Surviving the Cold

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Valery Malkov made the headlines when he fell out of a train in Siberia in -40 degrees Celsius wearing practically nothing, ran for 30 minutes to the next station and survived.

The man said that he had gone to the train's vestibule for a smoke. As he was coming back to his carriage, he missed his door and opened another one to a non-functioning vestibule. He stepped into the dark – and then found himself in taiga forest, on the railroad, all alone.

We explore how human body reacts and adapts to cold and meet enthusiasts who subject themselves to extreme temperatures.

Cold weather has a dramatic effect on human health. According to a University of California, Berkeley economist, deaths related to cold reduce the average life expectancy of Americans by a decade, if not more.

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16 Comments / User Reviews

  1. MalOdour

    Just one more reason to stop smoking.

  2. Geoffrey Badgley

    Last paragraph says

    "deaths related to cold reduce the average life expectancy of Americans by a decade"

    If they are dead they don't have a life to expect anything out of.

  3. henrymart81

    i turned down the thermostat so i could participate at home. now it's 65 and i'm ready to say eff this.

  4. Valkyrie Ziege

    ; I agree!

  5. Bob Trees

    I guess I shouldn't complain when my place is 60 degrees in the winter time?

  6. dewflirt

    They're all as mad as hatters.

  7. bud_oracle

    I have a hard time in the summer when others are frolicking in the warm lake water. I am starting to shiver just watching these ruskies

  8. bringmeredwine

    So's mine, because I have to heat with electricity and can't afford it!

  9. bringmeredwine

    I watched this out of plain curiosity, and I quickly became incredulous of.
    what I was seeing.
    There is a physiologist, a yogi and other subjects who expose their half-naked bodies to horrific sub-zero temperatures, in various ways, ON PURPOSE.
    I must admit I started to laugh despite the earnestness of each person filmed in this doc. I just couldn't imagine WANTING to plunge into ice-cold water or sit in some temperature controlled lab. The woman at the "spa" really cracked me up! Her giggle was contagious.
    As for the poor, clumsy guy who fell off the train? Well, a woman in the throes of a hot flash, might very well jump off a nice warm train in Siberia, on purpose!
    Many is the time I've wanted to throw myself naked into a snow bank for this reason; but we have by-laws here against that sort of behaviour, and I'd end up in jail where they wouldn't let me smoke.
    This doc won't change the world or make you angry. It's just a short and sweet peek into the lives of others who enjoy feeling the cold.

  10. aurinko

    Here in Finland its very normal in the winter time that people go to sauna by a lake and dip/swim in a hole in the ice "avanto" (or some dont even need sauna, they just go for a little swim). I have done it couple times last winter, but some people go there once or many times in a week.

    Here in my city Tampere, there is few public saunas where people go to have icy swin and sauna, if u dont have ur own sauna by the lake.

    And if u have sauna but not by the lake, u can go roll in the snow..we did othen as kids

    I know this sounds very crazy...but it feels good and its good for ur health, blood circulation etc and u dont get cold...:)

  11. becky

    Great documentary

  12. Naim Ali

    glad i live in the caribbean

  13. sara

    Hmm... this is done by RT. Is it really a documentary or a short movie?


    cool documentary - no pun intended! :) we did this snow thing in Hawaii on top of Mauna Kea at 13,000ft 30% less oxygen up there pretty extreme

  15. Jeff N.

    I have a different version of this stuff. I pour HOT water over my head and body daily. It comes from my shower!

  16. Alberto

    If u are interested you could see Becoming the Iceman on Wim Hof Method.

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