Tashi and the Monk

Tashi and the Monk

2014, Society  -   108 Comments
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Nestled deep within the foothills of the Himalayas, Jhamtse Gatsai is one of the most extraordinary and inspiring communities you're likely to witness. It's led by Buddhist Monk Lobsang, a renowned spiritual teacher who works to create a reality of love and acceptance for children who have been abused or orphaned. Tashi and the Monk follows that mission as it relates to one of the newest arrivals to his commune - a reluctant five-year old girl who's endured unimaginable neglect and tragedy during her brief life. By the time Tashi enters the community, she has suffered the death of her mother and abandonment by her alcoholic father. The youngest resident, she is ill-tempered and aggressive with many of her adolescent co-habitants.

Lobsang's approach does not rely on professional psychologists, prescription medications or any of the often misguided remedies set forth by modern medicine. He's more interested in building an environment that nourishes the soul. With tremendous patience and a graceful, calming manner, he empowers Tashi and the more than 80 additional children under his counsel to appreciate the gift that is their lives. He infuses them with a generosity of spirit and a shared sense of purpose, and unlocks within them an awareness of their own potential.

Tashi's journey is intercut with scenes of Lobsang as he rallies the support of his teenaged residents to act as mentors to the newcomers, and as he gently declines the pleas of several families who beg for his assistance with their own wayward children. He's operating on limited resources, and he cannot jeopardize the delicate sanctity of the environment he's cultivated. We learn of the struggles he suffered through his own suppressive upbringing, and his initial inspirations for creating the commune after serving under the tutelage of the Dalai Lama.

From the splendid photography of its awe-inspiring natural setting to its appealing musical score, the technical aspects of the film are uniformly impressive. But the beating heart of Tashi and the Monk - and the reason why it will linger with viewers long after its conclusion - is the rare opportunity to see a child find her hope again. It's a touching tribute to the transformative power of compassion.

Directed by: Andrew Hinton, Johnny Burke

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1 year ago

Monk Lobsang is incredible and I feel inspired by him. My journey shares some parallels - I had an abusive (broken herself) mother and an absent father. The terror and frustration I felt growing up I could see in the young girl.

I ran away at 16, went to medical school developing an overarching coping strategy of avoidance. My life is devoid of community and this pain has led me to addiction.

This documentary was a poignant reminder that all of us need to feel part of a community to thrive.

1 year ago

Many people are asking to help. The Jhamtse Gatsal Children's Community has a website that can be found: I'm definitely going to look into it further as well as discover how I can help the children of my own local community. There are so many children in need; the numbers are staggering.

2 years ago

loved it!

2 years ago

If I Had to be reminded that we never give enough to children....I would take this film as a mentor! Thank you so much. Children ARE "LIFE" and must be "LOVE" so love them, all of them. Thank you for them.

2 years ago

Discovering profound themes in the most pleasant way. Thank you

Corey D Harrill
2 years ago

Such a touching documentary. We need more people like Lobsang in this world.

2 years ago

So sweet and true, love it.

2 years ago

beautiful documentary, beautiful story. Lobsang and all the people working there are my role models now.

Yazmin Carrera
2 years ago

I would like to contribute in some way. I always wanted to have an orphanage and I feel I can be part of it, by volunteering or donating. Please can I have a direct contact with the Monk?

2 years ago

Such a beautiful film! Thank you for making this film <3

Terryl Sky
2 years ago

Such a wonderful and inspiring film!

Ritesh Tiwari
3 years ago

God bless you all...

Diane Egby-Edwards
3 years ago

A wonderful film. Such love can heal the world. I would like to send a gift, a little money, with Love. Please send address. Namaste.

Jayant Mehta
3 years ago

Love to help the Monks community financially to carry the good work. May be visit them some time from Mumbai. Pls send details to send money.

Alisha Martin
3 years ago

OMG, I believe I’m in love. The very little I have financially I’d love to donate and I’ve never donated or given anything for the sake of someone outside of my family and friends before.

Lex Apollo
4 years ago

My honest thought, besides it being incredibly touching and admirable what Lobsang has accomplished, is I'd sleep with him given half a chance.

Sky Oakes
4 years ago

If only everybody watched this video...the world would become a better place.

4 years ago

Best way to help is to model what he has done wherever you are, whenever you see need. Be the change you seek/want to support.

5 years ago

Lots of people asking how they can help. Well, it won't be through stalling tokenism on a documentary message board. Saying you want to help means nothing without action.

You know how you can help.

5 years ago

what a wonderful world...I wish I that I could help in some way with this incredible future for these amazing children and be there with them too....hugs and thank you...

5 years ago

Amazing , just beautiful,
How may I help.

5 years ago

I am speechless, I grow up in a similar situation and I really feel the struggle Buddhist Monk Lobsang to accept and find resources to give and take care off all these children. I really would like to donate, may you please let me know how I should help.

5 years ago

This film is so touching, that it makes me to pack my bags and go out there and help this guy out with these children, and if I only had enough money I'd love to help him to build much broader community, where many more children can live a peaceful life as a whole one family without worrying about the day of tomorrow. At my present time, I live in the UK as an immigrant for so many years, but unfortunately cannot feel like at home, because the majority of UK citizens act very distant and don't find appreciation in whatever foreign citizen would do for them, which is really sad. Unless you are wealthy, you are no one in this country, so honestly with my hand on my heart I'd chose the poverty with happiness over the chaotic country full of unthankfulness... May God bless this wonderful man... Such a wonderful soul... :-)

5 years ago

This is amazing inspiring an makes me happy that there are people that are so giving and kind in the world we need more of them.....

John Richardson III
5 years ago

Very inspiring, having grown up a troublemaker myself losing my mother aged 5 (although my situation was still highly blessed and far from being truly disenfranchised) i felt and instant bond with Tashi. Notice how much everyone is touching , as I have observed loving families from the not so loving families throughout my life the close loving families are always touching each other, hugging each other so as humans let’s take time to hug, touch and love our families and friends. Great cinematography and very well put together. Love the ending as she screams her name proudly off the mountainside

Patti Honeyestewa
5 years ago

I m in such awe. This film has touched me in such a way that brings me back to my childhood. It really does take a village to raise a child. Tashi is the right place. Appreciate this very emotional documentary. How can I help?

5 years ago

one of the best documentaries and really made my day

5 years ago

I fell in love with Tashi the moment I noticed her. She is a beautiful, and highly spirited. Thank you for this film.

5 years ago

SO well done! I am full of emotion, Lobsang is an inspiration. We need more places like this to help more suffering children in the world.

5 years ago

Amazing, especially when the little girl mentioned a ghost consuming her parents. A truly revealing moment of her trying to make sense of abandonment.

Kyle W
5 years ago

Democratic response: this is beautiful and touching and should be replicated around the world.

Republican/Conservative response: this doesn't benefit me at all so it's a waste of time.

5 years ago

what a brilliant documentary and what an inspirational man x

5 years ago

I cannot keep my eyes dry, so emotional and heartbreaking.

helm hurst
5 years ago

I cried my eyes out, so much love and care.
What a wonderful person, what a wonderful film.
Our world should be full of people like him.
I wish I could be like him.
Thank you.

Dusty Manning
5 years ago

I'd love to visit this school and bring a donation of clothes and money. How to get there?

Victorious Maximus
5 years ago

I'm sorry, but who the hell is he talking to at the very beginning of the video?... not the kids I hope!!!!!!

5 years ago

I couldn't hold tears dropping on my cheek . I hope in my life i can get there and see the greatest teacher i have even seen . and see the children's community especially Tashi . The most beautiful girl . i am fascinated and in love with this place . so inspiring and touchy . i hope people can send money to this remote place . and at the same time will be so amazing for the teacher to start up a goFundme or kickstarter project where he can finance his beautiful community . sending Love and peace from morocco . I am in love with this place . Sending so much pure love . tell your kids I love them all . God Bless You .

Dilip Puri
5 years ago

Amazing and so heart touching! I'm so much inspired........you know........that I will also open such house for children from my region. This is my promise for those children..........the only thing that GOD give me strength to do this.

5 years ago

Wow. A real jolt to the emotions. Makes me want to do things better in the work that I do with the Tashis in my life. Thanks for this film.

5 years ago

Deeply touched by the people in the movie and so grateful for the makers of this movie....

5 years ago

Just wow! wow!

6 years ago

I am truly confused by those wanting to help/donate and asking this forum of how. How is it that people with internet access to watch this can be that helpless ...or just pretending to yourself to care for a few seconds? So if no one spoon feeds you every last bit of info required you say, "well I tried." Rubbish. At the bottom of the film description is the Directors Andrew Hinton and Johnny Burke of Pilgrim Films found through a simple web search for Pilgrim Films and clicking on the one that wasn't Pilgrim Studios or Media, etc. Within that Pilgrim Films website you can find Andrew Hinton's name. If you contact him or someone at Pilgrim Films, maybe he/they can confirm if this website for Lobsang's children's center is legit or not, also found by doing a simple web search for Lobsang Phuntsok, the name found within the film, beginning I think. The web site has a donate tab but it would seem wise to make sure that it actually goes to them first, instead of some weasel, as the internet makes it easy for some to take advantage via making authentic looking websites and such.

Hats off to Lobsang and Pilgrim films and TDF for making us aware of such love. I also feel blessed having my wonderful parents as long(short) as I did. Too bad I'm not more like them. Certainly not their fault. I can certainly see why Lobsang chose to help children though. With adults, many have ruined their minds by what poison they have chosen to consume ...or forced to consume in govt indoctrination centers called schools.

Protect and love the children or we are all in deep trouble.

Judith Smalley
6 years ago

Where can we send money to help? How about a follow-up to this film? What is Tasha doing now?

Azul-Valerie Thome
6 years ago

She is in all of us that dear and sweet Tashi ...what we do with her is up to us...so very beautiful <3 Thank you!!!

Victor Olivier
6 years ago

Thank you for sharing this wonderful and moving documentary

6 years ago

Reminds me of The Children of Huang Shi. The world would be a far better place with more like this monk, Lobsang, and George Hogg giving of their own lives to care for the lost children of others.

6 years ago

Inspiring...i love the film...i made me think abt the poor and homeless

6 years ago

Can I send money to help?Where to ?

Mohammad Arslan
6 years ago

What a beautiful film <3

Kimberly Charles
6 years ago

What an inspiration this "father" to these children has been.
Awesome documentary!