Tales From the G20

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Tales From the G20In June 2010, leaders from the twenty largest economies met in Toronto with representatives of corporate interests to discuss the policies that would shape the world for everyone else.

Exclusion zones, overlapping layers of security fencing and an estimated 25,000 police and military personnel transformed the downtown area into an armed camp.

Over 1.3 billion dollars were spent on security measures, more than all previous G8/G20 meetings combined. This documentary traces the overt breakdown in civil liberties that occurred during the Summit, from unmarked vans with snatch squads of plainclothes police to the pre-emptive arrest of activists now facing years in prison for organizing demonstrations.

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  1. Cerro Yaguajay


    I was using downtown Toronto, along with about another million other regulars. Then Stephen Harper decides to use it for a meeting by throwing upsurge impenetrable fences and post heavily-armed police everywhere. Suddenly I couldn't get to my usual daily destinations. Fortunately for me I gave up on using downtown for a week while it was turned into an armed camp. The mayor asked Harper not to do this but was ignored. All this could have been avoided by using one of the other suggested venues other than downtown. What arrogance.

  2. Grace

    It is as clear....this protestor group is dominated by socialist utopian believers. They are simply the ones who are costing Canadians $1.3 billion in security costs.

    Canadians should stand-up and show these people the way out of Canada.

    1. NicholasGrevas

      Your an id**t grace, or your not an id**t and your very intelligent. Either way corporate greed and the value of the few over the many is an atrocity. At the end of thier lives they all will be taking stock as to what thier life meant and if you oppress and torture people for a living that is going to come back to haunt you at your time of death. We are all people living here an not one of us should have more than another an especially not a few to have an outrageous amount more then most of the people. Look into your conscience and say what is actually right; that people matter more than profits. Thank you

  3. Mauricio Gomez

    What happened to the newspaper guy?

  4. KingGeorgeIV

    Although it took more of a controversial/biased side on this issue, I prefer the doc that was posted a bit over a year ago titled something like, "G20 Summit Exposed." It may have been a bit more one sided and conspiracy-esk but the footage was a bit more interesting.

    As for my opinion on the issue, I view this as a sort of "test run" for something of a larger scale in America. Who knows when, where, or what about. All I know is that I will most likely not be protesting in the future. This footage along with the collective hours I've spent in a legitimate jail cell were bad enough to motivate me to stay away from toying this close to the police. I could only imagine how it must be in a crowded cell and no human rights. Meanwhile Ill be formulating my end times plan and let the government come to me, going down guns blazing of course.

    I guess we should enjoy the freedoms we so carelessly take for granted in a 1st world country.

  5. tsujito5000

    Hurray _________! :D

    Such great ______ and potential Humanity has.

    1. slpsa

      I am at a loss to explain what you are saying. It has been a long day, forgive me for perhaps being dense. Fill in the blanks man.

    2. Vel

      Tell us more o wise one!

  6. Guest

    I don't know which side is more ignorant, the protesters or the police?

    Having Charlie Veitch(aka: Damien Rockefeller/or whatever) narrate some of the scenes should be a red flag for most intelligent people. Also, having no home seems to have no effect on the homeless to enjoy cigarettes. I keep hearing the word "democracy". Every thinking person with intelligence should know what that word is code for. These ignorant sheeple don't have enough intelligence to realize that they are receiving the results of what they are protesting for. Their hearts are in the right place, and they mean well. Unfortunately, their minds are right where the rulers want them. Distracted and confused.

    No doubt for the cops this was a rolled out display of force to show their policing authority. How pathetic that job must be. I'm sure some loved it. I'm sure some of those cops were just there for a paycheck. One would have to question themselves about their own moralities to be capable of protecting the elites. Study up on these rich parasites and their depraved behavior on the masses and you will understand my use of the word "moralities". At the end of the day, the police come out looking less ignorant because they actually have jobs.

    Either way, it's "divide and conquer" so they can get their New World "order out of chaos". Wonder how many were actually on the same side? Time to wake up, stop bleeding with your heart, and use your brain. Common sense and self intuition will always prevail over the untrusty emotional heart. If one wants someone to blame, they need to take a long, hard look in the mirror. That is your enemy.

  7. Edward Wojdon

    Are all those protesters wearing clothing made in CHINA. Complain to your CHINESE masters.

    1. Alma Elizabeth Vasquez Jr

      you mean chinese slaves, the chinese average monthly wage is like 500 per month, just enough to survive on. the USA is the Master, making the chinese work as their slaves. Would be nice one day, if the Chinese got themselves organized and charged more for their labor!!!!! perhaps the chinese and US goverments can agree on the same minimum wage, so that neither side gets the advantage over the other. Right now, the chinese need to up their minimum wage to match those of the american.

  8. ThisDarkChestOfWonders

    They used money from the people to fund security to stop the people from being heard, during a meeting that was to decide how the lives of the people were to be lived for the next generation, by a small group of evildoers and puppets who could care less about the lives of the people, and more about the people's money. If this is not the most messed up crazy sci fi year 3000 alternate dimension existence we as human beings have created for ourselves, then I do not know what is. It's like all the old sci fi horror stories coming real.

  9. Timmy Suckmeister

    These lyrics from Jim Morrison of The Doors certainly speak of things to come:

    The old get old and the young gets stronger
    May take a week and it may take longer
    They got the guns but we got the numbers
    Gonna win, yeah, we're takin' over, come on!

  10. conjured

    Unfortunatly most canadians didn't see what really happened at the g20
    summit ,Because they were too busy watching some recycled sitcom, or the latest geographical location for C S I or whatever
    country has talent this week.Untill the majority of canadians wake up and seek out independent news sources,they will never know whats going on, and remain blissfully ignorant.

  11. ThisDarkChestOfWonders

    Man if only they tried to pull this crap in the uk, it would be complete anarchy.

  12. VegematicDeluxe

    The truth is, No matter how much they try to repress dissent,this is just the start. You cannot run a global plutocracy and expect those you oppress to placidly accept corruption,enviromental degradation and crooked elections.

    1. slpsa

      Problem is, he who has the guns, makes the rules. They have a lot of guns, big ones. When the average person overcomes the fear of that fact, perhaps things may change. Until that time, we will continue to get the short end.

    2. ThisDarkChestOfWonders

      When we start running out of food and drinkable water, guns will look less scary.

    3. Pysmythe

      THAT is exactly what my best friend and I think, too. If the value meals were to suddenly top $10 here in the U.S., the blood would run up to the horses bridles... That kind of over-processed, complete sh*t is the only thing a great many of us can afford to live on, anymore.

    4. I AM POP SLAG.


    5. VegematicDeluxe

      They may have the guns, but so did the Soviet Union and Romania. When they start stealing pensions from cops and the military, ( They will, greed makes them stupid ) their hold on power will be ever more tenuous. There are some U.S. cities now paying their cops minimum wage. All around the globe people are realizing the truth about so called trade deals. They can't arrest an idea,and they can't govern if the people refuse to cooperate with them. I watched an interview with Chris Hedges who as war correspondent for the N.Y. times covered revolutions. Mr. Hedges thinks we are on the verge of one here. I hope he is correct. This is not the Canada I grew up in.

  13. Richard T

    Non violent protest means nothing to people who control the world. Police violence needs to be met with and equal reaction. Chanting a bunch of stuff about democracy is not going to suddenly make G20 attendees go "hey lets stop being corrupt douchebags". It's a nice idea to think that protests like this would actually produce some results, but in reality the next g20 meeting will end up spending even more money on security.

    1. universalhologram

      I'm not saying that protests are the answer but if people use violence how are they any better than those doing the oppressing? This has to be a revolution of the mind.

  14. elmer_thug

    Come to Canada where they treat you like a king... Rodney King!!!

  15. Vinicius Santos Rodrigues

    you 1st world guys are way too civilized

    1. slpsa

      As in we take it dry. Yeah, I know. Tell me about it. Canadians are way too polite to take matters into their own hands.

  16. bbga

    Have concerned Canadians addressed this with their elected officials? If so, what was the response?

    Were elected officials asked to join the protests?

    1. slpsa

      Ignored basically, so far. A review board made some noise, the board has no power to do anything anyways, no teeth or jurisdiction. They still have to face a internal review in the future, not that we would expect anything to come out of it. They were not invited to take part, the elected officials cowered in their bunker type meeting places and rooms with the G20 attendees. The Canada I grew up in no longer exists, the one my immediate family fought for in WW2 has been subverted, just like our next door neighbors. King Harper is a corporate lackey of the most obvious kind. Look at what his omnibus bills entail, from crime to the environment. I bet not many people know he is looking into building our first for profit prisons, I imagine they will need them because of the new massive crime bill. It is now a place where marijuana smokers can possibly get more prison time with no parole or early release, than a pedophile gets for abusing children. Add into that predetermined mandatory sentences for a range of crimes that is hard to fathom. This has taken away the need for a judge in some arguments I have seen lately about it. King Harper has taken away the discretion the judges, he has blatantly taken over the job of judges all across the board by instilling a system of mandatory sentencing, and disallowed any extenuating circumstances for most crimes, but, and this is a big but, nothing, not a stitch, not a variation, of laws pertaining to white collar crimes. That is a clue as well. No new corporate rules, or laws, more deregulation of everything to boot, more privatization, more divestment of Government buildings, entities and services. It is also, open season on our environment, the Resource Extraction Mafia got their way, he is opening up our great Country to be raped of its resources, with little or no benefit to the people who live here. That is a fact. A Country which prides itself on freedom, democracy and usually playing on the right team and sticking up for the little guys, now looks like a Little USA. I have been to both places numerous times, the level of Fascism has grown quickly in this Country, to the point, it is impossible to ignore. I bet some of this shocks a lot of people, but I am not s******g you. This is really going on.

  17. Malchik

    This really was an embarrassing incident for Canada; the police dig almost everything wrong.

    Beat-down on masked, rioting thugs? Nope.

    Crack-down on hippie college kids and elderly people? Yup.

    It's taking a long time, but it looks like some judicial retribution will soon be hitting some of these policemen. Let's hope this incident is used as an example for future individuals.

  18. Epicurus

    i was here in this mess. very memorable time in canadian history...never thought i would see our police treat us like this.

    1. Pysmythe

      Did you personally get hassled by these (edit- corporate) thugs?

    2. Epicurus

      no i played it safe

    3. Rocky Racoon

      Do they clean their own toilets? Same thing in their mind.

    4. Pysmythe

      All of these giant corporations, and the 1%ers, should simply deploy their own armies at these types of events, and leave the real police out of it. They can wear logos all over their uniforms, too, like nascar.

    5. over the edge

      that's a little harsh. my mom was an officer(retired) and i grew up with the harassment of myself my brothers and sisters as well as my mother herself getting harassed/assaulted by the public on multiple occasions.she went out to do the best she could. while i am not defending the actions of others please don't paint all officers with the same brush. all due respect but that's my mom you are talking about when generic statements like that are made. i don't think you meant to encompass all officers but some do and that attitude makes a dangerous job that much more so for those honestly trying to protect others

    6. Pysmythe

      You're right, and I should have known better... I apologize. I'll modify my comment accordingly. One of my favorite uncles was a police officer for quite a number of years, before he decided he had to move on to something else.

    7. over the edge

      thank you. from my experience with your posts i never thought you meant any undue offense.

    8. Pysmythe

      I'm just really p1ssed off about the genuine, certifiable "14 points of fascism" we've all seen creeping in. I never really thought I'd see such a thing in my lifetime. I'm just old enough to remember what I believe were quite different, better times. Sometimes this frustration clouds my judgement, I'm afraid.

    9. over the edge

      totally agree and while i am familiar with the events in the doc (live just up the 401 from Toronto) . i never actually watched this particular doc and i have in the past told others to watch the doc before commenting so i should follow my own advice so i will watch later today and hold off any further comment on the doc til then

    10. ThisDarkChestOfWonders

      My uncle was also a police officer from '70-'80. But that was a completely different time, and a different world. Shame on those scum bags in uniform who assaulted innocent people, and stopped peaceful citizens from trying to be heard. They are supposed to protect and serve those who are just, not those who are rich. If they put down their guns, then the rich have no power. This isn't about getting people to stop buying their products anymore. They have their fingers in everything. You cannot survive in this society without buying something that gives them more money. Barring becoming a monk, or learning to live in antartica, the only way to stop them is by getting their hired guns to lay down, or getting bigger guns to point at them. Thats it. Those are the 2 options, because there is no way they will stop seeking more power. Nothing against your mom, but the police are the henchmen for the rich.

    11. slpsa

      They used to be mostly honorable men, old time cops, not so much TO cops, but small town cops, there are still a few good ones out there, my neighbor is one of them, small town though. He saw what went on and commented to the effect, that those guys were pumped up and basically talked into acting like thugs by their own bosses. They were warned about serious possible violence, talked to as if ten thousand gun toting anarchists were going to run roughshod over them, and they reacted excessively because of that. Now, whether they like it or not, are indeed, a tool for the rich and powerful to use as a shield. And as lap dogs. There is no way any of the police I knew growing up would take part in this. The sad part is, some of them probably did though, they called in cops from all over the Province for that deal. There were so many, it reminded me of Communist Russia or WW2 Germany. All in black, name plates blacked out, faces covered. You know, the brown-shirts/black-shirts thing. It is scary. What have we become, or rather, what have we let them do to us?

    12. I AM POP SLAG.

      "talked into acting like thugs"-do you see the problem with this statement?
      you is or you isnt, you cant talk me into hitting someone with a baton no matter how many frighteners you put on me.

    13. I AM POP SLAG.

      if you wear the badge- you are complicit -period.
      no such thing as a good copper- the half decent coppers are misguided but they are still agents of a a very evil system making up the numbers.
      this argument that some police are somehow okay is nonsense.
      Its like saying there are some good nazis.
      your mum may not be the worst of the jackbooted thugs but she wore those same jackboots and the solidarity of a few decent humans amongst a bunch of violent thugs is the only credibility they have left.
      the "good cops" are the worst of the lot- apologists for the meatheads they work with.

    14. over the edge

      I AM POP SLAG.
      that is the same thinking as all Muslims are terrorists,everyone in the southern states are ignorant racists,the British are snobs with bad dental hygiene or because some of these protesters were there to cause trouble and some of them looted and assaulted others all of them are guilty.that is prejudice and has no practical purpose. go ahead look around yourself. do bad things happen in your neighborhood? because you are part of that group, depending on where you live you elect the officials (even if you don't vote) so you are responsible for the government you get. does the company you work for only do good things? in your life you are complicit in a multitude of ways but not only that you are a hypocrite and by definition prejudice. now we are going way off topic here and i know i started it so it is mostly my fault but instead of lumping all of them together why not dismiss/punish/educate the bad ones and work on ways to improve the organization? or would you prefer to get rid of them all together and see what that society looks like? it is easy to point out a problem now try the hard part. propose rational/realistic solutions

    15. I AM POP SLAG.

      the rational realistic solution? there isnt one. we are human- and neither rational or realistic.
      There is no future for our species, we have shit in our water supply so to speak and poisoned our own habitat to such an extent and bred like we dont have the cognitive function to realise the error of our ways.
      were ******.
      As for the pigs Why not just disband the whole lot of them? they are enforcing law that is neither natural or just, can be used on a whim by them to stop pretty much any behaviour they or their paymasters want quashed and they do.
      Twenty years ago it was unheard of for such a show of force in a "democratic" country against what began as a peaceful protest.
      they are intensely paranoid, violent ,reactionary,incredibly racist(in the uk at least) and are seemingly brainwashed into thinking what they do has a purpose and so what if there is a friendly one who brings you a coffee after they have stamped on your hands and smashed your teeth in and conveniently switched off he cameras in the station. trust me ive been there.
      The good coppers are massively outnumbered these days and only lend credibility to heir gang and their legitimacy
      The conditioning of modern police forces to be zero tolerant and policy obsessed to the point of perfect unquestioning servants of the corporate state.
      They are even immune from their own laws they force upon us?
      when was the last time you heard of a copper being prosecuted for murder?
      There are no such thing as good coppers, if there were then they would leave the force.

    16. I AM POP SLAG.

      No it isnt, at all, not even close.
      being from the southern states is not a choice,
      neither is being a muslim really if you come from a muslim culture.
      and the british ARE total ******** xenophobic snobs on the whole.
      I should know i live here.I work for myself and yes i do good things but dont make much money- funny how that works isnt it?
      the excrement is about to hit the fan if you hadnt noticed the stench,
      the problem with the police is that they are a gang. a selfserving criminal enterprise charging you protection money in taxes and not even protecting you anymore- they are too busy guarding all the ***** who need to hang.
      yep rid of em all, i think people would be surprised once they realise that their safety is their own responsibility not some jackbooted protection gangs.
      By the way i have bad teeth cos the police kicked many of them out of my head for what amounted to no more than refusing to give my name.
      They sent me a nice copper round afterwards with a cup of tea and to inform me that my solicitor couldnt have the tapes of the incident as they were "faulty". so that was nice- they arent all bad!
      (you should have seen the sanctimonious pricks face when id thrown the coffee in it and broke his nose for added effect.)
      i couldnt fight back against his colleagues you see as i was significantly outnumbered and cuffed..
      (one in the street, a couple of digs in the van were the first two).
      perfectly acceptable to them as im from the wrong neighbourhood which is basically as bad as being black over here.
      two months later a guy was killed by the same officers in the same cell where they took me for the third session of my beating.
      (one in the street, a couple of digs in the van were the first two).
      guess what no charges, accidental death was the verdict and they had the tapes of him getting the **** kicked out of him!
      my story is far from unique in an encounter with them even on a personal level.
      they really dont like it when you quote their own law at them see?
      not that it applies to them anyway.
      ever heard of a cop getting charged with murder? nope they call it "unlawful killing" or alternatively "accidental death" and if they do go to court its for manslaughter- they always get off the charge too.
      If the law applied to them like it does the rest of us then i wouldnt have such an issue but it doesnt.

    17. slpsa

      I prefer to think we need police in some form my friend. There are good ones. I just told you about him. I do not want gangs and drugs taking over my town thanks. You may have an axe to grind, and you me be justified with your anger, but to say they are all bad, and all complicit, is a line of crap. Wrong.

    18. Larry Dean Moore

      Any man that will stand idle and allow said atrocities to continue is bad in my book. Wake up sheep. This is clearly a show of power. Don't **** with us slaves because we control the world. Go back to your meaningless diminishing life/freedom.

    19. slpsa

      Well then, I am glad you stopped by with your tidbits of wisdom. I am sure, I will take that advice to heart, don't you worry my man. All hands on deck, battle stations ready. We are ready to take them all down!! Someday, when you can grow a mustache and your gonads drop, you might understand how it really is. You see, he who has the guns, makes the rules, and until you and all your masked avengers that showed up the TO cops get a bigger gang, with bigger guns, you are as we say, screwed. I for one, did not agree with nor support a single thing that was done in our Province that week, but I am not stupid enough to think you and your buddies, nor anyone else besides heavily armed troops could deal with the show of force. I do not have to like it, but I have no choice but to sit back and let experts like you handle it. I am a lover and a man of science, not a soldier of fortune like those we saw rioting. Your unarmed gang, I will give an " A " for balls, I will give you that, but smarts, not so much. You accomplished nothing but getting a lot of innocent people hurt. You are all on a list now I am sure, good way to fly under the radar. As I said, balls marks, A man, smarts mark, F minus.

    20. slpsa

      One of the principle rules of engagement is to fly under the radar and do things quietly, in cased you missed that point the first time. That was quite the quiet response you brave people gave them. When you figure out hurting them in the pocket book hurts more than firebombs, rocks and sticks, you might get somewhere. Not that I would advocate such things, but some of you really need a good advice guy. Internet revolutionaries need a decent teacher once in a while. I am free if you happen to need more solid ideas.

    21. I AM POP SLAG.


    22. I AM POP SLAG.

      You dont want gangs taking over your town?
      What do you think the police are you fool?
      and why are drugs so problematic?
      oh because they are illegal, forced underground and into the hands of gangs who operate in opposition to the police gang.
      look up portugal and how their policy of tolerance is destroying the criminal culture around drugs and reducing their harmful use.
      Have you ever called the police in the event of a crime?
      they dont tend to come anymore or actually catch anyone or hadnt you noticed?
      and if they do turn up they usually escalate situations.
      , they are too busy with their wars on blacks or guns or drugs or terrors or common sense or slurpies or some other nonsensical concept.
      I know a couple of nice hells angels but i dont think the gang is all that necessary or requiring of a state mandate for that matter.
      The "good ones" as you put it are the worst of the lot, the majority of them are scum, the very worst, self righteous ,racist,casually violent and inhuman -using a state mandate to satisfy a desire to control and have all that come before them comply, they are always desperate to "make an arrest" and will teach you a lesson if you dont at least play their litle game.
      The uk police's favourite is to threaten you with arrest if you happen to cuss- every time, without fail they will threaten you if you happen to swear no matter how inoffensively or casually -it seems to be a game with them- as a common response is to say "what the ****?" to such a threat- then they get to wrestle you like mad when you dont even move an inch- its like they are horny or something, proper deranged and paranoid out of their skin because they are employees of a gang whose true nature they dont understand one little bit.
      The law as we know is an (evil,stubborn,contradictory,overblown, unnecessarily interfering and fussy)***, they ride it round like is some sort of white steed with a licence for violence to be perpertrated in the face of all human behaviour no matter how banal.
      pummeling f$%K out of someone for being rightfully nervous of being near the f$%king wackos with so many ridiculous gadgets and accoutrements they feel like they are infantry in some kind of moral war whilst neglecting to notice they are dressed in black and their handskeep itching toward the pepper spray or they are constantly mobbing anyone they consider even the remotes of threats to property or themselves, and thats the "good ones".
      How many times have you seen a situation vastly improve when they arrive on the scene?
      they pick a target for arrest on their random law criteria then all hell breaks loose and before you know it they have arrested everyone including half the witnesses or anyone who dares try to talk to them once they have gone into emergency psychopathic grabbing people mode then charging everyone with breach of the peace or some other "public order offence" that they have to fit any given situation when they in fact themselves have usually charged in shouting, spraying ,tasering,pushing,swinging,barging and raucously and violently "breaching the peace" themselves! if their ever even was such a thing!?!.
      Just look at what they did at this mostly, genuinely peaceful protest- apart from the usual few symbolic bank windows and the highly suspect and strangely militarily organised "black bloc" of course.
      Bank windows hardly cost 1.2 billion do they?
      They only hold this thing in city centres to give you a big show of force and you think the real deals get made when all these conniving****t politicians are sitting round the same table?
      Its a circus for us all to watch the protesters getting totally shutdown so we dont try it on when they are really cutting the cheese at the bilderberg(at random hotels) or davos(in a mountain lair)- these guys are like mafia bosses- the g5/7 whatever is just the yearly equivalent of the godfathers wedding- where they all go and ask the american arm of the operation for special favours.

      The presence of supposedly reasonable people in an unreasonable organisation somehow makes he insitution acceptable? does it?
      he police,however nice they may seem they are profoundly misguided in protecting the governments they serve,are paid by and whose edicts they carry out.

    23. I AM POP SLAG.

      lol what do you think the police ARE?
      corporate sponsorship would be good though least then we know where we stand, they are doing this in the uk but they are REPLACING the police with private security firms.

    24. slpsa

      I know what you mean. I was in T.O. for a meeting at the time this went on. After watching the police do their jobs, it is no longer a stretch to assume Canada has now joined the police state that exists next door to us. Corporations make the rules, the police and Government do their bidding. If that is not black and white, I do not know what is. This is Fascism according to the definition of the word. No debate to be had, we have been sold down the river by our own Government. ( spelling edit}

    25. Rocky Racoon

      As an individual who has lived most of his life in a low socio-economic status, I can tell you from personal experience the class struggle that was played out at the macro g20 happens in every "rough" part of town in Canada everyday. Today....if you aren't guilty when they pull you over you will be before they are done. Excercising your civil rights is termed obstruction by the local constabulary-miniturized dough boys....like the puppet in Ghost Busters only armed to the teeth. What is this with live ammo and protesting citizens? At no time should live ammo be used against people in a democratically arranged protest. That is grade 5 civil rights, not complicated at all.

    26. Epicurus

      growing up most of my childhood in Regent Park I have to say you are right. however you dont see it on such a large scale and all over the news in everyones face.

      the most depressing thing about this all is that nothing really came of it. no one is really being held accountable.

    27. slpsa

      Small Country is it not? I worked at 101 Sherbourne filling up cabs when I was young and starting out my education. Part time job, my friends brother in law owned the station back then, he was only to happy to give some guys from up North a job and help out with tuition. I lived 4 doors down from Mr Tasty's on Queen and Parliament in a beautiful loft apartment for the whole time I was in College and then University. About 8 years total. I used to drink at the Horseshoe Tavern and all the other bars along the strip. This was way back, in the early-mid 70s, feck, time fly's man. I was a metal hippie, but an educated one. It is sad to see what I saw in the big smoke that week during the G20. It was like a fortress, with armed thugs everywhere, looking and acting tough, and gazing at anyone within eye shot as if they were guilty of breathing air and occupying space anywhere in any public place that week. It was like being in the big brother novel. I was maybe half in the bag, but that is what it felt like. It was a sad sight man. This is not the Canada I knew and loved growing up anymore. From where I sit, we have been sold out. Keep in mind, I work for a large Multinational. I see what I see. Not much to wonder about.

    28. Epicurus

      i lived in a building on Bleeker street and so did my grandmother. right across from the Wellesley Hospital. i know that area very well. small country indeed.