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SurvivormanThe award-winning Survivorman follows outdoor enthusiast and survival expert Les Stroud as he is abandoned for a week in a remote location with no supplies – no food, no fresh water, and no matches.

While stranded in the middle of nowhere Les must document his experience with his unique one-person camera rig and 50 pounds of camera equipment.

Each new location presents a new set of obstacles for Les with such diverse climates as the Costa Rican rainforest to the Arctic ice floes.

Les Stroud shows you the basics of wilderness survival in a variety of different situations. While he may not cover every possible scenario (he pretty well sticks to what he encounters), Les shows you at least one way to start a fire in each different habit (i.e. each episode) as well as covering major hazards you would face given the time of year and the location.

If you are an outdoors enthusiast, this will provide a great deal of entertainment. However, a student of wilderness survival will truly appreciate everything the Survivorman does.

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  1. Deborah Cuomo

    I would be dead in a few minutes. Trip over a rock and smash my head in. But at least I could make a fire. Go Les!!

  2. Me

    This guy is the real deal despite what these comments say. Unless you know who he is your speaking out of your ass. Survival in the north at 30 below will make the tropics look like a f--kin picnic (and its not). try it for couple of weeks. Im sure all the guys that these other commenter referenced are good, but hes the real deal.

  3. Adam Barrett



    bear grillz !!!!!! i watched this and though it was bullshit !!!!so true simon baush lol

  5. simonbaush

    How to die in a forest would be a better title..

    1. Mantid


  6. antiloops

    If all of you want know what means real survival, watch walking the amazon with Ed Stafford. Two and half years and 7000 miles of virgin forest...

    Ed rules :D

    1. fl260

      Mike Horn.

  7. Jason Mowbray

    He did not actually trap any food. NOTHING.
    He could not make a decent shelter or had anything other than the rudiments of fire making.
    So let us surmise:

    He was alone for 8 days and then managed to head in a certain direction. And got lucky.

    All the best for doing this my friend but if you watch someone like Ray Mears you will understand what true survival skills are.

  8. thekingbeyondthegate

    I'm trying not to judge it but it seems pretty fake so far. Some things are too convenient. Also lacking ability in fire-making, that's a pretty key concept for survival.

    1. thekingbeyondthegate

      Also: "am I capable of moving around, can I travel around? These are all important questions before you move."

  9. Kumamori

    The first episode was great! A lot of useful stuff about fire and shelter. I'm from that climate area so can relate to it. The axe thing is true, makes life a whole lotta easier if you go out. The moose thing though, I wouldn't sign it being the most dangerous animal in that hemisphere straight off, because of bear. It can climb trees and will catch you for sure. The bear mother during cub time is especially dangerous since it protects its cubs. Bear can be surprisingly agile too so you really don't wanna try kill it with a knife if you don't know what you're doing, aka. done it before. So play dead or be calm and non-threatening and hope it doesn't attack, and move slowly away from it's view.

  10. documental

    LOL. You have got to be a retard to think this guy did all of this by himself without a camera crew. There are shots off him from a third person perspective as he is riding by in a canoe, zooming in and out, shots showing the bottom of the canoe from underwater while he is paddling it etc. My God it never ceases to amaze me how stupid some people can be.

    1. Jordan Lea

      The camera crew left him after those shots were taken of the canoe. That's why they showed the others on the bank of the river with equipment, as he continued on by himself. Also, if you have ever used a camera or known that a tripod exists, you would be aware that getting the kind of shots he does is actually pretty simple to do by yourself. Do you really think you're the only person who considered the underwater shots weren't done by him? ..... LOL.

    2. soccermom101

      Um, it actually is real if you would have done any research. Or watched a behind the scenes. Not that difficult. My God it never ceases to amaze me how stupid some people can be.

  11. Vish Sehgal


  12. bogdanvladimir

    this is great!

  13. Mindless

    @ toddy

    That is a awesome idea, i can just picture him being all confused and wondering what the F%&k is going on.
    sneak up in the middle of the night and move his camera gear around. record your self running aroud being really scared than plant the tape back in his bag. Classic!!

  14. toddy

    Always wondered if it would be kinda funny in a twisted way if someone snuck in on Les and played a Blair witch stunt on him. Leave the stick figures around. Clap rocks in the night.

  15. Mindless

    You got to give the guy credit. Does all his own filming while teaching people how to survive. a lot harder then it looks. you are the man Les.

  16. binny

    "Hydro" is a term used in Southern Ontario as slang for electricity, as some of our power comes from the Niagra hydro electric dam I guess. I went to a natural resources college in Ontario and they actually show this video and another where Les tried to live in Northern Ontario for a year with an axe a harmonica and a multitool (of course). If anyone thinks that what he is doing is environmentally irresponsible you don't understand sustainable living.

  17. Stefan

    Survivorman wasn't cancelled, Les decided not to continue. Unlike certain other "survival experts" Les actually stayed out in the wilds during the filming of his show. After a number of years going without food and water for days on end in brutal survival situations he called it quits.

  18. Henry

    WHY WAS IT CANCELED!! WHHHHYYY!! I loved watching this show, I have seen every single episode.



  20. Rob

    "We're not hippies"... then they got the dowser over. I'm turning this off. I hope they don't find hydro and get really, really thirsty then have to come home.


    what happened to her shoving moss between cracks? ..this aint ruffin it ...I loved "Space Pirates" too,..but give ita rest with the 'hydro' already, ITS WATER !LMAO!!

  22. Matt D

    Survivorman kicks ass! More people should spend their money on stuff like this to save energy and the environment. What it costs for most lavish vacations people could upgrade to solar panels or propane or something else. Every little bit counts! I like that he made it look fun but also showed the complications involved. A+

  23. deox

    quite nice. 7 out of 10.

  24. Eddie

    this is of the grid produced by Les stroud who is survivor man and its actually a documentary about Les stroud and his family turning to sustainable living in canada

  25. Kevin K

    the most badass canadian ever...
    i love this show

  26. Talia

    hell yeah,lets clean this place up,there is nothing like deforestation to help the Natural Environment!(sarcasm)

  27. Tyler

    This is a very interesting documentary series about living off the land. However, this is not Survivorman. This video is an episode of the documentary Series "Off The Grid." Survirorman is about wilderness survival. Off the Grid is about sustainable living without using a municipal water or electrical sources.