Surviving a Car Crash

2011 ,    »  -   17 Comments
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Surviving a Car CrashHorizon meets the scientists working to make fatal car crashes a thing of the past.

A remarkable fusion of mechanical engineering and biology promises to save countless lives across the world.

The programme has exclusive access to the secretive world of the most advanced car crash tests.

Horizon reveals how the latest advances in trauma medicine, psychology and even extreme sport are transforming your chances of surviving on the roads.

And the programme shows how researchers are creating a new virtual crash test dummy that could change how our cars are designed forever.

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17 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Aaylsworth

    Typical Horizon doc with such phrases as "what if", "in the future" and "one day". This doc lacks substance and is high on speculation about what the world could be like if....

  2. BuzzBeak
  3. BuzzBeak

    a typical horizon doc? Great to hear as it's one of the best "made for the layman" science series ever made .

    and what's wrong with "what if"? that's how science works- Most of modern science is built on "what if"

  4. Yavanna
  5. Yavanna

    Very interesting glimpse into the world of crash test research and development. Cars being smashed up and cutting edge technology. What's not to like.

  6. Charles Alderson
  7. Charles Alderson

    Crashes will stop when you take humans out of the equation. Until then watch out for a dark blue minivan on the streets because my sister is driving and texting and eating all at the same time and she is going to kill one of you.

  8. oddsrhuge
  9. oddsrhuge about survival of the fittest? Don't drive if you are afraid that you'll crash.

    And stop buying into the media driven "FEAR" yet again. My mother was in charge of a car...she drove me crazy!....but she never crashed. Apparently she was a good driver because she lived to accidents. She had no problem whacking me with a brush though...I was abused, isn't anyone paying attention to this blight on humanity? I mean, look what she produced, a dweeb like me. Doh!

  10. His Forever
  11. His Forever

    I was expecting advice on HOW to survive a crash if you are involved in one, and absolutely zero was given; I'm a bit disappointed. It's only about car safety testing and innovation.

  12. Guest
  13. Guest

    I think your suppose to guess the crash is about to happen and flinch as if it has, then just go floppy and hope for the best. Or not crash. Take it from me, I'm an expert in not doing exactly that and have the scar to prove it. 18 stitches down the middle of my forehead, faded a lot now though :)

  14. His Forever
  15. His Forever

    I had a head-on crash with a cop (yeah, just my luck)! I saw it coming but not a thing I could do as I was on black ice and only along for the ride--didn't even have time to pray. Scary now that I think about it. Just a little bit faster, and poof! You (and/or your friendly neighborhood police officer) is gone!

  16. Guest
  17. Guest

    C, you rebel ! You took 'em down ;)
    Poof and your gone sounds good to me, its only scary if your waiting and wondering how it will feel. Afterwards is fine, I wont be there !

  18. PaulGloor
  19. PaulGloor

    The driver-less car is the only answer. I like the idea of the DARPA challenge, getting cars to drive themselves. Not mentioned in this doc of course, but just sayin. Ive watched a couple TV spots on it, there's some pretty promising work. Google, of all companies, has developed a GPS driven car based on Google maps data I think. They've already got prototypes driving on the road.

  20. rotaryseven
  21. rotaryseven

    I was a delivery driver for twelve years, I think I ate while driving maybe four times. My dispatcher used to give me a hard time for taking lunch breaks, he would say...Derek, you're the only driver that takes lunch breaks?...I was like, Owen, I drive a five speed, have to juggle a radio and you want me to juggle food too?

  22. His Forever
  23. His Forever

    Thank you for that, Derek. You're a good man. I used to shave with my electric razor on the way to work (but only rarely) but I shuddered when I would see women putting on makeup (eyeliner) in the lane next to me! I saw that several times in fact. Truly frightening as they were looking in the mirror, not at the road. Now that I'm married and have kids, I'm a much safer driver (when I drive).

  24. His Forever
  25. His Forever

    I even escaped without a ticket! Both our cars were able to creep off the overpass so we didn't cause a 4:00 A.M. pileup, but the investigating officer (not the one I smashed up) was going to give me a ticket, and I said, "But there's black ice on the overpass right at the top. That's not my fault." After he drove over and back he said, "Hey! There's black ice on the top of the overpass just like you said. That's really dangerous!" I chocked back a "Ya think!?!" I never used the overpass again before dawn on a winter's day, but always took the long way around after that.

  26. Guest
  27. Guest

    Really was your lucky day :)

  28. Guest
  29. Guest

    Wow that was very interesting! I enjoyed it! The research taking place is amazing!

  30. Naomi Cas
  31. Naomi Cas

    There is a lot in there that can be summarized by “how to save people from themselves”. I have learned in 30 years of driving that accidents can be avoided, ie it takes the 2 cars to fail to take defensive measures... correct that, in most cases these days defensive means “driving as if they are out to kill you”. Most road conditions are negotiable safely: at a certain SPEED. Basically most people drive as if nothing unforeseen is ever going to happen, and most are not about to foresee anything since their mind is not even on the driving. There was a time when in Europe nobody thought much about drinking and driving. It is time to bring up to consciousness, by education and by heavy fines, the seriousness of distracted driving, aggressive driving etc... for a country (US) where so many people claim to be religious it is amazing how many drive with total disregard for human life.
    As a trained scientist I appreciate the tech. efforts of course, but we have a society problem, first of all.

    I would also have like to see data about how excellent physical condition helps survive trauma, as well as how aging decreases the survival rate, what are the most crucial physical fitness traits associated with better trauma tolerance in older adults.

  32. HOwery
  33. HOwery

    developed a GPS driven car based on Google maps data I think. They've already got prototypes driving on the road.

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