jcjm5


  21. Chris

    The guy doesn't even inhale it and he has the personality of a zombie. He is not the person that should represent weed smokers. Where is Bill Maher, Snoop Doggy Dog, or Willie Nelson when you need them?

  22. toddy

    Goes to show you how harmless MJ really is while poking fun and maybe they should have yelled for make up on Marc Emery,I mean check out the bags on his eyes, Was his dad a racoon.

  23. whoopi goldberg


  24. weasle

    wot?who care if he take it down he love weed fight the haters free the weed x x

  25. brandon

    I knew there was a reason I thought Sarah Silverman was so hot =D

  26. LOLOL

    Ha sarah silverman knows how to chief that s@#$ lol

  27. bert

    exactly, must be well high not even taking it down!

  28. olly_uk

    hes not even taking it back into his lungs, just holds it in his mouth :|