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2002, Society  -   11 Comments
Ratings: 4.71/10 from 14 users.

Taboo: Season 1National Geographic documentary series Taboo is an educational look into taboo rituals and traditions practiced in some societies, yet forbidden and illegal in others.

Each hour long episode details a specific topic, such as marriage or initiation rituals, and explores how such topics are viewed throughout the world.

Taboo generally focuses on extreme viewpoints; in the sense that they are the most misunderstood, despised, or disagreed upon in the world.

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11 Comments / User Reviews

  1. knowledgeizpower

    Took awhile to finish lol...Very interesting though.. good series to view....Peace

  2. Gary V

    Great doc if you like really bizarre stuff. A bit long to watch all in one go, but good to watch a bit at a time. What a crazy world we live in.

  3. jennirn2005

    On the first one where they cut the cows throat and then they guy walked in its blood, im telling myself "don't judge" then the cow starts moving and i just wanted to cry. I know its stupid i eat meat and I'm sure slaughterhouses are way worse. I like this show because it allows me to be aware of things i believe for no other reason than "because thats how its always been." I had to skip the part about ripping open a guinea pig tho. (not really explaining it well, but i think this show is worth a watch.)

  4. Teddy Mcd

    It's a very strange world - master Jack.

  5. Guest

    Watched a lot of this doc so far. What a crazy planet we live on.

    Sensationalism anyone? But you cannot sweep this stuff under the rug, it is here. "The test of faith" and "voodoo" portion pissed me off and gave me a bad feeling, a bunch of self flagellation religious loony nut cases, as in the phillipinnes crucifying themselves on a cross with real nails not once but 13 consecutive times. It seems that the Christians stuck their nose into everything.

    The one about "food" eating cobras, durian, and fine dining in USA on cockroaches, all types of insects, etc: was interesting but sort of turned my stomach.

    All I can say is, no wonder Aliens do not want to visit this backward planet!

    1. Tish

      Interesting the contrast between your opening and closing....*raspberries*

    2. Guest

      Raspberries on what? religee's or aliens? since you live in the bible belt in Charlotte NC, just curious.

    3. Ramus73

      Yeah, no sentient species will want anything to do with a species that thinks killing another animal and washing your feet in its blood while it still writhes around on the floor is ok. I'm not a fan of the NWO but when the old world does moronic things like this program shows then it begins to look more appealing.

    4. adilrye

      LOL Achems, I like how you go and search up where she lives and then insult.

      Class act.

  6. dochkatochka

    love you for the uploading of this show

  7. Epicurus

    good find Vlatko.

    I think we need an anthropology section....