Tears of Gaza

2010, Military and War  -   116 Comments
Ratings: 8.61/10 from 38 users.

Tears of GazaIn a rough style, by way of unique footage, the brutal consequences of modern wars are exposed.

The film also depicts the ability of women and children to handle their everyday life after a dramatic war experience.

Many of them live in tents or in ruins without walls or roofs. They are all in need of money, food, water and electricity.

Others have lost family members, or are left with seriously injured children. Can war solve conflicts or create peace? The film follows three children through the war and the period after the ceasefire.

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116 Comments / User Reviews

  1. If I could express in words the pain that I feel
    this is so disturbing I can't believe that it's real
    the murder, the maiming, the innocence of a life
    they're children, such loss of life

    How do we allow this, how can we sleep
    How do they do this, how can they sleep
    To see such disturbing, such images of suffering
    & it's ever so needless, no reasoning, justifying

    Israeli war criminals, the scum of the earth
    i don't want to say this but they're truly of no worth
    no matter the indoctrinating, no matter the claim
    there's no justifying, Israel so LAME

    I will do what I can, i'm so sorry not sooner
    what's it going to take for this to end
    this world is so disgusting
    this has got to end

    The Palestinian's, the Rohingyas
    The minorities deserve our support
    what's the value of our lives
    if we don't lend our support
    men full of hate
    how did they distort
    the love that is slaughtered
    truth needs to be taught

  2. A very heartbreaking documentary. I used to be pro-Israel and now I'm anti-Israel. How can this world let a shitless country like Israel get away with such genocide and killing of little children. I can't seem to get this little child, Yahya, out of my mind. I feel so Hopeless and helpless! I have never cried for any documentary ever but I cried like a little kid after watching this documentary. Being Atheist, I can't even plead to god for help though I would really wish there was a god. There isn't and everything is in our hands. I want to help those little children. I want to visit them and comfort them.

  3. As hard as it is may be to swallow for some. The worlds problems mostly stem from the International Jew money and land grabbers. All one has to do is look through history. Most religions also warn about this as well. It is pretty simple really. People just don't want to accept the FACTS. I don't "hate" anybody, but more feel sorry for the Godless pigs. I wish just as everyone else things were not the way they are in the world today. But hey, we have been WARNED about this all through history but chose to let them steal, kill, and control EVERYTHING. Only the truth can set you free and until people see the truth and for what things actually are, and who is pulling all the strings behind the global scenes, we will remain slaves and in bondage.

  4. I mean really! How can any human just stand back and watch these Jews kill, maim and steal. There is nothing in any bible, nor edict or spiritual benevolence that says this land belongs to the Jews. They are illegal immigrants, butchers occupying land that is not theirs. The world is not going to side with them. Their day of reckoning for these transgressions will come. The reason I will vote for Obama is that he's the only leader in the last 64 years that has told these a--holes to kiss his ass. The Holocaust card has been used too long, enough is enough. They have turned into Nazi's. If I were alive in the 40's I would hate the Germans for doing the same thing. Oh, also what is anti-semitism? If it's disliking the actions of the Jews then sign me up.

    1. I realize this is a year old comment, still, I Couldn't agree more.
      The best way to kill a SERPENT is too crush it with your heel.

    2. Well, we all know now that a vote for Obama was not going to change anything with respect to Gaza, much less the Palestinians. Obama was in AIPAC'S pocket from the get go. Haven't you listened to his speeches before that Zionist lobby?

  5. it has been written and so it shall be done, we r in the time of the antiChrist, and if u don't know who the antichrist is just ask yourself which of the worlds faiths disregard Christ completely, yet christians praise them and help them therefor becoming part of the beast themselves, it is actually quite amazing how God's word is coming to fruition exactly the way He said it would. Muslims love Christ more than some christians, cause they would never side with the enemies of Christ. I want to be clear this is not an attack on Judaism for judaism as well as christianity is a part of Islam. I am speaking of the bringers of discord and chaos. zionism comes to mind....

    1. You are a liar, practicing your taqqiya on us. Muslims DENY Jesus' divinity as the Son of God. How can you say you love Jesus more than I? You have never accepted His sacrifice on the cross as payment for your sin. Islam denies Jesus' divinity. CHRISTIANITY IS NOT PART OF ISLAM BECAUSE CHRISTIANITY INVOLVES FOLLOWING CHRIST. ISLAM WASN'T STARTED UNTIL THE 7TH CENTURY, 600+ YEARS AFTER CHRIST'S EARTHLY MINISTRY.

      The Koran instructs on how to properly beat your wife. Jesus would never tell anyone to beat their wife.

    2. @Me_in_Canada_eh:

      All you are is another apologetic, the NT and OT are one and the same, the OT condones and demands much greater vile deeds then beating your wife et al.

      How about...Psalm-137:9..."Happy is the one who takes your babies and smashes them against the rocks"..16 different bibles say the same.

      Can't believe there are fundy happy clappys as you in my beloved Canada!

    3. I will let Jesus answer u in his own words. I am going to the Father for the Father is Greater than I, I do as the Father has commanded Me so that the world may know that I love the Father. I tell u the truth it is to your advantage that I go away for if I do not go away the Helper(MUHAMMED) will not come to u, but if I go I will send Him to u and when He comes He will convict the world concerning sin and rightousness and judgement(all the things the Quran stresses) when the spirit of truth comes He will guide u into all truth for He will not speak of His own authority but whatever He hears He will speak and will declare to u all things to come. He will glorify Me for He will take what is Mine ad declare it to u. ( exactly Muhammeds story he was illiterate he spoke only the words of God inspired, The Quran glorifies Jesus more than Muhammed and it reiterates the Gospel of Christ. I know u will conscrue all that is written here or will say he is speaking about the Holy Ghost but He did not have to leave for the Holy Ghost was always with him so it is not talking about the Holy Ghost. its all there in black and white in the Gospel of Christ read it and try reading the Quran too before u make judgements.

  6. it is no joke when people have been trying to kill each other for over 2000 years?
    no other animal fosters so much hate. stop teaching your children to hate. this goes for both sides.
    your area is one of the most beautiful real properties in the world and all parties involved choose not get along.
    jews and arabs, arabs and jews, arabs and arabs? is it something in the water?
    imaging what you could accomplish if only you united. your brothers or nephews?

    1. I have already posted a comment repremanding muslims in thier role in thier own destruction and it is not to be trivialised but there are more powerfull forces at hand here who have put a lot of planning and preperation in executing thier plans, the arabs don't do this they usually take things as they come, which is unfortunate for thier people cause I could care less about the leaders who have sold thier souls many times over. There is one thing that distiguishes us from others. The true Muslim does not occupy his mind or efforts in poliical matters. They are more worried about doing right by God and careing for thier families. They are being forced to deal with the matters at hand because now it is effecting them and thier families directly.

    2. where r u getting this 2000 years stuff, I don't even think Islam has been around that long, and the jewish muslim conflict did not start until the 1960's

  7. if u have not walked in peoples shoes you really have no right to judge them. some of these comments lack the rationality and ampathy that is one of the things that make us human. Racism always plays a role wether u want to admit it or not. May God help us all.

  8. the isrealis are proffessionals at public relations and propoganda for miles. everything they say and do is a lie, Im talkin about the gov. check the ratio of palestinian deaths against isreli. They make themselves look so inocently pittyfull when they are monsters. There is no real palestinian offensive and definately no defence. God will judge them when the time comes, and the palestinians will see all the suffering they inflicted on them multipied to infinity. So don't worry put your trust and prayers in God, He never misses a thing and He definately does not forget. They better hope they never loose thier body guard the U.S.

    1. "the isrealis are proffessionals at public relations and propoganda for miles."

      if that's so beat them at their own game. tell your kids to study pr?

      wrong again; israel's pr is terrible. they don't care what anyone thinks. that's bad pr?

      here you go again, death to zionism? it's like saying death to christianity or islam. saying that or believing it doesn't get you better treatment?

      "good luck to both sides....like the Palestinians have any chance with luck"

      luck is where opportunity and preparation meet. you are not prepared. i wish you good luck.

    2. I am Muslim, don't believe in nor need luck, I have the Allpowerfull God who does not work in chance and luck, so my friend u and isreal can keep the luck you can make dookie balls of it if u please for it has no place iin Islam.

    3. for your info I never said death to anyone, u must have me confused with some onee else.

  9. i cant believe the comments on here.... palatine were removed from 'their' land put into prisons with the Jewish Israelis controlling everything. all the Palestinians have in defense is suicide bombs and home made rockets...the Jewish Israelis have planes, ships, helicopters, and are using weapons banned by international law.

    as an artist lowkey states...if arms fairs were fair they'd have suicide bombs.

    im absolutely disgusted with the comments on here, and ill put money on they are American. Your so blinded by the Zionist influence in your country its embarrassing.

    good luck to both sides....like the Palestinians have any chance with luck

    a one sided documentary....because its all one sided.

    i hope you all get what you deserve...ur all low lives!

    death to Zionism! long live Palestine long live Gaza!

    1. "all the Palestinians have in defense is suicide bombs and home made rockets..."

      put on another hat for a moment. there are many other ways. Martin Luther King, Ghandi, they didn't blow themselves up. That you think this only shows the world that you don't love your children.

      "the Jewish Israelis have planes, ships, helicopters" because they choose their friends carefully.

      It's very unfair what happened, but now make the best of it. How much more can both sides take? Another 2000 years?

      with respect,

    2. long live Palestine, long live Gaza and long live Israel and ALL the peoples?

  10. Walter?
    Are you not sick of darkness yet?
    Oh well its your choice

  11. heli's fly over los angeles too. totally scripted. one sided disappointment...
    good luck to both sides.

    1. do they got tanks runing the highways and misslies raining down too., u should make a documentary film about the occupation and oppression in Los Angeles, would love to see if the special effects come close to this horriffic reality which u obviously think is a joke., tells a lot of your charachter and perhaps you bias. The Isreali side is told everyday both the lies and the truth of it, but it takes someone with courage to show the Palestinian knowing there is a lot trying to keep that from happening. I give much props and credit to those that made this.

  12. "If Norway is anti Zionist then it is right" So you offer no rebuttal that Norway
    to my "stupid" statement that Norway is biased. You don't, but I do.
    It's the media in Norway that slant the news and the so called intelligentsia.
    Most average Norwegians are either indifferent of somewhat sympathetic
    to Israel.
    "I am not surprised that you are trying to justify Israel's monstrous occupation of Gaza and its assault on innocent civilians with the so-called 'ethics"

    What monstrous occupation? Israel withdrew from Gaza and allowed
    elections which put Hamas in charge. Israel forced its own citizens to leave a settlement in Gaza. Hamas then fired rockets at Israeli civilians. Isn't that an assault on a civilian population?
    The rockets fired at Israel were fired in close proximity to Gazan civilian areas assuring that there would be civilian casualties that Hamas could exploit for propaganda. If Israel conducted war
    with no regard toward civilian casualties and only cutting down on their own, then tens of thousands of Gazans would have been killed.

    The following is a quote from the Hamas Charter, bottom half of chapter 7:
    . . .Hamas has been looking forward to implement Allah’s promise whatever time it might take. The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!. . ."

    Any other people if faced with such monsters would have fire bombed and
    wiped them out completely. The fault with Israel is that they live under a delusion that there will someday live in peace with racist predators out to
    kill them.

  13. @juicter0770
    "...I pray and hope..." im afraid thats the problem here, problem nr2- simple ocupation and powerhunger in israel, they become nazi force in 21centuary(+usa ofc)

  14. I simply cant believe what I just watched,I undestand the conflict academicaly ive read books and watched documentaries. I dont hate like an israeli or palestinian hate each other. I know I wouldnt have to look far to see israelis being murdered by palestinians. But what is the point of breeding
    such hate. They poor civilians being bombed like that it brought tears to my eyes. I pray and hope they can live together in peace and my heart goes out to all the innocent victims of the conflict. I dont think i am important in any way and no one may read my comment, but if you are full of hatred dont reply or add to my comments ive seen enough sickness on this documentary.

  15. There is someone who posts that I'm no longer going to reply to because
    his statements are so ludicrous they're not worth anybody's time.

    1. Translation: oops! I've been outsmarted. I'm all out of Zionist revisionist history and propaganda to spare. I shall return when I have some new material.

      We get it. We it get, dude. You've shown that you can't tell your a$$ from your elbow when it comes to terrorist Israel.

  16. who are more cruel: the jews for the occupation or the rest of us, the world, that knows whats happening but do nothing. We have to spread this information, for everyone to see and take interest in this piece of land thats dissappearing slowly u.u

  17. Don't let hate take a hold of your hearts, I know its hard.
    We must remember from every walk of life there is good and bad and always the innocent pay for the evil of those few.

    I don't know, beyond this Video, I have seen to my heart break Israel act and do so many things against Human morality and I'm sure Gods Commandments.

    Israel has stolen our Canadian Passports to hide as Canadians and do Illegal assignations.
    What has Iraq done to Canada?
    What has Iran done to Canada?
    But yet many Dollars flow out of Canada and the USA to Israel.

    You know if every person you get to know calls you a Jerk, maybe its you and not them..
    So, maybe Israel, Jewish people should ask why have we been chased out, kicked out of every country all through history???
    Not because of God... because of their behavior.

    The only thing we can do is with a Smile, be polite and tell your Politician not to support Israel and name off a few UN and human rights Laws Israel is breaking. And say thank you with a Smile.

    Make sure when you buy something, it is NOT made in Israel, Don't do any business with an Israel Company.
    Remember its not all Israelis, not all Jews are bad.

    1. The latest is Mossad posing as CIA to commit terrorist. But won't see the US do anything about it. They're too scared of their warlords and masters.

    2. Apparently the Jews invented human rights to defend themselves from the rest of the world & today they are the worst violators of human rights. But yes I acknowledge worldwide there are many Jews that should not be judged because of Zionist Israel. Many Jews mix in normally and are very good and bright people indeed.

  18. Well Neil,Not sure..I see you have a good hart..trying to understand each thing you type,but my understanding is confused at a few points..Im just not reading it right I guess..I hope this helps.
    Let me use myself as an axsample to exsplain my point of view.
    I hate religion,but respect God..man turned it into religon..its suppost to be about Gods law..long story..
    any way Im a person that if someone asked do you believe in God I would say Oh ya I believe in God..heres the kicker..the day I found out I did not really believe In God was the day I found out that God is real..I was in shock.
    I looked to the sky (no vision in the sky) but i looked up and said "your real?" were have you been?..heres the thing, God is allways there ..it was man kind that left not God..untill each person has exsprianced God for themselfs ..they will do the crazy things we see in the world..even myself after knowing, I slip and fall allmost every day..after all we are human..we mess up..God understands this.We are so tiny and its (for me) is vary hard to understand something so massive as God..But a point was made vary clear to me..tell you this, God scares the heck out of me..its vary intence..vary vary intence..I tell you this ..if they exsprianced God there is no way in heck that any one would be dropping bombs..Im not an angel..Im not perfact,not a profit,to this day Im not sure every reason God choose to make known to me..I know the main reason and that not to be told.
    I look at the natural world and it looks as if there is no God at all..animals eating other animals and every things life comes to an end,but if you seen what I saw and some day you will,you will start to understand why we have a time limit..it was done for our own good..if you dont see it before you pass on,you will see it after (i think)
    I do not know what happeneds after death..we might come back to earth..we might be made into angels..we might never live again..I do not know.
    Im not a holiman..just a person that dose not want to hurt Gods feelings.
    There dose not seem to be time were God sets..its every were all at once and place of pure intent.
    I think every one should enjoy life..this could be the one and only time for us.
    remmeber the bigest thing is for all of us to overcome ego.thats Gods point of view..and hey if we over come our egos..well I think there is better then flat chance we will live again.God may be vary vary intence,but God is allso pritty cool..
    God wants us to make it..all of us..not just Jews.
    In short pray for them all..each and every one.. pray for the animals also.
    I have trouble praying,I still at times denie there is God,but I know there is.
    Its not easy,but just hang in there..what I would say is..forget religon..trust God..if your in the mood try to understand Torah..its there,but its hidden in branchs..people read it letterally...its every thing but litteral and it gets turned into religion when it not religion at all its about understanding and Law.
    bless you Neil..I hope you make it..try not to let People get you down..they do that to me and i let it slow my trip..I have to over come it.
    some times I think Im ready to give up on life..getting old and vary worn out..its been a hard ride..
    yes I understand what you say ..why are they doing what Hitlar did..its a hart breaker..they do what has been done to us..thats a shame that we must stop..we must not do to others what has been done to us..

    1. Hey !Thank you Mister a :) for taking your time in sharing your experiences and reasons to believe in God and not religion,you must be a strong person to be able to maintain such Faith in God and you seem like a good person with a broad mind.i wish i was stronger like everyone else,my family for example my grandparents and my mother are the most religious people i've known they have god and peace and do a lot of charity.i guessed i learnt a lot of good things when i was growing up but now i have woken up on the other side of Religion as-well.
      i guess somebody don't really need a religion to tell them what is good and bad cos our instinct tell us so even my 3 year old niece knows asking is a good thing than forcing nobody taught her that :)

      well i cannot be so sure to hold true to my statement about total disapproval of God and his whole existence but its just that in my perspective i have always associated God with the religions institutions of the world and if i stopped believing in these religions then why do i need to acknowledge God in the 1st place...but i do believe that there is a force that exist that binds the whole universe together it is so vast!!if that is God then i guess he is still too busy building other universe and cosmos and has no time to interfere with this world's bloody mess :(....im not a scientist or Guru to have an answer or explanation to whatever i believe in,i just observe the nature and my fellow human beings i guess.i have too many doubts about the unknown and even people lately so find it much easier to Believe in evidence and actions .Curious as i am wanting to know the whole spectrum of How Things really are. i found out some truth such as Peace,Love and understanding are Real because if one shows love or peace or understanding the presence and the power of its influence can be felt instantaneously by everyone,imagine the whole universe doing that :)we r not perfect i know ,but that's not the point we dont try.we r out of control.People need to Wake up!

      Its just bothers me when the religious people leave everything to God and the Evil ones take advantage of that...and God never seem to Care i don't understand it is just too twisted.i'm scared to read the scriptures now cos i know its raw power of its control,keeping me at peace while the neighborhood is burning.but i just don't know where to look for it elsewhere cos these things that bothers me keeps coming on the way of me finding Peace and i feel so guilty trying to run away from it...i'm sorry if i am confusing you more...i haven't quiet yet found anything i'm looking for..

  19. Men never do evil
    so completely and cheerfully
    as when they do it
    from religious conviction.

    Blaise Pascal
    1623 - 1662

  20. i know what happened to our fellow Jewish people during the II2nd World War it completely shattered my heart to learn and see from the records and evidence of my own expose,they are smart and strong people to live through such cruelty and hardship and i am happy they are doing well and they deserve to a have a homeland to call their own but i don't understand why they r repeating the same thing that the Nazis carried out upon them..does hate only breed hate aren't we suppose to learn and appreciate love and peace from our mistakes?are there any other options beside killing and spawning Fear in the lives of the ones they left behind?
    i guess if Religion wasn't there in the first place there will be no such thing as the "Promised land" and the Jewish could settle anywhere else but Palestine,i mean come on look at the world there are so many uninhabited lands...with their power and intellect they could achieve anything,something more worthy and inspire the whole nation. it is so Sad that War is an Occupation and propaganda a way of life,and the ruling class only exist to benefit from it...i can only hope hearts will change and the powerful ones will develop a positive input towards the meek....
    it gets me thinking that Religion divides humanity and hence the mother of all Suffering,an endless pain. its the most obvious answer i can come up with,cos throughout history mankind had used it as a tool,an excuse he use to feed his greed or obsessions,this inhuman actions propagated by God my friend nobody can really question or fight it !! And for all eyes to see the religious people are the ones fighting,apparently they are so obedient,if god says do it they do it no matter the what the consequence arises...but dint he also say to love everyone esp the enemies.when it is so much easier to hug somebody than to kill..then what the **** is going on..am i going Insane?enlighten me please....i just want peace bt all i find is fear and hate.
    ..I love you all and i hate you all the same for your resilience and shouting out and praising God when your children are dead by the hands of man-made destruction!!

    1. If you studied the origins of Zionism, you'd see that it has nothing to with religion and everything to do with greed and evil.

  21. I'm ashamed of my human Race..it stole my religion,my hope and Peace

  22. Hamas Charter section 7
    "The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!"

    What was that about hate?

    1. Oh, stop that ****! You made that up! And if you didn't, Israel created Hamas so, there's Karma coming back to bite you in the butt.

  23. Walter you seem to spend a lot of time diffending MURDER
    See the bullit holes in the babies.
    What did the little babies do to you can it be your race hate?
    I do not hate them.
    Its the zionists that are every ones problem..
    And thank God that People all over the world are finding that out.
    People are going to and have started to find out that the good Jews get along vary well with the Muslims..
    All of this hate is because of twisted religon! People twist the books to fit them, and that happends on both sides..find what is hidden and bring it to light.
    in the frist book ..ask yourself this..Who is the sirpint or (the saton)? its all of our Egos thats who the sirpint (saton) is and if we do not over come our own EGO'S we will never make it home!
    Im not perfact Walter,I have my own problems but I will never support MURDER.
    Are you going to kill me next?
    Your doing it with all the hate,
    And get the heck off the Palstainians land.
    you People support bombing them and building settlements on thier own land and then point the finger at them for trying to protect themslefs..your the out siders not them..See the dome of the rock walter..thats been there a long time..right over the first two Hebrew temples..thats what happened when we leave God or turn a back to God..now we want it back?
    only if the law is kept..Murdering is not it!
    And once a person murders they can't go back.
    The murder's victomize themselfs also.
    sad what the Ego dose
    I hope its not to late for you Walter,I hope you have not Murdered anyone..but is it the same thing supporting it?
    I dont know God will judge it.
    Some times People can see the light and try to do whats right..maybe theres still time,,I dont know

  24. Walter..The Torah says there is NO FORGIVNESS FOR MURDER..you Zionists have stolen my forfathers names and MURDERED INOCENT PEOPLE!!
    Theres a dark place waiting for you!
    Once you MURDER your not a Jew any more..your all done !! Zionists are doing the same thing Hitlar Did..SHAME ON YOU!!! do you not know any better
    IF a person keeps Gods law then God will charge the Angels for the law keeper.. Using tanks and bombs to steal land is not of Gods laws
    Its not our land Walter we lost it for not keeping the Torah or have you forgotten that fact
    Walter your an anti-Semitic murdering in my name

    1. I know what a Torah is, but what is a Torha??
      Incidently you forgot to mention that zionists caused the extinction
      of the dinosaurs and they also created the iceberg that sunk the

    2. Yes, they did. Good to see y'all are finally accepting it.

      Surely, you could have come up with a more infantile comment. Oh, never mind, you have already.

  25. The picture of the dog accurately describes you and your
    anti-Semitic ranting. A bunch of disconnected rumors
    doesn't amount to any evidence and all you've presented
    is unverifiable nonsense. The source for your lies is a Palestine propaganda site.

    The idea that Israel was responsible or knew about 9/11
    was started in Syria. Also The rumor that that Israel warned Israelis to stay away from the trade center was shown to be totally false. In fact Israelis were killed that day

    The tactic here is to create a tsunami of lies on the Goebbels
    theory that a big lie will eventually stick. Other big lies include
    Israeli soldiers killing children for their organs, phosphorous bombs as weapons on cast lead, As one as one lie is shown to be false another
    springs up. The holocaust never occurred And of course the Jewish lobby??? If it were that strong would the so called Palestinians
    still exist? Would they be getting millions of dollars in
    aid from the U.S.?? Talk about wasted money
    And Talk about the moles lobby in the United Nations. that's
    why so many ridiculous resolutions were passed by totalitarian
    states that rule by terror

    Since when does an occupied country elect their own leaders??
    Anyway I've wasted enough time with you.
    You're not worth the time to rebut. Only a choir of neo Nazis
    and islamofascists might take you seriously

    1. You should realize that "anti-semitic" means squat this days. Those of you entrusted with trolling for Israel have used that word to the point where it has lost all meaning. The boy has cried wolf too many times.

      BTW, too bad that you are too ignorant to realize that Palestinians are the ORIGINAL Semitic people. Anyone who is pro-Palestinian is, by definition, pro Semitic. Time to educate yourself on the subject, troll.

  26. Thank you for you most accurately expressing what are true motives of the
    so-called palestinians. Hopefully, enough of your kind will make
    their intentions known and maybe, just maybe Israel will
    stop vainly trying to reason with the unreasonable, stop the
    pointless self-destructive appeasement, and take the appropriate action
    to preserve its security. Maybe even the la la land leftists
    who launch kneejerk condemnations of Israel for trying
    to defend itself, just maybe these fools will realize
    that Israel is on the side of the angels and the devils
    are Israel's enemies.

    1. The so-called Palestinians? You're not very racist, are you? How about the so-called Israelis? Now, that would be an accurate statement. People from all over Europe and Ukraine who have been paid to move to that area and squatter on the Palestinians' land. Now, that's what I call illegitimate and self-destructive!

    2. The modern day term for Palestinian, according to Yassir arafat,
      was first used by Amin Huysani, grand mufti of
      Jerusaleem, personal friend of Heinrich himmler
      and organizer of the Hanser battalion of the Waffen SS.
      Your other so called facts "Palestinian" propaganda and like
      most "palestinian" propaganda are easily disproven lies.

    3. Right, whatever rocks your world. Ignore history, repeat lies, spread propaganda, condone genocide and crimes against humanity. Eventually, it will all go away. It worked for the Nazis and it will work for the Nazionazis too.

  27. I am just wondering when will be solved the problem there. No one deserves such conditions to live everyone deserves somethig better. And sadly ist is obvious that the international spehere is weak to act. But I think it would be time to take decisions more human like not only the economic benefits has to take into consideration.

  28. Hitler created Israel and the jewish people are his children, this is obvious as parents are always the first rolemodels for children, who go on to behave and think as their parents did. I have been to Gaza and Israel, okay I wasn;t around in WWII, but doubtless the Gaza concentration camp is rich with similarities of the fatherland that jews lived in and were subjected to the same terrors they now subject the palastinians to.

    As far as Hamas teaching school children to kill jews and glorify suicide bombers, well, Hamas is a direct product of Israel's aggression and illegal occupancy, just like Hitler's uprising and defence of his country against potential invasion from UK, Russia, France, etc.

    Israel is the new Nazi regeme, no race of human subjected to so much cruelty and death can easily pick themselves up and walk away as rioutious beings, the oppressed and abused will became the oppressor and abuser, Israel is testament to this, as are countless rapists, psycopaths and child abusers who go on to subject the same levels of violence they were previously made to endure. Hitler created Israel just like Israel has given birth to Hamas

    1. I'm not going to argue with an utter lunatic.

  29. White Phosphorous? They are still getting away with using that stuff? That is ******* outrageous.

    1. Israel gets away with MURDER. This is clear as we see the Mossad acting like "James Bond 007" freely goes into any Country they want to and Assassinates, and destroys what they want.

      More Interesting is the 4 Part Series Fox News did POST-9/11 about "Israeli's Spies in America", The 5 Dancing Israeli's that were FILMING the first Plane that Hit WTC #2 and High-5'ing each other. Also the White Van's on 9/11 Loaded with Explosives and All driven by Israeli's later linked to the Mossad.

      Fox Commented that "How could Israel had not known of 9/11 after the Documented Spying it did on the Actual Terrorist's from Saudi Arabia and the FBI and CIA and NSA" Again it was said, How could they Not Know. When a US Gov Official was asked if Israel had shared this Information with the US.Gov, The same reply that Joe Biden gives was said... THAT IS CLASSIFIED! All these Videos are on YouTube or you can go to the National Archives for 9/11 Network Footage's. It is ALL there.

      Again, Israel is so entrenched in America. Goldman Sach's and other Banks, The Media is completely Owned by them or THEM to make me sound Racist which I am not. Our Transparent President has Classified more information that I guess was never aired on C-SPAN? Also where he promised to Protect Whistle Blowers he is Prosecuting them. Just like the LIE that it was HE that ended the Iraq war. Any American can look up the US/IRAQ SOFA Agreement with Iraq's Parliament and see it was BUSH yet again that signed the December 31st, 2011 END. Obama only managed to speed that by 2 weeks and was negotiating to Extend the War LONGER with Iraq. So many people realize that almost everything he Promised was a LIE except Gays in the Military.

      Fox News on December 26th 2001 said Bin Laden had DIED of a Lung Infection in Tora Bora which sounds right for a man with Kidney Problems. Even STRATFOR disputed the Bin Laden Killing and said it was NOT Bin Laden. As the White House changed it's story 4 Times and never gave PROOF. Yet when they Killed Gaddafi, It was A OK to show on TV the Beating and Sodomy of Col. Gaddafi whom the UN was about to award a Human Rights award to. You don't give Human Rights awards to "Evil Dictators" so SOMEONE as USUAL LIED!

      People don't realize this Country has overthrown more "Democratically Elected" Government's under the auspices of Regime Change. i.e. Killing all Israel's Enemies for Hire. Yet the People or Sheeple will cry out for 4 More Years of this Wicked Government whom Obama by-passes Congress and as a Dictator commands by Executive Orders ONLY. He as a Constitutional Lawyer has Destroyed the US Constitution piece by piece. And is not done yet.

      He is at the TOP of the ATF Scandal, Supplying both sides in the Somalia War. After all the Weapons Sales for the US this year are $50,000,000,000. First your SELL them Weapons and then create a WAR to have to TAKE the Weapons. Just like placing US Boys on ALL if Israel's Military Bases and placing the USS Enterprise due to be scrapped next year into HARMS WAY so that WHEN the US Provokes Iran into defending its self that American BOYS will die and thus drag the US into the conflict that both Russia and China have said THEY "WILL" Defend Iran.
      Ron Paul 2012

  30. Futile bouts of aggression??? 10,000 rockets fired at civilians.
    What does Israel have to do wait till thousands are killed.
    Phosphorous as a weapon ?? Even the scurrilous Goldstone report doesn't make that
    accusation. What 1967 borders? that was the green Armistice line not
    a border. And who controlled Gaza then? Egypt. And what were conditions
    of the Palestinians. Answer: Apartheid! they confined to Gaza and could not freely
    travel anywhere. They had no self rule. No citizenship. Where were the "human rights"
    activists then. Was there peace along the border. No. Israel
    was to subject constant terrorist attacks. The specific stated goal of
    Hamas is to destroy Israel and not to reach a peace settlement.
    That is what Hamas teaches the children of Gaza. They glorify
    suicide bombers who kill women and children. Terrorists
    attacks are the reason the Gaza border was tightly sealed
    Before these attacks many in Gaza work red in Israel
    I'm sick of professional Israel bashers who lie distort and make
    any to excuse attack Israel.

    1. Only 10,000 rockets? What would you do if a military might had invaded and occupied your country, stolen your land and killed your people like flies? Well, I rather fancy that you are a coward so you wold bow down and help them. But others would do the same and more. It's called RESISTANCE and SELF DEFENSE!

    2. Israel left Gaza and the Gazans elected Hamas knowing full well
      the agenda of Hama was to commit genocide. see my previous post on the Hamas charter. Since when does an occupied area elect its own leaders. How come there were no elelctions when Egypt controlled

    3. BS! Israel CREATED Hamas! Don't you people know how to do research. However, even if you were in the ins of the Israeli government's agenda, I guess they couldn't resist and they had to jump in and continue slaughtering the people of Gaza themselves. The only thing missing are the gas chambers and I hear they're working on those already.

  31. The ironic thing (and almost planned, you could suggest) is that in 15 years time, or so, all these emotionally and physically damaged children will be radicalised by what's been done to them, breeding more death and destruction only to be met with further one-sided agression from Israel, using even more powerful and destructive weaponry. It's almost like they want it to happen - to create further instability and mayhem.

  32. 1 hour and 4 minutes.

    The bodies of children (so young they'd be incapable of even throwing a rock, let alone fire a mortar) clearly executed with sniper-like precision. Bullets to the chest and head. No matter how one-sided this documentary is, there's no excuse for that.

  33. I know this is a rather one-sided account, but Israel's level of force in response to the tin-pot, futile bouts of agression shown by the Palestinians is so grossly one-sided it's 'playground bully picking on the weakest' personified. Amplified infinitely.

    I'm fed up of these defenders of Zion, sitting pretty in suburban America, asking us, 'Well, how would you respond to rockets raining down on you?'. Well... retreat to the '67 boundaries and you'll find that your pockets of ill-gotten holy land will no longer be sitting duck targets for home-made mortars, and maybe some sort of peace could even be established.

    If someone came to my house, the home my family worked hard and long to buy, and tried to extricate us, bulldozing all I'd worked for, all my life, to a pile of rubble, then I too would respond with agression.

    And then there's white phosphorus. Don't get me started...

  34. Thousands of rockets were fired at Israeli civilians. What would America do if
    it were attacked this way? The rockets were fired from civilian
    areas assuring that there would be civilian casualties. Hamas uses their own civilians as shields The goal of hamas is not to live side by side with Israel but to destroy it.
    Hamas won an election in Gaza while that goal was well known.
    The Germans voted the Nazis and terrible destruction was visited upon Germany, yet the Nazis racist goals were known when the germans elected
    the nazis. Was America wrong to fight a war with Germany?
    Incidently, Gaza is occupied, by the Arabs. In 1929 there was pogrom
    caused by Amin Huysani, the grand Mufti of Jerusalem, which drove the jewish population out of Gaza. the british did nothing, Yassir arafat called the Mufti
    the spiritual and political founder of the so called Palestinian nationality.
    In 1943 this spiritual leader of the so called palestinians formed
    the Hanser division of the waffen SS and they slaughtered tens of
    thousands in Hungary and Yugoslavia. The Mufti is regarded by
    today's Palestinians as a hero.

    Even their own Arab bretheren don't want them. When the Egyptians controlled Gaza before 1967, the so called Palestinians were subject to Apartheid and had to live incamps. where were all the phony human rights activists protesting their treatment.
    Where were all the Leftists? Where were the Palesinians?

    Enough crocodile tears for the so called Palestinians

    1. Bullcrap! It's called SELF DEFENSE! When the US was occupied, they fought back exactly the same way. Time for you to put things into context and realize that occupation, Apartheid, genocide and land theft are crimes against humanity. And the Palestinians have every right to defend themselves.


  35. Who can watch this and still support Israel?

    Brilliant, raw documentary. My face hurts from crying so much. I boycott Israel, but it feels pretty pathetic in the face of this GENOCIDE which Israel is visiting upon these sweet, strong people.

    Shooting babies? Dropping Phosphoros bombs? My God, will no one stop these evil murderers?

    Most Iraeli friends of mine claim not to know about all this. Yet, during the seige of Gaza, I saw Israelis camping out to watch the bombs drop on the Palestinian 'rats'. Even writing sick messages on the bombs.

    The settlements have to be stopped and the land returned to the original agreement. OR as 'mad' Gaddaffi suggested - Israstine, ISRASTINE! It could all be so beautiful if they shared everything. What a shame such a comment is so laughably ridiculous.

    1. People who have more then half a brain and recognize propaganda when they see it...

    2. Apparently, you lack even that half a brain.

  36. wrong concept of the morden world, We can't feed the poor but we can fund the war.

    Measurable condition is created IN MANY PARTS OF THE WORLD.

  37. We can't feed the poor but we can fund for wars, this is wrong concept of the morden world.

    enough now stop stop wars and make peacee soon

  38. Israel did not win the war in 2008, how can it when its army killed children, women and men in their homes. It's time for Israel to face realities and make peace to live in peace with its neighbours.

  39. I guess the jews did learn something from the Nazi's , How to kill innocent people and women and children!

    1. Your blind anti-semitism discourages my hope for humanity.

  40. What I keep reading here are comments along the lines of religion (for/against), and the Palestinians have no right to live there,etc...the normal guff that makes my eyes bleed.

    What these insensitive (at best) comments can not ignore is the tragedy of the loss of these precious children. That's the point of the documentary.
    Issues related to basic human rights violations are not easily dismissed this way.

    Say what you will, but Israel used phosphorous bombs (a form of chemical weapon) on a civilian population. They did not fight an enemy combatant on a field of battle; instead, they murdered innocent children

  41. @mbrum9 It sounds like you just make things up as you go along because you actually don't know very much. The Jewish Bible (the Torah) was written beween the Babylonian excilic period (c.600BCE) and the Persian period (c.400BC), making it around 2500 (*not* over 5000) years old.

    1. Don't be silly, god wrote it, and gave it to Moses on Sinai over 5000 years ago!

  42. Lets stop this bloodshed, live and let live.

  43. Fighting for land and fighting for God is so cheap.

  44. Religion is the cause of all evil in the world as it is the opium of the people. Why not just banish it from earth and make science the true religion.

    1. Amen to that!

    2. And kill everyone that doesn't agree with you?
      Seems that the root of all evil just shifted.

  45. White man came across the sea
    He brought us pain and misery
    He killed our tribes, he killed our creed
    He took our game for his own need

    We fought him hard we fought him well
    Out on the plains we gave him hell
    But many came too much for Cree
    Oh will we ever be set free?

    Riding through dust clouds and barren wastes
    Galloping hard on the plains
    Chasing the redskins back to their holes
    Fighting them at their own game
    Murder for freedom the stab in the back
    Women and children are cowards attack

    Run to the hills, run for your lives
    Run to the hills, run for your lives

    Soldier blue in the barren wastes
    Hunting and killing their game
    Raping the women and wasting the men
    The only good Indians are tame
    Selling them whiskey and taking their gold
    Enslaving the young and destroying the old

    Run to the hills, run for your lives

    - Iron Maiden

  46. No such thing as a Palestinian. Move back to Jordan, Lebanon,Syria or Egypt.

    1. If there's no such thing as a Palestinian then, how do you explain the fact that in 1947, in Resolution 172, the UN partitioned the country of PALESTINE to give it to the jews. Any ideas?

  47. The Palestinians are the real "Jews" of the Bible.... (Judaism is a religion not a race)

    Those "Jews" didnt go anywhere. They converted to Christianity and then most to Islam...

    Now the Zionists (not even religiously Jewish) claim the land as their own based on the Bible!

    Time will tell.

    1. how can they be the real Jews...Islam came about 500 years after Christianity.the old bible is over 5000 years old. Abraham is the father of Islam, but his son Ishmael was the blood line and it didn't happen for almost 4,000 years.. where his descendents were...for all that time...... is just not told.....BECAUSE THE BIBLE IS A STORY NOT TRUE>> NOR DID MOHAMMED THE MESSENGER GET A VISIT FROM GOD>>> OH>>IT"S A STORY>>
      Palestinians are comprised of Egyptian Jordanians Syrians. I'm afraid there is no Palestine as a ........ nation. it is not as we Americans formed a country out of areas that are now united states....these are countries, they have a couture... but yes they do have common religions... hold on to your hats... Islam Judaism Christianity almost every Arab country had all 3 within their borders. Iraq.... has Christians to date... oh they are being killed every so often but THERE are CHRISTIANS IN IRAQ.

    2. EGYPTIANS ... Coptic Christians 2 months ago were being killed............. nice work GOD..!

    3. The Roman province of Judea was the name of the mountainous southern part of the historic Land of Israel (Hebrew: ??? ?????? Eretz Yisrael) from the 8th century BCE (Assyrian rule) to the 2nd century CE, when Roman Judea was renamed Syria Palaestina following the Jewish Bar Kokhba revolt.' -wikipedia

      I think this is what is meant not by 'race', but of a Jewish national and geographic historical identity as well as a religion.

    4. "historic Land of Israel (Hebrew: ??? ?????? Eretz Yisrael) from the 8th century BCE (Assyrian rule) to the 2nd century CE"

      was/is inhabited by the modern day Palestinians/Arabs...

      those that wrote the Bible/Torah/Talmud are the modern day Arabs/Palestinians. Whether they be Jews, Christians, Muslims...etc

      The people that claim to be "Jews" in the land of "Israel" today are mostly converts.

      A Chinese Christian has no material connection to Bethlehem. A Chinese "Jew" has no material connection to anywhere in the "Middle East".

    5. Yeah, right. Whatever it takes to continue Isreal's colonialist policies. If you were a tad more honest, you would have also looked up Palestine and seen that they have more roots and more of claim than that of others. But continue condoning Apartheid and occupation and soon, it will go away.

  48. Average Palestinians are trapped in Gaza between Hamas who want the world to believe "they were elected" and have never held another election since then and Israel who defends herself from attacks from a territory relinquished in the mistaken belief that land can be traded for peace. The generator which keeps this conflict going is a policy of all local Palestinian organizations (even the less radical Fatah) to never accept the existence of a Jewish state (even though one does exist). Rather than making peace this Arab policy keeps the conflict going against a nuclear state and traps regular people who just want to live their lives and raise their kids. The fastest roadmap to peace is to stop attacking Israel and see how long it takes peace to break out. Once the pressure of always being on the defensive is gone Israel can deal more effectively with their own radical ultra-orthodox and reign in their misguided beliefs of self-deservence to everything in sight.

  49. Has anyone considered letting these people try to live together? The history of this place on earth is in its self history. What will our children make of our Barbarism in 100 years from now? That is,if we make it that far. Come on people this is terrible. We have to learn to talk, to agree, or at least to compromise (FFS). We talk about Global warming, how we are ******* the world up. How can we talk about such things when we still try to kill each other?

  50. Zatarra,

    I doubt many of the five ear olds with bullet holes or phosphorus charred bodies fired any rockets at Israel! Just like I doubt any of the children killed by Humas had much to do with flying F15's and Bombing them back to Alla as you so eloquently put it.

    1. the children woman and old men on buses didn't fire missiles and were blown up....on buses remember..? GOD KILLS not MEN..they are his instrument... i think they should learn to play an other instrument.... maybe the violin...

  51. and Judaism is supposed to teach forgiveness? lol fck with the religions...just created to brainwash people and play them like a videogame

  52. All humans are fcked up...Let me create a gaint meteor and send it down ;)

    1. God?