Syria: Songs of Defiance

2012, Society  -   51 Comments

Syria: Songs of DefianceJournalist who was forced to remain anonymous for security reasons offers an unusual but compelling first-person account of a country in turmoil and a revolution in progress.

With cameras banned inside Syria, it was too difficult and dangerous to openly use a video camera, but he was able to use his mobile phone. With its tiny camera, filming secretly on street corners, through car windows and behind closed doors, he was able to gather images that reveal ordinary people showing extraordinary courage.

His journey took him from the back streets of Damascus, Homs and Idlib to remote mountain villages. During his journey through the Syrian uprising, he meets resistance fighters, protesters, Syrian army deserters, footballers-turned-revolutionaries and cigarette smugglers who have joined the fight.

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  1. Eric Lawson

    Not sure what this was other than a walk through no Drive through Syrian territories . Once again the drug religion is at work.There will no peace until all are able to worship freely without reprisal.Such a state of fear and sadness. The songs were well captured as the documentary set out to capture well done !!!

  2. Stefano Frascoiax

    a jornalist with a north american accent....talking about..what?revolution,resistance?what about the mercenars,from libia,uk,irland,saudi arabia,croatia etc,etc .....who pay these soldiers of fortune?(because this people dont fight for free,someone have to pay them)THIS DOC.SOUND LITTLE BIT LIKE P R O P A G A N D A...MENTIRA!BUGIE!LIES!

  3. ropativ

    i found the discussions of debunking the conspiracy theories by the punpkin heads more entertaining and informative than that of the documentary...:D)

  4. bringmeredwine

    I found this doc very interesting. The reporter was so brave to shoot this footage and hang out with all the protesters.
    I'd recommend this but I wish we were given more background about WHY the people were fighting for their freedom.

  5. hernandayoleary

    If I recall correctly, Hitler's arguments against the jews were that they were a sub human race "untermenschen" and vermin "ungeziefer" and that all non-aryans were sub-human but to varying degrees and that these subhumans would face varying degrees of exclusion from Nazi society. That is people who were northern slavs were to be "fixed" through eugenics, or in other cases like the poles, and southern exterminated entirely. Jews along with roma, and a few religious minorities were to be exterminated, gays, blacks, and certain non aryans were to be excluded from Nazi society.

    Anyways, my argument is not a racial one, except in the case where the globalist eugenicist have a plan to wipe out all of the human race who is not part of these few hundred elites. This is why you see people like Bill Gates and Al Gore saying people in Africa, who need lots of children to work on their farm, should have 1 kid, but he has 4. That is Hitler and the Western globalist eugenics group belong to the same order, the same new world order. They only disagreed about how to implement it. Hitler wanted to do it quickly, and the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers wanted to do it slowly over time so that people would not notice. Through things like agenda 21 and the un small arms treaty. Now on NBC and CNBC and Fox, they are just admitting that we are run by bankers, and so what what are you going to do about it. I remember how up until 1990 they denied a New World Order, then Bush admitted it on tv, but most of them deny it publicly now they are just admitting it and saying so what, like Carrol Quiggly, they are saying Americans are too stupid, and lazy to do anything about it. Now the elites do fight amongst themselves. The fear was that if Hitler was successful too quickly, then they would not be able to implement communism or national socialism in america because people would catch on.

    The solution is resistance to the new world order, the solution is resistance is victory, stand up for your right to bear arms, run for office, get involved in political office, vote for 3rd parties because the republicans and liberals are mostly bought out, unless its like a Ron Paul or a Bob Barr, or even on the left the woman from California who opposed the Iraq and Libya wars, stand up for free speech stand up for the US constitution, when big businesses try to buy you out, don't sell out or compromise for money and don't vote for Obamney or Rombama. The answer to 1984 is 1776, the answer is to nationalize or abolish the federal reserve which is owned by a bunch of bankers getting rich off your tax dollars. The answer is to stop the new world order and stand up against the secret societies like the cfr and skull and bones who are trying to put in members of government under their control. This is non-partisian, whether you are a democrat or a republican left or right, you need to understand their are people trying to usurp the government and install a dictatorship in this country. I am sure you have been at some point ripped off by some major business in America, whether it is a bank or store or whatever, it happens to everyone. At the the top of those organizations are not always, but quiet often very greedy and evil people. If you had unlimited money like them, and were greedy and evil, what would you be plotting? Just look at bill gates, he is trying to change entire governments and prevent people from having babies by inventing mass sterlization ultra sound cannons. Anyways I am digressing.

    The people of 1960's would not stand for the kind of things that happened today. Bill Clinton got impeached for lying to congress, Obama is launching wars without congress and Bush wanted to set up 3 judge death panels under the ndna to kill americans without due process. Nixon got impeached for orchestrating an burglary and wire tapping phones, now they just do these things anyways by saying they can warrant-less wire tap you and do "sneak and peak" searches without a warrant. The government is on record, and you can youtube this, with soldiers loading drugs into planes, and the government is on record selling guns to criminals in Mexico under fast and furious. The other part of the solution is to imprison Obama, Bush, and the whole corrupt administrations of them. Because part of the reason why each administration gets more corrupt is because they are all doing it, and no one will arrest the previous. Just look at Eric Holder, he points out how Bush did it too, they did also sell guns to mexican cartels, and that if they target him, he will bring down all of them. If George Washington was alive today, he'd probably hang all of them.

    Well Jack, you have to be practical. From what I've seen on the tv, many of the towns have become war zones of just rebels fighting the government
    1. What use or purpose would it serve for Syrians to throw parades in the street in the middle of war? That would only encourage terrorist to launch an attack in the middle of it? That is like saying Americans should have been launching parades in the street after 9/11, people were scared to fly, never mind parade. And the terrorist in Syria are launching sustained attacks. If I was the government of Syria, I'd advise civilians to stay indoors and not throw parades as it would likely attract more suicide terrorist
    2. We do not really know if Syrians are coming out in the street for Assad because the Western media is blocked more or less from entering
    3. People who I know of Syrian descent and a white man who went to Syria about 3 months ago tell me most Syrians support Assad, especially in Damascus. Only 5% of Americans in favour of the revolution fought in the revolutionary war, infact only something like 30-40% were for the war, 20-30% loyalist, and the rest neutral. About 80,000 American colonist in a country of 2.5 million, fought in an almost decade long war, and defeat the most powerful army in the world. That is 1/4 of 1% is enough to overthrow a government. If just 80,000 Syrians rose up, Assad would have no chance, so it indicates that he has very high support.
    4. Lets be realistic for a second, how many people do you think would be going out waving Obama posters and celebrating Obama, if America was attacked by terrorist Tomorrow?
    5.You also have to take into account cultural differences. In general Arab cultures are High Context Cultures. This means they are less likely to state exactly what they think, publicly. On a whole, we as Westerners have very little understanding of what REALLY goes on in those countries.
    6. Syrians are no more cowards than any other people who drink flouridated water and let their government give them cancer through gmos and toxins. I mean what would you expect the average Syrian to do, hunt down terrorist in their time of work like Batman? Syrians are normal people, they have jobs, they depend on the police and the army to restore order and stop these terrorist, many of whom are foreign al qaeda, and some of whom are Syrian's who sympathize with these foreign elements. Of course these foreign al qaeda do not go around telling everyone, they present themselves often as Syrians, just like they did in Libya, until they raised the al qaeda flag over parliament when they took tripoli. The Syrian forces naturally have trouble fighting the Al Qaeda because they cannot just bomb an entire city, they have to find the exact al qaeda guys. And muslims kinda blend in, in syria if you get my drift.

    On the sunni shia issue, let me address that. you said
    "The Sunni make up 74% of the population, yet the Shia Alewite control the government. There is a rivalry between these two factions almost as intense as the one between Muslim and Jew. The Shia religion believes that there will be a great war between heretic Muslims and themselves and many Shia see the Sunni as the heretics. If the government is so popular why is it that his overwhelming majority of supporters do not fill the streets in support of their leader?"

    The Sunni make up 74% of Syria and they are split between Kurds, Turks, Arabs and circassians. The Shia and alawites are two different groups and both are about 10% of Syria and the remaining 6% is jews and christians. Al Assad is an ethnic Arab of the Alawite religion. He has no card in the Sunni-shia division. The rivalry between Shia's and Sunni is long standing, but at the same time they have peacefully co-existed for long periods as well. For reasons due to colonialism the Shia and Sunni majorities in places the ME found themselves at the wrong end of the political stick. This is because the British and Turkish and French tried to divide the ME up in a way that was politically beneficial for them (ie. slicing lebanon out of Syria, slicing kuwait out of Iraq, slicing gulf states like UAE, Qatar and Bahrain out of Iran despite being parts of historical persia). Then we'd did things like installing sunni puppets in shia countries to curve the influence of Iran and non-sunni puppets in Sunni countries like Syria to curve the influence of the Saudis. We supported Saddam because the fear was once Iraq went Shia, then you'd have the shia states join up and dominate the ME. In the long haul those, these racial debates are irrelevent to the true crux of the matter. I think Syrians should have free elections too, but if the "free" election is just going to be an excuse for the West to fund parties to co-op the Syrian government like they did ours and they are trying to do in Russia, which is why Putin is forcing them to register as foreign agents, because he caught Americans giving millions to fund the opposition, then Syria is probably better off with a dictator or king or whatever like Assad, than our slow kill, poision our food, earth, air, factory farming cointelpro, selling guns to cartels and importing heroin into LA style government.

    The only requirement to show ones support is to fill the ballot box, not the streets. In fact to be honest, I never see a Mitt Romney sign, he often had trouble getting anyone to come out for him during the campaign, he rented a big stadium and only 200 people came out. Ron Paul would campaign in places like Maine and have 5000 people come out for him, and Santorum would go into states he never advertised in and tie Romney. And I see about a billion times more Ron Paul stickers than Romney stickers. I could conclude that Romney steals elections based off your line of reasoning, or more likely conclude that his supporters are probably older, and less enthusiastic. That is how I would answer part of your question about Assad. And even when gaddafi supporters came out in the street, the Western corporate whore media just found ways to say o, they are just paid to do it, so IMO, its a poor indicator, because if it happens, they'll find a way to dismiss it.

  6. Emit Brown

    To all those conspiracy theorists:
    Does NATO come to Arab families and tell them to have >3 children despite they can barely afford 1?
    Does EU come to schools and teach kids religion instead of learning actual science, arts or music?
    Is US responsible for all the garbage in Cairo streets?
    Does western NGOs make imams give speeches full of hate and nonsense during the Friday prayer?
    Does west make the rich Arabs treat the poor Arabs like sh**?
    And the list of questions goes on and on....!!!

    Open your eyes, descent life and an equal society is not a magical Super bowl that you can win in one day - it's much like puzzle with million pieces and each of that pieces must be in the right place!!!

    Yes, it's a hard work and requires everyone's participation: if you don't throw your garbage wherever you want the city will be cleaner, if you have family planning you will not end up with overpopulated countries, if you start reading 5 times a day instead of preying you will have less violent and more educated society. Then terrorists will not be able to find so many idiots who will believe that they will have 72 virgins if they blow themselves up.

  7. mysteryman7

    I find it amusing that people simply blame everything on the US for the instigation that has gone on in all of these western nations. Normally, just like in small groups, the instigator is normally a low key individual. It is the same now. Look at everyone but the real persons that gain to win. Look to Europe...the New United States of Europe under the soon to be rulers there...Germany who is the largest weapons manufacture in the world as well as having the largest standing military in Europe. No, they do not have much of a navy, but they just sold a bunch of nuclear capable subs to Israel.

  8. Warren Gates

    Anyone who does not know that the whole Arab Spring and similar revolutions are being done by American "NGOs" receiving government funding needs to get with the program.

    The new leader in Egypt is already aligning with US/Israeli stances and taking anti-Iranian action.

    Or perhaps every single Middle-Eastern government is an inherently evil regime and they coincidentally all want a revolution at the exact same time US-NATO forces are invading to overthrow governments.

    Everyone can choose to swallow the feel-good pill and think US-NATO is helping an inferior race of people by civilizing them. It's the same thing the British Empire did - they went around the world to teach table manners and civilize the world. By that, I mean enslave and collapse arguably the world's richest country, drug the population of China, slaughter Native Americans, Enslave a great deal of Africa, deface the sphinx for target practice, loot and burn the Yuan Ming Yuan...

    1. Far Spam

      Its all about looting too.

      Something similar happened with Iraq.

      Many dissidents through NGOs aligned themselves with the US/UK before the war. They supported the US/UK in giving legitimacy to start a war in return for power once Saddam was toppled.

      They are now at the front of the queue in the mass looting thats ongoing in Iraq today.

  9. hernandayoleary

    That is why I encourage you to research about what I talk on. Research Syria army is al qaeda, research how they say they will kill all the chrisitians and jews in syria, research how the al qaeda in libya was killing all the blacks in East libya which was a 40% black country to begin with and how Gaddafi comes from a tribe in the south and is of mix race heritage (black and "arab"). Research how the royal family of dubai is origiinally from saudi Arabia and only arrived in UAR in the 1800s and how Dubai, Iraq and much of the middle east was part of Iran (persian empire) and UAE was a province of Iran that was split off by the british like kuwait from iraq. Research how every president in the last 100 years are cousins, even Obama. Research how John Kerry and George Bush are both members of a secret skull and bones organization. Remember the "don't taze me bro" college student guy, all he did to get tazed and held down and man handled by police was ask John Kerry about skull and bones secret organization that Bush and Kerry, who are cousins, were both part of, and then his mic was cut off and the police arrested him. That is your so called democracy. Why hasn't either Bush or Kerry answered why they belong to secret organizations, we don't know what these organizations are about, they could be anything really, and the fact they refuse to answer as to why a sitting president is a member of a private secret organization, never mind the highly unusual precedent that in a nation of 300 million 2 cousins being the front runner, both belonging to the same secret organization is highly suspect. Maybe it is just conspiracy theory. But then why does Bush and Kerry dodge the question. Mind you it is illegal for the president to hold other titles and to belong to these secret organization.

  10. Rocky Racoon

    They forgot to add Al Quaida and CIA and M16 and Chechnya and every place else the West has used the Arab Foreign Legion. Thi si snot conspiracy talk it is the truth. The US is behind the destabilization of the Middle East and any place in the West that they strive to control it is all divide and conquer, Only the working class-enlightened as to their own interests can defeat the 1% of madmen who are ruling this world, IF this happens we will survive and indeed proceed to higher stage of human development. If the reactionary capitalist calss who have long since passed any revolutionary role in social transformation is taking us backward Capitalism has become a brake on human development. It is time to move on or perish in our own ....

    1. wald0

      Like I said below, where is the proof? Or do you just assume these things to be true and feel we all should as well? I am not trying to be an a55, or start some fight- I am more than willing to listen to evidence and form an informed opinion, but just saying "This isn't conspiracy talk it is the truth" is not an argument and doesn't tell us why we should believe it. Every conspiracy theorist is convinced he knows the truth, sincerely convinced. I am not saying you are a conspiracy theorist but how would we know if you were? If you are basing your opinion on a pattern of behavior from the U.S.- well think about that for a minute- what if in the lab I just assumed things based on past experiences with this or that chemical, would I be considered a good chemist or a bad one?

  11. hernandayoleary

    O I am sure they will get their democracy just like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and all the other countries who "Got democracy", even though Assad was elected and is widely popular. How do you think the average Syrian feels about these rebel idiots blowing up buildings in downtown Damascus and killing innocent people. The average Syrian views these rebels as the average American would view any other group who bombed buildings in downtown American cities, hate their guts. In fact these terrorist attacks make Assad more popular and military enlistments have increased.

    Anyhow these rebels are mostly American government CIA agents aka al cia-duh. And they state openly that when they take over Syria, they will kill all the alawaites, and kill all the jews and christians in Syria, is that what you want to support? assad has done no wrong to the West, he has co-operated with the war on terror quiet extensively.

    1. wald0

      I am not saying you are wrong, but how do you know all this? Yes the U.S. does practice these tactics but why would they crave disorder in the Middle East? Where is the practical gain for such a thing, if war breaks out it will upset thier prescious oil trade. That is why generally they don't egineer wars unless someone is already geting in the way of their precious oil- then they have nothing to lose anyway in thier minds and if they get what they want everything to gain. Just saying "duh" like it should be obvious to everyone is not very convincing at all, its not even an argument. It has been my experience that if a leader is co-operating with the wishes of the U.S., which you stated Assad had, they generally try to support him, even if they have to hide their support because he is some tyrant.

      In other words- Yes we are all aware of what the west has done and is capable of doing, but if that is all the proof you have then this is just an assumption and nothing more. Now if you have proof, first hand experience, or can at least lay out a logical, specific reason why the U.S. would do this, how they would gain from it- I am all ears and will propbably agree with you. I am some what ignor@nt about Middle Eastern politics and the oil trade- so maybe there is a clear reason for doing something like this. But if you can't offer anything more than "duh" or a critque of past U.S. behaviors then why should we believe you? I run into this all the time, someone teling me how d*mb we all are for believing things without real proof then turning around and expecting me to believe them with no proof. I hope I have not run into to it again, have I?

    2. hernandayoleary

      Well there is lots of proof, like the fact that the so called Libyans were raising Al Qaeda flags when they took over, yet Gaddafi executed most of the Al Qaeda in Libya with help from the CIA in the 90s, they spoke a different dialect of Arabic (have foreign accents) than Libyan aka north african Arabic. In fact many of the fighters had British accents and the US and Brits admit to send special forces into Libya to "train" East "Libyans" on weapon usage. Reality is 1000 us and uk special forces could easily take out Libya's army with sufficient air support. There is no explanation to where hundreds of foreign flags like US, UK AND Qatari flags waved by protestors in East Libya came from when visiting Libya is very difficult in the gaddafi era, as it had very little tourism and required a visa which were often denied.

      On the issue of proof, your best bet is to find research, because the average person has simply not the time to put together a very thorough and logical argument at the whisk of a moment. And besides spoken arguments are not going to be convincing enough for you, anyways.

      Even if you disbelieve me on all the other points, ask why is America's allies the most radical islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Somalia, but the secular and civilized Islamic countries like Libya (wealthiest major country in Africa pre-war), Syria, Iran, Iraq. I mean if radical muslims want to kill america, why are we friends with the country who 20 of the 24 hijackers came from. The real policy of the anglo-franco alliance is to bomb or regime change any country who attempts to industrialize. Even wealthy Arab oil states which have lots of money are not industrial (qatar, dubai, saudis), they have oil money but they are not major producers of anything. They could never fight a sustained war as they cannot produce a single jet plane or tank. Yet poor countries like Iran or pre war Iraq can produce. So they are threats, and that is part of the reason for wanting to bomb them.

      Research about how Henry Kissinger went to China in 1973 or 72 and how the US made an offer to allow China to industrialize if they implemented one child policy because China had "The bomb" and they were a threat. That's the real reason why our policy makers are sending all our jobs to China, you think all those starving people in Asia, India and Africa, wouldn't do the same work? Any sane person knows that if you let China dump cheap products here, Americans are going to lose jobs. We remove tariffs on Chinese goods, and what do we get again, o yes cheap products, that we can't even afford because there are no jobs. Your better off paying $50 for a sweater instead of $15, if it means that half the country isn't on welfare or jobless. I went to business school, learned all the theories, bought the conservative line for a while but when i realize that my economic professors were globalist bought and paid, it made sense. They think giving trillions in bailouts to banks won't cause inflation, but if the trillions go to the general populous or the workers in that bank the economy would implode. In other words, if poor people get money, the economy will be ruined, but if billionaires get it, its ok. The government doesn't have money for you but endless money for its cronies. Just think about that. If you are a liberal why doesn't the government have money for any social service but has endless money pits for the rich mega business. If you are a conservative, why does the government have mega loans for the auto and bank industry but your small business can't get a loan. Why do they give healthcare exemption to mega business, why do the mega businesses pay so little tax and you pay so much, why would you be put in jail for fraud if you did what a major firm did, but major Goldman Sachs who has proven fraud by numerous former employees who write books don't get locked up.

    3. Jack1952

      Elected in an election where there was no opposition. Quite the democratic process and would make his popularity quite suspect.

      No doubt there are factions who have their own specific agendas. The Assad regime and especially that of his father have been cited for many human rights violations including the Hama Massacre and others. The Syrian people do not need outside prodding to hate this regime. Many of them have reason enough to finally fight back.

      What is unsettling about revolutions in this section of the world is that many people do not really want a democracy. They just want to replace the current autocracy with their own.

    4. hernandayoleary

      The fact that he was elected and there was no opposition, explains quiet well why he is so popular. No one else is as popular. Elections are about name recognition.

      Human rights violations mean nothing. They are issued against every country and virtually every government including the US (Iraq and Afghans + homeland domestic policies like warrantless wiretapping and arrest without trials- see ndna) and Canada. There are no countries in the Western world who really respect human rights. Look at OPW.

      The people who are anti Assad are basically al qaeda or Western backed rebels, they are a fringe minority, and exist in every country. They are no different than the hillbillies like david koresh, jim jones, or ruby ridge nuts who live up in a mountain with a foil hat. If the Russians have them ak 47s, anti tank rockets, I'm sure they'd have objection overthrowing the US government, even though most Americans don't want that.

      Well the irony is that there are almost no democracies today, and the few that exist are all dysfunctional and in the 3rd world and suffer rampant corruption. You think those rebels are going to create a democracy?

    5. Jack1952

      Hafez al-Assad, the father of Assad, was the leader of Syria who presided over the Siege of Aleppo (includes the Souk al-Ahad massacre, Al-Masharqah massacre, Bustan Al-Qasr massacre and the Aqyol massacre), the Tadmor Prison massacre, the October 13 massacre and the already mentioned 1982 Hama massacre. Upon his death, his son was appointed head of the Baath party, and was elected, unopposed, with over a 97% majority. No one is that popular. Santa Claus isn't that popular. Considering his father's heavy handed methods, I would think that people were to afraid to oppose him. There is a great deal of enmity between the Alawites (Shia Muslims) and the Sunni Muslims. This is true all across the Muslim world. This in itself is enough to render Assad's "popularity" a very suspicious phenomenon.

      If Assad was as popular as you claim, fringe groups, no matter how much outside support they had, could not account for the numbers in the rebel camps. Only an invasion could account for those numbers and that is not happening here. Assad has opposition in Syria but until now have lived under such a blanket of fear that this opposition did not speak out.

      Unfortunately, I do not think that the opposition will be any better than Assad or his father. There is too much hatred and to many self serving individuals involved for this to be a possibility. Democracy is still a long way off here.

      You are correct in the assertion that there are human rights violations in all countries. That is because human beings are involved and all humans are potentially corrupt. What sets some countries apart is the ability for individuals to speak out without a relative fear of reprisal and a mechanism to correct those abuses. It doesn't always work the way we would like but it does exist. If the United States government was as oppressive as some people claim then people like Alex Jones would have been shut up a long time ago.

      5 to 10 million dollars doesn't make him a rich man? It does in my books. His methods are the way he makes that money. Change that method and he is just another radio talk show host making a middle class salary.

    6. hernandayoleary

      Perhaps Assad did all that. But where do you think your Western leaders come from. They all did much more mass murders than Assad or his father to get all their money and their empire. So saying that Assad's ancestors are murderers or Assad is a murderer, is no more valid of reason to question his legitimatacy than it is of any other world power. And while we are on this topic, you should be aware that the Assad's deny this, just like the US government denies co-intel pro, and murdering its own citizens. So before we even get into the debate of whose worse, you either have to accept that all governments lie, or believe that all governments lie except the country where you live. If you believe the latter, then it shows you are so brainwashed, no debate or discussion is possible with you.

      The methods that bring Queen Elizabeth to power or any other European monarch are no different.

      Well the fringe groups already dislike Assad, however when the foreigners enter Syria, they stir up trouble, shoot rockets out a building, and the army retailiates and shells the building, and then guess what, everyone in that building hates assad. Read stories of an economic hitman. Or just watch it on here

      There is no real Democracy anywhere, that I am aware of.

      You are right, when they kill Andrew Breightbart, the kennedy brothers, shoot reagan, kill larry macdonald, kill thousands of blacks under secretive programs call co-intel pro- corrupt politcians at Bohemian grove that even Nixon called them out and FDR and Andrew Jackson speak of new world order. Its all myth because the media doesn't tell you, you are being oppresed you assume you are not. People in Syria can protest without a permit, can't do that anywhere in America without being arrested, so I don't even see where is the freedom. If a bunch of Americans took up guns and said lets overthrow Obama, and kill all the Christians and Jews, I don't think they'd be allowed to exist in America either.

      Actually if Alex Jones, just preached the regular thing, he'd likely increase ad revenue substantially and be in the likes of Glenn Beck. In fact he was offered the same job, if he agreed to not talk about new world order or globalist. The fact of the matter is Walmart or GE isn't going to post an ad on any station that says the monsanto or the government is killing you with GMO. Because they will be in deep sheet with those groups, never mind all the complaints they'd get from listerners who are too stupid to read up what a GMO really is. As well given the fact he has been on air since like the 1990s, it works out to an anuual salary of 200k. That doesn't even scracth the bottom of all those other national news anchors pulling in that much a week.

    7. Jack1952

      Assad came to power due to the direct actions of his father. When his father died, Assad was appointed head of the Baath party and was an automatic to be the next leader, rendering that election meaningless. A year later ten activists were arrested who just happened to be calling for democratic elections. Why would the average Syrian expect any difference from the son when it would appear that he would not allow any opposition following the example set by his father?

      You call all governments liars and rail against their ruthlessness in their grab for power. Yet, you defend this specific government in spite of their record of autocratic rule. Why does Assad not allow Western style elections? Is it because he knows that his Shia minority would surely lose against the overwhelming Sunni majority in a Western democratic election? His desire to stay in power would not allow this to happen. Intellectual arguments about democracy is not the point in this case. If Assad loses an actual election he is no longer in power. Nothing intellectual about that.

      If there is anything untoward concerning Queen Elizabeth's position as a constitutional monarch, I'm not sure what it is. Please elaborate.

      The U.S. government has committed actions that are highly suspect and at times illegal (Iran-Contra, Chile, helping to overthrow elected governments in Iran and Syria, etc). However, your allegations are vague and contradictory. When you accuse their government of murdering its own citizens you should relate specific incidents and how you believe they are directly responsible for this action. It is difficult to respond to vague accusations, even if I happen to agree.

      That A. Jones is not a sellout, well, I will give you that. That doesn't mean that his message or his tactics must always be correct. Passion does not equate with accuracy.

      It is not the dangers of GMO's that should be our main reason for objections. It is the patenting GMO seeds and the control that this implies over our food production. Monsanto is trying to usurp traditional farming methods by using the law to force farmers to buy from them even if the farmer doesn't want to. I have not heard of any data that outlines the physical dangers of the product, but I disagree with how that product is controlled and marketed.

    8. hernandayoleary

      Does Queen Elizabeth allow anyone else to run for monarch? I did not think so. You cannot have a double standard where if you come from Syria, they must have american style democracy (Which isn't democratic because private rich people called "The establishment" hand pick candidates to run in 2 party elections where they both implement the same policy - an effective two party dictatorship). But all the other countries of europe are free to have dictators and its cool because they are white.

      Obama arrested 500 veterans protesting for their rights according to the washington post, so what. Obama has arrested tons of people at OWS.

      Western style elections are shams. That is why I am "defending" Assad. I am trying to point out to you there is no difference between what he does and what QE2 does except that he is more public. Real dictators do not want to be seen, they stay behind the scenes and call the shots. You don't see bill gates with a big gold chain and thick neckless, if you met him in the subway you'd have no clue how rich and powerful he is, that is how real dictators are. Even a real drug king pin, is so scared to leave his house without 10 bodyguards. People who have real power want to do everything to stay under the radar because they are so scared of being killed and having their money taken. Assad is just a low level thug put there by the West, he couldn't last for a minute if they didn't want him there. Why does Queen Elizabeth not allow elections, why don't America open up public financing to the libertarian and constitutional parties and green parties, why do they only allow 2 parties to get 84 million in public money. Sounds like a corrupt dictatorship to me, except with 1 extra party. Why doesn't Obama lock up Bush for his warcrimes, and why won't the next guy lock up Obamney for his warcrimes, and illegal wars.

      Assad so far has won all his elections, even if it was to be Western style, and be free and open he'd probably win merely from name recognition and from money. I mean if he is truly a dictator, then he'd print endless money to blanket the place in ads.

      And while people in a few cities like Homs, hate Assad, throughout most the country he is well popular. Lots of what you see is Western propaganda and the Qataris and Saudis have now openly admitted to supporting the rebels. A point which you previously denied. How much do you think people like terrorist who go around blowing up and killing innocent people. Not very much. If a bunch of Americans did what those rebels did in Syria, everyone would hate their guts, and you know it. So don't come with this, there rebels are popular, only among fringe groups.

      I will agree A jones, is human and not infalliable, and he probably has been inaccurate just like any other media source.

      Look into how GMOS cause all kind of diseases and cancers in rats. Basically most the disease increase in our society can be attributed to these gmos. All the world leaders in the west have their own gardens and don't even eat our gmo **** food, they know its all garbage

    9. Jack1952

      Queen Elizabeth is a figurehead and may yield some influence but as the force behind England, she is nothing. The English fought long and bloody civil wars to wrest the power away from the monarchy. She has no say in the running of the government. She is the queen for traditional purposes only. I know people think differently but an objective study of English history does not back this idea at all.

      You will have to prove that QE2 has done anything wrong. I have not heard of anything that the English have done where she is the force behind it all. I can, however, prove the wrongdoing of the Assad family.

      So what if Arabia is against the Assad regime. Almost every government in the world is.

      The Sunni make up 74% of the population, yet the Shia Alewite control the government. There is a rivalry between these two factions almost as intense as the one between Muslim and Jew. The Shia religion believes that there will be a great war between heretic Muslims and themselves and many Shia see the Sunni as the heretics. If the government is so popular why is it that his overwhelming majority of supporters do not fill the streets in support of their leader?

      Your logic of defending Assad is like defending a murderer's right to kill because there are other murderers killing. Wrong is wrong and there should be no defence for it, especially one as weak as the one you offer.

      I have yet to hear of an instance in the United States where the president ordered a massacre of ordinary American citizens. If the president was doing this on a regular basis, he would not be in power for long. Nixon couldn't even deny that he knew about the Watergate break-ins without losing the presidency. Elections in the West are a sham. Maybe so but if the leader loses the election he is out. No questions. He is out.

      Your claims about GMOs prove you know nothing about genetics. Mankind has manipulated genetics for thousands of years. There is no such thing as wild wheat, corn, broccoli, brussel sprouts etc. The genes of these plants have been altered over the years by careful pollination techniques. Genetic engineering is a short cut to what farmers having been doing all along. Humanity has always had diseases. The black death, smallpox, malaria, dysentery, leprosy and countless more have been with us since man first arrived on earth. To say GMOs are the reason for disease makes no sense and shows a predilection to force facts to fit your own agenda.

    10. Jack1952

      Your claim of all the presidents of the United States being cousins is an exercise in six degrees of separation. This claim would be probably hold true for every American citizen that traces their roots to the British Isles. It means absolutely nothing.

    11. hernandayoleary

      In a country of 310 million people only about 11% or 35 million Americans are of British Isles descent. Many of the presidents are 8th cousins and not very far removed. Anyways there is no point in debating this further with you, as at first it was untrue and conspiracy theory and now I am being told it doesn't matter that in a country where 90% of people don't trace their ancestry to the British Isles that none of them are elected. Not to mention how few Americans are actually descent from royalty and the same King Edward line. When you think of all the millions who came from the Isles, and how few would be related to royalty, it'd be less than 1% of that 11% or no more than 350,000 people at a maximum. You are right Obama and Truman are 4th cousins, and Obama and madison are 3rd cousins, but its just six degrees of separation that only happens to befall 1% of 1% of the population. There has never been a president of pure Irish, Russian, German, Polish, Italian, Norwegian, Swede or any other none Isles country despite them numbering in the hundreds of millions

      And I guess the fact that they all come from a handful of the same schools and in the Bush and Kerry Election both belong to the same secret organization who is already documented for trying to "put its members in positions of powers" means absolutely nothing. And the fact they go and meet with the bilderbergs in secret, means nothing. President Kennedy, who you liberals claim was so great, spoke out against secret societies as being repugnant in a free and democratic society.

    12. Jack1952

      My family tree has been traced back to 1703 and stops at my generation. There are over four thousand names on that list. It only follows my family name and does not name any descendants of the women born into that family name. If one were to expand the tree so that the names of the children of the women were listed and their children and so forth until now, that list would easily top one hundred thousand and that is in less than three hundred years. That list starts in the Netherlands and also follows those who immigrated to the United States and Canada. A large percentage of the names of those who married into the family in the US and Canada also have Dutch heritage even though they settled into predominately Anglo regions. This is from only one couple starting in 1703. Your list starts earlier and includes many more immigrants to the US from that bloodline than just one couple. Your list must also include the names of the children of the women in the bloodlines for your relationships to work.

      The British royalty that came to the United States were the ones that had money and since the British were the overwhelming majority in the US in the early days they would have been the leaders of the communities. When immigration started in droves from other countries in mid to late 1880s the British were the ones who were already running things and it would be natural for them to continue to do so for awhile. Obama is the first, other than Van Buren and Roosevelt, whose name is not of British heritage. I suspect that future presidents will more and more stray from this British heritage. That the richest and most influential citizens would be elected president is only natural and does not automatically indicate an agenda.

  12. Andy King

    Support The Free Syrian Army.

    1. Far Spam

      "The Free Syrian Army" does not represent all Syrians.

      "The Free Syrian Army" represents Saudi Arabia and Israel.

      "The Free Syrian Army" think they are in a great revolution. In fact they are being used as pawns.

  13. befrend

    thank you for leting my see in side syria
    tha news just a sound biet

  14. wald0

    I really don't know what this is even all about. These guys explained how they were being treated once they started rebelling against the regime in control of thier country but, they never explained what exactly they are rebelling against. What did this regime do to these people to make them willing to go out and die in order to get free of them? What was everyday life like for these people under this regime? Or do these people simply crave democracy because it seems ideologically superior to dictatorship? I am totally ignor@nt in this matter and until I have more information I can't really form an informed opinion. Who will take control when this regime is defeated, if it is defeated? How do these people plan to implement a democracy, or is that what they even want? Because if it is replaced with some theistic form of government or another dictatorship it may be worse than the dictatorship they were already under. Even if it is replaced by a democracy will it be functional and really represent the people, ours currently doesn't. I would hate to see another so called democracy that is really a copratocracy formed. That said I suppose it should be what ever these people decide they want to live under, no matter what that is. I just hope they know what they are geting into.

  15. lynn fux

    There are many with you ,you are not alone. I just pray when you win you have spent the time building the right people to take over and continue your lives with a just and democratic secular( or one where everyone is free to practice their own belefs freely) government. Peace be with you .

  16. Tomaž Fekonja

    This seems very onesided... Al jazeera has become very prowestern during the last 2-3 years i notice...

    1. slpsa

      In that you would be correct. Look into who owns it, therein lies the reasons. Al-Jazeera is nothing more than an exact replica of the MS news propaganda machine that infects the west. As long as people keep their eyes open and understand the game is rigged, they cannot convince everyone of their lies. We outnumber the ones who's bidding and messages are being delivered. Never forget that.

    2. wald0

      I've noticed you using that phrase several times- "MS news". Are you referring to microsoft and MSNBC? Or do you mean something else? I am just curious.

    3. Hello

      MS means 'main stream' i think..

    4. wald0

      Thankyou, now i feel st*pid. I should have been able to deduce that for myself. I suppose it was just easier to ask.

    5. slpsa

      Mainstream media sir. :)

    6. wald0

      I am not saying you are wrong about Al-Jazeera, I have no opinion on that. But I didn't see anything pro-western in this documentary. Can you please explain what you saw here that seemed pro-western? Or were you just making a general statement about Al-Jazeera?