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Supernatural: The Unseen Powers of Animals

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This landmark series explores the outer limits of recent scientific discoveries and encounters sharks that can perceive human electric auras and dolphins that use ultrasound to see human embryos in the womb.

There are frogs that have mastered cryogenics and can literally freeze themselves out of life for six months, and lizards that cry blood.

In this "strange but true" world, lizards walk on water, bacteria make gold and pets predict earthquakes. Science shows that most animals live in a different sensory and physical world to humans.

Enter their world and weird phenomena such as raining fishes and stranded whales suddenly make sense.

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  1. Dan ken

    this was a horrible documentary. They blended pure and interesting science with silly legends, mis-representations, and just, bad cinematography. I watch many documentaries, and i will say its exceedingly hard to mess up a nature documentary, even with a very low budget, because the science of nature speaks for itself. It would be very interesting for animals to have senses that operate somehow outside of our current understanding, maybe even outside of what we preceieve to be possible, but even that could be observed scientifically. I'll keep this brief but this documentary was kind of an embarrassment to both science and nature.

  2. g

    Outstanding series.

  3. Billy Bingbong

    This series is excellent

  4. Elijah

    the documentaries you have on this site are truely epic I thank everyone who post watches and keeps this site running!!!!!!!!! I watch a documentary on this site daily i love the variety keep up the awesome work

  5. ReligionIsntAllBad

    "You are completely and utterly wrong. Modern science does not assume that it knows everything"

    OK, well since modern science isn't an entity that can make assumptions ... that is probably not what Farren was saying ....

    He was commenting on how nature documentaries (certainly when I was growing up) had a much dimmer view of animal intelligence. And at many points in time, science (or more accurately select scientists representing the leading edge of scientific knowledge) have turned out to look completely arrogant. Yes we all understand that science progresses through the community and application of the scientific method ... it does that slowly over time which is exactly the point Farren was making before you told him just how wrong he was :D If science progresses over time, how could it possibly be insured from past statements seeming arrogant in light of later discoveries? That was a trick question :P

  6. kia

    "supernatural"? Everything described is natural. Using man as the yardstick by which all of the rest of nature is measured is stupid. We have great hearing and sight..but not nearly the best. And in most comparisons we will fail miserably.

    Compare for example, a dog's or bear's nose to that of man,, or the short term memory of chimps to that of our own; we fall miserably behind. Their short term memories are not just better than our own, they are hundreds of times superior.

    So the fact that they -the maker's of this film, use man as some kind of ruler that the rest of the animal world must measure up to and the term 'supernatural' to describe the perfectly natural senses of others animals, already has me thinking this will probably contain many interesting things but the presentation will make it nigh unwatchable.

  7. Ricky

    The point i feel, in presentations like this, is that it can help to create discussion, aid abstract thinking, and provide visual elements of actual observed and recorded behaviours of animals - but which i feel is wrongly called 'super-natural'. If it happens in nature, it natural - So 'super-natural' is misleading. Above the sometimes dull methodology of practical science, in my opinion, the higher order of future physics advancements (public level anyhow ;)) will probably open up new areas of fields of study in zoology etc that finds out more about consciousness and related abilities of earth lifeforms.

    In any case, being 'interesting' and being 'factual', can still be valid, where its just peer-reviewed papers that discuss at any length of detail such things and some magazines, means that just because it isn't 'excepted' to be taught to the masses mainstream, that does not mean the research isn't being done, story of the 'meta-physical' flies anyone haha!!??

    Providing evidence is the issue in these cases but it means you have to go find it yourself, and consider all the aspects of chemistry, physiology, physics, et al, to gain a better picture. And still, entertainment can still have a level of real world science can it not!!?

  8. Visitor A

    Hai vlatko, i can't watch video no.5 , titled supernatural. And thanks to you. Love this site.

  9. rockysbeats

    being a screenwriter these Documentaries can only inspire more ideas :) great visuals they certainly spend a lot of time on this

  10. vincent vega

    @ Chemikez

    'Hmm, sounds like you are one of those wannabe genius europeans? '

    you sound like one of those who cant keep their nose away from someone else's ass.

    Absolutely fantastic documentary. blown away.

  11. Chemikez

    LOL @ Eloka and haider.
    "let me guess american"
    Hmm, sounds like you are one of those wannabe genius europeans?

    Great doc, anyways. Interesting. But, as others have mentioned, not much scientific detail or proof. I suppose not every doc has to be an educational lecture. TY

  12. refa

    What a waste of time, this looks like a fantasy film, and a bad one too.

  13. refa

    13 minutes into this doc and 2 questions come to mind: 1 how do they know all this, and 2 are there statements correct? If what they say about wasps killing caterpillars, then caterpillars should not have a chance to excist, well not in my garden anyway.
    I can't help to feel they are wrong about this. Some plants are completely eaten away by caterpillars, how is that possible?

    I hope this docu is gonna give some proof instead of just fancy talk and special effects.

  14. Chris


    You are completely and utterly wrong. Modern science does not assume that it knows everything about any of its subjects as that would negate the reason of science itself. In fact, disproving well established science is a major reason that science progresses. Otherwise we might all still think the world is flat!

  15. Farren

    very interesting docs. the arrogance of the modern scientific attitude was appalling at times though. there are things which modern science does not yet understand, yet it is always implicitly assumed that we know all there is about that particular subject, case closed. no need to look at any new contradictory evidence. none.

  16. Haider

    what Eloka said...

  17. Ricky


    Thank you for providing these videos, i study animals and research zoology, and these videos help to gain odd valuable information along with watching videos from the T.C.C Group who have full lessons in audio and video format at degree and higher level.

    I can sit here all day watching and listening to these videos wile i am doing chores or relaxing, or when i am writing assignments letting the information flow and by the end of the day i sometimes watch 4 or 5 of them and learn wile carrying out other things!

    I have sent links to friends and they love the videos for their studies.


  18. Sara

    Wow! Awesome! I truly enjoyed this!

  19. Farzan

    Fascinating documentary, I highly recommend it to all!!! Perhaps I might purchase this on DVD!!

  20. Omar

    This is one of the best works ever done, incredible footage, incredible facts about life, we believe is less than humans, maybe God exist or not but there is something beyond science and religion that is more powerful than all forms of live we know.

    This documentary should get :
    mtv-award, tony-award, noble-award, red carpet-award,oscars-award ,etc-award all together.

    Thank you so much, to all those people who made possible this peace of art.

  21. Alex Nsr

    It was really amazing. very good work with lots of great images
    and a lot of great reveals. I hope there are more documentaries like this one

  22. nick_kcin

    just a thought on the dolphin thing at the end of episode 1, I dont see why they assume the dolphins arent capable of compassion towards another species just like humans are. I'm sure they could tell a person from another dolphin, and thinking of it as a 'novel play-thing' might result in them accidentally drowning people more often than saving them.

    Seems that with dolphins and humans being the 2 most intelligent species we know of, comparing the way we live might lead you to believe that dolphins by nature are a much more compassionate and caring species. Not being an animal supremacist or anything lol I'm just saying

  23. Eloka

    ike “Animal Supremacist” let me guess American??

  24. Rock

    Excellent insite into supernatural powers of animals. Have studied biology but i now feel i learnt nothing abt animals until now. True superstars of Nature. Humans are inferior to dem in every way...nice documentary.

  25. Xtn

    To be honest the concept is great, its the visual effects and presentation that lets it down. Its a worth a watch if not just to learn, although it really does not offer much in the way of explaining these abilities scientifically...


  26. ike

    Cubesz you are one of those self loathing "Animal Supremacist" that I so detest. You seem to have NO clue as to the amazing and varied abilities of humans because you are too lazy or too stupid to look for them. Yes, some animals have amazing abilities, but the fact that we are discussing them rather than them discussing us, shows our ultimate superior abilities!!

    1. Jack1952

      Well said. After all, are we not animals also?

  27. Cubesz

    Wow omg! These animals just blow my mind! The fact that they can accomplish such amazing feats of strength, discipline, and endurance greater than that of a human.

  28. kim

    wow this was very interesting animals are amazing.

  29. calvin

    Ditto to Capricious.

  30. blah

    This damn documentary is interesting but for children. It is bland, doesn't explain anything, and only spits out facts, with animation and random sounds and situations thrown in for the "fun" of it.

  31. Capricious

    I've watched thousands upon thousands of documentaries on a myriad of subjects throughout my lifetime; and I must say, this is without a doubt one of the most entertaining of them all (and equally educational). Absolutely fantastic footage smoothly and consistently incorporated with post-production perfection. This, combined with the nearly constant change of focal direction and subject matter, which ultimately covering an astonishing amount of animals in such a short time; it's simply beautiful. I was fully focused on finishing the whole series after part one. I would give this series 6 out of 5 stars if possible, hands down. :)

  32. voxsilen

    Your site is awesome. You rock! Thanks for the great videos.

  33. Intbel

    Great films, thanks!

    Two comments:

    1. Having given an understanding of how things happen - why does he still insist on calling them supernatural?

    2. Crop circles. He states twice that crop circles are caused by wind and once emphatically stated that anything other than a plain circle is the work of hoaxers.

    I disagree with his statement.
    Maybe he should take a closer look rather than assuming his conclusions are true with nothing to back'em up?

    Apart from those two observations - first class material!

  34. Jon

    Very Nice compilation of Videos. Thank you!

  35. adrian

    i love documentary like this because i super interested about special abilities of animal....

  36. GlJlBanson

    Thanks so much for all the doco's. They are so good for me.

  37. GlJlBanson

    This shows how incredible nature is, and how conditioned I am to thinking nature is boring. Every living thing that we loose to extinction is a disaster.

    Peace GJB

  38. Pravin

    These documentaries are very interesting, I really love documentaries that talk about abilities of animals.

  39. Charles

    Wow! Awesome! I really love nature documentaries the most of all.

  40. Looney

    Fascinating documentary. Being just a high school senior, this documentary covered many of the groundbreaking truths about the truly fascinating nature of animals that I definitely would not have learned in the elementary biology courses we're required to take. A fascinating oversight of many of the seemingly supernatural elements of nature explained by pure science. Highly recommended.