Taliban Child Fighters

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As the British and US-led troops get ready to abandon Afghanistan, they leave behind a country in the hands of the Taliban. And the next generations aren't merely blameless observers of the continuous war- some of them have also become contributors.

Dispatches acquire exclusive admission to meet the Taliban's child fighters. Some agree to give up their lives, others are strained - but they are all Afghanistan's Taliban generation.

10 year-old Neaz knows a lot about firearms. Two years ago, he was abducted by the Taliban and "prepared" for a specific task. Neaz succeeded to break away from the Taliban camp during the night, and hiked until he came to a police station where he turned himself in. The authorities used the publicity and showed off Neaz on Afghan TV.

Defenseless children are easy target for the Taliban - over two thirds of the kids in the orphanages have lost their parents to the war. Neaz's family was murdered when their village was bombarded by the coalition forces in an attempt to kill hiding rebels. Everyone in Neaz's family was massacred, including his brother and sister.

Most of the children in the orphanages were born after the American invasion in 2001. They have known nothing but bloodshed. The NATO-supported Afghan government is battling for the hearts and minds of this growing generation. Pro-Government propaganda materials are delivered to children in orphanages and schools around the country. But, Neaz and his friends know that life is more complex than what the propaganda advocates.

After almost 12 years - with the assistance of the world's most capable military forces - the Taliban have still not been crushed. One of the Taliban's most efficient armament has been the suicide bomb. Recently, a video was posted to the Internet showing what's considered to be Taliban members reassuring one unenthusiastic, young suicide bomber. There's no way of proving the video - and what happened next with the boy is unknown. Not all children suicide bombers are unwilling recruits. The Afghan authorities claim that 48 kids were taken into custody last year for planning attacks.

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  1. these are the kids we are going to let in our country fantastic idea

  2. When will you Americans realize the error you made? These kids don't deserve this. Bush sure had a better childhood...

  3. The failed foreign policies are to blame,. its not just American, but many others have damaged this culture in the east. Cultures of any kind have an invisible land scape that shapes its leaders.

    I see a smart boy in this Video, His mind is still digesting the world around him, but its clear he is awake, and the seeds are planted. This type of environment crafted in foreign policy will be the catalyst that manufactures a powerful leader with high IQ.

    I explore the past to understand the events of modern power transfers, and it gives me sobering insight of the world today.

    here is a tidbit from Genghis Khans bio,.

    early success of the Mongol army owed much to the brilliant military
    tactics of Genghis Khan, as well as his understanding of his enemies'
    motivations. He employed an extensive spy network and was quick to adopt
    new technologies from his enemies"

  4. Did anyone else note how deeply the U.S. is hated by these people? Or the hardness in these kids' eyes? Does the next generation of Afghanis stand much of a chance of being a peaceful one?
    Yeah, religion blah blah blah. How about if America stops bombing the poor and sends teachers abroad instead of soldiers? Name one American invasion that has made the world a better place. One CIA sponsored Coup that has brought stability...

    1. In Afghanistan the Taliban shoot teachers and blow up the schools, as they do in Swat valley. Didn't you get the memo from Radio Mullah?

  5. Nice to see children Laughing and playing Too bad they are also being Manipulated in such a way !!They need to remove religion from their equations !!

  6. It's a bloody shame to see children being used as pawns Because of people believing life here on this Spectacular planet is temporary and heaven awaits them in there grave! the cure for this INSANITY is more necessary now then ever! And we call our self's Civil, hahahahah

  7. honestly when you think you are helping you might not really be helping

  8. I say the United States needs to take care of business at home and screw the rest of the world! If it was not for us depending on what part of europe you are from you would either be dead or speaking german!

    1. Rest of the world would agree with you, (edit - your first sentence ) myself included.

      Europe and WWII relates to the Taliban how exactly?

    2. sorry to get off the topic and start ranting and raving but some people do not respond right and get insulting

    3. sorry sometimes I get carried away you are right.

  9. The US used the war on terror to bring back the opium production to levels never seen prior to the invasion.
    The Taliban eliminated 94% of the opium production and allowed the 6% for medicinal use only pre invasion.
    We can't have our drug wars and money laundering without the opium flow from Afghanistan.
    Too many politicians and corporations were losing money because of what the Taliban did.

    1. I use to be enamored with that idea too. Then I realised the amount of undue credit I was giving to US congress.

    2. yes I have to agree with you on that one.

    3. Thank you for the reasoned response. Given that I was rude and reactionary to you on other comments here ...

    4. thank you also I have diabetes and though that is no excuse sometimes when my sugar level gets to high I respond stupidly. It sucks getting old! Yes I am sure my view point on Iran is influenced by the media here in the United States and believe me when I say my country is not innocent in any way and people here are slowly realizing that.

    5. yes and the taliban did a lot for women and children too?! F**k the taliban!

    6. Plus if the drug lords pulled their loot out of the banks the banks would fold in a flash.

  10. The worst country in the world that exports terrorism is iran and if they get the bomb we are going to see world war 3!

    1. that is the most non-sensical drivvel i've come across!i urge you to switch off your mainstream & 'waste a little time' in real news,ie dig a little & maybe you'll find a way out of the burrough!start by looking who has the bomb & denies control!you'll be in for a surprise!

    2. yes the United States has the bomb and yet have we used it yet? It is a proven fact that Iran exports terrorism and the Iranian people are controlled by their government! The United States did bomb Japan near the end of world war 2 but only to avoid having hundreds of thousands soldiers being killed in a war we did not start! It has been proven over and over that Iran exports terrorism through its so called democratic society! I am not saying the United States is perfect by any means going in for war after war for any reason because to me war is immoral!

    3. the us of a goes to war against the most minisculeslashweakest states in existence to justify imperial strength(after ww2:vietnam;cuba???;afghanistan;iraq?,what about N.korea?!)
      iran is NO threat.......the threat lays within!if you'ld have an islamic/arabian lobby interfering
      your politicians,you'ld have a different opinion!
      i feel sorry for you.......all!

    4. Any country with nuclear weapons is a threat and if Iran does develop a nuclear arsenal it joins the league of nations that pose a threat to the rest of the world. Especially, when one recalls that one of it's leaders, Ahmadinejad, publicly stated that he longs for the "end times" war of destruction.

    5. sorry jack but you are mis-informed.
      he said on multiple occasions that the zionist regime is dying due to it's militant behaviour & thats a difference....wiki:

      2006 statements that "the Israeli government is a fabricated government" and "the solution is democracy"

      In 2006 Ahmadinejad appeared in an edited interview with CBS' 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace
      where Ahmadinejad stated "the Israeli government is a fabricated
      government". However, the full, unedited interview was shown on C-SPAN afterwards, where it was shown that 60 Minutes
      had cut out Ahmadinejad's peaceful statements that "the solution is
      democracy," and that Iran wants a "durable peace," and for "the war to
      come an end" (referring to the Israel-Palestine Conflict). C-SPAN posted a video online of both the edited interview and the full interview.[56]

    6. ....&:

      "Wiped off the map" controversy

      Ahmadinejad was the subject of controversy in 2005 when one of his
      statements, given during "The World Without Zionism" conference in Tehran, was translated to suggest Israel should be "wiped off the map,"[74] an English idiom which means to "cause a place to stop existing,"[75] or "destroy completely".[76] The story was picked up by Western news agencies and quickly made headlines around the world.[77][citation needed] On 30 October, The New York Times published a full transcript of the speech in which Ahmadinejad was quoted:

      Our dear Imam (referring to Ayatollah Khomeini)
      said that the occupying regime must be wiped off the map and this was a
      very wise statement. We cannot compromise over the issue of Palestine.
      Is it possible to create a new front in the heart of an old front. This
      would be a defeat and whoever accepts the legitimacy of this regime has
      in fact, signed the defeat of the Islamic world. Our dear Imam targeted
      the heart of the world oppressor in his struggle, meaning the occupying
      regime. I have no doubt that the new wave that has started in Palestine,
      and we witness it in the Islamic world too, will eliminate this
      disgraceful stain from the Islamic world.[78]

      The Iranian presidential website stated: "the Zionist Regime of
      Israel faces a deadend and will under God's grace be wiped off the map,"
      and "the Zionist Regime that is a usurper and illegitimate regime and a
      cancerous tumor should be wiped off the map." [79]


      The "wiped of the map" translation originated from the state-controlled Islamic Republic News Agency.[80] This translation's use in the media has been criticized.[81]
      Arash Norouzi, artist and co-founder of The Mossadegh Project, says the
      statement "wiped off the map" did not exist in the original speech and
      that Ahmadinejad directed his comment toward the "regime occupying
      Jerusalem". Norouzi's translation of the Persian quote reads; "the Imam
      said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time."[82] Juan Cole,
      historian of the Middle East and South Asia, concurs; Ahmadinejad's
      statement should be translated as, "the Imam said that this regime
      occupying Jerusalem (een rezhim-e eshghalgar-e qods) must [vanish from] the page of time (bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad)," noting that there is no Persian idiom to wipe something off the map.[83] Shiraz Dossa, a professor of Political Science at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada, also believes the text is a mistranslation.[84]

      Ahmadinejad was quoting the Ayatollah Khomeini in the specific speech under discussion: what he said was that "the occupation regime over Jerusalem
      should vanish from the page of time." No state action is envisaged in
      this lament; it denotes a spiritual wish, whereas the erroneous
      translation – "wipe Israel off the map" – suggests a military threat.
      There is a huge chasm between the correct and the incorrect
      translations. The notion that Iran can "wipe out" U.S.-backed,
      nuclear-armed Israel is ludicrous.[85][86][87]

      The Guardian columnist and foreign correspondent Jonathan Steele published an article based on this line of reasoning.[88]

      In a 11 June 2006 analysis of the translation controversy, New York Times editor Ethan Bronner stated:

      [T]ranslators in Tehran who work for the president's office and the
      foreign ministry disagree with them. All official translations of Mr.
      Ahmadinejad's statement, including a description of it on his website,
      refer to wiping Israel away. Sohrab Mahdavi, one of Iran’s most
      prominent translators, and Siamak Namazi, managing director of a Tehran
      consulting firm, who is bilingual, both say “wipe off” or “wipe away” is
      more accurate than "vanish" because the Persian verb is active and

      Bronner continued: "..it is hard to argue that, from Israel's point
      of view, Mr. Ahmadinejad poses no threat. Still, it is true that he has
      never specifically threatened war against Israel. So did Iran's
      president call for Israel to be 'wiped off the map'? It certainly seems
      so. Did that amount to a call for war? That remains an open question."[89]
      This elicited a further response from Jonathan Steele, who noted that
      Bronner agreed that "map" or any other place noun had not been used and
      criticized this Wikipedia entry (as it was on 14 June 2006) for "claiming falsely" that Ethan Bronner had "concluded that Ahmadinejad had in fact said that Israel was to be wiped off the map".[90]

      Iranian government sources denied that Ahmadinejad issued any sort of threat. On 20 February 2006, Iran's foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki
      told a news conference: "How is it possible to remove a country from
      the map? He is talking about the regime. We do not recognize this regime
      legally."[91][92][93] Ahmadinejad himself stated that Iran is not a threat to any country, including Israel.[94] At a gathering of foreign guests marking the 19th anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 2008, Ahmadinejad said:

      "You should know that the criminal and terrorist Zionist regime which
      has 60 years of plundering, aggression and crimes in its file has
      reached the end of its work and will soon disappear off the geographical

      Later comments

      At a news conference on 14 January 2006, Ahmadinejad stated his speech had been exaggerated and misinterpreted.[96]
      "There is no new policy, they created a lot of hue and cry over that.
      It is clear what we say: Let the Palestinians participate in free
      elections and they will say what they want." Speaking at a D-8 summit meeting
      in July 2008, he denied that his country would ever instigate military
      action. Instead he claimed that "the Zionist regime" in Israel would
      eventually collapse on its own.[97][98]

      Asked if he objected to the government of Israel or Jewish people, he
      said that "creating an objection against the Zionists doesn't mean that
      there are objections against the Jewish". He added that Jews lived in
      Iran and were represented in the country's parliament.[97]

    7. There are around eight nations with nuclear capabilities and that is eight countries too many. One more nation with the bomb increases the threat of a nuclear strike and the danger increases every time another sovereign state develops a nuclear arsenal. That is a common sense conclusion.

      Ahmadinejad finished his last speech at the United Nations asking Allah to hasten the arrival of the Imam Mahdi. Shia Muslims believe that his emergence will bring about the final conflict which the Mahdi will win and the entire world would convert to Islam. He also referred to the return of Jesus, who would join the Mahdi in ruling this new Muslim earth. This is a variation of the Christian Apocalypse which is a driving force behind some American fundamentalist leaders. Iran is a country that is ruled by a religious leader, the Ayatollah, and is only democratic as long as this leader allows it. This is a country that enforces dress codes for women and executes gays. Not what I would call a bastion of democracy, no matter what Ahmadinejad said on the "Sixty Minutes" interview.

      I understand the criticism of America but that doesn't mean that every other country is beyond reproach. I don't trust anyone who blindly follows religious ideology, American, Iranian or anyone and I'm really frightened of anyone who has or wants a nuclear arsenal.

    8. I think the term I would use to describe your dribble is simpleton. Your statement in of itself is full of non-truth or more to the point all lies.
      Either do some more in depth research or shut the hell up for trying to spread such nonsense, both in regard to Iran and Japan. What you are spewing is the typical propaganda associated with no historical accuracy.

    9. So what you are trying to say is that the United States started world war 2 and pearl harbor never happened and I suppose Hitler was a wonderful man and never killed a jew in his life! If my information is dribble as you say then Iran's government must be wonderful and anyone can stand up to them in their country and not be persecuted! Look I am not saying my government is so wonderful because I believe their policies are bad in many ways!

    10. why respond in length with nonsense that doesn't even adress petescags content of comment?that would only make sense if you had a stroke whilst twiddling on the keyboard?>smirk< please don't feel offended
      it's just a silly reply.....
      but back to subject;the number one country that exports terror is your beloved US of A.if you care to spend some time with following subjects & then would be so kind to share your 'expertise' i would be delighted :
      1.gulf of tonkin incident
      2.iran 1953 mossadegh
      3.guatemala '54 arbenez coup
      4.laos 57-73 cia creates merc.army & terrorizes civil.
      5.brazil '64 overthrow of gov. by cia coup
      ...& thats just for a start!do you believe that iran has the same despotic energy & means of effort?

    11. Okay lets just agree to disagree but both the United States and Iranian governments are not innocent in any ways in dealing with the rest of the world. not offended no big deal

    12. please help to convince me that iran is an evil nation with innocent blood on their hands & should be caged?

    13. I'm replying to this post, as your other one isn't cleared yet.

      Don, check the comments policy, your caps-lock rant is out of line, and doesn't make you any more correct. And we're off topic. If you want to talk WWII with me, we need to find a WWII thread, here is not the place. I'll not reply on this thread about WII after this one, because it's the wrong place and I think kids being hurt now is more
      important and pressing than history lessons. Happy to talk more about it elsewhere mate if you wish.

      I'm no fan of the Japanese in that time, my grandfather fought them in New Guinea, I have inherited his medals. There is good reason why the 'fuzzy wuzzies' (our nickname then for the New Guinean locals) were helping us, not them. (admittedly some of them were 'forced' to help) Many of my luntzmen were killed in cruel ways, Burma Rail etc.
      But that doesn't mean we should ignore the real history.
      Did you read the link I gave you? I'll quote the end of it, to give you some idea what your own Generals in the Pacific said. They say you're wrong in what you claim about the defeat of Japan.

      From the link in my above post to you;

      "General Douglas MacArthur, Commander of US Army forces in the Pacific, stated on numerous occasions before his death that the atomic bomb was completely unnecessary from a military point of view: "My staff was unanimous in believing that Japan was on the point of collapse and
      General Curtis LeMay, who had pioneered precision bombing of Germany and Japan
      (and who later headed the Strategic Air Command and served as Air Force chief of staff), put it most succinctly: "The atomic bomb had nothing to do with the end of the war."
      You are wrong mate, as your own Generals running the war later said. Google the 'Great White Fleet', there you'll find some of the seeds of the Pacific war 40 odd years
      As far as Pearl Harbor, again, read that link. It gives some of the history, which tells a different story to the propaganda
      you're retelling. Australian intelligence (aerial recon) showed their Fleet had sailed, we warned you they were coming, but FDR needed the US public to change their opinion so you could enter WWII. A 'surprise attack' fit the bill, and so that's the story you heard. Its not the complete truth, by a long shot.
      Mate, don't talk sh1t and you won't get 'dribble'.

    14. You are simplifying the issues to make an erroneous point. It is that simple. The bombings of non-military targets of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are contested regarding the "end the war and save lives" statement. Japan was beaten and was about to surrender and dropping the bombs was just a military show of force by exposing the world to this new terror is another version. As to Iran, the United States backed Saddam Hussein ( remember him) in an attempt to gain a foothold in a country that once had a US puppet in the Shah of Iran Mohammad, Rezā Shāh Pahlavī. CIA backed operations in that country began in the 1950's because of the growing political movement to naturalize oil. It is all about the oil.
      And as for Hitler, 56,000,000 people were killed during WW 2. Just focusing on the Jews proves the point that you are missing the bigger picture, Don Dribble.

    15. No I do realize there was more then just the jews killed in ww2 but I hear so much denial about what happened to the jews in regards to this issue. As far as bombing Japan near the end of world war 2 Japan was not going to surrender and why should the United States lose more soldiers in invading Japan. As far as your point about the U.S. supporting Saddam I agree with 100%! My country has some terrible foreign policies and we do have some of the worst politicians in the world. I also agree with you in regards to the Shah being a puppet of the U.S. I agree with you on many of the issues but I also think that Iran exports terrorism with some of their agents.Lets face it the world is run by rich bankers and corporations and many innocent people die because of money! My saying is in the next war politicians kids fight first then we will never have another war!

    16. Sorry Mr. Dribble, but I say whether in the positive or the negative the discourse when a discussion of WW2 is involved focuses primarily on the Jews, as you have so nicely pointed out and not on the many "others" and their stories. My friend this topic was not about them but you managed to redirect the discussion. If this topic was about pork, you'd probably do the same.

      I disagree about your statement pertaining to the bombing of Japan. You should do more research. It is that simple.

    17. just by you calling me mr dribble shows you have no respect for other people's opinions or respect other people! You need to grow up and do not call other people names!

    18. Dear Mr. Sensitive, names are names, and only names. We have killed millions in the past and are continuing to kill hundreds of thousands because of ignorance, greed and lack of voicing outrage at the atrocities and lies committed by us for dominance over other countries for their natural resources. You are clueless and your nonsensical rhetoric intentional or not contributes to the war machine propaganda. And, that my friend, is offensive to me and more harmful. .

    19. yes our government does not seem to care about anyone unless it makes our politicians and their buddies richer!

    20. I do hope Iran develops a nuclear weapon(they already have a few) to keep the corrupt Saudi fraud Muslims at bey and to keep the hounds of hell(Israel) from trying to enact an "elitist" attitude of zionism in the area.

    21. Good idea (not), give every group with a religious psychosis the bomb... that is bound to work out well hey.
      I notice you even managed to include the 'no true scotsman fallacy' in your short, silly preach. Nice... if you're into fairy tales and idiotic, illogical beliefs that is.

    22. You must like Israel and the ethnic cleansing going on in Palestine?

    23. You put a ? at the end, so are you asking, or telling me what I 'like'?

      No, I don't like what Israel is doing, but that doesn't mean everyone having weapons like that is a good idea. That's your illogical conclusion, not mine.

    24. What is your problem with Iran?

    25. Do you understand the meaning of 'everyone'?

    26. Are you refering to the human race in general?

    27. I don't think it is good for anyone to have that sort of weaponry, whatever their intentions or beliefs.
      So you can stop with the persecution complex.

    28. Yes, these weapons are meant for total annihilation of races, but it is a reality and the world we live in.
      Hopefully, there is not someone insane enough to use them.

    29. Again...

    30. none of the known actual terrorists are of iranian descent...weird that no one feels threaten'd by saudi-arabia?

    31. The US is the largest terrorist nation in the world.
      They have done so many illegal invasions of other nations and are forerunners on crimes against humnaity, even theri own citizens.
      Rome eventually fell too.........

    32. you are correct on a lot of your comment but I also think there is a lot of blame to go around for other nations. The rich bankers and wall street people abuse and take advantage of the working class and poor.

    33. That sentence as it stands right there now is just another sign of right-wing vacuous though. Iran + weaponry = end of world!

      You sound like a simpleton that listens to too much Faux News.

      Saudi Arabia?

      Edit: *thought ... or lack of.

  11. If anyone thinks just packing up the troops will fix all the problems of Afghanistan, then they are extremely misguided. I spent a lot of time in that country trying to help, its not as easy as one may think.

  12. An inside look shows how ignorance and misinformation leads to easy brainwashing of children. One thing that must be done: show how internally inconsistent the Koran is and then show why, because of that, it cannot be the word of God. Half the battle for minds will then be done.

    1. The Quran verifies earlier revelations and corrects the influence of man upon earlier writings.
      The New Testament is the one that you should question in multiple contradictions.

    2. They're both fairy tales. The Quran, just the same as the Bible, was written by man, not 'divine inspiration' or 'God'. The Quran gets multiple claims incorrect as well. A flat earth for starters. Not to mention flying to the moon on a winged horse and cleaving it in half with a sword. All it verifies is that people are gullible.

    3. Not sure where you get your understanding of the Quran and the issues you mentioned?
      It is a matter of your belief in God.

    4. He probably got them from the Quran. If you'd bothered reading any of his past posts you wouldn't have need to ask that obvious question.

    5. Again, a statement with a ? at the end. Fact is X, you don't know were I get my understanding of anything.

      Unlike your inference and obvious personal beliefs, a belief in 'God' is not restricted to your Quran and it's BS.

      I got this from your so called 'word of God'.
      Ok, the starter.. the flat earth. Qu'ran 13:3, 15:19, 20:53, 50:7, 51:48, 79:30, 88:20 and 91:6.
      All these passages are talking about a flat earth.
      Seems you're the one who needs to understand your own 'scriptures'.

    6. Can you try and give me a point to this 'flat earth" you seem to be stuck on?
      I understand the Quran better than you, I can assure you(unless you per chance happen to be an Islamic scholar).

    7. Well if you understand it so well, you shouldn't have had to ask then. After reading your posts, your assurances mean nothing to me, as you're obviously another brainwashed muppet sprouting mostly crud.

    8. If you wish to back away, I understand.
      You do not understand the Quran and only use bits and pieces to justify a means to an end like so many others that do not understand.
      Sorry that the world has been so cruel to you that you feel you need to argue in this manner.
      If you disagree, fine, but the insults make you like a small and resentful person trying to be a bully when you have probably been bullied your entire life.

    9. Wrong again. Back away from what, your claims? lol, you still claim to know something about me that you can't... no wonder you believe scriptures that claims knowledge it doesn't have. Don't you think it's weird a supposed creator didn't even know the shape of our planet?

    10. Is the shape of the planet significant to a human's salvation and worship to God.
      Why would man need to know this?

    11. The fact it speaks of a flat earth, which we now know is completely incorrect, indicates how accurate your claims of it being the 'word of God' are.

      "..verifies earlier revelations and corrects the influence of man upon earlier writings" you claim.

      Kind of got a few things wrong for a 'supreme being'.

    12. You did not answear my question.
      Can you read it again and answear it?

    13. You obviously don't understand my answer, which does answer your question.

      It proves your claims of 'divine inspiration' are incorrect, which negates the rest of your absurd attempt at ducking the issue.

    14. Ah! Now I see why you are bad mouthing America. Oh you of the obvious ilk!

    15. Why do you suppose I am bad mouthing a terrorist country such as the US?

    16. Because you feel an overwhelming need to trumpet the superiority of your imaginary sky daddy above theirs.

      Obvious clown is obvious.

      Edit: Outside of your hangup on skydaddies I could probabaly agree with you on quite a few things relating to US foreign policy.

    17. Mock God at your own peril.
      It matters to me not if you have faith or not.
      It is of no consequence to me.

    18. Mock which god exactly? Thor? Odin? Zeus? Mithra? Mohammud the kiddy fiddler? Spiderman? Beethoven? Einstein?

      A little bit more specificity please

    19. I am sure you understand the only God I speak of.

    20. Justin Beiber is not my god!

    21. LOL!
      Very witty...

    22. Yeah I'm very funny like that. Other ways too. For instance, I think that anyone that would make kids like these sacrifice their lives like that deserve to be taken out and cruelly beaten to pulp.

      What about you champ? What do you think?

    23. As the film stated: These children are uneducated as their parents probably are as well.
      When you have an uneducated populace that knows nothing other than what they are told, it becomes easy to wield great influence.
      Just look at what happened to the early Chrisitans that were uneducated and where they are today in the religion because of it.

    24. It's nice that you seem to agree in a round about way. It would have appeared a lot more genuine without the obligatory christian quip. Christian quips don't mean a lot to people of any regard on this site.

    25. The issue is to try and show that the Christian population early on was largely uneducated and the church fathers led them astray in knowledge on purpose without any way for them to refute what was being told.
      What ended up as the gospel was decided by one very influential man. There were 100's of known gospels that never made it into the canon and no one even knew about them until the late 1700's
      Same thing with Islam of today(but to a lesser degree).
      Many Muslims(educated as well) do not understand the religion of Islam and are guided by those with an agenda.
      Ignorance in God's laws is not a valid excuse to Him.

    26. A couple questions for ya X, how many Taliban are Christian? It is on topic how exactly?

    27. What does this question have to do with Islam and the Quran?
      Ask me something significant if you would like to gain knowledge on a subject you seem to have little of.

    28. What exactly is your agenda here?

    29. You need to go read the comments policy. Then you might understand the significance of those questions.
      I know enough to know your claims are complete BS, as are your 'scriptures'. How much do I know about the Quran, since you're telling me what I do and don't know?

    30. You know nothing about the Quran.
      You can not form an educated and well pronounced argument as to what you deem as "BS".
      You know nothing about Islam or Muhammad other than what others have told you.
      You have not researched it and learned.
      Therefore you are ignorant and really not worth the time to educate on the issue because all you can do is mock something you know nothing about.
      Makes you look ridiculous and nervous when you are challenged on it.

    31. You asked where, I gave it. You still go on about what you think I do or don't know, and where I did or didn't learn it... very used to making assumptions about things you can't know X.
      You tried again X, but wrong, yet again. Wishful thinking from you doesn't make things reality.. I can see that's hard for you to grasp.

    32. You're arrogance is starting to burn through buddy.

    33. He's a dime a dozen mate... another muppet of his religious masters.

    34. It's the audacity of starting up a 'best religion' battle in the comments section of a doc like this one that absolutely f--king floors me when it comes to understanding. Seriously, WTF??

    35. Neither you nor the bunny man know anything about Islam and the Quran.
      All you are looking for is to get into a slanderous and mocking argument over who can insult the other more and be savy about it.
      If you guys want to talk on an educated level without the insults, then hey let's do it and perhaps we all can learn something from it.
      If not, then good night.

    36. First of all, that's not a bunny. It's a kangaroo.

      Secondly, how dare you push your mindless drivel in the comments section of such a serious topic and then try changing the issue. Shame on you.

      Thirdly, outside of countering your drivel here I wouldn't cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire.

      Good night.

    37. Obviously he doesn't know what a Kangaroo is... it's not in his book. ;)

    38. Well if they're not in the magic book then they magically don't exist. Therefore you are not real. Therefore who the hell am I talking to??

      Aaaaah. logic hurts!

      Edit: I see why they are afraid of it.

    39. Grab a good pair of binoculars and climb onto your roof, I'll climb onto mine and wave to you.. since its a flat earth and all, you'll see me. ;)

      I agree with you, the fact he'll use a thread like this to try to preach his religion is sickening... he's only one step removed from those in this doco.

    40. Not a chance I'm going up on my roof tonight, it's seriously cold out there dude.

      This is the thing that tests my tolerance of religious folk though. What epiphany is ever so important that you feel an irresistible urge to waddle into a shared time of reflection and cram it in someone elses facehole, throat and ears.

      To be blunt.

      I'll never get it.

    41. bunny man hey?... what was it you said about insults?
      Hypocrite... look up the definition, then look in a mirror.
      I gave you where your book of lies speaks of a flat earth, as per your request, you come back with why does man need to know that to worship your God..I'll give you a one word answer then..
      Of which your claims, and your scripture's have none. Run away now, as you said I would. Yet another thing you got wrong.

    42. The fact we both know its cr@p shows we understand it better then you do X. lol.

    43. A question for you, since you seem to think you know everything about me... how much time have I spent in a Muslim country, with Muslim people? Hint for you, your first answer of none is incorrect. But hey, I couldn't know anything about Islam, since you said it.

    44. I did not say I was a psychic, so I don't know and don't care.
      Just because you spent time around Muslims does not mean you understand Islam.
      Many Muslims themselves do not understand their religion correctly.
      Same can be said for the Christians.

    45. Now you claim the Muslims I've spent time around don't understand their beliefs...how would you know that?

      I understand the Qu'ran well enough to know it makes incorrect statements and claims, and also contains messages of hate and instructions of violence within it. Just like your Christian cousins' version. Which renders both of them lies, sick, dangerous lies.

      Care to get back on topic? Your attempt at preaching is getting you nowhere. If you want to preach your crud, find an appropriate thread. Something on Islam, maybe Christianity or mental illness. They're all more suitable then here.
      Got anything to say about the children in this one?

    46. No bunny man.
      There is no benefit in trying to teach one with closed mind and black spot on their heart such as you.
      I am sorry this world has been so cruel to you.
      Perhaps belief in God would soothe your wounds if you could muster the faith.

    47. You've nothing to say about this documentary then. Why are you posting?

      Wrong, yet again hypocrite. This world has been kind to me, I wasn't born like you for starters.
      You can stick your preaching with your dogma up your clapper. You'll have to find yourself some children to push your agenda on, I see through your lies.

    48. I noticed you've carefully avoided quite a few questions at this stage Xcoward442002. What's wrong?

    49. His crud was called out, he thought he'd get smart and ask for examples, obviously thinking he wouldn't get any. Since he did, and his BS was exposed, he's nothing left but ad hominem, misdirection, claims of authority and claims of knowledge he can't have.

      Same blind stupidity as the Christians he wants to put down, just a different flavor. The typical religee. Notice he ended up at the same point as they do, faith? In actual fact that's all he has to argue with... which is effectively nothing.

      I will give him one thing, he didn't try to claim the Qu'ran doesn't talk of a flat earth as most of them do. He just tried to make out it doesn't matter that his scriptures are wrong.

    50. The really sad thing is that not once did he honestly address the issue of the kids in this doc in any genuine way. All he has done here is perpetuate a notion that the extremists on that side are every bit as bastardish as we tend to think they are. Rather than rise up and be a better man he had to bow down and be a better slave.


    51. Some day, when I grow up, I hope to have the same awesome tolerance for this kind of mega-bullsh*t that you seem to have. Until then I guess I'll just keep punching myself in the face for strength.

    52. Nothing special here mate, artificially enhanced. I'd be banned from the Olympics :)

    53. The Karan is no better than the bible with the lies that have been written. eg. To say that a man jumped on a winged horse and flew to the moon then split it in two with his sword is BS, and to me only d1ckhead could believe such crap

    54. Really? That's the issue???

      This documentary is called "Taliban child fighters" and you think that's the issue?

      You have no idea how small that makes you seem in my eyes. Policy on TDF says i can't tell you what I really think of you but you seriously need to go away and think about this conversation for a while.

    55. lol, your post is analogous to cat sh1t saying dog sh1t really stinks.... you both are on the nose.

    56. I couldn't agree more!! I struggle to understand how anyone could do that to kids :(

    57. You see his reply? It's the motherload of all stupidity. I'm gonna have to meditate on it.

    58. I think it is fair to assume, since he won't condemn it, he must condone it. His posts are just Pulp Fiction ;)
      It's not only the Taliban that does that, a good mate of mine has had the misfortune to experience first hand child soldiers, that were put in that position by their own Muslim father. :( Sad and wrong on multiple levels.

    59. I have studied the Bible and the Koran. It is easy to show how the Koran slices its own throat. The Koran recommends both the Bible and Jesus even though Jesus, in the Bible, claims to be more than the prophet that the Koran claims he is.

    60. Not sure I can see where the Quran slices it's own throat with your comment?
      Of course the Quran recommends God's revelation during the time of Jesus, but God tells the Muslims to be weary of what He gave no authority to while reading it.
      Jesus is reveared by the Muslims as a divine prophet of God and they as well believe in his eminent return.
      The claims in the bible as Jesus being God in the flesh here as His son are additions by man.
      Pauline doctrine is one philosophy that went astray in Christianity, for Paul had no authority from God(a vision of Jesus on the road to Damascus is a very weak argument to base the entire foundation of Christianity upon.)

    61. You are not sure about seeing how the Koran slices its own throat by my comment, you say. It is because you either do not want to see it or because you do not understand logic. Would Allah recommend the Bible without preserving it? That would be stupid. But if Allah preserved it, then the Bible refutes the Koran. There is no way out for you. Here is the way out: the Koran is false and Allah does not exist.

    62. Your entitled to your opinion.
      You will have to answer to it upon Judgement Day.
      Allah is arabic for God.
      If you do not believe in God, travel through this world at your own peril.

    63. My opinion is irrefutable. Allah is not God because the Bible (the only word of God) presents God as a trinity of persons, not as a solitary being. Allah may mean God in Arabic. But it is the content of 'God' that matters.

    64. Your opinion is in error.
      It shows me that you do not understand your religion.
      Let me guess....the KJV is what you follow?

    65. If Allah did not preserve the Bible from corruption, then Allah was stupid and shortsighted to recommend it so many centuries ago. Deal with that and then we can move on to something else.

    66. It is known as free will of mankind.
      Man corrupted the text and they hid some and added some to gain favor in this world.
      The Quran corrects in Arabic(for it is sealed in this language) all revelation of the past.
      It is direct in it's message and God tells us if we want in depth understanding of what He reveals in the Quran, we can find it in earlier revelations to His prophets.
      In case you are unaware.....Arabic is impossible to correctly translate into any other language, therefore all non-Arabic Qurans are interpetations of the original language.
      Tell me....where does this "trinity" concept come from?

    67. Even in Arabic, the Koran has Allah recommending the Bible even though the Bible presents Jesus as more than the prophet that the Koran says he is. Therefore, if Allah exists, he must be foolish and shortsighted. There is no escape from this conclusion.

    68. What you are proving to me is that you have not studied the Quran except for what Christian fundamentalist have directed you to attack of Islam.
      Allah is the same God that the Christians and Jews worship.
      Call Him Jehovah or Yahwa or God or Allah.
      They are the same one God, just a different name attributed to Him by a lnaguage.

    69. I have done my own analysis of Surah 2. That is how I arrived at my irrefutable conclusions. This analysis, or essay, is published on Amazon. Allah is a god of the imagination. The God of the Bible is the Creator God.

    70. Oh, you mean the "trinity" of the New Testament, one in the same?
      You never answered my questions.
      Where did the trinity concept come from and do you adhere to the KJV of the bible as the majority do?

    71. Hmm, what 'trinity of the NT'? Trinity isn't mentioned anywhere in the bible.

      You are both correct, and both wrong. You're correct that the bible has been changed many times, he's correct that the Qu'ran is inaccurate and incorrect.
      You are both wrong in claiming 'the word of God' for your particular book of lies.

      Like I said earlier, you two are like cat and dog sh1t arguing over who stinks.... you both do.

    72. The trinity may be found in various passages in all translations. And the concept may be arrived at by observing that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are each presented as having attributes particular to God. See John 1 and Hebrews 1, for example. You may not reject these passages because if Allah is God he must have preserved them from corruption. And then, Allah cannot be God because he recommends the Bible when the Bible shows Jesus to be more than the prophet that the Koran claims him to be.

    73. The trinity was added by man at thend of the 4th CE and spearheaded by Athanasius(arch bishop of Alexandria).
      He was also repsonsible for deciding what 27 books made up the canon of the 100"s that were out there.
      Why did he decide as to what was correct and what was not?
      Why do Christians adhere to Paul when Jesus told you something quite the opposite?

    74. The trinity is in the Bible. Go read it there and repent of your version of God. You have little integrity until you solve the puzzles I threw at you. If you refuse to deal with them, I will be done with you.

    75. Damn the both of you for having a 'who's religion stinks the most' argument in a topic about child soldiers. Shame on you both for putting your idiot1c, theological beliefs above crimes against children. A good example of why organised religion should be banned worldwide. You both sicken me.

    76. The delema here is that you don't know the history of Christianity and the Gospels.
      You follow Paul, when you should follow the teachings of Isa(Muslim name for Jesus)
      Please......be done with me.
      You are the same as many Christians I have met.
      You do not know your religion as you should.
      Your blind faith may land you in hell.

    77. I'm fairly sure I remember something about Trinity in the bible. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thinks it's in the book of Neo.

      Chapter 3: Verse 4

      "For yayeth" said Morpheus "i saweth the one and again I did believeth anew". And merrily Trinity did go forward and knocketh knocketh ...

      And anon he did say "Doth thou thinkest that it is air which now you breatheth?"

      Have you tried inserting that bible of yours in your a55? It might make more sense. Easier to digest too I'd imagine.

      I'm curious, did you actually watch this documentary?

    78. disclaimer:

      jaberwokky i am replying to you as yours is the latest post. not to single you out specifically
      now that is out of the way. this is a doc concerning a serious subject and while the beliefs affecting these children is relevant to the discussion. all further discussions concerning the christianity/islam debate will be deleted. stay on topic and try to attack the points of the person you are debating with. not the person him/her self. thanks

    79. Fair enough.

    80. Yep, my bad too. Good call.

      Test Edit.

    81. Now we'll never know how much back and forth off topic ranting we could have contributed to and/or missed out on.

      I do sometimes wish I had a mod in my ear to tell me when i need to shut up and let it go

    82. This was going nowhere but circles. I've found all the Mods here to be fair, regardless of the poster. Edge was right, this should stay on topic, it's about the kids, not beliefs. I was becoming angry, and getting personal. Time to take a chill pill, start over.

    83. Damn the both of you for having a 'who's religion stinks the most' argument in a topic about child soldiers. Shame on you both for
      putting your idiot1c, theological beliefs above crimes against children. A good example of why organised religion should be banned
      worldwide. You both sicken me. You especially in this case, this is your 'brothers' doing this to kids.

    84. They are not my brothers.
      They are a militia. They kill, execute, and torture their own.
      But.....I do not blame them for playing dirty, just as the US does.
      They want the invaders to their homeland gone and that is the only thing I can have sympathy with them about.
      The US is the terrorist here, not the Taliban.

      How many of their innocent people have the US milatary killed to protect the opium?

    85. You're here debating the finer points of the Mohammed and Jesus fairy tales ... on the comments section of a documentary which highlights the twisted results of the very nonsense you are debating. You are a twisted individual and a total clown to boot. You and the other i*iot you are arguing with should go find a synagogue and get married.

    86. You are Muslim, you are one and all, according to you. So yes, they are your 'brothers', they're a part of the 'all'. You don't blame them for doing this to kids? Their own kids.
      I virtually spit on you, for not condemning this behaviour, no matter who or why. Same as I'd spit on Bush and co. (including my own scumbag ex-PM, Howard) for their actions.

      Sick pigs, the lot of you condoning this barbaric behaviour against innocent people, especially the children.

    87. I agree that both sides have done bad deeds. And I accept your point, 2 wrongs don't make a right, but they do make an even.

      But where does that stop?

      All parties need to find some decency and morality in their choices and actions. If I was an Afgan, I'd want all others to butt out too. But I can't justify on any level using children to fight one's battles for them. That is who we're all supposed to protect, whatever beliefs or non beliefs we subscribe to.
      Its us adults that do the wrongs, not the kids. They should be left out of it.

    88. The Islamic milatant faction of Islam(they do not follow the true tenants of Islam) use children for a specific reason(not condoning this what-so-ever).
      In Islam a child is considered(in most circles) sin free until about the age of 10-12(for boys).
      If a child is used as a means of suicide, these evil posers of Islam believe the child will be martyred and go directly to Jannah(Heaven) for they are not yet held accountable for their sins.
      It is a sick and twisted philosophy and one they will surely be in hell for upon Judgement Day.
      Children, of young ages, that are killed innocently and with no part in these altercations are indeed martyred and pardoned by Allah and are martyred straight to Jannah without having to be judged for they are seen as innocent and do not have the intelllectual understanding of teens or adults in relation to Islam and worship.

  13. To purposely put young children in harms way for your own agenda show a very cowardly mind set.

    1. There is no cause that is so just that sending children into battle is right thing to do. Barbarism at its worst. One fights to protect the children. A child should never fight to protect you or your agenda, no matter what or at any time.

  14. We're at war with broken children. Children we helped to break. Yay us, so proud. :(

    1. beautiful said!

  15. This is the true folly of Iraq.

    The Afghanistan war was almost won when Bush became overrun with greed and bloodlust and ordered his crusade.

    Pulling all of the troops out of Afghanistan to illegaly invade Iraq was handing the country back to the Taliban on a plate. They dug in deeper than ever, retook all the land thay had lost and from that point on were impossible to beat because time was on their side.

    Bush's order to Invade Iraq was the single most wasteful irresponsible, cruel and useless military order given since the call to go over the top of the trenches.

    I hope that Bush can take his rightful place in history as the worst military commander of the 21st century.

    1. was it bad judgment (on bush's behalf)I or an act of willingly strengthening the enemy?

    2. i think any other conclusion beyond bad judgement gives Bush WAY too much credit.

      I fail to see how that mindless cretin could possibly be the lynch pin in any sort of conspiracy, beyond the conspiracy to lie to Congress and the American people about weapons of mass destruction to justify an illegal war.

    3. Congress was for the Iraqi mission. President Bush could not have gone in alone.

    4. @a_no_n: Great words man! I think Jesse Ventura summed Bush and Cheney just as well when he called them 'chickenhawks'. (chickens when they both dodged Vietnam, hawks when they are not in danger, calling the shots)

  16. how desperate must one be to indulge these methods?i have empathy with the current victims/future perpetrators....products of our imperial desire.