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Tasmanian Tiger: End of Extinction

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Tasmanian Tiger - End of ExtinctionThe Thylacine was the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times. Native to Australia and New Guinea, it is thought to have become extinct in the 20th century.

It is commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger (because of its striped back), the Tasmanian Wolf, and colloquially the Tassie (or Tazzy) Tiger or simply the Tiger. It was the last extant member of its genus, Thylacinus, although several related species have been found in the fossil record dating back to the early Miocene.

The Thylacine became extinct on the Australian mainland thousands of years before European settlement of the continent, but it survived on the island of Tasmania along with several endemic species, including the Tasmanian Devil.

Intensive hunting encouraged by bounties is generally blamed for its extinction, but other contributory factors may have been disease, the introduction of dogs, and human encroachment into its habitat. Despite being officially classified as extinct, sightings are still reported.

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  1. ChristPuncher

    i am offering a quarter of a million dollars to taste the meat of this animal! up yours WWF!

  2. Capricious
  3. Capricious

    Alright. But first, put this blindfold on. Oh, also -- don't bite...


  4. Charles B.
  5. Charles B.

    The cloning won't work. It's gone forever, much to our shame, unless it's found again in some remote location.

  6. pierre
  7. pierre

    Instead of cloning them I have a crazy thought- don´t kill them all in the first place!!!

  8. Linda McGuigan
  9. Linda McGuigan

    What a thourghrly enjoyable documentary, I wish Dr Archer and his team every sucsess in thier programe to bring back the Tazmainian Tiger. When you think of cloning and all the people that are against it, what about the humans who pay thousands of pound's to have thier dead bodies or parts of them frozen so they can be brought back to life if a cure for what ever killed them in the first place is found?. Would that not also create problem's? or frankenstien like people as it has never been done before?. Human's have a lot to answer for what they have done to this earth and the creature's that also inhabit it.

    Love and Peace,
    Linda ;-*

  10. Charles B.
  11. Charles B.

    I would love to see all sorts of endangered spieces cloned (if we could get it working well), I just don't think it will happen for the Tasmanian Tiger. I'm still hoping they'll find a living one for cloning. I check regularly to see if they Ivory-Billed Woodpecker has been sighted again, but I'm afraid the sightings a few years ago were just mistakes. So sad. There's no excuse for us shooting and eating everything into extinction.

    Christpuncher: You're unbelieveable if you're serious! Shame on you in all ways, for your penname and your lack of sympathy for the Tasmanian Tiger.

  12. Mark
  13. Mark

    Bring back the thylacine! End the human race before we destroy evrything good on the planet!

  14. Qbaca
  15. Qbaca

    Christ Punchers was the name of my old skateboard gang.
    Hey ChristPuncher were you in my crew?

  16. Fly Poster
  17. Fly Poster

    "When you think of cloning and all the people that are against it, what about the humans who pay thousands of pound’s to have thier dead bodies or parts of them frozen so they can be brought back to life if a cure for what ever killed them in the first place is found?."

    That's it? That's your argument in favour of cloning?

  18. normal
  19. normal

    Humans will become extinct soon enough, and Animals will rule the planet again, as long as Animals never figure out how to clone Humans back from Extinction they will never have to fear man ever again.
    Or did this already happen?

  20. normal
  21. normal

    well put Pierre......

  22. ed
  23. ed

    im gonna finish my degree and go get a job there

  24. kim
  25. kim

    a dog is related to are bear ?? oO

  26. Andrew
  27. Andrew

    Good Doc. Well worth it just to see the half-lama/half-camel hybrid.

  28. WR
  29. WR

    @kim Actually everything is related to everything.

  30. Karin
  31. Karin

    I have extremly limited knowledge of cloning and genetics so the following question might be a stupid one:

    if they have furs from the tazmanian devil would these no contain DNA of the animal?

    very grateful to be enlightend

  32. Hambone78704
  33. Hambone78704

    How could anybody have any moral argument against this noble project? If humans wiped these animals out, it is not only morally correct, but morally imperative, that this project succeed, and to not attempt to do it would be morally reprehensible. Today the thylocine, tomorrow the passenger pigeon. More power to Dr. Archer.

  34. Paige Gleeson
  35. Paige Gleeson

    The Americans are pronouncing thylacine wrong. I couldn't help but laugh. A lot. Its pronounced thigh-la-SCENE

  36. Apple Juice
  37. Apple Juice

    It's cute how...they are not Americans :D

  38. Thaddeus Wolicki
  39. Thaddeus Wolicki

    Ever hear a British person say glacier? Wankers...

  40. czgator
  41. czgator

    If there was a viable follicle left in the hair, they could possibly get some DNA, but the fur probably was preserved using a tanning process, which would make the genetic material useless for cloning.

  42. Casapu Radu
  43. Casapu Radu

    how is it ultra rare if it's on the web?:))

  44. Socialmedic
  45. Socialmedic

    There is only one original copy (on FILM) the web is digital.

  46. Socialmedic
  47. Socialmedic

    The director of the Australian museum pronounces it thigh-la-cyne (long I).

  48. Doug Chaney
  49. Doug Chaney

    It seems to me that the thylacine may have been simply way too specialized, not adaptable enough to survive man. Whereas for example canines though similar in many ways, are perfectly able to co exist with man and even thrive to the point of their being seemingly immune to man's attempt to eradicate them in so many instances....for example the coyote survives nicely even in quite populated areas in spite of so many efforts to eliminate their presence!

    Would it honestly even be legitimate to bring back a species who's time is up because they are not up to the challenge? It just seems so phoney, so trying to play God? Who really believes that man can fix destroyed things like that anymore than we can successfully "fix" our own bodies. Oh we can take measures to sort of patch things up sometimes, but if a limb or a face is destroyed on a person for instance, in the very best case scenario things might be heroically jerry rigged to regain somethingko of what was lost ...but it is never actually restored!

    It may sound a bit cruel to say , but honestly?, the end result of such things is often quite pathetic even if it might be a huge mercy for a person. (I'm not knocking those kind of attempts at all!) ... Know what I mean? We just have a tiny fraction of a fraction of what I personally understand as God's ability. Though others might choose to call it something else other than God's ability....that is their choice but nevertheless whatever one calls it, the reality of it is that what WE can actually do is close to nothing compared to the REAL DEAL!

    I just think we ought to maintain at least some level of honesty about what we have done! A little bit of dignity to just confess and live with what we have done! Rather than to just embarrass ourselves with most pathetically trying to undestroy what we already HAVE destroyed! ...My 2 cents. Ehh?

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