Tania Head: The 9/11 Faker

Tania Head: The 9/11 Faker

2008, 9/11  -   200 Comments
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Tania Head: The 9/11 FakerAlicia Esteve Head is a Spanish woman who claimed to be a survivor of the World Trade Center September 11 attacks under the name Tania Head.

She joined the support group World Trade Center Survivors' Network. She later became a spokesperson and president of the group and was regularly mentioned in media reports of the attacks.

In 2007 it was learned her story was fabricated. Head was not in the building at the time of the attacks and had traveled to the United States for the first time in 2003.

Once discovered she allegedly disappeared but apparently resurfaced in 2010 at the White Plains, NY memorial, this time in the role of Ester DiNardo, a supposed victim's mother.

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Vicki Sims
2 years ago

This story breaks my heart, for the real survivors of 9/11 and what she must have taken from them by trying to be famous. I find it gut wrenching that no criminal charges could be made against her. Just a very terrible and sad story

3 years ago

I just watched this documentary. What a pathetic woman..... and apparently a smart one too. This documentary was heartbreaking. I feel sorry for all involved. The victims and the survivors. Although Ms. Head didn't steal anything, she should be in jail for her deception. She was smart. Too bad she couldn't put her talents to better use.

3 years ago

What a sad pathetic person she is. I just started watching her documentary. She really does disgust me. Very narrcisvit

3 years ago

I find her to be the biggest POS on the planet. Her lies upon lies to people who actually were survivors of such a horrible incident is disgusting. It’s fraud. She should have been charged and arrested and thrown in jail. What a f***ing nutcase to run a survivors support group and absorb everyone’s trauma and live her lies. Burn in Hell.

3 years ago

She should be arrested. Lying fake fraud... a lot of people actually died that day, and went through hell and she goes and takes advantage of it. Smh.

4 years ago

9/11 it's a complex of lies.

4 years ago

Wanting attention isn't a crime. Wanting affection isn't a crime. Wanting them at the expense of others, however....I can see where she did things that helped the Survivors who were ignored for so long, but if she'd done it in an honest way, the outcome is questionable. No matter how you look at this, it's a pitiable situation, mainly because it took a liar to get help for a group of people who endured unimaginable horror, then were overlooked and shunted aside for far too long. I hope that wherever she is, she gets the help she so badly needs for her own problems, and I would like to help the survivors in any way I can; they are the real story, the real heroes of this mess, the people who have memories of hell they can never lose.

4 years ago

What can you do if you know someone who is lying about surviving the WTC?

R. Pickering
5 years ago

I have to feel sorry for this woman who has such low self-esteem that she feels she had to lie about being a 9/11 victim so she could feel special. This woman shows evidence of being a sociopath or perhaps suffering from Asperger's Syndrome. She did this to fit in somewhere, to feel admired and loved and useful. She absolutely needs help in the form of therapy. To fake being a victim of this tragedy is a tragedy in itself. I know the true survivors must be angry and insulted by someone pretending to have endured the same suffering as they did but she really deserves to be pitied but not necessarily forgiven.

5 years ago

This fat liar deserves death or assisted suicide. J they need to pay for their crimes. Why was she not arrested by the police ? and left free to leave the country ? this is corruption and help from J ruled deep state authorities.

6 years ago

I must commend those who have expressed the willingness to "forgive and forget" and has pointed out "the good" Tania has done for 911 survivors. It is encouraging to see such kindness though misplaced.
At first I too was confused when it came to her motives, but after watching both docs again and reading the book as well as watching interviews of psychologists and therapists specializing in treating patients who exhibit such behavior the confusion was replaced with understanding and anger. Why anger some might ask? Take a closer look at other survivor's experiences with Tania. You should notice a common thread in all of her interactions with "fellow survivors." Control is the key word here. The book goes into more detail, giving the reader an idea of Tania's manipulative, domineering, attention getting actions that undermined the very reason for the creation of a much needed support group. You will notice several survivors in both docs expressing how there were times that Tania's actions were suspicious but did nothing. Fear of being thrown out of the support group was the reason for their silence. One of the most damaging episodes involving the president of the survivors group was her nasty habit of telling everyone that so and so is a fake they were liars seeking out attention therefore that person doesn't belong. She did this to at least half a dozen people. Can you imagine? She turned away persons suffering emotional trauma simply because they rubbed her the wrong way. In one case the person recognized Dave's photo on Tania's shirt because she had worked with him. Within days she was an outcast of course for Tania knew if she allowed this person to stay a member her secret would be discovered.
Besides the additional trauma Tania Head inflicted on the 911 survivors there is the organization itself. The reputation of a nonprofit organization is it's lifeblood it's heart and soul. If that is damaged in all likely hood it won't survive. Even though it thankfully beat those odds a lot of work was ahead for all members and they knew it. I strongly encourage one and all to watch the other documentary and read the book "The Woman Who Wasn't There." Keep in mind those who abuse their loved ones will often times bind their victims with words of love and acts of kindness so that they don't leave. There is a strong possibility our Ms. Head will find another support group to exploit for her demented purposes.

8 years ago

She should be deported.

9 years ago

This was an amazing, well put together documentary. What a crazy story

Caroline Fifi
9 years ago

It's too perfect, a fake victim to go with the fake attackers. The only thing that is real is the controlled demolition of the three buildings.

9 years ago

What a sad, pathetic, insecure person she is. I also saw the other documentary "The Woman Who Wasn't There", and that one has interviews with Tania and she gushes on and on about her "fiance" Dave and how he proposed, and how they married in Hawaii, and so on. An unattractive woman who will do anything for attention, and why not throw in a love story that would NEVER happen for her to top it off. Truly pathetic.

Chico Buencamino
9 years ago

I started growing suspicious when she said there was this person who was actually going to marry her... just saying

Bella Button
9 years ago

She would've lied saying the lawyer advised her not to do the interview after being caught out, she couldn't face the embarrassment . She's so pathetic.

Cheryl J. Brock
10 years ago

The sad thing is - through the lie, she is becoming even more famous. Or maybe that should be infamous.

Kahm Ahntitz
10 years ago

Wow, she's a scum bag for that one. Sounds like a s*itty comedy, it would have been okay of she had cried, and apologized, admitted she was a scumb bag, and told everyone the real sufferers of 9/11 deserved better and that she still wanted to help the foundation. Instead she just proved all she cared about was the identity. She sounds lonely.

Ilene Youtz
10 years ago

Tania Head was in Orange Park, Florida, two or three months ago. There is no mistaking her for any one else. Her features are very distinctive. She was having dinner in a Golden Corral Restaurant. She was wearing scrubs, and was very aware of my sneaking peeks at her, although I tried not to.

10 years ago

Oh boy, someone makes a documentary about one nutjob and a million more come out of the woodworks with their assinign insane ramblings about 9/11 being an inside job. They're just as insane as "Tania" is!

10 years ago

Tania Head needs an exorcism

Sloane Woodford
10 years ago

Thank you for making this documentary available for online viewing. I tried to buy a copy of "The Woman who Wasn't there" but it is not available in Canada. This film covered the story well. Thanks again.

Nabeel Iqbal
10 years ago

Inside Job

11 years ago

Tania did not commit suicide in 2008. I just finished reading "The Woman Who Wasn't There" and the author/filmmaker, Angelo J. Guglielmo, Jr. states he ran into Tania in New York City on 12/20/10 and again on 7/14/11. The first time she screamed at him when he taped her on the shoulder and said "Tania." The second time he passed her and her mother on the street. He followed them and when Tania finally realized he was filming her she chased him, trying to get his camera. The book is facinating and hard to put down until the end. I hope all of the survivors of the 9/11 tragedy are doing well.

11 years ago

Tania head pffft got nothing on Powell, Bush, Chaney , Rice, Blair etc et al
all sociopathic liars.

11 years ago

Why is she still in this country with her mother (as of 2011 reports) - are they applying for citizenship? If neither of them works I would think their visitor's visas would have expired. Just a question that keeps popping up every time I read or listen to something about this woman. I have read the book and continue to be amazed at the pack of lies this woman made up and lived with. I also wonder if she really ever worked anywhere - she seemed to do a lot of business travel in the book. Also, didn't anyone from Merrill Lynch out her - I would think that someone would have checked employment records as soon as they heard she was a survivor from their firm. If she didn't work there - did she ever work? Where did her money for her expensive apartment and parties come from? So many questions that just are not answered in the book!

jennifer rae
11 years ago

The couple who lost their son are just lovely, and clearly have a wonderful relationship. The man made me laugh-out-loud when he described Tanya as, "an individual with a low self-esteem, very low self-esteem... a short, heavy-set woman, not one who we'd consider to be... don't tap me on the leg, dear - I'm going with this... He concludes that, "...she needed to do something to create a different Tanya."

So funny, and of course, he's bang-on - she was absolutely creating another life, another *her*. A fascinating story, start-to-finish, and I wouldn't be surprised if she pops up here somewhere else. of course, the possibility always exists that she's part of something larger and more ominous. Will we ever know the real story of 9/11? I ask myself that often.

11 years ago

I reckon she was initially placed there to keep an eye on angry family members asking too many questions. No one really knows who this woman is.

11 years ago

Psychopath .....

Colin Perkins
11 years ago

I don't think peopel should be bashing her, aren't we supposed to give people with mental problems some slack. She obviously didn't INTEND to go out and dupe everyone, she paid a lot of money and organized a lot of things. She did it because she had some strong pathological need for sympathy, to belong to a group. I feel bad for her.

11 years ago

Just another two-bit worthless illegal alien. With all the lying she did, she'd fit right in on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Sooner or later, she'll do it again.

11 years ago

it doesn't make sense...like why would you just randomly lie and say you were there?? to me the female is crazy!! i'm sure EVERYONE who lost a friend,family,or loved one in 9/11 and watched this video or the show the other night HATED this woman. yeah i know hate is a strong word but why would a person make up a dog a fiance a trip to Hawaii and being in one of the most tragic events that has happened to our country.

that woman needs serious help.

11 years ago

Unfortunately but true, Tanya Head is indeed a "head-case." She's mentally ill with the main feature being "compulsive lying." A person like this, if she calls you on a pay phone in front of a "Mobil" station and there's a "Shell" station across the street, if you ask her where she's calling from, without hesitation 0she'll tell you, "in front of the "Shell" station."

Most of us would feel some guilt about telling even 1/1000th of the lies she lives and tells. We can be fairly certain wherever she is now that she's a different ficticious person and with a different web of lies. These folks have "no" shame.

The most sickening thing to me about this particular story is that she did it for attention, just the levels of total bu-- sh-- required for her to have lived this complex lie for so long! When you haven't been able to value yourself, love yourself, accept yourself, and have low self-esteem, should you be able to hurt other people with that lack? There are so many other ways to get attention if that's what you need. If you want people to love you, you have to deserve that love and do loving things. As far as I can tell, there was a part of her invented persona that was capable of giving and doing good things. She just didn't want to go about it in a way that didn't involve creating this "bigger" than life person. She had to be "special" and that need ended up hurting other people. So it seems she was an "egomaniac" with low self-worth...a real nut job. I can't imagine what it must have been like to live in a totally made-up fake world where the "real" you was just around the corner!

Unfortunately, she did hurt the organization she championed and the individuals who made up the Survivor's Network, but in the end, I think it brought to the forefront the group and ended up focusing on the positive aspects of what they do, who they are, and what they are about. It's so easy as an American to remember that day, where you were, what you were doing, but it's easy to to forget those left behind who will forever in some way or another be reminded of that day and those they lost. It takes more than a Tanyia Head to destroy their message of loss, courage, and hope.

What exactly do we do about people like Tanya? They come in all manner of personas and lies...they marry people, cheat people, even sometimes kill people under the guise of being another person with another story other than who they really are. There is rarely a chink in thier armor of lies, but eventually the truth does come to the surface...eventually.

We can only hope that Ms. Head is back in Spain, never to wash up on our shores again, and if she does, may what she did follow her everywhere she goes.

11 years ago

Sadly, other than her infamy, her's is a story of a serious mental illness. She is a "compulsive liar" and these people are seriously sick. Unfortunately, these builders of fantasy are usually very believable, as she was. The only cure I can think of would be to permanently tie their tongues. In this case, unfortunately her truly incredible lies took advantage of people looking for closure and any extra tiny bits of precious information that could be gleaned from her imposterity about their loved ones. People like this have "no" shame...They certainly don't suffer from the kind of guilt we would feel from telling even 1/1000th of the lies she told. What baffles me is, how could she live with the truth just around the corner for all those years? This story is a perfect example of how the truth usually makes it's way to the surface. She is mentally ill, but she gets no sympathy from me. She knew what she was doing was outrageously wrong. To do all that for attention, she should have gone to prison for some sort of fraud. I feel for the organization itself and all the people who were hurt by this nut job...May she never grace our shores again, and if she does, may she be known where ever she goes for what she did.

11 years ago

Saw the doc last night aswell and all I can say is..... the sad thing about this whole ordeal is the b**** didn't even apologize, after deceiving and manipulating everyone of those people for years. She did it when she knew they were vulnarable and played on their emotions. For her to do that and pretend to be a survivor was sick and shows she has alot of mental problems.

How can someone be so heartless to stand with those people and do what she did? You know there are variations of evil out there and this shows one of the worse kinds but her judgement will come one day.

11 years ago

I also watched that documentary last night, her heart may have been in the right place but to lie @ being in that building, it leaves me speechless!!! Love the way it ended her standing there 3 days after the 10th anniversay, I would have kicked her ass up & down that sidewalk!!!!

11 years ago

I saw a dcoumentary about her last night. I thought about how it could happen and I realized that she started out as an internet "poser" (and I'll bet most of us have posed at times. But then she got drawn into the "real world" and had to continue the charade. At least her heart was in the right place in that she tried to help people deal with their pain etc.

11 years ago

She needs some help...it's just plain pathetic and psycho to do such thing. Some people are just amazing. Their head is up in their ass so far they don't even realize it.

11 years ago

"She, Tania....this "Epic Goof", the star of the show "Alicia Esteve Head", represents the type of bullshit that is sold freely by the MSM (Main Stream Media) to the public. Sold freely, and unquestioningly.

The Irony is so thick this turned out to be a fraud, it is ridiculous.

This woman gets all the loving "kisses" from 911 conspirator Mayor Rudy Gulliani, opportunistic Politicians, as well as the moronic fawning Presstitute Mainstream Media like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX NEWS, Etc. The coverage is disgusting in it's unquestioning blind patriotism, as it is unquestioning of the facts. THE PROBLEM IS....9/11 was an Inside Job / False Flag International Operation to facilitate multiple theaters of war, trillions of dollars of Defense budgets, usher in the "New American Century", and god knows what else... the creation of Homeland Security comes to mind. I am sure there is a lot more Police State for North America, and the World, to come because of this False Flag 9/11 event.

America is in deep trouble. The World is in deep trouble. What dip-shit-goof like "Alicia Esteve Head" somehow is justified getting her 200 Hours plus of fame & air time and .... Former Under Secretary of Treasury during the Ronald Reagan Administration like Dr. Paul Craig Robert's and people of his caliber, telling the TRUTH, are censured, erased, deleted, erased, edited, erased, disappeared, etc in the MSM debate. There are many voices being silenced, Ron Paul comes to mind, but the WORLD is becoming awake.

The general public are being played by the mainstream media.

Ironically, maybe I will be censored, erased, or disappeared from this site TDF for my intellectual observations. I hope honestly that I am not censured, erased, or disappeared by Vlatko for saying what I think.... But, no telling though, he's big on that.

The truth, like sunshine..... is the best disinfectant.

Zöe Lynch
11 years ago

She is a total sociopath. I feel literally ill after this. It's strange how people are commenting on all the good she did. She did not have to do what she did in order to have a positive influence. Also, now that all the people that were duped by her know she was a fraud, the memory of any good she did will always be horribly tainted. Telling those poor parents of that hero about his supposed last moments and about all the pictures she has in her apartment? That is violently disrespectful to put it mildly. If she didn't off herself I hope she ends up in jail or a mental institution for the rest of her life so that she can't hurt anyone else. Sicko.

Dee Paesh
11 years ago

the juxtaposition of wells (red bandana guy) and this faker is painful. One needlessly dies saving others and the other lives getting attention. THe world is clearly completely random.

11 years ago

disgusting...i cannot even put into words how f*cked up this woman is/was.

11 years ago

I know that this woman is a liar, a huge liar. But does it really matter. I am not saying that what she did was moral or right in any way shape or form. We need to look at the positive things she has done in helping real survivors of this tradgedy find closure and some sort of normalcy in there lives. I guess I am reaching out (pretty far) trying to find the good that transpired from this attention seeking liar.

11 years ago

The real question is not answered ...... IS she part of an infiltration plan ????
Coz we know , fbi or cia penetrated manny 9 11 groups !!!!

Also i think infiltration is used much more than we think ....... Like in politics ........
For example , i am french , i watch DSK suposely from the left.... But did he EVER did one choice that sound "social" ???
And he's coming from one of those rich families , Right wing supporter by tradition .......... The question remains !!!

11 years ago

It's so good that those rich folk has so good manners. ;)

11 years ago

Wow what a worthless piece of f***in s***.

12 years ago

this is like watching a reality show , it is never real, this sucks ! i am a truther but this makes truthers look ridiculous!! The members should be embarrassed to call themsleves truthers....their acting sucks , so does the hosts, this reminds me of the way some fiction books are formatted , you got your friendships, your dramas, blablabbla..

bhaaaa lego blocks and water balloons and flour and pebbles against all the amazing evidence out there. What a bad excuse for an "eye-candied" tv show.

12 years ago

This disgusting woman is showing the utmost contempt for the survivors and their lost loved ones. She has followed through from the contemptable orders for occupants to 'stay put' and suffer the carnarge, leaving survivors for 'dead' to mocking survivor's experiences in a repulsive parody of victimhood. For those who claim here that she needs pity and help or that she did no harm, perhaps even good, I'd say their is no 'cure' to such extreme narcissism and that it is rampant from the top down. And the worst of it is (amid stiff competition) that her exploits must certainly have caused much mirth amongst those in the know.

Of course, she just had to be the 'biggest' victim and the most self-sacrificing advocate, whilst conning state funding and had to appear the 'saviour' and champion of the survivors with a little help from her friends. A cheap and nasty PR stunt, playing all the way home on the genuine empathies of humanity for fellow suffering.

Seems self-evident to assume the dumber we get, the more openly derisive they become and should we lose our sense of moral outrage, we compromise sense altogether. Proves how naive and idiotic psychologist are and how we are so far removed from our senses so as to be unable to discern truth from fiction.

In most instances of psychopathic demeanour, it is fair to judge these books by their covers.

12 years ago

Obviously an inside job. One day the Israelis will have to pay, dearly.