Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World

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Sweet Misery - A Poisoned WorldAspartame is an artificial sweetener, an additive. And it's a chemical. It's not a natural product, it's a chemical. The molecule is made up of three components. Two are amino acids, the so-called building blocks of protein.

One is called Phenylalanine, which is about 50% of the molecule and the other is Aspartic Acid, which is like 40%. And the other 10% is so-called Methyl Ester, which as soon as it’s swallowed becomes free methyl alcohol. Methanol. Wood alcohol, which is a poison. A real poison.

Excellent documentary showing how dangerous artificial sweetner Aspartame is. From its history, to its effects this video is enough to shock anyone into really looking at the food labels next time they shop. Aspartame is a toxic food that came into the world as an investment by Donald Rumsfeld, while ignoring the deadly effects the tests showed. Take a good look at this video, it could save lives.

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  1. Can't watch it because it has been taken down in Canada......the truth always eventually finds it way to the surface no matter how many evil entities try to keep it hidden

  2. Understanding what to pack will be easy when you have an agenda from your Travel agent. GW: Many people do dangle their clothes in the rest room and steam the shower up. Luckily, time travel is theoretically possible

  3. I just can't believe this is still even allowed on the market. And the thing that pisses me off more is that they keep changing the names so the consumer doesn't realize.

    I was in this documentary God I think it was in 95. I had been to so many doctors it was insane and that is what they told me, go find a shrink. I had been diagnosed heart disease, mitral valve prolapse, mild tricuspids regurgitation, tachacardia and a heart murmer. They had me in cardiac care many times and in ICU. I also had many other ailments that I had been put on 14 medications. I stopped the "flavored water" and have been cleared of any of the 9 different things I was diagnosed with. It's been 10 years and I only am on 2 meds. I just had to have a hip replacement at 55, and am due to have 2 shoulder replacements next year. My bone are shot. I have been on disability for 8 years now.

    Please be aware to look also for the names of asparatic acid, asfuelfame K, yes I know my spelling is horrible. But when Cheerwine, which is a dr pepper kinda soda in the south. They had it advertised in giant letters aspartame free. I was on disaster call and was so excited to be able to drink it, or so I thought. I ended up in the ICU.

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to add. I used to be addicted to aspartame and suffered frequent migraines. This happened to my mother as well. We were so addicted that it was very difficult to stop using it. I now have fibromyalgia.

    I am also type 1 diabetic, and it is concerning that diabetes educators encourage diabetics to use diet sodas (so they are ingesting aspartame) and diabetes educators also encourage diabetics to eat low fat foods and most low fat processed foods are very high in glutamate. Both glutamate and aspartate deplete B6 and diabetics are already very deficient in B6. Diabetics also suffer from neuropathy. According to Dr. Russell Blaylock's book Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, glutamate has been shown to cause retinopathy in mice studies.

    This makes me wonder: Is is the diabetes that cause complications like retinopathy, or is it the food additives (glutamate and aspartate) that are pushed on diabetics in order to "be healthy" that cause the "diabetic complications"?

  5. This documentary is great and a must see for anyone, especially those who have ingested aspartame.
    It is a bit slow at times and for me switched between different people too much, but the information is correct and important and definitely a must see.

  6. They're trying to kill us all, I swear. They know what all this crap does to us, they hide the facts and keep the profits - because they know the stuff takes years to kill, and they think we won't ever make the connection. Killing us slowly and banking on it. Fcking bastards.

  7. People are fat cause they eat too much junk. EG. fast foods..fast foods contains lots of sugar and other "junk" that the FDA are totally aware of and in turn this makes us sick. Big drug companies "and many others" make money. They then give you pills to make you stop taking pills they've prescribed for you. It's a domino effect that catches you off guard. They do not care!!!

  8. "the current measures of food safety are failing us" is a gross under/mis statement after watching this is seems more like there is no food safety at all

  9. Different chemicals do different things in the body.......get a clue.

  10. IT'S A CHEMICAL. so is water.

  11. Does anybody besides me wonder why Alzheimer's disease is so prevalent?

  12. its interesting that i can't get this to post on fb!

  13. I'm sorry, but the person who wrote the description is completely, like, ignorant.

  14. I just use real cane sugar when i am baking. I just limit how often I eat sweets. simple as that. people think they can consume as much sweetener as they want because it is low calorie. maybe just try eating healthier.

  15. I find that after drinking anything that contains aspartame I feel spacey, irritable and hyper. I also have a really fast heart beat and get pains in my chest. It's not something I would have regularly, at all.

  16. I use Truvia and I feel great. When I did aspertame or saccarine I could feel the neurological effects within hours. I was edgy and it was very difficult to verbalize a thought. Oh yeah, and my hands started shaking. They don't shake when I don't ingest any neuro-toxins.

  17. This is what is making me crazy. I do not buy into conspiracy theories. However I know for a fact that aspartame causes me to break out in hives. Many years ago I stopped drinking sugar drinks because the heavy amount of sugar in these drinks is repulsive. So I started drinking a lot of cola with Nutrasweet. And I broke out in hives repeatedly. After awhile I noticed the correlation. I figured this out without the help of any scientific study. The fact that others have had the same reaction confirms my belief that aspartame is bad for some people.

    1. Patty. Look back in time...history books discuss all sorts of conspiracies. Look for those that didn't later turn out to be the truth. There's the chicken little one...the sky didn't fall. But find another one. That will open your eyes.

  18. I like any type of information that provides "facts"...The FACT is that the FDA is a bunch of thieving liars!!! Watch the documentary called "Burzykski" and tell me that any/all of our government agencies aren't the filthiest corrupt group you've ever been disgusted to know about!!! If you have a problem of learning the truth, or if you don't want to upset the little bubble world that some may be living in, then by all means don't watch it! There were way too many court trials and factual evidence against the FDA, large Pharmacies and what I'm totally ashamed to call the U.S. Government to deny these things that they do to citizens! Be ready to get TOTALLY PISSED OFF!!!

  19. Being a grammar nazi here, but honestly, I can't take scientific statements as fact from someone who doesn't know the difference between there and their.

    1. In this sentence would fact need an s?

    2. there there Haajira. thatz a silly reason 2 reject some1s point ov view .

  20. because aspartame is more deadly than obesity. Oh wait, obesity is the biggest killer in most first world countries, never mind.

    1. Obesity is not the biggest killer in ANY other country but this one!!!!! get your facts straight!

  21. I do love the documentaries that are one sided, because they do just get hold of the weak minded people and brainwash them. Sadly people do watch these and believe them in seconds, and unfortunately they start to panic and will probably run to their local supermarket to buy all the sweetner to protect and save those who haven't watched this.

    This is total rubbish, and if it was true then we all may as well lock our doors and never leave the house again. Just like the modern media, these documentaries are scaring people to make an easy buck.

    What you need to take away from this film is that you don't use it too much, just like everything. I mean if you drink too much water you'll die, and someone has been good enough to show us how much we would have to use.

    Yes the corporations probably don't care if people die, and they probably just want more money, but that is why we have to hope and prey that there are governments and people out there that will look into this to give us useful facts, not biased rubbish like a lot of people do.

    1. The film just SHOWED you that its the corrupt FDA, along with the politician with power and money (Rumsfeld) that got this stuff approved. You are either a shill, or you're extremely naive one. By the sounds of it...I'm guessing a shill.

    2. wow!!! you must work for coca-cola or the tobacco industry.....that's right none of this is bad for you......Japan would not import diet soda from the us.....once they started using aspartame....and coca-cola responded by using stevia as a sweetener for Diet Coke to import to Japan in 1970!

  22. I hate documentaries like these because they don't research the people who have strong immune systems and don't have any side effects to these chemicals. The principle notion of "no one is built the same or react the same way" is thrown out to the side. I'm living proof that aspartame has no negative side effects. I drink diet sodas and take in many items with the chemical aspartame for over five yrs like water, yet I don't show any external or internal negative effects from taking the stuff. In fact ever since I switched from regular soda to diet soda I've lost weight (over 20 pounds b!tches!), my skin cleared up and I have more energy. >_> My organs are all in perfect working condition and I have no issues with anything in regards to what these morons wrote or say about aspartame.

    Seriously, you people who gotten sick... did so because your immune system is built differently and is weak. Stop demonizing something that isn't damaging to everyone else. Stop demanding the government to policing your stupid fat @sses because you have the mind of a retarded child and are incapable of taking responsibility... all because you're weak, lazy f*ck-tard! You want freedom, you need to work for it, use your brain and stop whining like a baby wanting everyone around to take care of you. It's ok to ask for help once a while, but you need to put the effect to change and make it better for yourself and those who are closest (family and friends), not the whole world (the whole world doesn't care anyways so f*ck it). It's just like the stupid argument over fast food. No one is telling you to eat the stuff. It's the same with aspartame... no one is forcing you to drink aspartame... so... STFU!!!

    1. You know when I read where overweight people boost about being "healthy"...it makes me laugh. Because well...consider the source. If you knew a thing about good health then you would not be overweight to begin with.

      So...consider the source.

    2. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him think. Denying that things are not so, does unfortunately not make them so.

    3. Things like aspartame and other poisons often don't show their effects in younger healthier people. The toll of your body dealing with these toxins in that case appears years and years later as chronic or degenerative diseases. Just because you experience no negative effects now, does not mean that you are unaffected and it very well could be that consuming it is raising your risks of disease and sickness in your future significantly.

    4. Yusiley If you continue consuming aspartame you will eventually discover that it has damaged your health, as I did. I was like you. I was born with a strong immune system, and I thought aspartame was the greatest invention since the wheel. I drank aspartame-sweetened diet soda as my main fluid for 13 years with no side effects or negative reactions whatsoever. Then I began having muscle seizures. I had seen news reports about nervous system damage from long-term aspartame consumption, and I realized the aspartame I had been drinking all those years was causing the seizures. That was 14 years ago, and to this day, consuming even a small amount of aspartame gives me muscle seizures. Aspartame damages the nervous system slowly and permanently. The damage is irreversible. It is the same kind of damage that is caused by eating GMO food. Aspartame is made from GMO bacteria. You have been consuming aspartame for over 5 years, so your nervous system has been damaged to some degree. It is only a question of how much. Stop before it's too late. Don't wait until the damage becomes obvious.

  23. My daughter has reactions to aspartame that are unlike refined sugar or organic sugar reactions. Fazed out, irritated, angry. It's only slipped by a few times in her life so far but it is obvious the damage it does.

  24. All true. Even as a kid I would get BRUTAL migraines after drinking diet-pops , or any drink that contained aspartame. Even chewing "Sugar Free" gum that had aspartame in it would induce them. Only the truly brainless keep ingesting things they know cause them harm so if you think this is a hoax just keep drinking Diet-Coke, in fact, drink twice as much as you normally do, then come back in 5 years and tell us if you have any symptoms!!

    1. I don't have any symptoms. :P I've been drinking diet sodas like water for over six years...I have the receipts to prove it too. I've lost weight, my skin is fine, no internal problems and in fact I have a couple waiting to buy my eggs because of my resistance to such chemicals. I did had allergies against powder laundry detergent but recently I grew an immunity to them ( maybe it is due to my body adapting to the toxic environment). My guess is that I may drink gallons of diet soda a week but I balance it out with eating green leafy foods (including spirulina) and cutting back on chicken, pork, and red meat (the couple want my new batch of eggs from a vegetarian diet).

      Again, I drink diet soda like water, yet my doctors (I had third and even fourth opinions on the matter) all say that I'm extremely fit for my age and especially for my generation (I'm an '80s kids). I could do the Air Stepper for three hours straight without tiring and currently doing Insanity w/ Shaun T. The whole thing about diet sodas giving people issues is due to people having weak genes or their immune systems not built strong enough to resist to the environment ones in. My parents grew up in tough environments in Cuba near factories, riots, and taking in rotten foods even... their parents and grandparents grew up in this too, so they're genes and bodies adapted/ evolve to survive such surroundings. I see my mutated genes as a blessing. I don't face the same hardships as people with weak immune systems or genes that get sick over a tiny bit of aspartame in their system.

      I get more symptoms and bad reaction over the hormones that are released due to stress or menstruation, than stupid chemicals that we're told are "bad".

    2. Some people are in fact immune to flu, but that doesn't make it OK. Many people also manage to avoid all the health problems from smoking, but that doesn't make it OK either. The actual fact is, is that you are just lucky. Some people are not so lucky and I really think that scientists need to research into making a low calorie sweetener which is safe for everyone.

    3. Lucky? Lord help us all.

      The youth of today are a scary bunch.

      You ARE what you eat. And your generation has been taught to eat crap. You believe that canola oil is the "healthy" choice. You see TV commercials selling lies and you go out and buy the margarine because you aren't bright enough to consider the sources of the information you've been fed.

      Wake up!

      And thanks for reminding me why I don't want my kids growing up in the government school system.

    4. "scientists need to research into making a low calorie sweetener which is safe for everyone."

      Just know: "scientists" are not researching a thing unless it's a thing that is meant to make someone A LOT OF MONEY.

      What your schools failed to teach you about *science* is truth. Your fairy-tale idea of what "science" is ---- is a farce.

      Stop leaving it up to science. What PEOPLE need to do is take responsibility for themselves and eat appropriately...then you wouldn't have to be dependent on science to feed you MORE chemicals.

    5. I use Stevia, I grew my own plants last year, harvested, dried and put in my Vitamix, turned into an extremely sweet green powder. It tastes a bit 'green' if you taste it straight but is wonderful in protein shakes, ice tea etc. This year I'm going to plant LOTS of Stevia and harvest it again. I KNOW it is all natural, no chemicals etc, cuz I grew it.

    6. Try Stevia....it is all natural....I dont think anything scientists can make is something i want in my body....no chemicals pls.

    7. There is evidence that diet soda makes you GAIN weight, not loose it. So yeah, I'd have to say you have symptoms.

    8. Thats like saying "I smoke a lot but i eat really healthy and go to the gym so it should be ok".....so ignorant.

    9. I'm sure it's hard for you to believe since you are obviously by your self description young and strong and have an immune system that kicks *ss today, but time will take its toll on your body, too. Even if you did possess the mutant genes you theorize you have, you seem to acknowledge that many others do not possess your super human teflon tough immune system. Should they remain uninformed and continue to unwittingly consume what may seem harmless to you but is poison for their own bodies? If not, who should inform them, since you think the people who comment here should "STFU?"

      Are you posing an argument for survival of the fittest and screw the weak or the old or the children who do not make those decisions for themselves?

      Are you stressing, PMSing, had too much diet Coke today, or are you normally angry, rude and crude, a selfish brat who just needs to grow up? I am sad for you. Good luck with your life.

  25. wow. After reading through some of these posts here, it's friggin' sad how many of these m*rons, that have posted below, love to regurgitate the c*** they are fed by their tv's. I guess that the chemicals and time will eventually sort-out the skeptics from diet coke drinkers.

  26. 45:50ish... the scientist instinctively licked a chemical off his hand and found it sweet?!!!! That's hilarious! That has got to be the biggest load of bull I've heard in a while. You gotta give those evil bastards credit; at least they're creative.

  27. Karen, You are ignorant if you think aspartame has no effect on people. I myself was poisoned by the chemical for 5 years. It built up in my brain and caused symptoms of fibromyalgia, MS, and chronic fatigue. My sister was similarly affected. Once I stopped consuming the product, I no longer had any of those symptoms and three different doctors all told me that aspartame would actually cause the symptoms I had. This chemical is like and STD in that some people never actually get symptoms, but that doesn't mean nothings there.

  28. All I know is I can tell if something has aspartame because of the INSTANT headache I get whenever I ingest it without fail. I stopped taking that stuff in years ago!

  29. This is BS Aspartame is destroyed in the stomach ages before getting into the blood stream it is a Protein so Tripsin in the stomach breaks it down to Polypeptides eventually later on to peptides then on to Amino acids second point this molecule does exist in nature that's where it was originally discovered in which scientist found it had a sweetening effect that's when it started being manufactured in factories. now for a point against this chemical it is not low calories because the human body can metabolise it and used it for energy and creation of new proteins.

    1. So all of the tests on the infant monkeys that have stomachs nearly identical to ours were lies? Man, wake-up.

    2. What industry-controlled textbook put that idea into your head?

  30. Stevia has now been researched to may cause cancer and or cause issues with being able to have children. Look it up.

    1. Stevia on the other hand i don't know enough about to make a few points on it so I'll do a bit of research on it

  31. This fn hilarious. You the man Aaron! This film is total cowpatty. I would not be surprised if the ppl behind this film become targeted by anonymous and other groups. Its just amazing the stuff people will believe that they read on the internet. The ppl that try to defend the movie are just as likely to tell you the us government attacked the twin towers, the pentagon and the other attempt on 9/11. They also believe JFK survived and that Oswald was setup by the government. They will tell you we never went to the moon. They actually think everything is a hoax.

    I know there are some people that actually do think they must protect themselves from satellites by using tin foil. These people are normally diagnosed as schizophrenics.

    People especially those that are young or perhaps just feel that if they buy only at whole foods they will be healthier are gullible. They gullible enough to watch bs psychics presented on television as really being in touch with their dead loved ones and think this is real. The house always wins. J.Z. Knight and Linda Evans gullible. People are still taken advantage of by any number of means whether its stories I read about a woman from Nigeria doing the exact same scam used in the movie the Sting or Dateline NBC showing internet fraud ... they are gullible.

    UFO reports on the radio when I was young led a brother and I to look at the horizon out in the street. Yes they were blinking. Dad yelled out the window what are you looking at? Being an Optics and Acoustics engineer from MIT that worked later on Star Wars as his final job and having grown up in Prairie in the middle of the states and going to WWII as a skipper ultimately retiring as a Captain he knew the stars well, and from his elevation above us he could see the stars that were blinking clearly in the pattern of the big dipper. We could not see them all from our angle as a tree was in the way. He explained the atmosphere makes them blink like that. Probably dust or smog particles.

    The irony of the people saying diet coke gave someone a brain tumor with the analog cellphone study that suggested that as a source which is not been completely substantiated but suggested that digital cellphone use may lead too this possibly too. There is a study that the magnetic field of small motors could cause cancer too. They strapped small magnetic motors too the heads of rats and subjected them to harm. I don't think anyone would like having a coffee grinder strapped to their head and run for hours at a time.

    There is just too many unknowns to state two facts and link them. The amount of benzene or other chemicals you might be subjected too when filling your gas tank and spill a bit. I had a girlfriend once that liked eau d'essence or the smell of gas on me.

    I will say carpet has been accused of degassing and new houses and paint etc do give off smells as do new car smell which is most likely vinyl chloride gas I had heard. They used to sell new car smell in can. It must have had something similar in it. Although none of that ever made me sick. I know the new buildings are sealed so well you might as well air it out for a while. We certainly run water in new plumbing to clean the flux out. I have known cats that did get sick and lose hair after being subjected to a new house or new carpet. They are right at that level. And most carpet is made of plastics.

    Too much of a good thing like penicillin does lead to strains of resistant bacteria or VD or MRSA. They used to prescribe it over the counter in England and later found it no longer worked do over use.

    But I digress many on here follow the line of reasoning of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy that states some felt we never should have left the trees, and others in the end felt we never should have left the water as a naked man throws money away and enters the water at the beach.

    This was the funniest drawn out line of posts I have read in a long time.

    1. You love the sound of your own voice. My husband has been crippled by Aspartame. You are another hollow tin bucket with nothing inside it but fatuous ego. Try researching before running your mouth.

  32. I haven't even watched this doc yet, but I'm reading everybody's comments. I've noticed that a lot of people just post wikipedia as a source to support their arguments.

    Wikipedia should never be used as a source. Use it as a reference point, but anyone who uses it as a source for the base of their arguments immediately loses credibility. I love the debates sparked on this site, but the moment that someone takes the easy route and sources wikipedia, I don't even finish reading their comments. It is not an authoritative source. Don't give me the damn link for a wikipedia article to support your argument, it's almost insulting. Only 1% of wikipedia articles have markers indicating that the sources and information have been validated. That means that almost everything you read on wikipedia has not been checked and validated.

    If you're going to argue something, take the time and do some in depth research. Critical analysis people!!!!

    if you want to take the quick route go to an online encyclopedia and post the link to that.

  33. Amazing documentary. I will never consume aspartame again.

  34. I will not eat or drink artificial sweeteners. I stopped putting refined sugars into my drinks or cereal 10 or so years ago. The aftertaste of aspertame is nasty and made me not want to eat it anyways. And after learning its a cancer causing agent I chose to never ingest it again.

  35. I was damaged by something else that is supposedly safe (a commonly used pharmaceutical). The lesson I've learned is that it's up to each of us to research what we put into our bodies. You can't depend on the powers that be to look out for your best interests. No one will care more about your health than you.

    1. Great. So now that you've identified another pharmaceutical danger, you've negleted to reveal exactly what is so that someone else might fall pray to it. Thanks for nothing.

  36. Aspartame is the common denominator for over "92 different health symptoms at the root of modern disease"

    So says Dr. Janet Starr Hull.

    Never mind 92, if only linked to one, would not take it.

  37. "It’s not a natural product, it’s a chemical."
    Please, take a chemistry class. Any kind of compound is a chemical! Water, Salt, Suger, Fat, Protein, Carbon Dioxide, and any other non-elemental substance you can think of is a chemical. Saying Aspartame will kill because it contains Methyl Ester is like saying NaCl (Table salt) will kill you because in their isolated states Na (Sodium) is an explosive metal, and Cl (Chlorine) is an extremely poisonous gas. A different combination of substances changes the chemical characteristics. That is why Water (H2O), doesn't burn, even though both Hydrogen and Oxygen are very flammable gasses. The chemical bonds between Aspartame's different components change the chemical characteristics.

    1. Water isn't a chemical; it's a molecule.

  38. Aaron.

    Not all vaccines are bad, except the ones they push on the public, as an example, flu shot vaccines that in my books are a scam!

    Anyway getting tired of this discussion leading nowhere, I am a proponent of "Dr. Mercola," have been following him for years, I don't agree with everything he has to offer, but agree with him on vaccines and aspartame, if you have any questions take it up with him.

  39. @Achems Razor
    There's no way I'm going to start into the whole big pharma thing, its just ridiculous.

    But there's another thing I want to get straight here. You've read the physics of the impossible and believe in evolution, but you think vaccines are bad for you?

    1. Vaccines are bad for you when you take whatever vaccine is popular with the bird flu... or the swine flu... chicken flu, turtle flu, dog flu, and all the other ones that will be made up in the comming months.

  40. @Aaron:

    But I do have respect for all the scientific achievements to benefit mankind, but have no respect for profit driven big Pharma!

  41. Of course, no one should have anything injected into their bodies without knowing the risks. However, one should not equate the fact that too much of something can kill you with the safe levels found in vaccines.

    My problem with what you were saying is the fact that you would slander such a great scientific achievement. Through the use of the polio vaccine we have basically wiped the disease off the face of the earth. Before the vaccine, polio crippled tens of thousands of people and was an outright pandemic.

    Respect, thats all I'm saying.

  42. Aaron:

    I have presented a case for doubt, good enough for me, gives people the opportunity to further pursue and decide if they want such elements injected into their bodies. And maybe they might look into all the aspects of all vaccines that do cause detrimental effects in a lot of people.

  43. I did google it just to refresh myself on the subject. Every website that had citations or references to case studies done on the subject refuted the claim.
    From the mouth of Wikipedia;

    "British journalist Edward Hooper publicized a hypothesis that AIDS was inadvertently caused in the late 1950s in the Belgian Congo by Koprowski's research into a polio vaccine. The OPV AIDS hypothesis has been widely rejected by the scientific community. The journal Science wrote of Hooper's claims, "...it can be stated with almost complete certainty that the large polio vaccine trial... was not the origin of AIDS.""

    As for listing off the ingredients in a flu shot, I'm not really sure what your point is. Listing the ingredients of something is not an argument. Not only did you list them, but you stated the purpose of the ingredients as well, all of which have a clear and necessary purpose in the vaccine.

  44. @Aaron:

    Documented case? google it. And, do you think they are going to use a double blind trial to give someone aids??

    Ingredients in a flu shot:

    Thimerosal...a mercury derivative added as a preservative.

    Formaldehyde...to kill viruses.

    Aluminium...to promote anti-body response.

    Ethylene Glycol...also known as antifreeze, used in vaccines as a disinfectant.

    Phenol...a disinfectant.

    Squalene...adjunctive, puts immune system into overdrive.

  45. @Achems Razor
    Wow... just... wow.
    So if it was proven to cause aids I guess you can provide me with a documented case or a double-blind trial to prove your point?
    Seeing as how I'm not a 6 month old baby, I don't believe I'll be developing autism anytime soon, but I think you should do a little research as to what exactly the supposed link is between thimerosal and autism. Its not as clean cut as someone like you would have us believe.

  46. @Aaron:

    Ditto! hope you use all the mercury ridden flu shots and develop autism,
    or better yet, use the polio vaccine from monkeys that was proven to cause aids.

  47. @ Achems Razor
    I'd be angry at you for the uneducated and ignorant babble that you seem to need to spew all over this message board if I wasn't so happy that you said you don't believe in vaccinations. Hopefully tetanus gets to you before you can reproduce.

  48. @Achems Razor

    All three. How did you know?

  49. @Chel:

    Give me a break! you like all the chemicals and vaccinations, I suppose you also like all the additives they put in food, especially the growth hormones and antibiotics they put in your milk and other products, like beef, chicken etc:

    By the way, we in Canada told your milk products to bite the big one.
    Either you are trolling? are st00p1d? or maybe work for Monsanto? Hmmm??

  50. I just wanted to say thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat I really like Aaron. A lot. People get caught up in all of these conspiracies and they think that everything on the shelves at the grocery is bad for them, but it's been repeated again and again that we're tons healthier BECAUSE of these new advances in technology and because of these new chemicals and vaccinations.

    The claims in this documentary are ridiculous. Correlation is not causation, and that's what a lot of the evidence that the film is supplying seems to be. "I drank a Diet Pepsi and then I had a seizure!" That doesn't mean...anything. At all. You don't have to be a scientist to see through the crap. You really don't.

  51. That would be a good argument, if Alexandria didn't have just as many posts as I did. It's called a discussion.

  52. Well I'll have to agree with Karl on this one. Typically on a discussion or comment board, commenters leave one, maybe two comments on a topic then move on to the next interest, whatever that may be. It does seem a bit.. unusual.. that Aaron has left more than twenty comments on the topic up to this point, as one would think the average commenter could get their position or point across in one, maybe two posts. But twenty? What, exactly, needs to be said that it must take more than twenty posts on some controversial topic? State your position, let others have their say, and move on. Aaron, there is no need to troll or attempt to strongarm others into agreeing with you, as posters can scroll up to see your position if they wish.. all twenty-two of them at this point. Time to move on.

  53. kid420420

    You give me hope for humanity.

  54. Where to begin on this topic... I'm a little shocked to see some people obstinately proclaim their faith in institutions like the fda that are meant to protect us... Have we already forgotten the vioxx scandal? There are multitudes of examples where these protective agencies are bought off and it is found... much much later ( and often too late for many poor, unsuspecting people ) That these products are HARMFUL. Read up on the pharmaceutical industry, many of their products are dicdated solely by money. For example, releasing the same drug several times under different names, for market reasons, for patent reasons ect... It is the CONSUMER who pays, sometimes in health, sometimes in cash for the shiny new medication. As for aspartame... There is no doubt, it breaks down into poison in our bodies, no one here can deny this. I'm sure with responsible consumption, the effects are few, or mild... but I would rather be informed of the possible effects, wouldn't you? Surely it is more 'scientific' than blindly accepting that yes yes this is deemed safe by financially driven organisation who have everything to gain by me purchasing their product.
    On top of that, why is that several fda agents were found to be working in those industries after the fact?
    As for research... The more I read, the more I realise all of it is biased.
    This is not scientific, purely anecdotal; when I was younger anytime I'd eat gum, drink diet soda I would get headaches. It was pretty much clockwork. Years have passed, and I have sinced completely avoided gum and diet sodas. I know of a number of people who were major soda consumers, young people who shouldn't have health complications, get pretty ill... and recuperate when they stopped drinking it.

    Anyways the lesson here is do your research. Always question the validity of scientific data presented by organisations who stand to profit from the sale of the subject.

    As for me, aspartame simply has too much of a shady past for me to trust it. So I won't.

  55. So aspartame causes MS, Lupus, Cancer, and fibromyalgia? wow. is this documentary serious? This is supposed to be a comedy right? Not even the anti-tobacco spokepeople out there claim tobacco causes so many illnesses. hahahahahaha

  56. Just a few things to add:

    Methanol degrades to Formaldehyde.......I guess this is claimed to happen in the body, it is just that methanol is added to formalin ( a solution of formaldehyde) to stop oxidation at elevated temperatures, what would be the point if it converted to formaldedyde.

    Formaldehyde is gaseous so any present must be in solution...see above.

    methanol is poisonous, the most rapid and recogniseable effect is blindness, yet for all the aspartame use, no increase in blindness

    So you leave a solution containing water, caramel extracts, polyphosphoric acid and a host of other stuff including a small protion of aspartame out in temperatures it was never designed for, then drink it, then you get sick.....are you surprised...try the same for milk.

    Naturally produced foods.....well how far back do we go. If you eat meat at all it has to be cooked, we cannot digest it without so not too far back. Where is the magical cutoff between todays 'poison' and yesterdays nivana?

    and while we are at it, who is going to choose the 3-4 billion poeple that will be allowed to stay on planet earth if we use this approach, and more importantly who is going to tell the others they have to leave.

    and to finish, cause and effect. I breath air, some day I will die or get sick. There must be a link here somewhere.....and if you can't see the irony I suggest you stop breathing air straightaway.

  57. Jennifer,

    They did do a lot of trails about Aspartame before it even got on the market. I suggest you read Dr. Mercola book Sweet Deception and the Sugar Fix.

    You can go online and listen to Dr. Mercola and when two states tried and still trying to ban Aspartame and all 6000 products and even in kids medication over the counter and the allergy medication I took that time. Kids should not consume any aspartame products. Also, if you leave a can diet coke out in the hot sun and it changes to Formaldehyde and that was a big issue back in the 1990's and with desert storm and how the men got very sick after drinking the soda. Goes to show we are not that off. Others, think we are crazy and Betty M. she wrote a lot about Aspartame but again, it all about the politics and money and corporations and not about our health. Bottom line either drink a soda both diet or regular and both of them have health consequences or do not drink soda at all. Again, it up to the individual the choice that person makes.

    The public is entitled and should be more educated about our processes foods and where they come from and what is going into the foods and to learn about the chemicals that are in our foods today and including certain foods that are now being made from GMO. People should read the book the China Study and Seeds of Deception and many other good books on the market. People then can be able to make better choices as well and it all up to us to eat healthy and be healthy. The choice is our to make.

  58. Jennifer, it's a shame that many like you are still in the grip of the lying medical associations.

    American Cancer Society

    these organizations have lied to us and done some very shady things for decades. it's all there in history. knowing what i know now, it's far more silly to trust them and believe what they say, when conspiracies, power grabs, legal gaggings of those with cures they want to hush up, and etc have gone on for decades.

  59. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. A friend sent me this link to change my mind about aspartame. My mind has not been changed. I agree with a poster above, Aaron, that this is all mistaking correlation with causation, full of anecdata, no peer reviewed trials... a study is not the same as a clinical trial. A few outlying doctors does not mean that the thousands of other scientists and doctors in the world are wrong, or have been threatened or paid to give incorrect answers. I can't imagine living with such conspiracy theories floating through my head.
    I recommend everybody watch Brian Dunning's "Here Be Dragons" which will show you how documentaries like this are able to appeal to us without actually being true. Logical fallacies are abundant!

  60. Just want to clear up about the time I took some medication and then I received a headache. I had a cold and it was allergy season. Took some allergy medication and I started to get a headache about ten minutes after taking the medication. After that morning and I just did not feel well and so I decided to wait until I went to bed. As I took the medication and for allergy medication is was very sweet and that when I look on the back of the box and the inactive ingredient had Aspartame and I had a cow. Did not take that anymore and come to even find out that many of the mouthwashes have splenda in them or noted as Sucralose.

    By Dr. Mercola and Dr. Kendra Pearsall, The book Sweet Deception and in the chapter on Aspartame and they even talk about US Military Warns Its Pilots against Using Aspartame. Talks about Aspartame and Vision Impairment as well. Can Aspartame cause you to gain weight? Research shows yes, and with Sucralose (Splenda) cause arise insulin and especially among diabetics. Read the book and you might learn something. Or are they crazy like Betty, and myself. So everyone who does not agree with you and you get bend out of shape. Many people posted they do not know all and maybe that not the bag and they take what people say and go on. You and I had a big huge debate over this subject. I been studying this subject for years. Very sad and the product should be removed and all artificial sweeteners should really be removed from the market. Stevia is more natural sweeteners and been used in Japan since the 1970's.

    In the early 1970s, Japan began cultivating stevia as an alternative to artificial sweeteners such as cyclamate and saccharin, which were suspected carcinogens. The plant's leaves, the aqueous extract of the leaves, and purified steviosides are used as sweeteners. Since the Japanese firm Morita Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. produced the first commercial stevia sweetener in Japan in 1971,[8] the Japanese have been using stevia in food products, soft drinks (including Coca Cola),[9] and for table use. Japan currently consumes more stevia than any other country, with stevia accounting for 40% of the sweetener market.[10]

    Today, stevia is cultivated and used in food elsewhere in east Asia, including in China (since 1984), Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia. It can also be found in Saint Kitts and Nevis, in parts of South America (Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, and Uruguay) and in Israel. China is the world's largest exporter of stevioside.[10]

    Stevia species are found in the wild in semiarid habitats ranging from grassland to mountain terrain. They do produce seeds, but only a small percentage of them germinate. Planting cloned stevia is a more effective method of reproduction. ( Definition of Stevia)

  61. Yeah, they're pretty disregardful alright, (I'm assuming you mean disrespectful) but its getting to the point where I'm no longer trying to have an intellectual conversation, I'm just making fun of people. Really, I give you insurmountable evidence in the form of peer-reviewed facts and pure math, and I still get posts of people saying crap like "well lets face facts, it does give you neurological diseases"
    Well I'm in neurology, and I can assure you that it in fact, does not.
    The fact that I'm even on here, trying to enlighten a crowd of what seems to be a collection of the most unscientific people on earth makes me nothing less than a modern day saint.
    Merry Christmas.

  62. Here Here manoulo!
    well said
    And believe me i read Aaron's posts with Alexandra, hell i was keeping an open mind when reading the comments, i don't know whether aspartame is all that bad either, ill face the fact. But gosh, Aaron your blatantly disregardful posts, gives the impression that you got your head clearly up your arse. blah blah dis and dis..you ain't saying anything real substantial at all.

  63. And when people like manoluo and farren have no real evidence or ways to refute actual science, they use personal attacks and "feelings" to argue their point. Posting things like the above two posts are not furthering your cause. They just show that your scared, and that I'm right. You're much better just keeping your mouths shut and having people assume you're stupid than to open your mouths and remove all doubt.
    Now if you have any actual evidence, I'll gladly debate you, however, if you just want to throw out weak personal attacks I can't see why would waste the calories it takes to press the keys.

  64. So let's get this straight: people who consume large amounts of aspartame foods and beverages develop nerve damage and other diseases.

    When they stop consuming the aspartame products, they get better.

    Aaron would be a perfect lawyer or salesman for products with aspartame. Compulsive liars. No reason to listen to them because they lie so much.

  65. It is not yet clear to me whether aspartame makes people sick. However, there is one thing that certainly makes me sick. It is Aaron's relentless drivel covering practically every square inch of this page. I usually enjoy reading the comments section below the documentaries, especially when they represent opposing viewpoints. But Aaron's shrill, hysterical, panicky yelling makes the reader want to turn the page.

    His self-righteousness and his intolerance to criticism clearly point to a malignant narcissistic personality disorder, probably stemming from a deep-seated lack of self esteem. Individuals such as these are beyond a cure and should be avoided. Please do not further engage in conversations with him; it is useless. I have had enough of his diatribe and I won't be back.

    Peace out.

  66. A fellow Canadian! Woot! (I'm from Ontario)
    And Karl, if I was a lobbyist for aspartame, do you think I would be waisting my time on a documentary message board? I can't imagine it being worth big aspartames time for me to try and convince the, what, 5 people I reach on this board that aspartame is safe? Get your head out of your ass.
    The difference between me and tobacco CEO's the swore under oath is the EVIDENCE. No one in the aspartame game needs to lie under oath because there is nothing to lie about. All the evidence, ALL, points to aspartame being safe.
    And I don't believe I said money was more important than health, and if I did, you're taking it out of context. A trait often exhibited by, hmmm.... conspiracy theorists!

  67. Karl.. I think I just cleared that up.
    The fact is everything about the product is "bad for you" diet or not..It's not even a risk, its a "sure thing".
    Does anybody seriously think there is actually anything "good" for you in a Soda?
    Do people buying groceries look at that plastic cola bottle filled with black cabonated liqiud and think "Yeah the kids just devour this". WTF are people thinking? Does this look like somthing nature intended us to drink?
    Why spend the energy debating over what things in it could be harmfull?
    Im pretty certain it's a fact, "Pop is bad for you". The Aspertame, "could" be bad for you- (although there's no evidence). But, there "is" evidence that all Soda's in fact are bad for you...
    Now if this was a product you needed, eg (your tap water). Then I can see it being justified to write to congress about.

    But since you don't "have to drink it", and you know its bad for you..Then why are you drinking it???

    There is a chemical in Cigarettes called "Arsenic". We know this chemical is a poison...Why don't we lobbly to have this taken out so the smokers suffer less health problems?
    It's the same thing except we don't even have hard evidence on trace levels of aspertame being harmfull...

    Final conclusion: Soda Pop...It's really bad for you...Don't drink it...

    Cheers From Canada

  68. Aaron, with your earlier comment about how money is more important than health, and your very persistant argumentation, one may conclude that you have a stake in this debate (other than the obvious scientific one). One might even think that you are one of the aspartame marketing companies channeling its sales pitch under the name 'Aaron'.
    If there is a small chance that it can be bad for you, why take the risk? I am sure similar debates occured years ago about tobacco. The CEOs of the big tobacco even stood up under oath and swore that it is not harmful (to their knowledge). They LIED!! All for the money, right?

  69. That was extremely well put, and possibly even poiniant :) I agree with you on pretty much everything you've said here, and I like your motor oil example. Its a way of thinking about it that maybe I do too little of. I'm not trying to sell aspartame to people on here, even though it would seem I'm a lobbyist, I just want people to realize that not everything they're told by the pop-media is scientific and factual.
    I really don't care all that much for aspartame per-say, its more just the broader scientific mindset that I'm trying to pedal.

  70. Aaron and Alexandra

    Aaron, I totally agree with what you are saying and I did a-lot of research on this subject while becoming a Dietitian.

    The leading Cause of Death is "obesity". It is the leading cause of Heart Disease and Cancer. "Yes even above smoking". Also, Obesity is the leading cause in so many other illnesses such as diabetes, Tumors etc..
    That being said, "Sugar" is the leading cause of Obesity. Did you know that in one can of Cola there is approximately 17 teaspoons of sugar?... So when one considers this..Why are we arguing about trace amounts of aspartame when we are giving our kids Kool-aid and Sunny D???
    I do avoid aspartame in my diet, but if I’m having a few Rum and Cokes, you can bet its gonna be with Aspartame over enormous amounts of sugar.. If you researched what instant overloads of sugar do to your blood almost immediately you would never touch another Soda.
    Now, that being said. I try to avoid aspartame just based on my own fictional example...Lets pretend that studies have shown one teaspoon of motor oil will not harm the body because it is such a trace amount your body would be able to dispose of it...If the scientist told you that would you still drink it?
    One thing I do have more concern for, is Fluoride... I do filter my water and Fluoride has no benefit for our bodies. I’m not saying those trace amounts are harmful but, if it’s not beneficial, then why should I consume it? I’m just saying to people, if you are going to be concerned about aspartame, maybe you should first look at what is in your water...
    Overall, science has dramatically increased the average age of living and the quality of our health. We now know how to take care of our bodies and meet the needs of it. To say we were healthier 100 years ago is absurd and ignorant.


  71. Its funny how some people think that their own personal experience trumps scientific research. (I know, crazy right?) I think thats usually referred to as the logical fallacy "proof by anecdote".

    What it really comes down to is this, I've been on this forum posting hard evidence, after hard evidence, giving people the choice to either read through what I've written and educate themselves, or, post crap about old people they work with.
    I'm sorry to see that you've chosen the former.

    So yes, I've gone into little details, which are called "facts" by the way, all of which I've backed up with more than enough evidence, and I've spent a lot of my time and energy. I'm doing this because I'm trying to educate you and give you perspective on the world you live in.

    So before you come here with what amounts to the scientific equivalent "durr, a guy I know is sick and likes diet coke" you should probably bring a little more than anecdotal crap to the table.
    Read what I've written here, and if you have something that can even come close to being a rebuttal then I'll do more than just make fun of you, and we can actually have a discussion.

    If you post again, you better have some science to back yourself up.

  72. It's funny how some people never give up. They go into all of these little details to try to prove their idea, and waste a lot of time and energy.

    What it really comes down to is:

    People who consume aspartame-containing foods and beverages get sick. Sometimes subtly, sometimes majorly.

    Same thing with animals.

    Diet Coke is popular at my work and one of the older guys who drinks several bottles a day now has developed a spasming lower jaw muscle. You can see he is in a brain fog a lot and he doesn't look healthy.

    So people can make their own decisions. There will always be liars and lawyers who just want to profit off of manipulative and false claims. People shouldn't listen to them if they know what's good for them.

  73. Those are symptoms of Phenylketonuria, and the aspartame was causing your migraines, yes, but any food containing phenylalanine would cause those symptoms. Phenylalanine is in a very broad range of foods. So don't blame aspartame

  74. I used to drink tons of diet soda, i would get terrible migrains, until one day, i couldn't even stand up, i was rushed to the hospital and after hours of diagnosis, it was aspertame

  75. Those are just two facts. One did not cause the other.

  76. My grandfather drank diet coke every day of his life and died of a brain tumor in his fifties.

  77. I've heard that "aspartame converts to formaldehyde" argument before, and I'm pretty sure I've said that it's well within safe levels, but hey, don't take my word for it. Here's a little math for yah. I'll work with methanol poisoning, because if you're in danger of formaldehyde poisoning, than you're more in danger of methanol poisoning, because thats how it starts off in aspartame.
    So amount of methanol > amount of formaldehyde.

    Amount of aspartame in can of diet coke = 20mg
    Assuming 100% of the aspartame turns into methanol, (which it can’t, it would actually be a small fraction, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt) Methanol in can of diet coke = 20mg
    The LD50 of methanol for humans is reported in the range of 0.3 to 1 g/kg, again, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and take the low end at 0.3g/kg.
    The LD50 of methanol was obtained from IPCS INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME ON CHEMICAL SAFETY – World Health Organization

    Now let’s calculate the how many cans of diet coke you would need to drink to approach the LD50 of methanol for a 75kg person.
    LD50 methanol x weight = Amount of methanol that would kill 50% of the people at 75kg
    0.3g/kg x 75kg = 22.5g
    So a 75kg person could consume 22.5g of methanol before being in the lowest end of the LD50 spectrum for methanol.
    Since there is 20mg of methanol in our (impossible) can of diet coke, that means that our 75kg person could consume;
    20mg = 0.02g
    22.5g/0.02g/can = 1125 cans

    What this shows is that you would have to drink 1125 cans of diet coke in order to be anywhere near the fatal levels of methanol consumption.
    A reminder that we assumed ALL of the aspartame becomes methanol AND took the lowest possible LD50 for methanol, both being in your favour.
    Of course, the body has ways of disposing of toxins, namely, your kidneys filter your blood, and the toxins leave your body as pee.
    So yes, if you can drink 1125 cans of diet coke, without peeing, you might be in the realm of dying from methanol poisoning half the time.

  78. @Alexandra GMO foods are posinous too. OMG :) (get it backwards) really, you mean it really I studied among other things Genetics at the uni (then I switched to Marketing becuse it pays better:) but thats another story). The official SCIENTIFIC standpoint on GMO foods is that they are not harmful on the short and medium term. Long-term research (many generations) have not been completed so far due to the simple fact, that is has not been invented long enough. But there is a a great "experiment" underway its called the American consumer goods market and you would be hard-pressed to find something not GMO or containing GMO additives to it. So if something is not quite right they will be the first to know. For example if they start to elect stupid, incompetent president later to regret it and go to wars they never really wanted and then cut the support of their own troops and conceal the number of civilian casualties then we can worry. OOOh wait a minute we can maybe start to worry after all :DDD just joking

  79. Aaron call the Periodic Table of Elements and I know that....

  80. So what part you do not understand of the South Africa study and people like you make me ill. You are so frustrated with me because I am not agreeing with you. Guess what and you are right about the chemistry chart etc. So what, and since I did refer to chemistry chart to make a bloody point because people just do not get it... Sorry, and look up the story about Desert Storm and how all the services men came back sick and all those soda out in the heat and it convert to formaldehyde.

    Did you listen to the movie and when she went around and interview and she even talk to Dr. Blaylock and so he is crazy too. I guess if people do not think like you and I guess and they are consider crazy..... Then you are saying all Doctors are crazy who believe that Aspartame is poisoning to a person. Well the list goes on beyond aspartame and we have fake soy products, GMO, and the list is endless. We have people living longer and many people are getting sick and sicker.... To make clear and I am referring to foods that are processed and loaded with toxins and chemicals. Foods that are grown natural and are not process and those are the foods I was raised on. Besides go watch the movie Temple Grandin and you might learn something. Finale.......

  81. Yes, Aaron, and you are not ever going to win with this and this is my baby. Remember the state of NM and HI wanted to ban all six thousand products. The book that was written by Dr. Russell Blaylock Excitotoxins taste that kills.

    What part you do not understand and or you just like pushing buttons. For your information I had spelled it wrong and yes, menthol has ten carbon atoms but no I never claim myself as scientist or the Queen of England but I am professional in Human Services and also have certificate in substance abuse. Furthermore, I also license Aesthetician and very holistic as well. Furthermore, I study nutrition and you are what you eat and you eat crap and you will see it in person and the skin. Moreover, I can tell when someone drinks lots of soda and especially diet soda. Also, diet soda cannot stay out in the heat and you know about desert storm....

    Now Methanol which is part of the Aspartame has one carbon atom and since it cannot break down and converts to formaldehyde. Enough said...... The finale.....

    Published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2008[xiii], a South African study offers further information on the potential workings of aspartame on your brain:

    "Phenylalanine plays an important role in neurotransmitter regulation, whereas Aspartic acid is also thought to play a role as an Excitatory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.

    Glutamate, asparagines and glutamine are formed from their precursor, aspartic acid.

    Methanol, which forms 10 % of the broken down product, is converted in your body to formate, which can either be excreted or can give rise to formaldehyde, diketopiperazine (a carcinogen) and a number of other highly toxic derivatives.

    Previously, it has been reported that consumption of aspartame could cause neurological and behavioral disturbances in sensitive individuals. Headaches, insomnia and seizures are also some of the neurological effects that have been encountered, and these may be accredited to changes in regional brain concentrations of catecholamines, which include norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopamine.

    The aim of this study was to discuss the direct and indirect cellular effects of aspartame on the brain, and we propose that excessive aspartame ingestion might be involved in the pathogenesis of certain mental disorders (DSM-IV-TR 2000) and also in compromised learning and emotional functioning."

    There has been loads of conflicting "science" regarding the metabolism of methanol. The emerging evidence suggests that it may be a toxic poison that is one of the leading contributing factors for MS, and that some of the research is subsidized by the producers of methanol to make it appear less harmful. The End and have a nice life....... Research first please but thanks for the title I do deserve the Queen of England sound music to my ears. We should have a great talk show and we both will be stars..... Just like the demos and Repub.... Got you!!!!!!!!! he he he........

    Hey, and that not a bad idea the agree to disagree team...... I am sure we are entertaining others as well.

  82. -I am very scientific

    No, you're not.
    If you're going to start giving yourself titles that you don't deserve, why not go all out? Call yourself the queen of england. You're about as much her as you are a scientist.
    I'll give you two examples. A scientist would not refer to the periodic table of elements as "The chemistry chart", and they certainly would never say the sentence "menthol poisoning and only has one carbon atom"

    You know, seeing how menthol has ten carbon atoms. But you were close.
    So Instead of scientist I'm going to go with... overambitious housewife? The thought of you passing on your genes to another generation actually makes me physically ill, so I hope I'm wrong.

    -Why are so many people sick today
    You keep bringing this up, and its getting to be a pretty tired argument. I'm going to lay this out for you. You know a lot less than you think you do. People are HEALTHIER today than they have ever been. HEALTHIER. Get it yet? PEOPLE ARE HEALTHIER NOW THAN THEY HAVE EVER BEEN.
    With modern medicine we have tripled life expectancy, so your lame argument of these magical diseases caused by foods is getting pretty worn out, not to mention annoying.

    - Look up Betty M
    Oh believe me, I did, and she's just about as crazy as you are. I've been emailing her, much in the same way I've been doing with you, and she basically has the same method of dealing with the truth as you do, which appears to be, put your fingers in your ears and scream your point of view until no one wants to deal with you any more.
    So I'm glad you're done with me, because its not only frustrating trying to cram the slightest bit of sanity into your bloated head, but you have single handedly brought down my opinion of the human race.
    Congratulations, you will never contribute to society.

  83. Aaron,

    I am very scientific but if you know the chemistry and the chemicals that are put in our foods and toxins. So if you personally, want to eat poison foods and go right ahead. Talking to you is like talking to the wall. I guess you do not understand the chemistry chart. Why are so many people sick today? Our foods were healthy at one time, and so if you are part of this so call corporation of greedy money and to make money on the health of people and I guess you will one day have to answer for that. I feel sorry for you and so funny how people in the pass died of illness and based on our on foods that they want to push on consumers.

    Consumers do not want unhealthy foods and many people are becoming aware of good foods vs bad foods. So eat and enjoy and I am finish with you. It appears only you and I talking to eat other about this. Look up Betty M. and Aspartame and how the state of NM and HI wanted to ban all 6000 products. That says something right there. Menthol is poisoning and only has one carbon atom and so it converts to formaldehyde.

    Personally, I feel sorry for you and we can agree to disagree. Good luck!!!!!!!!!! Take some nutrition classes.....

  84. Point for science.

  85. Aaron,

    You are m.....n and the debate is over.

  86. Sorry, your last post snuck in above what I said earlier and I didn’t realize it was there until just now.

    -trust me I know and I meet so many people who have used the c@#$ and stop!!! And they are now sick.

    People do often get ill when they stop using c@#$, I hear it can be quite addictive. My thoughts go out to you and yours. Keep fighting.

    -Guess you are in denial but that is your choice and I never used the c@#$ because I did not like it from the get go.

    Yes, I’m the one using defense mechanisms. I sure can’t think of anyone else here that could possibly be in denial about a simple, scientific fact.

    -Now people who are diabetics have new product called Stevia and Japan was using it for centuries.

    ...Yeah, and that’s fantastic for them. All stevia is, is a type of sweetener. You make it sound like Japan has been sitting on this secret that revolutionized diabetes. Know what else is a sweetener that allows diabetics to enjoy products like Pepsi? Aspartame.
    I think it’s also worth mentioning that Stevia is not without its controversy and misconducted studies. But it’s not “cool” or “trendy” to pick on Stevia. I bet you own a Mac don’t you?

    -Why is America the only countries that uses all these chemicals and unnecessary toxic that are added not only to foods and animals but in our furniture, rugs, cooking equipment, and the list is endless.

    Unless you’re talking about America in the continental sense, which I’m quite sure you’re not, you left out Canada which just happens to be my stomping ground. So cmon, little respect.
    Do you live in a state of constant fear? What do you think people are adding to your rugs that’s so detrimental to your health? The same basic chemicals are used in every country for mass produced things like furniture. By the way, whens the last time you’ve flipped over, oh I don’t know, anything but a Ford and seen “Made in America” stamped on the bottom? I know you think every other country in the world is all “zen” and holistic, but everyone uses the same chemicals in everything because they’re safe. If they weren’t safe, we wouldn't use them.
    Technically you’re right in the sense that many of the chemicals used in furniture and cooking equipment can be harmful if ingested. So maybe it’s about time you stopped eating carpet.

    -Now we are going Green and so is our foods and people want better foods and they do not want to see animal suffer as well.

    Organic food is more expensive, doesn’t last as long, and has been shown to not taste as good. So if you want to pay more for crappy food that spoils quickly that’s up to you, but if you really cared for the environment you would know that organic foods, say at a farmers market, actually have a larger carbon footprint per whatever (bushel or however you want to measure it), than foods in your supermarket. This is due to the fact that companies have extremely efficient means of transporting their goods in order to save money. People going to farmers markets just haul their product there in a truck, a very inefficient means of transporting food. Thank God walmart has started selling organic food, at least they can make it better for the environment with their ultra-efficient means of transportation.

    -You want to be in denial and that fine and if your are heartless soul and that fine too and I will pray for you.

    I’m a hearless soul because of what I’ve said here? That’s pretty harsh don’t you think? You’re not wrong, but you don’t even know me. For instance, I also hate peta, love evolution and think everything can be made better through genetic modification. Go stem cells!

    -The rest of us are smart, intelligent, and we know better and to me you just tried to promote all these lies and makes us feel like we do not know what we are talking about

    I think you do a fantastic job of showing people you don’t know what you’re talking about all by yourself, you don’t need me. And you’re right. You are smart and intelligent, I fully believe that. But you chose to use your intelligence to propagate trendy lies instead of bettering people’s lives with the truth. I’m not saying aspartame is going to change the world, but I think if everyone knew that aspartame was safe, there would be one less thing to argue about and the world would be that much better.

    -Trust me, you are stuck in elevator and lights go out and no air or whatever and you will not be very happy camper and think of all the animals and cruelty that the animals and pain they endure. Please do some real research and leave the rest of us alone.

    I don’t even know where to start on that one. I’ll leave that elevator part alone, in fear of if I mock it, that’s exactly how I’ll die. But apparently you think that in nature animals have it easy? Nature is tooth and claw. Animals die long, long before they ever reach old age and its usually by starvation or by being eaten by another animal. So yes, they endure pain, but there is nothing that any of us could, or should do for them.
    If you want to be left alone it’s as easy as not posting on here anymore. But I’m not going anywhere, I like it here :)

  87. You don't seem to understand what I'm doing here.

    This is not an open topic, its not a matter of opinion, its about who is right, and who is wrong. What I'm debating here are the claims made in the movie, and the claims made by the people posting. These are hard, scientific facts that I'm presenting, showing that what was stated in the movie is false. There is no compromise here.

    I care about the truth and I'm trying to dispel this needless conspiracy theory that aspartame is somehow much more dangerous for you than everyone who has ever tested the drug seems to think.

    Aspartame is found to be, and I quote, safe for consumption at current levels. The government is less sure about appropriate levels of salt than it is aspartame!
    I'm not sure what to say about people building houses in your neighborhood with dangerous materials, but I'm going to extrapolate on what I know about you and assume you have no idea what you're talking about there either.

    Oh, and just for general knowledge, if you are ever told by someone to "wake up", as I have been several times on this thread, that should be reason enough to walk away with a sense of victory. Saying "wake up" is exactly the same say saying "I have shit all to defend myself with, so I'm going to say something trivial to make myself look like I know more than the other person"

    Just sayin.

  88. OK Aaron, so what did you email me about my view. Look it is over and you have your views and I have mine. You are going to say that I myself have these ridiculous claims and I am going to tell you our foods are poison and horrible today. I know more people that use to eat fast food and all before all these movies came out. Guess what the movies prove right and a lot of the people that was eating these foods or just regular average food from the supermarket like you said and guess they gain weight and they use to exercise and they had pretty good life. Again, it is our foods and not only aspartame and many issues combined. They even talk about it on the radio here and even the houses that are being built today go up in 48 hours and they are all build with toxic materials. Wake up Aaron but you know what post and I do not care and you have your opinions and I have mine. Does not bother me in the least. It bother you more then me and I am not the only on this comment board that talk about how aspartame affect people. Have a happy life..... with aspartame or without and I will have my happy life as well without aspartame or other chemicals.

  89. I actually emailed her and called her out on some of her ridiculous claims. If she emails me back I'll post it on here. Hopefully I don't get sued.

  90. Aaron,

    I cannot believe you and the evidence is right in front of you and trust me I know and I meet so many people who have used the c@#$ and stop!!! and they are now sick. Guess you are in denial but that is your choice and I never used the c@#$ because I did not like it from the get go. Now people who are diabetics have new product called Stevia and Japan was using it for centuries.

    Why is America the only countries that uses all these chemicals and unnecessary toxic that are added not only to foods and animals but in our furniture, rugs, cooking equipment, and the list is endless. Now we are going Green and so is our foods and people want better foods and they do not want to see animal suffer as well.

    You want to be in denial and that fine and if your are heartless soul and that fine too and I will pray for you. The rest of us are smart, intelligent, and we know better and to me you just tried to promote all these lies and makes us feel like we do not know what we are talking about; when the truth is right in front of you. So be in denial and the rest will choice to eat and drink what we want to keep healthy. Remember our bodies are the temple of God and we choose to keep healthy. We all have choices and no we are not i@#$%^ and people are always researching.

    For some reason, who have this issue that we all do not know what we are talking about. The proof is right in front of you. Trust me, you are stuck in elevator and lights go out and no air or whatever and you will not be very happy camper and think of all the animals and cruelty that the animals and pain they endure. Please do some real research and leave the rest of us alone.

  91. Google "Betty Martini" and read the official Congressional documents scanned in PDF format and the Government studies performed on Aspartame.

  92. I have an idea. Those of you that believe a chemical that is manmade and foreign to your body is good for you, use it. But, I have yet to come across any research that was not altered or fabricated to get aspartame approved after the FDA refused to do so for many years.

    I want studies not done by the producers of these chemicals, not those that pay their own researchers. Present these and not the normal lies told. I am a former researcher and know what it requires for valid and reliable research and, to date, those above that argue the opinions in favor of the poison, Aspartame show their ignorance of valid and reliable research.

    So, please present the studies done that irrefutably prove that Aspartame (or any synthetic chemical, whether sweetener or not) is safe, and who or what the researchers are associated with.

    As a biologist, our bodies were designed not for foreign chemicals manufactured from who knows what, but for naturally occurring chemicals. Any foreign to our bodies are therefore harmful.

    Check out the increases in heart, respiratory, mental, cellular (such as cancer) and the other systems of the body in the past 50 years as we have been exposed to increasing amounts of medications, chemicals put in our food, water, and air. And, then tell me our bodies can use foreign manmade chemicals and not be harmed. Jeez, why do you think side effects occur to the extremely dangerous pharmaceuticals. Or, do you even think?

    Well, enough of this and opinions. I want facts. If you cannot give them and give supportative facts, then do not knock what can be verified as valid and reliable.

    Have a great day sucking down poisons supplied by the corrupt.

  93. Thats one of the most intelligent responses I have heard yet. Of course you shouldn't take what I say, or what one website says for truth, I mean, who the hell am I? You should do your own research and look at peer-reviewed, scientific articles, done by people who have nothing to gain from the results. Aspartame.org is, of course, largely upheld by the retailers of aspartame, but all the information on their website is cited, and all of their articles are from very reliable sources.

  94. While the material at skeptoid has some real value, and there ARE valid points on both sides of this, only a completely gullible person would accept at face value the claims made on aspartame.org, which is owned and operated by people who make money selling this, and will continue to make money on it whether or not the claims of health hazards have any basis in fact. NOTE: I AM NOT making any judgments or claims on how bad for you any artificial sweeteners are, I simply do not know. I am still researching the subject. Material I have found so far supports that it is probably better for most people ( read non-diabetics) to use sugar in the raw or other readily available, natural and non-chemically treated sweeteners.

  95. I just love people like you and go to Mike Adams website and see what packages cold cuts really look like and what in them and guess what all chemicals and the fats of the animals and that good nutrition. Please take nutrition class. Yes, people years ago died but they lived healthier and my Uncle parents never went to the doctor and they all lived in the well ninety why they ate food from the land. So you want to eat chemicals and poison on your plate and be my guess but the rest of us who and we all have our choices. That why we all have different personality and we are all different. That what makes the world go around but the greed of man and money over the poison of society. Many people will be fighting. Go on and be well and take care with your chemicals if that what you choose or you can learn about these chemicals through chemistry course and nutrition classes. Which we all needs these days. You left out one important factor and people need to exercise and many years ago, kids went out and play and today nobody play and everyone is inside play the Wi and using the computer or watching the blog tube. Where the exercise and remember you are what you eat and many studies have been done. They have show on BBC and how person diet is affect you. Sorry to say, and according to the show you are what you eat and the English people have a problem with Obesity as well. So get the facts and yes, you can listen to who ever and they can avert you or people just want to hear what they want to hear. Just always remember what happen to Germany and never forget that era of history because it can happen again. So with drugs, our foods and we are great nation and strong like we once were. WOW!!!!!! Are we missing something here.... Again we all have the right to choose and eat what we want but get all the facts first.

    One more thing, and you stated methanol in the orange juice and yes, I know but if you watched the movie and guess what the pectin acts as barrier and does something to methanol and so it is not harm because we do not have the enzymes to break down the methanol which by the way has one carbon atom. Again, knowing your chemistry but Ethanol which is the antidote for methanol and has two carbon atom. Of course it found in liquor and so we have to be careful that we also do not want to get Ethanol poisoning or alcohol poisoning. So when a person drinks all that diet sodas and can lead to blindness and many people came down with tumors and I knew a family and they lived on the stuff and she had cancer of lung and then travel to brain and she eventually, suffer and passed on. She did not smoke!!!! Very educated woman and she stop using all that stuff in the diet world. People just do not get it and again, educated yourself.

    The pectin in real fruits help with the methanol and therefore we do not have to worry that it is converting to formaldehyde. That what happens when you drinking a can of that stuff and turns to formaldehyde. Also put outside in heat over 70' and especially, 80's degrees and guess what you have almost can of formaldehyde. Please learn the facts before speaking.

    Also, I do not think people who are putting chemicals in the lab are going hehe and basically, they are doing a job. So again, you want to eat chemicals and that fine and your choice but to many we prefer different.

  96. Alright, you want me to explain why people are so fat today? Here's the inside scoop
    People, eat, too, much!
    Thats it, there is nothing wrong with our food today that is making people obese, its just the fact that cheap food is readily available. Which by itself is a remarkable feat for humanity, gone are the days of hunting for our food.
    Also, you need to stop saying that things were so much better 100 years ago. People died all the time 100 years ago from things we never even hear about anymore. When is the last time a friend or loved one died of polio?
    Yes, our foods have chemical additives, and yes, people get scared because they are big, technical sounding names. But everything added to the food is for your benefit. No one in a lab somewhere is adding a chemical going "Hah! This is going to give all those i@#$%& nosebleeds!" It just doesn't make any sense. Everything listed on the label is there for you.

    Of course, there are chemicals in our food known to be harmful, like methanol. Methanol is in aspartame and its an extremely dangerous chemical. But you know what has a LOT more methanol in it than aspartame? Orange juice. Oooh, really puts it in perspective doesn't it.

    I'm just going to ignore that whole trapped in an elevator thing. I really can't speak for how cows feel, being not a cow, so I really don't care whats happening to them. Yes they should be killed in a humane way, but if we want to sustain our quality of life, some sacrifices must be made. These can be on a financial level, which everyone would hate, a human level, or the production level. Cows are food, thats day 1 evolutionary biology stuff.

  97. Look guys and I get your message and maybe the pill I took with indirect aspartame or not I receive a headache. All I know is the evidence is right in front of you and take it as you all wish. These movies are to enlighten people that are on the go and do not have any clue what is happening in front of them.

    Trust me if that all we have to worry about and we would be smoking and life would be good but we have so many problems and this is just the being. All I am just saying that our food's have changed over the fifty years then any part of history and we have more ills and problems today then we did before. Sorry but we are all being engaged in that are loaded with chemicals foods and you want to eat it and that fine and I do not want to eat it and nobody should be force to eat anything they do not want.

    Basically, I just feel it hurting society and our farm animals who I pray for everyday. How would you like to be lock up in elevator for half hour and that all you be talking about and since you would be in the dark with full elevator of people and air quality not good. Animals have feeling and they hurt just like us. Thanks to people like Temple Grandin and who is remarkable and the woman was beautiful and even people who do not have a problem do not have gift that she was given. She help the cows have a happy life.

    See we all contribute something in this world of today. The darker side is us the people and we have to start working today and that includes taking care of our farm animal and making sure it is very healthy and what goes into their mouth with be going into ours. Remember you are what you eat. To bad they took off the air Honey you are killing the kids and lot of scientific research to that as well. Like everything else today and the truth hurts. Explain our obesity today. Watch a few other movies as well and you all get the picture.

  98. Thank you, Vlatko... you also "rock", but I think you already know that!


    Yes, of course, I don't always agree with them... but, most of the time? Absolutely!

    Their arguments are well thought out, researched, and presented in an hilarious way.

    What's not to love?

  99. I agree, Penn and Teller are quite good at getting their point across. Sometimes they stray a little from science into the fuzzy world of ethics, but with 8 seasons under their belt, its forgivable.

  100. @Aaron

    Bravo! Also, a hundred years ago people died of tooth decay... thanks to science, it is now a minor annoyance...

    And huge kudos for bringing up Penn & Teller... their show has often completely turned me around on things I thought I was aware of...

    For example, that fast food show... brilliant...

    At least twice a season they flip my ideas upside down because they bring up points I never considered.

  101. I have known about aspartame and the ills it has produced way back. With so much more knowledge today then yesterday. Great movie and for all your reader the state of New Mexico and Hawaii was in the process of banning all 6000 products that had the Aspartame in the products.

    Funny, how some people can be so arrogant and for someone who does not use the aspartame and never did and just do not like it. Well, I had taken some medication and all of sudden I got a headache and bad one and never do I get headaches. Finally, it passed and guess what I went to take that same medication again. This was allergy medication that you can purchase yourself. Well went to take the medication and it was so sweet and looked at the box and the inactive ingredient and guess what Aspartame in allergy medication and why? So all your bozo and get with the program.

    Saw many movies like Super Size Me and Fast food Nation and now Food Inc. People need to wake up and so one little pill and about ten minutes later on, and I felt sick and did not feel good and did nothing for my allergies. So something to be said and besides I done papers myself. People need to research and research well.

    Just like the RBGH and what it does to our foods and the animals and what goes into the animals go into our body as well. Again, people have to be awake and understand. With our society such a fast pace and personally, people cannot be bother and no offense.

    Again, that my point, and 100 years ago we did not have all these issue and illness and now we have more problems then ever before. I guess greed got to all to us. So now Americans are going to be the new guinea pigs of what chemicals will do to us in the future. I am sure they already have idea. Pretty much half of our foods are GMO's and so that say's a lot already.

    Very sad because we all can be happy, healthy and very rich in spirit without the greed and crime in today's world.

  102. Ok, Aaron Rocks. Absolutely.



    People with pure hearts, generally get trounced by people with big weapons... that's been my experience and the study of history kind of agrees...

    And health is not more important than a paycheck. If you have no paycheck, there is no health, at least in America...

    As Chris Rock said:

    "COVERAGE! We all know we are gonna die, but if you got COVERAGE, at least you know you're gonna die on a mattress..."

  103. Health is more important than my paycheck? What?
    And I actually did watch this, but the key thing is (and listen closely) I don't believe everything I'm spoon fed by some two-bit documentary. As for giving the mice aspartame, that study has been riddled with flaws and controversy. They gave the mice hundreds of times the dosage a human would ever consume, and giving aspartame to mice is not a good precursor for a decision on its effects on human health because humans and other primates are not as susceptible to excitotoxins as rodents.
    As for benevolent people with pure hearts, umm... no, they don't always win. Experts win, people who devote their lives to studying chemistry and food science will win. You're a nobody, who judging by your statements has little to no education.

  104. @Aaron obviously you didnt watch this.... They did tests with rats in which they developed brain tumors. Your statements are irrational and arrogant. Take some of your own advice, I know that sounds hard, but health is more important than your paycheck. Don't let the mindless people you hang around with convince you otherwise. Benevolent people with pure hearts will always win, in the end and the beginning. Wake up

  105. I can't believe all the people posting on this website that actually think this "documentary" is anything less than total drivel. The movie is making bold claims such as Aspartame = Brain tumors. There are no facts here, no peer reviews, no scientific evidence at all. The facts are there has never been a chemical as tested by the FDA as aspartame and its found to be just as safe for consumption as salt. Yes, it has a lot of scary sounding chemicals in it, and when put into a sentence it can sound like it will kill you, but you can do the math. Take an aspartame molecule follow the breakdown into its components and multiply that by the amount in a serving size. Yes you can have "too much" aspartame, but too much is precisely that quantity which is in excess. Do you know how much wood alcohol you ingest in a day? Do you have any idea of the chemical content in one beer? Free yourselves from irrational thinking through peer-reviewed science articles and education, not worthless documentaries.

  106. Interesting doco but amateurishly compiled and contained data is lopsided. I don't like the taste of Nutrasweet but I can't accept that it is widely responsible for widespread ill-health.

    Probably just best to say in 2 minutes that people should eat and drink whole foods and get some exercise rather than rail on a product for 90 minutes.

  107. Has anyone checked to see if this is an accurate portrayal of the sweetener? Is is documented for real?? is anything else better or are they ALL bad like this seems to be?

  108. *facepalm* The rest of the documentary might be wonderful but I'm afraid I can't take it seriously anymore after referring to lupus as a neurological disorder. It's an autoimmune disorder.

  109. My girlfriend drink Pepsi Max religiously.

    I'm never going to buy it for her again. She has serious depression, mood swings, anxiety etcetera.

    I will not be bying any more Aspertame ever again.

    Wasn't too shocked when I found Rumsfeld was involved. You don't have to look very deep into any septic system to find evidence of signs of Rumsfeld. Get that man and his freinds out of my government!

  110. I use it in my coffee,and drink diet pop.Both Equal and Pepsi Max were on my grocery list for today.Think I'll strike 'em off now...

  111. Great film. A lot of credible witness testimony (IMO) damning Searle, The FDA, Rumsfeld, Aspertame and it's illegitimate off-spring... *shakes head with disgust*

  112. It took 15 years of heavy use, drinking diet pepsi, to absolutely ruin my health. I still work, but it is difficult at best. For me, it mimics multiple sclerosis.
    Take this advice- don't eat this chemical.

  113. i will never touch diet coke ever again.
    i only drink it about once or twice a month, but that is even too much.

  114. Food Inc. really opened my eyes to the foods we eat. I still have not changed the way i eat. I wonder if Canada is different then the USA when it comes to food production.

    What if sugar plums sister convinces a panel, at the FDA? hahaha

  115. @ Isis:

    So you write a couple of words to tell everyone to peruse aspartame, that it is fine to do so, just because your sister, who is a chemist says so!

    Not me, sugar plum!

  116. Hi everyone. I thought the same thing as most of you do, but my sister is a chemist, even did her master in chemistry and she assures me that aspartame will not harm you unless you drink a bath tub filled with it. Everything i read so far supports what she saas...I agree its not a great chemical, however if you drink alot of soda or anything with high amount of white sugar, why not choose the once with aspartame in stead.

  117. To Mark: The film producer used Aspartame for many years before she got sick...but go on, drink your Aspartame, made by genetically modified bacteria. What else do you, your mother and cousin do together?

  118. Some people have smoked for 10-13 or more years too. Maybe that is okay. Perhaps I will start again. Thanks Mark.

    Puffing away right now. I will let my kids know too.

  119. Me , my mother and cousin have been taking Aspartame for 10 to 13 years , and some work mates have taken it for years a well.

  120. @ lee evans:

    I agree with what you are saying, most people do not want to break away from their "Twinkies"

    Myself, am going back to my "Paleo diet"
    Need to loose some pounds anyway.

  121. @achems razor

    "We the consumers, are the only ones that can regulate what we ingest. The regulatory bodies will not do it for you."

    Your statement is completely right. However, most people's knowledge of nutrition doesn't extend past television ads, Oprah, or high school health (which in my experience is completely flawed).

    I'm surprised too at the amount of ambiguity used in popular media that is accepted by the mainstream public. They use so many empty descriptions such as "scientifically tested" "clinically proven" and people buy this language without asking, "Who conducted and funded the study? Can you link it to me on PubMed?" etc.

    The information the average citizen get has been predigested, sweetened and spiced up by PR people, and leaves no evidence of the original stuff (just like the processed crap they eat! lol). I really wonder why people never feel like they're being spoonfed.

  122. Have seen "Sweet Misery-A Poisoned World" before.

    The doc. recommended by @ lee evans, called "Sugar-The Bitter Truth"
    that Vlatko will include on TDF. should be watched also. they go hand in hand.

    We the consumers, are the only ones that can regulate what we ingest.
    The regulatory bodies will not do it for you.

  123. I find it ironic that Reagon died of Alzhiemer's and Rumsfield has bad cardiac disease. They will be held accountable. Maybe not in this world but God is the ultimate judge.

  124. Dora, a wonderful sweetener, called steveia, is available in health foods. It was mentioned in this documentary.

  125. There is an alternative sweetener more healthy than aspartame.
    Don't remember it , but japanese people dicover it.

  126. I liked Donald Rumsfeld until I watched this documentary. May God judge his hypocracy as a so called man of integrity. I'm very dissappointed in him.

    Aspartame is one of the worst things ever added to food and they knowingly poisoned us for money. How evil.

  127. Is there a sweetener that is low cal. & safe? There have been many sweeteners produced since.

  128. this is a good one indeed! it is disappointing that people still buy these toxic products and won't think twice about what is going into their bodies.

    p.s. thanks Google for the xylitol ad under the movie the whole time. jerks

  129. I've seen this one before, it's great. Very important film. It's so disgusting that profit is everything, and that corruption are so widespread.