Tank on the Moon

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Tank on the MoonDuring the 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in a feverish competition to be the first to set foot on the moon.

We know who won this race, but less about a secret chapter. The Soviets many not have sent a man to the moon, but they successfully guided two small robots by remote control from the earth.

For 16 months between 1970 and 1973, these Lunokhods traveled more than thirty miles over the moon's surface.

With the declassification of the former USSR space archives, along with recollections by several of the key participants in the Lunokhod program, the true story of the Russian lunar robots can finally be told.

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  1. vda

    This film is *not* about Lunokhods program. The US moonwalk is a hoax, there is nothing worth watching here.

  2. flybow

    Andrea Bonanni. Or the petrified wood that nasa gave to the Netherlands. Also where has all the moon rock, and the blueprints for all the vehicles gone. nasa "lost " them.

  3. albi

    "With the declassification of the former USSR space archives, along with recollections by several of the key participants in the Lunokhod program, the true story of the Russian lunar robots can finally be told.?????"

    RonMcG.... says it. THIS IS NOT ABOUT RUSSIAN ROVER!!!

    Thanks for the misinformation and time wasted. Interesting doc, but seriously, this site is getting worse all the time.... please play what you advertise!!!!!


    sure,radio communication(240,000 miles) with 1960's technology(mhz) with no interference from the van allen belts? and battery operated to boot?I think all the lsd testing of the time had something to do with the mass delusion

  5. RonMcG

    This is NOT about the Russian rover. Second doc I've watched through this site that was supposed to have content about the Russian space program, but turned out to be virtual propaganda for NASA.... bullox.

  6. Zafar

    People can work together better

  7. Zulfiqar

    Very interesting

  8. Oscar

    This video now links to the "moon rover" episode from Moon Machines on Youtube.... Fix it please?

  9. Jedo

    This is good stuff. Simple and to the point.

  10. Woodat

    Very interesting !

  11. bignoodle

    Good one, name calling. Maturity at it's best. As for your thoughts and aspirations re stepping foot on planets farther out... Good luck with that. As for studying an individuals 'spirit' by means of spending time in space, where in any sociological study does 'spirit' even rate a mention? Good luck learning to tie your shoe laces Jonathon, you just might reach 'big school' next year.

    1. Richard MK

      If everyone had your mindset throughout our history we would still be living in caves and hunting buffalo. Without so called "pointless" exercises we do not move forward.

  12. MoolaMails

    It just goes to show how advanced the russians where with little resources.

  13. Darvesh Singh

    Though this entire process was kept a secret, but upon declassification it is recognized as beautiful.......!!

  14. Andrea Bonanni

    Well..russians got A and B plan: A plan (man on the moon) failed as their big rocket N1 exploded, so they went ahead with B plan, the lunakod rover which was nice and brilliant ... they got very good engineers ! Anyway don't forget send a man on the moon and back is far far more difficult ... and last but not least Apollo missions provived 381 kilos of lunar rocks, russian rovers just 326 grams...

  15. Joni

    It's heart warming to see at least some of the scientists finally got a fair shake and not an execution or a life of cold and suffering in siberia for a punishment.

    1. John Cury

      Actually mate, Korolev was Arrested for alleged mismanagement of funds (he spent the money on unsuccessful experiments with rocket devices), he was imprisoned in 1938 for almost six years, including some months in a Kolyma labour camp. He was granted freedom because he was the only man who could have backward engineered the V rockets they got from Germany.
      There is a very good documentary on this website about him

  16. Joni

    The US doesn't have a budget anymore to use space shuttles because we give away billions to every country we go to invade now. So we are using Russian rockets now to send up all our satellites or your smart phones won't work and all the airliners will go back to navigating from one large fire to the next because we are tearing down all the radio nav stations. So we depend on each other now. It should have been that was from the beginning and we might have had a moon base by now instead of spending on the other bull crap. But obviously somebody thinks the other things are more important.

    1. bignoodle

      To be perfectly honest, why the hell would it be of any benefit to anyone in the world, to have a base on the moon? There's no life structure, nothing to sustain an existence, so why would anyone bother? Pointless exercise.

    2. Jonathan Meizel

      your a f*cking id*ot right? it can benefit in the field of sociology (effect of living in space on a person's mood/spirit), astrobiology (effect of gravitational force on bone structure of your body) and it will be a great step in technology (while building this base, we might just discover something new) that will be one day lead us to step foot on planets farther out.

    3. brya0082

      Actually the moon has vast quantities of the Helium-3 isotope that doesn't occur on earth. Helium-3 is volatile containing a lot of energy potential as a fossil fuel source. Also it is of interest for fusion research. Possible fuel for the National Ignition Facility? who knows but LLNL is making large strides in fusion research. Pointless I think not. I'm sure many in Spain thought that Columbus' journey was pointless and a waste of money, and due to him getting completely lost, North America was rediscovered. Lets grow some "cojones", get lost, and discover.

  17. dewflirt

    Love the little walking robot at the start :)

  18. Guest

    My first thought? 10,000 years of tracks all over the moon that will never disappear until the end of time. Can't wait to polllute and destroy the moon just like we've done to the earth. Yeah, I'm in a bad mood tonight, why do ya ask?

    1. Richard MK

      Give away your computer and go live in the bush off the land if that is how you feel. If not you are a hypocrite.

  19. KsDevil

    Perhaps this may mean the Russians will be the first to set up as lunar mining station on the moon only to be outdone by the US with a manned lunar colony using borrowed Russian technology.

  20. andyr354

    Pretty interesting I must say.

  21. Tanzanos Eleytheros

    Just goes to show that scientists do better without politicians dictating to them. Once more thanks for a very interesting documentary.

    1. Plonkette

      Thats true....except that the soviets were 30 years ahead of thier time, and not much more work has been done since then because there is no political pressure.

  22. Devon Martin

    An interesting watch.

  23. AndyA121

    See! People can work together better without politics.

  24. dmxi

    can't wait to dig into this one !(useless post but 'snazzy' being first to do so)