Taxi to the Dark Side
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Taxi to the Dark Side

Ratings: 7.78/10 from 18 users.

Taxi to the Dark SideTaxi to the Dark Side is a gripping investigation into the reckless abuse of power by the Bush Administration.

A documentary murder mystery that examines the death of an Afghan taxi driver at Bagram Air Base, the film exposes a worldwide policy of detention and interrogation that condones torture and the abrogation of human rights.

This disturbing and often brutal film is the most incisive examination to date of the Bush Administration’s willingness, in its prosecution of the war on terror, to undermine the essence of the rule of law.

The film asks and answers a key question: what happens when a few men use the wartime powers of the executive to undermine the very principles on which the United States was founded?

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2 years ago

It says the movie/Doc is an hour and whatever long but when I click play it takes me to trailer for the movie.

I wanted to watch this but I guess it's not meant to be tonight.

10 years ago

wow! its no wonder why "terrorist" exist ...were creating them ... if I were treated this way hell i would take up arms against the US

12 years ago

This is one of the many reasons i am ashamed to be american!

12 years ago

This is one of the best documentaries I ever watched. A must see but need to be strong on holding your tears. It shows part of the true face of the real terrorists, USA and the allies.

12 years ago

i guess these crime is nothing compared to when cannibalism existed.

12 years ago

People speak so badly of thse men ...Look at the Nazi's ...Look at what Gangs do. Try being in a violent world and having your leaders approval before you Dam them.
It's not right but it take a man of real strength and will to stop this sort of thing once it starts.

12 years ago

I thought the sound was out of sync to disorient us . . . playing with our minds.

Please stop right wing Amerika!

13 years ago

Engrossing stuff, but after 20 minutes the gap between sound and picture is too uncomfortable to watch. Is everyone else having a problem or is it another PS3 issue? Hope someone can re-synch it, and I can finish!

13 years ago

(shakes head in shame):(

Yuki Togawa
13 years ago

Eva, thanks for producing this.

That was a risk you took.

13 years ago

These are some of the most EVIL people in the world and they should be charged with war crimes, how they got elected is proof the U.S. electoral system is a farce. strip em down stack em up and crush their childrens genetalia in front of them.

13 years ago

I am truly sickened and shocked at what has gone on and the treatment of these human beings. I am disgusted at the goings on. I really don't have the words right now. This is a very worthwhile doco to watch. It is a pity the audio and visuals are so out of synch.