Superhuman: Iceman

Superhuman: Iceman

2015, Health  -   17 Comments
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At first glance Dutchman Wim Hof is an average, affable guy, yet he is capable of extraordinary acts. Known as the "Iceman" due to his ability to control his core body temperature in extreme conditions, Superhuman: Iceman follows Hof as he trains Vice correspondents Matt Shea and Daisy-May Hudson in his meditation technique in an attempt to prove that anyone is capable of exercising mind over matter with the same level of aplomb.

Shea and Hudson travel to Amsterdam, where they learn more about Hof and spend two weeks preparing for a scantily-clad hike up Poland's frigid Mount Sniezka. They join Hof for a group training session, where participants are coached in a breathing technique that typically results in an intense emotional release. Hof explains that by unlocking these subconscious responses it ultimately allows the individual to regain control over their body, and therefore their life as a whole. "I do not fear death," Hof explains to the filmmakers. "I fear not to live fully."

A single father of four who lost his wife in 1995, Hof channeled his grief into a meditative practice that eventually led to his claiming the world record for remaining submerged in ice for almost 2 hours without any change to his core body temperature. Scientists question how it is that Hof can exhibit so much control over physical systems that are typically involuntary. Does he have a higher level of brown fat in his body? Can he secrete a specific hormone at will? Or is it really a form of meditation that allows him to control his ability to endure extreme cold?

Devoted to using his body as a sort of physiology lab, Hof happily participates in research studies to furnish hard proof of his ability to moderate his adrenaline levels and immune system. Hof's motivation to back his skills with scientific evidence stems from a desire to avoid instilling false hope in anyone. He is not a miracle worker, though his feats of endurance may seem miraculous.

Superhuman: Iceman is an inspirational profile of a charming and charismatic man, who is not only admirable but relatable despite his irregular abilities.

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17 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Bill Hicks

    Such an inspiring documentary and man. I feel lifted having just watched this. Wish I could go do the same workshop

  2. oceanna

    I am truely INspired. Thank you for making this public...for sending out the stream of Possibility and Hope for HUMANS..... Thank you

  3. Demi

    Amazing documentary.
    When he was showing the breathing exercises at the beginning I sad to give it a try.
    Before i could've hold my breath for 25 seconds, after 1 minute of breathing exercises I hold my breath for 1 minute and 20 seconds.
    Very impressed by the technique.

  4. Oğuzhan

    Woow wow , It was amazing documentary, has filled me fully vision. It must investigate warts and all

  5. Mariana

    Inspiring! Really enjoyed this. I will search more about this man!

  6. Peter Tamatoa

    Very inspiring.he lost hislove.but he gained respect.

  7. iiiiMac

    Wim Hof is amazing! Watch the video where he runs a marathon, above the Arctic Circle, in shorts and barefoot! Very inspiring. I used to dread the cold and fear freezing to death, but he's given me a new perspective. He shows how you can control your body with your mind, without Pharmaceuticals, and fight almost any disease. I hope he spreads his message before the drug companies try to ruin him :-/

  8. AT

    Finally some competition for Chuck Norris!

    1. Arman

      That's a very good documentary I have seen....

  9. Ken in Thailand

    very interesting. There are 100,000 gurus in the world, but very few are worth a damn. The Ice Man is not only has a unique message (unlike other gurus) - it's also uplifting and valid. I do a different sadhana: as a 63 yr old (1% body fat), I acclimate to heat. I sit or lay in full sun for many minutes, and it gets me high as a kite. I have greater endurance than 97% of 20-something year olds. I also climb rock walls with no ropes and never get winded, even if climbing non-stop for an hour or two.

  10. Todd Morrow

    Just like Arnold said anyone can be a body builder. It's a genetic adaptation, and it can't be learned.

  11. Juan

    Inspirational video

  12. Bazz

    i feel cold just watching

  13. Marcella

    very nice documentary

  14. Cooloperator

    Great documentary, but needs a new host.

  15. arcot

    Does he thinks he is another Bhogar?

  16. User_1

    Thanks for the awesome doc VICE. Much appreciated!