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Surveillance Technology

2004, Technology  -   21 Comments
Ratings: 6.44/10 from 9 users.

Eavesdrop on conversations up to a mile away and try out advanced systems that see through walls. In the world of surveillance, Big Brother is not only watching, he's also listening, analyzing, recording, scanning, and tracking every aspect of our lives. And with advanced surveillance technology, there's virtually no place to hide.

Surveillance Tech examines some of the most important and potentially terrifying equipment the world has ever seen--or rather, not seen--in this thriving surveillance revolution.

Check out parabolic microphones that pick up conversations a mile a way, cameras that learn what and who to photograph, Radar Vision that "sees through walls", and Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

And explore the mind-bending future of surveillance technology, while, of course, reviewing its surprising history.

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21 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Paul

    i wasnt aware that i was that interesting, these things are all well. but not good, the only time you get a chip in me is when im dead . when your in a store and you dont have to go through a chek out .you fools there wont be any body in your stores to buy your goods becase thay wont have any money becase you gave all the jobs to the silicon chips whos going to buy all this stuff when nun of us have a job talk about shot ure self in the foot [pricks]

  2. Robert M

    This is no longer modern

  3. Bones2pick

    Gunshot listening Red Light Camera was the only thing that was news to me...I like that:) But the video seems to be dated, in the sense that they showed very few things that most of us already knew. O.k. I watched the whole thing...leave me alone I was bored, you must be 2...your reading comments:P

  4. jason

    this movie is disgusting

  5. johnjohnsonson

    Use you ears, and ideally your brain also. They said 'telegraphy'.

  6. Jimmy Light

    did they really just call morse code a calligraphy machine????!

    5mins in and i can't watch this anymore.

  7. Angelica

    stupid documentary

  8. aaron shaw

    Ironically the audio is out of sync in this (mediocre) doco.

  9. Polow

    About what "American student" said,I must say that i agree with his words 100%,but to many people are blind to see those things.They only think about work work work money money money and othe...peace !!!

  10. Jake Black

    For a start, UAV stands for Unmanned Ariel Vehicle, secondly, the enigma code wasn't 'cracked', it was decoded using an enimga machone captured from a German U-Boat by british forces. I don't know what other inaccuracies there are in this documentary, as those 2 were enough to make me stop watching in disgust.

    1. jarkko hangaslammi

      jake. December 1932, the Polish Cipher Bureau first broke enigma code. Five weeks before the outbreak of World War II, on 25 July 1939, in Warsaw, the Polish Cipher Bureau gave Enigma-decryption techniques and equipment to French and British military intelligence

      the british forces from HMS Bulldog that you remember got hold of first enigma machine from U-110 in the North Atlantic May 1941, before the United States entered the war

      so it was cracked 9 years before they got the machine

  11. Benjamin

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    - Benjamin Franklin

  12. Mickey

    Bunch of tossers. The future is grim.

  13. me

    quote 'potentially terrifying equipment' hmm what is the root word of terrorism

    1. Xercès Des Stèles

      so your saying 'big brother', big corporations = the actual terrorist? yes!

  14. Croc

    Of course they can track Bin Laden. The reason they don´t is that it doesn´t suit their cause. Either he´s dead or he´s a CIA agent as Fidel Castro maintains. He could even be a figment of the imagination. They´re smart enough for that. Anyway, the mountains in Afganistan don´t protect against the technology the CIA dispose of. It´s a load of lies and Americans fall for it as they always have done. I have found myself on a mind control program and get tailed 24-7 so I´m pretty sure Bin Laden couldn´t survive undetected for several years. Impossible!

  15. cjint

    that black guy is a script kiddy.

  16. Don

    With all these gadgets if you can't track down Bin Laden, you are a loser!

  17. Karen

    A sad way to SPEND one's life. I wonder if they think about all the good things they are missing out on when they are spying on someone else.

  18. American Student

    Watch the movies "Enemy of the State", "The Matrix", "They Live", "Esoteric Agenda" and anything by Alex Jones to scratch the surface. Even though some of those movies are fiction, they serve as metaphors for what is really going on.

  19. American Student

    The war is on...