Taboo: Mating

Taboo: Mating

2008, Sexuality  -   48 Comments
Ratings: 6.08/10 from 80 users.

Taboo: MatingHow far would you go in the name of love? Would you drink your partner's blood to secure your bond? Or carve their hand print into your flesh to show your devotion?

Could you marry someone behind bars, knowing you may never be able to be together? Or risk your life to steal another man's wife?

Delve into rituals, ancient and modern, used to bond one human to another and uncover the extremes of human passion and devotion.

The desire to find a mate is one of humanity's fundamental instincts, but what happens to men and women when their love is taboo?

Taboo takes viewers on a journey beyond their comfort zones and across cultural borders to explore addictions and lifestyles that are acceptable in some cultures but forbidden, illegal, or even reviled in others.

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48 Comments / User Reviews

  1. dan Bartmann

    um.... m*rons. (vincent is a m*ron). I quit watching after 20 min or so.

  2. Richard Neva

    Too disgusting to watch!

  3. Chris Peterson

    "Vincent Psychic" is nothing but a poser.

  4. mwwag

    I had to stop when they started sucking each others veins.... and that was at the very beginning! taboo for sure, that is just plain out disgusting.

  5. tishtish

    i enjoyed this programme, its fasinating how other people live and thta thye are happy living thta why, big hugs to all =-)

  6. Rocky Racoon

    Thanks for the comments I won't bother watching this I have a hard enough time with ancient alien's and dont' watch interviews with aliens or anyone being kidnapped. Some doors don't need to be opened and my head is fukced up enough already.

  7. Blackmailbox

    Mitt and I don't believe in such disrespect for the holy union of man and wives. If we did, we would not live on the heaven planet of coelop after death.

    1. Layla Phelps

      Did you forget your meds that morning?

    2. Justin LeClair

      It's a parody of Mormonism: Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Derp.

  8. Sailor Stephens

    Jesus mother****ing christ. I've got a strong stomach and have seen lots of gore but the sight of that bulldyke sucking the blood straight out of her girlfriend's vein made me wanna hurl.

    1. Layla Phelps

      I know right, my toes crunched up and I got up and walked off.

  9. Guest

    Why doesn't Vincent just wait for her period? It would be a lot more blood and it wouldn't cause her any pain.

  10. Tromp

    This made me almost throw up. It might sound disgusting to us, but to them it's perfectly normal. Just to show that you can't judge a book by it's cover, you have no idea who they are in their private time.

  11. Epicurean_Logic

    I once saw a lady in the cafe with "property of x" tatooed on her neck and you know what? I just thought what a fckn id**t! Don't you know that life moves on. She may have been a prostitute and that was her identifier. I don't know!

    Silly girl

  12. Pika_piku

    This made me so uncomfortable, my stomach turned upside down. >.< This video should be age rated ~

    SO, This video shows how f--ked up this world can be. we can't really judge those people and I respect their culture and beliefs. BUT what was I thinking throughout this video is THAT is considered to be weird for the most of us, the whole “carving your lovers hand print into your flesh to show your devotion” is not convincing, if that girl really loved him and cared for him, SHE WOULDN'T WANT HIM TO BE IN PAIN. Not emotionally or physically, unless if pain is pleasure for them – (finding pleasure through pain) like sadomasochism.

    The “Sucking Blood” either these people are just wannabe’s or they are mentally illed/damaged because a humans body CAN NOT crave for others blood. Its all in their minds, an illusion, that they need it to survive or wanting to be part of each others and they connect thru blood, its just like the idea of literally EATING another person because you want him to be part of you. It's perfectly natural and normal want to become part of the other and connect cuz you deeply love that person and you do that connection by having sex, physical contact and also emotional not “eating” Him/her to become one. That’s stuuupid and sickkk..
    I read about a girl who drinks her blood, then the blood that comes out of her body as the monthly period and she place her tampons or cottax/pads in the freezer so she could suck on them later on then she started adding her blood into the food she cooks for her boyfriend. Yeah.. Pretty messed up.

    And about women who loves to marry criminals I think they are just aroused by the fact that he killed others? and that why she wants him. Its not love if she wants him only cuz he’s a criminal its more like lust, you know?

    ALL THAT kind of lifestyle is a taboo. MY OPINION! Anyway It’s their life's, they have every right to do what they want it.

    1. Derrick Moses

      little kids need to stay off the internet

    2. Layla Phelps

      Ugh and its been proven that blood is not safe to consume.

  13. eva bergner

    this movie needs more wadabi tribe and less wannabe tribe.

  14. Sherry Roberts

    That fat girl sucking the blood out of that weirdo made me want to cut my eyes out.

  15. Desiree Stange

    If your a vampire then why the fake teeth and filed nails and eye contacts. I think some people just watch too much television.

  16. Herald

    When you don't have to worry about your nexxt meal you ascend to this craziness. I am glad I will never rise to that level. I'm not even sure if its to rise or fall.

  17. Mairon Santos

    Disgusting! I always find people who talks too much about "energy" suspicious! Ridiculous!

  18. AkiKaza

    Okay...I read the comments first and I was like "why are people such ***holes, just let them live..." but then I started watching the video, and...I do agree...some of this stuff is ******* disgusting...but hey, to each their own :/ ugh. so gross.

  19. .drea.

    Man, it must be a real damn bore to be someone like those of you talking so much sh*t. Why don't you crawl back under the rock from whence you came? That's a dear.

  20. Rowena Salonoy Gorgonio

    for me this is insane! but to respect there culture and beliefs, okay fine!
    alleluia for this people..

  21. vanillainmydreams

    I would like to see if these people are still doing this when they are 60 and 70 years old. Its a fad and will phase out and they will be left with gross scars and sicko stories they can pass onto their grandchildren.

  22. docoman

    Kinky is when you use a feather. Sick is when you use the whole chicken. These are 'whole chicken' kind of people.

    1. Jo McKay

      thanks, I was hoping for a thoughtful doc;apparently that is not what this is. I watched one where the bestiality was being justified as 'love', so out of recognition that some things you can not un-see, I will just walk away now...

    2. jackmax

      It appears that your fingers are as quick as my tongue...:)
      By the amount of up votes, one could say I'm a funny pr1ck hey mate...:)

  23. docoman

    Firstly, the people who went on this show chose to advertise what they do. They aren't people quietly doing their own thing in their own bedroom. They put themselves out there to be judged, so get off your philosophical high-horses about the opinions expressed. They did the show. I would suspect that the reason they went on the show was either they are an exhibitionist, or they are attempting to convince the rest of society that they are just people too, and not 'weirdos'.

    So it's only blood. What happens, as over time the 'arousal' of sharing only blood losses its potency?
    Armin Meiwes went down that exact line of logic. He was that German who ate another guy. Apparently, they were both consenting adults, same thinking, one wanted to literally become part of the other. So is that ok? To kill and eat someone, even if both are fine with it.
    Where is the line drawn?

    To me, that line is crossed when your thinking goes into wanting to consume or be consumed. I don't believe that is rational, healthy thinking. That has crossed the line into mental illness, some love/need induced psychosis. I don't know where some of you people live but it must be some place very, very different to my world if you somehow think that 'eating' part of your partner is normal or acceptable behaviour, and not weird. It's natural and normal to feel deeply in love with another person. It is not normal to literally want to consume, or be consumed by someone you love.

    So, my opinion, like it or not, is that they have some serious emotional/mental issues that has led them into some very weird, mentally questionable practices. Having your teeth and fingernails done as some on the show did is advertising that they are different, or in other words weird. I wouldn't want any child of mine being exposed to someone that in my opinion may not be very mentally balanced, and is seemingly proud to advertise the fact.
    Those of you saying 'how dare anyone judge other person', would you let those couples baby sit for you? What if they really loved your baby?
    These people are literally consuming someone to be closer/become part of them. And that's not nuts?? Professional, psychological help is what these 'vampire' people need, not social acceptance as if that is somehow healthy, rational thinking.

    Others seem to feel different, that is their right.

    1. adilrye

      Thank you.

  24. Nader Kassem

    Who are any of you to judge another human being? What is normal to you is not normal to the next. You judgmental pricks are the f--king weirdos.

    1. adilrye

      That is perhaps the dumbest thing I have ever heard. So, if Mr. Murderer decides it's part of his culture to capture young girls and kill them in his basement, where is it for US, the big mean mainstream, to judge him? Or, what about sex with kids? Sure, maybe Mr. Pedo thinks a 12 year old is fair game, who am I to judge? Or, Mr. Cannibal likes eating people, so hey, it's his way of life, so, I ain't judging.

      This if f--king weird. And it should not be encouraged, it should be a taboo. Drinking another human's blood in the name of "love" indicates some major psychological issues.

    2. Brian Davis

      @adilrye: You are making what is known as a "Slippery Slope" argument. (I.e., a logical fallacy.)

      As long as what they're doing DOESN'T HARM ANOTHER LIVING BEING, then who are you to try to condemn it or even pass judgement? Nota Bene: your chosen examples are criminal acts (murder, pedophilia, cannibalism). What these folks are doing is not criminal, nor is it hurting you. Perhaps we should go and take a look at the things YOU and yours do and decide which should be allowed or not, hmmm..?

  25. Charles Alderson

    Such strong opinions against this doc on these posts. Why not just let people live? They aren't doing it in your house or at your child's school, so ignore it. We are FREE people to do whatever we like. I don't enjoy anything they showed but I wouldn't dare tell another person he or she can't simply because I don't like it. I don't like sushi either, should you all not eat sushi because I find it disgusting?

  26. docoman

    I guess those two lesbians had some 'prick' envy. ;)

    1. T Hughes

      I also fail to see how your comment of 'prick envy' has anything to do with the programme content. Drinking blood equals 'prick' envy? Well, only if pricks produce blood and as far as I know they shouldn't! Or did you mean lesbians wish they had pricks? Because that is totally off topic in this doc, but since you raised the point I would assume that they like women for the very same reasons that you do (i'm guessing you're male from your name, 'docoman') so you may have more in common with them than you think!

    2. docoman

      lol, no, that was a silly double entendre. Prick, as in 'prick with a needle', more then the usually known 'penis' interpretation. The 'vampire' ones on the show. A lame joke, but it was on topic.

  27. docoman

    I wonder how successful the 'mating' with those lesbians was. lol I guess blood must have a lot of calories. Taboo mating... sure mate. Stupid, sick minded weird fckers more like it. Do the rest of us a favor, and cut deeper you head cases. Don't mess around, do it properly.
    I usually try to keep an open mind, but calling this BS mating rituals is wrong. Mating is for the purpose of sexual reproduction. I'm sorry for all the gay couples in the world, but regardless of what you wish you can never have a mating with the same sex. (personally I don't care who wants to sleep with whom, but don't try to call it something it can never be)
    And this vampire crap. Call that what it is, mental illness. Wtf is wrong with some people. Bloody sickos.

    1. Ben Stelle

      Care more please.

    2. docoman

      Care more please? You'll have to specify for me.
      Care more about a show titled Mating, that leads off with a lesbian couple?
      Or the fact that a same sex mating will never produce offspring?
      Or care more about some blood sucking exhibitionist weirdos, trying to say that their weird little fetish is just the ultimate expression of love?
      Mate, I'm sorry, but even though you did ask nicely and say please, I think there are many more things worthy of caring more about other then something biology dictates, or the sensationalist inclusions in a show, or some unbalanced peoples thinking on what they believe is the true expression of love.
      It would be insincere of me to say otherwise.

    3. T Hughes

      'Mating' does not necessarily need to refer to coitus for breeding purposes, the word is also used for the act of copulation, (often resulting in pair bonding). Therefore 'mating' when referring to lesbians is a perfectly reasonable word usage, if I am to be pedantic.

    4. docoman

      Yeah, possible to use, but it's not the most accurate word. Most people using the word 'mating' have breeding purposes in mind more so then just sex, as you'll find in most dictionaries, so in that context it doesn't work. Sex for pleasure or bonding etc if you want to call it mating that is cool with me. I'm not fussed if lesbians find in each other what they're looking for, whoever makes someone happy. That's not my business, I'm not against gay marriage I can't say the blood/vampire stuff is anything but 'out there' in my opinion. You can feel different if you like, that's your right mate.

  28. John Krisfalusci

    what a bunch of weirdos... all of these sickos should be put in jail forever. its illegal to do and perverted!

  29. dewflirt

    Bloodsucking silliness. Not taboo, just icky licky loonies :/

  30. PavolvsBitch

    Satanic MK.

  31. PavolvsBitch

    there are love rituals among people and a separate set of mating rituals among the warrior, nomadic tribes who have bloodlustedly risen to the top of society. child sexual abuse is inherent in these 'noble' tribes of the West to make 'men' out of boys and 'women' out of men and both men and women infertile and unattractive to eachother. we must not be lured into thinking that pederasty, sodomic rape, blood ritual etc are anything to do with natural love, fidelity or freedom. Its a freak show.

    This is the death knoll for humanity as it has spelt the death knell of all withdrawing Empires: total debauch, bestiality, canabalism and the sheer ugliness of it all is enough to condemn the specie as having been made extinct through toxic waste which they worshipped as a religion.

  32. Andre Taris

    Wow, someone watches to many vampire movies and bases their existence on a Bram Stoker novel. Lame. **** National geographic, I thought I was going to watch an insightful investigation into actual mating rituals from far flung cultures. Not some massively obese lesbians from Sydney sucking each others blood through intravenous needles and some sexual control freak from the US with plastic glue on nails and a goatee. BBC any day.