Tania Head: The 9/11 Faker

Tania Head: The 9/11 Faker

2008, 9/11  -   197 Comments
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Tania Head: The 9/11 FakerAlicia Esteve Head is a Spanish woman who claimed to be a survivor of the World Trade Center September 11 attacks under the name Tania Head.

She joined the support group World Trade Center Survivors' Network. She later became a spokesperson and president of the group and was regularly mentioned in media reports of the attacks.

In 2007 it was learned her story was fabricated. Head was not in the building at the time of the attacks and had traveled to the United States for the first time in 2003.

Once discovered she allegedly disappeared but apparently resurfaced in 2010 at the White Plains, NY memorial, this time in the role of Ester DiNardo, a supposed victim's mother.

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197 Comments / User Reviews

  1. This story breaks my heart, for the real survivors of 9/11 and what she must have taken from them by trying to be famous. I find it gut wrenching that no criminal charges could be made against her. Just a very terrible and sad story

  2. I just watched this documentary. What a pathetic woman..... and apparently a smart one too. This documentary was heartbreaking. I feel sorry for all involved. The victims and the survivors. Although Ms. Head didn't steal anything, she should be in jail for her deception. She was smart. Too bad she couldn't put her talents to better use.

  3. What a sad pathetic person she is. I just started watching her documentary. She really does disgust me. Very narrcisvit

  4. I find her to be the biggest POS on the planet. Her lies upon lies to people who actually were survivors of such a horrible incident is disgusting. It’s fraud. She should have been charged and arrested and thrown in jail. What a f***ing nutcase to run a survivors support group and absorb everyone’s trauma and live her lies. Burn in Hell.

  5. She should be arrested. Lying fake fraud... a lot of people actually died that day, and went through hell and she goes and takes advantage of it. Smh.

  6. 9/11 it's a complex of lies.

  7. Wanting attention isn't a crime. Wanting affection isn't a crime. Wanting them at the expense of others, however....I can see where she did things that helped the Survivors who were ignored for so long, but if she'd done it in an honest way, the outcome is questionable. No matter how you look at this, it's a pitiable situation, mainly because it took a liar to get help for a group of people who endured unimaginable horror, then were overlooked and shunted aside for far too long. I hope that wherever she is, she gets the help she so badly needs for her own problems, and I would like to help the survivors in any way I can; they are the real story, the real heroes of this mess, the people who have memories of hell they can never lose.

  8. What can you do if you know someone who is lying about surviving the WTC?

    1. Same thing you do with a person that lies about being deployed in a war... Ignore them once you have proof of the truth.

  9. I have to feel sorry for this woman who has such low self-esteem that she feels she had to lie about being a 9/11 victim so she could feel special. This woman shows evidence of being a sociopath or perhaps suffering from Asperger's Syndrome. She did this to fit in somewhere, to feel admired and loved and useful. She absolutely needs help in the form of therapy. To fake being a victim of this tragedy is a tragedy in itself. I know the true survivors must be angry and insulted by someone pretending to have endured the same suffering as they did but she really deserves to be pitied but not necessarily forgiven.

  10. This fat liar deserves death or assisted suicide. J they need to pay for their crimes. Why was she not arrested by the police ? and left free to leave the country ? this is corruption and help from J ruled deep state authorities.

    1. 9/12/19 galakk - "They" cant FIND her to 5150 her or deport her if she is "illegal" Shes actually committed no crime in connection with her bull****, so the PD can do nothing. She was caught on film in 2014 ... in the Merideth Vieira doc ... but nothing was stated as to what happened next. Also, she actually broke no laws & never made a penny off of her fake story. If she is an "illegal alien" or here on an expired travel vias - then, THOSE are crimes. Esteve is extremely mentally ill & needs to be institutionalized. She's manipulative & narcissistic & possibly a pathological liar. She is an EMOTIONAL danger to others, but not a physical one & usually that type wont get locked away. I do think the US govt, Homeland Sec, INS should be more aggressive & start ac"womanhunt" against her & give her back to España. (Im a light skinned Hispanic like her, but I fèel ZERO affinity towards her. She needsa psych & psych meds & shipped back home.)

  11. I must commend those who have expressed the willingness to "forgive and forget" and has pointed out "the good" Tania has done for 911 survivors. It is encouraging to see such kindness though misplaced.
    At first I too was confused when it came to her motives, but after watching both docs again and reading the book as well as watching interviews of psychologists and therapists specializing in treating patients who exhibit such behavior the confusion was replaced with understanding and anger. Why anger some might ask? Take a closer look at other survivor's experiences with Tania. You should notice a common thread in all of her interactions with "fellow survivors." Control is the key word here. The book goes into more detail, giving the reader an idea of Tania's manipulative, domineering, attention getting actions that undermined the very reason for the creation of a much needed support group. You will notice several survivors in both docs expressing how there were times that Tania's actions were suspicious but did nothing. Fear of being thrown out of the support group was the reason for their silence. One of the most damaging episodes involving the president of the survivors group was her nasty habit of telling everyone that so and so is a fake they were liars seeking out attention therefore that person doesn't belong. She did this to at least half a dozen people. Can you imagine? She turned away persons suffering emotional trauma simply because they rubbed her the wrong way. In one case the person recognized Dave's photo on Tania's shirt because she had worked with him. Within days she was an outcast of course for Tania knew if she allowed this person to stay a member her secret would be discovered.
    Besides the additional trauma Tania Head inflicted on the 911 survivors there is the organization itself. The reputation of a nonprofit organization is it's lifeblood it's heart and soul. If that is damaged in all likely hood it won't survive. Even though it thankfully beat those odds a lot of work was ahead for all members and they knew it. I strongly encourage one and all to watch the other documentary and read the book "The Woman Who Wasn't There." Keep in mind those who abuse their loved ones will often times bind their victims with words of love and acts of kindness so that they don't leave. There is a strong possibility our Ms. Head will find another support group to exploit for her demented purposes.

    1. 9/12/19 Im an RN, BS & retired Community Health Nurse withba minor in Psych. Did any of the psychologists/psychiatrists in those books actually GIVE HER SICKNESS A DIAGNOSIS? Im dying to know.

  12. She should be deported.

  13. This was an amazing, well put together documentary. What a crazy story

  14. It's too perfect, a fake victim to go with the fake attackers. The only thing that is real is the controlled demolition of the three buildings.

    1. Fair enough, but how did they manage to smuggle the enormous amount of explosives necessary to pull off this feat past all of the workers and security guards, and install them at the necessary points without raising suspicion?

    2. It was probably done during the 9 month elevator repair. That is what the head engineer for the WTC believes that happened. "Engineer types" had been running spools cable around the WTC complex for months. Then there was the power outage. I good introduction to this subject is ANATOMY OF A GREAT DECEPTION.

  15. What a sad, pathetic, insecure person she is. I also saw the other documentary "The Woman Who Wasn't There", and that one has interviews with Tania and she gushes on and on about her "fiance" Dave and how he proposed, and how they married in Hawaii, and so on. An unattractive woman who will do anything for attention, and why not throw in a love story that would NEVER happen for her to top it off. Truly pathetic.

    1. actually, a beautiful woman is the one who wouldn't do something like this. Beautiful women get attention. But she's obviously sort of plain and frumpy looking and probably didn't get much attention, even if she does have this wonderful supposedly bubbly personality. But then she gets all the attention and this leads her to be able to actually meet men...and get attention for who she is and not what she looks like. It's not hard to see that as something that would be a motive.

  16. I started growing suspicious when she said there was this person who was actually going to marry her... just saying

    1. okay!? LOL

  17. She would've lied saying the lawyer advised her not to do the interview after being caught out, she couldn't face the embarrassment . She's so pathetic.

  18. The sad thing is - through the lie, she is becoming even more famous. Or maybe that should be infamous.

  19. Wow, she's a scum bag for that one. Sounds like a s*itty comedy, it would have been okay of she had cried, and apologized, admitted she was a scumb bag, and told everyone the real sufferers of 9/11 deserved better and that she still wanted to help the foundation. Instead she just proved all she cared about was the identity. She sounds lonely.

  20. Tania Head was in Orange Park, Florida, two or three months ago. There is no mistaking her for any one else. Her features are very distinctive. She was having dinner in a Golden Corral Restaurant. She was wearing scrubs, and was very aware of my sneaking peeks at her, although I tried not to.

  21. Oh boy, someone makes a documentary about one nutjob and a million more come out of the woodworks with their assinign insane ramblings about 9/11 being an inside job. They're just as insane as "Tania" is!

    1. wow you strike me as the sensible type...I bet you have spent eons of time on your personal investigations on 911

    2. Nope

  22. Tania Head needs an exorcism

  23. Thank you for making this documentary available for online viewing. I tried to buy a copy of "The Woman who Wasn't there" but it is not available in Canada. This film covered the story well. Thanks again.

  24. Inside Job

    1. Nope. Not an inside job.

  25. Tania did not commit suicide in 2008. I just finished reading "The Woman Who Wasn't There" and the author/filmmaker, Angelo J. Guglielmo, Jr. states he ran into Tania in New York City on 12/20/10 and again on 7/14/11. The first time she screamed at him when he taped her on the shoulder and said "Tania." The second time he passed her and her mother on the street. He followed them and when Tania finally realized he was filming her she chased him, trying to get his camera. The book is facinating and hard to put down until the end. I hope all of the survivors of the 9/11 tragedy are doing well.

  26. Tania head pffft got nothing on Powell, Bush, Chaney , Rice, Blair etc et al
    all sociopathic liars.

  27. Why is she still in this country with her mother (as of 2011 reports) - are they applying for citizenship? If neither of them works I would think their visitor's visas would have expired. Just a question that keeps popping up every time I read or listen to something about this woman. I have read the book and continue to be amazed at the pack of lies this woman made up and lived with. I also wonder if she really ever worked anywhere - she seemed to do a lot of business travel in the book. Also, didn't anyone from Merrill Lynch out her - I would think that someone would have checked employment records as soon as they heard she was a survivor from their firm. If she didn't work there - did she ever work? Where did her money for her expensive apartment and parties come from? So many questions that just are not answered in the book!

    1. Your comments are excellent and your questions are informed. I still think her acts bordered on or was criminal behavior

    2. her parents are wealthy according to the Woman Who Wasn't There Film

    3. C-I-A ?

    4. I have wondered about her work as well. It's not clear at all whether she really did have a job or where her money came from. I just can't understand why so many people believed her "tall" tale and didn't start asking more question sooner. She is pathological lier and a sociopath. And she and her mother should NOT be in this country. It's embarassing that she had so many people believing her.

  28. The couple who lost their son are just lovely, and clearly have a wonderful relationship. The man made me laugh-out-loud when he described Tanya as, "an individual with a low self-esteem, very low self-esteem... a short, heavy-set woman, not one who we'd consider to be... don't tap me on the leg, dear - I'm going with this... He concludes that, "...she needed to do something to create a different Tanya."

    So funny, and of course, he's bang-on - she was absolutely creating another life, another *her*. A fascinating story, start-to-finish, and I wouldn't be surprised if she pops up here somewhere else. of course, the possibility always exists that she's part of something larger and more ominous. Will we ever know the real story of 9/11? I ask myself that often.

    1. Haha, I loved them too! And he was only stating the OBVIOUS about Tania. Her stories about her imaginary fiance are so over the top. The only love story she has had is the one she had to make up in her fantasy. What a loser.

  29. I reckon she was initially placed there to keep an eye on angry family members asking too many questions. No one really knows who this woman is.

  30. Psychopath .....

  31. I don't think peopel should be bashing her, aren't we supposed to give people with mental problems some slack. She obviously didn't INTEND to go out and dupe everyone, she paid a lot of money and organized a lot of things. She did it because she had some strong pathological need for sympathy, to belong to a group. I feel bad for her.

    1. Have you ever read the book "The Woman Who Wasn't There?" If not, I highly encourage you to do so. Yes, she did do some good for 911 survivors, but the mental anguish she caused some of them is horrific. She technically gave a lot, but it can be argued that she took just as much. And when you consider that what she did give was in the selfish spirit of placing undue attention on herself, you can't help but wonder what her "giving" was really worth.

    2. She actually DID intend to go out and dupe everyone, and she did. Just because she didn't steal money doesn't mean that she isn't disgusting to do what she did. Like one of the women in the doc said, she could have contributed and helped and done everything WITHOUT making up these horrible lies to do it. She is a sad little person who wanted to be the center of attention, by any means possible. She is pathetic.

  32. Just another two-bit worthless illegal alien. With all the lying she did, she'd fit right in on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Sooner or later, she'll do it again.

  33. it doesn't make sense...like why would you just randomly lie and say you were there?? to me the female is crazy!! i'm sure EVERYONE who lost a friend,family,or loved one in 9/11 and watched this video or the show the other night HATED this woman. yeah i know hate is a strong word but why would a person make up a dog a fiance a trip to Hawaii and being in one of the most tragic events that has happened to our country.

    that woman needs serious help.

    1. And here is the reason.
      Such groups are being penetrated to control them.
      She is an asset, and no; needs no help,,,,,

  34. Unfortunately but true, Tanya Head is indeed a "head-case." She's mentally ill with the main feature being "compulsive lying." A person like this, if she calls you on a pay phone in front of a "Mobil" station and there's a "Shell" station across the street, if you ask her where she's calling from, without hesitation 0she'll tell you, "in front of the "Shell" station."

    Most of us would feel some guilt about telling even 1/1000th of the lies she lives and tells. We can be fairly certain wherever she is now that she's a different ficticious person and with a different web of lies. These folks have "no" shame.

    The most sickening thing to me about this particular story is that she did it for attention, just the levels of total bu-- sh-- required for her to have lived this complex lie for so long! When you haven't been able to value yourself, love yourself, accept yourself, and have low self-esteem, should you be able to hurt other people with that lack? There are so many other ways to get attention if that's what you need. If you want people to love you, you have to deserve that love and do loving things. As far as I can tell, there was a part of her invented persona that was capable of giving and doing good things. She just didn't want to go about it in a way that didn't involve creating this "bigger" than life person. She had to be "special" and that need ended up hurting other people. So it seems she was an "egomaniac" with low self-worth...a real nut job. I can't imagine what it must have been like to live in a totally made-up fake world where the "real" you was just around the corner!

    Unfortunately, she did hurt the organization she championed and the individuals who made up the Survivor's Network, but in the end, I think it brought to the forefront the group and ended up focusing on the positive aspects of what they do, who they are, and what they are about. It's so easy as an American to remember that day, where you were, what you were doing, but it's easy to to forget those left behind who will forever in some way or another be reminded of that day and those they lost. It takes more than a Tanyia Head to destroy their message of loss, courage, and hope.

    What exactly do we do about people like Tanya? They come in all manner of personas and lies...they marry people, cheat people, even sometimes kill people under the guise of being another person with another story other than who they really are. There is rarely a chink in thier armor of lies, but eventually the truth does come to the surface...eventually.

    We can only hope that Ms. Head is back in Spain, never to wash up on our shores again, and if she does, may what she did follow her everywhere she goes.

  35. Sadly, other than her infamy, her's is a story of a serious mental illness. She is a "compulsive liar" and these people are seriously sick. Unfortunately, these builders of fantasy are usually very believable, as she was. The only cure I can think of would be to permanently tie their tongues. In this case, unfortunately her truly incredible lies took advantage of people looking for closure and any extra tiny bits of precious information that could be gleaned from her imposterity about their loved ones. People like this have "no" shame...They certainly don't suffer from the kind of guilt we would feel from telling even 1/1000th of the lies she told. What baffles me is, how could she live with the truth just around the corner for all those years? This story is a perfect example of how the truth usually makes it's way to the surface. She is mentally ill, but she gets no sympathy from me. She knew what she was doing was outrageously wrong. To do all that for attention, she should have gone to prison for some sort of fraud. I feel for the organization itself and all the people who were hurt by this nut job...May she never grace our shores again, and if she does, may she be known where ever she goes for what she did.

  36. Saw the doc last night aswell and all I can say is..... the sad thing about this whole ordeal is the b**** didn't even apologize, after deceiving and manipulating everyone of those people for years. She did it when she knew they were vulnarable and played on their emotions. For her to do that and pretend to be a survivor was sick and shows she has alot of mental problems.

    How can someone be so heartless to stand with those people and do what she did? You know there are variations of evil out there and this shows one of the worse kinds but her judgement will come one day.

  37. I also watched that documentary last night, her heart may have been in the right place but to lie @ being in that building, it leaves me speechless!!! Love the way it ended her standing there 3 days after the 10th anniversay, I would have kicked her ass up & down that sidewalk!!!!

  38. I saw a dcoumentary about her last night. I thought about how it could happen and I realized that she started out as an internet "poser" (and I'll bet most of us have posed at times. But then she got drawn into the "real world" and had to continue the charade. At least her heart was in the right place in that she tried to help people deal with their pain etc.

  39. She needs some help...it's just plain pathetic and psycho to do such thing. Some people are just amazing. Their head is up in their ass so far they don't even realize it.

  40. "She, Tania....this "Epic Goof", the star of the show "Alicia Esteve Head", represents the type of bullshit that is sold freely by the MSM (Main Stream Media) to the public. Sold freely, and unquestioningly.

    The Irony is so thick this turned out to be a fraud, it is ridiculous.

    This woman gets all the loving "kisses" from 911 conspirator Mayor Rudy Gulliani, opportunistic Politicians, as well as the moronic fawning Presstitute Mainstream Media like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX NEWS, Etc. The coverage is disgusting in it's unquestioning blind patriotism, as it is unquestioning of the facts. THE PROBLEM IS....9/11 was an Inside Job / False Flag International Operation to facilitate multiple theaters of war, trillions of dollars of Defense budgets, usher in the "New American Century", and god knows what else... the creation of Homeland Security comes to mind. I am sure there is a lot more Police State for North America, and the World, to come because of this False Flag 9/11 event.

    America is in deep trouble. The World is in deep trouble. What dip-shit-goof like "Alicia Esteve Head" somehow is justified getting her 200 Hours plus of fame & air time and .... Former Under Secretary of Treasury during the Ronald Reagan Administration like Dr. Paul Craig Robert's and people of his caliber, telling the TRUTH, are censured, erased, deleted, erased, edited, erased, disappeared, etc in the MSM debate. There are many voices being silenced, Ron Paul comes to mind, but the WORLD is becoming awake.

    The general public are being played by the mainstream media.

    Ironically, maybe I will be censored, erased, or disappeared from this site TDF for my intellectual observations. I hope honestly that I am not censured, erased, or disappeared by Vlatko for saying what I think.... But, no telling though, he's big on that.

    The truth, like sunshine..... is the best disinfectant.

    1. More people realize what you are saying, so I'm sure you're aware of what people are TRYING to do about it? My Fathers generation had NO CLUE! Most of my generation was raised by people like my Dad. They had NO CLUE either.Hypnotized by the Army/air force.All he "knew to do" was GET UP and GO TO WORK. No "love" no affection." It SEEMED LIKE, ha couldn't give a crap. The truth was, that was exactly wrong. He, as most Americans, do not realize grade school, high school, and even college, are all about ORIENTATION . Into "the system." If you are smart enough, and rich enough, then YOU live in a free country. America has NEVER "been free," There's only the ILLUSION of freedom. The thing is, more people everyday, are waking up. But since TIME moves so slowly, "we the people" may never get our freedom for real. As I said, only the ILLUSION of freedom. Another problem is, everything now runs off MONEY. I watched a show called The Venus Project. Man, THAT is the way things should be run. However, the ultra wealthy, the people RESPONSIBLE for MILLIONS of dead "good people," are STILL "in charge." As it has been said, "Money talks, and BS walks." You will never see a poor man start a war. NEVER! Only the super-wealthy that just gotta have a few-more MILLIONS and everything will be OK. The more they get, the more THEY "want." We are indoctrinated into this GREEDY society and taught, if we just "do as we're told; everything will be fine."
      Jesus we are in at least 3 WARS that we've been told about. For all the American people know, there could be 6 wars right now. THEY "control" EVERY DAMN PART of our lives. They (The American Military Industrial Complex) has slowly and purposefully taken more land, and resources; KILLED more innocent people than ever before in History. I just know, after MY generation is long gone, some dickwad will put in the History books, that George Bush and his raping family, were "great people." When the truth is, they are lower than reptiles!
      So if you want to know more truth, please press two......AND don't forget, go out and BUY MORE STUFF!

    2. Freedom!..you may never get your freedom???. Just exactly how do you think we got our freedom? What the f*** is ILLUSION of freedom?
      I bet you right here and now that anyone of you that are sayin' all this stuff against the gov and the greedy blah blah blah. that if I was to give you one billion dollars, right here..right now, if you dumped all your freinds, ok'd a war and had to act like an a**hole to all your new employees... you'd do it in a heart beat and you know it! ..that's $1,000,000,000 in your hand right now! Hell, I'd beat the hell outa my grandma for a billion bucks...maybe only a $1,000,000, who knows. I might feel bad for awhile but what the hell..I'd be rich!

  41. She is a total sociopath. I feel literally ill after this. It's strange how people are commenting on all the good she did. She did not have to do what she did in order to have a positive influence. Also, now that all the people that were duped by her know she was a fraud, the memory of any good she did will always be horribly tainted. Telling those poor parents of that hero about his supposed last moments and about all the pictures she has in her apartment? That is violently disrespectful to put it mildly. If she didn't off herself I hope she ends up in jail or a mental institution for the rest of her life so that she can't hurt anyone else. Sicko.

    1. I think you're right -- I think she's a type of sociopath. She is a very very mentally ill person. That having been said, I don't feel one bit sorry for her. At the very least, she could have apologized. She is unrepentant and nuts.

    2. If she is indeed a diagnosable sociopath, she would feel no need to apologize. Sociopaths, as defined, don't feel guilt or remorse.

    3. While this is true that they do not feel guilt, sociopaths do act in their best interests at all times, so they will lie about feeling guilt or remorse to meet their desired end.

  42. the juxtaposition of wells (red bandana guy) and this faker is painful. One needlessly dies saving others and the other lives getting attention. THe world is clearly completely random.

  43. disgusting...i cannot even put into words how f*cked up this woman is/was.

    1. She is there for us to shift focus. The hours we spend on here we dont spend on what happended that day. Who benefits and for who does she work?

  44. I know that this woman is a liar, a huge liar. But does it really matter. I am not saying that what she did was moral or right in any way shape or form. We need to look at the positive things she has done in helping real survivors of this tradgedy find closure and some sort of normalcy in there lives. I guess I am reaching out (pretty far) trying to find the good that transpired from this attention seeking liar.

    1. You don't need to lie to help people. What "good" has she done exactly?

    2. Nothing other than prop herself up a saint -- and she couldn't be further from that if she tried. She could have helped and become as involved as she did get, without lying. Also, she must have money to have carried out the b.s. as well as she did -- because she didn't work anywhere.. So her money enables her delusions.

    3. Well, she hurt a lot of people who believed in her, so her selfish actions ended up taking a lot of "trust" that people had. Her lie may have started small, then grown out of proportion, but that she started such outlandish lies to begin with shows how mentally ill she is.

  45. The real question is not answered ...... IS she part of an infiltration plan ????
    Coz we know , fbi or cia penetrated manny 9 11 groups !!!!

    Also i think infiltration is used much more than we think ....... Like in politics ........
    For example , i am french , i watch DSK suposely from the left.... But did he EVER did one choice that sound "social" ???
    And he's coming from one of those rich families , Right wing supporter by tradition .......... The question remains !!!

  46. It's so good that those rich folk has so good manners. ;)

  47. Wow what a worthless piece of f***in s***.

  48. this is like watching a reality show , it is never real, this sucks ! i am a truther but this makes truthers look ridiculous!! The members should be embarrassed to call themsleves truthers....their acting sucks , so does the hosts, this reminds me of the way some fiction books are formatted , you got your friendships, your dramas, blablabbla..

    bhaaaa lego blocks and water balloons and flour and pebbles against all the amazing evidence out there. What a bad excuse for an "eye-candied" tv show.

    1. I don't believe in the fairy-tale sold to the general public, and where does this fraud con lady state she does believe 9/11 was a false flag / stand down operation? Humm, never. What she is doing is embracing the fable as a victim, getting kissed by politicians.

      Your use of 911 Truther is a little unconsidered, obviously. She is a supporter of the fable, so she is a 911 Faker!

      I never thought I would laugh through a show about 9/11, ever. God this is funny. Loved it, highly recommended.

    2. I don't believe in the fairy-tale sold to 911truthers. Yes, people dying on 9/11 must be funny to you.

  49. This disgusting woman is showing the utmost contempt for the survivors and their lost loved ones. She has followed through from the contemptable orders for occupants to 'stay put' and suffer the carnarge, leaving survivors for 'dead' to mocking survivor's experiences in a repulsive parody of victimhood. For those who claim here that she needs pity and help or that she did no harm, perhaps even good, I'd say their is no 'cure' to such extreme narcissism and that it is rampant from the top down. And the worst of it is (amid stiff competition) that her exploits must certainly have caused much mirth amongst those in the know.

    Of course, she just had to be the 'biggest' victim and the most self-sacrificing advocate, whilst conning state funding and had to appear the 'saviour' and champion of the survivors with a little help from her friends. A cheap and nasty PR stunt, playing all the way home on the genuine empathies of humanity for fellow suffering.

    Seems self-evident to assume the dumber we get, the more openly derisive they become and should we lose our sense of moral outrage, we compromise sense altogether. Proves how naive and idiotic psychologist are and how we are so far removed from our senses so as to be unable to discern truth from fiction.

    In most instances of psychopathic demeanour, it is fair to judge these books by their covers.

  50. Obviously an inside job. One day the Israelis will have to pay, dearly.

    1. Israelis? Really? I am not sure if that is simply your prerogative, but more violence is ignorant.

      "Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love." -Mahatma Gandhi

    2. WHAT?? REALLY Isreal? are you kidding me?

      The real world is complicated enough, why lose yourself in a fantasy world. Truther are such a miss named bunch of people.

  51. A rather sad story. However, the lady did do some good along the way.

    1. I`m sure Bundy and Dahmer did some good on their way through too. Yeesh!!!

    2. Insinuation an in real life attention whore is at the same level as serial killers.

    3. @Malchik That insinuation wasn't my intention. I picked two infamous names off the top of my head to demonstrate how anyone no matter how evil can possibly have done good.

    4. Comparing Bundy and Dahmer to this Tania Head woman? Are you f*cking serious?


      Lying about being a victim and fooling many people is HARDLY the same thing as killing many people.

      Next time you pick names off the top of your head and you come up with such a ridiculous comparison, do yourself a favor and think LONGER. You won't come across as a complete mo*on that way.

      Also to compare the good that Tania Head did to anything that those monsters might have done is disgusting and embarrassing. Ignorance at its finest.

    5. Next time you pick names off the top of your head, think LONGER. Comparing Tania Head to serial killers is disgusting.

      What 'good' did those monsters do?

    6. Sorry Mum!

      Actually no I`m not. I'll choose any names I damn well please. Congratulations on missing the whole point.

    7. For some reason my initial reply is not appearing. So I substitute those names for hmmmm Adolf Hilter and Joseph Ratzinger. Happy now mummy?

      "What 'good' did those monsters do?" What good did 'Tania' Head do?

  52. Mr. Razor: Do you or do you not believe that 911 was a terrorist attack by Osama Bin Laden? Didn't he smuggly take credit for it?

    Do you or do you not believe it was a U.S. demolition? Why is it so difficult to believe the most simple explination that it was just as it appears to have been---a terrorist attack that unfortunately resulted in the the collapse of the buildings due to massive heat and melting of the infastructure by the jet fuel?

    1. My view is the only ones that believe it was an attack from some caves, far from the shores of the most heavily guarded empire in the world, by men armed with box-cutters that took over 4 planes all at the same time, and were basically allowed to roam the most heavily and impenetrable air-space in the world with the most advanced air-force in the world at the ready always, and who perused the avails of booze, porn and pink haired prosties, that could not even fly a small plane properly, would be allowed to wreck the havoc that was allowed to happen, should not be the sheeple that they are. So no, not an attack from Laden. And yes, I believe that 9/11 was an inside job.

    2. You are absolutely sinical... We have never had an attack similar to 911. Our air force and air defense system was not created to reconize an attack from a domestic aircraft. If you are stupid enough to believe such an act was commited by americans on americans, you are certainly not an american. History has proved over and over again terrorists are cunning and able to strike even in the most protected of places. And whether or not he was in a cave is irrelevant. I can order a pizza from Haiti and have it delivered to a house in NY.

    3. To be honest, I am too scared to even think 911 was an inside job. To even think a government will go into such length and sacrifice just to justify an invasion of a country... IF this was all true then USA is an extremely dangerous country that needs to be closely monitored and dealt with.

    4. @Airborneinf:

      Right, then explain why 1/3 of US citizens either believe was an inside job, or believe that your govment was implicated in 9/11.
      So instead of you just calling me stoopid, how about trying that out on all?

    5. @airborninf
      I agree with you, America hasn't had a 9/11 kind of attack. How many were done on foreign grounds though?
      9/11 brought the Patriot act to pass...what does that name say: be a patriot (who walks the line) or you're in trouble. You think they would have succeeded to pass such a bill without 9/11 or some act of such nature.
      Now i am not Saying...it was done. I'm just saying it looks like it could have been.
      FULL Investigation could put that to rest.

    6. @Azilda:

      The patriot act was rejected by congress, was already written before 9/11, then 9/11 happened and the bill was passed with flying colours.

    7. I agree. I watched the doc with the Irish fellow trying to convince UK truthers otherwise. I thought it was really weird that no one brought up building 7. Wonder which expert witness would have helped explain that one. How is it that no one has ever bothered to explain the collapse of building 7 and officially speaking, nobody seems to think it matters?

      @C and N - do you have any thoughts on how or why building 7 came down? That's not meant to be antagonistic, it's a serious question.

    8. Hey, are you plagiarizing this, I think you should give credit to James Corbett Report for paraphrasing his video... Some people. That is why I hate 911 truthers, always lying...

      P.S Joking, haha, you know I am sooo joking. I think you nailed it. Brilliant.

    9. @GoughLewis:

      No, not plagiarizing this, I don't even copy paste, strictly off the top of my head.

      This was just a compilation of all the vids and literature that I know so far about 9/11. Their was a lot more that I could have added. But I figure why should I do all the work.

    10. What terrorist wouldn't take credit for a bullseye on the USA if they had the chance?

      You believe in bronze age conspiracy theories: Talking snakes, Magic apple trees, boats holding the entirety of species during a flood. And the 2000 year old conspiracy involving a certain zombie carpenter who said he was god, that had fooked his own mother in order to give birth to himself and propagate a myth that he was resolving a non existent human sin issue!

      Whilst on this occasion you prefer the simplistic explanation provided by the authority figures, you otherwise choose to believe complete fairy tales.

    11. It wasn't a "US demolition' but must've been carried out by insiders with full access to those buildings and high levels of the military. That is the only way the buildings could have been loaded with military grade explosives. WTC7's (freefall for the first 100 feet) implosion alone (Watch NIST FINALLY ADMITS FREEFALL On youtube) is a very strong indicator of the use of explosives. No plane hit this building and yet at 5:20p that afternoon it came straight down in the manner of a controlled demolition. No steel reinforced skyscraper has ever done so and none ever will again..These features have only ever been seen during a controlled demolition. And yet we are being told this was strictly the results of office fires.

      Aside from WTC7 there are a whole slew of anomalies that go way beyond what we would have seen had they been natural events after the plane impacts. You wont get the truth from the NY Times or CNN on this issue. That is for sure. They dont even mention the nearly 2 year study conducted on the dust (that blanketed lower Manhattan) that found hi-tech Thermitic material in every sample they tested. (Called, 'Active Thermitic Material Found in the Dust of the WTC Catastrophe') or the 1500 architects and engineers at ae911truth thath ave signed a petition saying the official account cannot possibly be correct. The speed and symmetry in the destruction of wtc 1 2 and 7, the incredibly explosive nature of the destruction of the Towers which pulverized most of the concrete in the buildings and blasted them outward in a fountain of debris that created pyroclastic clouds, 1200' debris fields, and left no trace of dna even of 1100 bodies. The fires raged underground for over 3 months,many witnesses saw molten metal (and you can see it yourself on youtube pouring from the south tower just near the point where the building will begin to come apart just moments later) and it was documented by government investigators in the fema bpat appendix c, and also seen in the iron micro-spheres -documented by RJ Lee, the USGS and independent researchers like Steven e Jones. Excessive temperatures and fires that could not be put out. the list goes on and on.

      Ask yourself this: Why, when we had all these explosive and destructive features, would investigators not even test for explosives? When NIST was asked this question they replied, 'It is a waste of time to look for something that isn't there."

      Please watch: 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Full-length, Pre-Release - on youtube then see what you think.

    12. Excellent post. Thank you!

    13. @Airborneinf you are kidding right?

      "Our air force and air defense system was not created to reconize an attack from a domestic aircraft. "

      Then why at the very time of the 'attack' were the air-force conducting practice for the exact same scenario as 911? (Miraculously the British were conducting the same sort of exercises in case of a London terror attack when it actually happened - don't remember the exact date; we don't celebrate things like that or declare WW3 every time our tush is damaged)

      There are numerous papers discussing hijacked aircraft being used by terrorists. (My best guess was to keep them busy, distracted and confused.)

      1) Don't call people stupid then say stupid things.
      2) All the browsers I know have spell checkers.
      3) less stupid people know how to use those browsers and/or know how to spell.
      4) USA is not lala-land with regards to the military. If you believe the official story regarding all the jets being on holiday or being repainted pink at the time get a grip or at the very least demand a tax refund!
      5) Don't believe in miracles nor politicians!

    14. because jet fuel literally does not burn that hot. it melted a building. but not a passport. jet fuel melted a jet engine at the pentagon, vaporized almost everything,EXCEPT dna of terrorists who were on the plane. amazing. amazing still that one of those listed on that flight is still alive today lol. and so on n so on..
      there is FAR more to be explained on the official side. if u look at the official story, the amount of "WTF's" that are piled up and unexplainable by the official report is ASTOUNDING. If u look at the main alternate theories, they not only explain the basis of what they believe, but they also answer questions about the official story, that just spawns more questions. and if the main alternate theory is so ridiculous, it should be easy to discount. problem is, it is correct and thus, canot be discounted. the official story?easily discountable from literally every angle that they introduce.
      there are so many things wrong with it, that i think it says a lot about how gullable and foolish and blinded most u.s. citizens are.
      i personally am insulted that they think for one second that a person of reason and intellect, who likes things explained and proven, would believe that pile of crap.
      dont tell the u.s. gov'yt i am saying this though. because under the new definition of terrorism, i think my post here may qualify me. how dare i spit out the spoon-fed poison. how dare i.

    15. you are retarded.melted steel?you got no clue!!

    16. Ask yourselves whom it benefits...and you will have your answer

    17. It didn't benefit anyone... she's mentally ill and lied to a lot of people and caused a lot of emotional pain because of those lies and manipulation. Not everything has a great conspiracy behind it.

    18. Good post. Some people see a conspiracy in everything. They just can't believe that it happened the way it did, and refuse to believe the terrorists who said they did it, then explained how they did it...

    19. Terrorists said they did it? bin Laden has ALWAYS denied involvment, didn't you know that? Even the FBI has him wanted for a bombing at an American ebassy, his 'most wanted' poster doesn't mention 9/11. You can read his statement where he denies involvment and says that "there is a government within the government that you need to be looking at." What have you to say to that?

    20. There's none so blind as those who will not see.......please examine all the documented evidence with an open mind and I'm sure you'll come to a very different conclusion.

    21. God Damn it, are ******* like you still out there? Talk about blind, you see the terrorists who did this, you see the popular mechanics article explaining the physics behind the fall, you see the people who saw the plane hit the pentagon... And yet you cling to your sad fiction like a toddler to a blanket. Grow the **** up and accept reality already.

  53. BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. dora the exploratrice: kids, can you say sociopath?

  55. Weird how she could cut through red tape to help the survivors, then disappear as easily as she did without official interrogation or prosecution. With all the supposed 'national security' in place - this is most bizarre. Weird how she actually didn't do it for any apparent financial gain. Something missing in this puzzle. However, the real survivors still have to carry their horror and grief with them - their courage and dignity amazes me, I wish them all the very best.

  56. This was interesting and is testament to the fact many people create more complex behaviour when their simply lonely.

  57. Poor woman. As the man said, she had low self-esteem and wanted to make her life interesting. She didn't harm anybody, and she put her own money into the Survivor Group. She's to be pitied. Wait until you all have some life experience, then you will be more understanding.

    1. Interesting and unusual response. I think I approve. Not so sure about the "didn't harm anybody" though. I am pretty sure some heads have been twisted.

    2. Yes, you're right. Some of the survivors would have felt it, especially if they had put their trust and confidence in her.

  58. If she's not dead, she ought to be locked up. Not a crime? If she did this of her own volition she's a pathological liar and clearly imbalanced at best. People who claim to be Napoleon are in loony bins for a reason. :P

  59. One of the victims is a fake, and/so 911 was an inside job.

    What? My logic is unassailable.


    Extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof.

    1. Extraordinary proof supplied by Colin Richard POST AND LINK above you Psinet. I have watched the doc, hope you do as well.

      I loved this film Tania Head: The 9/11 Faker LMFAO!

    2. I watched it - good doco - but if this is what you call proof, it is a good thing you are not a judge.

      Get me an insider. Where are the turncoats?

    3. You mean like FBI Translator Sybil Edmonds, the most gagged whistle blower in USA History? Or, are you looking for the company that produced the "Nano-Super Thermite" demolition explosives to say, "I , and members of a special team operation, systematically planted demolition charges by the forklift full in the tones, throughout the three buildings that blew up on 9/11. Dick Cheney was directly involved." That sort of thing?

      Well, lets just go with the physics that tell us it was controlled demolition, and that "Nano-Super Thermite" estimated in the tones was found in the dust. Google, "Nano-Super Thermite found in the dust of 9/11" Read the peer reviewed paper written by a body of International Scientists. Ground breaking.

      Let's hope the next round of whistle blowers are treated better, and don't have a weird propensity to just kill them selves in gory suicide rituals before the make there press conference.

    4. Eeeeeeerm sorry you are basically producing a straw man with your link (I enjoyed it !)

      The whole tin foil hats thing is an invention to deter through embarrassment people confronting obvious truth. The tin foil hat "wierdo's" of today I`ve noticed appearing with regularity all throughout media and drama (Dr who for instance.)

      You need to get beyond such puerile attacks to make your point.

      Why would an enormous country and government sacrifice 3000 lives and a few buildings for monumental profit and gain be such an extraordinary REASON? You are looking at the whole thing backwards!

      Why should extraordinary proof be demanded for what the USA has decried to be the crime of all time?

      Whilst for an every day murder the crime scene is to be enveloped with plastic for weeks if not months. Meanwhile.......... bulldozers!!!! and recycling plants in CHINA!!! Come on now... China????!!!! USA doesn't have any recycling plants?

      You are DUST to the people behind this. 3000 - 10 million people - 2 buildings - 10000 buildings!!!! They don't give a flying feck.

    5. An explanation for the recycling plants in China.

      At the time of the 9/11 attacks I was working in a steel scrap yard. Representatives from Chinese companies had been visiting North American scrap yards in aggressive efforts to secure contracts to buy scrap metal. N. American scrap was of a higher quality than Chinese top grade steel. The steel at the Twin Towers was the highest grade of steel, called plate and structural scrap steel. The Chinese would have offered higher prices for this steel than any American company would have. They would have viewed this as a windfall. That is why it went to China.

      Not taking any sides but this is a fact.

    6. This is a perfect example of how believing in conspiracies distorts ones brain.

      It is a myth of the "truthers" that "all the scrap went to China". A large proportion of it DID go to US recyclers, who dutifully melted it down just like the Chinese.

      And this is why I tend not to listen to the rhetorical hyperbole of the truthers. You do yourself, your cause or truth no favours by not getting your facts straight.

      So no, you have yourself proven that my tin foil hat link ISNT a straw man. You have psychological problems separating belief and fact.

    7. @Jack1952 Thanks for that information Jack. That was a perfectly rational response. Another reason I thought, would have been because of the sheer amount of material to be processed. Ie it may have been beyond the capacity of America to deal with it alone. On the other hand it still seemed strange to me as I would have assumed as a matter of national pride the US would have dealt with it all in house.

      @NAND Gate I`m no expert on recycling and I'm willing to concede that the information or exaggeration about all the material going to China was incorrect. However I am experienced in matters of criminal justice systems, investigations and forensics.

      Extraordinary claims do NOT require extraordinary proof! Often only the simplest proof is required to settle a matter. A single fingerprint at a murder scene for instance. The simplest proof of your unwillingness to look beyond the official fairy tale, you evidence here by completely dodging my main point that the crime scene was destroyed. Instead you just wrap a few sentences around insults.

      You do not make any real replies but rather project your own failure and rhetoric. Idioms like tin foil hats, conspiracy nuts and so forth have been pumped into you by the media for so long now they have changed any original meaning. Your ad hominems are just pointless mantras that you use to destroy any real civil debate.

  60. What a pathetic piece of human trash

  61. No mention of William Rodrigues, the janitor, who rescued 15 people from WTC.
    Was classed as hero, until he point blank said that their were explosions in the basement of WTC. Did they snuff him yet? Er...I mean suicide.

    1. But... he was real, they don't like real. They like Ms. Head, and she's a fraud LMFAO! ...that is until she got caught, and ceased to be a political tool, and turned into a political liability. Did you see Rudy Giuliani kissing her!

      9/11 was an inside job, a fraud. The Irony hahahaaaa (choke) Aaaaahahaaahaha god I loved this movie. The perfect 9/11 victim, and survivor... and she was a fraud. The irony.

    2. Proof of inside job please.

    3. Nice one. A "911 was an inside job"er making a verifiable claim. I am impressed.

      No, seriously. I am. Getting tired of it. I have investigated the issue back to front. Every documentary, every little piece of evidence. The only thing lacking from that camp is a coherent argument that relies on proof. Seriously, I hope you find it.

    4. Ampule evidence of controlled demolition. My suggestion is stop listening to Shaun Hannity and Fox News as your primary source of "Intelligence" (sic)? ...for starters.

      If you genuinely want an answer watch NEW DOC: 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Full-length

      Link is supplied ABOVE by Colin Richard posting.

    5. You want proof it was not an inside job? so do we, we want proof that was not another false flag op. to start war for profit. It is a hard pill to swallow, that the empire will kill its own people to start wars for profit, isn't it?

      Has been done since the Roman empire.

    6. How did you investigate the issue back to front? Beside being a gardener are you also an architect, engineer, control demolition expert? You have watched the news, documentaries, and every little pieces of evidence????? what evidence?
      What the "world" is asking is to open investigation, not by Joe Blow sitting in front of his tv and computer. Why would you oppose that? You say: "there are no proof", how will we find proofs if there is no reopening of investigation?

    7. For once, I think I might agree with you. The collapse was caused by the planes hitting the towers; nothing else. But it's a much better argument to say that it was an allowed attack rather than saying deomolition was used to take the towers down, unless they could do it from the points of impact where the planes hit. In a real bombing, they find pieces of explosives everywere, but something as large as this should leave large pieces of explosive divices throughout the whole rubbel area I would think.

      I personally place the blame on Osama Bin Laden 100% End of story.

    8. P.S. May I suggest an icon for you? You need something that fits your personality like a flower, or pretty bird, or soft fuzzy puppy. If you're going to comment often, please get an icon. Thanks!

    9. hahaha c_and_n - I will do that shortly ;)

    10. Mr. Razor, the towers didn't collapse from the base but from points of impact of the planes. We've all see the towers crumble from top down starting at impact point. Any collapsing echoing down the elevator shafts, etc. would also be heard from below wouldn't it? You're usually such a reasonable thinker.

    11. No, did not say the towers collapsed from the base, explosions weakened the base and blew out windows, looked like a battle zone, further check out Rodrigues, lot of people testify explosions in the sub basements also, watched so many docs on this, forgot what doc.

    12. @Azilda I have no problem with a new investigation. Go for it! My problem is all the claims not backed by proof. Achem made a claim backed by proof.

      I am not a "gardener" lol. That is like calling an engineer a "repair man". Your normally kind exterior melts when I am around. I like that fact. You are challenged by me, so you throw insults.

      You are right. What evidence? I watched the doco above - just more of the same. I would love the truthers to find proof. But they cant. All they have is "Joe Blow sitting in front of his tv and computer".

    13. How can there be an investigation? The evidence has been destroyed since the incident and witnesses willing to speak out are dropping like flies. If you think this was not an inside job you are blinkered.

    14. @nand gate
      No insults were said...if you think being a gardener is an insult, i don't. What should i have said? What is your title so i know for future references?
      We are all Joe Blow here. I haven't read anyone come on board who was professionally (directly) involved in solving 9/11. The fact that you have watched every docs made, every little piece of evidence(?) suggest that you have as many doubts about what happened during those days as we all do.
      We do not know to what extend the lies have stretched, but i feel like a lot of people.... we are lied to.
      I am no architect, engineer or control demolition expert but when so many of them demand to reopen a thorough investigation, I think the facts got to be put on the table....and people need to be investigated, especially BUSH and his gang.
      Nice to see you take a new image, hopefully it won't only be visually pleasant.

    15. Nice to see a little teeth AZ!

  62. Why not the Bush admin fabricated a female war hero.

  63. 911 was an inside job, and here is the proof:


  64. OMG this was hilarious on so many levels. The irony: Rudy Giuliani kissing her, while Governor Pataki and Bloomberg look on approvingly, as the cameras rolled for the New York Times and the press of the world at ground zero.

    She was the perfect 9/11 victim, and survivor... and she was a fraud. The irony.

    9/11 was a false flag / stand down operation to manipulate the American people and the world to facilitate transformational change. 9/11 was a fraud. The irony.

    How appropriate that the mainstream media and fawning politician should feature and exalt a fraud as the ultimate symbol of the survivors of the events of 9/11.

    But the truth has a way of always surfacing. HIGHLY recommended documentary. Should be made into a movie starring Meryl Streep LMFAO...I NEVER thought I would see a film on 9/11 that would make me roll around laughing uncomfortably.

    I'm surprised she didn't make it all the way to the Opera Winfrey Show.

  65. I believe she has Münchausen syndrome, her behaviour is quite typical.

  66. Is she still dead?

    1. classic

      i hope you meant that

  67. She's like that person we all know of who likes to talk about themselves and how they did this and they did that, only this one has taken it to a whole new level.

  68. she probably injured her arm when she sat on it and farted.

  69. 911 was faked anyway so what if this woman wants to get in on it.
    Its like a clown trying to sneak into a circus!

    1. No matter whether Bush or the Taliban were responsible, the fact is that the buildings fell down and 1,000's of innocent people died. If you watch the film, you'll see it has nothing to do with why or how this happened.

    2. good point. lets keep all politics out of this.

    3. 9/11 was an inside job my arse. Its like claiming there is a god. Where is your PROOF? Not ideas and finger pointing - PROOF.


      ...lets see if I cant subvert this top post.

    4. That link just put a huge smile on my face. Thanks!!

    5. @Jessica "That link just put a huge smile on my face. Thanks!!"

      ...I aim to please, ridicule and educate ;)

    6. where is your proof it wasnt an inside job? bush cheney rice etc claiming it was osama bin laden do you not tink you would be better listning to experts in the field of engineering than a crowd of 2 faced money grabbing liars whose only interest is making money from oil theiving and producing weapons for fabricated wars

    7. @ des higgins

      "Innocent until proven guilty". This is the backbone of the Western judicial system. It you make the accusation, you must prove the veracity of the allegation. Until you do, the accused is innocent. The accused is not required to prove anything or even comment on the accusation.

      This has nothing to do with a woman who is psychologically driven to seek attention. She is using a high profile event to alleviate her loneliness and feelings of an irrelevant life. She is one of many who fake injury, illness, live outlandish lifestyles or commit shocking acts to attract attention. She needs professional help and should not be used a platform to advance a personal cause.

    8. @des higgins claiming I need to prove it wasn't an inside job. What a daft logic fail. I am not claiming anything - you are. I dont have to prove anything.

    9. Just throwing it out there, who stood to gain from this incident? Did the guy who had his entire country destroyed stand to gain from the incident that brought it forth, or how about the people who have not lost any of their children and gained tremendous profit? Before you say that Americans lost their lives, look at how many people who made the decision to go to war have children or family members fighting. Even if you do think what they told us is truth, how does it make sense to invade a group who are mad at you about invading them? That's like poking an animal until it bites you, but instead of not poking it anymore or thinking about what you could do to make peace with it, you get all your' friends together to poke it and anything else around it even harder. You talk about proof, but refrain from any sort of logic, because if you used logic you could see that Bin Laden (who there is no concrete proof that he claimed this incident) gained absolutely nothing from this while big corporations continue to suck the region dry. I seriously think your' view of proof is skewed. Also to not see the redundancy within claiming to not claim anything is extremely funny to me, not only because you are very clearly claiming that it was the way you believe and no other, but also the level of pretentiousness is at a comical level. If you cannot provide this "proof" for your' side, it is utterly hypocritical and your' view should be disregarded. Please explain the flaws within my reasoning, I would for you but as far as I can see you have none.

    10. Just gotta point it out in case you do not understand what you did here. Within the context here, saying "9/11 was an inside job my arse" is a claim that it was not an inside job, thus making the CLAIM of "I am not claiming anything - you are. I dont have to prove anything." hands down the most redundant thing I have seen all week (it is the internet after all). For those who have not seen the post, this person actually makes four claims while saying he is not claiming anything >.<

    11. Can you please find the link you posted again; 404 Not Found.

      Important information deserves to be made permanent, to endure censorship and to ultimately contribute to free inquiry.

  70. Pscychopath. :-(

    1. yeah i agree thats what I suspected myself....

  71. Just another Loony Tune that escaped from the Loony bin.

  72. Wow, I've never before heard anything about Tania or this story. I suppose living in Australia, it's not something we would hear about. I'd never even heard about the "bandana man", but now that I have I will be googling him shortly. What a true blue hero he was! Also, couldn't help but to fall in love with his parents. What genuine, forgiving, wonderful and very likable people they are.

    1. I've never heard about it and I live in NJ.

  73. For an attention seeking person, to have a documentary made about them, regardless how they are portrayed, I feel she believes that she is


    1. They are like the trolls wandering the internet and making hurtful remarks for no apparent reason. They want people to get upset and respond. Any response, good or bad, validates their existence. It's better than being ignored and encourages them to repeat the behavior. They want to feel as if they, too, can make an impact on the lives of others.

      This is a form of mental illness with a Catch 22 element attached. To help these people, one must confront them. When one confronts them, they get the attention they need and will repeat what has worked for them in the past to garner even more attention.

    2. No it's not. (just kiddin)

    3. Doesn't matter what she thinks. It only matters that we know about her.

  74. That chick was crazy :0...Don't you call those type of folks Psychopaths or SocioPaths they just lie for no reason...I just finished a Doc about psychopaths too...

    @Vlatko whats up with you keep posting these 9/11 Docs you know that Some People get Emotional lol....I'm talking about myself lmao okay its cool i'm not going to keep asking for any MUSIC Documentaries anymore since you keep ignoring my requests whatever Vlatko :P

    1. You could always get your own site?

    2. You don't get it lol inside thing tracy :)

    3. come on girl....do some searching and suggest a doc or two to Valtko, he loves it! Many people send him docs suggestions, perhaps not many are about music.

    4. Ahh so thats what I must do Be Specific about the Documentary I request I gotcha thanks AZ :)

    5. Hi you two :D Funny film eh! Nice two see both of you.

    6. um its kind of ignorant to wonder this around the 10th anniversary dont you think?

      Music documentaries? No thanks. I want to watch documentaries on things of some importance and wider appeal.

    7. Aww come on Psinet you know you enjoy music too lol
      How can one Live Without Music its damn near impossible..

      And no I don't think its ignorant it doesn't matter if its the 10th anniversary or 20th the scars will always be fresh that was a harsh statement :(

    8. "You don't get it lol inside thing tracy :)"

      ...its not possibly just "inside" your head?

    9. Lol :P hah hah funny ...Just thought it would be good to lighten up on this 9/11 stuff alot of skirmishes happened recently music always brightens up peoples mood and can make folks happy ;) 9/11 not so happy time just my opinion

    10. Life is not about "happy time".

    11. Life is about happy time...in some people's life.

    12. Life is only about "happy time" in the lives of fat, overprivileged westerners and dead roman emperors. Frankly, I think such philosophies are disgustingly ignorant in regards to the problems of people who do NOT live inside your head.

    13. So it is fair to say that you think Happy people, Fat People,Western People, Dead Roman Emperors, AND Voices In Your Head are DisGustingly Ignorant...Do You NEED a HUG Psinet :)))

    14. There was a New Residents Survey in my town, Nelson BC.
      The numbers indicated that houselholds move to Nelson mainly from large cities throughout Canada, although we are 500 miles from any large cities with the exception of Spokane US.
      The top reason people are coming to the area is life style change. The survey also said when people were asked for additional comments they said: "happy people" "extremely welcoming" and "very friendly".
      There are people who think living happily is still possible. In fact you would love it here, most people's vegetable gardens are organic, we have 3 Health Food stores/Coop (who sell more than vitamins).Population approx. 10,000
      wiki Nelson BC

      The misery of others requires compassion not duplication.

  75. it was good for the situation in a round about way.
    Wrong, but she helped...

  76. and to give her even more attention they created a documentary all about her...

    1. lol I think exposing delusion and psychopathy is far preferable to hiding or ignoring it........unless you yourself are..................omg....

    2. If you think Bin Laden organised 911 it is you who are deluded(quite successfully).

  77. twisted

  78. lols